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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 17, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> thanks for joining us tonight. i wish we had more time. also want to -- very greatful to have a fox news podcast. it's called "jason in the house." this week's guest, former secretary of state mike pompeo. check out the jason in the house pad cast. you'll enjoy it. "the ingraham angle" is up now. >> laura: good evening. i'm laura: this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from washington. the media takes on a barrage of trump books that are making the usual outlandish claims in the predictable reaction from the adoring press corps. and inside the moments you miss from the biden merkel love fest at the white house and this is my favorite of the night. there's a new target, your pickup truck.
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we are going to explain. we begin with something that will not just define this week but how democrats will cling to power for years to come. we are not talking about the laughable field trip on the private jet to dc. this is during the press briefing, the biden administration made clear they are going to stop at nothing to put a stranglehold on all the available information about covid. >> within the surgeon general's office flagging problematic posts that spread disinformation, we are working to connected medical experts with -- popular with our audiences with accurate information so we're getting
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trusted content out there. >> working with facebook, the phrase gets overused but this is orwellian. they are not even embarrassed by this, they thought the messaging of their coordination with these behemoths social media companies was so on point they sent the surgeon general out on the morning show circuit to sharpen the point. >> we've been in conversation with technology, that engage in that. to reduce spread of misinformation, this might get better in a few years, so much they've got to do with greater
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urgency. laura: do better with state media or we will punish you. the disinformation that is causing covid deaths but what this is really all about. the message that is inconvenienced to them ahead of 2022-2024, the cancer won't extend to declared emergencies. climate, race, guns, never-ending. when we are on the subject, who have been the purveyors of misinformation. wasn't at the who the repeated
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the lies about no human to human transmission of covid that fauci and his friends accepted? wasn't it fauci himself who said masks should not be worn by healthy people before flipping and flipping ahead and new information questions masking of children. the medical bureaucracy shutdown any conversation about effective therapy and alternatives, drugs, we should be very very wary of what is going on ahead of next year's midterm, democrats know their agenda is falling apart from immigration to runaway inflation the signs i there. the voting rights abomination, they need something else, to stave off the republican victory and who better to lend a hand?
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>> matt schlapp, chair of the american conservative union, and sarah carter, fox news contributor. i have to start with you in the legal front. the other big location with what they have been stupidly saying and are brazen about it is coordination with big tech, strongly suggesting to big tech that they ought to start. what does this do against the social media companies? >> i have a piece on fox opinion about this legal issue and the issue is whether this is the
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government using big tech companies as their agents or co-conspirators to violate the first amendment, case law supports this evidence, the vaccine issue is not the first issue. i'm suing the state of california for doing the same thing to suppress truthful content and opinions about the election and calling for audits on twitter and padilla and the donald trump lawsuit takes aim at the same issue. >> they are using big tech companies to crackdown on opposition speech, claiming it is dangerous, china claims opposition voices in hong kong were harmful to the overall sense of peace and community so they had to crackdown on them. all of this is really reminiscent of totalitarian regimes crackdown. >> c pack joined the major
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class-action lawsuit, as you understand what is at stake these are just agents of the democratic regulatory state, my guess is if we could see all the information to this legal process we will see a lot of emails and a lot of memos probably starting in the campaign, a lot of back and forth about what should be censured and what shouldn't be. they have a high batting average, nancy pelosi or michelle obama or barack obama or joe biden goes out there, mysteriously they get canceled. i got on a plane and stood next to the lawsuit, immediately afterwards google through youtube issued a strike against c pack.
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none of that content is allowed to be on youtube. is that because of healthcare issues? that is what they say the reason is that the real reason is they wanted to shut us up and this has to end. laura: a sense of where this is headed, the facebook oversight board, just happens to be the former prime minister of denmark. >> how do you moderate content and find the balance between human rights and free speech and other human rights? how does that do? >> it may not be a human right but as an american right. the government entity, they get to decide who has free-speech rights and who does not and that
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is the oversight board. your reaction. >> when you talk about the organization, you've never seen anything like this in the history of mankind because not just affecting our constitution, our american values, twitter, facebook, google, amazon into mainstream media, washington post, everybody at the major organizations which lean to the left, i call them leftist, not democrats or liberals because i don't see anybody fighting for because this class-action lawsuit, this is a movement
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toward fascism, the communist marxists rely on. where people are running to the streets and calling out for liberty they are calling out for liberty because they didn't have any freedom, because they were monitored, the narrative of what the government wanted was pushed on the people and people had no right to speak up and that is the unfortunate truth that they are circumventing the constitution, we've seen lie after lie and haven't been able to question them or hold them accounted for. to be defenders f democracy, they don't like people having a say, in the international institution how much you can drive and where you can put your thermostat and how many kids you could have if you had their way because they think
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-- capitalism doesn't work, that is over for them. the great global reset, that is a walk down the road with this type of censorship, the one of the biggest stories in my line in the past 20 years, how free-speech rights are being eroded by the day. >> 100%, right and left have been making noises on capitol hill about regulating these companies, they are under the gun, biden controls than on the regulatory front. this is part of a global movement, these companies have bigger markets in china and
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europe and india were censorship -- than they do in the united states so they've become accustomed to the type of censorship regime and comfortable to say we will censor if you let us repower profits without your interference. our country is unique, we have the first amendment and if judges are being honest is a lot of precedent to say the government can't use proxies to censor more than a consent to directly itself. it is worth fighting for and i am sorry to say too many republicans in our congress in 2016-17-18 didn't do anything about this, and this is a crisis. laura: cozied up to big tech. i want to get to another issue, $3.5 trillion budget scam that clearly joe manchin will sign onto, totally betraying the
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voters of west virginia but in this $3.5 trillion disaster is universal pre-k, from age 3 to 5 guaranteed, government is going to pay for it. what does that mean? what is universal pre-k? public school, learning great things about america, abc and so forth? what do you think is really going to be taught to kids who just learned to walk in the public government school? >> socialists can't decide what lane they are in. they are against homeschooling but mandate homeschooling on all of us during the pandemic, now they are going to say not only do your kids need to go back to school but go to our school. we will go ahead and raise them for you. if i were to ever down 3 years ago all the things that were central parts of what are the marks talked about, the central
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part of everything karl marx talked about it was never just economics but distraction of the church and the family. what i say to those grandparents talking to the grandkids and wondering how they save money and put them in school why do they turn into these radicals it is because we don't raise our kids, we turn them over to raise them. what democrats are trying to do with getting our kids at a tender age and turning them over to the government as part of this idea of undermining the idea that parents are to raise their kids and that is where we are to get back to in this country and the republican party if this stuff becomes law and the republican party says we can't do anything to clawback the republican party is done. we are at the end if the republican party doesn't fight this right now and when we get power again we've got to take it back. laura: has to be a wipeout next election cycle. the biden administration is
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attempting a great domestic reset away from capitalism and even freedom china is moving full steam ahead toward global economic and military domination. we reveal some stunning new developments. could the left's war on energy really have them coming for your pickup truck next? we are going to explain in moments.
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>> i want to be very clear about something. this is want to be clear about something. our purpose is not to contain china or keep it down. the rules-based order for china is posing a challenge to. laura: the rules-based order. every time i hear that i left. at the time blinken made those comments they were irresponsible, they clearly covered of the deadly pandemic, committing genocide against league are muslims and spent decades undermining american universities but in the months since their ramping up in such a severe manner they demand clarification from this white
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house. chinese president xi jinping pledge the complete reunification and stamp out any independence movement in taiwan. when japan called him out, japan for military consequences against one of the biggest allies in the region. the hudson institute senior fellow and author of the 100 year marathon and gordon chang, author of the great us china tech war. i want to talk to you about what we've seen and heard. it strikes me as a massive shift in tone at the very least since trump left office. >> i agree with you. seems like an escalation in activities of bombers and jet
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fighters around taiwan, a series of things they've done that have surprised even people inside the biden administration. where this is all going is hard to tell. if we are dealing with a temporary set of rhetorical comments that is one thing. if we are dealing with china on a road to real aggression, didn't do something in the middle of 2021, just observing office. neil: laura: mike pence gave a talk at the heritage foundation, he blasted america's cozy ties to china especially focusing on the business and entertainment industries. >> beijing exploited modern corporate america's appetite for market access and coerced top ceos, athletes and entertainers not only withholding criticism from the communist regime but in many cases actively singing their praises. i call on the biden administration to increase the number of chinese companies
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prohibited from american investment in order of magnitude. laura: should any company be investing or working with chinese companies at this point given everything we know? >> absolutely not. beijing has been trying to overthrow the american government, inciting violence on our streets, the last count killed 608,000 americans by deliberately spreading coronavirus beyond its borders, last year, 53,000 americans with sentinel and beijing new what it was doing and the list goes on and on. i don't know why with our investment dollars and every day purchasing decision supporting regime that is trying to end the american republic. laura: on my podcast you talk about china's secret weapon, and described it as a slush fund. explain what you are talking about.
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>> the chinese adopted a strategy that used to be pursued in europe in the 1600s that you build up your gold reserves as much as you can by screwing your neighbors and trade relationship. with those gold reserves you can build military force or have economic power. the chinese have been doing that for 20 years, above $3 trillion in reserves some time ago. they have had this a little bit. this slush fund, donald trump tried to go after it in the trade deficits issue and trade talks. he didn't get far. i thought mike pence's be, was really excellent and he was laying out things trump would have done in his second term, calling on president biden to do some of these things now but almost nothing is passing. our concern is very low in our
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congress partly because they are being told so many times the chinese economy is going to collapse, slowdown in china isn't a challenge to us. a lot of members of congress believe this theory. we 19 didn't you write a book a while ago about how china is weak internally and poised to collapse. you want to revisit that? it doesn't seem like that is happening. >> in 2000 when i wrote the coming collapse of china in which i predicted the communist party would fall in ten years so i'm really off on my timing. the 2008 downturn helped fortify beijing but what was surprising to me, i thought american companies and others would enforce their rights under the world trade organization. instead as you pointed out so
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many times we had these craven ceos the give beijing everything they wanted american presidents run to the rescue of chinese communism from time to time so that is why we have a china right now that looks pretty strong. i think it is still weak for many reasons but whether it is weak or strong it is a danger to us posing a nexus into threat not only to americans but to the rest of the world. >> great to see both of you. china is up system of global denomination, the biden administration is loading up this $3.5 trillion spendarama with climate change policies including funding to cut down on emissions. how does the average american do that? by getting rid of your car, or biking good. our neighbors to the north are going in that direction already. a new piece of canada argues for the outright ban of pickup trucks.
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saying they put us in danger due to their admission -- emission levels and cutting emissions in the transportation sector is of the utmost importance for a successful climate strategy. joining me his pickup truck driver fox news contributor joey jones. a lot of people say come on, that is in canada, they used to say that about stuff happening in california always ends of coming across the rest of the country. are you going to get rid of your pickup truck to be a patriotic climate change activists? >> the words of charlton heston, from cold dead hands will you pull my pickup truck. this highlights a really important issue, the divide in america is between urban and rural america. a cultural shift, i did into this, this isn't political, this
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isn't partisan. it is a lifestyle cultural divide. if you drive a previous your likelihood of running over a deer and getting killed goes through the roof. you have to to drive a vehicle that is above the ground when competing with dear, little things like that, people have no respect for, they don't understand why normal americans might want to get stuff done around the house, i don't question their propensity to ride a bicycle, why would you question my pickup truck. >> last year during the pandemic, initially sales of automobiles fell but at the time shoppers were still snapping up pickup trucks accounted for 20% of the new car market up from
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18% in 2019 and it is where we still have the edge against european counterparts. that's a big issue in trade that is on our side. >> we do best when it comes to automobiles, look at the price of a pickup, americans responded, i can tell you americans are already trying to get their hands but nowhere to be found, they are popular because they are more safe, the more useful and the best anecdote i have after i recovered at walter reed, stuck on a really narrow cobblestone road my first day of school at a lady drove by in a mercedes and through her window yelled go back to the country where you belong. that is the mentality of people that come up with stupid ideas like this. i was hurting her in a pickup
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truck and she had to pass me on a narrow road. that was hurting a lot. >> might as well be driving across someone's lawn if you have a pickup truck and one.5 kids, that's the threat from the liberal elites. i don't think they are taking your truck anytime soon, not happening. thanks so much. the moment you didn't see from biden and merkel's meeting plus harry and megan's story hits the small screen, that and more, friday follies next.
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>> laura: it's friday. that means it's time for -- i can't trick you. friday follows. all the laura: it is time for a chance to trick you, friday follies. raymond arroyo, fox news contributor, president biden had a fairly active week between travel, the merkel visit.
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he was the one who needed english translator at one point. >> when we think about the future the future we want for the world there is no issue set at all that i believe we find anything other than the certainty that the commitment that between the united states and germany doesn't benefit whatever the problem, the concern is. >> can you imagine having to translate that? laura: what is going on here? >> the most embarrassing moment that got very little coverage was this moment when biden tried to complement german chancellor angela merkel did not go as planned. >> i want to acknowledge the historic nature of her chancellorship. first woman chancellor in german history.
12:37 am
the first chancellor of former east germany and now the second largest longest-serving chancellor since helmut cole. >> almost an international incident, you are the largest chancellor since helmut cole. thank goodness he corrected himself but i noticed angela wincing a little bit. imagine if he didn't have the card what would come out? laura: i'm trying to unpack the structure of the previous soundbite. i'm not sure where he was going. there were a lot of vowels and consonants. >> we don't need aneurysms. this was a week that saw your favorite royals, harry and megan receiving not only an award for limiting their family size that nme nomination for the upper interview. fire up the ingraham dvr, now that interview and the reasons they staged it on the subject of
12:38 am
a new lifetime made-for-tv movie, escaping the palace. >> fueled uncertainty. >> the palace would prefer you to remain neutral. >> we need people to hear our truth. >> i have a plan. >> making of the i'm not part of this family. >> stopping them from destroying was like they have so many others. >> can you believe this? this happens a nanosecond ago. we have a made-for-tv movie. when does the shelflife on these american royals where out? they tried the new york times list with a children's book megan wrote, it never made it. they have a $40 million with spotify for podcast, turned exactly one podcast in december. this is like royal welfare, never seen anything like it but i don't know who is watching this stuff. laura: i expect the actor
12:39 am
playing harry to be more realistic, more true to form, true to life. i'm looking for okay good party around here, take it back a little bit. anyone have an orange slice? he is a party or. >> you made your career and your voice. i want your take on this. a new documentary called roadrunner, they use audio clips to narrate most of the movie but in two sections the filmmakers used ai technology to re-create his voice so he says two things in the film that he didn't speak in life. critics are claiming this is unethical and upsetting. your reaction? laura: i don't like this. i like the -- i thought i was going to hear the voices -- which was which?
12:40 am
it portends a lot more that is coming. when the actors start being replaced with ai actors that are computer-generated that look real maybe they will have a different view. >> the deep fake for coming. they've done it with humphrey bogart, it is coming and i don't like it. with the infrastructure bill headed for passage as well as the green new deal provisions within it former labor secretary robert reich decided to advocate for his green agenda on tick-tock by lip-synching. watch. ♪♪ >> if you are more than 12 you should stay off of tick-tock.
12:41 am
the chinese are watching you and you can't dance but i think this is a play on public sensibility. this could be his audition real. he should be in a munchkin reboot or something. laura: i hear he has a short fuse but not sure that is accurate, he seems happy-go-lucky. he had a nice little move at the end. i take his dancing over his economic analysis anyway. stay out of the labor market. >> mining the yellow brick road and instituting rations. we will leave it there. laura: you had to show that. i don't like clowns or anything like that, clownohphobia. the worst media offenders of the week coming up. in thegraham angle, we have your eyes on you.
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we look at the barrage of anti-trump books that just dropped all at once and mark millie will be prominently featured, details next.
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>> laura: it easy to bec laura: it is become 2 media bias
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so we are keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. jeffrey lord, former cnn commentator, and corey lewandowski, former trump advisor, great to see both of you. this week was a special one for the media because they have their hands on a few new first-hand accounts three separate trump books being the scrupulous journalists they are, they probe for inconsistencies. watch. >> how i have waited for this moment. >> congratulations, spectacular. >> creative reading here, dramatic. >> that is the writing. laura: i remember michael wolf's last book being riddled with lies and you have another wolf blitzer thanking him for the new tone, thank you for trashing trump.
12:48 am
>> once upon a time i remember, books about presidents by people who had been around the more interview people who had been around them were either very objective, fact driven or lionized them, jfk, even jimmy carter not to mention barack obama. the american people know that there are people who want to do nothing but trash donald trump and that is what these books are about, they are not about history. day are about trashing him for bucks and sad to say they get it from mainstream media types who eggs them on. laura: one of the books claims general mark millie said something about trump supporters while preparing for biden's inauguration. >> millie said to a group of senior advisors at this exercise, quote, here is the deal, guys, these guys are not
12:49 am
these, boogaloo boys, proud boys, the same people we fought in world war ii. we are going to put a ring of steel around the city and the nazis aren't getting in. he was referring to trump supporters. laura: we are used to hearing this from the far left on college campuses, blm, those kinds of things but chairman of the joint chiefs talking about a lot of people who want to support the president, didn't go into the capitol, this is what he said, he gave it to them, this is from him, your reaction. >> if this is what he said he is unfit to serve as the highest-ranking military officer in our country. what we have seen time and again from these reporters is they have been, quote, manipulated by the press and by the stories and that was the case of the steel dossier.
12:50 am
we saw that during the teargas used in lafayette park that donald trump ordered only to find out that was never the case. we heard the reporters tell us on january 6th a police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher to his brain and that is what killed him. that was also in true. there have been time and again additional example is when donald trump was having a conversation with the secretary of state in georgia where he said go find the votes and many outlets independently verified that until the audio was released and all of them were wrong. if general millie said that i don't think he has the right to serve in that capacity by call into question these reporters who have their own agenda which is to disparage donald trump every way they can. laura: i have no doubt that he said that. everything he has said since about white rage, i think he
12:51 am
absolutely said it and i agree with you he should be removed immediately from his position and go work for msnbc or something. i want to hear how he described the violent riots we all witnessed last year, last summer that caused millions of dollars worth of damage and a lot of lies ended up getting lost. >> the most striking thing for me is trump trying to put troops into us cities and millie having to point to the portrait of lincoln and say he had an insurrection. what we had is a civil rights protest. laura: what is amazing is millie always comes across as the hero of the scene, this telltale sign, he gave this information but the journalists don't seem to be probing. they seem to be just repeating without question. >> that is right.
12:52 am
somewhere doctor martin luther king is shaking his head. for journalists to sit back and accept the description of what happened last summer and civil rights protests is an insult to all of those people who peacefully demonstrated for civil rights in the 1960s in the media swallows this and takes it. this is really disgraceful, the general should be removed, should not be sitting there but the media, what are they thinking? they are putting their leftist politics before common sense. it was crazy. laura: one of the books includes another interaction, this one was between liz cheney and jim jordan that happened on january 6th. >> mily asked around the phone
12:53 am
and cheney says, quote, that fing guide jim jordan, that son of a [blooge] while these maniacs are going to the place, standing in the aisle, and he said we need to get the ladies away from the aisle, let me help you. i smacked his hand away and told him get away from me, you haveing -- laura: your react to this. >> anyone who has had a conversation with liz cheney knows that is what happened. a prolific truck driver mouth and use that language on the house for doesn't surprise me. what it really shows is lose cheney's disdain for donald trump and supporters of donald
12:54 am
trump has been paramount for years. donald trump destroyed her father's legacy, donald trump wanted to take out our troops and she wanted to keep our troops fighting for other nations in perpetuity and so liz cheney has always disdained donald trump, lost her leadership position in the house that is going to lose a reelection effort in wyoming but anybody who knows lose cheney knows this is the way she talks on a regular basis. laura: i have no doubt any of this was said by any of these characters and it was all given to the media, this is what happens, the rats are leaving the titanic and the democratic party, trying to get off the ship without drowning. thanks for being with us tonight. when we come back, final thought or two.
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>> laura: i hope you're getting a little time to relax this weekend. laura: hope you're getting time to relax this weekend, the pool, the beach, you can get this freedom matters towel made in the us and all the profits go to the horatio alger foundation scholarship program.
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and of course it does, philanthropic effort, you guys are doing an awesome job on that, go to and make a statement that freedom matters for good cause. that is all-time we have tonight. thank you for watching the special edition of the ingraham angle, fly your flag and greg gutfeld takes a here. greg gutfem here. >> we had a crazy, delusional, authoritarian, dangerous criminal president of the united states. the horror and terror that this deranged president of the united states visited on our country, donald trump, his character, his authoritarianism, his recklessness, negligence, homicidal negligence. trump is him and all its derangement, terror, and horror. >> greg: thank you. now show us on the doll where


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