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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 17, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello everyone. welcome to "the big saturday show". here is what is on cap tonight. >> remember that texas democrats it took a plane to washington to a vote weighed voting on the election bill? they were not wearing masks now several got covid. >> defend the police advocate
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corey bush spends tens of thousands on security protection. >> new documentary raising serious ethical concerns after artificial intelligence technology. >> white house is teaming up social media companies have misinformation about covid and the president said that. >> what is the message of platforms like facebook? they are killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated they are killing people. >> one facebook official says in private exchanges the surgeon general has praised
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our work including our efforts to inform people of covid-19. they knew what they were doing. they are looking for scapegoats but republican say there is a deeper issue. >> potus is right he is just pointing his finger at the wrong problem. if there is suppression and censorship of early treatment that has cost live social media should have been an open forum for solutions instead it has become a tool for being brother. shapiro tweet this is authoritarian nonsense. are social media companies also guilty of killing people they allow content encouraging people to be obese to consume fatty junk food or cigarette smoking or large amount of alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle? as outrage grows the white house doubles down on the partnership with big tech.
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white house spokesperson says they should be posed from all platforms if they post what they consider misinformation. >> it is the responsibility of members of the media and citizens and civic leaders and those who are trusted voices around the country that is a broad definition social media platforms is one of them providing for platforms and the audience it is reaching also the public and all of you to create robust enforcement strategies that provide transparency without rules. you should not be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation. >> joe it is that casual admission like they had absolutely no idea people would have a problem with them working with social media companies to literally censor people.
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joe: amazing right? i am old enough to remember reading jen psaki account right before the election and the staff does have those to put that up let's questioning values. take a moment to look at the fact the real donald trump knew about russia and the bounties to take out us troops in afghanistan and still defense putin. the undervaluing contribution not just horrific but also dangerous. that story has been about why hasn't jen psaki taken down that tweet? because according to her in her own rules, around this information on twitter then apparently she should be banned. let's do another. hunter biden and that particular situation right before the election. "russian disinformation officials say that is what the jen psaki twitter account.
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she should be the first to go. carly: you make such a great point. there also be the one - - videos on social media of doctor how she's saying masks in the early stages are not a good thing so opinions change and things that are once fact turn out to be fiction. now the biden administration says they are doing this for the greater good of the people but they always say they are doing it for the greater good of the people. joe: and you have government pressure. right now social media is acting as a faith actor taking their marching orders from the white house and from jen psaki. basically they are telling them the rules and regulations she wants him to follow. if you banned them here it is
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all across the board they want to control the media and right now social media and platform plays a major role. the white house and social media there is a legitimate first amendment argument to challenge the legitimacy of the social media right now. carly: what do you think? is working with social media companies in this way the best use of people's time to protect against covid? nicole: of course not that what country do we live then? go back a year and a half. working with their social media platforms to silence all of the whistleblowers who are trying to warn the world about the impending art on - - outbreak that could turn into a pandemic. what happened there? it was silenced, whistleblowers were arrested some are still missing to this day. we cannot even begin and as you just mentioned who can decide what is this information? what president said in the opening video only the unvaccinated? that is misinformation this is
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still a pandemic of the nonimmune not just the unvaccinated so to acknowledge the other truth not just they are truth and talking points. carly: jen psaki double down said the administration is not big brother they are just here to help people. >> for how long has the administration been spying on people's facebook profiles looking for vaccine misinformation? >> that is a loaded and inaccurate question. the biggest concern here is frankly think it should be your biggest concern is the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation leading them not to take a vaccine. >> but for a lot of people on facebook now this is big brother watching. >> they are more concerned about that and people dying across the country because of a pandemic or misinformation
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traveling on social media platforms? >> she never answer the question. carly: the white house press secretary under president trump joins us live from tampa to weigh in. so jen psaki new the question was coming in had a day to prepare so what did you think about her response quick. >> it was appalling. clearly she does understand the constitution she said something to the effect that americans care less about big brother when other americans are dying? just because you are in the middle of the covid-19 outbreak does not mean you can take away free speech and the race the first amendment. you cannot take away religious freedom they shut down churches and if there is a crime problem you cannot seize guns that is in you cannot erase the second amendment and
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it is calling to see them get this from the podium from the big tech companies up to a lot of litigation. and joe biden doubles down on that. to engage in coercion it is taking another step further they are making the trump legal team very very happy. carly: i was going to ask you about that because former president trump just sued social media companies and some people are saying what jen psaki talked about that makes the case for trump. >> exactly whenever the statement that's exactly what occurred to me they are arguing with that class-action lawsuit that facebook and twitter, when they have coordination that facebook becomes a cause a state state actor. so the private sector cannot
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protect the speech if the government does it to the private sector that is to the first amendment and they made that a lot easier. >> i agree 100 percent she is absolutely correct that is state actors they should take that from president trump and use that in their lawsuit. >> that's a lot of people in your living room. [laughter] what a party you are throwing. also congratulations on your lightning with tampa bay. i want to know is the white house press secretary in terms of jen psaki and the white house dictating what is misinformation do they realize that facebook consider the factor the possibility that covid-19 could have come from
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allowed in wuhan china? facebook would not even allow post on this because they consider that misinformation along with other democrats. why does the white house think they can define misinformation when they don't know what it is with the origins of this virus quick. >> that's a great question. they empower doctor fauci. he was wrong unmasks. and apparently now he dictates to these company that they were wrong about a lot of things including the origin. but the trump administration i didn't call facebook and twitter and say make sure to censor all misinformation or the russia bounties or russian collusion. we did not demand censorship. we let people speak. carly: am so glad you said that because are such a difference with the trump administration how they handle this.
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compared to the biden administration with the first amendment. you are here for a very special reason. >> i am at my home in tampa we're at turning point usa. i have gone to this for years and years charlie kirk has done an incredible job. thousands and thousands of young people gather if you are excited about the direction our nation is going be encouraged because you people at turning point usa get it they are fighters they are smart they are energetic and enterprising we will be hosting a show from this very spot we will be speaking all from turning point usa so join us live you can see it on "fox nation" and check it out. carly: you can watch turning point usa student action summit all weekend long on "fox nation". thank you for joining us get a 30 day free trial when you
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>> welcome back to "the big saturday show" three texas democrats who flew without a mask to avoid voting on election bill tested positive on coronavirus. tonight in my home city of los angeles, indoor mask mandates go back into effect at restaurants in san francisco require people to mask up. the county sheriff all not be enforcing these mandates to say "the underfunded defunded l.a. sheriff department will not extend our limited resources and instead ask for voluntary compliance". going to the medical expert.
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i have been vaccinated. people los angeles, 70 percent of them do we need to wear a mask indoors? nicole: leo, first i want to comment on the positive test results. i have so many questions. is this a publicity stunt? sixty members who were all vaccinated indoors without a mask so according to the cdc that is okay so we should not even talking about that. we haven't over testing problem because we keep testing people who have been vaccinated who have recovered they are asymptomatic. they may have non- viable particles but they are not getting sick or transmitting so that should be the immunities success story not a positive case. is as a publicity stunt? do they want to incite panic?
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know. if you are fully vaccinated and not immunocompromised you do not need to wear a mask indoors. if you want to, by all means. but you don't have to. by then instilling the mask mandates for everyone, those have recovered or unvaccinated it is anti- science and it undermines the vaccination campaign and it has to stop. leo: i agree there's a lawsuit have been filed to invalidate this idiotic mandate. so joe what is the end game? gather newsome is facing a recall is this good news or bad news that one month ago he stated that california is opening coming back? joe: i don't see how this works well politically for the governor and then the fact the l.a. county sheriff push back
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the way he did to say you have taken resources away from us already if you think we will spend time making sure people are wearing masks and doors, you have another thing coming. this is a complete disaster. just like texas democrats talk about the optic disaster. think of what has happened. this is the biggest disaster since the assessment know. on the plane, without masks they are not drinking a texas liquor but they are drinking miller light. i love that as a teenager but that's hard to do as an adult. then a test positive for covid and then they don't have any plan when they get to washington to overturn what they are doing in texas. so this will by the democrats you know where. because there is a campaign add on your screen right there. people without a mass going to
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washington wasting taxpayer money in the process. it is pathetic. leo: that are these texas democrats, according to kamala harris freedom fighters? are they in a historical analysis like frederick douglass? are they making a positive response by going to washington? carly: may be the one right thing they did that they didn't feel they had to wear a mask on the private plane because if they are all vaccinated that's the point of the vaccine. i know there is criticism of not masking up for their trip when they were avoid passing a bill they did not like that i don't see any problem with them not wearing a mask that
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with that situation in los angeles i did not even consider that would affect you personally you are one of the people that will have to wear a mask i feel so bad for you and all the other folks in los angeles who got a taste of normalcy only for it to be overturned. when it comes to gather newsome he was not responsible for enacting this l.a. county mask mandate. but in essence could affect him with the recall because now people will be reminded of the strict rules that people have to follow under democratic leadership. leo: i have eight more hours of freedom before i have to put on a mask. but a judge rules that doctor is illegal but they wouldn't nothing to get it done in the big and how they get this legal status for dreamers. next. ♪♪
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newsom governor newsom
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joe: welcome back to "the big saturday show" a federal judge put a stop to doctor ruling the program is illegal that the democrats will not stop the fight to make it happen. the biden administration i was congress to put it in their infrastructure bill. vice president harris tweets "the president and i believe strongly that your home is american you deserve a permanent solution through reconciliation that time is now for congress to provide a pathway to citizenship. however former i.c.e. director reacts to the doctor ruling. >> this is a job for congress. the president cannot come up with an executive order to
2:28 pm
award legal status 300,000 people. when they passed in fy 12 what happened and 13, 14, 15? hundreds of people came across with their children to be a part of the next daca program. everybody has been president every single month the numbers are higher and higher. that is a barrier. this administration doesn't care about illegal immigration it is the open border agenda. joe: democrats now want to add infrastructure and combine that with immigration. so find keeping track, infrastructure is defined not roads or bridges or power grid but paid leave, child care, caregiving, healthcare, he and now immigration. does your head hurt?
2:29 pm
leo: and i have a haircut to prove it. [laughter] here is the problem. it is insulting. the administration wants open border. they think they are democrats. that doctor issue? i am a civil rights lawyer it is an issue for congress. not executive order. this judge what is right. i think it was 190,000 this month in june? it has gotten overwhelming. they want free healthcare. free education. it is insane. i total abandonment of the southern border. where is the president trump security measure? they were eliminated january 20h when biden took office. joe: we have done game shows
2:30 pm
together before. i will make it multiple-choice how many people do you think have cross the border illegally this year alone? carley: this year alone? are we up to 1 million? joe: correct. i have no prizes. carley: what if i didn't know that? joe: i made you look good. [laughter] one.1million people crossing over the border. vice president harris has yet to hold a press conference i don't think that will be happening. so how does this play out? and we see the numbers going up april through june. politically this is an issue in 2022. carley: absolutely. when it comes to daca by and
2:31 pm
large there is some overlap and consensus with republicans and democrats. some young people who came here don't even speak spanish now in their twenties and thirties. people on both sides feel they should be allowed to stay. but with that should come some semblance of border security. former president trump trying to do that when he tried to pass the budget bill the democrats said we will not give you border wall 94 daca protection. i didn't happen. as for the ruling that just went into effect on friday , that affects new daca recipients so they will still be protected like leo said the judge just ruled that when obama enacted daca come it went way above his powers it should not have been a unilateral presidential decision but if you can get
2:32 pm
some sort of consensus of republicans and democrats on border security and daca recipients to stay here, it will literally never happen but a majority of the people would want it to. but 60 people on both sides agreeing to something like that. joe: we will see the jets and alliance in the super bowl next year before we see that. [laughter] let's hear from the 44th president on this. barack obama says "in a tweet for more than nine years dreamers have watch courts and politicians debate whether they will be allowed to stay in the only country many of them have ever known. it is long past time for congress to act and give the protection and certainty they deserve.
2:33 pm
t16 we have to reiterate the point the recent ruling does not affect those who are currently under doctor. it is the future applications i can tell you we have over 2 million people already covered under the medicaid insurance system immigrants are dropped off in rural arizona daily dying in the desert immigration is a big problem that is not the oprah winfrey show with infrastructure you can just keep adding everything and say you get this in sns. immigration is a major issue in our country we have to focus on it that we cannot throw it in with everything else it is crucial and we have to do it. joe: you get a car. you get a car. who can forget those words it's good to see that you don't have a new jersey accent. [laughter] we have to leave it there. artificial intelligence is the
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joe: welcome back to "the big saturday show" a slippery slope a filmmaker uses voice cloning software to make the late chef anthony bourdain say words he never said. check out the clip from the trailer. ♪♪ >> i said earlier i would tell you the truth. this is part of it. joe: the filmmaker told the new yorker i created an ai model of his voice if you watch the film other than the line you mention you probably don't know the other lines know that were spoken by the ai you will not know be cap a documentary ethics panel about it later. the ceo and founder of the script says unapproved voice
2:40 pm
cloning is a slippery slope estimation get into a world to make subjective judgment calls about whether specific cases can be ethical, will be long before anything goes. let's talk about this. this is crazy stuff actually interviewed anthony bourdain about five years ago for the hill. you probably will agree, he has the coolest job in the world. he takes on all these culinary masterpieces and off the being path places, drink on the job which i know is the dream of carley shimkus and i. [laughter] but then when he took his life i was so shocked. he seemed like he was so happy and there was a shame to read about what happened in france at night. but i wonder carley, with ethical standards where do you come down on this? putting words in a dead man's mouth. carley: apparently the director of the documentary only used words that anthony
2:41 pm
bourdain had written but not spoken and spoke to his widow about it who gave her seal of approval so i think it is totally fine. do you remember the deep fake of tom cruise that went viral where it look like tom cruise but it wasn't? it was all over tiktok and went viral and social media i think that could be very dangerous it is creepy but also can be dangerous because if you think about come it seems silly but what if somebody creates a deep fake and then accuses somebody of a crime they did not commit or you do commit a crime and say that wasn't me that muddies the water with the criminal justice system there needs to be severe penalties but in place if that happens and people start to accuse people of crimes that could be a deep fake it is very sci-fi.
2:42 pm
>> i do remember that with tom cruise because i played his stunt double in top gun to that was me superimposed. that the sopranos did something like this years ago where they took the character and superimposed her head on top of another actors body after she passed but they wanted the character to continue and then they said something happened they wanted donner donna reed to prove - - i didn't have to superimpose ahead so here in terms with his family saying this is okay of people close to him but in the future is this what we will see more and more?
2:43 pm
nicole: did you come to me with the sopranos question because i'm italian? [laughter] >> lawsuit. [laughter] >> i agree that anthony bourdain they checked all the boxes where do they take it from there? but a false impersonation? that comes with heavy fines and jail time. and this could fall under the lines of where will it end it could be like doctor fauci to say that was not me. it was ai. >> she just said is there a legal aspect? >> i don't like it at all i respectfully disagree with the issue for the anthony bourdain case now basically allow this producer this is a documentary
2:44 pm
to be portrayed as something of truth. he never said those words. this is nothing more than a producer injecting his personal feelings. if you go with a fictional movie, fine. but when it comes to something of the truth telling story, i don't like it. you are guessing come you are speculating and you will mislead the public. from the truth standpoint i don't like it at all. joe: but this is the point we talk about these few lines. anthony bourdain life was so interesting he did not need to do this it was unnecessary. i will be that they are. straightahead on "the big saturday show" who wants to
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defined the police spending tens of thousands of dollars for police protection? we call out the hypocrisy. next. ♪♪ flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through.
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carley: welcome back to the big saturday show. >> apparently it's okay to be okay to defined the police as an issue on your own personal security measures are fulfilled. spending tens of thousands of dollars of campaign expenditures to meet those needs. according to ftc records bush spent 70000 for personal security measures or 35 percent of her overall campaign budget a rather surprising turn of events for a woman who is never missed an opportunity to join in with the chorus of those on the far left to defined the police. >> i am forward defunding the police. >> the same energy have put on the street is the same energy i will have to make sure that defined his first understood
2:50 pm
bringing it home to our community. >> we compromise on so much. we compromise, we die. we compromise, we die. we compromise, we die. nicole: representative bushes being critic of law enforcement but newsflash. the majority cannot afford private security and we need the police. so what you make of the fact she spent $70000 in three months on her own private security detail? carley: it's embarrassing for her to criticize police constantly. then secretly have her own security detail. she posted a tweet saying if you're having a bad day think of all the social services we will fund after we defined that pentagon. she calls on the local level with police at national level department of defense while having her own personal
2:51 pm
security. also the lead sponsor of the bill of a mental health expert to be called in rather than the police. so what happens to those mental health experts or something gets dangerous? today call police for backup? it is a situation where lawmakers should practice where they - - what they preach. i'm glad she is not because i don't want anything bad to happen to her. i want anything bad to happen to anybody else. i hope she gets on that level at some point. nicole: joe, you are up on social media. to pick her out of the lineup compared to the media in front people like aoc look at her spending on security and
2:52 pm
campaign expenditures, we have the numbers. she spent so much more maybe she should be spending more. 69000. 4000 aoc. 2000 with omar. why does she need so much private security? joe: it is fascinating. she is not that high profile aoc is even more that she's never met and a microphone she doesn't like you cannot get corey bush out of a lineup if presented to the american people but it must be nice to have that kind of money laying around and when you defined the police or reallocate funds the people hit by this hardest are those of the inner cities you are poor or minorities then we see the crime skyrocketing to seattle to
2:53 pm
minneapolis to portland and los angeles. because police morale is had a long time low and resignations at the all-time high. this is a serious problem even though the fringe of the democratic party if you don't think they will turn it into an attack at in 2022 and paint them soft on crime this was be a top three issue at the midterms. >> i agree and she is in st. louis. early 2021. what you think her advocacy and continue defined the police movement will do for those homicide rates? leo: increased are medically. democrats have a hard time of understanding issues. cori bush is a fried. a fraud.
2:54 pm
why? because she wants protection. everyone should be protected. but she is a fried. - - a fried. a congresswoman on the fourth of july said black people are not free. she makes $170,000 but she is not free? she has private security but she is not free. it is the idiotic see of the fringe movement. she complains about being black she complains about the victimization. does she not speak for me but for her district. hopefully that ends in 2022. nicole: coming up on "the big saturday show" the new term of being canceled. next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. shark advocates are urging the use of the term interactions were incidents as opposed to attacks which is like calling a
2:59 pm
car accident a mobile mishap because apparently we been far too cruel on these cute fuzzy man eating creatures all these years. what you think about counterculture coming out? >> where taking away guns and health insurance and free speech but you can't take away sharks. that's enough. we are keeping for shark attacks, i'm not having this conversation. >> everyone. joe, what about you? >> too much hype around sharks killings, let me weekly give you the things that kill people more than sharks. vending machines, 13 year. selfies kill more people than sharks. falling out of bed, 400 people your. but here's the big one, champagne corks, 24 people die from getting hit by shane payne corks.
3:00 pm
please. >> leo, what say you? >> my turn? quickly, i have no dog in this fight, i don't even go into the four. no ocean, i'm in the pool. >> that doesn't for us, see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. for the big sunday child. fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ >> breaking news out of washington, three vaccinated the mccreight monikers from texas to make political stands on the nation's capitol testing positive for covert. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. the three representatives from the state have not been named but we do know they were on the plane of delegates live from washington d.c. over the don't voting rights law. present biden said this


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