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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 16, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: hang with me. >> julie: that was impressive. >> bill: he plays ping-pong. >> julie: we did it. apparently he likes ping-pong. >> julie: this is what you get after a pandemic. you have so much time to practice and nail it. how many takes did that take? ? talk talk is now. >> harris: fox news alert. a loud pushback on the white house admitting it is indeed working with big tech to censor americans on social media. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". concerns about public health on a crash course now with the first amendment t. biden administration now fact checking what private citizens post on their facebook pages about covid.
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and flagging misinformation. anything it deems is false. and now going a step further, pushing the platform to censor our posts. >> we are in regular touch with these social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff but also members of our covid-19 team given doctor conveyed it is a big issue on misinformation on the pandemic. we have done it within the surgeon general's office and flagging problem posts for facebook that spread this information. >> harris: republicans say this is a shocking admission. >> what they are seeking to do is take away your first amendment rights and have a thought police or a language police. we need to realize they're doing away with the first amendment is one of their goals.
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>> private for-profit corporations can make their own decisions, when it does it in collusion with government it looks to me an awful lot like a first amendment violation. >> i think this kind of coordination between big government and the big monopoly corporation, boy, that's scary stuff and is really censorship. >> harris: fox's tucker carlson with a warning. >> in this country and any free country politicians are not supposed to be allowed to decide what you can see, hear, or talk about. they can't control what you read, period. that's why the first amendment. but they are and doing it more aggressive ways than they've ever done before. if you can stop misinformation on vaccines what can't you do? this is the line that they aren't supposed to cross. they aren't allowed to do this. it is clearly a violation of the first amendment. >> harris: facebook is not confirming or denying working with the white house. it says this in a statement.
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we permanently ban pages, groups and accounts that break our rules on covid misinformation. tammy bruce host of get tammy bruce on fox nation joins me now. my first question about this is if they are working -- you heard jen psaki say if they are working together with platforms, does that mean that they are giving directives to platforms? i want to know the relationship there. >> that's exactly what she said, that they have senior staff, maybe sometimes the surgeon general's office, the covid group there in the white house, but it is all partisan politicians. that's why they are working with the biden white house and saying specifically regular contact, telling them what posts are problematic and expecting them to be removed. this is more than just first amendment, harris, i have to
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say. to have corporate america work with the government, that is the core of fascism. the only way fascism can work is when you have a corporate bolster and they are in the pool with you in order to make that kind of control functional. so this moves us into quite an authoritarian framework where it is also messaged casually if you noticed. like it is totally normal. it is not only not normal. it is not only a violation of the first amendment clearly but it sets a very different approach when it comes to what the founders had in mind, which was a representative republic. democracy, right? this is very classically fascism which is fascinating considering this is the group that got into office in part complaining about the non-fascism that was existing in the prior administration. so we've got to be very concerned that you've got not just the white house but the
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dnc as well have come under some fire for dealing with wanting to have the phone companies stop certain text messages that go out to a subscriber list. so that's underway with the dnc. you see the linkage throughout the process. >> harris: speaking of the dnc "politico" reported this week that president biden's allied groups including the dnc are working with those text messaging carriers as you said to more aggressively fight the spread of vaccine misinformation. a dnc spokesperson denied the claims and told usa today of course the dnc has no ability to access or read people's private text messages and we are not working with any government agency including the white house to try to see personal text messages. clean up on aisle seven. is the broom big enough? >> yes, it tells you also, harris, that they understand this is problematic. they thought about how to answer that question because
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they knew it would be coming. they know this stinks. they know this is awful. but they are doing it anyway. if you are on a list and told someone send me a message, it is no one's business if other people are on that list what the messaging is, whether it's politicians or partisans like the messaging or the information you are receiving on your phone. it is none of their business. and yet it is like oh yeah, well, we're not working with any governmental agency. it is all -- also keep in mind what's happening with facebook, this becomes like the assignment desk for america. whatever they do it means others will follow. twitter will follow, instagram, of course, owned by facebook, all of this will happen throughout all of social media. >> harris: assignment desks exist in every newsroom and they follow what is happening
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in satellite videos. they're operating for the newsroom for america only they will flag the things they don't agree with and what if it's bigger than covid of what we're texting and posting? listen to what one of facebook's oversight board members said. this person is denmark's former prime minister. watch. >> how do you moderate content and how do you find the balance between human rights and free speech versus human rights, but other human rights. free speech has to be balanced with all human rights and that's what the oversight is there to do. >> harris: that's exactly what tammy said. some of the people in the pool know the water is dirty and have statements ready. a recent fox poll shows while democrats are twice as likely to trust social media companies to decide what should be posted
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more than republicans do. a majority on both sides of the political aisle do not trust them to make fair decisions. that's interesting, tammy. >> it is and it just goes to show you that once again the average democrat does not want what the democrat leadership is doing. everybody wants voter i.d. as an example. they don't want what biden is doing. they don't trust tech companies to make the correct decisions. frankly and when they see this collusion hand in glove with the tech companies, there is i think the average democrat, we all have this great civil rights background and experience as americans. freedom is the core of what allows us to do this. most americans are looking now shockingly at the nature of what's going on in this country. they may not be marching every day but of course we have elections but in the meantime this is about lawsuits perhaps that have to be filed, this dynamic has to be stopped. we have to discuss it because
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otherwise you will wake up one morning and all of this will be codified and normal. that's not what anybody wants. democrats understand this as well and they must begin to step up. democrats with the civil rights history. they are in congress and they are regular people. they must start to say enough is enough. >> harris: i just want to point this out. lists in this country. i got the chill. we have fought wars against men with lists. last quick word. >> we have and we saw this happen once before with the red scare in the 50s. there were lists. you couldn't work, anybody could put you on a list, the government was going to decide. it doesn't end well, harris. we're the generation that will stop it if happening again. >> harris: tammy bruce, thank you very much for digging into this. there are literally millions and millions of people checking social media right now.
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i wonder if we can keep them out. any privacy controls? that's my next phase of this. have a great weekend. let's bring in dr. marc siegel fox news contributor and professor of medicine at nyu medical center. let's look at this, doctor, from the point of view if you keep people from talking about the vaccine you might miss an opportunity to do what? >> harris, that's a great way to frame it. i'm fascinated by the discussion you just had with tammy. i spoke to heidi larson yesterday at the london school for hygiene and tropical medicine and i brought up the word misinformation and she shocked me. she said i don't like that word. that is condescending and implies you know and they don't know. you know how you get vaccine compliance, she said? you talk to people where they live, harris. just what you do. just what i do in the doctor's office. remember, it's an emotional situation. people are ridden with fear whether fear of covid or fear
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of the vaccine. you can't legislate this. you can't condescend to this. she woke me up. i'm a physician. it change how i approach this now. i say to my patients what are your concerns? i say why i like the vaccine as you've been doing tremendously on the air, harris, but you have to reach people where they live and understand they're afraid. >> harris: and as you see meet them where they are. we won't know where they are if they block text messages and posts the white house working together with big tech. doctor, this is happening right now and we have a breaking news update to go with it. los angeles county is bringing back its mask mandate and it begins tomorrow night. people will be required to wear masks indoors in public spaces even if they're fully vaccinated. of course, that puts l.a. county at odds with what we know the science says and cdc guidelines that say fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing
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and there is this. >> last week the cdc announced that if you are fully vaccinated you no longer have to wear a mask. >> cdc is saying if you are vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask. if you're unvaccinated you should wear a mask. >> cdc said if you're fully vaccinated because of that low risk you don't have to mask indoors or outdoors. >> if they've been vaccinated according to public health guidance they don't need to wear a mask. >> harris: all right. this just moments ago. they are having a briefing right now, the cdc director says covid cases have increased nearly 70%. dr. siegel. >> well, yeah, but again, harris, it's the politics of fear and intimidation and the politics of we know and you don't know when the science as you just said doesn't back that up. in fact, against the delta variant that's emerging, if you had two shots of an mrna
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vaccine your chances of being hospitalized are less than 5% and chances of getting a severe illness 90% less. extremely unlikely you would either get sick. almost impossible you would get hospitalized. l.a. county 1500 cases if you are vaccinated decreases your risk of spread as well. no scientific reason whatsoever they have to have a mask mandate. they can recommend it for indoor use. recommend, not mandate. >> harris: right. i hear you on that. look, my father was an engineer, he could really do some math and so can i. 70% increase over last week. the numbers have gotten so low is not the same when the numbers were 250,000 cases a day in december and january. 70% increase would have been obviously a lot more than where we are now. where should the concern be? you know, two weeks ago we were told we would need three shots. i would like to see the white
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house with that against people who are already worried. >> more science come out the vaccine is working so well it increases immunity with two shots. you basically deal with people's emotions. we have to vaccinate the unvaccinated. not mask them. vaccinate them because almost all of these cases and as you pointed out it is an enormous degree less of what we were facing previously. the people getting covid are unvaccinated and where the focus needs to be in the states and regions where they aren't vaccinated. >> harris: the science shows that and if you let people talk about it on facebook and everywhere else maybe they'll begin to ask the questions that you can chime in on. not if the white house blocks it. a "wall street journal" op-ed, dr. siegel. public health data and says one question is whether a particular variant is making infected people sicker. this answered is easily by
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looking at publicly available data from the cdc and comparing hospitalizations in regions with a new variant and it is more common. we analyzed the cdc data and found hospitalization data support none of the alarming headlines suggesting delta is more dangerous than earlier strains. the truth, please. >> one of the co-authors of that from the university of california san francisco tremendous, voice of reason in the pandemic. 100% right here. the delta variant is more easily transmissible. that's the issue. it is not making people sicker or more hospitalized. the reason it's tilting more towards younger people under 50 is because the older group is vaccinated more. it spreads more easily. not more serious in terms of how sick you get. >> harris: dr. siegel. thank you very much. good to have you along. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: time to call the white house hr department?
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>> harris: the media and national democrats, some of them have been gushing all week over the texas democrats who fled the washington, d.c. to sabotage a voting bill by republicans in texas. plenty of criticism, too. even more now after one of those texas democrats who fled spoke of her sacrifice in a tweet showing her laundry drying on a hotel room shower rod with this caption, you bet we're recognizing and honoring our country's heritage as most texans, though this is what we're doing tonight. using whatever is accessible washing our clothes in the sink. i'm not going to say anything about a woman who puts her private garments in a post. one of the responses. we are in awe of your sacrifice. i can't even fathom how you are
8:23 am
staying strong through these difficult times. a true hero. senator mitch mcconnell boiling it down yesterday on "the faulkner focus". >> doesn't sound like much of a sacrifice to me. they've been on a joy ride on private planes with plenty of beer on board and they are getting paid even though they aren't showing up for work. sounds more like a joy ride than a sacrifice to me. >> harris: the texas house speaker says those rogue democrats should give back the $1,000 per week they are getting in a per diem stipend for meals and has a charter flight on stand by waiting to bring them home to do their jobs. power panel now. matt gorman for house democrat gop arm and kevin walling. when you start to hear the democrats particularly the
8:24 am
speaker of the house there in texas saying -- the leader of the democrats saying look, i will have a plane on stand by. come home and do your jobs, what does it tell you about what democrats are trying to accomplish in d.c. now? >> it is important to note it is the republican house speaker that has the chartered flight. not the democratic leader. the posts are a distraction. the state representative doing her laundry in the bathroom, some of the other tweets that we've seen are what we're talking about and not about the core of why they decided to leave texas and come here and push for voting rights. clearly it is not helpful. i think in terms of the optics. it is distraction from the message that 2020 was a very secure election. just 16 counts supposedly of voter fraud in the state of texas out of 11 million votes cast. texas already has voter i.d. and has a lot of these security measures in place. it just is an attempt to make it more difficult for texas residents to vote.
8:25 am
that's problematic. >> harris: kevin, i appreciate the fix there. matt, i'm curious about where you go from here with your argument as democrats. as kevin pointed out they have a debate they could wage but not waging it. >> you are absolutely right. i'm in awe of these guys solutions. leader mcconnell put it best. they are taking selfies and drinking beer on private planes and compare the sacrifice with landing at normandy. it's crazy. republicans believe in this law. it expands early voting one hour for each of the texas's two weeks of early voting. two full weeks. delaware joe biden's home state no early voting. not a single day. it guarantees 12 hours voting on election day. we can fight it on the merits. democrats are too busy getting coverage from the media and meeting the vice president. it is all a game to them. >> harris: well, rnc chairwoman
8:26 am
ronna mcdaniel said they are having a field day about republicans raising money. this only helps. as president biden heaps responsibility on vice president kamala harris more members of her staff are telling multiple media outlets now of a toxic work environment created by the vice president and top aides. staffers say they're thrown under the bus from the top and a place where people feel treated like we can't say what it says, you can see the letters missing. business insider followed up with similar accounts including that she leaves interns in tears, they say that about the vice president and this blast from the past, president biden on day one in office. >> president biden: i'm not joking when i say this. if you ever are working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot, on
8:27 am
the spot, no if, ands, or buts. >> harris: i wonder what the conversations are like behind the scenes. former aides are sticking up for the vice president and management style. they say the attacks are inevitable with one suggesting that gender bias is at play. matt. >> not true at all. this isn't about gender. if there was a man or republican member of congress who treated his staff horribly and he had to resign. ducklow, the press secretary who berated a female reporter he had to finally get fired. this isn't a one-time thing. it shouldn't surprise anyone. she is not a good leader. she has had these problems before. vice presidential campaign was a mess. no strategy, no discipline. her sister was a shadow campaign manager. kamala is not a good leader. that's what it's about.
8:28 am
>> we're six months into this biden administration. the vice president still assembling her core team. most of the folks that work in the vice president's office haven't met one another. it is onboarding during the pandemic. >> harris: wait a minute. are you trying to say that interpersonal relationships in the office are driving a toxic work environment when all the fingers are pointing, those who say they feel so badly treated to the vice president? you think it's interpersonal relationship because they haven't met each other? >> it's part of it in building a team mentality. they hosted a barbecue last week at the naval observatory. it is an issue they want to discuss with their team and build more of a mentality to support one another. it is -- >> harris: i can tell you if you're pulling together with leadership. i was raised military. you don't have to love the person pulling you forward but you have to respect and trust they'll treat you with respect.
8:29 am
if it's found out some of the stuff is true and we know from her past there is a potential there, kevin real quickly president biden made a promise. there were hundreds of people zooming in on his first day. does he keep that promise and get rid of the person causing the problem? >> the vice president is the only person the president can't fire in our system of government. she is here to stay. you will see the stories go by the wayside once the team is built and in place. >> all right. >> harris: you know i will bring you back. >> amen. i'm ready to come back. >> harris: you too, matt. i appreciate the conversation. new york governor andrew cuomo for the very first time will face questions in the state sexual harassment investigation into this man center screen. and many are asking where are all those democrats who demanded that he resign. a live report coming up.
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the biden administration finally calling cuba's regime what it is. far left congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez finally breaks her silence on the protests. >> she agrees with the ideology of the country and so in order to bash the country she has to to bash the country she has to condemn her belief system. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. >> harris: fresh backlash for the organization blm. blaming u.s. for cuba's deplorable condition and praising communism in faoub yeah. marco rubio tweeted this. my office stands ready to help the leaders of the black lives matter organization immigrate to cuba. another florida lawmaker byron donalds blasting blm leadership. >> the american people need to
8:36 am
understand one thing. a lot of these radical political front groups that exist in the united states that constantly push a divisive agenda and narrative in our country are marxist organizations. the leaders come from marxist ideology. that walks hand in hand with the authoritarian cuban regime in that country take has taken away freedom and liberty from the cuban people. >> harris: ocasio-cortez finally breaking her silence tweeting we also call for an end to the u.s. embargo and additional trump-era restrictions which are profoundly contributing to the suffering of cubans. marc thiessen, what do americans need to know about this story? >> first of all it seems that cuba is the only country where white police officers can beat and arrest unarmed black
8:37 am
protestors and black lives matter supports the police. the cuban regime is mostly white. cuba, a third of the country is afro cuban. they are supporting a white police state. when they call for lifting the embargo are advocating for the right of american companies to use black slave labor in cuba. that's what lifting the embargo would do. the sole employer in cuba is the cuban state and use it as control with exception of a handful of restaurants. when a foreign investors goes into cuba to do business they can't do business with ordinary cubans with u.s. dollars they have to go into business with the cuban state. they pay $10,000 a month per worker. the state pays the worker just about worthless and pockets the $10,000 and how the regime
8:38 am
keeps itself afloat. if you advocate using businesses to do that they use slave labor in cuba. that's what black lives matter is calling for. >> harris: the way you are describing the cuban communist government makes it sound like shakedown artists. how they take people's money to do business with them. you would think the biden administration wouldn't want to support anything that looks like that. both president biden and jen psaki who is the press secretary finally acknowledging this. >> president biden: communism is a failed system universally failed system and i don't see socialism as a very useful substitute but that's another story. >> i would say communism is a failed ideology and we certainly believe that. it has failed the people of cuba. they deserve freedom. >> harris: it only took a few
8:39 am
days. "the washington examiner" noting the admission with a snarky headline. it is communism, stupid. biden's white house finally identify's cuban's true problem. what took so long? >> i don't know. they finally got it right and good for them. aoc and the rest can't get it through their heads. it's not the embargo that is causing cuba's problem. there is no embargo an venezuela and they are a socialist basket case with oil. cuba's problem is not a embargo it is communism. it doesn't work. cuba has fruit shortages. how does a tropical island run out of tropical fruit? only under communism could it happen. the way the cuban regime keeps itself afloat they were getting soviet subsidies. then they turned to venezuela for subsidized fuel and money.
8:40 am
now venezuela is collapsing so they can't subsidize them any more. lifting the embargo would only give them and allow u.s. businesses to replace the soviet union and venezuela with hard currency. the last thing you should do is lift the embargo on cuba right now. >> harris: all those things you connected. thank you so much for being on the program today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: this breaking news now. there is a reason why this matters. fox news exclusively learning that senator mitch mcconnell has asked president biden to withdraw his controversial nominee for the bureau of land management. now, why is that woman at the center of things? there has been a lot of scrutiny over tracy stone manning's role. decades ago in a tree spiking incident. a practice she allowed.
8:41 am
a retired forest ranger sent a letter. she used to be involved with an environmental group earth first and refused to cooperate with investigators. tree spiking is an ecoterrorist tactic which is illegal and extremely dangerous in the united states. and loggers have died. we will bring you any new developments as we get them. why did president biden pick this woman and now mcconnell saying no way, take her off the list? democrats stepping up their push to derail republican election integrity laws in states like arizona. furious over a supreme court opinion siding with that state's attorney general. he is in focus next. and this. >> what president biden has done with the border opening up we're catching people on the terrorist watch list.
8:42 am
fentanyl increased by 300% killing americans. more than a million people have come across this border illegally now. >> harris: border apprehension numbers skyrocketing. debunking the white house claims of just a seasonal rise in migrant crossings. arizona attorney general mark brnovich is in focus next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> harris: the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against new york governor andrew cuomo may be in a few stage. lawyers from the state a.g. office will question cuomo this weekend over multiple sexual harassment accusations. bryan llenas is live in new york city. >> fox news can confirm he will be questioned by independent investigators on saturday, tomorrow, in what appears to be a new stage in the ongoing new york state attorney general's investigation into sexual harassment allegations against him made by at least nine women. these allegations from former and current aides to the governor range from bullying to inappropriate sexual comments and touching like kissing without consent and groping. the a.g.'s office is expected to release a report of its
8:48 am
findings by the end of the summer. now after news leaks of cuomo being questioned tomorrow the governor's senior advisor said this we have said the governor doesn't want to comment on this review until he has cooperated. the continued leaks are more evidence of the transparent political motivation of the attorney general's review. cuomo insists he is being wrongly accused by these women. >> it has been very difficult letting people make accusations and not responding. and people have only heard one side of the story. i can't tell you how eager i am to tell my side of the story and the time will come. >> cuomo continues to campaign what looks like a fourth term for governor. he has raised $2.5 million this
8:49 am
year alone despite the fact a recent poll found 60% of new yorkers don't want him to run for office again. harris. >> harris: this is just one of many investigations, right? the nursing home decisions that he was making also being looked at. bryan llenas, good to see you. democrats looking to -- they have an outrage over the supreme court decision. president biden attacked the high court's ruling earlier this week. >> president biden: just weeks ago the supreme court yet again weakened the voting rights act and upheld what justice kagan called a race-based disparity in voting opportunities. free and fair elections, it is such a threat. i've said it before, we're facing the most significant
8:50 am
test of our democracy since the civil war. >> harris: the "new york post" calling out president biden's comments in an editorial. sorry, mr. president, the fight for voter rights is nothing like the civil war. mark brnovich, arizona attorney general in focus now. attorney general, your top line thoughts on that. >> thank you for having me on. i just think it is quite frankly shameful that the president of the united states would use such divisive rhetoric and not only divisive, it is just not accurate and true. i think it does a disservice for all those americans that fought against discrimination and fought for voters rights in the 60s when the democrats were actively discriminating against people and suppressing votes. reality is the left is trying to create this false dichotomy that we have to choose between voter participation and voter integrity. that's not the case. the supreme court accepted the
8:51 am
arguments that we can have both voter participation and voter integrity. >> harris: i do have a question that was posed earlier this hour just a topic to slide in here having to do with well, if democrats argue -- this is by a democrat on my power panel. if democrats would argue there have been places where the election hasn't been found to be problematic. many states that have had multiple recounts, what would the response be to that from the other side of the aisle? legally what's the response? >> well, i think during the oral argument. i argued this case in front of the supreme court. this issue came up. the reality is and justice alito talked about this in his opinion. states are entitled to do things in a proactive way. you don't have to wait until a crime is committed to pass a law prohibiting it and likewise you don't have to have a huge fraud in order to pass measures to insure confidence in the results because we want to make sure there is integrity in the
8:52 am
process but also want people to have confidence in the results. on issues like ballot harvesting there was a north carolina congressional seat vacant for a year. other places in the past where ballot harvesting has been used by candidates to manipulate election results. the reality is we pointed this out in the argument no less than jimmy carter in 2005 bipartisan commission said that having third parties handle your ballots is one of the greatest threats to election integrity and recommended restrictions and limitations who can handle ballots. this used to not be a partisan issue. right now every time the far left disagrees with something they cry racism and it undermines true racism and it undermines it by saying it all the time. >> harris: and it meets the goal of trying to kill the conversation point, right? the staggering numbers at the border. let's get to them. this really sticks in my mind. border agents are expected to make their 1 millionth arrest this month seven months into
8:53 am
the year. 1 million, wow. there it is. multiple reports say u.s. border officials expected to reveal soon that they encountered nearly 190,000 illegal immigrants in the month of june alone. that's an explosion of 450% over last june. attorney general brnovich. >> it is staggering. as you know, harris, i have three active tracks of litigation against the biden administration. they literally have decriminalized what is going on at the border by stopping deportations. they have incentivized people coming over here and housing folks in detention center in scottsdale, arizona down the street from where i'm sitting now. they've created these incentives. as a result of the open border policy all these people are flooding in. i spoke about this before. we'll have nearly 2 million people expected more coming across the border illegally.
8:54 am
you mentioned the numbers. yes. >> harris: i just want to slide this in as we end out the hour here. how do we deal with that many people? you know, we are a nation of legal immigration and what you are talking about is not -- it doesn't comport with what we should be doing. how do we deal with this? >> it is not fair to anyone. you mentioned the numbers. the biden administration. in one month it's like the all the people in augusta, georgia. the cartels are enriching themselves. it is a problem and i am doing everything i can to hold the biden administration accountable. the biden administration needs to get the messages lawlessness will not work. >> harris: attorney general brnovich from the great state of arizona. thank you very much. a lot of great detail there as we face something that again
8:55 am
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