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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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you never miss an episode. thanks to lauren, sean larkin, tom shillue, kat timpf. our studio audience. with evil shannon bream is next. i am greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in new york. breaking tonight, the biden administration on defense following its own revelation that the white house's flagging social media posts that considers wrong. critics calling it coordinated censorship and comparing it to big brother. the white house says it's just trying to save lives. our panel will debate. new questions about the
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integrity of the investigation into hunter biden's taxes. new report reveals a federal prosecutor waited until after the presidential election to seek search warrants. new york processors to question governor andrew cuomo this week and over the sexual harassment allegations hanging over him. we begin with how the white house is dealing with it deems to be covert disinformation on social media. white house correspondent kevin corke is tracking with the administration is saying in the reaction. >> to be fair with the white house says it's doing and what it's actually doing vis-a-vis policing free speech i think by all estimations manifestly incongruent because on the one hand it says is monitoring and pointing out doesn't ration online but it's also simultaneously insisting it's not monitoring personal posts. just larger trending topics. by any measure, that's either grossly orwellian or unnecessary guardrail to protect the public.
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>> they are killing people. i mean. the only pandemic we have is among unvaccinated. they are killing people. >> that his bidens' view. social media giants like facebook are a haven of disinformation about covid-19. the vaccines that are meant to fight the virus. whether you believe his comments are pure hyperbole or reflection of the facts the white house is convinced of the latter and its prepared use its power to influence the tech titans to curb the spread of what it calls misinformation. a push raising privacy and free speech concerns. >> for a lot of people on facebook, now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that for people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? that feels unlikely to me. >> what's unlikely say experts is the white house led speech
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policing on social media will help stop the spread. >> it's had a disastrous policy. number one, there is no evidence that misinformation is causing the problem. >> facebook says we will not be distracted by accusations which aren't supported by the facts. the fact is more than 2 billion people have viewed authoritative information about covid-19 and vaccines on facebook. more than any other place on the internet. white house officials insist they don't plan thing off-line. they used encourage companies to do more to combat this information. by ignoring the implied pressure on actors, with the white house is really doing say some conservatives is using companies like facebook to do their bidding. shutting down speech they don't like which is something they can't get away with on their own. >> this is the crux. the lawsuit put forward by president trump, the class action lawsuit. he said social media including
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the government and thus becoming state actors and trampling on the first amendment. >> in case you didn't know, this might surprise you. the white house is encouraging social media companies to alter their own algorithms to promote "quality information" and for platforms to act in unison to ban certain people which of course begs the question if they can do that referring to say covid-19 for example, what other people, subjects or topics is the white house pressuring social media companies to monitor, ban, or alter algorithms? >> shannon: good questions. they will have to be answered. another question, we refer to this, new report out that suggests a federal prosecutor investigating hunter biden's taxes may have stalled the investigation ahead of the presidential election. >> last summer federal officials in delaware were investigating the biden circumstance and they faced a dilemma. the probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have
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sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. some officials involved wanted to urge caution and they advised delaware's u.s. attorney to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election. i think it could be fair to say some of that may go back to what happened with james comey back in 2016. i think there is hesitant and washington to move forward with the big investigation and make it public if it is right down the home stretch. that said, justice is justice and i think people would argue go where the facts lead you and if it means it happens in october of an election year, so be it. >> shannon: that's exactly the situation i thought of. every thing that happened with james comey, the back-and-forth. hillary clinton insisting that it cost her the election. i'm sure no prosecutor wants to get dragged into that conversation. kevin, we are going to have another conversation about a
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super pricey trip around the world. would you do it? how many people have signed up? >> looking forward to it. >> shannon: see you then. governor andrew cuomo will be in the hot seat in a matter of hours. questioned by investigators with a state attorney general office. lauren green has the latest from right here in new york city. >> good evening, shannon. state attorney general for month investigation with various allegations against governor andrew cuomo could be winding down. it means call most political and legal problems could be heating up. >> it's been very difficult letting people make accusations. i can't tell you how eager i am to tell my side of the story. and the time will come. >> that time comes tomorrow estate attorneys will question new york's andrew cuomo about allegations of sexual harassment.
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nine women have accused the three term democratic governor of either unwanted advances, inappropriate behavior, or in at least one case, sexual assault. >> he's going to have to answer questions about his conduct with respect to a number of different women. >> the governor has denied he acted in a properly. early on he apologized of his behavior was misinterpreted. the attorney for one of the accuser says it was a missed likely a political tactic. >> he started attacking victims and saying he behaved appropriately. if they didn't like his behavior, it was their problem. so now is a moment of reckoning. >> attorney general adhesion james investigation has widened to include accusations that cuomo used state resources to pen his memoir on the 2020 pandemic. it's expected to make millions. claims his office purposely undercounted the number of
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nursing home deaths during covid. cuomo's senior advisor told "the new york times" the continued leaks are more evidence of a transparent political motivation of the attorney general's review. >> this is not a criminal investigation but the state attorney general's report could aid a separate impeachment investigation against cuomo in the state assembly. shannon. >> shannon: lauren green in new york. thanks so much. a federal judge in texas ruling that a program that protects immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children from being departed violated the law when it was created. the judge said the hundreds of thousands of so-called dreamers would not be affected until further court rulings. the judge sided with a group of states suing to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca. arguing it was illegally created by then president obama in 2012. the judge is blocking the government from approving any new daca applications.
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some jurisdictions are bringing back indoor mask recommendations regardless of vaccination status. jeff paul is looking into these dramatic reversals of nationwide summary opening efforts. >> we are learning tonight l.a. county new indoor mask mandate could be headed for court. former trump administration acting director of national intelligence richard grenell and his group have filed with the state supreme court to stop that mask requirement. >> what l.a. county has done is they put vaccinated people and nonvaccinated people he did the same category and telling everyone to mask up. this is outrageous. it's a science denying move by l.a. county. >> l.a. county health officials obviously don't see it that way. they say it all comes down to a new rise in cases and they are worried if they wait it will be too late. a little more than half of l.a. county is fully vaccinated,
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far below the estimated 70% to 85% many experts feel is necessary for the herd immunity. worth noting vaccinated people can still carry and transmit the virus. some are concerned people can easily claim they've never been vaccinated when they -- or they have been vaccinated when they've not. folks who call the area home have mixed feelings regarding the new indoor mask mandate. >> i think it's fine. we never took off our masks to begin with. for other people and for ourselves. we are kind of -- i mean, it doesn't really affect us at all. >> i've got the vaccine. i'm good. >> they are saying vaccine or not. >> okay. make me. they can try. >> l.a. isn't alone when it comes to masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. in san francisco, not mandating it but recommending it. we are also learning las vegas is doing the same thing, the
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recommendation from the southern nevada health officials target crowded public settings like malls, grocery stores, events and casinos. this was suggested after the biggest one-day coronavirus case jump since the earlier part of this year. shannon, as it stands if you're l.a. county, you've got one more day to be inside without a mask. the reintroduced mandate goes into effect starting at 11:00, 59 on saturday night. >> shannon: one of the things a lot of folks aren't talking about is what's happening to the masks, millions of them. i feel like i only see them. everybody sees them on the streets. there is an issue of pollution more questions about that? >> i can tell you from personal experience during the peak of the pandemic if you visited spots like santa monica beach and walked on along the water you would see discarded masks everywhere. organization say masks, gloves played a significant role in
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beach pollution last year. their annual beach report shows that from june of 2022 december 2020 more than 2,000 single use masks and gloves were found in beaches and waterways. they say most of the single use masks and gloves are made of plastic. that further adds to the plastic pollution which the group called a global crisis. according to reports, things like plastic, bottles represent cigarette butts are much more prevalent. >> shannon: jeff, thank you very much. we appreciate it. new york city man is under arrest in connection with this brazen attempted kidnapping in queens. watch this video. police say a 24-year-old has been arrested in connection to the incident caught on surveillance cameras. the suspect apparently snatched a 5-year-old boy from the sidewalk in front of his mother,
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trying to escape but dolores diaz managed to yank her son jacob out of the car. more disturbing video from new york city. in brooklyn, young man taking out his gun and shooting a cyclist several times at point blank in broad daylight. the 20-year-old who lived a block away from the scene was shot multiple times in the torso. he was killed. police are seeking the public's help tonight if you can identify that shooter. in our nation's capital carjacking skyrocketing, washington, d.c., police are launching a task force using bait cars in an attempt to catch suspects in the act. we showed you the white house sparked a fierce backlash to its admission that it collaborates with social media joins to censor what the administration deems to be covid disinformation. let's discuss this new public-private partnership and the controversy with the host
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chris hahn. cal berkeley law professor john yoo. welcome back. senator ted cruz says it's insane. the warehouse expressly demands total collusion from big tech billionaires to censor with the american people can and cannot say. silver lining, biden administration dramatically strengthening the argument in the lawsuit that big tech sponsorship is state action. >> this is what facebook is going to get when they start on the road of censorship. it's been pretty clear that facebook has been censoring conservatives. it's been censoring speech about vaccinations. it's been censoring other kinds of speech. the government is going to demand facebook censor more and more. it's going to be vaccinations. it might be guns, it might be climate change. and yes i think there is a point legally unfortunately i would not recommend facebook do this but the more facebook listens to the government, the more facebook tries to carry out a
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government agenda about speech, the more president trump could win what's the low probability lawsuit because they are creating what's called state action. one facebook and the government cooperate, then facebook has to obey the same rules as the government of the most important one is the free speech clause. do not disseminate on the basis of speech. >> shannon: we talked about the concern about how you identify disinformation and who decides what it is because things that a year ago were tagged and censored unblocked and taken down are the things people are having a mainstream conversation about at this point. it looks like americans are skeptical. our latest polling, do you trust big social media companies to make fair decisions about what gets posted? yes, 26%. 69% said no. seems like the average american is a little skeptical of big tech. >> they should be. big tech is a business and they are in the business of making a profit. look, when somebody shouts fire
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in a crowded theater, that's not protected speech. when somebody is putting out misinformation on facebook that are making millions of americans doubt whether or not they should get vaccinated and is leading to an america where we have 30% of americans who are now more susceptible to the delta variant of covid-19, that also may or may not be protected speech. what the white house is doing is pointing out some very public accounts. 12 or 13 of them that are responsible for most of the misinformation on facebook. that's very responsible. facebook should take action. i do not believe this is equivalent to what is in the lawsuit. it's very different. this is trying to protect americans and get more americans vaccinated so we don't have to go back and put our masks on indoors come the winter. >> shannon: yeah but again to john's .1 it looks like the administration is correlating
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with social media, it could put them in danger. i want to talk to you about cuba. below are demanding and fighting and risking their lives. a statement that in part blames the u.s. the people of cuba are being punished by the u.s. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination. united states leaders have tried to crush this revolution for decades. senator marco rubio responding "my office stands ready." >> sometimes you've got to wonder where there black lives matter is living in reality. cuba has never had free elections. i praise the biden administration, they came out with a good statement supporting the quest for freedom of the cuban people against one of the most authoritarian and
9:18 pm
repressive regimes not just in the region, in the world. it's as if we have a little piece of north korea floating 9f florida. i think it's a mistake for black lives matter to attack the united states and clearly as the cuban government that's responsible for the repression it's taking place on the unfortunate island. soon chris, the president has gotten a lot of praise across the board for the way he's made the statements, saying communism doesn't work, socialism is a failed follow-up to that. conservatives and liberals, many -- the super far left. i can tell you what alexandria ocasio-cortez has said. a broader spectrum across the political divide is praising the president for what he has done so far with cuba. >> you're not going to get argument from the from what john just said. cuba isn't repressive, fascist regime that has not granted rights to its people, basic
9:19 pm
civil human rights. there is poverty in cuba that's the result of bad leadership and fascist leadership and undemocratic leadership. we should do everything we can as a nation to end that failed regime and free the cuban people from what's been going on. so i disagree, i read that full statement and i disagree with the part where they say they've advanced human rights in that country. they have had propaganda against things going on but they have not advanced to the human rights of anyone on this planet we should deliver everything we can to end that regime. >> shannon: thank you very much, have a great weekend. a creative way to put out a raging wildfire and flood waters pick up an entire house. today's most viral videos next. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream.
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>> shannon: violent floodwaters in germany sweeping away an entire house. the devastation raging through parts of europe as well as over 1,000 people remained missing due to the severe flooding. reports say the equivalent of two months of rain has fallen in just two days. we will continue to monitor the situation. moving on to the time-lapse images taken in southern oregon where evacuations are still underway. the raging bootleg fire becoming so entranced and fire crews had to pull back for their own safety. the dangerous columns of smoke and ash reaching up to 6 miles in the sky can be seen more than 100 miles away. another group of firefighters getting creative as they battle the red apple fire in washington. using a plane to collect water to contain the blaze. evacuations have been downgraded as firefighters continue to make
9:26 pm
progress. finally, sharing is caring. this miniature dachshund drinking from the same pond like they've been friends forever. who said dogs and ducks couldn't get along? they were wrong. they seem like they're coexisting very well. keep sending us your videos. we love them. @shannonbream and @foxnewsnight on social media. breaking joy, deepening divides within the democratic party as progressive's struggle to respon cuba. chad pergram is taking a closer look for us. good evening. >> members of the squad are usually outspoken when it comes to foreign policy but they were conspicuously quiet in supporting protesters in cuba. >> the silence of the squad is deafening. they rarely missed an
9:27 pm
opportunity to speak out. >> and they did speak he revealed a rift in the democratic party showing how some liberals may be soft on socialism. after days, radio silence, alexandria ocasio-cortez condemned the antidemocratic actions for the congresswoman ripped the president saying ouri out right reject the presidents position against the embargo. she noted havana has violated human rights and kill dissidents. four house members are associated with the democratic socialists of america. ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, cori bush. the dsa has expressed solitary with -- solidarity with cuba. >> doesn't seem to be a way to convince them that the regime in
9:28 pm
cuba is a dictatorship. great admiration for radical left ideologies. >> independent vermont senator bernie sanders identifies as a socialist but back to the protesters over the communist regime. >> i urgently hope that the government there will tolerate and respect people's right to protest. >> democrats lost two house seats in southern florida last year. cuban-american voters thought democrats were squishy on socialism. the views of progressives overshadow mainstream voices in the party. democrats stumbled badly in florida last fall. if democrats don't flip the senate seat and reclaim those house seats, it could be because of the parties messaging on cuba and socialism. that could mean florida is no longer a battleground state. >> shannon: chad pergram, thanks. asking kevin corke to come back.
9:29 pm
tonight we want to talk about this. a five-month luxury world cruise. kevin, it's already sold out and it's not inexpensive. >> let me ask, would you do it? think about this. five months on a luxury cruise aboard miami base cruise liner. it's sold out within three hours. would you go? to quote tyler perry, hell to the u.s. i have vaccinated, educated, caffeinated and frustrated. enough. enough with the lockdowns. the truth is i'm excited to see. i acknowledge i'm probably in the minority, don't want to get sick or take the risk. >> shannon: how expensive is it? thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.
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if i won the lottery and wanted to take five months off i would do it. i bet you would make incredible friends. i am somebody who never stopped traveling during the pandemic. i was careful about it and did what i could do to mitigate things. everybody has to determine their own level of risk. maybe you and i can go together and do the show from the ship. >> now you're talking. can we get a sponsor? >> shannon: i'll see. i'll get back to you. i will tell you what the expense department says. good news coming up. we'll talk about that. is washington governor jay inslee shaming his state? questionable curriculum teaching fifth-graders and new way to look at israel. the lightning round is next.
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9:36 pm
one major american city. dan springer shows us what's happening in portland. >> among the many targets of rioters during months of protests in portland last year, the bronze statues of american icons george washington, teddy roosevelt and abraham lincoln all donated to the city a century ago. instead of making repairs and putting the statues backup, leaders are seriously considering keeping them down for good. because the mount rushmore presidents may not have been woke enough for today's portland. >> public discussions, they are the key to helping the united states heal from centuries of racism. >> a history and an advocate argues roosevelt should not go back up and the nonprofit regional arts and culture council might agree. recently changing its criteria for moving art to includes works significantly and onto the values of antiracism inclusion or where there is overwhelming
9:37 pm
public objection. many residents are fuming especially about lincoln who freed the slaves and preserve the union. washington, the father of the country. >> it had been up for 100 years. >> i think it's a grotesque social outlet for vandalism. >> grand jury did indict someone for allegedly pulling down the roosevelt statue. it's not just presidents. rioters toppled statues of oregon pioneers. many historians say leaders need to be viewed in context. >> these are great americans. flawed like every human being. these are people whose overall arc made magnificent contributions to our country. >> portland's arts council is keeping the city-owned statues hidden from the public until a decision is made. not a single city council member is weighing in, leading many to
9:38 pm
believe that these founding fathers are about to be canceled, just as the rioters who pulled them down want to. shannon. >> shannon: dan springer out west. dan. washington state schools being scrutinized for controversial curriculum versus israel. governor jay inslee is going after trump supporters for he says spreading covid. he says trump supporters aren't getting vaccinated. let's bring in casey. jason rantz. jason, always great to have you. this is what we have. convincing the skeptics. they wrote a piece saying people can't be persuaded if they feel disrespected. i get the sense that they would feel disrespected by what governor inslee is saying. >> yes. governor inslee decided to call trump supporters bioreactor facilities spreading covid. because they are not getting vaccinated. number one, it's not a smart
9:39 pm
strategy because shaming never actually works. if you're going to insult the people you want to trust you into getting the vaccine. i'm not quite sure i understand the strategy. it's also just not true. his office is saying we have compared the areas that are vaccine hesitant, low vaccine rates, areas that voted for trump. the conclusion is they are the ones not getting the vaccine. number one we have a 70% vaccination rate in washington. we've exceeded it. number two, by his argument in king county where seattle is, very blue territory. 18 to 35-year-old demographic is only about 40% vaccinated. so let's not pretend those are overwhelming trump supporters choosing not to get the vaccine. people aren't getting the vaccine for a number of reasons part of which the data does naturally tell you this but if you've already had covid, there's probably a smaller chance you're going to go ahead and get a vaccine when you've got the antibodies. he is looking at these
9:40 pm
particular areas of washington state that have high rates of covid. i can't imagine they are rushing to get the vaccine because if you've got the antibodies you don't necessarily need the vaccine at this point. >> shannon: seattle doesn't strike me as a super red place. in all the state of washington. >> i am 1 of 17 republicans there. >> shannon: you know each other, your lunch together. let's talk about this other thing. something going on with curriculum and washington. with regard to an assignment for fifth graders. it says students will create a timeline of events that lead up to either the indian or american fight for independence. if you plan to make contemporary connections, the israeli-palestinian conflict would work. why do the pali's the palestinians want to be freed from israeli dominants, have their sacred homelands return to them. what happened when that came to light? is it part of the curriculum? what do we know?
9:41 pm
>> i started to ask questions, it does mirror some anti-semitic talking points that hamas uses, terrorist organizations use. they pulled it. i give credit to the superintendent who acknowledge that this was in fact an anti-semitic statement put into this lesson plan. it's been there for ten years. part of the native american education which is mandated by the state legislature. they are saying about a decade ago a contractor was putting together some curriculum, put it in there. no one questioned this as far as we can tell for the last ten years. we don't know how many students it got in front of. we don't know how many teachers taught it. that's alarming. number one, it's not just anti-semitic. it's historically inaccurate. there's no comparison between the sellers treatment of native americans in israel's treatment of in this case they save palestinians. the context of the term palestinian, that's a political
9:42 pm
term. old political invention from the 1960s. there's clearly no comparison. it's jewish land. this was very clearly the intent was to try to lean into this nonsense that jews commit genocide and mistreat arabs and the region. that's just wrong. >> shannon: a lot of things that you find. we've got to go but this was interesting, the gallup poll on trust in institutions, the biggest negative change was for public schools over the last year. parents have a lot of questions after what they've learned of the last year or so. a lot of times you have the answers. have a great weekend. always great to see you. >> thank you. really appreciate it. >> shannon: first up in tonight's real news roundup. the deadline has come for homeless living around portions of the venice boardwalk in california to accept offers of shelter or to vacate the area.
9:43 pm
as of thursday about 120 people accepted the offer to leave the area designated as him five. republican lawmakers in california are urging the states board of education to reject the controversial equity in math program considering the delegation sent a letter today arguing it makes no sense to keep all students in the same math curriculum in their junior year. blocking them from the opportunity to pursue advanced options. a trump error rule sought to lessen restrictions on showerhead water flow. the energy department proposing a rule to reinstate the 2013 definition of a showerhead that will tighten water flow restrictions. this should be nonpartisan, we can agree. in an effort to crack down on people who don't clean up after their dogs, pet owners in tel aviv, israel, may now --
9:44 pm
must register their dogs dna to be loaded into a database and that's going to help authorities tracked down the doggy deposits and find the owners. your mom may have warned you, eat too much candy you're going to get a stomach ache. a new lawsuit is blaming certain hershey's goodies for heart problems, maybe even death. that's the allegation. night court convenes next.
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>> shannon: an update to a story we've brought to you months ago. a website defending its tuneup. accusations we did here, class action lawsuit that subways tune it was a mixture of various concoctions but not actually to. writing about sending samples to a lab. couldn't find any tuna dna. subway says experts say it's not unusual when testing cooked tuneup. a lawsuit filed in pennsylvania argues your sweet tooth could kill you. hershey's facing claims that its candy causes serious health
9:50 pm
problems. civil rights attorney robert patillo. sarah. it's great to have you with us. >> happy friday. >> shannon: and you as well. if you celebrate friday with black licorice, it's going to be trouble. according to this lawsuit. this says that plaintiffs contend consuming the candy left them with severe and lasting health problems, heart ailments. one plaintiff claims she died in the hospital and was revived. robert. >> the only way to have a negative health impact even according to the lawsuit is to be eating as much as 2 ounces a day for two weeks. that's in no way, shape, or form the amount of licorice anybody should be eating. people with pre-existing health conditions. almost impossible to isolate exactly what we call the negative health conditions. people using it to treat heart
9:51 pm
irregularities in diabetes. licorice is not medicine. >> shannon: i want to skip to exhibit c. kate patton from the cleveland clinic about being careful eating licorice. >> if you've already -- you have heart disease or high blood pressure, he should be a little bit more cognizant of how you're feeling if you're eating this type of licorice. stop eating it if you think you notice any type of irregular heartbeat. >> shannon: sarah, it's on the plaintiffs to be more careful. >> under pennsylvania law this is a strict product liability case and what that means is negligence is not going to be considered. it's enough that there was no warning label. the injuries were caused by that lack of warning label. the actual hurt behind it was greater than a reasonable person would have imagined would be. shannon, it doesn't take a legal
9:52 pm
expert for me to tell you that black licorice is awful. it's the worst. i didn't like it as a child. i don't know very many people who actually like it. >> shannon: we are trying to figure out who would be willing to risk their life to eat black licorice. none of us like it. i would love to hear from you on on twitter @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight if you're a big black licorice fan. her she says all of our products are safe to eat and formulated in full compliance with fda regulations. the safety of licorice extract for use in food. final comment from you. >> how many warning labels to people expect? do you have to instruct people to chew the licorice? do not stick it up your nose. do not use it as a jump rope. guarding against any misuse of the product. >> the fda did issue a warning saying that individuals were 40
9:53 pm
and over shouldn't be consuming this because there may be heart issues. i think we are going to have to take it to the court. >> shannon: before we go, what are your favorite candies? robert. what do you like? >> peanut butter m&ms. >> shannon: good choice. sarah. >> i am very similar. reese's pieces. >> shannon: okay. i am candy corn which robert was judging me for during the commercial. if you're big on sugar, that's the candy for you. have a great weekend. good news before we say good night. honoring a world war ii veteran in georgia. the second lieutenant turning 99 this july. friends and family and local law enforcement celebrating her in a surprise parade in world war ii era vehicles honking, waving and singing. she didn't know what was going to happen. morrison served as a nurse for the army air corps and spent time in germany helping survivors of a liberated concentration camp.
9:54 pm
she earned a french medal of honor. very happy birthday. thank you for your service. kevin, if that doesn't make you feel good, there's something wrong with you. >> and like you said, thank you for your service. she didn't just serve. she served in the time when that was pretty rare. fantastic job by her. i want to take you to the great state of florida, your favorite and my favorite. of course i love colorado too. a florida preschooler who has cancer and got to be a deputy for a day after his teachers and the county sheriff's office decided to make his dream a reality. the teachers and the administrators as well as the sheriff's office worked to make merrick lloyd an honorary deputy. the world needs help. they are so thankful merrick was able to get his wish and become a deputy. one brave preschooler. merrick has been undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for about six month. prayers to him and a big salute.
9:55 pm
congratulations. >> shannon: i love how everybody came together to make that dream come true. forgot to ask your favorite candy. >> score. i used it to like heath bar, chocolate covered topic. score bar is my favorite. >> shannon: all right. telethon social media what you think. good night from new york. kevin, see you back in d.c. on monday. become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable... ...with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, ...otezla is proven.... to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history
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of depression or suicidal thoughts.... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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brian kilmeade has it all next week, going to rocket. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happyls friday. so much happened in the final weeks of the presidential campaign that it's easy to lose track of it, whatever happened to this or that, development and the news? you can't remember, a lot of falls between the cracks, there is overload. politicians know this obviously and they take advantage of it. they can derail a story until after election day, often that


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