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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 16, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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what's behind the back and forth? and other republican speaker talking about providing a jet to get all those guys back. neither one has responded positively. all of that and enforcing the restrictions taking place not only in europe but the united states, requirements in los angeles. we are hearing reports that many are going to ignore that when they take effect late tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with emily compagno, jessica tarlov, shannon bream, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden trying to control your legacy on social media. the white house boasting about how it's teaming up with the big tech platforms like facebook to flag, quote, "problematic posts" about covid-19. as administration staffers are working to police content on
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nine online. >> there in regular touch with the social media platforms. leave increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office, flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread disinformation. >> jesse: despite the backlash and concerns it could lead to a crackdown on speech, doubling down during a class with our vey own peter doocy. >> for how long has administration been on facebook profiles looking for vaccine disinformation? >> that was quite a loaded and inaccurate question, which i would refute. peter, first of all, as you know, we are in regular touch with a range of media outlets, and -- let me finish. as we are in regular touch with social media platforms. >> there's been concern, for a lot of people on facebook, that now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about
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that than people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? >> jesse: and joe biden and this very strong action. >> covid misinformation, what is your message to platforms like facebook? >> there killing people. i mean, look, the only pandemic we have is the one among the unvaccinated. and they are killing. >> jesse: jessica, if you are a government official, you can crackdown on free speech and just say, "yay, saving lives. we are going to take away your first amendment. saving lives." >> jessica: i don't see how this is cracking down on the first amendment. the study that jen psaki cited was publicly available, it was published in may, covered by a range of outlets that said there were 12 main accounts spreading 65% of the disinformation about
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covid-19. we can all google. i did google it. that's for us to see. when he posts on facebook, i don't have an account, that if i did i would post and it would be public, and there could be people in the government or private organizations like social media companies that have a responsibility to keep people as safe as possible. covid disinformation gets people killed. >> greg: doesn't matter. >> jesse: but do you think the white house should be in charge of labeling what is disinformation? the they have a horrible track record when it comes to what disinformation is. >> jessica: i'm not sure they have much of a track record. they've only been in for a few months. >> jesse: open borders, laptops -- >> jessica: setting mml -- >> jesse: russians. hoax. >> jessica: let me finish. >> jesse: i will put a hypothetical out and greg can answer. we weren't getting anywhere. let's say president trump, a couple years ago, colluded with facebook to crackdown on people
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posting about the russia hoax. he said, "the end and is posting about that, that's disinformation, it's tearing the country apart, let's nuke 'em. what do you think they would have said? >> greg: that's a really good analogy. none of this matter is, once government is involved with a corporation, that is a violation of the first amendment. it is a matter people believe it's disinformation. it doesn't matter. because it is -- every opinion could be misinformation by our definition. that's what the first amendment is, coming out and saying your opinion. i don't trust this government. i do trust you, jessica, but i don't trust most democrats in defining what misinformation is, to jesse's point. imagine the people -- look it up from our perspective. imagine people who spent decades calling us stupid, rubes, and
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racist, are controlled dumb at controlling the spread of information by using the word "misinformation." any sane person would say hell no, billy don't even have to say hell now. we can say we are totally wrong. it doesn't matter, it's a violation of the first amendment. you can use it against any republican conservative argument. defense of law enforcement, you want blacks to die. defense of capitalism, you want the poor to die. defense of school choice, you want teachers to die. it can be based on the fact that, "we want people to die," he can control the misinformation. to use this argument, there killing people to control you. when information comes out and it's wrong, it'll be wrong on the left and on the right. that doesn't matter. the collusion is what matters. >> jesse: here's what i think happens, shannon. the white house really screwed up the johnson & johnson situation. he saw when they came out and they's bread about the
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vaccination rates plummeting, n. now he doesn't meet his july 4th goal for vaccines. then, "it's your fault." "we're going to get rid of you." >> shannon: remember, just a couple weeks after president biden was inaugurated, there was a piece in "the new york times" and people laughed it off or whatever, but they talk to experts and said, we need a reality czar. a full government response across agencies, people meet, they look for disinformation, they shoot it down, it'll go through the reality czar, will then meet with the heads of big tech. then when the stuff comes up people i like, "maybe that's actually what they're doing." it gives lynn to the sails former president times lawsuit against these companies when he said they are acting as government actors. if it looks like there is coordinated activity between the government and big tech, it only helps his argument in court.
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see lines of the white house pressuring monopolies to take out political speech they disagree with. >> shannon: right, that's the point you are making about the collision. the legal argument is essentially that the government has deputized these social media platforms. allowing it to serve as an arm of the government, and therefore it is state sanctioned censorship. why it is so dangerous, the public response to it. it's twofold. here point, the common carriers that the government has granted special status to, special favors, the law then sees them as quasigovernmental agencies. they are in a distinct category. they are not this private company. justice clarence thomas pointed out, he said twitter has made clear the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms. then he went on to say -- i'm paraphrasing -- that it gets so dirty and messy when it's a first amendment issue because the government has been intertwined with them now. i think jen psaki's statements in conjunction with the former
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president lawsuit means that the time is now. the courts will not rule in their favor. >> jesse: i'm going to give you the last word because i did rudely interrupted, jessica. no one got in my ear! no one got in my ear! [laughter] >> jessica: now i'm wasting my time! >> jesse: the clock is ticking. >> jessica: this is obviously not the first administration to have a meeting with mark zuckerberg or with jack dorsey. this has happened under republican and democratic in administrations. i would love to see proof that the list of problematic posts that jen psaki or whoever sent over to them are actually ones that got taken down. they do work with government and ngos and officials all over the world to make sure they are keeping the platforms as safe as possible. that means to take down videos that terrorists are posting. okay, we're done. >> jesse: it's not terrorism to say or not getting the vaccine. i should never have given you the last word. [laughter] do you want to say one more
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thing? you're making me feel that, jessica! [laughter] >> greg: it's good to see democrats finding a flag they like. >> jessica: them's fighting words! [laughs] >> jesse: one liberal city is bringing back masked mandates, and it could be coming to a town near you. ♪ ♪
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>> jessica: los angeles county being accused of not following the signs for bringing back its masked mandate. starting around midnight tomorrow people will be required to wear them indoors regardless of vaccination status. the move clashing with cdc guidance and with the biden administration has been saying. >> if they are vaccinated and they are not wearing a mask, they are safe. >> if they've been vaccinated, according to public health guidance, they don't need to wear a mask. >> let me emphasize that if you are vaccinated you have a very high degree of protection.
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therefore, you do not need to wear a mask. >> jessica: okay, i'll start with you, emily. obviously those are a number of prominent people in the administration and in the government saying if you are vaccinated you are free to go about your life, which is what we've all been wanting here. l.a. county said it's because they haven't reached their target in terms of vaccinations. do you think this is going to be helpful? what would be the result of telling people that they have to wear masks again starting tomorrow night even if they are vaccinated? >> emily: more revolt. no, it's not helpful for messaging. the l.a. county health officer came out and said the reason for the mandate is because we are not where we should be in terms of vaccinations, but all that does is totally undermine the messaging that the vaccine is efficacious and also it undermines their ability to combat what they call the pandemic of the unvaccinated. keep in mind, too, in that county, 13% of residents there are aged 12 and under and are thus ineligible. the fact that the rates were 61%
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and higher, that's actually awesome. i have no idea what they are doing but made me happy i left california. [laughter] >> jessica: i was talking to dr. marty makary who appears here for equally and i thought about this. he was saying that the issue as he attesting to many people have been vaccinated. we all know you can still get covered but you will be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. nobody is dying and i see you once vaccinated. how can we get that message out better? >> jesse: not by nuking people off facebook. i'm upset because i'm going to l.a. in two weeks. if i have a mask, no one can recognize me. >> jessica: your eyes tell the stories! >> jesse: nobody can say, "hey, that's watters!" and i can't sell books that way. you are right, the cases have gone up a smidge. they were averaging about 100 cases a day, now a 200. yesterday they only had one death, the day before was zero. it's not a lot of people getting
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hospitalized. it's flat. if the cases go up, that gives newsom, who is running in a recall, an excuse to get really scary and say, "lockdowns, here we come, masks on, i'm going to mail out some ballots." because you know what that's about. i think these governors and all politicians, especially on the left, got a taste of what it's like to be a king. and it's intoxicating. they can control capitalism, your speech, tell you where you can go and where you can't go, and any little rise in cases they will take advantage of. what's happening in l.a. county, i hope it doesn't happen in the rest of the country. >> jessica: mayor de blasio said today he does not see any cause. we have had a spike in new york city and he said were not going to mass mandate. this brings up the question of vaccine passports again. i just went to a vaccinated-only spin class this afternoon and everybody did feel -- >> greg: must be nice! >> jessica: what were you doing? [laughter]
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where do you think the conversation about vaccines or proof of vaccination goes from here? >> shannon: i think that leads into the next part of the conversation. these all these people in l.a. county saying, why should i have to wear my mask inside when i'm fully vaccinated? they've had pretty much an honor system everywhere you go right now. if you are fully vaccinated, coming without a mask, but it's on the honor system, so now i see these people saying, "we have to get tough, we have to make people get vaccine passports because he can't trust anybody because we are having these spikes." that's the next part of the conversation. he saw them saying this a few days ago, that it's time to make people uncomfortable and get serious about this. and don't make it easy for people to come and go. we have to have these conversations by vaccine passports, or the former head of planned parenthood, now a big voice on the vaccines, saying we have to make life very difficult for people without vaccines. so the vaccine passport will be part of that conversation. prove it. >> jessica: starting in
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private institutions, there are a number of big banks, morgan stanley, for instance, mandating it for their employees to come back to the office. where do you fall in all of this, greg? including spin class. [laughs] >> greg: i had my vaccine-only hot yoga class, and we were talking about this. one of the most persuasive reasons for the vaccine besides saving your life is to return to normal life. when you have these politicians suddenly saying, if you want to return to normal life, you probably want people to die, it goes back to the letter a-block. it goes back to this idea that somehow you are responsible for deaths. if you can live with a little bit of risk. the problem with this mentality is it is a perfect mechanism for government control, for behavior indefinitely, because we are never going to be where we should be. we are never going to be perfect. so this is actually a really great -- it's a new political club in the golf bag of clubs. at any time we can say there's going to be a new variant, it could go on forever, so you have
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to do this. if you don't, you probably want people to die. so now you have the left who has grace, inequality, sexism, and i have covid. there's only two coke positions. listen to us, or you're a murderer. why would you want to make somebody's life difficult? because you think they are immoral or does dominic doing something immoral. that's why. i say i'm not leaving this table, all right? i don't care what happens. i'm not going back to the van, jesse. >> jesse: i'm not, either. >> would you wear masks on the show? >> greg: i met vaccinated >> greg: and vaccinated! it's absolutely insane. outdoors is even dumber. >> jessica: but it's still happening. passport thoughts for international travel or vaccines? >> jesse: let's go to the break. [laughter] >> jessica: he is emotionally spent!
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>> greg: it is still an hour show! he's worried about the traffic. you're worried about the traffic! >> jesse: let's go! >> jessica: okay, as you wish! [laughter] coming up next, overdoses in america reaching a record high. ♪ ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. subway®... has so much new they couldn't fit it in their last ad. so, we're gonna use picture in picture in picture in picture in picture in picture in picture in picture in pict- man, you get the idea! there's so much new at subway®, it's too much to fit in all these pictures in pictures in-
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: opioid deaths in america hitting a record high, jumping by 30%. more than 93,000 americans died from drugs during the pandemic last year. experts say the spike is from powerful synthetic opioids like street fentanyl, which border patrol warns is pouring across the southern border. officials say they've seen the 226% spike in fentanyl sees this
2:26 pm
year since 2018. greg, the first time i read that number had to go back. 226%. if we say that this is a nationwide health crisis, this opioid crisis, what about the border? >> greg: it's absolutely crazy. but first off, saying the cause of death is opioids is like saying the cause of drowning is water. all right? technically correct, but actually wrong. it completely eliminates how the water was introduced to the victim. as opioid prescriptions go down and clamped down, opioid overdoses spike. but they are badly reported as opioid overdoses when they are actually caused by street fentanyl, which comes through china, through our border, and it's mixed with regard to dosage. the cause of death is accidental because of the unknown dosage. if they could get a prescription, whether they are doing it recreationally or it's
2:27 pm
for cancer or it's for pain, it's none of your business. it should be allowed, because right now you are driving people to the streets where they are going to die. when the press reports this, what's going to happen? it's like what happens with gun control. you're going to target the lawful and illegal drug users. when you crackdown on opioids, it's like saying, okay, there's increased shootings in chicago, we need more gun control laws to target the law-abiding. so it's b.s. you need legalization of all opioids across the board, and the power over to the individual, and let them reliably figure out the dosage. there'll be none none of these overdoses. it is so hard to find an overdose from a prescription opioid unless it was suicide. other than that, people can control it. when you go to buy cigarettes, you don't buy one cigarette that has the power of a carton. you've got a box of packeds with 20 doses. you can manage it.
2:28 pm
we have to introduce that logic to these drugs or you'll see this number keep going up, unless china kills a distributors, which they won't. >> shannon: the crazy thing is there was a drop in some of this. because for a while during the covid crisis less of it was coming in from china. and some of the expert said the minute it was falling back into the market, people's resistance was so low that when they got some it was almost automatically a death sentence. emily, fentanyl takes less than we can probably see at this table to kill us. >> emily: it is so true. you are right, it's a multifactor issue and it takes an administration who gets it to combat it. recently the white house nominated or established a physician and said this is a historical moment that we have a physician in place now to lead the white house office against drug control, et cetera. but is he going to deal with china schematically take a hard stance on china were last year the dea assessed that they were the primary source of fentanyl across our border? will he work in concert with the
2:29 pm
dea and local law enforcement and a border patrol, or will they be defunded? is he going to name the cartels using human smuggling that only has a shield for their multibillion-dollar profit drug industry and also a secondary industry? is he going to deal with the gangs and community violence using these drugs is a crime scene? the list goes on. i think i am afraid for how the administration is viewing this and will deliver this, essentially checking a box. "look at us, now we're making history," and failing to see the forest for the trees to the detriment of these hundreds of thousands of americans that are dying. >> shannon: benign, to the history point of this, covid was a crazy year. people said the lockdowns kept you from treatment, aa meetings, from anything. people felt so scared and anxious and isolated. >> jesse: we made a deal with the devil. our politicians, factories and jobs were sent to the chinese, but they sent us back cash and also death.
2:30 pm
they have the synthetics in china, they ship them over, it arrives in mexico, the cartels truck them up to the labs, and they smuggle it across the border and then the mob distributes it to these gangs and all the inner cities. it's like a bad acid trip, but instead of having a bad trip, you're dead. you tell that to joe biden, you say, joe, your open borders policy is killing people, what are you going to do about it, and he calls you a racist. all of this talk about the border is closed, you can say that's disinformation. it's killing people. so he really has one solution, and it's three things. you take the cartels, you designate them as terrorist organizations, you close the border, and he saw massive amounts of tariffs at the chinese so they can't ship unilaterally and to our like this. i'm sorry, it's a simple solution, but our politicians don't want to do anything about it. >> shannon: jessica, while the
2:31 pm
buying demonstration take that hard line with china? >> jessica: i think it is certainly on the list with them, and angela merkel and joe biden talked about it yesterday. they made it clear that both of them said they have the same stances about china and russia. i know this is something that was a priority issue during the trump administration, something joe biden talked a lot about on the campaign trail, especially as he emphasized the conversations and connections he's had with every day people. we all know somebody who has overdosed or somebody who knows somebody. it's unfortunately getting as prevalent as knowing someone who has had cancer. we really need to make sure that we control what's happening at the border. i think it's a two-pronged problem. there is at issue, and then there's how we treat these people. we need to make it easier for physicians who are responsible and have gone to school to prescribe them for people who really need it. also to make sure the nurse practitioners and other health care professionals can treat people with opioid addiction and make sure that they can get what they need. that is part of joe biden's
2:32 pm
plan, that they can make more recommendations in terms of opioid treatments. >> shannon: i've spent some time in west virginia where they've had a terrible time with it. and kids who are orphans. because either but their parents have died, or one is in jail and one is dead. there are ripple effects for generations for this, we've got to figure it out. >> greg: i have the solution. >> shannon: yes. let us know if you would also legalize. a backlash against bias, americans' chest and the media -- can't believe this -- hitting rock bottom. why? ♪ ♪ - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before.
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♪ ♪ >> emily: americans have had enough of the liberal media bias, and the press praising joe biden while attacking republicans at every turn. a new poll shows overwhelming distrust.
2:37 pm
just 16% of americans have confidence in what they hear from tv news. you have to assume it's because of examples like this. >> this was the swab the nurse was actually using on you, and it disappeared, so that in scale this was the actual swab that was being used. >> you are all places. people would be foolish to underestimate michael avenatti. >> michael avenatti is a beast. >> emily: congress is the only one trusted glass. greg gutfeld, president biden has received less negative coverage than any president in 30 years according to pew. contract that was president trump who press coverage that was 90% negative. no wonder everybody distrusts the media. >> greg: it's not a surprise that the bias only goes in one direction. the problem is it can't be fixed.
2:38 pm
i think it's done because they have embraced the sunk cost of their past. there's no way cnn can change the mentality. they've been anti-cop for a decade, and i we are seeing it all play out on the streets. they can't admit it. the only time they ever admitted it when when they said it could affect joe biden politically. they didn't actually say, you know what? we really screwed up. the only way to sense how the media works is become the topic. write? can i use an analogy? let's say there's a national website that you put your name in and it tells you your body weight. so you put your name in and you put in your body, and it's completely wrong. you know that is inaccurate, but nobody else does. that's how the media is able to survive. the only people to understand the fakeness of the media are the people have suddenly become the subject matter. the moment you are in an article and they are talking about you, you go, my god, this is a scam and a sham and they only want to hurt you.
2:39 pm
>> emily: totally. jessica, the argument sort of flies out the window when you see also loss of the amount of coverage and what it went down to. for example, when it goes down into the mundane. remember when we killed qassem soleimani and it was reported that president trump was enjoying his ice cream when he learned about the air strike? they found a way to cover everything and insert a negative slant. >> jessica: i've seen the studies, obviously, from the trump administration. i would never deny that the press corps is having an easier time with the by demonstration. heart of that is joe biden doesn't hit the press, and president trump hated the press and campaign on it. >> jesse: why would you hit the press if you are a democrat? >> jessica: i think you can have a healthy relationship with the press as a democrat. we question each other and respect and out condensate news. and then you can get along and still be pushed. joe biden has been pushed on the number of decisions he's made. >> greg: you've got to earn respect, jessica.
2:40 pm
there's no way anybody on the right should respect the media. after 40 years, since the '60s. >> jesse: here's how the media press is biden. >> jessica: because i went to cell cycle, i barely -- [laughter] >> greg: you need to take that to hr. [laughter] >> jessica: but this is a longtime trend on both sides. liberals don't trust conservative media. there is the trust barometer that's been measuring this for a very long time. people are looking to private institutions, private sector companies, to make up the difference. because i don't like congress, they don't like their representatives, and they don't trust the information being fed to them. it's dangerous. the fact that there are a lot of people doing fantastic work at their -- >> greg: the conservative media is new. it arose because of this imbalance. now they are mad that conservative media is beating
2:41 pm
the crap out of them. >> emily: to that point, there's a difference between rep dominic republicans in confidence with it has to be earned. and they see it. steel and democrats don't trust conservative media because they don't watch conservative media. >> jessica: my mom is watching this! >> jesse: hi, mom! [laughter] we have to watch the left wing garbage all day, that's why we don't trust it. this analogy is so good. i had a friend, whenever he met somebody, he assumed that person was a sexual predator. and then he worked back from that assumption. right? whenever i see anything in the mainstream media, i assume it's wrong and work back from that assumption. everybody else to do that. as you said, this has been a long time coming trade was at the wmds in iraq? was it the dossier? was at the lab leak connect a laptop from hell? was it brett kavanaugh, was it
2:42 pm
smollett? was that cuomo was a hero and ron desantis was a zero? >> greg: a q-tip! >> jesse: anyone with access to the q-tip, send it our way. the list goes on and on. what's different now in the age of information, jessica, is that we have access to everything that the mainstream media just needs to have access to. we see the numbers, we see the depositions. we are now seeing fisa applications, and the polling internals for the first time. it's eye-opening how we've been lied to, and yet, even though we have all this information, the mainstream media continues to lie to us. so greg is right, you step on the scale, you are 85, and they continue to tell you that you are 105. >> who is 85 pounds? >> emily: fake news!
2:43 pm
[laughter] >> shannon: you guys might not know i like to look on the back side of things. i keep it closeted. i love that it's the only industry that gain favorability, police. the only one. >> jesse: what does that tell you? after being denigrated, their approval went up. >> shannon: and the one that lost the most? public schools. very telling. >> greg: everything run by the left. >> emily: speaking in public schools, in junior high we had a teacher who started us out with a s and we had to earn the a. never worked louder and faster. >> greg: that sounds disgusting. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: we are answering your questions. the first one -- it's a good question. she asks good questions. what store no longer in business would you like to see back? i already know my answer. emily, you are jumping like a
2:48 pm
jumping being. >> emily: you know here in the city, that on every corner? and that caramel topping connect they went bankrupt! i didn't realize that. is it open? >> shannon: she is coming over. >> emily: where is your block? i know that! >> jessica: they are still around. >> emily: thank goodness! problem solved. >> greg: you blew the question. we are saying what's no longer here. gosh, emily! jeez louise. jessica? >> jessica: i have wrong answer like enmity dominic emily, which is claire's. my real answer is the noho stock, a restaurant on bleecker street and lafayette. at 6:00 p.m. they had an amazing chinese food chef that came in. >> greg: did you do that after your spin class? [laughter] >> jessica: actually, yes! because the noho soulcycle is
2:49 pm
down the block. steel and you are so relatable! >> jessica: claire's is relatable! >> jesse: they had great sales deep discounts. i love the lord & taylor. >> shannon: at least to have a department store in the south, and you had to trap to be in the fashion show. i did not make it the first time i tried out. >> jesse: and look at you now! >> greg: now you are lapping all those losers back in your hometown, shannon! tower records. columbus' bay in san francisco. open 24 hours a day every day. and tower records, gone. >> jesse: i have one on my block. [laughter] >> shannon: will go thereafter. >> greg: west travel story?
2:50 pm
where everything went wrong. shannon, nothing? >> shannon: i had one recently. i'm still very embarrassed about it, because it takes a lot to make me lose it, but once i do... get on a 7:00 a.m. flight, we had to get off, we all missed our connecting flights, and then we get on a different flight, they assure us our luggage is definitely going to make it, and then we get to where we are going, there were no rental cars even though we had reserved one. it took a couple hours to find excellent. there was no luggage and i was do to speak on stage at an event. so i went to walgreens to buy makeup and dry shampoo, to get myself together for this thing. i might have had a little tantrum. >> greg: really long story! also she went to walgreens and paid for the stuff. don't you know you don't have to pay for stuff anymore? >> shannon: that's right. and i had an eyelash, at the checkout and they said it's been subject to recall. at this point i was like, i'll take my chances, give me the eyelash currently.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: what is dry shampoo? >> shannon: you put in if your hair is greasy. >> jesse: i did not know about that. i had some bad ones. it tried to go to san francisco for a fact or shoot, got canceled, guy didn't show up to be the pilot, so they got stuck in north carolina, had to sleep there and then fly out the next day, spent the whole day in haight-ashbury on no sleep. and you know i need my sleep. i was cranky with those hippies. >> greg: you could have gotten something at haight-ashbury to help you. jessica? >> jessica: i was flying to russia for the world cup and there was a pilot strike right before that. because they knew they had to fix it, everybody was coming over to see soccer, and it turned into a horror story. it was like, "do you mind connecting through helsinki?" i guess that's fine. [laughter] 's pt one of mine is when i face-planted on a jellyfish. i had a tiger stripe face, and it was twice as big, so i had to
2:52 pm
wear glasses and i was drinking beer in the background. i was so belligerent. it was the worst pain ever and my sister watched it. she started crying because she looked at my face explode into these red tiger stripes. to this day everybody calls me jellyfish face. >> jesse: how do you get rid of a jellyfish sting again? >> emily: no one is going to urinate on my face! >> greg: confines of people who can. meister is a suit >> emily: you started writing when he said north carolina. >> greg: i can't remember what it is. i was on air india on london from new york. when i sat on it was very crowded and when i woke up in the middle of the flight, everybody had left me and i don't know what i did. [laughter] but i clearly did something. there was stuff all over the ground paint i had taken ambien, and you should never do that when you are drinking wine. i woke up in all my stuff was on the ground. everybody had moved. that was like 15 years ago. i'm much better now.
2:53 pm
one more thing up next. ♪ ♪ as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. subway has so much new i ran out of time in the last ad... so i'll take it from here. sorry steph. spokesperson refresh! refresh wait, what? subway® just upped their bread game with the help of some world-class bakers. lookin' at you nance. gotta refresh to be fresh. how many people are in this ad?
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time for one more thing, greg. >> greg: okay. let's do this. it's greg's international global amazing awesome flattery week. gut gut let's go to the map. see how flattery week is coming along. exciting stuff. flattery moving across the west coast. awesome northwest. human resource departments all across the corporations, shutting down because they can't handle the amount of flattery that is going on. jonathan. continue my flattery.
2:58 pm
emily, you look great in a cowboy hat. >> emily: thank you. >> greg: quite fetching. yes. can i say fetching? >> emily: yes. >> greg: very patient today with our interruptions. >> greg: and you look hot. [laughter] it very mature and very upable after becoming number one. >> we have humble. number one. >> jesse: you didn't expect that. >> greg: shannon dashing in black. >> jesse: how come i didn't get dashing. >> greg: i said mature. so tonight on my show i got sergeant sean larkin. i got tom shillue and kat timpf. it's going to be good. >> jesse: greg mentioned number one again we will do it. nixon library sold out in california. so we had to add a new event. it's not in california it's in new jersey. [laughter] i will be signing books at north dale new jersey 7:00 at the books and greetings and on monday i'm at turning point student action summit.
2:59 pm
i'm speaking around 5:00, signing books. get tickets and they are streaming it on fox nation. that's big, go use the code sas you get it for free. and "watters' world," there it t. is. look at that rogue gallery. dana white, greg abbott, mark levin and governor desantis, pretty big show. >> emily: all right, guys, this gorgeous hat i'm wearing is made by colorado hat maker the mad hatter of dreamy hat works. he creates all the hats for the hit tv stone yellow stone and only hat maker to have presenting a sitting u.s. president with a custom hat and provides hats for the u.s. army. is he designing them and hand crafting each hat for scotland's dress to kilts. and event being held here july 24th. all of the proceeds benefit the navy seal foundation so check out greenly hat to see his work and learn more about the livestream dress to >> shannon: losing identity.
3:00 pm
such a good book. this week's liv live in the gren podcast. talk about, listen, if you are somebody who describes yourself least of these reach out how we can do it. >> jesse: living the dream. dress to kilt. i don't know, greg. what's happening at this table? >> jesse: bye-bye, everybody, have a great weekend. sorry, jessica. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says individuals who post disinformation about vaccines on social media are killing people. the administration is defending itself tonight following its re labor relation that it is flagging social media posts it considers wrong and complaining about them to platform managers. critics are calling that censorship and big brother. the administration is saying it's trying to save lives. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter.


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