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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 16, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us tonight. i wish we had more time. also want to -- very greatful to have a fox news podcast. it's called "jason in the house." this week's guest, former secretary of state mike pompeo. check out the jason in the house pad cast. you'll enjoy it. "the ingraham angle" is up now. >> laura: good evening. i'm laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washington. a week in an hour. this takes on a barrage of trump books that are making the usual outlandish claims and the usual reaction from the press corps. raymond arroyo takes us inside the moments you missed at the white house with biden and merkel. and the graniacs have a new target. it's your pickup truck.
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we'll explain. we begin tonight with something that will not just define this week but reveals how democrats are going to seek to cling to power for years and years to come. we're not talking about the j.v. team of the texas dems and their laughable field trip on the private jet to d.c. yesterday at the white house during the press briefing, the biden administration made clear that they're going to stop at nothing to put a complete strangle hold on all the available information about covid. >> increase information research and tracking within the surgeon generals problem, flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread the information, we're working with doctors and medical experts to get trusted
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content out there. >> laura: they're working with facebook. we're helping to get trusted content out there. now, the phrase gets overused but this is orwellian. they're not even embarrassed by it. they thought the messaging of their coordination with these behemoth social media companies that it was so effective, so on point that they sent the surgeon general out on the morning show circuit to sharpen the point. >> the other thing that we're doing, we've been in conversation with technology companies, going to ratchet up the conversations and engagements. we believe technology companies have a responsibility to reduce the spread of misinformation on the platform. take a couple steps and say this might get better in a few years. i appreciate that. there's so much more they have to do and they have to do it
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with greater urgency. >> laura: you need to be better at being state media or we're going to punish you. i'm going to tell you what we think this is about. they want to see how far they can push social media companies to control the message out there that they think is inconvenient to them. way ahead of 2022 and 2024. does anybody believe the emergency crackdowns on misinformation can't or won't extend to other declared emergencies? they're going to declare a lot of emergencies. i can think of a few. climate, race, guns. never ending. it's always some emergency. while we're on the subject, who has been the purveyors of this misinformation out there? now, wasn't it the w.h.o. who that repeated china's lies about no human to human transmission of covid that fauci and friends
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accepted? wasn't fauci that said masks shouldn't be worn by healthy people and then flipping and now flipping again? now we have questions of masking of children. wasn't the medical bureaucracy that shut down alternative drugs, therapeutics? some of those are effective. we should be very, very weary of what is going on here, especially ahead of next year's mid-terms. i think the democrats know their agenda is falling apart. from immigration to run-away inflation, the signs are there. they know the voting rights abomination will go down in flames. they need something else to jack the vote next year. and to try to stave off a landslide republican series of victories. who better than to help lend a
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hand than piles in big tech. we have harmeet dillon with us here. the big implication of what they're stupidly saying and brazen about it, ordering big tech or strongly suggesting to big tech that they ought to start policing speech. what does this do to donald trump's case about these big social media companies? >> thank you for this. i have a piece out on fox opinion on this very issue. the issue is whether this is actually the government using these big tech companies as their agents or co-conspirators
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to violate the first amendment. the vaccine issue is not the issue. i'm suing the state of california for doing the same thing, suppressing contents and opinions about the election and calling for audits. the donald trump lawsuit similarly takes aim at the same issue but in a class action format. >> laura: they are using the big tech companies as proxies to crack down on opposition speech. they're claiming that it's dangerous to the public health. china claims, matt schlapp -- they had to crack down on the national security law. this is all -- it's eerily reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. >> cpac has joined this lawsuit.
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i'm not a big trial person. i never thought we would sign on to a class action lawsuit. once you understand what is at stake what harmeet explained, these are agents of democratic regulatory states. my guess is that if we could see all the information and we'll see a lot of e-mails and a lot of memos, there was a lot of back and forth of what should be censored. they have a high batting average. when they say someone needs to get cancelled, they get cancelled. how do i know this? i went to bedminster and stood next to the president. afterwards, google through youtube issued a strike against cpac before our big conference that we just had where the president appeared. none of that content is allowed to be on youtube. was that because of healthcare
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issues? because the president said something about therapeutics? that's what they say the reason is. the real reason is that they wanted to shut us up. this has to end. >> laura: i want to give everybody a sense of where this is headed. there's sound from a member of facebook's oversight board that happens to be the former prime minister of denmark. watch. >> how do you find the balance between human rights and free speech, which is a human right and our human rights. free speech is not an actual human right. >> laura: so free speech may not be a human right, but it's an american right. you can see where this balance is going, sara, to the government entity. they get to decide who has free speech rights and what does not. that's right from facebook's oversight board.
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your reaction, sarah. >> that is true. i think you described them accurately when you talk about behemoth organizations. we've never seen anything like this in the history of man kind. it's not just affecting our constitution, our republic but the entire globe. so these organizations are very integrated. you have twitter, facebook, google, amazon and right now you have seen it's spill over into our mainstream media. "the new york times," the "washington post." everybody add these major organizations which lean to the left and i call them leftists, not democrats, not liberals. i don't see anybody fighting for civil liberties exceed harmeet. this is a movement towards fascism that communist marxists rely on. in cuba, they're calling out for
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liberty because they didn't have any freedom. i know this. i have family there. they're monitored. their media was monitored. the narrative of what the government wanted was push on the people and the people had no right to speak up. i think that's the unfortunate truth here. they're circumventing our constitution saying i'm a private entity, i can do what i want. but what we've seen is lie after lie of the government. we have not held then accountable to the world health organization to dr. fauci. >> laura: they claim to be the great defenders of democracy. but they don't want people to have a say. they want to make decisions in international institutions about how much you can drive, how many kids you could have. they think it's all -- capitalism doesn't work. the free market economics,
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that's over for them. it's wealth, equity and redistribution and the great global reset, this is a walk down that road with this type of censorship, of opposition voices. this is one of the biggest stories in my mind of the past 20 years. it's how our free speech rights are being eroded by the day. harmeet. >> 100%, laura. the backdrop is, right and left have been making noises on capitol hill and in the administration about regulating these companies. so naturally these companies are under the gun. they're going to do whatever they can to avoid additional regulation of the biden white house controls that on the regulatory front. number 2, as you mentioned, this is part of a global movement. they have bigger markets in china and europe and india where censorship is key.
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they've become accustomed to this censorship and it's comfortable to say we'll censor for you if you let us reap our profits. the problem here is our country is unique. we have the first amendment. if judges are being honest, there's lots of precedent to say the government can't use proxies to censor my more than they can censor itself. this is worth fighting for. i'm sorry to say too many republicans in our congress in 2016 and 2018, when we had the white house didn't do anything about it, this is a crisis. >> laura: we're going cozied up to big tech. woe know who those people were that did that. i am going to get to another issue, this $3.5 budget scam that joe manchin will sign on to betraying the voters of west
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virginia, but in this $3.5 trillion disaster is universal pre-k. from age 3 to 5 guaranteed. government will pay for it. matt, what does that mean? what does universal pre-k mean? it's public school, learning about america, abcs and so forth. what do you think is really going to be taught to the kids that just learn to walk in the public government schools? >> yeah, laura. it's like the socialists. they're against home schooling but mandate home schooling on all of us during the pandemic. now they're going to say not only do your skids need to go back to school but go to our school. we'll raise them for you. if i were to have written down three years ago all of the things that were the central parts of what carl marx talks about, the central part of what
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he talked about is never just economics. it was about destruction of the church and the family. he what i would say to the grandparents out there talking to the grandkids, why did they turn into the radicals? we don't raise our own kids anymore. we turn them over what the democrats are trying to do with getting our kids at a tender age and turning them over to the government is just all part of this idea of undermining the idea that parents ought to raise their kids. that's where we ought to get back to in our country. the republican party, if this stuff becomes law, laura and the republican party says we can't do anything to claw back, we're done. we're at the end if they don't fight this right now and when we get power again, we have to take it back. >> laura: 2010 all over again, a wipeout next election cycle. thank you. while the biden administration is attempting a great domestic reset away from capitalism and
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freedom, china is moving full steam ahead to global economic and military domination. we reveal some stunning new developments. plus, could the left's war on energy have them coming for your pickup truck next? oh, yes. we'll explain and it's terrifying in moments.
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>> i want to be very clear about something. this is important. our purpose is not to contain china, to hold it back, to keep it down. it is to uphold this rules-based order that china is posing a challenge too. >> laura: the rules-based order. funny. every time i hear that, i laugh. at the time that blinken made those comments, they were irresponsible. china had clearly covered up the deadly global panhandle, they were committing atrocities against the uighurs. in the months since china's aggression is ramping up in such a severe manner that they demand clarification from this white house. earlier this month chinese
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president xi pledged to a complete reunification and stamp out any independence movements in taiwan. then when japan called them out, china threatened military consequences against one of america's biggest allies in the region. joining me now is dr. michael pillsbury and author of "the great u.s. china tech war." mike, i want to talk to you about what we have seen and heard from china just this past month. it strikes me as a massive shift in tone at the very least since trump left office. >> i agree with you, laura. seems like an escalation in tone and other actual activities, flying bombers and jets around taiwan, a series of things that
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they have done that have surprised people even inside the biden administration. where this is going is harder to tell. if we're dealing with a temporary set of rhetorical comments, that is one thing. if we're dealing with china on a road to real aggression, we'll probably rue the day we didn't do something in 2021 instead of observing this. >> mike pence gave a terrific talk and he blasted america's cozy ties to china and especially focusing on the business and entertainment industries. watch. >> beijing has exploited america and coerced athletes and entertainers into not only withholding criticism from the regime but actively singing their praise. i call on the biden administration to increase the number of chinese companies prohibited from american investment by at least an order
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of magnitude. >> laura: gordon, should any u.s. company be invested or working with chinese companies that the this point given everything that we know? >> absolutely not, laura. beijing is trying to overthrow the american government. they have called 608,000 americans by deliberately spreading the coronavirus. last year they killed 53,000 americans with fentanyl and beijing knew what they were doing. the list goes on and on. i don't know why we should be with our investment dollars, our everyday purchasing decisions supporting a regime that is trying to end the american republic. >> laura: mike, today on the podcast -- my podcast, you talked about china's secret weapon. it was -- you did described it as a slush fund. for our viewers, explain what specifically you're talking
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about. >> the chinese have adopted a strategy that used to pursued in europe in the 1600s. you build up your gold reserves as much as you can by screwing your neighbors in your trade relationships with the huge gold reserves, you can have economic power. the chinese have been doing that for 20 years. they have above $3 trillion in their reserves just some time ago. now they have capital flight and it's dropped a little bit. this slush fund, president trump tried to go after it in the trade deficit issue and the trade talks. he didn't get very far. i thought mike pence's speech -- his speech was excellent. he was laying out things that trump would have done in his second term and calling on joe biden to try to do some of these things now. nothing is passing. our concern is very low in our congress. partly because they're being told so many times that the
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chinese economy is going to collapse, it's going to slow down and china really isn't that much of a challenge to us. a lot of members of congress believe this theory. >> laura: gordon, didn't you write a book awhile ago -- seems like it was yesterday but a long time ago about how china is weak internally, so their poised to collapse? do you want to re-visit that conclusion? gordon, i'm one of your biggest fans. but doesn't seem like that is happening, correct? >> in 2001, i wrote "the coming collapse of china" in which i think the communist party would fall in ten years. i'm off on my timing. the 2008 downturn helped fortify beijing. what was surprising to me -- this is where i was really off base. i thought american companies and others would enforce their rights under the world trade organization. instead, as you pointed out so many times, we had these craven ceos that give beijing
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everything that they want. we've had american presidents run to the rescue of chinese communist from time to time. that's why we have a china right now that looks pretty strong. i think it's still weak for many reasons, but whether it's weak or strong, it's a danger to us. it's posing a threat not only to americans but to the rest of the world. >> laura: gentlemen, thank you. great to see both of you tonight. while china is obsessed with global domination, the biden administration is busy loading up this $3.5 trillion spending plan with climate change policies including funding to cut down on emissions. now, how does the average american do any of that? by getting rid of your car or, you know, picking up a bicycle. you like biking. our neighbors to the north are going in that direction already. a new piece out of canada argues for the outright ban of pickup trucks. seriously. saying that they put us all in danger due to their emission
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levels and cutting emissions of the transportation sector is the utmost important for a successful climate strategy. joining me right now, fox news contributor, joey jones. people say oh, that is in canada. that's never coming here. they used to say about what is happening in california always ends up coming across the rest of the country. yes or no, are you going to get rid of your pickup truck to be a climate change activist? >> in the words of charleston heston at the nra meeting, from my cold dead hands will you pull my pickup truck, this highlights an important issue. the strongest divide in america is the divide between urban and rural america. it's a complete cultural shift. we lift two different lives. i dip into urban america often enough. they don't understand how we believe, this is not political. this is a lifestyle cultural divide. they don't understand if you
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drive a prius in coweta county, georgia, getting hid by a deer goes up the roof. little things like that that people don't have any respect for because it's not the life that they live. they don't understand why normal americans might want a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get stuff done around the house. that's terrible. i don't question their propensity to ride a bicycle, which is i think is a stupid idea and dangerous. why would you question my pickup truck? >> laura: last year during the pandemic, initially the sales of automobiles fell. at the time shoppers were still snapping up pickups. they accounted for 20% of the new car market up from 18.3% in 2019. and it's where we still have the edge against our european counter parts. joey, that is a big, big issue
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in trade that is on our side. >> it's the one thing that we do best. we make the best pickup trucks in the world. not only that, but look at the price of a pickup. when they came after guns, americans responded by creating nine million new gun owners. if they come after pickups, americans are trying to get their hands on them. they're bout out. they're popular. they're more safe, more useful and american as apple pie. the best anecdote for this, i got accepted to georgetown. i happened to own a ford pickup. i was stuck on a narrow cobblestone road my first day of school. a lady in her mid life drove by me in a mercedes and through her window yelled "go back to the country where you belong." >> laura: what? >> if people come up with stupid ideas like this. i was hurting her because i drove a pickup in georgetown and she had to pass me on a narrow
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road. that was hurting her life. >> laura: might as well be burning a cross on someone's law if you have an american flag on a pickup and have more than 1.5 kids. that's a huge threat from the liberal elite. i don't think they're taking your truck any time soon. it's not happening. thanks, joey. >> thank you. >> laura: the moments you didn't see from biden and merkel's meeting and harry and meghan's story hits the small screen. raymond arroyo has that and more. friday follies are next.
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>> laura: it's friday. that means it's time for -- i can't trick you. friday follows. all the details, raymond arroyo fox news contributor. raymond, joe biden had a fairly active week for him between travel, the merkel visit. he was the one that needed the english translator at one point.
7:36 pm
>> when we think about the future, the future we want for the world, there's no issue, there's no issue said at all that i believe we find any other than the certainty that commitment that -- between the united states and germany doesn't benefit whatever the problem and the concern is. >> can you imagine having to translate that, laura? >> laura: what is going on here? >> the most embarrassing moment that got little coverage is when this -- was this moment when biden tried to compliment german chancellor merkel didn't go as planned. >> i'll take a moment to acknowledge the historic nature of her chancellorship. first woman chancellor in german history, the first chancellor
7:37 pm
from the former east germany and now the second longest serving chancellor since elmert cole. >> you're the largest chancellor since helmet cole. thank goodness he corrected himself. i did notice angela wincing there. imagine what would happen if he didn't have the cards, what would come out. >> laura: i'm trying to unpack that sentence structure on the previous sound bite. i'm not sure where he was going there, a lot of words. vowels and consonants. >> we don't need aneurysms. don't try. this was a week that saw your favorite royals, laura, harry and meghan receiving not only an award for limiting their family size but an i'm any nomination for the oprah interview. fire up the ingraham dvr. now they're going to have a
7:38 pm
lifetime tv made for movie "escaping the palace." >> the palace would prefer you to remain neutral. >> people need to know our truth. >> i have a plan. >> making out is not part of this family. >> i don't know what i might do. >> stopping them from destroying us like they have so many others. >> can you believe this, laura? this happened like a nano second ago. we have a made for tv movie. when does the shelf life on these american royals wear out? they tried "the new york times" lift with the children's book meghan wrote. they have a $40 million deal for spotify for podcasts. they turned one podcast in december. this is like royal welfare. i've never seen anything like it. i don't know who is watching this stuff. >> laura: maybe if they -- i'm expecting the actor playing harry to be more of -- kind of
7:39 pm
realistic. because i'm looking for the quarter kegger. the keg party around here. he lived to tip it back. are you drinking blue moon or stella? anybody have an orange slice? he's a partier. >> you made your career on your voice. there's a new anthony bourdain documentary called "roadrunner." they used clips of him to make the movie. in two seconds, they used a.i. technology to create his voice. he said two things that he didn't speak in life. critics are claiming this unethical. your reaction. >> laura: i don't like this. i like the real voice. i thought i was going to hear the voices and -- >> no, no, they don't -- >> laura: try to judge which is which. but i think it portends a lot
7:40 pm
more than is coming, don't you think? when the actors start being replaced with a.i. actors, with visions of actors that are computer generated that look real, you know, maybe they'll have a different view of how great this technology is. >> the deep pics are coming. they've done it with humphrey bogart. finally with the structure bill headed for passage as well as the green new deal provisions in it, former labor secretary robert richt decided to advocate for his green agenda on tik tok by lip syncing. watch. ♪♪ laura, if you're more than 12, you should stay off of tik tok. the chinese are watching you and
7:41 pm
you can't dance. this is really a play on public sense abilities. this could be his oudin reel. i think he's trying to be in the munchkin rebeat or something. i could see him as a mayor of munchkin sky >> laura: i hear he has a short fuse. he had a nice move at the end. kind of -- i'll take him dancing over his economic analysis any day. >> his labor policies. >> laura: yeah. >> he will be mining the yellow brick road and instituting rations. leave it there. >> laura: no. i'm going to have nightmares all weekend. you had to show that to me. you know i don't like clowns or anything like that. raymond, thank you. the worst media offenders of the week is coming up. "the ingraham angle," we have our eyes on you. this week's edition takes a look at the barrage of anti-trump
7:42 pm
book that just dropped all at once. and mark milley will be prominently featured. details next.
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>> laura: it easy to become numb to media bias these days.
7:47 pm
so "the ingraham angle," we're keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. we have doozies. joining me now, former cnn reporter. panel, great to see both of you. this week was a special one, i think, for the media. because they have their hands on a few new first-hand accounts. three separate trump books being the scrupulous journalists they are, they probe for inconsistencies. >> how i waited for this moment. >> congratulations. >> creative reading here. dramatic, i should say. >> things for writing the book. >> laura: jeffery, i seem to remember michael wolf's last book being riddled with lies. another wolf blitzer thanking him for the new tone. thank you, thank you. thank you for trashing trump.
7:48 pm
it's really -- >> you know, laura, once upon a time, i remember and i'm sure you do books about presidents by people that have been around him or interview people that have been around them. they were very objective fact driven or -- think of j.f.k. good lord, jimmy carter and not to mention barack obama. the american people know that there are people out there that want to do nothing but trash donald trump for bucks. that's what these books have about. they're not about history. they're about trashing him for bucks. sad to say, they get it from mainstream media types that egg them on. >> laura: one of the books claims that general mark milley said something ant trump supporters while preparing for biden's inauguration. watch. >> milley says to a group of senior advisers at this exercise "here's the deal, guys. these guys are nazis, they're
7:49 pm
proud boys. these are the same people that we fought in world war ii. we're going to put a ring of steel around this city and the nazis aren't getting in. by that he was referring to trump supporters. >> laura: corey, we're used to hearing this stuff from the far left on college campuses, blm, those kinds of things. chairman of the joint chiefs? talking about a lot of people that just went to support the president didn't even go into the capitol. he obviously -- this is what he said. he gave it to them. this is from him. your reaction. >> if this is what he said, he's unfit to serve as the highest ranking military officer in our country. what we've seen time and again from the reporters, they have been manipulated by the press and by the stories. that was the case with the steele dossier.
7:50 pm
the press was manipulated. and then we saw the tear gas that was ordered in the park that was never the case. and a police officer was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. that was untrue. there's opinion time and time again. an additional example is when president trump was having a conversation with the secretary of state of georgia where he said go find the votes. many outlets independently verified that until the audio was released and they were all wrong so if general milley said that, i don't think he has the right to serve in that capacity. i always call in to question these reporters that have their own agenda, which is to disparage donald trump every day that they can. >> laura: i think he -- i have no doubt that he said that. to me everything he has said since and white rage and -- i think he absolutely said it. i agree with you. he should be removed from his
7:51 pm
position because he should just go work for msnbc. jeff, i want to hear how milley described the violent riots that we witnessed last year, last summer that caused millions of dollars worth of damage and a lot of lives ended up getting lost. watch. >> one of the most striking scenes from the book for me is trump trying to put troops in to u.s. cities and milley having to point to the portrait of lincoln. he had an insurrection. what we have is a civil rights protest. >> laura: jeff, what is amazing here, milley always comes across at the hero of the scene. that's the telltale sign that he gave them that this information. journalists are not probing. they seem to be repeating without question. >> that's right. somewhere dr. martin luther king is shaking his head.
7:52 pm
journalists to sit back and accept what happened as civil rights protests is an insult to all of those people that peacefully demonstrated in the 60s. the media just swallows this and takes it. i mean, this is really disgraceful. the general frankly i think should be removed, should not be sitting there. the media, what are they thinking? what they're thinking is they're putting their leftist politics before common sense. >> laura: one of the books -- >> describing the riots as peaceful. it's crazy. >> laura: one of the books includes another interaction. this one, corey, was between liz cheney and jim jordan that happened january 6. >> milley asked her on the phone, ho are you doing? cheney says that eff-ing guy jim jordan, that son of a [bleep]. while these maniacs are going through the place, i'm standing
7:53 pm
in the aisle and he said we need to get the ladies away from the aisle. let me help you. i smacked his hand away and told him get away from now. you effing did this. >> corey, your reaction to this claim. >> you know, laura, anybody that has had a conversation with liz cheney knows that that's exactly what happened. she has a prolific truck driver mouth. the fact that she used that language on the house floor doesn't surprise me. what it really shows is that liz cheney's disdain for donald trump and the supporters of donald trump has been paramount for years. donald trump destroyed her father's legacy. donald trump wants to take out our troops and she wanted to keep them fighting for other nations in perpetuity. so liz cheney has disdained donald trump. she lost her leadership position in the house and will lose her re-election effort in wyoming.
7:54 pm
anybody that knows liz cheney knows this is the way she talks on a regular basis. >> laura: i have no doubt any of this was said by any of these characters and given to the media to try to burnish their own legacies, this is what happens. the rats are leaving the titanic of the democratic party or trying to get off the ship without drowning. thanks for being with us. when we come back, a final thought or two. i love it. i just wear a little sensor and that's it.
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>> laura: i hope you're getting a little time to relax this weekend. maybe the pool. maybe the beach. you can get this cool "freedom matters" beach towel. made in the u.s. i don't know if you can see it all. all the profits go to the horatio alger foundation. great scholarship program. great totes. is not fun? freedom matters. of course it does.
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great philanthropic effort. keep it coming. go to lauren and get the great gear. make a statement that freedom matters. that's all the time we have tonight. i want to thank you for watching a special edition of "the ingraham angle." have a wonderful weekend. fly your flag. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. >> we had a crazy, delusional, authoritarian, dangerous criminal president of the united states. the horror and terror that this deranged president of the united states visited on our country, donald trump, his character, his authoritarianism, his recklessness, negligence, homicidal negligence. trump is him and all its derangement, terror, and horror. >> greg: thank you. now show us on the doll where


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