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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 16, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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being here. "the story" goes on. neil cavuto is up next. >> neil: stock prices going down amid fears that prices are going up and maybe a lot further and a lot more than we thought. the dow careening about 300 points. this is right now looking like a three-week week has been stopped and all on fears that inflation is not just a temporary concern. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." what happened to this view that inflation isn't a big problem because it will be over with before we know it. now growing signs that might not be the case and maybe all of this spending in washington is the reason why all of that is
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happening. a $3.5 trillion infrastructure package, what the they're calling human infrastructure package on top of the trillion dollar real infrastructure package for next week. joe manchin saying that he's not going to stand in the way of advancing a vote on it. that makes the possibility of it happening more likely. here's the problem. that could also lead to a lot more inflation as some fear all of this government churning of our money is going to hit us hard at grocery stores and car lots. how real is the threat? depends on how likely the passive of that $3.5 trillion human infrastructure deal is. chad pergram is on capitol hill with more. >> democrat joe manchin says he won't derail the party for starting debates on the infrastructure bill. manchin is worried about how to pay for the plan. >> i'm concerned about
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everything, inflation, i'm concerned about the price. i want to make sure we're paying for it, we have a competitive tax rate, makes sure the climate policies that they would like to have is all inclusive. i want to make sure the united states of america is energy independent. >> manchin says he wants to be in the loop on the bill. democrats need all 50 members to pass the bill without the gop. the bill is not complete. aides will work over the weekend. >> we have several days i would note before monday, for more information to become available. we'll see what is known. i will note that the president is quite familiar with the roller coaster and ups and downs of legislalegislating. >> the president has set a deadline to argument for the package. republicans say the bill could spark inflation. neil? >> neil: so if you explain the
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process to me. there's still a separate infrastructure package, $1 trillion, some fighting over irs funding and then this measure. you know, the president has not joined the hit. some republicans are concerned that they're still close, right? >> yes. you have to get clearance. you need ten senators on the republican side of the aisle to clear a filibuster. you need 60 votes. what could happen here and this is the political concern is that you could have some of those republicans say wait a minute, we're not going to play ball because democrats are going to forge ahead with their own bigger bill. chuck schumer has to get his people to stick together for budget reconciliation. and the republicans are saying you're playing dirty pool here. you're doing your own bill, a reason that we weren't going to
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play ball and democrats will turn around against republicans and say you weren't being bipartisan. a lot of politics in this and next week is crucial, neil. >> martha: . >> neil: all right, chad. we're live every saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and monitoring these developments and what it could mean for seeing these packages get done and whether wall street could be looking at getting undone. meantime, going to senator john barrasso from wyoming. good seeing you, senator. this $3.5 trillion so-called human infrastructure package looks possibly more likely to pass if all democrats are on board. if they just did a straight majority vote and relying on kamala harris to break the tie. especially with joe manchin
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indcating that that's what they would do. >> they'll need every democrat. this is a freight train to socialism and the american people should be scared, this is a bernie sanders socialist manifesto, this is a massive expansion for government. they even want amnesty for illegal immigrants. the energy prices will spike higher than they are now. we're going to see all across the board prices going up. if you think inflation is bad now, it's going to get worse. no idea is too radical is too high and not a republican in the house or the senate as i tell you as the chairman of the republican senate, not one of us will vote for it. >> neil: what about the trillion dollar infrastructure only package? that was looking like it was
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bipartisan. now concerns about this extra funding for cracking down or having the irs crack down on tax cheats and the like that that could undo it. what is the latest? >> oh, i agree with you on that. that's what i'm hearing. that's what i heard last night. that is the real infrastructure bill. roads, bridges, ports, airports, the sort of thing that the american people need. chuck schumer says he wants a vote on that on wednesday. i will just tell you right now, the votes are not there to pass that at this point. the reason the pay-fors, people want them to be legitimate. the republicans want them legitimate. this idea of super sizing the internal revenue service to go after the hard working men and women of american and the small businesses of our country, to pay for this socialist scheme, we're all against that.
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>> neil: all right. we have these payments going out for child tax credits that could total 900 or more for 35 million taking advantage of it. republicans are concerned about the impact of that. do you worry about it as a political issue such as in the mid-terms as republicans come out looking against payments to people who are benefitting from this and need this? >> i'm in wyoming. i was at the grocery store and the gas station and talking to people in wyoming. they believe it has to do with this massive amount of government spending. the inflation is real. it's hitting people at home. if you're paying $25 more to fill your tank with gasoline, no matter who is happening at work with wages, you're falling behind. all of this money sent out now under this coronavirus so-called
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relief bill that had little to do with coronavirus earlier this year that is one of the initial causes of all of this inflation. people are tired of it. >> neil: all right. senator barrasso, we'll watch it closely. have a safe weekend. want to go to bob nardelli. he's a former chrysler ceo. you know, bob, i was looking at this back and forth on spending and the inflation argument. democrats seem to be betting that all of this spending which polls very well, is going to keep the boom going through the mid-terms. republicans are saying that all of those gains are wiped out by the extra you're paying at the grocery store and gas and all of that and it's going to hit them hard. where are you on this? >> neil, first of all, thanks for having me on today. i was listening very carefully. mention's idealogical list is on
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both sides trying to find a compromise. and then when the other guest said that this would be a spark, we're way past a spark. this bill would put us into a blaze. i sit on both sides of the table as a consumer and then as a business owner. i would share with you that from a business standpoint as i get price increases and i'm getting them almost in every business i participate, i have no choice but to pass those on either to the end consumer or to the other chair that supplies the eoms, for example. >> neil: equipment manufacturers there. a point well ten. i do want to clarify, bob and you can help me with this, most of the money experts, those in power on capitol hill including jerome powell from the federal reserve believe that this soon
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shall pass. you hear it's temporary. i think janel yellen has said three or four months. do you believe that? >> not for a minute. not for a minute. there's nothing on the horizon, neil, that gives me any indication that the price increases that we're seeing today, when i fill my tank up on saturday here in atlanta, price per gallon, $4.09. went up a dime over the weekend. we're seeing it in schools that were shut down before covid. i'm trying to find nine roof air conditioners, 4 x 8 sheet of plywood, $53. i'm seeing it in everything. i'm passing those on as a business person. we're paying higher wages for essential workers.
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workers say thanks for the increase during the pandemic. now i'm giving it back to you. i've been in business 50 years. it's difficult to take back what you've given, neil. believe me. i hear this transitory comment. i just don't see that happening in the short term. you say short term is a couple years, maybe. sure isn't two to three months as we're hearing. >> neil: i hear you. i'm at the stage, bob, long-term to me is breakfast come monday. leave that aside. it was interest the wall street reaction to this. we've had three up weeks in a row but this issue about inflation is gnawing at the markets. as good as earnings have been, that could eat away at all of those gains and all of those profit jumps that these companies are seeing. if this lasts, if this has traction, what is your biggest
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worry? >> my biggest worry is that -- inflation is a hidden tax. if we see inflation at 3, 4, 5% that won't keep up with wage increases. we'll see a pull-back in consumer spending. we could very well find ourselves back in the ditch just as we're starting to recover and we see this inflation, you and i have seen it, we've been around a long time. we've seen this happen to us before. >> neil: careful, young man. careful. bob, we'll see. you're right. it's getting people's attention right now. bob nardelli. to bob's point that has come up, it's not only the spending that is getting people concerned but maybe the fact that we're looking at an economy that naturally like a coiled spring is bouncing back from nothing, right? the he was are more pronounced. having said that, the prices are
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>> all right. maybe these protests in cuba is about the devil in the details. the protests have turned violent. maria salazar is kind enough to join us. thanks for taking the time. aid is on the table but how will it get there? >> the first thing that we need to think about is the aid. we've been helping people for years. $5 billion in remittances every year arrive to the island of
1:18 pm
cuba from people like the constituents that i serve in congress. >> neil: does it get to the right people? >> it gets to -- well, you know, it gets some of -- some of the money gets to the families that are receiving it. the cuban government takes a big chunk of the money. not only that, cuba is the number 1 buyer of poultry and chicken from the united states. if you're asking if there's an embargo, there's a lot of help that we have been sending throughout the years. right now the big challenge that we have and the number 1 help that the united states is give to the cubans is internet. now they lost their fear. if they know that the united states is watching.
1:19 pm
remember that cuba has had the most evil revolution since the a rival of christopher columbus in this hemisphere. we're talking about a nightmare that they don't want to deal with anymore. when you talk about alexandria ocasio-cortez, my colleague on the floor on the other side of the aisle, what i'm saying to the squad, this is the same way you're trying to defend the rights of african americans in this country. why don't you do that for cuba? it's the same race. the double standard is impossible. it's sickening. >> neil: congressman, what do we do about those that want to get -- you mentioned aid at the outset. there's a important distinction. you want it to the right people. i understand that. but it seems that a lot of these cuban exiles in southern florida where you are, they want to go on their own boat to get the aid
1:20 pm
to cubans there and even bring those that want to seek asylum back and the administration is against it and even the cuban government has held out the possibility that they could encounter trouble. what do you think they mean by that? >> neil, those are distractions. i've been telling my people and i represent thousands of those people that have been wanting to get on the flotillas, that is not the way to do things. the way to do things is to unite in one voice. democrats and republicans on the floor and in the senate and at the white house. and say to the international community that united states is with the people of cuba. that's why i'm saying we need internet. the moment we have internet, we'll see what they're doing about cubans. they're being killed. their heads are being cracked open.
1:21 pm
they can get close to the embassy and upload whatever they want to. the cuban people will be the ones deciding what will happen with that repressive government. let them -- let's let them give the possibility of sharing it with the rest of the world. >> yeah. >> let them see for themselves. no, say we're with the cubans. >> we'll watch it closely. thank you. meantime, congresswoman, who was -- there is some controversy by saying what is going on in
1:22 pm
cuba on us. look at this. >> what is extraordinarily important for us to communicate is the actions and the u.s. contributions to the suffering of cubans on the island as well. and that is directly related to the embargo. particularly the u.s. policies targeting latin americans and latinos. the cruelty is the point. >> neil: all right. enter florida democratic congresswoman, debby powell that heard that. i don't think she liked what she was hearing. she's kind enough to join us today. congresswoman, what did you think of that, that this is on us? it's our embargo that created this. >> good afternoon, neil. listen. what we're seeing in cuba we haven't seen in over 62 years. cubans young and old are marching in the streets demanding freedom.
1:23 pm
the only government to blame here, the only culprit of what has been happening in cuba is the cuban government which has been a dictator ship of failed communist regime which has violated human rights for decades. i have many close friends here in miami that had to flee cuba. some of their family members have been in prison. what we're seeing now is that they have no fear. they're marching, demanding freedom and justice. it defeats the purpose. we have to be unified in this effort. should not be political. unfortunately, neil, this has been a political issue for too long. the policies that we have used in the past have not worked. this is a moment in time where we need to come together as democrats, republicans, sit down with cuban leadership here so that we understand what policies we need to take now to support the cubans are that are marching, demanding for change.
1:24 pm
this is a unique opportunity that the government has. >> neil: didn't we do that just under barack obama a few years back? i'm wondering whether they hoodwinked us, congresswoman and then what are your options are. whatever we do as a country and freezing business relations with cuba and most of our powers were continuing on. europe was doing business with them, much of latin american was doing business with them. almost would have to be a worldwide thing, wouldn't it? >> that's correct, neil. that's something that we failed to do under the trump administration. what trump did was close down the island even further in a unilateral fashion. we need to work multilaterally with our allies in latin america, in europe to put pressure on the regime. the dictator ship has to end. >> neil: you -- i'm thinking back when jimmy carter was
1:25 pm
president. remember, there was a big push for the cubans seeking a -- asylum. fidel castro emptied the jails. who is to say they won't pull a stunt like that? >> this is a unique moment. what we're seeing is historic. that's why there's an opportunity to make a change. one thing that we need to remind our allies is that -- i've said this here in the united states. this is a moment of national security. we have russia propping up the cuban regime. cuba and russia have been propping up the dictatorship in venezuela, the regime of maduro who is violating human rights there. they have left us with the worst humanitarian crisis. this is a matter of national security for the hemisphere. we have a unique opportunity.
1:26 pm
under president biden, our allies are starting to trust the u.s. to lead and the effort as they pertain to fighting for democracy and stability, not just here but all over the world. so we have to try. what is the alternative? let's not politicize this. let's come together. i agree with the comments that maria had to make to me coming on. i think it's great to hear that she wants to work with the president. let's do that. because what we have seen is, cubans are asking for our support. let's do that together. what we can't do is blame anyone except the communist regime that has been a failed government in cuba. >> neil: congressman, thanks very much. going alone doesn't cut it. trying to establish relations, barack obama didn't that and didn't cut it. there has to be a solution somewhere. congress woman, thanks again.
1:27 pm
we did reach out to congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. we have not heard back. meantime, guess what is back right now? well, things are opening in france at least. the eiffel tower is open for the first time since the pandemic. unfortunately everything else in paris is a mess. they're protesting all of these restrictions being put in place. it's happened in greece, italy, malaysia and indonesia. now restrictions are happening again here. in california, outside las vegas, the push to get masks back on all indoors all the time whether you're vaccinated or not. are you ready for this? after this.
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with my grandfather. i can't think of a better gift to give to my daughter and the generations that come after her. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at >> neil: we didn't throw that mask away. in los angeles county, better have one on whether you're indoors and whether you're vaccinated or not. it is the requirement. it is starting worldwide. more after this. stors into thisp whoo! yeah! oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be circuit design engineer to help push progress forward can i hold the chip? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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that delicious scramble was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. wright brothers? more like, yeah right, brothers! get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg. >> neil: one step forward, another step back. the eiffel tower reopening in paris. first time since the pandemic hit. but in the same city, they have a crackdown on new restrictions besides masks. same thing is going on in greece where they're protesting it and in italy they're fed up with it.
1:33 pm
los angeles county, beginning tomorrow night, if you are not wearing a mask, you're not allowed indoors whether you've been vaccinated or not. could spread to las vegas as well. what about the politics of it? doctor, what do you think? i guess you would be for people getting vaccinated. maybe not forcing the issue, but it is an issue, isn't it? >> it absolutely is an issue. yes. and i am for people getting vaccinated strictly because of the science and the data. we know in the united states over 99% of the deaths and hospitalizations from covid-19 occur in people that are not vaccinated. we know that is not a coincidence. it's because the vaccinations work and they're safe. we have been so excited about vaccinations. the world has opened back up and people that are fully vaccinated
1:34 pm
have been allowed to take masks off, be indoors, be shoulder to shoulder. people that are unvaccinated have thrown the masks to the side and with that, we have gotten the spread of some of these variants and now we're surging not just in the united states but all over the world. so we need to step back and put in more mitigation factors like what france is doing, los angeles county so we don't reverse everything and go back into a roaring pandemic. >> neil: the only worry on that, doctor, those that have been vaccinated, why should they be punished for those that haven't? >> that's the trick. if our honor system works, only the fully vaccinated people will be the ones not wearing masks. but because we know that so many people are unvaccinated -- you see children under 12 and older, too also not wearing masks. because of that, we have the new
1:35 pm
surges occurring. so while it may feel like a punishment like hey, why should i get vaccinated if i have to wear a mask anyway, sometimes it's not just about the individual. we have to look at the greater good. if putting a mask mandate is will take the surges and the cases and the deaths back down from covid-19, it's just a simple sacrifice that some of us, even those of us vaccinated will have to make. >> neil: such a large portion of our population getting one shot and the fact that we have -- none of the serious problems that they have abroad because of that. are you saying that these cases will spread, that there will be worse cases? because the evidence thus far, even the cases that have spiked, nothing like the cases we have so far. >> not yet. not yet. but that's the beauty of watching the data and watching the trends. we see that hospitalizations are now on the rise.
1:36 pm
we see that cases are on the rise. we notice the correlation and states where there's very low vaccination rates, those are the same states with high covid-19 surges. so we have to stay ahead of the game. yes, we're fortunate in the united states. free vaccinations to everyone 12 and older. but because we have so many people that have chosen not to get vaccinated and also choosing not to wear masks, then if we do not stop and try to get ahead of the surges, getting worse, then what is happening the other countries can most definitely happen to us. i don't want that to happen. >> neil: all right, doctor, thanks very much for taking the time here. on other developments including texas, the walkout among legislators there, the republican speaker in texas has offered to charter a plane to spring all of those guys back. one of them here who is politely declining after this. on beach day.
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>> neil: please come back. i'll get a jet for you. the texas house speaker wants to charter a plane to bring the democratic lawmakers back to the texas state capitol from the nation's capitol. we'll ask one of the 47 did descend on the capitol to take them up on it. representative johnson, very good to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: will you take the speaker up on his offer? fly back home. >> that's not an offer. that's showmanship governance. first of all, the governor, the speaker and all of the republicans have placed a bounty on our heads. they said they're going to corral us like animals and lock us up. they're talking to their base. they're not trying to legislate and sit down and communicate and
1:42 pm
negotiate to make sure we're passing a bill that is beneficial to the 30 million texans that we support, this is games being played and this is not the time to play games or be hurt or be funny. that is what this is. >> neil: well, you know, a lot of people look at what your doing as playing games, too. you do have a job back home in texas. i understand your frustration with the bill being cobbled together here. others will disagree with you. but your job is to do it and settle it there and to honor the will of the people there that have elected a majority of republican legislators. so if you don't like what you see, take your marbles and go. what message does that send? >> that's the message being sent. the fact is i'm going to legislation on my constituents, the 189,000 constituents that elected me to be their voice. the fact is that the republicans
1:43 pm
have refused to even communicate. there's been no sit-down, there's no conversation. there's been no negotiation. the fact that we've had multiple, very lengthy committee hearings and they have all fallen on deaf ears. the fact that we've had a bill that was sent to conference committee, 71 pages and came back with 280 pages of more restrictions is not legislating. so because we chose to use -- >> neil: that's the process. that's what i'm asking. whether that is the process. how would you feel the republicans in a reverse situation did that to you or even on capitol hill where you are, republicans, are the minority party across the board just said, you know what? the hell with this. we're leaving town. is that what our forefathers intended? >> the republicans have done this quite often. they have been unapologetic in
1:44 pm
their positions to get -- put forth their platform and their very divisive legislation. we've seen it time and time again. the fact that we're standing here because we -- >> neil: democrats have done this before in texas, right? a couple of other occasions what is going on in texas where if you don't get what you want you leave the state? >> it's not the fact that we're leaving the state. if the republicans are willing to sit down and communicate as adults, that we can get things done. not name calling, not to point the finger -- >> neil: how long do you think you'll be here, representative? >> as long as it takes. as long as it takes so the republicans can sit down and have conversations and negotiations -- >> neil: if you never get the federal legislation that you're waiting for on a federal level a that would negate all of these things that these other governors are doing, you'd be in washington a long time.
1:45 pm
>> and the problem would be? the fact that we're working with -- we're here in washington to work with senator manchin, senator sinema and to bring accurate and true transparent information to them that they may not be aware of? that's what we're here to do. we're here -- >> neil: that could be months, right? that could be months. >> it took us years to get to this point. this country went from people of color not being able to vote to the fact that we were created -- all created equal in the eyes of god. here we are and we don't have the opportunities. how long did it take to get the voting rights bill of 1965. >> neil: how do you liken what is happening in texas and other states to be jim crow as the president has said, something egregious to slavery. is it really that onerous to have an i.d. or to streamline
1:46 pm
the system that we have that was built for a covid world and adjust it for the world we have now, still assuring that all get their opportunity and time to vote? >> sure. the fact is that we want to make sure every election is free and trans. not made hard. texas has the most restrictive laws for voting. one thing that we continue to overlook, no america wants to walk into a polling place and see there's a poll watcher over their shoulder intimidating them, looking to see who they voted for that is our secret that we have for ourselves. we want to vote for who we want to vote for without someone standing on our shoulder. one of the most onerous -- >> neil: would you feel the same if you were a democratic polster? >> giving power to pole watchers to be disrupted without being trained on what they're supposed to be looking for.
1:47 pm
>> neil: that's is the most onerous provision to you? >> it's very important that we must look at. all americans don't want this. republican, democrat, white, black, asian. doesn't make a difference. we walk into that polling place to cast our ballot. no one should stand in our way. no one should intimidate us and no one should be disruptive in a polling place. >> neil: i read the measure through and through. i understand some concerns about limiting hours and some places. all of these seems like wrinkles around the edge that could be easily be discussed and broken down and rearranged in a certain order. the i.d., the other issues, there's more agreement than disagreement. you can't get to that when you're hundreds of miles away. >> why does everyone continue to do what we're doing 100 miles away when we were ten feet away from our republican colleagues that refused to talk, to listen,
1:48 pm
to do their work when they were there? the same way this governor has decided to veto article 10 to take away the salaries of thousands of texans because he didn't get his way. the way that he wants to blame democrats, say we have blood on our hands -- >> neil: bottom line -- i understand, sir. you're ready to stay in washington for months if need be. >> we're ready to fight the fight that we protect all texans, not just democrats, all texans what we're all about. >> neil: representative johnson, we'll explore the reaction after this. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal!
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> speaking of misinformation an announcement of yesterday. for how long has the administration been fine on people's facebook profiles looking for misinformation? >> that was quite a loaded and inaccurate question. >> inaccurate how? >> peter, as you know, we're in regular touch with a range of media outlets as -- let me finish. as we are in regular touch with social media platforms. >> neil: all right. an aggressive back and forth
1:53 pm
there between the white house spokesperson and peter doocy here. at issue, giving the heads-up to facebook over issues that the administration, the folks are being misinformed. peter, now at the white house with us. that was quite a back and forth, peter. you cut to the core of the issue here. today's misinformation might be very accurate information later on. i think you were citing the origins of the virus and people that even took down posted about starting in a wuhan lab. having said that, where is this going? >> it's going to next couple months or however long the covid era lasts. officials here want social networks to take more responsibility for taking down misinformation. the example that they used are
1:54 pm
inaccurate do down. >> it is a message to platforms like facebook? >> they are killing people. the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they are killing people. >> accused there by the president of killing people. facebook responded. they said, "we have partnered with authorities and researchers to take aggressive action against misinformation about covid-19 and vaccines to protect public health. be removed more than 18 million pieces of covid misinformation, removed accounts that repeatedly break these rules, and connect people to viable information about covid-19 and vaccines across our apps." white house officials insist they don't monitor individuals, just publicly available data on trends, and they dispute those accusations that this is spying on people. whatever you want to call it,
1:55 pm
they defend it. >> i frankly think it should be -- your biggest concern is the number of people who are dying around the country because they are getting misinformation that is leading them to not take a vaccine. >> but the concern for a lot of people on facebook is that now this is big brother watching you. >> they are more concerned about that than people dying across the country because of a pandemic where misinformation is traveling on social media platforms? that feels unlikely to me. >> the president just landed in camp david so we won't hear about this from him again today, but this issue is not going away in washington, especially because many elected republicans see this as a major first amendment issue. neil? >> neil: peter doocy at the white house, thank you very much. we'll be explaining this a lot more tomorrow. a lot of free speech advocates are concerned about the message, and that's on the left and the right. stay with us. you are watching "your world."
1:56 pm
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2:00 pm
10:00 a.m. eastern time. what's behind the back and forth? and other republican speaker talking about providing a jet to get all those guys back. neither one has responded positively. all of that and enforcing the restrictions taking place not only in europe but the united states, requirements in los angeles. we are hearing reports that many are going to ignore that when they take effect late tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with emily compagno, jessica tarlov, shannon bream, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden trying to control your legacy on social media. the white house boasting about how it's teaming up with the big tech platforms like facebook to flag, quote, "problematic posts" about covid-19. as administration staffers are working to police content


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