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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 17, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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this week's live in the green podcast. talk about, listen, if you are somebody who describes yourself least of these reach out how we can do it. >> jesse: living the dream. dress to kilt. i don't know, greg. what's happening at this table? >> jesse: bye-bye, everybody, have a great weekend. ♪ note. [national anthem] [national anthem]
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[national anthem] rachel: good morning, everybody. welcome to "fox & friends." it's 6:00 eastern time. and that was the national anthem by the coast guard band. you wanted an anthem, pete. we agreed. now we got it new york city wer. whole country. pete: now that we are doing it one shot in austin. stayed on a little too long. i want about four seconds across
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the country so we are playing it like we are waking up the entire nation. rachel: i like that idea. will: i agree with that from sea to shining sea across the great plains. a shot of austin, texas, the statue of liberty and the streets of new york city. pete: i will take it. will: welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday. days after the white house revealed in some shocking statements from jen psaki that it was consulting with facebook to flag problematic posts and then revealed that if you ever banned from one in their estimation you should be banned from all social media platforms. joe biden added this as to why the government seems to be, not just flagging, not just colluding but encouraging social media to censor its information. watch this. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> >> they are killing people. i mean, they really -- look, the only pandemic we have is among
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the unvaccinated. and that's -- and they're killing people. will: they are killing people. the social media platforms by allowing certain information to reach your eyes and your ears are killing people. rachel: that was a worried, i'm sorry, we can't let a clip like that go and not mention, were his teeth falling out? we were talking about. pete: something is going on there. rachel: something is not right about this. these are searly serious topics. pete: i also don't know. rachel: that's what his answer was. pete: i don't know that he knew or intentionally meant or wanted to say that facebook was killing people. that probably wasn't part of the talking point after the love fest that the two of them but they are like, scorned lovers at this point. here is facebook shooting back, facebook official spoke to nbc news and said this. in private exchanges, the surgeon general has praised our work including our efforts about covid-19. they knew what they were too
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long. the white house is looking for scapegoats for missing their vaccine goals. now they are sniping at each other a little bit. will, you hit the nail on the head. the crazy part of it this week the crazy admissions from the white house podium. we are directing facebook to do the following about misinformation, which is the most dangerous word in our political lexicon right now. this idea of misinformation. it is orwellian double speak. it's sufficiently ambiguous that anything can fall underneath it facebook puts out a statement right after that, not this one the other one saying absolutely we are. here is the number of people we censored. here is the number of people we banned. that is the government telling private companies and believing that all of them should in lock step take their orders from washington. will: that's the tone i want to hear. i understand your comments about that video. i don't want to be sanguine in any way about the language coming from the white house. whether joe biden was on the talking points or not. whether he had his wits about him when he said that facebook and social media platforms are killing people. let's be very clear the united
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states government right now is encouraging the thought police. rachel: yes. will: you can say that hyper ventilating. hyperbole. the canary in the coal mine is dead. you are listening to the united states government unless you are in lock step with their opinion and i don't want to hear about vaccine disinformation or misinformation. i have heard hunter's atlanta misinformation. covid it theories called conspiracy theories. i do not trust these people to tell me what should and should not be heard by the american people. this is a major deal in my stems. rachel: it's interesting because this week i was in miami. we have the crisis in cuba. so much of what -- how they are trying to control their people is through the internet that is the new public square. and we're seeing this happen in our own country. you know, last night on tucker, tucker was -- i went on your show to talk about cuba and tucker, an hour later saying hey, why are we talking about cuba we have problems in our own country. we should talk about both.
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our country, we are losing our liberties. if we don't have free speech. we're in trouble as a democracy. and i want to tell you there is a poll that i just saw 40% of young people think that we need to monitor speech. that free speech can be dangerous. it's not just a problem for us right now. we are not even teaching our own children the value and the importance of free speech in a democracy. what does this mean for the future of america? will: free speech makes america exceptional. pete has a book out modern crusade. talk about modern civilization. talk about in canada and u.k. do not honor free speech the way we do. don't take this concept for granted it is part of how society has evolved. we are literally the only one that values frew free speech in this way. it doesn't appear we are going to for much longer. pete: including unpopular and dangerous speech. that's the speech that deserves and needs the most protection
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because it's the one that is most likely banned the quickest. speaking of banning, you remember donald trump was banned from facebook and he sued facebook and othersome companies. his arguments was social media companies had become the de facto of the government. the white house has created plenty of exhibits for them. john yoo he was on fox news at night on our program on our network talking about that. listen. >> i would not recommend facebook do this. but the more facebook listens to the government. the more facebook tries to carry out a government's agenda about a speech. the more president trump could win what is a very low probability lawsuit because they're creating what's called state action and when facebook and the government cooperate, then facebook has to obey the same rules as the government. and the best and most important one is the free speech clause. do not discriminate on the basis of speech.
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pete: that's right. here is the scary part about it covid is going to be a campaign issue. , it is, how it's hanged of handled, vaccine mandates. mask mandates all of that watch facebook and it of what candidates can say and whether it's misinformation on the campaign trail. scary. rachel: we allow facebook and these platforms to ban alex jones and myelo and knew sitting u.s. president. now they are saying they can ban all of us. this is the slippery slope we should have said not one. just with the statues. i'm not defending confederate soldiers. not one. once you start this thing continues on. will: one more unpopular opinion i think we should all be allowed to wear headphones on television. maybe it's the radio guy in me i like head joans on john yoo there in that clip. pete: good audio. another topic we have talked about is critical race theory and parents standing up. a lot of it has happened in virginia whether it's loudoun county or fairfax virginia where
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in fairfax they are trying to push curriculums that include critical race theory. parents have stood up and fought back. there was a counter rally to that rally. meaning the unions and the pta and teachers went out and had their own rally pushing back against the parents who don't like critical race theory. one of the speakers there, michelle leete, a member of the naacp in virginia as well as an official with the pta. she took to the microphone and said the following about anti-critical race theory. listen to this. >> let them die. these anti-teacher, anti-equity, antihistory, anti-racial equity. anti-opportunity. anti-help people. anti-diversity
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let them die. [cheers and applause] pete: you may have missed but you probably heard it right. let them die. rachel: then cheering. i assume those are other parents around there or, you know,. pete: teachers, it union members, whatever it was. rachel: cheering about it did you a great segment last night. you had the parents who recorded nomoni and this is what she had to say about that we couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth and then the audience, you know, the cheers were so disturbing. because i know many of those people. it was the entire machine that is trying to hijack schools across america.
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we witnessed the real anti- that is happening now. it is anti-parent. there is war on parents happening from see to shining see. it's only the courage of parents that are going to be able to stand up to this divisive ideology. will: at some point that becomes absurd. that's a character of a video. great job this week by the way on "fox news primetime." it absolutely phenomenal. great interview there as well anti, anti, anti. we make a joke when you are anti-football. they're leaning into the character turf of who they are and punctuate it with less than thy. she pointed out the true anti-is is that parent. pete: she used the phrase anti-henning people. what is anti-helping people. will: whatever they disagree with. rachel: very disturbing tiktok video came out maybe four weeks ago or so, it was a teacher
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somewhere in texas, these parents who are trying to stop us from teaching crt. these are our kids. we need to do it. here's what concerns me. you talk about anti-parent. that no matter what we do as a school board and we should do what we are doing as parents to stop crt legislatively, whatever, we really can't monitor everything that's in the classroom. those sound like very radical activists. the teachers that were probably applauding that lady. and so i don't trust them with my kids. there were conversations about whether we should have cameras in the school. in the classroom. so parents could weigh in. look and see what's being taught. but i think in the short run, school boards are good. but we need deal with our teachers, colleges, and in the end the real long-term solution is going to be school choice. pete: you are right have to get them out. control. pete: were they teachers radicals or lemmings. i have got clap here it's
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critical race theory. a lot of them are just going along to get along. will: read this tweet responding to asra. ha happy to contribute in any way red meat. must be tiresome to keep the foe anti-whatever can. pete: the anti-lady anti-whatever? will: parents just a little bit later this morning. starting with a fox news alert. police arrest a man wanted in the brazen attempted kidnapping in new york city. he is behind bars now facing several charges. police say he is the man scene n this surveillance video snatch ago 5-year-old boy off a sidewalk and stuffing him in a car in broad daylight. fortunately the boy's mother was there and pulled her son out before the car could speed off. police say he had an accomplice who is still on the run. u.s. justice department officials delayed investigation
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into hunter biden to keep it from the public during the 2020 election. politico reporting, quote, last summer, prosecutors have sought search warrants. they had already sought and this issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. this is before the election. but, they were told not to release that information over fears the investigation could influence the 2020 presidential election. so, in other words, they didn't issue the warrants or the subpoenas. they kept it quiet until the election was over. probe is underway over hunter biden's business dealings and possible tax law violations. nfl quarterback baker mayfield has a beef, of course he does with the texan longhorns. is he an oklahoma sooner. i don't know where this is going but i will read and it a beef with the big 12 conference. trolled the team and the conference with these photos after the big 12 started are penalizing the horns down time. some warned he might be offended
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by his don't. while probably be a penalty there will be case-by-case discretion. mayfield formerly played for the o.u. sooners. i'm a longhorn don't be so soft. horns up if somebody says horns down not a penalty. we are so soft. more "fox & friends" coming up. so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. rachel: major blow a judge ruling deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program is illegal and applications must be suspended. here to react retiring acting ice director and fox news contributor. what do you think about this ruling and will it actually make a difference because i'm hearing that you know, some of the democrats in congress are saying that they can go about this that different way. they don't need to wait for this. >> congress needs to fix it i mean, that's their job to begin
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with. president obama said he couldn't do it. it wasn't legal to do it and he did it anyways. this is a job for congress to do. the president can't come up executive order and award legal status in a country for 800,000 people. can't do it. that's not a part of his job it's a part of congress' job. even the advocates are saying now. read 100 newspapers in the last 24 hours. they are all saying congress needs to fix it they are knitting this is congress' job. let's remember, when they passed daca in fy 12 what happened in 1, 14, and 15. hundreds of family units came with their children to be part of the daca program or the next daca program. rachel: also looking at new numbers showing that migrant encounters in june rose to nearly 190,000 bringing the total to more than a million this fiscal year. i remember back in february that the biden administration was saying hey, this is seasonal. but the numbers are higher now
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it's getting higher. >> the biden administration has been lying to the american people since day one. every month he has been president. every single month the number has gone higher and higher and higher. that's a failure. this administration doesn't care about illegal imforeign relation. this is open borders agenda. homeland security asking this. if illegal doesn't matter does covid matter. 7500 covid cases in the custody of ice. hundreds released into the united states knowingly by this administration. does terror watch lists people being arrested on the border does that matter. 900,000 fentanyl overdose death in this country matter? fentanyl comes across the border. does 8,000 criminal aliens arrested by. does 2,000 got-aways already this year. we don't know who they are. are they drug dealers? are they gang members? are they terrorists? who are they? we don't know. do they have covid? we don't know. does that matter? because, if any of this matters, then they need to do their job
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and secure the border. and if they can't figure out, bring me back. i will fix it in a week. it isn't hard. the trump administration did it. they can do. they don't want to do it. this is open borders agenda. rachel: you mentioned the fentanyl. if i can get my producers to get the numbers because i thought that was fascinating. they moved it june 1,060 pounds. january to june 52,908 -- 5,298,000 pounds were seized. we we are talking about a lot of fentanyl as you said are kill americans, you know, 93,000 this year. so, huge numbers. every fentanyl that the death in the united states, i don't care if it's ohio, new york, chicago. you need to be assured that fentanyl came across the southern border. rachel: tom homan, have you always been on the forefront of this. see if there is enough pressure for the biden administration to do something but it doesn't look like it.
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so sad. thank you. all right. well, still to come, the white house under fire for working with facebook to flag covid disinformation. is this just the beginning of government intervention? that story next. ♪ ♪
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3:26 am
video. the white house is under fire as press secretary jen psaki reveals it's been consulting with facebook to flag misinformation on covid-19 and even claiming those flags should be banned from social media all together. our next guest says today is covid, tomorrow it could be anything. joining me now is director of the creepy line a documentary matthew taylor. matthew, glad to have you with me this morning. i want to talk about where you think this goes in the future in just a moment. but, why do you think that social media facebook, google, whoever seems to be willing partner with the government? i think it's a fair assumption as we talk about coordination here. what is the motivation of social media companies to all of a sudden walk back what previously pretended to be a free speech outlook. a free speech positioning? why are they doing this? >> well, you know, a lot of these companies are utopian in design. they think they can make a better world. one of the ways you make a better world is by eliminating
3:27 am
things that they deem wrong, negative and extreme, you know, evil. and so if you have a certain perspective, within a culture of your company, and you deem something that is wrong, then if you have the power to eliminate it, you know, would you and so, you know, this was never asked when he were building these systems and integrating them into every aspect of our life. now our life is controlled by these companies, whether it's your business, how you consume your news or entertainment. and now we're faced with, say, the pandemic and a number of other large issues. and they say, look, we can fix this we can solve this for you. they stepped in when the government didn't know what to do in the early parts of the pandemic. look, we got this. will: matthew, that's an answer that i don't disagree with i'm just curious here, that's an ideological answer. in other words, facebook, imool, they believe in what they are doing. is there a cynical explanation as well are they trying to
3:28 am
government regulations trying to push more government controls on censorship? are they trying to get in front of that? >> well, you know, these companies whether it's google or facebook or amazon, they are monopolies and what is the primary goal of monopoly? that's to maintain a monopoly. so, forever and ever and ever they will always do what's in their best interest. so people who use these products should always understand that it's not in your best interest. you are the product. and so that will always be their goal. will: get this quickly before we lose you. here is facebook want statement on working with the white house. will not be distracted by accusations which aren't supported by fact. the fact is that more than 2 billion people have viewed the authoritative information about covid-19 on facebook more than any other place on the internet. more than 3.3 million americans have used our vaccine tool finder this statement is in response to joe biden suggesting that social media is killing people.
3:29 am
really quickly, i have 30 second here, matthew, where do you think this is headed? now it's, quote, misinformation, disinformation. where is this censorship positioning headed? >> this is the most dangerous precedent that can be set to have big government and big business merge together. i mean, that is 20th century classical fascism and people should be very, very concerned about where this is headed in the future. will: it really is a pandora's box it has no end what could be called misinformation. what could be classified disinformation and therefore, booted from the public square. i think we are beginning to get the answer to those questions. matthew taylor, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. will: straight ahead, rachel visited the heart of the cuban community in the united states, which is in miami. the message from american standing in solidarity with cubans, fighting for freedom. coming up. >> what's your message to your mother. [speaking spanish] rachel translating: big strong.
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rachel: cuba is going to be free. i'm going to be here fighting for her. it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers.
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with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> communism is a failed system. universally failed system. cuba is a -- unfortunately a failed state and repressing their citizens.
3:34 am
rachel: cuban president miguel firing back at president biden for those comments saying that the u.s. is a failed state, not cuba. is he shifting blame for the massive protesting in a translated tweet if president joseph biden had sincere humanitarian concern for the cuban people he would eliminate the 243 sanctions applied by donald trump. pete: this as a caravan of supporters heads from miami to d.c. to call on biden to take action and help the cuban people. rachel, you were down there yesterday. rachel: i sure was. and by the way the protests or the rallies in party of the cubans on the island aren't just in south florida. they have erupted everywhere from ohio to california. they are all over the united states. but that caravan is heading out. i was in miami at versailles restaurant which is iconic cuban restaurant ground zero gathering point for so many people to get together and talk about what's happening and show their support. here is what that looked like when i was there over the last
3:35 am
couple days. >> why are you here? >> we're here because we want to cuba for freedom. >> i was born and raised in cuba. [horns honking] [speaking spanish] >> rachel translating: every night we cry for our friend and family they are dying. >> why are you here? >> cuba to be free. [speaking spanish. rachel: my mom is in cuba and she is hungry. my family. >> what's your message to your mother. [speaking spanish] rachel: be strong. cuba is going to be free. [speaking spanish] rachel: i'm going to be here fighting for her. we are standing in inside versailles cuban restaurant which has become ground zero for some of south florida's cuban americans. the uprisings in cuba. so much of it has been started
3:36 am
by the song. [speaking spanish] ♪ country and life] [chanting] rachel: how important has been the art community in this particular uprising? >> extremely important. something people don't realize. rachel: a youth movement. >> it's a youth movement. rachel: 15, 16 years old and to be part of a movement. >> you are in the middle of history in the making. this is something that needs to move forward not just for us but other people out there and to spread the awareness what is happening in cuba is terrible and there needs to be change. >> seeing all the support that it's generated across the world, it's inspiring a little sense of hope, i think, the best way to keep moving forward is cautious optimism. >> many of them have had political police burst into their home and children taken away from them at gunpoint. absolute tragedy what's happening there the cuban people are showing that, one, they have lost their fear. they are no longer afraid.
3:37 am
>> my father was killed 9 years ago by a direct order of castro in an attack perpetrated by the cuba cuban military service. >> i came here in 1957 i was part of the bay of pig invasion. i'm still here. i'm still fighting. we won't stop until cuba is free. pete: wow. rachel: yeah, it was very emotional. can you see that what is happening in cuba now. first of all, is amazing. it's all over the country. and they really believe this is the best chance the island has had had to be free from communism. so much emphasis in south florida what can we do? one of the things they need is more internet access. we have been talking about internet how important that is to freedom. that is the public square right now. and they cut off cell phone. they have cut off internet. they are asking joe biden if he would just do something, provide some sort of technology.
3:38 am
they float balloons, turn the u.s. embassy into a hot spot so people can a, organize and b put out these videos showing the kind of repression they are getting. there are some videos already. we are seeing teenage boys being dragged out of their homes and being forced to go into the military against their will, against the will of their families. beatings, killings, bits and pieces coming out. but we need more information and that's going to be the key to keeping this protest, this rally, this call for liberty. pete: this movement. rachel: this movement. it's not about the embargo. people are not on the street talking about the embargo. nobody is talking about covid. it's about liberty and anger at the communist regime. >> pete: so well done and what a reminder ideas have consequence as we debate who we are here as marxism arrives on the shores and anyplace a at the margins what's acceptable and not acceptable. all of that feels both small and
3:39 am
bigger because of this. small in comparison to what the cuban people face. real repression every day 90 miles from our shore. ideals have consequences but big because over time if you allow those forces to take hold, the things we take for granted, those precious things can slip away. will: not just an idea. that's what is fascinating while bernie sanders or blm may issue statements on the idea of socialism and communism. what you show in that package it's real people who have experienced this life who have relatives who have suffered under these types of systems. i find it fascinating how dismissive people are. real world experience was seen a documentary or read the right book or whatever they may have been taught. that likens them to dismiss completely the people you just highlight who has family 90 miles off that florida coast who actually lived this idea. rachel: yeah. it's really will awful. pete: most of the images we have right now are from sunday because the crackdown has been
3:40 am
in full force ever since. hopefully there is a flick everywhere of that movement still going. rachel: these are brave freedom firlts. pete: they're are. thank you. turning now to a few additional headlines this morning. iowa judge denies a motion for prosecutors to turn over more evidence in the mollie tibbetts case. cristhian rivera's lawyers made the request after two witnesses claim another man confessed to killing tibbetts. the judge denied the motion calling it a, quote fishing expedition. it rivera was convicted of tibbetts murder in may. they have requested a new trial. hearing july 27th. his sentencing was delayed after the witness came forward and has yet to be rescheduled. congresswoman cori bush, a defund the police advocate and known socialist, spent nearly $70,000 on private security just over the past three months. campaign filings show the so-called squad member paid more
3:41 am
than 54 grand, $54,000 to a new york based firm for security services between april and june. and $15,000 to nathaniel davis for security services over the same time period. payments amount to more than a third bush's campaign expenditures during the second quarter according to fec filing. no police for you, plenty of security for her. now, marine expert, they want to replace shark attack with a much nicer term. >> if i am to change this image. i must change my job. fish are friends. not food. pete: advocates are looking to switch the term of shark attack to shark encounter. negative encounter or shark bite because sharks are curious fish and not looking to consume people. will: but that's true. rachel: do sharks care whether
3:42 am
we say attack or bite? will: no. they do not. rachel: or encounter? will: to your point we do not. and i don't think we care once we have a leg amputated. i can see making the case it's true. they are not trying to eat you. no matter what jaws taught you. they are nibbling you as a test tastiest tester to find out if you are a seal. once you are not they leave out thereof having left you one less leg and you have every right to call it an attack. [jaws music] ing. pete: you are saying sharks don't have feelings. will: they don't care about anything. pete: therefore they will attack with impunity and we will at this point to call them attacks. rachel: i want to see what adam thinks about this. adam, this very, very important subject. adam. pete: went to the sea life aquarium in east rutherford, new jersey and covering it all for us. what do you think attack or
3:43 am
encounter? adam: we are in their living room when that happens. kind of tough to blame that on the shark, don't you take? pete: blame people first. will: i'm not giving them the ocean. i have every right to the ocean. i reject the analogy. [laughter] adam: okay, you reject the analogy as you guys said i'm out in front of the aquarium. aquarium with more than just sharks. 3,000 sea creatures in there. i'm going to get in here the next couple of hours and we will get to look at the sharks and stingrays. you know what? this is the end of shark week. this is when people are thering about the beach and ocean. you certainly should be this weekend because the weather for most folks is going to be cooperating for it diving right in. this heat that we have been dealing with, that is going to be continuing across the country. i will begin here with the early morning current temperatures. you will see widespread lots of places in the 60's. lots of places in the 70s. as we know daytime highs have been jumping up to 80,
3:44 am
90 degrees. real extreme heat piling up in the middle of the country. that's going to continue today here on the east coast. spots getting into the upper 80's and 90 degrees and looking at national radar. lots of areas where we are seeing some widespread showers. that's going to be the case in new england. that does not matter where i'm standing, guys, because i'm indoors as can you tell. i'm going to be tossing this back to you. yeah, in the next couple of hours. i'm going to be getting in there and having a shark encounter of my own. we will see what kind it is. will: do they have frogs in that aquarium? [laughter] adam: i don't know. will: one guy has it in the throat. pete: get you some water, adam. will: more "fox and friends" coming up. ' ♪ know they're for bladder leaks. always discreet boutique.
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law enforcement in will rest of the nation if you will with, you know, protests and lack of trust of law enforcement, then, of course, all the societal economic issues going on all environments that need to be addressed and covid has some relation to this. and then last talk frankly what criminal justice reform and some of those issues that can be addressed, you know, here and now. pete: you are saying because of bail reform, ultimately, you are fighting some of the same battles over again. meaning people that are arrested are released and then you are having to encounter them again? >> yeah, one of the contributing factors is criminal justice
3:49 am
reform. you know, when it comes to the 1% of this population that's causing all this havoc think about that. small population we know who they are. sufficient tools to address that is a concern to us. pete: makes it tough to actually do your job. here is what the mayor said. rochester mayor lovely warn while these statistics have provided a fascinating among the media. news organizations continue to ignore the historic source of these trends which she has attributed to the racist policing policies of previous governments. is this just a racism problem, sheriff? >> i think it's a huge problem with prevention side of it law enforcement we are here to stop the pleading. we are here to address 1% of the criminality. what are the societal, each one of these murders we are see something microcome of society. what is occurred when 16, 17-year-old kids, precious kids 7, 8, 9 years old what are we doing in their lives that can intervene. i think we always talk about
3:50 am
prevention. that's the most important part. enforcement. presence and great enforcement efforts by all our partners. and then the other side is recovery. we have to stop talking about one solution. pete: you are at the end of a long series of events when it culminates and only so much police can do. especially when they are being demonized. sheriff, we appreciate everything you are doing. thank you. when in person classes stopped two brothers created online tutoring service to help struggling student. they join us next. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ will: when in person classes stopped last year teen teen brothers jumped into action alex
3:54 am
and ben joel created a new online tutoring service to help it students struggling during the pandemic this was all for free. alex and ben join us now. good morning, jerks glad to have you on "fox & friends" this morning. tell me if you would, alex about your inspiration. when did you start up intutorly. >> at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns occurred we read a series of articles talking about the learning loss impact of the closures of in-person schools coming from a family really emphasize the transformative value of education and which had a lot of educators in it, we were dismayed by the idea that just a sing goal lost year of schooling could have impact on the rest of someone's entire life. so, we created intutorly to help stymie that loss and learning. will: have kids another outlet to connect with teachers. exactly how many kids and teachers have been connected? what kind of progress have you
3:55 am
made, ben? >> yeah, so we have nearly 2,000 participants right now, which is around 1,000 students and 1,000 tutors. we have made excellent progress. we will occasionally get feedback from parent, telling us how meaningful that tutoring service is to them. will: yeah. so, what kind of subjects? anything and everything? where do kids find out about this? i mean, do they find out from their schools? from their parents stumbling on on google? how are you guys connecting with students? >> so, first subject, we tutor the basic elementary schools subject, such as reading, writing, science and math. students often will find us through word of mouth referrals, through another family that's already working with intutorly or they will be referred by their own school. for example, we had a charter school in washington, d.c. send us around 30 students which is very exciting. will: here is a big word of mouth for anybody watching now free online tutoring youtube can
3:56 am
do it aat go to it's an entrepreneurial project. humanitarians and helping people out you have been recognized as well. you won an award? >> yes. we recently won the university of delaware entrepreneur guidance challenge. and we were fortunate enough to win first place. will: all right. that's really cool, guys. you stepped up in a time of need. obvious problem in the united states of america. entrepreneurship. you saw that problem and you guys solved it really cool what you are doing at intutorly. thanks for jumping on with us this morning. >> thank you so much. will: in the next hour, the top cop in los angeles county is blasting the city's new mask mandate for vaccinated people. his argument that it doesn't follow the science is next. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. "fox & friends" is back. the splaz wide open full of cars. we have got a field goal set up in the back as well. they tell me it's now called fox square. i get it for years it was the plaza. it will forever be known as the plaza. rachel: i want that white convertible. my first car was advocacy gone convertible and trade it in for a minivan maybe my mid life
4:01 am
crisis will be that convertible. pete: sean, are you watching? will: bronco come back. four door red bronco on the other side. pete: i love that's coming back right there. rachel: it is coming back. rachel: i have a truck. you guys know that. pete: i have always wanted one. i don't have one. will, do you have a truck? will: i don't. rachel: you are knitting you don't have a truck. will: give me a couple weeks. i'm getting resettled in great lone star state. will: we are going to is have a field goal kicking contest. the trophy is at stake today. will: said he was a third string kicker. pete: i think i was a third string ticker. will: a sport pete didn't do in high school. pete: golf, clearly. rachel: get to very important stuff as a federal judge. federal judge ordered the biden administration to end the new
4:02 am
daca application meaning they can take applications. they can't approve any more applications essentially is what it means. meanwhile migrant encounters in june 190,000, up from 180,000 in may. look at these encounters, june '21, 188,000. june 20202 t. was only 33,000. these numbers are stunning. and, again, we are entering the hot months. these are the most dangerous months for crossing. surprising that the numbers are up. remember, back in february, they said when the numbers went up seasonal. happening now safest time to cross. we are seeing the numbers go up higher more drows cross. will: was there a narrative as they say. rachel: misinformation. will: misinformation. the misinformation was in fact as we got hotter and deeper into the summer month the numbers would come down. that is not what we are seeing.
4:03 am
steve krakauer has an excellent newsletter called "first watch" do you remember a month ago a blip on the radar where border crossings and border crisis made its way into the mainstream media. long now receded into ignoring what is happening. the odd thing is, or the stark thing is, this is happening right as the numbers continue to rise. rachel: grow. pete: absolutely. those numbers, you read them, rachel, are staggering. they are multiples of the previous year. yes, it was covid in 2020. so you can acknowledge that maybe that stemmed it. but it was also the policies of a previous administration that took the border seriously. you knew it was closed. that's just encounters. that's not get aways. rachel: got-aways. pete: got-aways. rach bad guys, criminals don't want to be turned into the border patrol. they might get turned back because they are known criminals. no one is more upset about the
4:04 am
changing of the trump policy disaster tom homan i interviewed him earlier today and here is what he had to say. >> the biden administration has been lying to the american people since day one. every month he has been president, every single month the number has gone higher and higher and higher. that's a failure. this administration doesn't care about illegal immigration it's open borders agenda. nearly 8,000 criminal aliens arrested why the border patrol gang members and drug dealers, does that matter? then they need to do their job and secure the border. and if they can't figure out, bring me back, i will fix it in a week. it isn't hard, the trump administration did it they can do it but they don't want to do it. this is open borders agenda. will: 300,000 last year. 1.1 million this year. it's a crisis. whether or not it's covered or acknowledged by the administration or not it is a crisis. rachel: what were the numbers you gave the other day about the cities that this number creates, like this many people. will: oh in one month here we are looking at in june of 2021,
4:05 am
188,000 people or 188,000 encounters at the border. that's the size of about waco, texas coming over in one month. pete: saint paul, minnesota. it's every single month. by the way, tucker covered it a little bit on his show i know for a fact there is more information coming about it as well as far as the it extent to which the government and military are facilitating the transfer of these migrants without the country in the middle of the night through contracted flights to a community near you. rachel: telling the military, soldiers who are there, don't say anything. you are not allowed to talk about it. pete: of course. will: on to another crisis, this is the way los angeles has chosen to handle the covid-19 outbreak. what's fascinating is the city of los angeles has reinstituted their mask mandate, starting tonight, i believe. saturday night they will reinstitute their indoor mask mandate for vaccinate and unvaccinated people alike. that seems to go against the
4:06 am
science. that's been noted by the los angeles county sheriff's department. sheriff alexville know ava has said the follow about enforcing mask mandate. forcing the vaccinated and those who already contracted covid-19 to wear mask indoors is simply not backed by science and contradicts the u.s. centers for disease control and disease prevention. the department of public health has authority to enforce the order but the under funded defunded los angeles county sheriff's department will not expand our limited resources instead ask for voluntary compliance. l.a. county sheriff's office will not enforce the new reinstatued l.a. mask mandate. pete: he got a lot of shots in there and rightfully so. we are in a place where our sheriffs have to be our defactor science to look at what is happening because we are looking backwards. the it will delta variant and they're worried about that, suddenly now more people vaccinated l.a. wants to put you back in a mask indoors? rachel: do you know what's weird
4:07 am
they are talking about the delta variant and saying this is the reason why we need to really get more people to be vaccinated or more mask mandates. do you think it's weird they never brought up the early treatments with regard to this new delta variant? again, we know these early treatments work we now know from studies and also the evidence that we saw of the use of ivermectin it does work. why -- they are talking about misinformation about it, refuse to talk about people who already had covid. pete: the sheriff did. rachel: he did. i'm talking about health officials, the mayors, the governors i'm very fearful they are going to mask our kids again this fall. i have already heard parents say heard administrators say we cut down on colds and flu this is so great. i'm afraid they are going to
4:08 am
mask our kids again. this is a sign to me we are not going to get out of this. pete: will, we were talking about it in a break. the left is having a great deal of trauma and trouble getting over their moral peer or the and the tier do you signaling and control that comes with any level of covid protocol. lockdowns and mask mandates. vaccines, pushing covid misinformation. they are working with facebook to shut you down. they will probably censor what you just said if someone puts it on the internet it feels unrelenting and you said it you are right. it almost feels like we are going backwards. how are we rewinding here. will: conversation feels like we were seven month ago. look at any chart on coronavirus tracking. even if you just limit it to los angeles county. it's true that infections seem to have tracked up in the last week or. so last two weeks. but it is still over the past year at really, really low numbers compared to where we have been. that isn't even taking noah a count hospitalizations and deaths which were not at all time lows but just above all-time lows. yet, the conversation we are
4:09 am
having feels like we are in the midst of a new huge peak in the coronavirus and reverting to the measures we used at that time whether or not it be masks and where do we go from here back to lockdowns? i don't know what. the it feels like the conversation doesn't reflect reality. rachel: doesn't reflect that 99.% of people will not die from this disease. especially children. this is just crazy. the head of the former white house coronavirus task force admiral brett giroir this is what he had to say about it. >> from a public health and science standpoint, let me be clear, if you are fully vaccinated, you are protected against the virus including the delta variant. and you are extraordinarily unlikely to be able to spread it, even if you get a mild case. so there is no scientific justification for this. i think this is just another example of california and los angeles flailing. they don't have a direction in their policy. we have seen that they had some of the most draconian measures but still had the worst rates.
4:10 am
this will do nothing aside from undermining people's motivation to get vaccinated. and i would urge everyone in california, yes, please get vaccinated because it is good protection. if you are not vaccinated voluntarily, wear a mask to protect yourself until you get vaccinated. rachel: when you see people like john kerry and democrats who got on that plane without a mask and nancy pelosi getting her hair cut without a mask. pete: texas democrats fleeing. rachel: they don't believe this so i just keep asking why. i have the same question everybody who is watching. why do they want us in masks when the science has proven that the masks don't actually protect you from covid? will: really fascinating. rachel: it has to be social control or something. will: here is another question does the vaccine work? why would a vaccinated person need to wear a mask. rachel: by the way, people who have had vaccine more likely to be infected than people who had
4:11 am
covid. pete: all we wanted was a choice. i remember the harrowing moment when someone said early, early on we are not going to get out of this until there is a vaccine. thank goodness donald trump focused on it with operation warp speed. now we are with vaccine and that's not sufficient. always something else. rachel: we are going it turn now to some of our headlines, starting with a fox news alert. a 6-year-old girl is killed and five others are hurt in a washington, d.c. shooting. the gunfire erupted at this intersection last night. it's unclear what led to the incident and a suspect has not yet been identified. little details have been released. but police say they are searching for a dark colored vehicle. the five people hurt are expected to recover, thankfully. lawmakers urge president biden to meet with the run away texas democrats while they are in washington. the texas democratic congressional delegation sent a letter to the president asking him to speak with the members of about federal voting right legislation. the texas democrats have been in d.c. for nearly a week breaking
4:12 am
quorum. but texas republican briscoe cain says it's time for them to come back. he tweeted this photo of what he calls a quorum trap. some light beer there the pull string box uses a case of miller lite as bait. dig after sitting on a bus with a case of beer. new emojis are expected to include a pregnant man. it's on a list that could be approved forever use later this -- this is so insane what are they they doing pregnant man and pregnant person are new and recognize that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and nonbinary people. the blog though says the emojis are drafts and could be changed prior to final approval. honestly this is an attack on women. i'm sorry. i know this is supposed to be a light segment.
4:13 am
there is something women can do you guys can't could. pete: i feel like that is going to be used more frequently after thanksgiving dinner. [laughter] oh, man feel full. rachel: just become the middle aged man emoji. will: here is a shocking statement. men can't get pregnant. do with what what you will. another massive spending plan being rolled out, a new op-ed warns that bidenflation is real and the democrats will make it worse. we will talk to brian brenberg on that and more coming up. ♪ ♪ dollars, dollars ♪ that's what i need ♪ i need, dollars, dollars ♪ dollars is what i need ♪ hey hey ♪ and i need dollars, dollars ♪
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♪ ♪ pete: well, as democrats roll out another massive spending plan, a new op-ed claims bidenflation is real and democrats will only make it worse this as consumer prices jump over 5% in june, the biggest monthly jump since the height of the great recession in 2008. here to react is the kings college executive vice president and fox news contributor brian brenberg, brian, good morning, thanks for being here. >> you bet. pete: inflation, is this almost wholly due to the policy of the current administration or longer trends? why are we seeing this? >> well, look, part of the reason we are seeing this rise in inflation is because we shut down our economy and we opened it up again. so that's not surprising. but the problem is we are not taking it seriously. the issue is the biden administration is acting like inflation doesn't exist. and so they are spending money in a way that almost certainly
4:18 am
is going to make it worse. i think a lot of americans understand prices might be a little crazy when you are coming out of an economic shutdown, but what they don't understand is way to this administration want to pour fuel on that fire that's what worries me. the biden administration is not taking this seriously. i don't think chairman jay powell at the fed is taking this seriously. you have got this administration that talks about not raising tacks on the middle class, i'm sorry, if you are presiding over inflation like this, you are absolutely raising taxes on the working class. hitting people very hard right now. pete: ultimately the most regressive tax can you have is inflation. these spending bills should they do it, 3.5 trillion in reconciliation. i mean, they have to understand that that kind of money printing is only going to accelerate this. >> you know what? politicians at the end of the day have an addiction to inflation because, when you are
4:19 am
spending, spending, spending, and you have got all this debt, inflation helps erode the cost of the debt. that's the problem right now. democrats are spending like crazy. the inflation actually helps them pay down and handle that debt, so to speak. so, jay powell at the fed is in this really tough spot. he really should be rolling back or hiking up interest rates and rolling back money printing, but he has got the problem that we have got all this debt right now. we're backed into a corner. we're backed into a corner by bad policy and the biden administration just wants to pretend it's not there, and what they're totally ignoring is that they are hurting the very middle class americans that they are handing out money to with the other hand. pete: got to get your comment on one more thing because you see it everywhere. you see it everywhere you go. restaurants, there is barely anybody working. there is a few people working, customer service is nonexistent
4:20 am
in some places. new data shows that 1.8 million americans turned down jobs due to generous unemployment benefits that's according to a morning consult poll, does this surprise you. >> no, it doesn't surprise me. i will tell you, pete, that number almost certainly understates the problem. it's not just about people turning down jobs. it's about who is not going tout find jobs. people need to be going out and creating opportunities. you are not doing that when those checks are rolling in the door. this is a big problem. it's one of the big reasons we have an inflation problem right now. talk to any business. i will tell you what is so condescending from the biden administration is they will not acknowledge the gravity of this issue that businesses face. they are talking about it all the time but they are pretending it's not there. pete. we have got stop pretending we don't have these problems. we have serious problems. we have got start addressing them. pete: what they do best is ignoring the obvious problem that's in front of them and obsess over whatever the left want the most.
4:21 am
brian brenberg thanks so much, man. appreciate it all right. coming up, an naacp official makes shocking remarks against parents fighting critical race theory. two residents from the county react next. this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪
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♪ rachel: the battle over critical race theory is getting personal in fairfax county, virginia. a top pta and naacp official going on a tirade against any parent who opposed crt. watch.
4:25 am
rachel: here to react president of the psa for thomas jefferson high school in fairfax, virginia harry jackson and elizabeth schultz a fairfax parent. former school board member and former department of education official. i'm going to start with you, harry. how shocked were you to hear the remarks in this video and the applause that came after from the people present? >> wow, that's a lot. i was shocked to hear the statements considering who the person is. she is a voting board member of the virginia parent teacher association. that's a statewide office and she has a tremendous amount of influence over the state. and when i look at that audience, what i noted is it's
4:26 am
overwhelmingly white. she doesn't represent the black community when she is speaking in her capacity as an naacp member. to be clear, i'm not speaking as n. my capacity of the psa. i'm speaking as parent and concerned father. these comments are inappropriate. it's actions of-when you look at the actions they have taken against thomas jefferson pta association. we disagree with crt. it's toxic to our children. what they think of us before we even had a chance to even sit to have our first meeting they intend to revoke our charter. now they want to put us on probation and to install crt babysitters sit in all of our executive board members and suppress the voice of our parents in our schools and community. rachel: she was anti-everything except anti-parent which is appears to be and some of these teachers think that they, you know, that these are their kids.
4:27 am
one of the things that concerns me, elizabeth, is that you know, when you see someone so ideological like this, that even if you are successful as parents, in getting crt out of your school or passing some sort of rules, laws, legislation in the state, whatever, that this kind of ideology is so strong that you are not really going to be able to be confident that these teachers aren't injects their ideology into their classrooms. >> well, let me start from the top and as a former fairfax county school board member, i'm really just stunned at the silence of this school board, the naacp, of the virginia pta but i'm not surprised. you know, this is what we are seeing and school boards, this school board, loudoun county and across the country what we are seeing is a school board of mentality that is ideologically driven. that is agenda driven that it isn't about the education of our children.
4:28 am
and it certainly isn't about listening to parents is and so this is what is being echoed. rachel: political is the answer to get cameras into the classroom so you can know what's going on? >> as a parent of a current child, i'm not sure how i feel about cameras in the classroom. i think that eyes on the school board room are much more important. parents have to get involved in their local school board. they have to be watching them. advocating for them and running to take back school boards. that's how we begin to change education in america put it back in the parents' hands and back in the hands of common sense. rachel: well, we did reach out to the virginia pta. they gave us this statement about michelle lete. virginia pta is aware of disturbing choice of words used by a board member during pta event. board members will engage in sensitivity training so we are mindful of our community and impact of the words we use. not very encouraging, harry and elizabeth. but i want to thank you for all
4:29 am
you are doing to protect your kids, stand up to them and courageously stand against crt which i think is very dangerous. >> thank you for inviting us. rachel: of course. thank you harry and elizabeth. all right, a shocking report reveals drug overdose deaths soared nearly 30% last year. dr. nicole saphier, an awesome doctor, sat down with families who have lost loved ones to america's drug crisis. she will join us with two of those parents next. stay with us. these kids think these drug dealers are their friends. they are -- they need their parents but, yet, they want to grow up. these drug dealers have learned to prey on that.
4:30 am
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will: staggering new statistics show the drug crisis fevered pitch deaths surging 30% last year. the disturbing trend impacting first time users and teens at shocking rate. fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier recently sat down with two parents who went through the unthinkable. losing two it children. we don't talk about the cost of lockdowns, mental health crisis and also the opioids making their way into the united states. to what do we attribute this fight? >> well, that's right, will. and most people don't realize that we have reached the point
4:34 am
in the pandemic where we have more people dying from drug related deaths than we are from covid right now. it's not much of a surprise as you think of the social isolation, the recession, the mental health came from lockdowns, losing of jobs and everything that's happened throughout the last year and a half. as you showed, there was over 93,000 drug related deaths now, will, i sat down with two people who talked to me about losing their chirp through the lockdown. it was devastating to hear but important to hear. take a listen. >> could you tell us about your son daniel? >> yes, thank you very much. my son daniel was a 16-year-old vivacious and beautiful young man who during the pandemic on april the 1st decided that he wanted to self-medicate. he would have these bouts of depression and during the pandemic there was no socializing going around. he wasn't able to be with his friends.
4:35 am
he able to hang out with them. he bought what he thought was a blue m-30 oxycodone pill and what it turned out to be was a pill, a counterfeit pill made of any kind of binder and fentanyl. he only consumed half of that pill and it took his life. the media has it wrong when they are just talking about overdoses. what is happening is our children, first time users and recreational drug divliewfers can go into snapchat, order what they think is a trademarked pharmaceutical pill and in reality we see a counterfeit opioid. no child should be getting a death sentence when ingesting one of these counterfeit opioids. i think that is the biggest message that we have to get out to parents. >> that's devastating and as a mother myself i couldn't imagine. undoubtedly as we have seen throughout the pandemic, the lockdowns, the social distancing, they have all led to feels of isolation. now, amy, you know, we were listening to him talking about
4:36 am
how children going on social media platforms and obtaining what they think to be legitimate pharmaceuticals one that you may see from a pharmacy. it's not three get it off of social media. they aren't think it's going to be laced with a poison that could ultimately kill them. amy, please tell us about your son, alexander. >> my 14-year-old son alexander, he had decided he wanted to experiment with what he thought were prescription opioids. and he reached out to drug dealer through social media and obtained those fake pills. one night he came to us and he said hey, i got to tell you something. he shed these pills had a hold of him. he couldn't understand why and that he needed help. and so the morning of june 22nd, i called a place to get help. they needed to call me back and that night he took his final pill. and the morning of june 23rd, i walked into his bedroom to take him an to an orthodontist appointment and he was gone. these kids think these drug dealers are their friends.
4:37 am
they are they need their parents but yet they want to grow up. these drug dealers have learned to prey on that. >> what is your message to everyone out there on how we can make it better and how they can seek help? >> well, the first thing that i believe that they must do is they have to reach out and they have to talk to people. these children have nobody to socialize with you about on the internet which is very, very dangerous. i would strongly suggest that you really, really look at what they are doing on their phone. talk to them every day. hug them every day, tell them that you love them because you just don't know. i saw what no parent should ever have to see and that is their dead child in their bedroom. rachel: you know, will, several interesting points that came out of this, first of all, their children, alexander and daniel, both found these drugs online on a social media platform snapchat and they went and bought what they thought were going to be
4:38 am
oxycodone or percocet but, in fact, they were deadly doses of fentanyl. these weren't intentional overdoses these were poisoning. where is the fentanyl coming from? it's coming from china and other countries and through the southwest border. while we see the media very focused on misinformation. on social media platforms and big tech censorship. perhaps we need to start focusing on how we can save the most amount of lives. how we can keep our children safe. making sure they can not obtain these legal poisons on social media platforms and making sure our borders are safe and we get this terrible substance fentanyl off of our street. not to mention the fact that our children are suffering from mental health illnesses as a result of what they have gone through the last year and a half. we have to start making children and young adults a priority again. we need to get them back in person learning. back to the normal social activities it is a multifaceted approach. that's how we are going to start saving the most lives. will: 93,000 overdoses last year. up 30%. you want to look for something
4:39 am
to blame. as you point out, it's a perfect storm, shutdowns, lockdowns, school shutdown, melt illness and fentanyl flowing through the southwestern border. perfect storm. for such sad stories like those you just told. dr. nicole saphier thank you very much for telling those stories. >> thank you, will. will: you bet. for more information on the organization victims of illicit drugs go to stop the all right. let's turn now to a few additional headlines with pete. pete: you got it turning now to your headlines. the exdoor dash driver accused of contaminating an nypd chipotle order is being held for parole violation. the judge is reportedly holding lance layne without bail because chipotle violated his parole in the 2011 shooting of a police officer. police say lane dropped the burrito bowl off with precinct with explicit note. show lane putting it in the container. he denies any wrongdoing saying it was just a prank. not really a denial, is it? britney spears calls out people
4:40 am
closest to her for not showing her the support she needed when she needed it. the pop star writing in a lengthy instagram post, quote: how dare you make it public that now you care. did you put your hand out when i was drowning? again, no. post comes days after a judge allowed spears to hire her own lawyer in her conservatorship battle. spears is now pressing to press charges against her father jamie spears for what she calls conserveship abuse. conserveship abuse. rachel: you would have been there for you. you are such a britney spears fan. pete: of course didn't know my name i was always here. my goodness can we just end it? rachel: set her free. set her free. all right. let's head out to the brand new sea life aaquarm adam fox is
4:41 am
wrapping up fox week with our fox weather forecast. adam? >> good morning, guys. i will have the forecast and it's going to rain across portions of new england but not rain so much that where i'm standing is actually under water. take a look, i am in one of their giant fish tanks. that's not the brooklyn bridge, even though it looks just like it. it's the babbling brook bridge underwater in all of these tanks they have a theme of manhattan or new york city under water and that's what we are seeing out here right now. if you look at your actual forecast. and i do now want to shift to our forecast graphic. we are not talking about that kind of a rain event here in new york city. let's take a look at those graphics, beginning with our temperatures, going to be another hot one across the country. currently looking at a lot of 60's and 70s, but particularly there in the plain states going to be back up into the 90's again today and maybe record breaking temperatures across the intermountain west. and next forecast graphic show you where rain currently is across the country. showers again as i said moving
4:42 am
across new england, stretching back into the great lakes. that's something we are going to be paying attention to throughout the day. the rest of the day here on "fox & friends." i will continue to be here at the aquarium, sea life aquarium in east rutherford and we are going to be in the next couple of hours meeting some of these fish surrounding me. feeding the rays and sharks in the next couple of hours. guys, looking forward to that you will want to stick around. pete: adam, we see the fish. are you going to get in the sharks or not? that's what i want to know. >> i actually want to get in the with sharks. someone is going to get in. we will be feeding and playing with them. rachel: up next florida senator rick scott to talk about the cuba situation. stay with us. ♪ ♪ years.
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4:46 am
calls to restore internet access to cubans who are protesting for their freedom. will: this comes as a caravan of demonstrators head from washington to miami demanding the administration take action to help the cuban people. pete: here now to react is senator rick scott. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. rachel: thank you, senator. i want to get right into this because one of the main concerns that cuban americans have is internet access on the island. so, right now we know the cuban government has shut off internet access as well as cell phones. we're trying to get the federal government to do it. if the federal government can't do it, can the state of florida do it? >> well, first off, joe biden needs to step up. don't be a dodge joe. #out there. he needs to do three things. he needs to start talking about the atrocities, peaceful protesters being arrested. we know a lot of dissidence like jose ferrera and his 18-year-old son are gone.
4:47 am
we have no idea where they are. he has to demand transparency that's number one. number two, he has to get every freedom loving country around the world to say enough is enough. this has to end. number three, he has got to gained out how to get internet down there. now, i have been calling -- i have been trying to find out what's the private solution is. if the government can't do it, but whether the federal government does it, they should be doing it. if they don't do it, i'm going to do everything i can and there is other people doing the same thing. we're going to figure out how to get internet back to the cubans because when they get internet back, it's over. the cuban people are fed up with the castro regime and it's still the castro regime let's remember that. rachel: the time is running out. >> we are going to figure this out. rachel: time is running out. we were talking about this earlier, pete, if you are going to do this kind of a protest, you have got to hit now. and the internet has to be up right now in order for this to continue. if not, they are squashing them. >> yeah. i agree. we have got to figure this out
4:48 am
as quickly as we can but i actually really believe that the cuban people are fed up. if the federal government would should show and do their job. joe biden show up and do something on this. when that happens. i think the castro regime is done. pete: i hope you are right. when you shoot at the king you better hit. and the longer you wait. the worse it gets. another topic, senator, remember that former anonymous trump official wrote an op-ed, wrote a book about it his name is miles taylor. we know who he is now. he went on tv and made this crazy comparison. listen to this. >> i'm a national security guy. i worked in national security against isis and al qaeda and russia and the number one national security threat i have ever seen in my life to this country's democracy is the party that i'm in, the republican party. it is the number one national security threat to the united states of america. pete: is he a national security guy. what do you say to that?
4:49 am
>> first off, the biggest threat we have is communist china and their actions. they clearly want to dominate our entire society. they -- that's what they want to do. internally is actually what the democrat are doing. bankrupting this country. and all their radical policies whether it's canceling us, but it's the tax and spend. put us in a horrible financial position right now. to be able to defend this country. and not even funding defense. joe biden doesn't want to fund defense. will: so true. absolutely true this weekend by the way, talking point usa student action summit will feature not only pete hegseth peeking which can you watch on fox nation but senator scott as well. pete: senator, we will see you there all access live i will be hosting with kayleigh mcenany live on the ground in tampa at the turning point summit. thank you very much. why the way, get a free month of position nation with sas. free month and watch all the action down there in tampa.
4:50 am
rachel: senator, keep us posted on what you are doing with the internet for cuba, we would love how to hear how that all continues. >> have a great day. see you pete tonight. will: some of the hottest cars on the market hit fox square up close look. pete: there is rachel. rachel: there is my car ♪ oh, i'm driving my life away ♪ looking for a better way ♪ for me ♪ among my patients i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
. pete: welcome back, taking a look at the hottest cars in demand on fox square. our friend joins us with more. this is a beauty. we will get to it.
4:54 am
first, there is a microchip shortage hitting the auto industry huge. tell me about. this this has been going on quite a while now. most manufacturers and literally almost but one or two can't get microchips. it's not manufacturer that failed it's suppliers that can't get the materials which come from china. pete: which comes from china. maybe we should make a few of them here. >> we are starting to do it. ramp it up. pete: this came from georgia. >> this is world car the performance car of the year. pete: performance car of the year. >> twin temperature dough bows 572-horsepower. 0 to 60. i can put new this car for $191,000. pete: that's not bad. >> the bordeaux material makes it this car is fabulous. pete: absolutely beautiful. will has a truck to check out. will: f-1506789 pete, king ranch edition. pete: what color is this. >> dark brown. new color come in. king ranch has some interesting options. you remember in texas when they
4:55 am
had a power outage? they used these trucks with generators in the back. will: i remember. >> i give ford a lot of credit for that. will: look at the passenger seat. >> full flat folding, that mass, ventilated heated. not the full cab. crew cab six sill gear engine big range of praising anywhere from this one is 76,000, but you can get into the 20,000s if you are looking for something. will: rachel has a car that everybody. >> super popular. it. rachel: lauren, i drive an f-150. >> good for you. rachel: this is the one he wants. cream of the crop. >> a wait on the bronco. >> how long. >> removable roof. huge price range this vehicle has the sasquatch package, 35-inch tires, 17-inch wheels. alter rain, huge screen. this vehicle we just tested it. love it super high demand. rachel: how much? >> this is price range run mid 20's on up to the mid 50's
4:56 am
depending how you load it. rachel: better than 191,000. >> i'm a fan trying to get one is the problem. pete: a minute left. >> honda civic, super popular car. this is under $30,000. huge in and. they can't keep them on the lot. all new inside and out, including apple car play android:this is what most people want. 34 miles to the gallon. this is the hyundai tucson. brand new signature lighting on the front. there is no hood over the top of the gauges this all brand new, larger, more space more cargo. really an impressive vehicle. this is a global platform. finally, this is one of my favorite vehicles. genesis g 80. hyundai luxury line. and the design is. >> very spacious. >> massaging, heated seats. heated and ventilated rear. this vehicle is quite impressive comes in 6 cylinder, 4 cylinder
4:57 am
available. they took a bunch of the german designers and you can see it in this vehicle. pete: i love it lauren, thank you so much. >> thanks, lauren. >> thanks. pete: more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ you are rocking that grill. family: guy fieri? but that pulled pork could taste even better on king's hawaiian slider buns. thanks, guy! (whispers) thank you. my work here is done. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread.
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5:01 am
i'm kicking about 50%. which inspires no confidence. i can't set a rhythm. rachel: i can't beat you guys this time because i forgot my leggings. i'm not going to do the kicking in a dress. pete: i have a pair of gym shorts in my office. you can use them. will: high school it kicker over here. pete: back up to the backup. i saw him. he nailed one and shanked one. will: we have no idea how it will go. welcome to "fox & friends." that was a shot of sixth avenue where we are at on fox square this morning. welcome you in. hoping you are having a great saturday morning. hoping you are having a better saturday morning than jen psaki, white house spokesperson. pete: the week is over. ill will will because she has been dealing with stuff like this. of course she had a couple of days of saying, admitting the administration was flagging posts with facebook posts that were, quote, unquote, misinformation, disinformation. since that point she said if you are banned from one platform you should be banned from all platforms, all of this has added
5:02 am
up to very least question. questions from fox news peter doocy. watch this exchange. >> for how long has the administration been spying on people's facebook profiles looking for vaccine misinformation. >> that was quite a loaded and inaccurate question which i would refute. our biggest concern here and i think frankly it should be your biggest concern is the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation that is leading them to not take a vaccine. >> the big concern though i think for a lot of people on facebook is that now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that than people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? that feels unlikely to me. if you have the data to back that up, i'm happy to discuss it. rachel: wow, i'm more concerned about losing my rights than i am about covid. i'm more worried about that. that scares me a lot more. pete: because you are in a position to make that personal
5:03 am
choice. rachel: of course. pete: if you want to be vaccinated it's widely available. rachel: so is the information. the sudden urgency with which the crackdown need to occur now. here we are with vaccines available for everybody. we know more about the virus than ever before. millions of people have had natural immunity. now suddenly is the moment that we are kill people. joe biden said facebook is killing people. she implied that peter doocy want to kill people by defending the fact that people shouldn't have to worry about whether the government is colluding with social media on all platforms to shut them down and the question that i don't think has been addressed and needs to be addressed to the white house is what about in campaigns that we are about to go into a campaign season, if a candidate has different view once vaccines or masks or lockdowns, does that become misinformation? is that candidate a misinformant? and how does facebook handle that? so now the white house can work
5:04 am
with facebook to decide what candidates can say? we are already there with trump this goes much wider. rachel: starts with one thing and goes on. will? will: it really is the fire alarm should be going off in everyone's head. because whether or not we have had our first squelch at this point we can set aside for a little bit later. we can have that debate. what we are watching here is a cull you are it, an attitude in this administration that if you disagree with them and right now we have a host of issues that we could point to the origins of covid. how you treat covid, masking and now misinformation when it comes to whether or not the vaccine is effective if you disagree with them, then you should not be allowed to speak. and this should be setting off major, major alarms. pete: good on peter doocy he is doing a great job. rachel: is he. pete: his birthday is wednesday. rachel: happy early birthday. right, in the white house pressroom. pete: he deserves more than anybody else. you hit it, will. how about you talk about your first amendment that's not important right now. covid we are doing something
5:05 am
about it that is precisely the mindset to say that intentionally from a podium and then have facebook say that as hunter biden just before an election. the question is what's next? where does it go next? i spoke to matthew taylor documentary called the creepy line and he talks about that. listen. >> this is the most dangerous precedent that can be set to have big government and big business merge together. i mean, that is 20th century classical fascism and people should be very, very concerned about where this is headed in the future. >> these companies, whether it's google or facebook or amazon, they are monopolies and one of the primary goal of a monopoly? that's to maintain a monopoly. they will always do what's in their best interest. so people who use these product should always understand that it is not your best interest. first of all, you are the product.
5:06 am
whether you are using google or facebook. your data is the product. you are the product. >> really quickly he was responding to a question whether or not facebook, google, facebook platforms idealogues believe they are making the world a better place or cynics trying to avoid government regulation at some point. in too long so, aspeedsing the democratic party. either way, the outcome is the same. rachel: what can we do? we see the president is suing. what are the rest of to us do? how long will that take? and how much further will this go before that lawsuit actually. pete: lawsuit is really important. rachel: it is. >> the de facto arm of the government censorship. the scary part about this is they are just doing it right in the open. they are saying it out loud. it's not a conspiracy to be found. they say this is what we are doing. rachel: they are normalizing it. the only thing worse than big government. big government was big business together trying to squash your free speech. we have some very disturbing footage. you had the parent who took this footage of a meeting of a bunch
5:07 am
of teachers and union members and so forth talking about what to too about those pesky parents who actually want to take control of their kids' education and are crt critical race theory. here is footage you should listen to because it's very, very disturbing. ♪ [cheers and applause] pete: you didn't mishear that.
5:08 am
that was let them die. that's michelle lete part of the chapter of the naacp in virginia. she is a member of the pta, an officer of the pta in that virginia school district at a rally as you said. this is a manufactured -- these are teachers, these are teacher union members, democratic activists coming out and saying you parents, how-shame on you. you are anti-everything. she said anti-helping people. what is anti- -- i have heard every anti in the book. i don't understand, that's the dumbest thing i have -- that's so dumb. it's almost unworthy of comment. i mean, it's word salad of nothingness. everything about our enemy is a dehumanization. they are so bad that they must die. rachel: i actually have to disagree with you. i don't think it's a word salad. one of the things. >> anti-helping people? rachel: okay, i will give you that she also said anti-change agent. you watch that video. if you ever doubted that the goal of these idealogues, these,
5:09 am
you know, political idealogues was to turn your child into a little marxist. all you need to do is look at that video. will: you hosted "fox news primetime" this past week. did you a wonderful job. and you had asra who is a parent in that school district. she is the one who took the video. what we are looking at here is actually an anti parent movement in that county. so in response to that idea, in response to asra, the woman you saw in that video tweeted the follow: so dismissive. so venomous, quite honestly, so full of hate. rachel: yeah. i interviewed this guy, harry jackson, he is president-elect of the ptsa for thomas jefferson high school. he noted in that video there were a lot of white people there i would say a lot of
5:10 am
self-loathing white people there. and he said they don't represent -- these people don't represent the black community and neither does the woman who said everyone should die. parent should die. here is what he had to say. >> i was shocked to hear the statements considering who the person is. she is a voting board member of the virginia parent teacher association. that's a statewide office. and she has a tremendous amount of influence over the state. these comments are inappropriate. >> i'm really just stunned at the silence of this school board of the naacp, of the virginia pta. you know, but i'm not surprised. you know, this is what we are seeing, a school board mentality that is ideologically driven. that is agenda driven. it isn't about the education of our children. and it certainly isn't about listening to parents. pete: no, it's not. it feels like parents have
5:11 am
almost no recourse. rachel: no. pete: the ptas these days. most of them are captured by unions. they have union members that control them. the europes control the school boards on many occasions. and the curriculum, whether it's banned or not, you have got teachers saying we are going to teach it anyway. whether it's school choice -- will: that video is in response to patience standing up their children taught to be racist. that's what this is in response to. >> colluding with wlm to two new curriculum for your kids. this is really scary stuff. again, it could be take over your school board but how do you stop teachers that are this ideological from sneaking their ideology into your kids into your kids' classroom. i don't know what you do. the answer over the long term is we must have school choice. pete: keep shouting it out loud. keep standing up for what you believe in. and, you know -- what an exclamation point. turning now to your headlines starting with a fox news alert.
5:12 am
a desperate search is underway for a missing boater in boston harbor. coast guard officials say they are rescue boat collided with rocks near castle island. authorities did not say if any of the people pulled from the water were seriously injured. caitlyn jenner is still on the hunt to dethrone california governor gavin newsom in september's recall election. there has been speculation jenner halted the campaign to film celebrity big brother in australia. jenner assured supporters still in the gubernatorial race tweeting saying i haven't paused my campaign and that i'm preparing for a multiweek tour across the state. still in it. we will see. and a world war ii veteran special surprise for 93rd birthday. blah tune recruits florida home. the young marines of the palm beaches thanked him for his service and showered him with gifts. he and his friends started the
5:13 am
youth program back in the 1990s after a march and salute the kids gathered around and asked him questions, as you should, when vu access to someone with his questions. he said it was the best birthday gift he has ever had. i worked with the young marines before. it's a very cool organization by the way. good on them. rachel: good on them. will: still ahead the l.a. chamber of commerce democrats as gavin newsom fights off recall election. how do struggling business owners feel about that? we will ask one next ♪ ♪ dance, dance, dance, dance ♪ ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ ♪ pete: the los angeles chamber of commerce siding with democrats
5:17 am
and opposing the recall against gavin newsom arguing the effort would, quote: detract from the state's economic relief effort. our next guest is l.a. restaurant owner and vocal critic of the governor since the beginning of the state's severe lockdown rules. chef andrew gruel joins us now to react. chef, chamber of commerce, after what's been done to businesses backs gavin newsom. what gives here. >> this is laughable. i mean is this the chamber of commerce or chamber of communism. honestly, right? let's talk are really no. newsom broke his own law that he went out to eat indoor dining within days of papping indoor and outdoor it only reason how about the fact 30 to $40 billion of unemployment funds be and
5:18 am
then when he dining again and hundreds of thousands of employees lost their job. they had no unemployment benefits, right? that's just one or two things that happened underneath this during this pandemic. it's been criminal what's happened to businesses too see the chamber come out and support what he has done makes me con der what the makeup of the chamber of crony capitalism is. it's probably a couple large corporations who did well throughout this and smaller medium sized businesses who got crushed are sitting here listening to headlines like this. pete: you hit the nail on the head. cronyism. big business likes big government. what happens to the little guy. they want that access in the state capitol. it's so sad. people need to realize organizations like the chamber don't always have their best interest in mind. speaking of smaller businesses i have got to get your take restaurants in l.a. and san francisco are scrambling with new mask mandate. putting the mask back on and some are reportedly even laying off unvaccinated staff, what's
5:19 am
happening what's happening? >> >> well, look, you know, putting the mask piece aside. los angeles unique scenario scary enough. let's talk about the signal that's that is giving. every single time los angeles has done something where people have said. in gasp] i can't believe this has happened newsom followed suit. typically as well. a herring for the fact that perhaps there is going to be more shutdowns. that's i said from the beginning having issues finding staff is that people don't believe that they are not going to get shut down again and they don't want to give up those benefits because they don't know what's going to happen. i think this just furthers that problem and creates confusion, right? and that confusion is what leads to an inability to forecast and an inability to do business cleanly. so, you know, when the chamber is talking about the recovery, how about that? pete: do -- the vaccinated, unvaccinated worker portion of that, how concerned are you that it could start to creep in to
5:20 am
telling businesses who can and can't work when and where? >> yeah, i mean, obviously it's a slippery slope when you come into a situation like that. but, what it also does is it shows how they are putting all of this on businesses and forcing us to divide americans, right? we are not the weapons to be used by the government to create this controversy. pete: so true, unless you are facebook and happy to say it out loud and do whatever the government tells you to do. jeff grewell, thank you so muchu for your time. pete: still to come, wikipedia if being discredited by the website co-founder. why he says the site has been taken over by left wing activists. ♪ anything can happen ♪ anything can ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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show me the olympics. ♪ "bugler's dream" begins playing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:24 am
♪ ♪ will well co-founder of the website wikipedia is ramping up criticism of the company he helped create for taking a hard left turn by plusing biased information instead of neutral content. >> you can trust it to give a reliably establishment point of view. >> do you now feel that wikipedia now represents propaganda. >> well, i think all of the media does but, yes, i do, if a controversy does not appear in the mainstream center left media, then it's not going to appear on wikipedia. will: here to react "washington times" opinion editor charlie hurt. does this surprise you? there is gate keepers, i guess, inside wikipedia. i can't remember what they call themselves. they are the ones that edit the articles on wikipedia and
5:25 am
controlling the bias. >> editors. will: editors, thank you. there you go. does it surprise you? >> what actually surprises me is that the founder would admit this is a problem. gabe control of the say victors get to right the history. this is kind of what happens. the beauty of wikipedia when it started much like the social media. regular people were given a voice. and were able to speak to mass audiences the way it always worked is if you own a printing press you didn't get to speak to mass audiences. so this is one of those disruptions. wikipedia further disruption because it actually allowed regular people to go in and populate this sort of history is
5:26 am
populate the definitions of things it was wonderful thing the problem is over time they had set up their own gate keepers as you just pointed out with these editors, these gate keepers, they lock certain pages, they don't lock other pages which severely restricts who can edit certain pages. and so what you wind up with is this group think that very much hues very closely to sort of establishment orthodoxy which is the exact same thing we are seeing with censorship on facebook and twitter and unfortunately it's also what we see in the old newspapers that we grew up reading and loving that have gone just completely full jihad in terms of, you know, trying to support certain political candidates. and they don't even pretend to be balanced anymore. will: no. but wikipedia still does pretend to be neutral encyclopedic and
5:27 am
this the revelation. that co-founder points to the article under joe biden's name as an example there is nothing negative or very little negative. all from a democratic standpoint all the views on joe biden. speak of joe biden, charlie, i wanted to ask you about this, go ahead. >> test for viewers at home go look up communism on wick peed i can't. gives a long history and everything. do you know what it fails to mention? it fails to mention that communism has killed 100 million humans over the past 100 years. that's a slight oversight if you are trying to learn about communism. will: right. slight oversight. i will tell you what else was an oversight apparently to the prosecutor who had been investigating hunter biden since 2018 is that heading into the 2020 election, he reportedly stalled all of his subpoenas and warrants so it wouldn't alert the public about this investigation. you will have to forgive, charlie, i know you will. you will have to forgive the public if they don't feel like
5:28 am
every single institution is rigged against a fair outcome. whichever way it may go feels like slanted outcome from the media to justice system to criminal investigators every which way. >> it's so true. and, you know, from the -- you know, bird's eye view at 30,000 feet, i'm in favor of prosecutors being very careful about wading into anything that might affect an election. as you point out. that's not been the norm for the past five years. every prosecutorial from the fbi to the intelligence services, have been completely weaponized all in one direction every instance in trying to go republicans trump. at some point, and, again, you summed it up perfectly i looked at this and i like prosecutors not to want to weigh into politics this is ridiculous. will: it is well beyond
5:29 am
ridiculous. the word that comes to mind to me is undeniable. some still think this resides in the corners of conspiracy and fevered pitch far right mind. it's undeniable how many of these institutions have weighed in on a political outcome. got to run, charlie. got to leave it there. >> it undermines everyone's faith in those institutions. will: every piece of polling suggest that's already happened. everyone's faith in these institutions has cratered. thank you so much. adam klotz is life at the sea life aquarium, wrapping up shark week you are still dry you are not in yet. adam: getting closer and closer to the point where we meet the sharks. we are going to be feeding some of the stingrays and see some of that action right now. that's what's coming up in just a little bit on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more.
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♪ ♪ rachel: shot of the morning. now, this is mac and cheese ice cream. will: it is national macaroni and cheese day, teeming up with brooklyn base van loon ice cream to create the limited edition mac and cheese. pete: sounds like a dream come true. rachel: sounds so gross.
5:34 am
pete: we have to taste it ourselves. rachel: pete is convinced that his is used and that the "the five" left it here. pete: this is from the "the five." rachel: left from the "the five" apparently. rachel: is it good? will: tastes like mac and cheese. pete: it does taste like mac and cheese. the sweet recovers it. rachel: i can't. i just can't. i will say the first time i ever met pete he was warming up mac and cheese in a microwave in a hotel. pete: i love it. will: i have had this ice cream before meaning not mac and cheese van lewen i would not order mac and cheese ice cream. rachel: best mac and cheese flavor west bury it is maple in the. maple in the ice cream is the best tastes like maple syrup. pete: trying to conceive what scenario i would want it over
5:35 am
vanilla. will: finish of mac and cheese. rachel: it is mac and cheese i don't love it as an ice cream. pete: kids would love it. rachel: another thing kids would love -- sorry, sea life aquarium east rutherford, new jersey sea aquarium where meteorologist adam klotz is wrapping up shark week are we allowed to say shark week? pete: encounter week. rachel: feeding sharks next how about. he is feeding stingrays right now. adam: yeah, guys. you were just talking about your breakfast the macaroni and cheese ice cream. well, this is the breakfast i have in front of me. it's squid. we have some little fish in here, also. guess what? this isn't for me, thankfully. we are going to be feeding the stingrays in just a moment. i have the sea life aquarium curator with me right now rich weddle. what are we feeding the stingrays and tell me about the aquarium as we get going here. >> the new jersey sea life aquarium is new jersey's newest
5:36 am
and most unique aquarium. we have over 3,000 animals in a unique scheming that involves all the new york land marks. today feeding southern stingrays in aqua father tank. base on a pole. lower that in the tank all wait to the bottom. adam: how quickly will they know what i'm doing. >> quickly. aggressive. keep it moving to the fish don't grasp it. >> right on that thing. >> they will take it right off the pole. we have to feed each one of our stingrays individually so we know exactly how much food each one is getting every day. adam: if i want to do this again i want to make sure to not give it to that exact same guy. >> is he going to get more than one because he is a pretty big animal. >> help you out? adam: totally help me out. i don't know what i'm doing. >> i lower it right down in there. and someone will come around. adam: oh my gosh.
5:37 am
they are so aggressive. what are he going to be doing in the next hour. we are going to be feeding sharks. >> feeding sharks in ocean tanks, we will prepare a little food for them and go up to 200,000 ocean tank and feed some sharks. so sharks are coming up in the next hour and for now i guess i have got some more squid to feed these guys. back out to you. rachel: i was telling these boys that i eat squid very famous dish in spain. [speak spanish] use the ink bag. [. pete: ink sauce? will: rachel: going to talk about miami. pete: you were just down there. down there for a couple days talking to people. headlines all week. i feel like being there and seeing it and feel how people are react something a huge
5:38 am
understanding. will: what's going on in the streets of dubai and how that attitude is reflected in miami. rachel: show solidarity with those courageously out on the streets risk their lives on the island of cuba. it's bringing up a lot of emotions because that repressive regime hurts so many people in south florida. take a look. [horns blowing] rachel: what do you want biden to do? what's your message to him? >> i want biden to take a little bit more action other than saying that he knows and he is aware of what the people are going through. >> joe biden [inaudible] cuba freedom. it's enough already. we can't have it anymore. please? >> [speaking spanish] rachel: i want cuba to be free. we are waiting for president biden to do something. >> white house when you send-[inaudible] the people in cuba economic [inaudible] people
5:39 am
in cuba are fighting for freedom. >> joe biden came out with a statement pretty much with the regime is putting out really trying to put the blame on the embargo that trump put in place and biden has yet to remove. we had aoc come out as well saying you want to help the cuban people lift the embargo. >> aoc and blm are apologists for a failed system. they have to apologize. they are marxists. cuba is a country that is more than 40% people of color. so when the cuban government is abusing the cuban people on the street, they are overwhelmingly abusing people that are black or of color. >> blm tries to stand for something good which is equality. when they put out a statement like that, that is so not what is happening in cuba. >> the aoc statement about lifting embargo is completely tone deaf. she doesn't understand what is happening in cuba. she is trying to make this about the united states.
5:40 am
that is a cuban government talking point. >> they are asking for the [inaudible] if you are going to issue in a statement please, do it in support of the cuban people not in support of the best interest of the cuban dictatorship. >> a lot of people are going why should i care about what is happening, you know, 90 miles off our shore? why should i care about the communist influence? >> in my case and i'm pretty sure in the case of millions of groups of people who immigrated to this country looking for opportunity and freedom, we don't want the kind of policies that has been failing the island and many other countries implemented in the united states. >> i don't want my children or grandchildren to go through what i had to go through. my dad and my mom picked up and came here with $10 and a watch. okay? and started a life here in the united states and gave us, you know, the ability to thrive here and that's why i love this country. >> we want the biden administration to come to miami and speak like president reagan spoke when he kicked out -- tear
5:41 am
down the wall. we want concrete action. rachel: do you think that's going to action? >> i don't know. i'm certainly urging the white house to do it. i think it's an opportunity for leadership. it's an opportunity for america to do what america has always done which is project liberty and democracy around the world. >> freedom is one generation away from extinction. rachel: yeah. >> democracy is one generation away from extension. you know, we are starting to see that in this country. pete: powerful words. rachel: really powerful. so many interesting things going on. i think the democrats are in a pickle because in south florida that's a very important area. and even the democrats in south florida are upset at the very lukewarm message coming out of white house. and the fact that there is no action even now about the internet and allowing images to come out of the island and for people to organize and continue this protest on the island. the other thing is blm. that was fascinating. some of these young hispanic
5:42 am
kids supported blm because they thought it was a racial justice movement. even though we on fox were going hey marxists. the message so many young people got through social media they were supporting a racial justice movement. when they saw blm make the statement in support of the communist cuban government. the oppressors of the cuban people, oppressors of their family. they just said oh my gosh, it was like eye owning, they feel betrayed by blm. that's interesting. also a lot angry at aoc. also pretending like she is supporting the cuban people but actually parroting the words of the communist government there trying to blame the embargo and things that the people on the streets aren't talking about. and many of those people say aoc, blm, you go to cuba you won't survive a month in cuba if you did. people are angry at those responses. will: it's eye opening but it shouldn't be blm when fidel castro passed away rest in
5:43 am
power. it's always been a marxist organization. it's whether or not you are willing to do the work to understand that what doesn't require much work to understand who someone or what someone's ideological underpinnings are. good to hear from people on the ground with personal experience. rachel: these are 16, 15-year-olds, 17-year-old kids when castro passed in 2016, they weren't even knowing what happened. so now they are like oh my god, that's what they tweeted and so they are really shocked and upset. pete: should be a no-brainer seeing the consternation inside the democrat party makes you understand what we are in for. will: florida lieutenant governor jeanette nunez whose father was a cuban exile will be joining us here on "fox & friends." coming up next, will the suspect in the mollie tibbetts case get a new trial. the man who served as jury foreman joins us next.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
rachel: new developments in the mollie tibbetts case as a judge denies a motion for prosecutors to turn over more evidence. christian's lawyers made the request after two witnesses claimed another man confessed to killing tibbets. but the judge denied the motion calling it, quote: a fishing expedition. our next guest served as the jury former in the trial delivering the guilty verdict against rivera in may. he joins us now to react. bo, you were on the jury. you were the foreman. you basically saw all the evidence. so, is there anything that has come out since your verdict that would make you change your mind about the guilt of rivera in this case? >> from what i read, personally i'm not going to speak for the other jurors, i personally think same. it's very hard from what i have read about, you know, they had her in a house, versus his
5:48 am
testimony versus the evidence it doesn't make any sense personally to myself. if i had to make the decision, i would have kept it the same. it's very hard to realistically put all of that together in a realistic timeline how it seemed like they abducted her and kept her in a traf house for a little while. it doesn't make any sense to me from all the evidence and everything that look like that happened it all happened in the same time. it's really hard to put together that she was somewhere for some time. rachel: what's the most convincing evidence that you heard while you were a juror that points to the guilt of rivera versus any other possibility? >> yeah. so, we had the blood in the car. he was interviewed before she was -- when she was alive and after she was alive. he was the only one that could bring anyone to her body. and he admitted that so that was a lot of the key points that
5:49 am
brought it to that. so, obviously we were missing a lot of, you know, key evidence, you know, the murder weapon and time of death and things of that. we were able to put the surrounding evidence together and come up with our decision based on that. rachel: right. there is not a lot of americans out there who have had the experience that you have had to sit on such a high profile case to hear all this really the horrific details of this, you know, crime. i'm sure it's had an emotional toll on you. what has been the effect of sitting on a trial like this and hearing this very sad story? >> yeah, it was very intense. it was eemotional. i obviously had no ties to mollie but i have a daughter of my own, and, you know, sometimes throughout the trial you kind of think to yourself what if this is my child? what would i do? it was tough sometimes. it became part of our lives for a couple of weeks.
5:50 am
it is still part of our lives now. it was very emotional. it was tough. but when it came down to the at the end of the day we had to put that aside to make our decision. it was tough. it was emotional for, i believe, everybody. i don't think it was easy for anybody. but we got through it. rachel: yeah. you did. and it seems like you might have gotten the right guy there. despite the new evidence coming out although we will get hear more about that evidence as well. i see mollie's smile makes me just so sad. just going out for a jog. it's just a horrific, horrific story as our hearts go out to her family, of course. so, thank you both for joining us and for your insight, very interesting. >> thank you so much. rachel: all right. up next, it's been dubbed the freedom phone. meet the bitcoin billionaire who says his device stands up to big tech. stay with us. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
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♪ ♪ will: a bitcoin billionaire is vowing to fight back against big tech with a, quote, unsensible smart phone called the freedom phone. pete: the phone's launch and development is getting some push back, freedom phone creator eric findman joins us now. before we get to that pushback, i saw advertisement somewhere. >> we have intriguing because it feels like big tech is all over our lives. what are you doing differently here? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, you just see free speech is just so under attack in this country. it's absolutely awful. and you see like they banned us facebook, twitter just one by one they are coming after us and then they say oh, well, start your own twitter if you want to
5:55 am
do that and then they banned parler off the app. store, oh, create your own phone and app. store then. >> i did. and i think we have got to take the fight back to big tech and can't keep getting picked off one by one. rachel: i want to ask you something because i'm not a very techy person. my kids will confirm that i do know that the platform for your phone is an android, which is a google product, right? so how are you guaranteeing that your freedom phone, you know, is not going to be censored by google if you are using the google platform of android? >> so, actually, the -- there is the google version of android and the open source version that came out a while ago. we took an dry, we hillary clinton acid washed all the google stuff out which was a dirty job i will tell you that and yeah we wanted basically the only similarities between android and us slightly similar interface and all your apps work on our phone. that's why we did that.
5:56 am
rebuilt that freedom os mix of multiple operating systems plus our own touch ton that and, yeah, we wanted to make sure that you had an operating system that was quality and secure. will: now some of that pushback that pete hinted at. you are getting some pushback that the phone is made as some are cha saying in china. you pointed out it's actually made in hong kong. what do you say to those yeah it's not made in america? >> >> there is zero manufacturing in mainland, china. the free people of hong kong are making this phone. and they are great people. it's one of the most secure supply chains we have ever had. and my background is bitcoin. i'm 100 percent funding this myself. i have done well in the space. and i have looked at doing something in the united states. but, in my opinion, it's so sad, actually, because you can't actually make phones in the united states. you can't actually make a lot of things in the united states anymore. it's an incredibly horrible truth.
5:57 am
motorola put $3 billion into making phones into the united states a while ago, and, you know, they couldn't do it. we figured hong kong is a great choice with the people there, they are amazing. rachel: they are amazing. pete: cool concept. freedom phone, provides alternative. check it out. ♪ .. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated
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will: i got sauce in my tie. ainsley: i am surprised you didn't lick it off. will: licked it out of the commuter cup. ainsley: we will tell you what is good. dan bonnegino, the host of unfiltered on fox nation, former secret service agent and friend, welcome. >> thank you. pete on my show and a question about chick-fil-a, unintentional segue. i got a little surprise for you, right, pete? pete: he pops the third one on you. >> i popped a video, you'll
6:02 am
catch it, scene breaks the golden rule of broadcasting nearly every weekend, find out what it is on the show. >> someone else broke the golden rule by asking a tough question nobody else does. he asked jen psaki how long the administration has been spying on us. >> how long has the administration been spying on people, profiles looking for vaccine disinformation? >> our biggest concern is the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation leading people to not get the vaccine. >> for a lot of people on facebook this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that and people dying across the country because of the pandemic misinformation is
6:03 am
traveling on social media platforms? if you have the data to back that up i will be happy to discuss it. >> what is more dangerous? losing our first amendment rights or big brother as doocy said or after? >> i have been watching the show the entire time. it is a strawman argument she sets up. that's not the question peter asked her. you must want people to die. that is not what peter said. he asked a simple question. are you monitoring people on facebook or are you not? because the day before, jen psaki said at the lectern we are monitoring 12 accounts on facebook that categorize misinformation, she said it's, not peter. peter asked a simple question.
6:04 am
is the government monitoring a facebook account like you said or are you not and she does with every tyrannical propagandist in human history has ever done doesn't answer the question, she switches into a different question. you must want people to die just that was the question which it wasn't i am concerned about people's rights to freedom and free-speech over government and i don't want people to die. that the serious questions. the biggest threat to freedom of speech, number 2, the biggest threat are the big tech companies, the public spaces almost entirely encompassed by facebook and twitter. it doesn't matter, abortion arguments, gun-control arguments, if you can't speak you will never make the argument and the elections are over. pete: what is so stunning about
6:05 am
this week is they are not just saying it or admitting it, making the case that the white house should be working with big tech or the other way around to determine whether or not misinformation which is intentionally vague, it is orwellian doublespeak, colluding to divide misinformation and saying it out loud. i can't think of anything more dangerous. >> liberals have a tough time with this, and if you switch the script a little bit, you would understand how dangerous it is allowing the government to deputize private entities to do with the government can't do which is squash and a bridge free-speech. say the republican administration, there's a lot of misinformation about firearm usage in the united states
6:06 am
which you all know, the argument over the second amendment liberal misinformation all the time. talking about gun control they are lying about it and because it is a constitutional right to own a firearm we will work with facebook to protect that constitutional right and get rid of the misinformation liberals are pointing out about gun control working in chicago. liberals will be on this network foaming at the mouth, climbing at their faces with pink ads on screening at the sky in rage and that is a constitutional right. protecting the right to the second amendment, the white house was doing the thing, please explain to me how what i
6:07 am
just it is any different from what the white house is proposing now. that is why you're screaming at the sky, and start foaming at the mouth because the truth hurts and you know it. >> you ranked threats moments ago, you left out republicans. that is according to myles taylor, former chief of staff, inside the trump administration on ms nbc with astonishing sound, i want you to react on the other side. >> i spent my career not as a political operative, never worked on a campaign other -- i'm a national security guy working national security, number one national security threat i've never seen in my life, the party that i'm in, the republican party, the number one national security threat in the united states. >> the climate of increasing hyperbole, think about president biden saying more than any point since the civil
6:08 am
war. or matthew dowd describing events of january 6th as worse than 9/11 and add to that there is no end to this hyperventilating, this really divisive rhetoric. >> a couple things on that. myles taylor is running out of media hits, no one is interested in this boring life. he said if i say something outrageous i will get on tv and come on and say the republican party is -- you know that is what happened so let's not pretend this is deeper than that. he is a superficial hero with nothing going for him. who is on that - the chinese spy guy, a panel on msnbc, the
6:09 am
chinese spy guy, and the chinese spy on the battle, and i give up. >> i thought isis and al qaeda from my keyboard, national security guy. >> leading the charge. >> student actions summit as well, give us a preview. >> can't wait to see you guys down there. whenever i get in front of young college kids i made the point to thank them. it is hard to be a conservative. you've been going through it as long as i have for decades. it is hard to be in this
6:10 am
movement. i always tell them they are the real renegades, the real misfits, the real tough guys now. it is hard to be a college kid on college campus. i want to make the point teddy atlas said truth comes to people in many ways but it comes real quickly in the ring. we are under fire, all in the ring, all getting hurt entities that you learned a lot about yourself when you are getting punched and we are getting punched. a lot of conservatives are learning how strong they can be especially these college kids. i will try to inspire them to keep it up, we are behind them, freedom and liberty matters. >> americans never had a better fighter than you. >> they are lucky to have you. >> all of them speaking today.
6:11 am
turning point summit, you can get your subscription, the code s a x. the conference starts until tuesday. and and starting with headlines, 6-year-old girl is killed in the washington dc shooting. the gunfire erupted, and the suspect has not been identified, little details released but police say they are searching for a dark colored vehicle. the 5 people hurt are expected to to recover. a shift in tone from the biden administration on the origins of covid 19. remember when there was
6:12 am
misinformation, and the wuhan lab leak theory is considered just as credible as the possibility of the virus going from a that to human. no concrete evidence has emerged to support one theory over another and intelligence officials are divided, and you were banned for suggesting it was a possibility. we don't want - the san diego padress score 24 runs with the washington nationals, they have j collinsworth. a second baseman hit for the cycle and the first cycle of his career, and trade turner completed last month against the tampa bay rays and those are your headlines.
6:13 am
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attempting to snatch all 5-year-old child off the street in broad daylight. the boy's whether acting fast and throwing him to the car's open window as the car speeds by. police have one person in custody is the violent crime rate surges in new york city. joining us to react is nypd officer darren porcher. i looked at that video and it is every parent's nightmare. before we talk about crime in new york city talk about how awesome this was. >> i can't even explain, exponential courage in connection with retrieving her child that was in the car after her child was taken by an adult so i salute her because this was a sincere act of sheer bravery. >> this happened in broad daylight. what is happening in new york
6:18 am
city right now? >> this is a reflection of the failures of public safety in connection with bill deblasio who aligned himself with the defund the police movement, you are dancing and going to get cut and this is what happened. chemicals feel as if they can act with impunity in the city of new york and this is a reflection of such. >> why would that man wants to do that to that child? we all worry about sex trafficking. is that what this guy was doing? child trafficking? why else would he do that? >> difficult to make that assessment at such an early juncture. i believe the person that was taken into custody was experiencing mental illness. we have an additional suspect we believe is his father who has not been captured but it
6:19 am
begs the question of how effective are we in connection with crime control strategies, reducing crime is not as difficult as people think, it's a 3-legged stool. the first is deployment of personnel in the areas where you experience the highest spike in crime. the second thing is the supervision. we want to ensure the cops deployed in this area are properly supervised in the third leg to the stories after action review to assess what we are doing is working and mayor deblasio is not effectively managing the 3-legged stool and crime is manifesting through the city of new york. we look at incident like we saw in this video it is a reflection of failed policies. >> when you lay out so succinctly and honestly how easy it is to decrease crime rate and they refused to do those three points it is mind
6:20 am
blowing because you see what the family went through, it is very traumatic for the mom and child, we thank you for your insight, very important story and a real lesson for all of us. thanks so much. coming up later this hour of "fox and friends" field-goal challenge warming up over there. ♪♪ shine on me ♪♪ shine on me ♪♪ shine on me ♪♪ what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection.
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6:24 am
>> he needs an umbrella. >> can you read the prompter. >> a federal judge orders the biden administration to end the new dac applications the numbers broke 2190,000 bringing the total to 1 million or as will points out we are getting one waco every month of illegal aliens coming into the country. >> you educated us, the judge stayed the dac order, it can't be further executed and there's a pause on that was the biden white house put on a statement on the ruling just moments ago, they said yesterday's record ruling is very disappointing, the department of justice intends to appeal this decision in order to preserve and fortify diesel the aca.
6:25 am
i repeatedly -- i renew the call with the greatest of urgency. by the way i saw a note this week the democrats may attempt to include immigration reform into the budget reconciliation bill. apartment hearing in the senate says we can do immigration in a funding bill but we try to find a way anyway we can. >> in the reconciliation process, into that proposal which is you point out appropriately, it is supposed to reconcile whatever is in the budget. >> we've been talking about diesel the aca, we have a disagreement about it but i will concede to this which is the whole dreamer these are the aca thing was supposed to be contingent on the border being secured and we have never had a more open borders and now. these numbers are astounding.
6:26 am
look at these numbers. last year at this time we had 33,000 in june, this time we have 188,000, out of the water kind of numbers. i had tom home and on earlier. he said the biden administration is just lying. >> the biden administration has been lying to the american people since day one. every month he's been president the number has gone higher and higher, that is a failure but this administration doesn't care about illegal immigration, this is the open border agenda and the secretary of homeland security, 8000 criminal aliens, gang members and drug dealers, does that matter, do your job and secure the border and if
6:27 am
they can't figure out, i will fix it in a week. it isn't hard, the trump administration did it, they don't want to do it, this is an open borders agenda. >> why don't they just be honest, why don't they just tell the truth, republicans want to close the border and we think it should be open and we should let everybody in the wants to because that is what is happening. i would have so much more respect for them if they would stop lying to us in treating us this way, just say what you are doing because we can see. our border patrol is telling us what is happening, they said this isn't even a crisis, it is chaos. >> that doesn't include the.aways in those numbers. the far left base is a, they are for open borders, globalization, globalism, that no human can be illegal, that is part of the echo chamber on the left, politicians don't want to admit it but you see their admission to their policies. >> numbers go down in the middle of the summer and it just keeps going higher. >> it is really hot right now and it is hot here but you are
6:28 am
not in the desert and you are not 12 years or 11 years old, those children are at great risk and still being used as ponds and it is very sad. we will see that, a lot of people die. supporters for the cuban fight for freedom are marching to washington dc to get the biden administration to act. lieutenant governor of florida jeanette nunez is the daughter of a cuban exile in joins us next and adam is getting ready to wrap up shark week at the sea life aquarium. we get a close-up look. >> where is the tag.
6:29 am
6:30 am
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better 's communism is a failed system, universally failed system. cuba is a failed state oppressing their citizens. >> the cuban president firing back at president biden saying the us is a failed state, not cuba. will: he says if president biden had humanitarian concerns he could eliminate 243 sanctions by donald trump.
6:33 am
>> a caravan calls on biden to take action and help to the cuban people. here to react is jeanette nunez, florida lieutenant governor, daughter of a cuban exile. so we saw what happened, the bravery of the cuban people in the crackdown and mixed messages from the white house, coming out and saying something yesterday but is it enough and what should be done? >> it has been a doctor jekyll and mister hyde approach to cuba. there was silence and then tweets from the state department that made no sense, insulting to the cuban people and biden being pulled in each direction by the socialist progressive wing like bernie sanders and aoc that want to blame the us for all of cuba's
6:34 am
problems and people clamoring for freedom. here and in cuba you see people rise up, brutally beaten, incarcerated, arrested, many of them missing, their own family members don't know where they are and biden has done nothing. we ask for him to please bring the internet to cuba to expose the truth so people can communicate and see what is going on and they've done little to nothing in that regard. >> your stories like so many, cuban refugees, your father, talking south florida and florida in general are the united states of america, your father fled from the castro regime early on after the revolution, tell us a little about that story. >> my father left cuba in 1961, he left my mother and sister behind. he was in danger of being imprisoned. they had informed him he was under house arrest and was going to be watched and
6:35 am
monitored. my mother had to pretend my father abandoned her. she was lucky, she was able to join in with my older sister but they came here because they understood the implications of what was going on in cuba and nothing has changed in 60 plus years. over the last couple months we've dealt with the loss of my father and what we wondered in the last couple days what would he be saying now but i don't have to go much further. we have so many people in south florida throughout the state of florida and not just cuban americans, freedom loving people from everywhere who feel strongly the cuban people deserve freedom, they should be able to control their own destiny. my home, the biden administration will do something, they will finally provide the cuban people the liberty, the freedom they so desperately desire. >> of the federal government doesn't do it they should do which is in the very least help
6:36 am
provide internet access for the people of cuba so they can continue to organize, continue to protest for their liberty and show an answer to repression and the killings going on in the rest of the world. if they don't do that, will you, will the state of florida do something? i spoke with the mayor who indicated that is on the table. >> governor desantis has been firm in his commitment standing with those cubans on the island and cuban americans in the state, florida is home to the largest number of cuban americans so we understand all too well the plight of the cubans and from the standpoint of providing internet access the governor has been in communication with folks that have the technology, have the capacity to provide internet, we heard from the sec chairman they have the ability to get it done quickly, just need the green light.
6:37 am
i don't understand what is taking so long. it should not take this long to make a decision to stand for freedom with the people of cuba so the governor and i will push on this issue and i assure you governor desantis stand strongly. >> i worry for them. if that doesn't happen soon we will see bloodshed on the street and as pete mentioned if you are going to shoot the king you better hit him and kill him. i worry that the refresh seems to be getting stronger and stronger. they are cracking down hard. >> absolutely and that is a continued concern. time is of the essence. we are coming up on a week in which the cubans took to the streets, something you've never seen especially the younger cubans, finally released from the fear they have held for so many years, they no longer care if they are going to be incarcerated or if they are
6:38 am
going to be brutalized by the regime. they understand what is at stake. that is inspiring. will: they may not care but they know what is at stake. regimes like that will imprison and kill to maintain their power. thank you so much for your time, appreciate it. turning to a few additional headlines. an employee shot and killed while trying to stop a shoplifter. the suspect opened fire when the worker confronted him about stealing. the employee died in the los angeles story the suspect ran off. police are still hunting for him. the heroin's story of survival, harry burley speaks out of the going missing for 17 days in the oregon wilderness. he kept telling himself he could survive so he could see his wife of 40 years. >> to get home to see her hand
6:39 am
so many others. i just wanted one more day. >> the 69-year-old says he lost his way during a fishing trip and barely survive off a makeshift shelter and water from the creek. was so malnourished, 20 pounds lighter, by a search and rescue team, he still has nerve damage and trouble walking but is on the road to recovery. and alien encounters like this may not be so close after all. >> reporter: hope somebody is taking dollars and down. >> trying to teach a basic total vocabulary. >> the new report says the government's entire classified ufo report 17 pages long is rumored to be as many as 400. a public version of the report was only 9 pages.
6:40 am
a bunch of information redacted. no explanation for 99% of unidentified flying objects. >> i get to choose 17 pages, all these years, roswell, grainy images, will cain is on the case. >> this with misinformation before misinformation was -- >> probably right. >> this is the most interesting theory out there. let's head back out to the sea life aquarium in east rutherford, new jersey where meteorologist adam potts is wrapping up shark seek by feeding sharks. >> we are in the -- the curator at the aquarium but whatever you are we in? >> we are above 200,000 gallon city under the sea ocean tank so we have over 1000 fish
6:41 am
including here black debris sharks, stingrays >> we are feeding some of these sharks to get into that. just from trying to prepare for this the last couple minutes i feel a little bit safer around sharks than i already did because they are not as hungry as i expected them to be. they don't jump on me. >> there used to divers going to tank to clean up. a human in the sink isn't unfamiliar to them but these are cautious feeders there used to being said one at a time which is what we are doing now. >> are we going to be able to get them over here perhaps? >> we will try. a large nurse shark coming. >> what sharks in particular with trying to feed? >> the gray reef sharks, the collective sharks right there >> reporter: politics right there and what is the largest shark that i saw?
6:42 am
>> gold nurse shark. outcomes another black that. >> how are large is that? >> about 250 pounds and 8 feet long. >> we are going to continue to feed these guys their breakfast as we wrap up shark week. i have to walk the plank to get back over here, really good balance so don't you worry, i am going to make it back to you. i'm sure of it. >> a to shark rodeo? i was thinking of you jumping on. >> i thought you might do it for the sake of amazing television or feed my hand. >> without the stick. >> put the fish in my mouth. >> yes, adam, the 11:00 hour. >> the team not only making history as the all female officiating team but also judging our "fox and friends" field-goal contest.
6:43 am
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so, ask your doctor about botox® today. ♪ >> welcome back to "fox and friends" and what started as initiative is going to make history. 5 women from across the state are set to become the first all-female officiating team when they take to be association division one all-star game. >> joining us the referee for the officials association, the umpire for the waco football chapter, jennifer calhoun, headline judge for the austin football association, hope i'm getting these right. my apologies if i'm not, line judge for the fort worth
6:47 am
football association, amy smith for the austin football association, valerie mcintosh along with supervisor of officials jason hickey and all of you thank you for being here. congratulations. first of all start with you just to throw it open. did you think, is this the goal at the end to have an all-female officiating crew were just happened that way? >> it basically just turned out that way. we had this wonderful opportunity and we were honored to be asked to join and be part of it. >> i got a message on facebook, sorry. i got a message on facebook saying do you want to do a game and at the time i don't think any of us realized the historical significance until jason called us and went by the way that is just a little bit
6:48 am
more pressure this time around. >> will you think of that, will that be in the back of your head? it shouldn't be a component but can you avoid it? >> know. it is one of those things that at the end of the day we are just officials on the field so when you throw the female component and i said an interview a couple days ago that you still get the yes or yes sir and they realize you are an actual female so they do say yes ma'am which is great but it is the educational piece of that, it is up and coming so you will see more female officials on the field. >> you are in texas and kids are really polite there. if you have young girls come up to you and talk to you about this what does it mean to them? >> i've had -- i left women's
6:49 am
football and for the first time it shocked me. i was working headline judge and i had people in the back ongoing i want to be like you and at first i thought they were talking about my teammates, no, you, she major to get my attention, how did you do this, i want to do that too so it was kind of a shock to see people actually go i want to be an official because normally the fans are not the nicest folks, quite the opposite of what we here. >> do you feel you get more or less backlash from fans when refereeing than a man would? >> from my experience it has been treated the exact same. they look more closely to make sure we are getting our calls right but in the end they do that with everybody. so actually it has been a welcoming thing for me so far. i had a lot of issues, the shock factor when we walk on and females come out as far as they are not used to that.
6:50 am
>> you are not in charge anymore, sounds like they are. >> they are very energetic. they are great. >> you are overseeing the whole thing, good on you for making a dynamic group like this possible. we look forward to following the game. good luck in this all-star game. we will be watching and appreciate your time. stick around, don't go anywhere because you're taking it to the field on fox square to see who is crowned champion. is that drop kicking? that is append and we will have the latest whether it is good or not. ♪♪ of the tiger
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> welcome back in honor of the 6 man all-star game taking place later today in texas we are seeing if we have what it takes in the "fox and friends" field-goal kicking contest, here's the all-female official rating crew, krista, jennifer, amy, you will be watching. for the record i love the eating segments better than the sports segments. >> we want to thank betty's bouncers for this, inflatable goalposts. what we will do to the officiatg crew, we are going to alternate. you are first. i have the honors.
6:55 am
no, no, no, third string. here we go. boom! >> pretty good. from the lady judges, thank you, thank you. >> watch this. confidence confidence, focus on the ball. almost. a good height. >> good height that we had. just like florida state. einhorn is finkel. >> what did you do? that is bad. did he hit this? >> you can come back. >> you can come back.
6:56 am
i think -- >> that is it, i don't care. >> you can kick in all conditions. he's got control. >> are we doing 5? we are going to go quick. >> over the goalpost. >> will could still win. >> tries to distract me, it didn't go. >> he did not go. >> it didn't go. >> the only rule of football it is it has to go between the yellow things. >> thank you, jennifer, rachel, amy, jason. for more information on games like this visit betty's
6:57 am
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7:00 am
rachel: will loses gracefully. [laughter] pete: have a great saturday, everybody. ♪ and they stay there ♪♪ neil: well, i certainly hope you're sitting down for this and happy weekend, everybody, but we've got some startling developments come next week, a lot more spending. in fact, record spending on capitol hill that will break all planned spending records in american history between the $3.5 trillion so-called human infrastructure package the democrats will put to the floor to start at least debating, you've got


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