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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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lives in south africa and is staying there, head of the largest human rights book joins me, i hope you see it. we will be back monday 8:00 p.m., the show that is a sworn enemy, have a great evening with the ones you love and we will see you on monday. in the meantime, sean hannity right now. >> welcome to the special edition of hannity taking on this form, i am jason chaffetz in the first shot at for the hour, we will expose the biden administration's radical agenda at home and abroad. we began in our nation's capital where bidens surgeon general is deeply concerned with covid-19 misinformation on social media. he called it an imminent and insidious threat to our nation's health. today, his boss said that
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so-called misinformation is literally killing people. watch this. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook? >> they are killing people. the only pandemic we have is when you are unvaccinated and they are killing people. >> jason: naturally, in order to battle this insidious threat that is killing people, the white house just proudly announced a plan to censor social media accounts. that it doesn't like. according to jen psaki, the administration is closely monitoring the internet. some would call that spying and is now flagging various facebook accounts that it wants band from the platform. if this seems like a tyrannical attempt to control the free flow of information, that's because it is but the biden
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administration is just trying to protect you from yourself. watch. >> a couple of the steps that we have -- that could be constructive for the public health of the country are providing for a facebook or other platforms to measure and publicly share the impact of misinformation on their platform in the audience it is reaching. also with the public, with all of you to create robust enforcement strategies that provide transparency about rules, shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation out there. >> per usual, was not interested in answering the tough questions from sharon peter doocy. have a look. >> speaking of misinformation in the announcement from yesterday, how long has the administration
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been signed looking for a vaccine information? >> that was quite a loaded and inaccurate question. peter, first of all, as you know, we are in regular touch with a range of media outlets -- let me finish. as we are in regular touch with social media platforms. this is publicly open information. people sharing information online just as you are all reporting information on your new station. >> the concern for a lot of people on facebook is that now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that than people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? that feels unlikely to me. you have data to back that up, i'm happy to discuss it. >> used to block people from posting that coven may have originated at this person now admits is a possibility so is
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there any concern about the things you are trying to block or have taken down might someday turn out to be? >> we don't block anything. facebook and any private sector companies makes decisions about what information should be on their platform. our point is that there is information that is leading to people not taking the vaccine and people are dying as a result and we have a responsibility as a public health matter to raise that issue. >> jason: you see what's happening here. according to democrats, we the american people are just too stupid to make our own decisions. we don't need the first amendment, they will watch over us and shield us from information that they deem inaccurate. ultimately, this is just the latest and perhaps the most frightening excuse to exercise power over your lives. shifting gears, breaking earlier today a federal judge ruled that deferred action for childhood
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arrivals or daca violates the procedure act. stop approving new applications for the time being. as a reminder, daca is an obama era immigration program that prevents certain illegal immigrants from being deported. joining us now for reaction is the cohost of "outnumbered," former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany along with fox news contributor joe concha and former senior advisor to president trump, stephen miller. thank you all for joining us tonight. i want to start with you because you've been so involved and engaged on immigration policy for president trump. what does this ruling mean tonight? >> the ruling is a huge victory for the u.s. constitution. unfortunately, the judge did stay his ruling so it's not going to mean the work permits in the government benefits has been given to hundreds of thousands will be canceled, this will continue and so the
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lawlessness will continue but it's an incredibly important moment for the u.s. constitution to say the executive can't make a law some of the executive cannot give amnesty to people through fiat that congress has refused to give time and time again. unfortunately, this president that we now have my joe biden has issued a number of memoranda that just like daca are plainly illegal, create new immigration law out of nothing at all in my organization is taking this president to court along with our many great attorneys general to see those very policies. >> jason: this is a developing story in such an important one and we will continue to monitor rate and i'm sure we will be coming to you with a lot of questions but let's shift back now to what happened at the white house, i want to get your perspective, i've got to tell you, what i hear this white house doing in colluding
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with facebook to take down accounts to monitor people, some would call that spying, is truly stunning to me with the openness that they admit that yes, they are doing this. >> you just hit on the key point, the openness with which they are doing this. i hear a lot of things in the white house press briefings that i take issue with the rino's deception or not a truthful matter like saying republicans want to defund the police but i almost fell out of my chair when i heard in that mission from the podium that they are working with social medias to censor. this is the crux of the lawsuit put forward by president trump, that class action lawsuit where he said social media is colluding with the government and thus becoming state actors and trampling on the first amendment. people said no, that's crazy. it was admitted from the podium and doubled down on today and what a very poor cleanup effort. i heard people say people care less about big brother and more
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about saving lives. that's not how the first amendment works. you have free speech in this country with few exceptions and you have the ability to speak in the government cannot compel a private company to censor you. they've got a lot of legal trouble coming their way after that press briefing. >> jason: the federal government is supposed to be the regulator of this organization, but they are colluding with this organization to take down what they define as misinformation. misinformation -- how does the government and facebook, the facebook cause determine what this disinformation is? >> i like the word colluding here because it fits. the white house is colluding with facebook on what is right and wrong speech for their definitions, then every news item deemed negative to the administration can also ultimately be censored or suppressed outside of covid.
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you saw jen psaki before saying the administration is working with facebook to combat misinformation but who gets to define what that is? the white house? one has to believe that this book is not biased in serving at the pleasure of the democratic party. of course it is and of course, facebook is acting in good faith and you have to believe that. facebook is fact-checking in terms of having a good track record because about a month ago if you posted anything in terms of did covid come from a bab in wuhan, china, that was suppressed in censored because it was deemed misinformation and many in the media and the democratic party called it a reckless conspiracy theory. suddenly it's a real possibility has even democrats are conceding. facebook also suppressed in censored any misinformation about the laptop, they called it russian disinformation so not exactly a shining track record here. here is the take away.
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says a majority of americans including democrats support breaking up big tech and as long as democrats are in power and they benefit, that's not going to happen. >> jason: they are carrying their water and i think one of the most -- the biggest concern that i have is now you get these reports when they are admitting that they are not only going to go and look at social media, but they want to go after your direct messaging, one-on-one communication with whoever you choose to, talking to another american, it doesn't get any scarier than that. >> whether you're talking about this or what's happening in the border, it's about the u.s. constitution being thrown out the window, the other two guests, that is exactly right, this is state censorship creeping from the left has now reached a full gallop. apparently, jen psaki did not
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understand the lesson when presumably she read it where she was in high school. it was not intended as a governing blueprint, it was intended as a cautionary tale and to hear her at the press podium talk about government censorship is a positive good is truly chilling going after americans with the mighty power of government in collusion with big tech to take away their free speech and take away their platform and take away their livelihood to invade their private domain as citizens, their ability to express themselves, this is something out of an autocracy and as kaylee said, it is a huge gift to president trump because jen psaki has admitted now with the white house behind her that big tech is doing the bidding of big government and that makes it unconstitutional. when my going into 2022 of the democrats think it is
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misinformation to take a different policy position than the current administration or ae congressional district, presumably they could get that taken down or have it suppressed or have a warning label slapped on to it. >> we have already seen that happen, governor desantis and scott atlas, fantastic colleague who i used to work with, other yell scholars on this panel that governor desantis hosted, well credentialed academics merely talked about children not wearing masks sliding all of the harm it can do, the world health organization already said small children should not be wearing masks but when governor desantis and stanford and yale experts said it, you to put the panel off the platform. that is censorship designed to do exactly what you said, censor a political rival. it will become political and they will another sensor lies about covid, they will never
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censor any of the lies told about president trump or russia bounties, where is that censorship? it doesn't exist. >> jason: one of the things that strikes me is where all the liberals? the true liberal who doesn't like big government, they are totally gone. they've been totally wiped off the face of the planet, now gone to this radical far left part of the party that does believe in socialism, does believe in communism, does believe that there should be controlled but it strikes me that this idea of a liberal has actually gone out the door. >> that's the amazing part. i'm old enough to remember the patriot act which was enacted right after 9/11 and the excuse was the same as we are hearing from this white house. we need to save american lives, therefore we will trample on the individual rights of people's privacy. i didn't agree with that then. i don't agree with that now. and back then, remember that was
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a republican in power. the bottom line is in these situations, you can't use we want to save your life, therefore we are now going to spy on you, we are going to infringe on what you have is privacy in order to save you and by the way, i don't think anyone is going on facebook and seeing things on there and saying i was going to get the vaccine, but now i'm not because the flu vaccine, only 48% of people get the flu vaccine, may be some people just don't like vaccines. i got the vaccine, i think it's very effective, my family got it, but i'm not going to judge anybody who doesn't want to get it but i'm certainly not naive enough to think that because of social media, that is killing people like the president said. maybe some people don't want to put a foreign substance in their body that hasn't been around for very long. i don't agree with it, but i respect their right to that opinion in terms of what they do with their bodies. >> jason: this is the united states of america where
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self-determination is so paramount. i got the vaccine, my wife got the vaccine, i believe in it but i respect they get to make their own decision, facebook colluding with the federal government and the government bureaucrats that make these types of determinations. thank you so much for joining us here tonight, we really do appreciate it. also tonight is joe biden gears up for another restful weekend away from the white house, is number two is probably busy terrorizing her staff. according to reports, the vice president's erratic behavior caused at least one staffer to seek psychological help because of trauma from the on-the-job abuse. she's only been in office six months. and now, more bad news for the office of the vice president, a brand-new trafalgar group and convention of states action poll shows that only 22% of voters are very confident that kamala harris is ready to be
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president. meanwhile, reminder tonight hunter biden is still the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation surrounding his sketchy international business deals. according to politico, the prosecutor in charge of the case kept the investigation under wraps during the election in order to maintain the credibility of his investigation. of course, this courtesy was never granted to president trump during the russia witch hunt which never amounted to anything. now senators are demanding to know why 59 of the 96 phones used by his team are still missing. joining us now with more his house minority whip's police along with arizona congressman andy biggs. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i got to serve with both of these fine gentlemen in united states congress when i was there but i left and steve scalise -- just called him
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steve, the idea that they are slow walking the hunter biden investigation because there is an election going on, since when does the department of justice do that? that's not what they are supposed to be doing. >> we missed you in the house, jason. good to be with you but as you pointed out, they never gave president trump this opportunity when they were leaking out information that turned out to be false from some of these federal agencies, let alone an investigation that seems to be very credible and ongoing. the real question is since the election is over, what's happened with the investigation? that they pick it back up again? when you look at that question and then the other question which is really alarming is all of these cell phones that both went missing but as we know, some of those cell phones were actually wiped clean. we all remember the hillary server but many of these cell phones they did turned out to be completely wiped of data
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and some of those fbi agents said they accidentally did it after hearing their password too many times. does anybody buy that? how many of those cell phones were bright and is that obstruction of justice or tampering with evidence? i hope the justice department gets aggressive looking into those actual problems as they were chasing after every false whistle-blower that we heard during the trump administration. >> jason: i doubt it and i had a front row seat and watched where there were documents that were requested under subpoena, the power of subpoena not only in the irs case but also in the clinton case and all of those types of things, but never mind the subpoena and we will see if they get what they are demanding and should deserve to be able to look out but the 2018 midterms, there were a lot of allegations,
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a lot of things that were flowing out the door. i didn't see the department of justice saying we'd better be hands off going into the midterm because they had all kinds of allegations about donald trump, stuff that turned out to be totally false floating out in the atmosphere there that effective the 2018 midterms. >> that's exactly right and the point is real simple. the excuse for not going forward -- we are talking search warrants, grand jury subpoenas so they have progressed in their investigation enough to actually get down to the nitty-gritty and take it to the grand jury and instead of doing that, they said we don't want to put our thumb on the scale and impact the election, but they did. they did by not letting the american people know the truth. we got that from big tech censorship for sure and we also got it from the left-wing media, but we don't need to get it from the department of justice. they put their thumb on the scale by not telling the american people the truth and we
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really need to get to the bottom of that and you add the phones in their and steve mentioned hillary's wiped server, you get all of those things and this is why the american people say we don't trust the police apparatus institutions in the united states anymore, it's a two-tiered system because i can guarantee you if they were at a point to get subpoenas and grand jury testimony and search warrants going, guess what? if it was a republican in the crosshairs, they wouldn't have gone ahead. >> jason: the idea that they slowed it down is just unbelievable to me. congressman scalise, what in the world is going on with john durham and the suppose it probe? i wake up a lot of days and think and wonder where it john durham is today? is he fishing? what in the world to see actually doing? >> that's a great question and i remember having conversations
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over a year ago saying okay, where has this been going, what have we found an when will they release anything? how long have we been hearing the reports about to come out that if something was done that was wrong, let's get it out there. it wasn't done, get that out there but just to not say anything, i think this is where some of these agencies lose their credibility because it seems like there was a double standard and how they treat republicans versus how they treat democrats. >> jason: i only have a few seconds left but you are on the judiciary committee have in the world could jerry nadler, the chairman of that committee not hold a hearing on more than 1,000 put forward by the inspector general of the department of justice about all the wrongdoings at the fbi? >> because he is so busy focusing with his colleagues about domestic terrorism in january 6 or anything else, they don't want to get with the
6:22 pm
inspector general has revealed and we've got to be holding some hearings and if he won't do it, the minority needs to keep pushing to hold minority hearings. >> jason: it is absolutely abhorrent that they wouldn't hold a hearing based on what the inspector general was doing. congressman scalise and congressman bigs, thank you again for joining us tonight, really do appreciate it. aoc and black lives matter are blaming the united states for the crisis in cuba. leo terrel, sean duffy, and mercedes schlapp will join us next with reaction to this and more on the cuba hypocrisy. stay with us. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of hannity.
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black lives matter has been taking heat this week for releasing a statement blaming most of the communist cuban's woes on the american embargo against the island. but it turns out this is not the first time they have taken the side of cuba's communist regime created back in 2016, the blm organization released a statement mourning the death of murderous cuban dictator fidel castro saying we must push against the rhetoric of the right income to the defense and shared what they learned from him and blm isn't the only one laming the united states for cuba's problems as congresswoman causey causey of cortez also called for an end to the embarg. was florida senator marco rubio pointed out on twitter, it was cuba's own communist government that had an embargo that was
6:28 pm
lifted after the protests which were against the cuban government, not the united states. it now that we have the facts straight from of the only question left tonight is whether president biden will actually do anything to help the cuban people because they could sure use it. joining us now, fox news contributor leo terrel and john duffy as well as mercedes schlapp, senior fellow at the american conservative union. your family, your parents, they were actually cubans and they fled that island. when you see this all play out, what comes to mind? >> this is a very painful time for the cuban community watching the brutality by the cuban communists in the military, they are the only ones that have benefited from any sort of income that has come in whether it be from the european union or the russians or the chinese or the venezuelans, it's been the cuban people that have suffered
6:29 pm
from the food shortages, vaccine shortages but it goes beyond that. this democratic movement that is happening swelling up in cuba has been building for quite some time and they are looking for freedom, homeland, and life and they are willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom and they are the ones out there with the american flag raising their voices saying we are ready for a change in cuba, this is something obviously for my father who was a political prisoner for six years fought the castro regime looking at this as we all are in praying for america. >> jason: the black lives matter organization have been out there praising cuba doing it for years, praised fidel castro, blaming the united states of america for so many of these problems, but how do you read it? >> isn't it amazing that black
6:30 pm
lives matter used freedoms in this great country to criticize america, they couldn't say these things if they were in cuba. aoc and black lives matter represent a marxist theory, they hate america, they hate democracy and they want to destroy this country and all the things that have provided them the ability to speak out they criticize. it's really a situation where black lives matter as i said it's for no one in this country. it speaks for no one, it represents no one, it is a fringe organization from the $90 million they collected should be investigated and aoc needs to go down and tops of the cuban-americans who have better knowledge on the issue than what she articulates from her office in washington, d.c. >> jason: one of the more disgusting things that happened is a convicted cop killer, was
6:31 pm
convicted of killing a police officer that she has been harbored in cuba and yet the blm organization, black lives matter has been praising cuba for shielding her and holding her and allowing her freedom in cuba as opposed to coming to justice in the united states for what happened in new jersey a long time ago. >> it's outrageous. obviously, blm hates cops and if you are a cop killer, they love you and they celebrate but also when fidel castro died, blm put out a statement that included they want to look to his spirit for inspiration to help provide universal freedom coming from cuba, that's how crazy blm is and don't forget that our teacher unions are looking to blm to develop their crt
6:32 pm
curriculum in our schools, these are communists. we say marxism and socialism but these are communists. they love the idea of fidel castro's cuba and if we don't stand up and fight back and push back against the communist aoc in congress and corporations and say we are not going to stand for it, we can lose this fight as well. one last point and mercedes mention this, the people that know best what's happening are the people on the ground in cuba but also in miami and south florida. they are not bashing the united states of america. there are flying american flags, some of them even trump flags. we not the problem for the situation in cuba, it is communism that is the problem with cuba. >> jason: you've got deep ties in that community, what should the policy be? this is a very unique period of time. people are rising up and are being killed, being detained,
6:33 pm
taken away from their family for just protesting. which of the united states be doing? >> i think all options should be on the table. obviously, for the biden administration, they should be mounting an international effort to look at ways to have a peaceful democratic transition in cuba, the voices of the cuban people need to be heard at this time. also, we need to make sure that we can get internet access in there immediately and we know when the president's budget right now, they are cutting funds for the broadcasting institute which is so critical for cubans to be able to receive the news and knowing what is happening and that is going to be important as well. this is not an easy moment for even the biden administration, but they need to take immediate action. the cuban-american voters, we are a very strong block and we
6:34 pm
are really demanding immediate response and action by the biden administration and thus far as we know, jen psaki came out and said the president really wasn't going to address this cuba issue at this time but i tell you, every minute counts. we are seeing men and women being beaten up on the streets, young cuban people also being attacked, people being shot, this is chaotic and out of control and quite frankly a tragedy for the people of cuba and let us always remember that in america, we have to defend the bill of rights. first amendment, second amendment, freedom of speech, right to bear arms why? because the cuban people have no arms. those arms were taken away back in the 1950s by fidel castro. they have no way to defend themselves. >> jason: i only have 30 seconds left, i have to ask you, told the cuban people don't come to the united states, you cannot come in but down on the southern
6:35 pm
border, it is wide open and it does strike me and i do wonder, cuban-americans do tend to vote for republicans and they don't want them coming across to shore but if you are in the southwest, come on in. they are coming in by the millions. >> we are on the same channel. they are playing politics with the lives of those cubans on that island because they turn republicans later in the cubans who were being basically slaughtered on the street are being denied medical help. they have a tendency to vote republican. that is the measuring stick, shame on america, shame on using politics to determine what rights to give to people who need help. >> jason: real quick, ten seconds, last thought. >> shutting down internet access on the island stopped organization in speech and we are doing the same thing for
6:36 pm
your last segment, we want freedom of speech and of the internet here and freedom for them to organize and protest and gain their freedom. >> jason: good point. thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, far left congresswoman cori bush who was a strong advocate for the d from the police movement recently reported spending $70,000 on private security. how convenient. representative madison cawthorn and larry elder will react next.
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>> jason: just like we've been telling you, the democrats defund and dismantle police agenda is real, scary, and it is bringing chaos, not safety to
6:41 pm
cities across america but the far left democrats themselves refuse to live under the policies that they want from the rest of the country. for example, squad member congresswoman cori bush is a defund the police advocate who recently reportedly spent $70,000 on private security and everywhere we see these defund policies put into place, we see cities that are less safe, less secure, and more violent, surprise. ask yourself who is this helping >> benjamin: who is enriched by anti-police policy? it is not working americans for the middle class and it is certainly not our most vulnerable and struggling communities. it is now an undeniable disaster for democrats and causing undeniable danger all across the country. joining me now for a reaction, madison cawthorn along with california gubernatorial candidate in radio talk show
6:42 pm
host larry elder. thank you so much for joining us on hannity. i'm going to start with you because she is out there yelling and screaming and advocating for a defund the police, open borders, all kinds of things but of course, when it comes to her own situation, she just shells out tens of thousands of dollars to have private armed security. >> you know i have a lot of antifa people who want to kill me so i have hired private security and let me tell you, $70,000 over a three-month period for for private security is a full on battalion. this woman literally ran on the idea that all cops are pastors, ran on the idea of defunding the police, when she called a historic move but now we are seeing she wants you to be unsafe and once you do not have firearms and protect yourself but she wants to be protected. this is the exact same thing as
6:43 pm
an arsonist going around lighting everyone's buildings on fire but than hiring a fire truck to follow her to make sure she doesn't get burned. >> jason: he put your hat in the ring and wish you all the best in the world. i wrote an opinion piece for then it shows the statistics as the numbers that are just undeniable and democrat run cities and states and the huge, massive surge of crime happening in places like california where they try to defund the police and they don't know how to control the criminal population. what would you do and what do you think should be the right public policy? >> that's why i'm running and i urge people to go to elect tweeted that black people aren't
6:44 pm
really free, because talking about her city of st. louis that is 45% black but estimated of the roughly 300 murders last year, 90% of them black on black, the highest murder rate in 50 years. when she says she wants to defund the police, she means she wants to defund your police, not her police. we talk about chicago being the murder capital of the world, st. louis murder rate is three times higher than that of chicago and she is talking about defunding the police. it is absolutely outrageous. the people most likely to be hurt by this are black and brown people that the left claims to care about so deeply. >> jason: there was precision policing in new york back in the day were rudy giuliani and others would come after you. you broke a window, they would come after you but in so many of these other states and cities, they have raised the level that is allowing for petty theft and
6:45 pm
shoplifting at even trying to arrest anymore. >> it's absolutely ridiculous and you want to hear a shocking statistic, the number of shootings that happened last year in 2020 in new york city were up 94%. everyone knows that murders are up over this year and last year by 4,000 people but that actually obscures one of the most important facts about that statistic and is that the murder increases are happening in blue run cities whether it's washington, d.c., new york city were out in l.a., the murder rates are up an incredible amounts. i believe it's the reason you see new york and california losing congressional seats and coming to places like texas and florida because people realize they cannot raise a family and what is essentially a war zone. these people continue to push for police reform that makes people more in danger and makes our communities less safe. they say one thing with their words into a completely other with their actions.
6:46 pm
>> jason: it's unbelievable. they took 500 undercover policeman off the streets. that isn't going to make the city of new york any safer. >> the number one job of government is to protect people and property on the number one issue californians are concerned about his crime. a violent crime up in san francisco, los angeles has defund the police has diverted $150,000 from the l.a.p.d. budget for youth programs and they are not doing the number one job facing the country. i urge people to go to elect if you want to turn this around. >> jason: i think you got that in a five times, congratulations, thank you so much. after the break, emily compagno and tammy bruce will react to a shocking new development at the united states sexual abuse
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of hannity. shocking revelations about the sexual abuse case came to life this week. remember, the former usa gymnastics team doctor who is serving a 60 year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to child charges. also please as an additional 40 to 125 years on state charges in michigan, hundreds of women and girls have said the abuse them for the department of justice inspector general this week released its long anticipated report on the case highlighting
6:52 pm
a number of the fbi's shortcomings ultimately concluding that they refused to handle the case with "the utmost seriousness but also reports of special agent in charge of the case made numerous errors and they have violated the fbi's policy as well as government ethics rules. for example, the report says abbott and an unidentified agent made false statements in an interview summary drafted after an interview took place with one of his alleged victims. joining us now with reaction to these shocking updates from "outnumbered" cohost emily compagno and fox news contributor tammy bruce. i want to start with you, i've got to tell you, this is a horrific case, hundreds of victims, what is so disgusting about what they did when they interviewed a woman in 2015, it took them 17 months to write a report before -- they failed to
6:53 pm
communicate with local law enforcement. this guy is working with michigan state university high school and had untold number of victims after that because the fbi didn't do its job, that's what the inspector general said. >> the biggest tragedy in my opinion is he noted this in the conclusion of the 119 page investigation report was that the fbi failed to seize on the opportunity to disrupt this man's predatory behavior, didn't lose sight of the fact that when the fbi shouldn't of been investigating this and couldn't have stopped him. i have to share with viewers that there is a silver lining and thus the fact that the fbi has now instituted three large changes to how they review these types of complaints and a whole host of changes within these buckets so first of all, the operating procedure documentation, retention, 30 day
6:54 pm
review period, oversight, this guy approves his own documents he wrote so that is going on, also have accountability now where they have to share information with partners and field offices. also, the whole life to support victims in the space of the good news is this will never happen again. >> jason: i've got to tell you, my own personal opinion the department of justice should be charging in indianapolis field special agent in charge, they should be taking him to jail because he failed to do his job, he lied to the inspector general, they know he lied to the inspector general, they have that documented, even went so far of trying to get a job with the united states olympic committee and lied to the inspectors that he was doing this and meanwhile they were all of these victims. these types of cases drive me nuts. the fbi has no credibility on this stuff. prosecuting somebody within the
6:55 pm
fbi. >> there you go, i think we are done but absolutely right, and i love emily's approach, but i have to say i would disagree with her. i think this will happen again. i think that this is a clear example of why so many women do not report the actual assault. the first woman to accuse nasser publicly has made that point on her twitter feed, that this is really why when you do report, authorities themselves don't take you seriously and at the fbi, this is not from 30 or 40 years ago, this is 2015 and 16. we shouldn't need a procedure so that a man knows the deal properly without committing. >> jason: i have no options, i've got to get out of this, stay with us on this special edition of hannity after this break.
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>> thanks for joining us tonight. i wish we had more time. also want to -- very greatful to have a fox news podcast. it's called "jason in the house." this week's guest, former secretary of state mike pompeo. check out the jason in the house pad cast. you'll enjoy it. "the ingraham angle" is up now. >> laura: good evening. i'm laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from washington. a week in an hour. this takes on a barrage of trump books that are making the usual outlandish claims and the usual reaction from the press corps. raymond arroyo takes us inside the moments you missed at the white house with biden and merkel. and the graniacs have a new target. it's you


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