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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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senator bill cassidy joins us and along with surgeon general vivek murthy. that's for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this week fair balanced and and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth this week starts right now. you get four seconds. >> pete: you gave them back it took a few days and you gave them back, bret, thank you very much. great show. good evening, america, it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and :00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> pete: i'm your host pete hegseth. if you are like me, you have seen the 2020 election integrity stories that continue to come out, especially in the past few days, they are getting scant fair coverage of course the georgia lawsuit and arizona audit have turned up interesting and troubling information. we should pay attention to them.
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the integrity of our election, special for the highest office of the land are of the utmost importance. there are still questions that deserve straight answers. and god bless those still fighting, suing and recounting to ensure we get to the facts. until we get full transparency on the past, trust in the future of our system will remain in the gutter. this is not a partisan statement. this is relate. that said, if we thought the environment in 2020 before, during and after the election was stacked against freedom loving americans, the future looks worse. look out for 2022 and 2024. the left is not interested in recounting. instead, they are reloading if there is one thing democrats and left do exceptionally well. they never relent or stop or never let a crisis real or imagined go to waste. all week we have shown you how
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the democrats are using covid-19 to solidify power and crush dissent. in fact, covid has become their entry point to do whatever they want: we told you how joe biden's trusted messengers going door to door in swing states passing out facts about covid vaccines, well, they were actually democrat operatives. get people vaccinated and get out the vote in key states while they're at it. it's a brilliant political technique. as karl rove pointed out last night. >> think about it, you go to randolph county, georgia, you stick the needle in the arm, then you come back a year later and say now just remember, we from the randolph county democrat neighbor to neighbor program came by and took care of you. and you need to respond by voting democrat. north carolina, we the progressives building political power, we are back on your doorstep reminding you that we were here last year with a life-saving vaccine.
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>> pete: bing get. the democratic ploy doesn't stop at doorstep it's moving into your phone. the biden administration eyeing partnership with cell phone carriers to intercept and fact check your private text messages containing covid misinformation. misinformation has been the word of the week at the white house. just yesterday press secretary jen psaki admitted that team biden was actively working with facebook to crack down on posts they deemed to spread misinformation it's probably the most dangerous word in our political discourse right now. misinformation, those who define it calling those who post a public threat. >> we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spreads disinformation. we are working with doctors and medical professionals to connected medical experts with -- who are popular with audiences with accurate information and boost trusted
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content. so we are helping get trusted content out there. >> pete: boosting. that so outrageous it got blow back from the left and the press. same thing. that didn't seem to phase them at all. jen psaki walked to the podium today and doubled down on that threat calling for even harsher punishment for anyone who steps out of line. >> you shouldn't be banned from one platform and not others if you -- for providing misinformation out there. >> pete: i hope she is making this up. but i don't think she is. think about what she is saying there. the biden white house is demanding that separate, private companies ban together at the behest of the government to remove all speech that she and joe biden doesn't like. public health is their reason now. but went covid be a campaign issue? how will the white house and facebook censorship partnership
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handle candidates who, i don't know, criticize the democrat approach or criticize mask-wearing after they are vaccinated or mandatory vaccines? those legitimate campaign issues be deemed misinformation as well? think about that. from covid to campaigns. that seems to be the idea. the administration has repeatedly been proven wrong on these issues. it just declared itself the arbiter of truth. so what happens if you cross the arbiter of truth? >> for how long has the administration been spying on people's facebook profiles looking for misinformation? >> that was quite a loaded and inaccurate question. which i would refute. >> 12 people who you have on a list. 12 individuals. do they know that somebody at the surgeon general's office is going through their profile. >> i'm happy to get you the citation where that comes from. there is no secret list. i will tell you these are people who are sharing information on
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public platforms on facebook. peter oh, so there is a list. dan bongino host of unfiltered on saturday nights at 10:00 on the fox news channel and my friend dan, thank you so much for being here. misinformation? >> happy to do it, pete. >> pete: this moment has been incredibly revealing as we start to unravel the extent to which they are utilizing covid and also working in concert with private social media companies to take a look at what we are doing. >> yeah, pete. listen. this is deadly serious. and i'm glad the tone of your monologue was right. we have crossed a red line here. the government, you know, we have a bill of rights, right? it's a document of almost negatives. i don't mean that in a qualitative judgment way. the bill of rights tells you what the government can't do to you. they can't infringe on your right to self-protection. your second amendment right. your right to assemble and right to speech. they can't establish religion. it says what the government can't do. so what the government can't do is infringe on your free speech
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except in very limited circumstances. pete, what they also can't do is if they want to crush your free speech, because they don't like your opinion on the vaccine or your opinion on covid lockdown is they can't deputize another one and go forth to love and can't do. there is a lit at a at a but i'm not an idiot either. i do my homework and i read. it is clearly obvious that jen psaki, and one more thing. that jen psaki is trying to deputize through joe biden and other people. try to deputize people to do what they can't do. they admitted to having a list. even when you have ler cornered they back down. >> they're say it in the open. white house saying we are working with facebook. facebook also put out a statement today saying yes, we are working with the white house. we banned all of these people. so before it was -- we were just
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theorists. i mentioned this in the monologue that this doesn't turn into something a part of the campaign. candidates are saying misinformation they can't be allowed to there is no assurances at all. believe me, if you are getting any sense of optimism from me. then i have screwed this interview up. i'm not -- here's the problem. where are the republicans in d.c.? listen, guys, i'm sorry, get off your asses. what are you doing? we have a couple -- i don't want to stigmatize the whole group. buff what the hell are you doing? this is the single most political issue of our time. literally the ability to speak in the public square. what's the point of arguing tax rates if you can't argue because you have been banned from the new public square social media? if you are not running on this, 2022 election and 2024 as your number one issue, please exit stage left. you are not the appropriate candidate you have no idea the scope of the problem. can you imagine by the way if
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republicans were -- what bigger topic misinformation out there by guns, right? can you imagine if us saying we want leftist banned from the internet because they lie about guns and the second amendment all the time the media would be in an uproar. >> pete: another thing the media was in an upwould, dan, your information is being spread too much on facebook. i don't know if you saw this too much. crowd tangle owned by facebook was effectively shut down from doing what they are doing by facebook because executives were so embarrassed by the fact if you look at that list on the right, that's from 2021 of april. that's dan bongino and ben shapiro only on the top 10 top performing links by u.s. facebook pages in the last 24 hours. they are embarrassed. they are not a platform. they say we have to get rid of and this is already after we know shadow bannings and the algorithms are suppressing what you are talking about already. so you have answered the key question. republicans i can think maybe
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one or two senators that are truly concerned about this otherwise they are asleep at the wheel. >> i didn't want to bother you, i watched you talking about my facebook page. let me give you a scoop i have only talked on podcast not on the air because no one has asked me until now other than you. there is a war going on for my facebook page behind the scenes. they hit us every single day with an army of bottom fact checkers who fact check every single comma and period we have. and here's the trick they use. if we say something, and let's say a few days later the information changes, but it was accurate the day we said it this army of lead stories and gwinnett fact checkers assault my page in an attempt to limit its reach. if you had any idea i could spend an hour talking to you. i have to pay someone a substantial amount of money almost full time to battle against facebook and the fact checkers they're not checking
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facts but my opinions. any time we call them out i win. i'm paying money a lot of money full time to fact check on my show. >> pete: however behind the 8 ball are freedom lovers when it comes to 22 and 24. i know there is an exmtion that 22 should be a midterm wave. when you look at what they are willing to do and what they have already done we touched on 2020 a little bit. how far behind are we? >> you know, i think we are. i don't think we have a message problem. i think we have a messaging problem, pete. we have to figure out as conservatives what exactly we're conserving. listen, i was a big and still am a free trader. i believe in liberty and all these things. let's be honest if we can't preserve free speech in the open public square social media, then what the hell is the point of conservatism? the old 1970s talking points aren't working anymore. >> pete: that's right. >> if conservatism isn't about conserving freedom and the ability to speak freely in a free country then seriously don't run.
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you have no idea what you are talking about. the world has changed and this party has to change, too. we have to actually conservative stuff. that's the whole idea of conservatism. and fighting for liberty and freedom. >> pete: you are doing your part creating ecosystem freedom loves can go if they are banned or off elsewhere do something. dan bongino, thank you so much. and congrats on the great show. >> appreciate it thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> bret: also here tonight ric grenell former acting director of national intelligence. rick, when you consider what was done in 2020 before, during and after the way they went after donald trump and we are going to do a story in the next block about the doj, something they suppressed on hunter biden in the middle of the election. how fearful are you that with the levers of power in the executive branch they will only double down on that? >> look, pete, first of all, i don't see any signs that they are letting up in washington, d.c. they are weaponizing more and more different -- agencies.
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u.s. agencies. and that's scary. i mean, what we saw in this last election, and we should all say it very proudly, there was fraud in this last election. we have proved fraud. i ran nevada and there were people who voted who had residency violations. they weren't supposed to be voting according to the residency laws. dead people voted. we know this to be true. there is a quick dismissal to not look very deep. not go further on the fraud. so, when we say that there is fraud usually what happens is someone on the left says well, yeah, but there wasn't enough fraud to overturn the election. we should know immediately we don't know that how much fraud was there? they can't answer the question. >> pete: no, absolutely. it's overwhelming shaming of the idea that we look for more. and now looking forward, there is an overwhelming effort to not
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only you cannot talk about that. but covid will be weaponized you are right, it is. you can't talk about that. that's misinformation. misinformation, this word that's been introduced in a our lexicon, i don't know that i have even ever used it two years ago or a year ago. it's everywhere now. you drive a truck through what misinformation. what you just said might be misinformation deemed by facebook and youtube. how do you get around a social media and government collusion that says we're going to decide what's misinformation? >> >> well, first of all, we have to start pushing back and saying that these other outleforts are intolerant. that's what they are. my view what i know to be true. and so usually, the way you would sit and listen to someone else present their information and at the end of their presentation, then you would say, you know, that's interesting, or what about this point? and you would actually have a discussion to try to figure out
4:15 pm
how to get to the truth. >> pete: how novel. >> we don't have that anymore we have people who run out of the room with fingers in the ear and try to cancel you because they can't take a conversation. pete eat how do we as conservatives fight back? is it litigation? is it another ecosystem? when you see the president of the united states banned and covid rationalized the way it is for misinformation, what's the recourse? >> i talked to president trump today. and we had a slight version of this conversation and the reality is that everybody need to stand up when one person stands up and pushing back you have to join immediately where weather in your crowd or school. wherever it is. don't let someone be alone when they stand up. they can't cancel all of us. >> pete: not just who steps up first but who steps behind them after that. when more do it's empowering for everyone involved. great point.
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ric grenell, thank you so much. >> thanks, pete. >> pete: you got it well, a stunning new report on how federal investigators sat on the hunter biden story to protect joe biden. before the election. and these are the people we're supposed to trust to prosecute the case now? congressman jim jordan is up next. ♪ nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> pete: welcome back the prosecutors leading the charge in the hunter biden tax violation case declined to issue subpoenas and warrants during last year's election to keep the case from the public. that's not according to me. that's according to a new report in politico. going against some of his advisers, delaware u.s. attorney david white did not want to alert the public to a potential
4:22 pm
case involving the then presidential candidate's son in the middle of an election season, sound familiar? something which, i don't know, may be important to the voters seeking to elect the most powerful person in the world? now, since becoming president, joe biden has left weiss on the case. that begs the question. can we really trust doj to do the right thing after burying the hunter biden story last year? joining me now is republican jim jordan, ranking member of the judiciary committee. mr. com, thank you so much for being here. have you seen cases like this left and right. can we expect there will be an actual examination here? >> well, i mean, we will have to see. who knows? we have been disappointed in actions from the doj. i mean, frankly we have been waiting for the durham report now for over a year. we will have to wait and see. but couple this information with what we already know. we had an eyewitness news last fall tony bloins. we had actual documents.
4:23 pm
joe biden linked to hunter biden's business dealings. we had all that information. we had, i think, a lot of members of the press who knew this investigation was going on. and now we learn the u.s. attorney involved in investigating it was ready to issue subpoenas. ready to issue warrants and didn't do it. so that tells us a lot. i think this also goes back, pete, to your great monologue earlier where think about how big tech colluded with democrats to try to keep information i just talked about to try to keep that from the american people in last year's in the run-up to last year's -- >> pete: across the board. hunter biden front and center. the atlanta is the reason we learned about this investigation to begin with. it's amazing to think that there is no -- if that was the trump justice department at that moment, will to do that, imagine what a biden led justice department will not pursue. >> yeah, no, i know. we'll have to see. it's good to at least this information is public. but, you know, again, you put
4:24 pm
all that together. the laptop, the eyewitness, the emails we know accurate real emeals coupled down with this information, let's hope there is a real investigation that's done in the appropriate way. >> pete: maybe because hunter biden is smartest man joe biden has ever known. escapes all possibility of prosecution as a mastermind. i have insight though. you are launching an investigation. you have new information. kind of a different topic but we are talking about because you are in the middle of it. tony fauci what you knew about covid origins. talk to us about that. >> 10:32 p.m. on january 31st, 2020, over a year and a half ago, dr. fauci was on record on notice from one of the key virologists around the world who had received some of our tax dollars and got research grants funded with an email that said the virus looks engineered. the virus is not consistent with e. lucienary theory. he was on notice on that clear back a year and a half ago and kept that information from the american people over the last
4:25 pm
year. and we now know that looks like exactly what happened that this thing likely came from a lab. so dr. fauci was on notice that we had a virus breakout in wuhan china that we had funded gain of function research we the american taxpayer in the wuhan china lab that research funding lab did not go through the proper oversight channel and most importantly that the virus looked engineered and not consistent with evolutionary theory. right from the get ogo he knew that and did not share that with the american people. >> pete: real quick how did we get to the bottom of why? he wouldn't we veal it. >> if you look at what happened in that 24 hour period right after that first email i talked about. you look at that, this was potentially again, dr. fauci can come in and answer questions. he won't come in now. testified umpteen times and every news show you can imagine. he won't come in and answer this question now. if he would come in and answer every question that would be helpful. he knew he was in trouble and they are were were looking to cover their back side. maybe i'm wrong. if i am, dr. fauci, come in and answer my question.
4:26 pm
he wouldn't do that two and a half weeks ago i hope he will do that soon. >> pete: he probably won't but we will see him on four, five sunday shows getting softball questions. he likes that best. representative jim jordan thank you, pete. >> thank you. >> pete: far left teachers, they have a message for parents who won't blindly fall in line and support critical race theory in school an at this teacher, anti-equity, racial equity. let them die. >> pete: on or about, it's more. it goes on and on. why this fight is about to get a whole lot uglier. ♪
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♪ >> pete: as teachers and teachers unions continue to push critical race theory in the classroom, parents have only a few options to fight back and even when they do take a stand, they are met with threats like this, watch,.
4:32 pm
>> in education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, antihistory, annie opportunity, anti-help people. anti-diversity. anti-platform. antiscience, anti-[inaudible] anti-justice. anti-healthcare anti-lgbtq plus. anti-covid. anti-healthcare, anti-worker. anti-environment, anti-admission policy. anti-inclusion. anti-live and let live people. let them die. [cheers and applause] >> pete: let them die. you heard that, right. that was the longest anti-list. anti-opportunity, anti-help people? i have never heard that one. anti-help people. anti-children, let them all die. that outrageous hate-filled
4:33 pm
speech came from a vice president of the fairfax county naacp who is also a virginia pta official named michelle lete. i guess it's not your mom's pta anymore, is it. this all happened at counter protest when parents were speaking out against crt and is becoming all too common event as her calls for violence as you saw in the clip were met with actual cheers. actually when the clip goes on, the cheering accelerates. use divisive words they perfectly summarized critical race theory. people teaching intolerance and you the allusion of tolerance. a fairfax county parent who actually recorded that troubling video and she is here with more. thank you so much for being here. when you went. >> thank you. >> pete: when you went and recorded that, i can't imagine that's what you anticipated but is in line with the sentiment in which they view you? >> oh my gosh, just watching it
4:34 pm
again gave me chills. i was standing behind her as she speak. you can see from the camera angle. and i just couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth and then the audience, you know, the cheers was just so disturbing because i know many of those people. one of them, former ptsa president at my son's high school from where he just graduated. we had union organizers there from the teacher's union. we had naacp officials. folks from the fairfax democrats. it was the entire machine that is trying to hijack schools across america and there in fairfax county here in front of this school we witnessed the real anti-that is happening now. it is anti-parent. there is a war on parents happening from sea to shining sea. and it's only the courage of parents that are going to be able to stand up to this divisive ideology. >> pete: you said it right. you are up against a machine. from the pta often captured by
4:35 pm
the teacher's unions to the teachers union superintendent beholden to teacher's unions. if parents don't ban together. even when you are stuck even when you could ban together, are you seeing a change or are they just saying sorry, you are not in the club? >> well, pete, you know, we started this organization called parents defending education at notre dame empower parents to stand up. i have a letter here of one parent, her name is christie sigh mone, she wrote in from alexandria today to the national. ta and she said i'm discussed the parent in parent teacher association is gone. another mother called cries. what was the answer from the pta? they said they are going to put the board members in sensitivity training. >> pete: really? >> this is this is their answer. >> pete: this the is response that we got from the virginia pta. this is what is he they said. they said the virginia pta is aware of news reports about a
4:36 pm
disturbing choice of words used by a board member during a public event this summer. virginia pta board members will sensitivity training to make muir sure radio he that main find moo findful of the words we use. going back to kindergarten to learn that words have consequences. how insulting? >> exactly. and, you know, to use their own words against them silence is violence. and we have not heard a peep from any of the school board members who were inside as this was being said. and, in fact, what they want to do is bring in their own indoctrination. their own ideas of what it means to be inclusive. but, unfortunately, it does not include parents with a different point of view. and that's why we all have to stand up. we have to stand up. if you can believe it, the virginia pta is right now trying to dissolve a ptsa in fairfax county, thomas jefferson high school for science and technology where the parents
4:37 pm
voted in officers who oppose critical race theory. they are trying to disban. >> pete: include it all teachers unions. there is no inclusivity. clearly having spoken with you now for four minutes you are anti-helping people. i mean, there is no doubt. >> we have to all band together and help each other get through this morass so we can actually realize the american dream. >> pete: take the positions there and take it back. azra thank you so much. up next, democrats may want to fix your broken bridges unless, of course, your bridge is a racist bridge. those go in the basket of deplorables.
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4:43 pm
fragility, raven rantz is a seattle radio talk show host and he is going to help me out right now. jason, what's happening? >> yeah, so in the city of seattle, the seattle department of transportation is just getting ready to open up bids for contractors for its woke transportation plan. in order to be considered, you're going to be judged on whether or not your plan to tackle transportation project is seen through a race and social distancing lenz. in relates it doesn't actually mean anything, what they're telling us is a bunch of progressive buzz words meant to invoke its wokeness. but, in reality, what ends up happening, unfortunately, is that they will just come up with a bunch of buzz words in the transportation plan that will talk about how they're trying to dismantle systems of oppression within our roads and bridges and our bike lanes and then all of a sudden we will have a transportation plan that doesn't actually do what we need it to do in seattle which is clear up some of the insane traffic. this is part of a long time coming project to woke-a-fied.
4:44 pm
the city of seattle. they look at every project they do through that social distancing and racial justice lens. i will forgive you a couple examples. the city of seattle council right now saying suburbs are racist. so they are going to get rid of single family zoning. first starting with a definition. they are getting rid of that word and changing it because they argue that if a single family home not enough people of color are able to afford to live in those homes. let's get rid of those neighborhoods and start packing in a whole bunch of a lot with a whole bunch of people. a whole bunch of different properties, a pod, things like that. then we will defer these neighborhoods. they are saying fair enforcement on the bus system is racist because disproportionality arguments are lazy well, they say well, we are giving too much tickets to people of color thus, it must be racist. they are doing this and it has nothing to do with transportation. it has nothing to do with quality of life at all. it's just buzz words that end up
4:45 pm
hurting everybody. >> pete: just like the ivy league ideas emanate elsewhere what we find in seattle. i feel like pete buttigieg may love this idea and watch this segment and take it national. how much of the application for the bridges includes like your ability to do concrete work? is that part of it? >> it's unclear yet what they are going to judge you on but i have a sense that it's going to be a lot of what do you look like? what are some of your ideological believes? and maybe all the way at the bottom they will say are you capable of doing just basic transportation? >> have you put suspension bridge together before? that's important. jason rantz, thank you so much. keep the lunacy out there for us, will you, please? >> thank you, appreciate it. >> pete: you are trying. remove on now to a fox news alert -- we have breaking news right now from the white house where it appears a large crowd of demonstrators has gathered on joe biden's front lawn demanding freedom for the cuban people. according to one reporter on the scene the crowd is growing larger by the hour. and there are several more
4:46 pm
caravans on the way. look who is here. rachel campos duffy, my co-host on "fox & friends weekend." rachel, so great to see you. thanks for being here. >> rachel: so great to be here. >> pete: i have to ask you originally rachel, the white house said to ignore these protests the whole thing in cuba was about covid. >> pete: i don't see a whole lot on those signs about covid. it seems like they might be bad about something else, rachel. >> rachel: even on the cuba on the island no signs about covid or as aoc is saying this is about embargo no signs ending u.s. embargo all signs are libertad. this is about ending 62 years of this very wicked brutal regime. and that what it is about. >> pete: we are sitting right next to each other. >> rachel: they made me look at camera three. >> pete: the reality is you were down there in. >> rachel: last few days. >> pete: last few days talking to people. this week has been full of
4:47 pm
responses and nonresponses from people in government -- mostly democrats confused about how they should respond to it. >> rachel: right. >> pete: how have the cuban people responded to the way democrats have responded? >> rachel: there is a lot of interesting things i learned. one of the things i heard a lot of cuban americans say we wish trump was in office right now where we could have a very clear response. that was one of them. they also believe trump would have already provided internet access because, as you know, this is what the. >> pete: they shut it off. >> rachel: they shut off cell phone access. they know that's how people started this spontaneous gathering and so they don't want people communicating. and they also don't want the images of what they're doing. they are dragging teenagers out of their homes the few images we have gotten. putting them in the military by force. they are beating people up. so, that's one of the things that they want. listen, when i'm down there, i'm also getting the sense that democrats from southern florida, you know how politically important this is. they are pan anybodying. they are pegging president biden who come down to be with the people, to make a statement but i think he is in a pickle
4:48 pm
because as you know, the activists on his side blm are clearly on the side of regime. when castro died they said may he rest in power. >> pete: bernie doesn't know where to be. comrade cortez doesn't know where to be. >> rachel: she is parroting the talking point of the regime. we know where she is. i'm with the people. if you are with the people, then you listen to the people on the ground. and they are talking about communism and solomun and gosh you and i talk about this stuff all the time a lot of warning signs for all of us. you were talking about the internet how the internet is used as a tool for power and control over the people it's serious stuff. >> pete: we should do 8 more hours this weekend. >> rachel: we are. and we are going to talk about cuba a lot this weekend. >> pete: we will. >> rachel: we will absolutely do that. thanks for having me on. >> pete: remember this? >> restrictions when you wash your hands takes you five times
4:49 pm
longer. [inaudible] ever get in a shower and no water comes out? and me [inaudible] >> pete: get ready for bad hair days. why our showers and faucets are about to get a whole lot weaker. will cain going to join rachel and i roll up the sleepy bags on the segment and stay up until tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. you never know. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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>> time now to bring in my good friend and fox & friends cohost will cain because we are going to put him on the clock for topics, 60 seconds to let the emojis be our guide. a first one, one of president trump's greatest victories of course was lifting restrictions on showerhead flow on our bathroom time and it got better because of it. but today, the biden administration rolled back those changes guaranteeing all future
4:55 pm
showers will be deeply unsatisfying. less flow from the shower head. what do you think? remake the explanation for the necessity was, to get the hair just right. >> i know something about? how much hair spray do you have in there ? >> a lot. i will say two and a half gallons. it barely moves. that's two and a half gallons. >> speaking of a man that needs a good flow, do we have a photo? i think that guy would have needed it. >> that guy needs more than two and a half gallons. i would like to go back to an output of 10 gallons. >> it was 2.5 gallons total. just blast people in the head. i love it. up next, remember dr. fauci's horrendous first pitch last year and jen psaki up next on the mound where she will be throwing out the first pitch in sunday's
4:56 pm
washington nationals game. better hope peter doocy is not at the plate. can you imagine? you remember sean spicer and kayleigh mcenany throwing out the first pitch? but she better get that thing over the plate in the air because the ridicule will be stronger if she doesn't. remember george w. bush? everyone remembers that. jen psaki has taken an amazing heel turn in the last couple of days but now she's not afraid to wear it out in the open. to be, we are working with them, forget about it. >> what will she throw? >> is going to throw the circle change, let me circle back. >> circle change. anyway, good luck to her. according to one social media influencer, the most likely
4:57 pm
group of abusive trolls on social media are middle-aged moms. does this surprise you at all? >> no. i'm not sure what's going on, but i'm pretty sure white women are the problem. i'm pretty sure they are the ones at fault. that's what's going on with social media, they are middle-aged well-to-do women according to the study so that's who the bullies are but i'm more interested in who the influencers are. i don't buy the idea of influencers. >> did you know that andrew yang ran for mayor in new york city and had i believe 2 million twitter followers? he got beat by eric adams who had 29,000. tell me now, remind me. >> maybe they have a public opinion. i think middle-aged moms have rights and they control whoever they want. they probably told you on twitter all the time after the show. do they? be mike actually not at all.
4:58 pm
>> that's what they do. this is going somewhere though. last but not least, 90 seconds, the thing is getting competitive over the weekend for the fox and friends. we have it right here. before we debate on who is going to win our field goal kicking competition this weekend, let's take a look at our highlight reel so far this year. there's a little bit of pressure, couple million people. >> watching and coaching you and wow. >> oh, my goodness. what is this? >> no pressure. >> you know what i feel about pressure? not even taking his jacket off. >> that was it, the only one you swung at i think.
4:59 pm
>> that's not true. >> remember when they beat you at lawn bowling in talladega? rachel did when one, it was rigged. i probably did. how you feeling about this weekend? >> not good. >> i know my kids play soccer but you have given me their talent. >> you are a world. i'm actually very nervous per the only thing is is no way. >> do you how much i've done in my life on the back door football day long. can't get on third down. let me say something about this, sometimes you can't go backyard, take the three and go home. here the man. this weekend, i'll be down in tampa for a turning point usa's student action summit, you can
5:00 pm
watch my speech and many other things tomorrow through tuesday, plus kayleigh mcenany and all will be doing all excess life to break down the biggest moments, you can sign up for free right now using that code. thank you so much for watching fox news prime time. we will see you tomorrow morning. brian kilmeade has it all next week, going to rocket. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy friday. so much happened in the final weeks of the presidential campaign that we are beginning to lose track of it. what happens to this or that development in the news? a lot falls between the cracks. politicians know this obviously and they take advantage of it. they can derail a story until after election day, often


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