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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 16, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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daughter olivia to celebrate her birthday. how old are you? >> 11. >> how old are you? >> you said all she wants to do is go shopping. >> she wants to shop at the toy store. >> we'll have a great season. happy birthday, darling. have a great weekend, everyone. >> bye-bye. >> bill: great show, guys. good morning. startling admission, the biden administration saying it's teaming up with big tech working with facebook to identify what it considers problematic posts. how is this going to go? you've almost made it to friday. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. how are you doing? >> they have made it. it is your favorite day of the week. i'm julie banderas. dana perino has some time off. this is "america's newsroom." the white house confirming
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conservative fierce that some viewpoints aren't welcome on social media but censored. hawley calling it an assault on the first amendment. >> this kind of coordination between big government and the big monopoly corporation is scary stuff and censorship. the status is independent private companies, it looks more in danger here. >> bill: jackie heinrich begins coverage from the north lawn. what are they saying about this? >> good morning, bill. the white house says misinformation is keeping people from getting vaccinated and they are asking social media companies to crack down on what they are calling super spreaders on their platforms. >> we've increased disinformation tracking within the surgeon general's office and tracking problematic posts in facebook that spreads the information. >> it seemed to indicate the administration through the surgeon general's office is actively monitoring and flagging what they deem to be
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problematic posts. the advisory from the surgeon general's page indicates they're asking social media companies to provide data to their researchers so flagging can be done in the future. it reads in part give researchers data to protect user privacy data can be provided with user consent. they're asking to measure and share with researchers and public. data on the reach of vaccine misinformation and the audience it's recent. anti-vaccine information spreaders, take action faster against harmful posts and fourth boost quality information sources, they say, in their algorithms. facebook told fox this morning we permanently ban pages, groups and accounts that repeatedly break our rules on covid misinformation, more than a dozen pages, groups and accounts from some individuals referenced in the press
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briefing today. conservatives are calling this policing of free speech. they are raising first amendment concerns about collusion between the government and corporations. listen. >> what they are seeking to do is take away your first amendment rights and have a thought police or a language police and have a state-sponsored message and if you don't fall in line with the state-sponsored message, then they will give you state-sponsored censorship. so that is their goal. >> the surgeon general said polls have shown 2/3 of people who are not vaccinated believe some or all myths about the covid-19 vaccine. >> bill: here we go. a lot of questions. thank you for that from the north lawn. much more coming up. senator mike lee is my guest in a moment. what it means for free speech and first amendment. stand by for that. >> martha: los angeles county is bringing back its mask mandate starting around midnight tomorrow. folks there will be required to
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wear masks when indoors regardless of vaccination status. christina coleman is live in los angeles this morning. >> good morning. yes, this mask mandate is getting a ton of criticism but l.a. county, the nation's largest county is going through with it citing a surge in covid cases. as of yesterday, covid infections in this county were above 1,000 for the seventh straight day when a month ago it was about 200 per day. now, hospitalizations and deaths are still way down compared to last year but county officials say substantial community transmission of the virus warrants a mask mandate. >> wearing a mask when indoors with others reduces the risk of both getting and transmitting the virus. masking indoors must become a normal practice by all regardless of vaccination status to stop the trends and level of transmission we're currently seeing.
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>> however, l.a. county's mask mandate don't align with the cdc guidance that state's vaccinated people don't need to wear masks indoors in most cases. california lifted its statewide mask mandate a month ago. many residents are questioning both the science and logic of this move especially since people can take their business to orange county and not have to wear a mask. listen to this bar owner. >> two blocks away from orange county. enjoy a cocktail without a mask but here we have to put it on. after being closed down for over a year this is not fair. >> governor newsom did not impose the upcoming mask mandate. opponents are weighing in. former san diego mayor tweeted if gavin newsom had any common sense he would oppose this. caitlyn jenner said here comes gavin shutdown 2.0. the county is not ruling out
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further covid restrictions and the mask mandate for l.a. county goes into place saturday at midnight. >> thank you. >> bill: more on this dr. marty makary professor of johns hopkins and welcome back here. cdc says one thing. l.a. says another. what to believe, doctor? >> a setback for public health when you have the cdc very conservative in what they say tell people fully vaccinated live your life and you don't need to wear a mask. this flies in the face of it and hurts our credibility in the future when we may ask people to wear masks in the winter if they're symptomatic. >> bill: you are saying they're wrong, right? >> it's so ironic, bill. l.a. has one of the highest immunity rates in the united states. 75% of adults are vaccinated and they had one of the highest natural immunity rates in the country. half of californians had
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natural immunity. it's ironic. >> bill: we found 61% of the entire population including teenagers would be vaccinated in l.a. county. question on this. governor newsom two weeks ago lifted the mask mandate. now they are going the other way. what's the truth about the delta variant? is it more contagious, is it more severe than what we've gone through for 16 months? >> first of all you raised a good point there. how you present the data shapes the public opinion around it. you can either say 75% of adults who are really the ones at risk here, right, have vaccinated immunity and half have natural immunity and 51% of the total population has been fully vaccinated. paints a different picture. by presenting it one way makes it look like the risk is equally distributed in the population. it is not. 90% of seniors are vaccinated. delta variant look to an excellent article in the "wall
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street journal" that points out it is not more dangerous. the data has come in and vaccination is still extremely protective, 96% protective against hospitalization. in the u.k. study that came out where the delta variant has been more common. if cases go from 10 to 42 that's not a spike. the media san francisco chronicle are using the term surge and spike when we're seeing an increase in pcr positive. >> bill: important point. you mention the "wall street journal." headline, reassuring data on the delta variant. check it out today. the numbers you cited there. l.a. county is saying they've had several consecutive days with more than 1,000 new cases reported every day. they characterize it as a rapid and sustained spike. is it or do you need to look to hospitalizations to figure that out? >> well first of all america's second largest city and what we're seeing is that most of those cases are asymptomatic.
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the reason i can confirm that with you i've talked to a lot of doctors in los angeles and they tell me there is about 1 to 5 covid patients in their hospital all of whom are unvaccinated with rare exceptions. that's the ultimate indicator. you can make this pandemic go forever by pcr testing that can detect one dead virus particle in your nose if you're fully vaccinated and have no risk. >> bill: marty makary trying to run that down and we'll see where it goes. thank you for your time. nine past the hour. >> president biden: communism is a universally failed system and i don't see socialism as a very useful substitute. >> president biden calling out cuba's communist yesterday but he did stop short of condemning the statement made by black lives matter that blames the u.s. for cuba's issues. mark meredith is live in washington with the latest this
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morning. >> president biden's comment came after black lives matter blamed the u.s. for its economic troubles. in a statement posted online black lives matter wrote it condemns the u.s. federal government's inhumane treatment of cubans and lift the economic embargo. the biden administration said it's the communist regime responsible for the woes and urging the government to refrain from violence against protestors. high profile democrats want the u.s. to rethink its policies toward cuba. we heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez and put out a statement. she says cuba's suppression of the media and protestors is a violation of civil rights and goes on to say the embargo is absurdly cruel like too many other u.s. policies targeting latin americans the cruelty is the point. i reject the defense of the embargo. marco rubio says the statement from blm is outrageous and his
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office is ready to help the group move to cuba. >> they're charltons, a fraud. the only reason i care about them they continue to shake down corporations. >> meantime senator says restoring internet access in cuba is crucial to helping the cuban people. he has spoken to the white house on this subject. >> bill: fox news alert again. massive amount of drugs pouring over our southern border. this is ridiculous. now an update on the devastating toll it is taking on our children. >> new reporting governor andrew cuomo is about to face off with investigators probing a number of misconduct allegations against him. and there's this. >> that as than in aacp saying
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>> bill: now a swat commander is dead, four officers injured after a stand-off in texas. the suspect was freed on bond only days ago. jonathan serrie is on that story back in mcallen, texas today. what happened? >> the suspect was released from jail on bond. he was awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting family members. police have identified him as 22-year-old omar shab eara. they say they captured him after an 11 hour stand-off and used robots to enter the home where he barricaded himself.
6:18 am
the stand-off began after a neighbor reported the suspect acted strangely and walking around with a large gun. when police made contact with him the suspect became hostile and didn't want the talk with them. >> the suspect opened the front door to the residence and began firing on the police officers. we did return fire but it did not appear we struck the suspect at that time. >> officers from neighboring agencies came to assist including the commander of the lubbock county sheriff's office swat team killed in the gunfire. officers saluted as a procession of police cars after his body went to the medical examiner's office. he served overseas with the u.s. army before joining the lubbock county sheriff's office nine years ago. >> it is important to remember that as we stand here now, the
6:19 am
seriousness of what these guys face on a day-to-day basis. we have had a total of five officers injured today including the loss of sergeant bartlett. >> the injured officers include a police sergeant sean wilson in critical but stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery at a nearby hospitals. >> mcallen, texas, on that sad story. >> julie: fatal drug overdoses spiking to record levels in the u.s. last year as illegal narcotics continue to flow into the country from the southern border. the pictures here, the disturbing images you see on your screen are drugs, tons of drugs seized by border patrol agents in just the last month
6:20 am
alone. former dea agent joins me now. we see those images and it is a crisis. there is no question about it. even though the administration wants actually hesitated to call it a crisis. how have border policies under the biden administration fueled the drug crisis in our country? >> first of all, i want to thank the brave men and women of the border patrol and cbp for their relentless effort to keep the drugs out of the country and save lives. the policies are hurting our national security. the crime is escalating around the country. most importantly, julie, is the mexican cartels are the enemy of our children. they are engaged in a sustained deadly assault against our american future generation of kids. so you look at the fentanyl poisoning, you look at the fentanyl murders. that's what it is. this is no longer an opioid addiction or crisis. because the kids may stay away from pills or stay away from
6:21 am
opioids and go to cocaine or methamphetamine. but they are dying instantly. this is murder. so we have to change the perception. we have to change the education in our schools, our teachers, our parents have to know that this is a deadly crisis. we have never seen this in the history of the country. >> julie: for our viewers to understand the seriousness between fentanyl it is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. that's used in hospitals to treat serious pain a lot of times used to treat patients who are at the end of their lives, okay. fentanyl seizures are skyrocketing at the border. over the last three years alone fentanyl seizures are up 4,000%. here on this program yesterday a woman had this to say about the border opening. her daughter died because of this kind of drug use and how the border crisis is opening the door to illegal drugs. watch.
6:22 am
>> this partnership in combination with our current border policies have allowed this fentanyl to continuously pour over the southwest border practically unabated. >> julie: it's interesting in this interview she talked about the fact that the people that are dying are not necessarily your typical drug users. her daughter wasn't addicted. it was a one-time thing. she said kids should learn from their mistakes not die from them. an excellent point. >> anyway, julie, look. this is a beautiful young girl. she was coming home for a christmas break from arizona state university, right? she was from california. the parents found her dead from one oxycontin pill purchased on social media. this is not like anything this country has ever faced and it
6:23 am
is aggravating that the parents aren't parenting and it's the mexican cartels who formed a partnership with china to destroy our future. that's what it is. we have to stop dancing around the issue. look at the cdc stats. 93,000 people died last year. those numbers are way under reported as well. the majority are fentanyl related. the coroner report in ohio first six months of 2020 reflects 85% of the deaths are related to fentanyl. so it is fentanyl coming from labs in mexico across our border flooding our streets all over america. that's what we're dealing with. this is different, not kids going to the medicine cabinet of their parents. this is different. we have to change what we're saying. >> julie: we have to make some change at the border. derek maltz. thank you for talking to us this morning. >> bill: 23 past now. a bombshell admission from the white house. it has been working with
6:24 am
facebook to censor posts online. so a question now, how is this going to work out? senator mike lee on that coming up in a moment. plus there is this. ♪♪♪ >> bill: new fallout for the woke at coca-cola as that company's public position now more than just a little hypocritical. nk! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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6:30 am
on the charter. democrats are once again being called out over voting claims. the "washington post"'s fact checkers giving house majority whip jim clyburn four pinocchios for saying that dems have always supported voter i.d. laws. more dam yeah on capitol hill as the chairwoman of the congressional black caucus arrested while taking part in a voting rights protest. chad pergram is following this for us this morning. good morning, chad. >> this was the strongest rebuke the fact checker at the post issues to someone for not telling the truth. he scored the pinocchios for not being strayed forward about his position on voter i.d. >> i never said we should not have voter i.d. i keep it in my wallet and i go to vote i present it there. i have always had voter i.d.
6:31 am
no democrat has ever been against voter i.d. >> clyburn spoke out before against his state's photo i.d. law from 2013 as democrats continue to push a federal voting bill in the senate. joyce beatty of ohio was arrested yesterday protesting about voting rights. you can't demonstrate inside a congressional building no matter who you are and that's what she was doing. >> we were in our movement in our moment. we felt like john lewis and martin luther king when they organized and protested it made a difference. and that's why we were there. >> democratic texas legislators are in washington to block passage on a state gop vote. the texas legislature can't meet. but they met a brick wall in d.c. so far failed to pry loose more
6:32 am
votes for the federal voting bill. >> julie: chad pergram, thank you. >> we're in regular touch with these social media platforms. we've increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon generals office and flagging problem posts for facebook that spread the information. >> bill: that's the sound bite everybody is talking about. admitting the administration is colluding with big tech to weed out certain posts online. it will pour a lot of fuel of the fire over questions about censorship. republican senator mike lee with me now. consulting with big tech, four dangerous words. what about it? >> the government can't censor speech. the first amendment makes that clear. private for profit corporations can make its own decisions but when it's doing it with collusion in government it looks to me a lot like a first
6:33 am
amendment violation. in any event, what we've seen the social media platforms and search engines on many, many occasions of late promising to be even handed portraying themselves to their users and to the public as even handed when they are anything but that. the american people aren't going to tolerate that much longer and why i've introduced something called the promise act that requires them to offer the service they actually promise. >> bill: we'll see where it goes. think about what has been taken down in the last year whether facebook or twitter. the lab leak theory that is now alive and kicking. the hunter biden story that hasn't gone away. two days ago kevin mccarthy had a video about inflation taken down from twitter only to be replaced a few hours later. >> yes. what do those things have in common? what do all of them that they take down have in common? they are all messages that are deemed to be associated in one
6:34 am
way or another with the right and not the left. you do not find instances of this happening for messages on the left. the reason for that is pretty darn obvious. there again, if they want to run a company and if they are to be left book or left twitter that's one thing. when they promise their own users they will be even handed and do the opposite of that that's a deceptive business practice. >> bill: you mentioned something you are doing. it seems it is a circle that goes round and round in washington, d.c. as long as this administration controls the power in d.c., nothing is going to change, am i wrong? >> i think that's right but they understand that in our form of government, we have elections and elections can change from time to time and i hope, i expect they will start to do the right thing if they realize we at some point are going to regain control of
6:35 am
congress and the white house and when that happens, if they've waited until then to fix it, things will be a lot more unpleasant for them than they need to be. so i call on them to do the right thing right now. >> bill: we'll see if that happens. so far i wouldn't hold your breath. glen green walled on this last night. watch. >> it is really a merger of state and corporate power, which ironically is the classic definition of fascism. we've heard so much about that over the last five years. this is what it actually is. the people who say they are against it are now supporting it. >> bill: state and corporate power. quickly, sir, republicans want the administration to pull the nominee for the bureau of land management. will that happen? >> it must happen. tracy stones manning is someone enough she engaged in reprehensible behavior, conspiring with criminals to
6:36 am
make vile threats. she also lied to the senate about her involvement in that. she is not fit to run the bureau of land management. look, the bureau of land management is something a lot of people aren't familiar with but it has a huge amount of control over the entire western united states where there is a lot of public land. we can't allow this nominee to be confirmed. >> bill: senator lee, thank you for your time and we'll see whether or not you win on that point. have a great weekend. >> julie: a new poll out showing that americans trust in a number of institutions has declined from last year. americans confidence in tv news dropped to 16%. that's its lowest level in 30 years. here to discuss howard kurtz host of "media buzz". i know you are not surprised by this but maybe you can explain to us why the lack of trust. >> it's not that complicated. we live in a hyper polarized
6:37 am
culture and every institution is under attack, trump versus biden versus congress or doctors on covid and vaccines or the supreme court combination fights or the growing partisanship in big tech or bank theft and financial collapse. everybody gets tarred and feathered. 16%, 21% for newspapers is the result of years of blatant bias, huge blunders and self-inflicted wounds. >> julie: you talk about newspapers. by the way, they're just 1% of the lowest levels in 30 years and there is nothing new that the majority of print journalism is left leaning. but is that the reason why they are losing readers' trust? >> it goes deeper than that. it is not just that media people and political people and business and tech people are constantly slamming and sliming each other. it is the rhetoric. donald trump says the election was stolen. democrats say the gop posed a
6:38 am
threat to democracy. the other side is not just wrong, it is evil, it is hateful, it is out to get you. the media you don't agree with, they're lying. so when you have only 6% in the gallup survey of republicans and republican leaders haveing high confidence in media and 25% in democrats you have a problem. if the airlines were constantly running ads attacking eave other as unsafe more people would be afraid to fly. >> julie: how do you feel like the mainstream media's coverage of the current administration is losing people's trust? >> well, it always was the question during the four years in which there was a virtual war between president trump and the media and it went both days. trump attacking our profession as enemy of the people and fake news and all that. but the most fiercely negative and personal in a visceral way attacks on the president sometimes based on reality, sometimes based on the russia
6:39 am
investigation that didn't get very far. people said what would it be like with a democratic president? you have joe biden. there are few issues like the border where the press has been tough on him. by and large he doesn't talk that much to reporters. he sometimes snaps at reporters over question he doesn't like. no question it has been much softer and reinforces the view the press lean left and depends who is in the white house. >> julie: wikipedia, the former owner. watch this. >> can you trust it always to give you the truth? well, it depends on what you think the truth is. many of our media sources today and wikipedia included seem to assume that there is only one
6:40 am
legitimate defensible version of the truth on any controversial question. of course, that's not how wikipedia used to be. >> julie: i have to say wikipedia has been very interesting. the fact anybody can go in there and edit whatever is on there. so you can change it and there is no fact checking. somebody can go back in and change it but if you've got a bunch of liberals going in there and have a team, you aren't necessarily going to have these corrections made before somebody reads it and believes it to be true. so yeah, it is kind of a failed website. >> i have never quite understood who had the final say in wikipedia. big pr firms make changes in terms of their clients. makes it another partisan battleground. if larry is right and unable to cite the daily mail or fox news it is more left wing bias of the kind that is undermining
6:41 am
confidence in facebook and twitter. if it just echoes the establishment it is useless. the establishment is sometimes wrong. >> julie: they are, all right. thank you very much, howie. let me ask you. you ever checked out your own wikipedia page? >> bill: i've seen it once or twice. have i made changes? >> julie: i have oef tried to make changes and somebody changes it back. i'll stay on top of yours as well. >> bill: inflation spiking, you know that. catching top officials offguard. how bad will it get and what will washington do about it? our panel coming up in a moment. democratic socialist aoc breaking hir science on communist cuba. why she blames the u.s. in part for the unrest that's on going. stay tuned. balanced nutrition for strength and energy.
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>> julie: fox news alert. new york governor andrew cuomo will be questioned by lawyers from the state attorneys generals office this weekend. the deposition comes after multiple women accused cuomo of sexually harassing them t. interview could signal the investigation led by james could be nearing its final stages. >> we're experiencing a big uptick in inflation, bigger than many expected, bigger certainly than i expected. and we're trying to understand whether it's something that will pass through fairly quickly or whether we need to act. >> we'll have several more months of rapid inflation, so i'm not saying that this is a month-month phenomenon but i think over the median term we'll see inflation decline back to a normal level but of course we have to keep a
6:48 am
careful eye on it. >> bill: i'm no pro but that doesn't sound good. you see it all the time, right? prices on everyday goods keep going up. now with inflation hitting a 13-year high they were caught offguard. steve moore worked for trump. i think yell en comment we'll see several more months of rapid inflation, where does it go? >> i hate to say i told you so but i've been saying on this show for many months that inflation is a growing problem and by the way janet yellen and jerome powell have been pao* pao*ing the idea and now finally admitting it's a big problem for the country. we see it every day. if you are traveling and you need a rental car, hotel, airline ticket you see 25% increases. this is a real problem.
6:49 am
the people hurt the most by this, bill, are the lowest income people, the dumbest thing we can do right now if we want to stop the inflation is we cannot allow another 3 1/2 trillion dollars of debt spending. >> bill: that may be in the offing. here is one line for you, austan. we'll see inflation decline back toward normal levels. i hope she is right. i don't know if it's a guarantee. >> i hope she is right, too. it is definitely not a guarantee. you don't know. they were surprised by how much the inflation was. it is concentrated in just a couple of categories so that's one of the reasons why a lot of people think that this is a pandemic-related bottleneck problem, not a persistent lasting inflation problem. at the same time, inflation is up, it is also true that gdp growth is at levels we have not seen in almost 20 years, wages are up at almost record
6:50 am
breaking levels and in the gallup polling you've got more people than at any time since they started the data 14 years ago saying they are thriving. the highest percent on record. so you've got definitely filling up your gas tank i did the other day $68 just to fill my tank. that's clearly annoying. at the same time, you've got very robust growth and we're adding lots of jobs. so hopefully we'll get back to normal. >> bill: big government spending. it could shoot inflation higher. second topic and have to run with this. the new child tax payments are out as of yesterday and today. children 6 to 17 years old, $3,000 per kid. children under the age of 6 $3,600. steve, i know you don't like this. tell me what happens. >> we're just dropping hundred dollar bills out of helicopters and what is causing the inflation is the massive amount
6:51 am
of money that the federal government is pumping into the economy that is not related to work. so i think this is a bad idea and i think this continued debt spending -- the people are being hurt the most by this are people at the bottom of the income scale. that's the problem with this, austan. >> steve's view is that the people receiving the money are the ones being hurt by the money. i think that's confused. this isn't causing inflation, it just started. the inflation was already in the path. parents have been hard hit doing the pandemic and help make up part of the fact they haven't been able to afford healthcare to get back to work. >> one quick point. senior citizens are really getting killed by inflation. they live on fixed incomes and they don't have kids under the age. >> that's a cost of living adjustment. >> bill: i could go on and i
6:52 am
wish i could. austan, thank you, steve, thanks, see you next friday. >> julie: violent carjackings on the rise. are criminals running our cities? what are police up against? we'll talk to ted williams later in the show. in the 80s we were taught to just say no. now top democrats are pushing to decriminalize marijuana. alex berenson is on deck. ♪♪♪ unced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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6:58 am
alex berenson wrote a book called tell your children. the truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence. what do you think about this effort? >> well, let me tell you first i know we're short on time, bill. i want to quickly tell you and our viewers i'm more and more worried about big tech censoring me and i have a platform where people can hear from me directly from cannabis or covid. it's a newsletter and i want to say that. i'm worried i will get potentially knocked off facebook or twitter. that said, let's talk about cannabis. people are going to use it, we know this. it has been a part of american culture and american life for 50 years. the question is whether we want to encourage or discourage that use. a lot more than decrimelization on the state level. full legalization. it comes an industry promoting the use of this product.
6:59 am
a promise it would help police and take a burden off them and enable them to solve more serious crimes. there was a promise hey, this is medicine that can help people's mental health. if you look at the last 5 to 10 years mental health among kids allocators are going to wrong way. violent crime is up in the last couple of years. at the least you would have to say the cannabis legalization has done nothing promised. >> the perception of americans on marijuana has justifiably changed. what about that? >> the perception has changed. justifiably is exactly the wrong word. scientific evidence in the last 5 to 10 years have been strong the other way. cannabis is linked to psychosis. strong evidence it can cause schizophrenia, a terrible illness, in a small minority but in some people who use if they start using as a young age
7:00 am
especially. mean while medicinal properties have turned out to be mostly bunk. we have had a very sophisticated marketing campaign that told a lot of people a lot of things about cannabis and a lot of people a lot of things about people being in jail for cannabis that aren't true. again, i come back to this. do we want another major industry that is dedicated to making money by taking advantage of people's weaknesses like tobacco? i think we should think carefully before we do that. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you again. hope you don't get canceled. come back. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: new hour begins now with the white house stepping up efforts to monitor and censor social media admitting it has been working directly with facebook and other social media platforms to identify and remove what it calls problematic posts. that's a lot of alliteration
7:01 am
for anxious anchors. i'm bill hemmer welcome to friday. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. dana has time off. the white house is racing all kinds of alarms after saying facebook and others are not doing enough to suppress, quote, misinformation about the vaccine and they need to act more quickly to remove it. >> we are in regular touch with these social media platforms and those engagements typically happen through members of our senior staff but members of the covid-19 team given as dr. mergty conveyed it is a big issue of misinformation on the pandemic. >> the government can't censor speech. first amendment makes that very clear. private for-profit corporations can make its own decisions when it is doing that in collusion with government it starts to look to me an awful lot like a first amendment violation. >> bill: peter doocy live at the white house to tell us where this goes and where it
7:02 am
ends. who knows? peter, good morning. >> here is what we know, bill. when the surgeon general's office sees something on facebook they don't like they reach out to silicon valley and say it needs to be taken down. administration does not think facebook was doing enough on their own to counter vaccine misinformation and apparently they've already got a list. >> we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spreads this information. there are 12 people who are producing 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms. all of them remain active on facebook despite some being banned on other platforms including facebook. ones that facebook owns. >> in the covid era the tech companies don't have a good record with similar censorship than like when they stopped letting people share stories about covid possibly originating in a lab. now the president admits is a
7:03 am
possibility. >> it's scary to have the federal government of the white house, white house compiling lists of people, organizations and whatever and going to a private company that by the way is a monopoly, facebook, and saying you need to censor, you need to do something about this. >> facebook spokesman says we permanently ban pages, groups and accounts that repeatedly break our rules on covid misinformation including more than a dozen pages, groups and accounts from some of the individuals referenced in the press briefing. how exactly they come to know that somebody is spreading misinformation is something we hope to find out at a press briefing here at the white house later this afternoon. >> bill: thank you. maybe you can find out why the twitter thing was canceled from kevin mccarthy. questions persist. cuban government saying it will lift some customs restrictions that would allow travelers to take food and medicine into the country after the violent protests over the economic crisis there. president biden being criticized for silence on the
7:04 am
matter now saying this late yesterday. >> president biden: communism is a failed system, universally failed system, and i don't see socialism as a very useful substitute but that's another story. with regard to cuba, cuba is a, unfortunately, a failed state and repressing their citizens. >> bill: phil keating picks up the coverage in little havana in miami. good morning. >> good morning. the miami cuban american demonstrations day and night continue as president biden, who you just heard from, says his administration is also exploring how to provide internet access to the island that is blackout proof. hundreds of miami cuban americans thursday and night again marching and waving cuban flags, chanting for liberty and demanding change in cuba.
7:05 am
in cuba new images showing the government's response to sunday's largest anti-government protest in decades. arrests protestors and dissidents. some rough and violent. the internet and access to social media were shut down for days but reportedly gradually coming back. the cuban government, the president in particular, continues to blame the u.s. and american social media influence on his country's unrest. state tv this week he said we will defend the revolution until the end. it is a conviction. thursday florida's cuban american senator marco rubio introduced senate resolution 303 in support of those who took to the streets across the island sunday demanding change to end chronic food, medicine and covid vaccine shortages. widespread poverty and economic misery. >> it started because people are fed up and finally took to the streets in one city that got on social media and before you know it it was in over 50
7:06 am
cities. unprecedented. >> florida's governor is urging cuba's communist enforcers to defend the people, not the regime. >> the best role for military is the cuban military to realize time is up. that you can't keep doing the bidding of a repressive dictatorship. >> in a stunning and rare admission by the communist cuba leaders they actually accepted some blame for the unrest on sunday and now will no longer tax the goods that people bring into the country such as food and medicine which had been very expensive to bring in. that's no more. back to you, bill. >> thank you. >> julie: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez finally breaking her silence on the situation in cuba. joining black lives matter to blame problems in the communist country on america.
7:07 am
she tweeted this. we're seeing cubans rise up in protest for the rights like never before. we stand in solidarity with them and condemn the anti-democratic actions led by their president. we also must name the u.s. contribution to cuban suffering. our 60-year-old embargo. let's bring in "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones. thanks for coming on with us. great show this morning. what do you make of aoc blaming the u.s. for cuban suffering? >> it's predictable, you know. she agrees with the ideology of the country and so in order to back the country she has to condemn her believe something. it's like the president of the united states said it's another story when he got to socialism. no, it's the same story. until we start talking about how cuba got there then we can't work on solving the issue that is there. they are angering a lot of people, especially the cuban
7:08 am
american population that a lot of them voted for the former president but a lot of them agree with the people in the street that same black lives matter versus the organization black lives matter. they are wondering why the organization that promised that they would support a human rights and the people aren't standing up for them. >> bill: great point. think about right now blm and the relationship, the nfl embraced becomes lm a year ago. looks like it is about to do more of the same. the statement the other day. the people of cuba are being punished by the u.s. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination. u.s. leaders have tried to crush the revolution for decades. that's from blm. now we learn from the nfl this year they will play lift every voice and sing, considered by some to be the african-american national anthem. social justice messaging allowed on fields and social
7:09 am
justice helmet decals and players a allowed to protest the national anthem. the nfl has embraced blm again it would appear in the upcoming season. how is that relationship going to work out? >> i have no problem with them playing lift every voice. a song sung for lincoln as a poem and adopted by the naacp. not supposed to be a different national anthem. it is a song you are supposed to sing in unison with the national anthem. it goes to the larger point with the nfl. they would rather virtue signal than do actual things in the community. they had a lawsuit back in june where they were -- they have to pay $1 billion in that settlement where she said african-american brain injuries was related to their mental structure and they were naturally had issues with cognitive function. so they can virtue signal all day. they should clean up their own
7:10 am
house before they start telling the world where they should stand on justice issues. >> julie: jen psaki is saying the white house is consulting with facebook to flag misinformation and they are talking about the covid vaccine and fact checkers all over facebook. to make sure that the information out there is correct. first of all, why is the white house collaborating with facebook in the first place? they have no place -- >> openly. >> julie: yes, openly. they admit it but doesn't make it right. >> when you look at the surgeon general's list of things they said to elevate trusted sources. who decide who is trusted? is it the american people or the white house? the white house. we cannot just talk about cuba and not mention what our current government is doing right now. cuba didn't just end up as cuba. when you have the federal government deciding what information is fact and what is not fact i think that's a slippery slope and where is the
7:11 am
free press? why isn't the press saying you don't get to decide what is fact and fiction, the american public gets to do that. it goes to show you, this administration said they would return to normal and freedom of speech would be protected. they are doing quite opposite right now. >> bill: what was going on in 2020. the lab leak was shut down immediately and the hunter biden story shut down. what was going on? >> we know who it benefited and who it hurt. it goes to show. when you have the federal government deciding what information is true based on what political party it's afailiateed and who it hurts and who it benefits, that's the real problem here. so i want to know who is going to be on this board or whatever advisory committee that will be -- will it be fauci? i would argue he has a vested interest on these topics.
7:12 am
we still don't know his connection with this lab. i would like to continue to see more information. if he is the one deciding what will go out to the social media company and what stories are true or not that's a problem for me. >> julie: can you imagine the backlash if president trump had that for the over social media and facebook? >> you know what would happen. >> julie: lawrence jones, great to see you. >> bill: i still want to watch the nfl. i want to play in peace. >> i want to see helmets mashing. >> bill: i want to escape a little bit for a little time. in a moment here crime getting out of control in chicago, you know that by now. some city leaders fear the violence could spill into nearby suburbs. we'll check in on that. >> julie: plus coca-cola taking a woke stance with americans but ignoring human rights abuses in china. meet the group hitting back.
7:13 am
vivek ramaswamy joins us next. >> we thought it was a good sat irrelevant call reminder cocoa took their eye up the ball.
7:14 am
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>> julie: the nypd is looking for a man who assaulted a bus passenger in the bronx. video footage inside the bus, disturbing video showing the suspect pouring a soda on the elderly man. then punching him in the face. the man sustained facial fractures in the attack and treated at a local hospital. police are asking anyone with information to please call the tip line on your screen. >> bill: 18 past the hour now. new fallout for an iconic
7:19 am
american brand, coca-cola going all woke in its messaging to americans especially concerning georgia's voting laws. a new nonprofit calling the company out for hypocrisy. watch here. ♪♪♪ ♪ china is our main supplier that drives our stock price even higher ♪ >> bill: the group is called consumer research pointing out coke has been silent on human rights abuses in china even as it takes a far left stance here at home. vivek ramaswamy is author of the book woke, inc. welcome back here. your entire book is about this concept. what do you make of the pushback now? >> i think coca-cola, bill, is among those companies that has mastered the art of blowing woke smoke, using progressive values to cover up their actual business practices. it is a lot easier for them to
7:20 am
talk about voting laws in georgia than it is to reduce their own reliance on slave labor in china. a lot easier for them to teach their employees how to be less white than wreckon with their role in fueling a nationwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity especially in the black community. when ceos wade into politics they want to force their values down our throats but without democratic accountability. i like what consumer research is doing. you don't get to have it both ways. if you wade into politics we'll hold you politically accountable and not allow you to avoid debate on these social issues. >> bill: i've seen your book and read it and a long conversation about it. your premise is this. pretend to care about something other than profit or power precisely to gain more of each. does that fit in here? >> that's exactly right. coca-cola has a lot of difficult business practices that it would rather not talk about and we live in this moment where a lot of consumers
7:21 am
appear to care about progressive social values at these companies. so this is another way for them to make an extra buck, for them to aggregate profits for coca-cola and power for its ceo. once we see through this charade of virtue signaling consumers won't fall for the trick and why i wrote the book and groups like consumer research are exposing the hypocrisy and fraud for the essence of what it is. >> bill: this is the executive director of the group we mentioned consumer research. listen here. >> they don't lift a finger to criticize the ccp and their human rights abuses in china. they want to preach to the american consumer who they should be serving about political issues not germane to their business. stop cozying up to woke politicians and focus on your customers. >> bill: is this the pushback -- >> bill: very few people appreciated. the communist party of china
7:22 am
has weaponized the work capitalism to achieve their goals. they roll out the red carpet for a company that criticizes the united states but don't let businesses criticize them. the first thing that they say is black lives matter shows the united states is no better and the way they're able to get away with it is two faced corporations the criticize the united states for injustice but don't say anything in china. it has geopolitical consequences that go beyond the consumer based hypocrisy. >> bill: how about blm embracing the communist government in cuba blaming it on the united states? who is next? who would be the next target? >> who would be the next target in terms of which companies are going to go -- >> bill: mlb, delta, nike? >> we see it in the nfl.
7:23 am
you were talking about it. the private sector used to be one of those places that brought us together. we live in a divided colony politically divided. it depends on spaces that can still bring us back together. major league baseball and nfl stadiums. as each of the companies go woke we lose the ability to come together in the apolitical spaces that used to bring us together as one people. i think that's the real loss, bill. >> bill: pretend to care about something other than profit or power precisely to gain more of each. these are your ideas, in woke, inc. get it very soon. great to see you. we'll talk again very soon. thanks. >> julie: federal agents on the border are not only protecting our country but also saving the lives of dozens of migrants who end up lost, tired, or close to death. we have got an exclusive look at some of the rescue operations. stay tuned to that. plus pandemic travel restrictions are set to end next week. could this open the floodgates
7:24 am
and make the crisis even worse? texas governor greg abbott joins us next. ♪ on the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ ♪ the life i love is making music with my friends, i can't wait to get on the road again ♪ two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again. >> julie: fox news getting an up close look at our border patrol agents as they take on more responsibilities in the face of the migrant surge. encounters set to eclipse the one million mark by the end of the month. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles. good morning, william. >> julie, agents tell me they don't need official numbers to tell them the border is overrun. never seen it this bad. despite the heat it isn't getting better. >> i don't see anything right now that shows any sign of slowing things down at least here specifically in yuma.
7:30 am
we're still catching a lot of people every day. >> not just yuma. smugglers ran a non-stop ferry service to mcallen. rafts filled with men, women and children and 2-month-old baby. they loaded the group to buses taken to a shelter or given a notice to appear in court someday in the future. this florida congresswoman was stunned. >> for all. every single american should be outraged. i'm shaking i'm so mad right now. >> the border patrol will apprehend the highest number of migrants in 20 years. 180,000 in june. in july it will surpass a million driven by president biden's decision to release not detain or deport children and families. >> the border has moved. the border is not here in texas in arizona or california. the border is every town in america.
7:31 am
>> that sheriff is part of a police contingent sent by red states to help texas do what governor abbott says president biden is not to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. biden says the border is closed. a claim that nobody south of it seems to believe. >> everything was tough. the hunger, fear of the narcotics. >> proud to be in this country where he is offered and given an opportunity. it is tough leaving family behind. >> it cost us a little bit but we're here by the grace of god. >> the compassionate system the president promised. others say it is a waste of money and others say why have a border if it isn't enforced? >> julie: thank you. >> what president biden has done with the border we're catching people on the terrorist watch list. fentanyl increased by 300% killing americans. more than a million people have
7:32 am
come across this border illegally now. >> bill: kevin mccarthy criticizing president biden as the country gets ready to end pandemic travel restrictions. the migrant surge at the southern border will get worse from here. texas governor greg abbott with me now. good morning and welcome back to our program. a lot to cover. if you change title 42 how does that affect how you control the border? >> a total disaster and a healthcare disaster as well as a humanitarian disaster but also bill it underscores one important point. your audience and other americans need to understand. president biden doesn't really care about the people in texas or citizens of the united states of america. president biden is catering to people who are coming from the 150 countries across the globe. he cares more about people who are outside america than those inside america. and that's exactly why i and other governors are working to
7:33 am
help do the president's job, america's job trying to step up and secure the border including trying to reduce this influx. i will be back down on the border tomorrow working the make sure we're accelerating the process of building the wall and arresting people coming across the border. somebody has to step up and secure the border because the biden administration has completely abandoned its responsibility to his fellow americans. >> bill: can you confirm this? i saw a number here. if the current pace continues, by the end of this year the total number of border interdick shuns will be the highest we have seen in 70 years. >> that's exactly what we're seeing. record after record after record is being broken. the amazing thing about it, part of the lead-in. the biden administration says the border is closed. it eliminates any sense of credibility that either president biden or his
7:34 am
administration has about anything. let's go back in time real quick to a couple of things together. you remember when i opened up texas 100% he called me a neanderthal and he was completely wrong about that. he is wrong and lying to america what they're saying about the border. there is zero credibility in the white house because they're destroying america. one of the fundamental responsibilities of the president of our country is to protect our sovereignty and biden has now abandoned his responsibility to protect the sovereignty of the united states of america. >> bill: you said the other day you are trying to raise millions to continue building the wall. i saw a number earlier in the week. you are a long way off. i saw 700,000 raised so far. you have a ways to go. >> understand this, bill and audience needs to know this. that the money that is coming in is being donated. it helps obviously because we'll take all the money we can get. it is a fraction of what the
7:35 am
state will be putting in. the state of texas is going to put in a lot of money to build the wall and you also need to know the progress being made for the construction of the wall is actually going along faster than what i anticipated. we are still in the process of getting a program manager. while we're trying to do that and do requests for proposals we already have a lot of proposals showing that we will be able to build the wall faster and cheaper than what was done under the trump administration. >> bill: last topic here. you know the democrats from austin are still in washington, d.c. don't know if you have an update on their status whether or not they are coming home. the house speaker says this. i am demanding all of our colleagues in d.c. to contact my staff immediately in order to secure their seat on the plane and return to austin in order to do the state's business. the state of texas is waiting. i parently he wants to charter a flight to bring them back home. do you accept these democrats will come back any time before
7:36 am
the 7th of august which at the moment is the time when the special session would expire, governor? >> right. that's impossible to tell. here is what we can figure out. and that is we have seen that the democrats have a -- have no game plan whatsoever how to deal with this. they go up there and gotten a lot of attention this week. it will begin to fade over the weekend and into next week. and what we are already seeing and that is their own constituents, the people who voted them into office, they are getting up in arms and getting angry because there are so many different pieces of business. helping out our teachers, reducing property taxes, such as preventing dangerous criminals who were released on bail from killing other people. there are so many laws we need to pass that these lawmakers are preventing from being passed and making texas more dangerous because of their absence and the people of texas know that and so these democrats are risking their own future and jobs by being voted
7:37 am
out of office. they can stay away as long as they want. i will continue calling special session after special session. they can run but they cannot hide. >> bill: i take it they will not take speaker up on his offer at the moment. we'll see where it is next week. thank you. >> julie: critical race theory taking a hit as another state moves to ban the controversial curriculum from its public schools even going as far as threatening teachers who defy the ban with stripping their licenses. where this is happening and the fallout it's causing. plus police departments across the country reporting a surge in carjackings. many turning deadly. the rise in big city violence and why it's happening. >> people see the crimes people are committing zero to no punishment and it is like opening the floodgates right now.
7:38 am
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>> julie: the call to quote, let them die was not met with pushback but rather as you can hear it was applauded and cheered by protestors. >> bill: the pushback against the teaching of critical race theory to america's kids scoring another victory. from oklahoma the latest state to say not in our classrooms with the board of education banning it in public schools. matt finn is watching that story for us. good morning. >> good morning. in a few weeks students will return to the classroom in oklahoma where a new law prohibits them from learning about critical race theory. a public school teacher can lose their license if they teach the ban. critical race theory teaches some people are superior or racist. the timing of the new law is driven by republicans who have a super majority in oklahoma and is meant to fear monger
7:44 am
according to one woman. >> why all of a sudden is this an emergency that needs to be addressed? it is not. it is a boogeyman issue, it is 100% politics. critical race theory isn't even introduced until you get to college and in most instances you have to choose those classes. so again it's just introduced as a way to get people scared. >> bill: oklahoma state superintendent denies those claims and says this was a preemptive measure to safeguard students and oklahoma students will still be taught about horrific racist history like the tulsa massacre. >> the good, bad, ugly and things that can make people feel uncomfortable. the difference is we aren't thinking about and separating this from critical race theory which has no place in k-12
7:45 am
education. >> the banning of critical race theory was done as an emergency measure to give teachers more time to absorb the new rules. >> bill: we said we would follow it and we did out of chicago. >> julie: there are big cities all across america apparently reporting a spike in carjackings. in chicago a 73-year-old veteran was killed in a carjacking attempt on wednesday. so far this year the windy city has reported more than 750 incidents alone. oakland, new orleans, washington, d.c. all also reporting a surge. i want to bring in fox news contributor ted williams the try to tackle this one and maybe explain and answer why. the question is why the nationwide surge in carjackings? >> good morning, julie. i'm hap -- happy to be with you under
7:46 am
sad circumstances. i have to get this off my chest. we have are at war with ourselves and the sad commentary is that the crooks are winning this war and we look at chicago here. we look at a man, you said he was a veteran. this man was more than a veteran. keith is his name. we know who george floyd is but we don't know who keith is. he was a 73-year-old vietnam veteran, a man who went and served to protect this country. he was killed on the streets of chicago. look, i can tell you what is going on. americans are tired of being victims of crime. we need politicians to get on top of the crime out here in america. it is sad when americans are
7:47 am
losing their lives for crooks. in d.c. alone carjackings are up 74%. these thugs are winning, julie. that's the unfortunate thing. >> julie: what's also unfortunate is our nation's youth learning from bad behavior. i'm talking about chicago, for example. talking about carjackings soaring there and police are not surprisingly arresting more kids. kids will learn from someone, right? who are they learning bad behavior from? let's talk about the elected officials, democratic elected officials stripping power from police for years now especially during the pandemic where crime has seen all-time highs in these cities, okay? democratic-led cities. the police are not being empowered to police the bad guys and the young people are saying oh, man, it's a free for all. we get to do whatever the heck
7:48 am
we want. there is no repercussion. >> you are absolutely right, julie. they are standing on the sideline meaning the young teenagers watching and seeing that the citizens, unfortunately, are throwing police officers who they need under the bus. i have said over and over the majority of these men and women are trying to serve the community and we need those men and women. and we don't have them right now. we are under siege, julie, we're under siege. >> julie: no surprise in chicago retirements among the police department are just skyrocketing. all these people will retire. no recruits will want to come in. why would they want to and put their lives on the line for what? nothing. it is unfortunate. ted williams. we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> bill: 12 minutes before the
7:49 am
hour. presidential purge happening in portland. that woke american city putting new limits on public art to keep the statues of american presidents torn down by protestors out of sight. a cuban american icon is calling on the entire world to wake up and save his family's homeland. his message next. there's an old saying in the navy, that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. and if you've made the deployments, and you've been the wife at home, or you've been the spouse at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call.
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>> harris: massive blow back. the white house admit it is working with facebook to censor our posts. the administration says it's about stopping covid misinformation. critics say it is an all-out assault on american's free speech. los angeles county putting mask mandate back in place.
7:55 am
the cdc and white house both say vaccinated people don't need to mask up. dr. siegel waids into the mess. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: looks like the city of portland, oregon. statues of three u.s. presidents toppled by protestors last year may stay in permanent storage. dan springer is tracking that from seattle. >> this issue has been drawn out. now appears as if the statues of some of the most iconic americans in history that were toppled during protests last summer may never go back up in the city of portland. the statues of progressive reformer teddy roosevelt and abraham lincoln who preserved the union were pulled down nine months ago. the statues of thomas jefferson and george washington were knocked down four months before that. the statues are hidden away by the arts and culture council. instead of repairing the
7:56 am
statues that stood for nearly a century the arts council has rewritten guidelines for when art can be removed for good. now public art can be canceled for being, quote, significantly at odds with values of anti-racism, equity and inclusion. or if there is overwhelming public objection. >> this kind of public discussion, they are the key to helping the united states heal from centuries of racism. >> but many are angry the president on mount rushmore aren't being viewed in historical context. >> i was in disbelief quite frankly. it had been up for 100 years and, you know, history doesn't change by doing something like that. >> not a single city council member in portland would go on the record what they think should appear en to the statues leading many to believe they'll be canceled giving the
7:57 am
protestors who took them down a major victory. >> bill: nice to see you in seattle. >> julie: grammy winning international superstar pit bull getting emotional about the suffering in cuba. he is calling on world leaders including fellow cuban american jeff bezos to support the citizens taking to the streets in havana. carley shimkus is here. we've got another celebrity weighing in on what is really a political crisis but the backlash response. tell us. >> first of all, this video is a two-minute video. i encourage everybody to watch the whole thing. it is so emotional and passionate. he loves america and cuba so much. we'll play a portion right now. >> this is a message to the world. we need to stand up, step up. if you don't understand what's going on you need to wake up. not only is this a cuba event a cuba thing, this is a world
7:58 am
event. not about politics, it's about saving lives. this is about unity, not division and bottom line it is about taking action. >> his message is essentially we can't let this opportunity go to waste because everybody is volleying back and forth with these ideas whether the florida democratic party calling for additional saention on cuban leaders or marco rubio who said the international community needs to come together and put pressure on cuba or pit bull called on jeff bezos. there is a short window of time. we have seen the show before. a fire can start and just as quickly stamped out. what happened in venezuela in 2019 and the trump administration jumped in and quickly helped with the protestors there. my fear and pit bull's fear will become a flash in the pan.
7:59 am
>> bill: happened with iran. we failed to embrace the opportunity. he is right about this. you need to stand up and step up. i'm not sure we have just yet, carley. >> this is happening at a very unique time in american history. it is true that nobody hates america quite like americans and if you look at what is happening in cuba and the people just 90 miles south of florida want what we have and are fighting for what we have, we have to learn a lesson in being grateful as well. >> bill: they have the internet back wednesday afternoon. a few videos brutal when you see the police in uniform going into the streets in havana. i wish we could end on a happier note but we shall. before we go we cue this up for you, julie. this guy has skills. check him out. >> julie: he also has a lot of time on his hands apparently. >> bill: he did it twice.
8:00 am
>> i got them. >> bill: hang with me. >> julie: that was impressive. >> bill: he plays ping-pong. >> julie: we did it. apparently he likes ping-pong. >> julie: this is what you get after a pandemic. you have so much time to practice and nail it. how many takes did that take? ? talk talk is now. >> harris: fox news alert. a loud pushback on the white house admitting it is indeed working with big tech to censor americans on social media. i'm harris faulkner. you are in "the faulkner focus". concerns about public health on a crash course now with the first amendment t. biden administration now fact checking what private citizens post on their facebook


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