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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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watch my speech and many other things tomorrow through tuesday, plus kayleigh mcenany and all will be doing all excess life to break down the biggest moments, you can sign up for free right now using that code. thank you so much for watching fox news prime time. we will see you tomorrow morning. brian kilmeade has it all next week, going to rocket. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy friday. so much happened in the final weeks of the presidential campaign that we are beginning to lose track of it. what happens to this or that development in the news? a lot falls between the cracks. politicians know this obviously and they take advantage of it. they can derail a story until after election day, often that
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story goes away forever. no one really remembers and that was precisely the thinking behind the democrats response to hunter biden's laptop. they knew that the content of that laptop were genuine. look at what's on there, theoretically possible that some foreign intel service would photoshop a picture of hunter biden most leased for self amusement but 100 pictures adorned with m&ms >> benjamin: no. those pictures were real and so are huge numbers of emails and texts from hunter biden explaining how he is selling access to his father, then the vice president and how his father was helping him. so in order to enrich his family, joe biden change this country's foreign policy here that happen and was a real crime that hunter biden's laptop revealed. voters had understood that if someone had told them, it might have affected the results of the election. so they couldn't know.
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they hid that from the country. in october, a group of corrupt intelligence officials whose names will live forever in shame sign the letter blaming vladimir putin for the laptop. hunter biden story is russian disinformation, dozens of former officials say, that was the headline and political. that was a lie from top to bottom that was totally unsupported by evidence or intelligence but it came just in time and joe biden picked it up in the field and it like a club from the stage. >> we are in a situation where we have foreign countries trying to interfere an outcome of our election. his own national security advisor told him that what is happening to his buddy -- i will. his buddy, rudy giuliani is being used as a russian pond. he is being fed information that is not true.
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>> tucker: own national security advisor. that's probably right, but it was a lie. and just two months after that debate, the truth began to leak out. according once again to politico, the intel world's favorite media tool, a person with firsthand knowledge of the investigation conceded that actually, hunter biden's laptop was not a russian fabrication. it was real, real enough to be used as evidence in an ongoing investigation which is potential money laundering. hunter biden we learned who is facing a possible indictment for what was on the laptop. the doj was looking at the ukrainian and chinese businessmen who had been paying him to get close to his father and wanted to know why his father was getting 10% of those deals. that's what we learned. and that's all we learned. for six months, we heard nothing more. meanwhile, hunter biden got a lot richer, sold a book that no one read for millions of dollars, sold paintings he would never hang anywhere for possibly even more than that, we don't
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know because the identity of the people who bought them are still secret. what you do know for certain is that hunter biden was never charged with anything. why is that? it's kind of weird if you think about given that hunter biden admitted on television with the laptop actually didn't come from the kremlin. watch. >> was that your laptop? >> i don't know. i really don't know what the answer is. >> you don't know yes or no. >> i have no idea. >> it could have been yours. >> there could be a laptop out there stolen from me, it could be there was a russian intelligence, it could be it was stolen from me. >> tucker: so you would think that clip like that where he admits it, you think that clip would be a key piece of evidence in the probe into hunter biden's finances. where did all this money come
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from? why are they sending him millions of dollars? emails on that laptop directly implicate hunter biden in the foreign influence peddling operation, his brother, son so why haven't we heard anything to this day about any of this from the department of justice great good question and the magazine reported meaning it was told likely for complex reasons we can never really know that the u.s. attorney in the state of delaware had in fact buried the hunter biden case and had done so on purpose because he was asked to do it. decided to do all this because he wanted to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in middle of the presidential election. they're just saying it out loud now, didn't want her joe biden and he did this at the request of the bidens family and the lawyer. it includes this. to his credit, he listens that a
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person involved in the discussion. otherwise, he listens to the bidens and their lawyers and apparently he's kept his job as a federal prosecutor. now needless to say he strongly approves of this, it's the right thing. "his decision to avoid revealing the investigation in a move that might've boosted donald trump's campaign even at the cost of politicizing the probe was consistent with his sober minded approach to the job. got that? when you cover for a democratic presidential campaign, you are a sober minded prosecutor, you did the right thing, getting the right team into the white house. hope you get rewarded. in case you have any doubt that that's exactly what happened. if they had hunter biden's laptop for the entire year before the election, made a forensic copy of the hard drive
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in 2019. but they did nothing and now they don't have time, too busy hunting down senior citizens, the fabled insurrection. they can't do anything about this by the bidens. they are busy with the insurrectionist. maybe someday when it no longer matters. we can look forward to more treatment like this for those who oppose the regime. he is what happens to any american who mocks the people in power. >> exclusive footage you are looking at right now from cnn as the fbi arrives at roger stone's residence in fort lauderdale, florida, taking him into custody. they arrive a dozen officers were told.
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he made the mistake of texting unflattering things about federal prosecutors and government attacks. the hunter biden doesn't have to worry about any of that, just doesn't have to worry about the s.w.a.t. team showing up at his house, hunter biden can violate all these federal gun laws he wants and he has and knows he will never be charged. merrick garland works or his dad, so he's fine. he can do whatever he wants and as you've seen, he definitely has. but there's a different standard for you. you step out of line, you are done and they mean it. the harmless shaman of january 6th in solitary confinement tonight. began working for the federal government way back when equal justice was the goal, not just a bad joke, acting attorney general and we are happy to have you tonight. thank you so much for coming on. so it seems particularly brazen for them to just admit given
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suddenly thing to help donald trump. >> that's exactly what it appears happens. they knew that the next overstep has issued some subpoenas and get documents that would make the investigation go over and what happened is they determine to effect the election to help joe biden into her donald trump, they decided not to issue those overt subpoenas. i think that so inconsistent with the way it should be conducted and the way we expect and it creates an impression like you talk about, a two-tiered system of justice where there is the left and joe biden and his family and everyone else who are put into thumbscrews and other tactics to get information. it's outrageous. >> that's it right there and i have to be totally honest, i
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want celebrate the jailing of anybody. that's not the point, it's the punitive legal tactics being used against opponents of the regime that should scare all of us. it's so disproportionate, thinking if you vote for one guy, you go to jail if you vote for another guy, you don't, that's not justice. >> the federal level as awesome as you can imagine and it needs to be used judiciously by sober and painted people. >> this was just a long string of these types of investigations where it appears that if you were on the left, you could skate and at the same time if you are the cfo of the trump company, they will go after you until they find something to charge you with and it cannot be
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and we risk losing the republic, this is a moment in time where prosecutors both federal, state, and local need to determine credit going after people for their political beliefs or because that's where the evidence leads and are we treating everybody the same and right now based on this hunter biden case, we are clearly not treating everyone the same. when next you think if i lied in a federal gun form i would get away with it? >> especially not. we went through those cases all the time. >> i don't think you would either. thank you so much for joining us tonight. the white house said out loud the other day that it is coordinating with tech monopolies to censor anything it deems to be misinformation. >> we are in regular touch with social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior
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staff but also members of our covid-19 team giving what dr. conveyed, this is an issue of misinformation specifically on the pandemic. we've increased research and tracking within the surgeon general's office flagging problematic posts that spread this information. >> tucker: admitting that from the podium during the white house briefing, the white house is actually in control of the information that you receive on your phone. the first amendment doesn't exist, politicians have taken over the media, but that's totally fine because it's disinformation. they said that out loud and today, they didn't backtrack or apologize or fire the person who said it and disavow what she said because it's crazy unconstitutional behavior, they double down. the same person that said if you are banned on one social media platform, you should be banned everywhere.
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>> providing for a facebook or other platforms to measure and publicly share the impacts of misinformation on their platform and the audience it is reaching also with the public, with all of you to create robust enforcement strategies that bridge and provide transparency about rules, you shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation out there. >> we really try not to lead with upsetting stories on the friday because it is friday and you were going into the weekend and not everything is bad news but it's kind of hard to avoid this. you should be totally silenced if you disagree with the joe biden white house? really? that is what they are saying and they are not ashamed of it. this afternoon, the president himself explained that of social media companies don't comply with these orders, they are guilty of murder. >> what's your message to platforms like facebook?
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>> there killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated and there killing people. >> tucker: they are killing people? what do you do to those who are killing people? anything you want because they are murderers. it's hard to believe all of this. glenn greenwald is an independent journalist, written an awful lot about this topic, thank you so much for coming on. you were once called paranoid and i have been too. i don't think you can be paranoid enough about what is this? >> i think it's really important and i'm glad you started the show talking about the hunter biden laptop story because that for me is the original sin. i really regard that is the most egregious act of censorship in the last decade is not my lifetime. "the new york post" got hold of huge numbers of documents
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revealing serious questions not about hunter, but about joe biden. twitter banned any attempt to post the link on its platform. facebook monopoly said they would algorithmically suppress the story so they barred americans from hearing about reporting from a laptop. we talk all the time about how china is so tyrannical because they restrict the internet now talking about how cuba is so oppressed because they don't allow them access to the internet. that's what was done meant together with the corporate media based on a lie by the cia censor the internet and joe biden 1:when they did, they saw that very few people will object and that became their governing strategy. shortly thereafter, they removed
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parlor which was at the time the most popular apps being downloaded by americans because they promise it will allow you free speech and now there she is proudly boasting that she is dictating to social media companies if the white house considers. >> tucker: even today, idiot republicans on the hill spend the lack of freedom in cuba but increasingly, neither will be, noticing what's going on in the country, they are supposed to be running and spending all their time focused on this caribbean nation, because of the first amendment say pretty clearly of the government is not allowed to control the press? here the government seems to be controlling the press. >> i thought the whole point of make america great again.
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we should be focusing on our own country and making lives better for americans. i think that's exactly the point is you have what is genuinely inactive censorship by the state and there is case law that says if the government coerces private actors to do the kinds, that in itself becomes unconstitutional. the executive branch has huge power over facebook and its other companies so when they make suggestions about the list of people they want banned, of course it's not a suggestion, it is coercion and the law says that is a free-speech issue because the government is engaging in the censorship they couldn't do on their own by pressuring private actors to do it for them.
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>> tucker: i would say that is coercion. thank you for your clarity as always, i appreciate you very much. what is going on around the country, another snapshot, the city bringing back indoor mask mandates, will people obey and should they? that's next.
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>> tucker: the city of los angeles has announced it is bringing back indoor mask mandates and they will apply even to people who have been vaccinated. >> masking and doors must become a practice by all so we can stop the level of transmission we are currently seeing. >> tucker: doesn't make a ton of sense in the l.a. county sheriff has just announced he will not enforce mandate that you just heard and that does make sense because it's not rooted in science. how do we know this? back in may, the director of the cdc said vaccinated people don't need to wear masks. >> we are asking people to be honest with themselves if they are vaccinated and they are not
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wearing a mask, they are safe. they are not vaccinated and not wearing a mask, they are not safe. >> tucker: of they have contradictory guidance. maybe the experts on the science have nothing to do with any of this. maybe it's as simple as that as soon as you hand the power of your life whether you can go to church, they don't want to give it back, and they are not. other cities are going to reinstate masks in a new york, andrew cuomo just tweeted that masks should be mandatory because they are a sign of respect and can prevent the common cold so i ever take it off? are they a sign of respect to people who are forced to wear them? no, they are a sign of obedience and submission. morning the third wave of the virus is about to knock out all the progress the vaccines have made. chaos in the covid front
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tonight, he's the best author and is so honest about this topic he has been blocked from posting by twitter according to the white house, that means you should be banned everywhere. facebook, youtube, and in the meantime he is always welcome here. joins us now. thank you so much for coming on. there's just so much here and you may know too much to give a crisp answer so i will just throw it out to you, how do you assess the development at this point? >> masks are useless for their wearers, we have known this for at least a year, they probably do little to nothing to block the transmission of the virus and we have known that too. you decide to wear in n95 mask and have it on your face the whole time and never touch it, you get some minor benefit although even that is not really proven. as you said, what i've grown to conclude over the last 12 months
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is masks are very simply symbolic. are they are is a sign that you need to listen to us. i don't see people wearing masks, i forget that he's scared and that is why they want people wearing masks and it just could not be clearer. >> the psychological damage they are doing here we are now told there's a third wave and this may undercut the effectiveness of the vaccine. how effective are the vaccines, do we know so far? >> the vaccines appear to be declining in effectiveness very quickly and so i've been blocked for 12 hours but to give you a very clear warning signal, i have never been blocked on twitter before and i've written a lot of stuff about masks and lots of stuff that people have not liked them all backed by data and all backed by primary government sources, vaccines appear to be a third rail.
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in favor of these vaccines and so what i wrote today was -- it's not my fault the u.k. has 50,000 new covid cases today. britain is the most vaccinated major country in the world, they have an out-of-control epidemic right now, deaths are going up, hospitalizations are going up, hopefully will not go to the levels back in january but they are rising and it has nothing to do with the fact that people are not vaccinated, it's because they are so that has gotten me in trouble on twitter. i think eventually, i'm probably going to get kicked off of twitter so i have this, i know a lot of your viewers follow me on twitter, get to me there before i get kicked off twitter, please. >> i think that's right. have never even heard of it two years ago and turned out to be a refuge because the big media outlets are committed to lying in censorship. it's terrifying. thank you, you've been honest
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this whole way through and we are grateful for that. so a lot of the western world has averted its gaze this week has chaos and anarchy have consumed parts of south africa, a beautiful country filled with great people. what is going on they were exactly? no conversation about that whatsoever among why? we asked someone all the way from south africa to give us a first-hand account of what's going on. he will meet him next.
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>> tucker: a big population centers fell into complete chaos and anarchy, huge parts of them destroyed, south africa is the richest most important country on the continent of africa and more to the point, the leadership of south africa, many of the people who run the
5:34 pm
country have very close ties to politicians who run our country so it's worth knowing exactly what happened there. the head of the largest human rights organization in south africa and also a filmmaker flew to the united states to speak to us for a new episode of tucker carlson today. very interesting. >> it's just not spread evenly all over the world and either way, the future has already happened in south africa and what i mean by that is there are certain policies that people in america are flirting with that have already been implemented in south africa and you can see the consequences and they call of the south african experiment in the early 90s, this new experimental of this is what we are going to try, we are going to have this new identity,
5:35 pm
status identity, however you want to save it and superimpose this, almost globalism because it's a very diverse country, multi-communal country otherwise a bunch of different cultures, languages and now we are being told that there was a saying that for the nation to prosper, the tribe must die and what that effectively means is for the south african project to prosper, these natural identities that people have should be suppressed for it it's like saying on a bigger scale, the same thing as saying for globalism to prosper, nations have to die and you can be an american and you can believe in the american dream but only in as far as it doesn't stand on the way of this globalist project and i think south africa is an experiment that has
5:36 pm
already been implemented and we can see what happened. we can talk about corruption and i think that's the reason why it's so difficult to talk about the problem in south africa because you get quite shut down and if you say there's a problem in south africa. >> tucker: in the united states, it became the law in the 1960s within a year after the civil rights act in 1965 past which was the law that really undid the vestiges of segregation in the american south and that it's illegal, you can't do that anymore and within a year, the federal government said will continue to discriminate but in the other direction. racism is still the law, but now it's for a better reason and the idea was this is going to be temporary and of course, it hasn't been temporary, been more than 50 years and it's accelerating with greater intensity and ferocity and more hatred behind it. in south africa, it seems like it's got even farther than that. >> yes.
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i think they were two different things that seem to be contradicting, but it's not. the one thing i spoke about the natural identity. a bunch of different communities and traditional communities want to preserve heritage and that's important and should be done and a lot of these tradition leaders feel like they are being suppressed, a whole story about that, how they are being disrespected. so that is on the one side, but then in terms of who is running the country, who openly just yesterday spoke about the communist party of china is still very big supporters of the soviet union so as far as the government is concerned, is a very strong anti-western sentiment underneath this whole thing and that's part of the reason why it's controversial to speak out against it because there's an anti-western
5:38 pm
sentiment in america which is sad and ironic and in europe as well. so to speak out -- you can say it's corruption and crime but when you say maybe we should take one step back and ask a question, isn't corruption and crime and all of these things are they not may be symptoms of a problem as opposed to the problems themselves? it's a form of blasphemy. >> tucker: so what is the problem that gives rise to these symptoms? >> the problem is that south africa if they have an assumption that turned out to be false. >> tucker: what was that assumption? >> that you can change people's identities by telling people you need to step back from your
5:39 pm
natural identity and your cultural identity and need to take up this new identity. and give to put that on the back burner and it didn't work, that's the problem. so one of us was if you just force people together, then friction is going to go away over time and it's just not that simple. social engineering and trying to use the government to create this new identity on bella and you can be french or german as long as it doesn't stand in the way of the european project, it's the same thing.
5:40 pm
and to a fairly large extent, we find out it's just not working. >> tucker: great country in a lot of ways and a very sad story with a lot of lessons for us here and again, the ties between the people who run south africa are real. we also discussed during that conversation planning to seize control over the entire country. full episode streaming now on so language has changed of course not accidental, it's intentional and changing how we describe everything including shark attacks including bigots using the phrase shark attacks. another shark expert will explain why we have to stop attacking sharks, why it's wrong.
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>> tucker: and another sign of
5:46 pm
global progress, some government agencies in one country no longer using the word shark attack to say is stigmatizing phrase that -- instead, officials referring to shark attack as negative interactions, it's a negative interaction. australia's department of primary industries just announce that change, one researchers of the move is appropriate because most shark attacks are more like small bites than actual attacks so how to assess this? dave portnoy's most famous for starting the sports side bar stool, and online gaming mobile but also of renowned shark expert. in fact, he is an author of the book sharks have feelings too so was to dave portnoy rico to understand this change. thank you so much for coming on tonight, so have a negative and interaction as a shark, would you say? >> it's really negative but it's negative for the shark. here in his territory, he lives
5:47 pm
in the water, humans don't belong in the water so a shark is minding his own business and then would be like a stranger walking into your house, it's traumatizing and negative for the shark. >> tucker: was a completely different perspective that most americans don't have, they imagine that they can wade into the ocean without getting eaten but you're saying that's a violation of the territorial integrity of sharks. >> my domain is social media and twitter and i swim around and when someone doesn't know anything about me and you came into my house, this is my territory. you look at the numbers, there is ten shark attacks, a million sharks that are getting attacked every years. those numbers speak for themselves. >> tucker: body surfing is a home invasion. i don't think most people looked
5:48 pm
at it from that perspective. you are famous as a media mobile in effect and an online gaming tighten, when did you become a shark expert? >> we had a debate. some people were equating sharks is evil, equating them to snakes which is just incorrect. snakes are nasty vile creatures. snakes surprise you and do all this stuff. shark tries to mind its own business. in the entire ecosystem and so we got in a debate. it does have profanity, but it is a children's book, figure
5:49 pm
that one out. >> i didn't get the demo on that but what category it is, education and children's books, they probably got to learn it at one point, might as well learn a little earlier. >> tucker: so you go from one career to become a zoologist overnight in the best-selling in the nation, what kind of preparation education research did it take to become a world-renowned authority on sharks? >> took me two years to write that book. >> tucker: really? explain your writing regimen. >> i did a lot of research and for every pro shark piece of propaganda i could find i put it in the book then one of the guys was a good cartoonist depicting
5:50 pm
all sorts of things and it turned into what many are calling a modern literature masterpiece. you read the review, they don't lie. >> tucker: i think you make a really good point, may be the most honest assessment of anything so this is our generations moby dick written by david portnoy and it's our honor to promote this best-selling account of shark life. dave portnoy, thank you. >> respect the sharks, respect the ocean. >> tucker: speaking of books, a major bookseller has just come out in favor of book burning. he joins a straight ahead.
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>> tucker: the american booksellers association represents booksellers across the country in the group supports freedom of speech but they don't mean it. instead of defending freedom of speech, the american booksellers association just announce this message on twitter and we are quoting. "an anti-trans book was included in our july mailing to members. this is a serious violence incident that goes against our policies, values, and everything we believe and support. amazon which is still carrying the anti-trans book in question, two employees have quit in protest because they are selling it. the book in question is written by abigail schreier we haven't talked about her yet we are always happy to have her, her book is called irreversible damage, the transgender craze seducing our daughters. in you grew up in this country. i read something like this and i think what country is this? tell us your response to it. >> that's exactly right.
5:57 pm
these highly motivated activists and unfortunately increasing numbers of american institutions are under the pretext of calling disfavored ideas violence are promoting censorship. that's what they are doing and they are coming for every book, every youtube channel, television show that contravenes its orthodoxy. >> tucker: i have looked carefully for public opinion polling on the specific question and the impression i am left with is that this is a tiny and small percentage of the american population that has these views, it really is like 1100 activists are controlling the entire country's access to information. is that your impression? >> it is, they are highly motivated and operate on social media and no one stands up to them or for far too few stand up to them. they do not get really motivated really fast to defend our rights, we are going to lose
5:58 pm
them. >> tucker: that's absolutely right. so there is really a price attached to cowardice and standing back and letting things unfold as they will come a small minority of crazy people take control of the country. i don't know what other lessons this offers. >> think about the language they use, they call it an act of violence. what do we do with people who perpetrate violent incidents? we put them in jail, we have them arrested so are they suggesting authors be treated as if they committed acts of violence, do they belong in jail? >> tucker: i'm just guessing here but it seems like they are laying the predicate for that. >> i think so. i think people who commit acts of violence lose their rights or they lose their liberties and we are heading towards a place where that is what is facing authors today if they don't face the woke orthodoxy. >> tucker: i don't know anything about your politics but
5:59 pm
just judging about what you write, you probably know a lot of liberals personally. how many people have reached out to you to say this is crazy and i support you? >> it's been all across the political spectrum from the furthest left all the way to the right and i will tell you that's what is so threatening about my book at the end of the day, the support is not primarily conservative. it is awakening parents across the country to the gender ideology being pushed on young people. >> tucker: is a denial of reality. men and women are very different. we didn't do that, that's biology, one of the great things in life and to deny it is sick. you are a brave person, whoever you voted for and i appreciate you coming on. thank you. that's about it for us, on south africa which is a fascinating and very sad story with a ton of lessons for all of us is available now, someone who
6:00 pm
lives in south africa and is staying there, head of the largest human rights book joins me, i hope you see it. we will be back monday 8:00 p.m., the show that is a sworn enemy, have a great evening with the ones you love and we will see you on monday. in the meantime, sean hannity right now. >> welcome to the special edition of hannity taking on this form, i am jason chaffetz in the first shot at for the hour, we will expose the biden administration's radical agenda at home and abroad. we began in our nation's capital where bidens surgeon general is deeply concerned with covid-19 misinformation on social media. he called it an imminent and insidious threat to our nation's health. today,


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