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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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and so they have an agenda and they are indoctrinating certainly the young people and then they go out in our society, they take jobs and they harm us in our schools and corporations. carley: dr. swain, we have got to leave there thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. carley: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> president biden finally condemning communism. >> communism is a failed system. >> aoc and blm do not agree. >> the actual u.s. contribution to the suffering. >> we are flagging problematic posts for facebook. >> that kind of information is scary stuff and really is censorship. >> largest county in the country reinstating the mask mandate no matter your vaccination status. >> now, federal guidance is the exact opposite. >> if they're vaccinated and not wearing a mask, they are safe. >> in addition to the
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star-spangled banner they're saying they will reportedly play the so-called black national anthem before each game. >> the new ad campaign calling out coca-cola for caring more about woke politics than the consumer. ♪ at coke ♪ we say we are woke ♪ we sell drinks ♪ ♪ steve: tgif thank goodness it's friday on fox. you are listening to crowder singing good god almighty it is friday in the summer that means it's our all-american concert series. they are at the conclusion of today's telecast. ainsley, once again lawrence is part of it. lawrence: thank you, guys. you haven't boot me off the show yet? ainsley: no you have done a great job. did your mom approve yesterday.
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lawrence: teeth showing nice and white. doing what you are supposed to do. steve: mom says sometimes on tv he gets the face she would like to see him smile. lawrence: i was obedient. ainsley: local news in different city your mom and dad can't watch so they can't criticize. he gets to the national level and they watch every day. lawrence: they're on your back every day. lawrence: my dad is a truck driver a lot of our audience are truck drivers out there. they get to tell my dad what's going on. i go you lies are just telling on me. i can't live. ainsley: i get those same emails and calls from my dad. lawrence: i'm not the only one. lawrence: no. lawrence: i feel better. steve: another way we are able to talk to the folks is when we go out across the country and we stop by diners and rachel campos-duffy is at the cuban restaurant in miami rachel, i have a funny feeling i know exactly what everybody is talking about today. rachel: i bet you do. by the way, ainsley, all of you,
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lawrence, you guys are victims of your own success. you are on national tv so your parents get to criticize everything. ainsley: i'm sure you can relate, flight you look beautiful though, i love your dress. rachel: thank you. i'm in miami so, you know. lawrence: that's right. so, rachel, what are the folks talking about out there? rachel: well, people are really upset about what is happening in cuba. really upset about the repression and the reports and the little bits of video that they are getting back that shows that the government is crack down on those that are just asking for their own liberty. they are also frustrated that so many of the police politicians here in the united states and also activists like blm who are trying to deny the reason why these people are out there protesting. you know, we are hearing calls about it's covid or economic mismanagement. no. the people here are saying listen to the people in the streets all over cuba. they are saying they want their liberty. they want an end to 62 years of
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this oppressive communist regime. i think they are going to be happy to hear what joe biden said finally last night but they are going to want those words condemning communism to come with some action. and what they are really calling for is internet access. as you know the communist government has shut down the internet and cell phones. they live in carkinness there. that's how the communist, you know, keep control. and so, there are people here including governor desantis, marco rubio calling on the biden administration to use all possible means to open up the internet and cell phone access to people on the island saying look, we can use the u.s. embassy as a hot spot. we can float balloons. there is a lot of ideas out there. but getting information from the island over to the mainland here and across the world is very important because, without that, communist government is known for its brutality and people are afraid that, you know, these people will die. they're at great risk what they're doing right now.
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we have never seen anything like this. there has never been mass country wide, island wide protests like this before. this is a really crucial moment. ainsley: rachel, tell us about the 15-year-old you interviewed who said her mom is still in cuba? rachel: this is versailles restaurant we are at very iconic cuban stawrnt. people are were here all night. i spoke to a cuban refugee. i asked her about why she was here she said i'm here because my mom is still stuck on the island and she is hungry. she broke down and cried. it was really awful. she said i'm here i want her to know if she is going to be on the street fighting. i'm going to be on the street fighting here in miami. and they just want everyone to know in cuba are that they are -- they have solidarity here. that there are freedom fighters here calling for them. supporting them. and asking our government to do
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the minimum. just let information come out of the island in order to protect the lives of those who are so bravely protesting. lawrence: you can hear the emotion in rachel's voice. we can't wait to air that full interview later on in the program. steve: that's right. later this hour. rachel, thank you very much. we are going to be with you in about 20 more minutes. rachel: of course. steve: at the versailles cuban restaurant in miami. it's all about internet access. it's getting those images out of cuba into the mainstream media which they were able to do until they pulled pulled the plug. when we started doing the show on monday morning, the official administration response was that those thousands of people were out there because of covid. that is what they said. and then on wednesday, our white house correspondent asked jen psaki about it and she said well, you know, people were upset with the oppression. but we support their right to protest. well, the white house woke up
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yesterday and they realized wait a second we are on the whole side of this issue. we have got to say something bad about communism. america is against communism. and suddenly last night he so is joe biden. >> communism is a failed system universally failed system. and i don't see socialism as a very useful substance. cuba is a, unfortunately, a failed state and repressing, their citizens. there are a number of things that we would consider doing to help the people of cuba. but, it would require a different circumstance or a guarantee that they would not be taken advantage of by the government. lawrence: so the big question, ainsley, is what happened between monday's show and yesterday? ainsley: he came under fire. lawrence: he came under fire. we know this white house is only influenced by the people.
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when they change on immigration. she were slipping in the polls. when they decided to do a statement on crime they were slipping in the polls. the cuban american population, specifically in miami, are afraid. they are upset. they want the biden administration to say something and the fact is that florida changes a lot of things. you need them for election. i think the biden administration was influenced by that. they decided to finally call it out by its name. they were fickle with it. the real question is are they going to squash those type of policies that are embedded right now in the u.s. and in the democratic party? ainsley: those florida votes very important. in the last election, 56% of the cubans that live in florida voted for donald trump. 41% voted for joe biden. and so they are calling now for joe biden, please come down. they want him to come down to miami and give a speech condemning the leadership of cuba and what's happening there. they want internet. ron desantis wrote a letter to
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the president say we need your support. we need your assistance. your money, your funds so that we can provide internet for all of the people here who have loved ones still on the island. steve: that's right. here's the problem for joe biden and his party. he want to get some stuff done in congress. he will have to do it with a very slim margin. he needs not only centrist democrats but he also needs the squad. the squad, you know, they're socialists. and socialism is becoming increasingly popular with democrats. but, you know, some democrats. but the term is toxic to most of the country. but that did not stop aoc yesterday. she finally broke her silence on cuba. and, you know what? when you look at that. you probably see that communism doesn't work. these images right here, communism doesn't work and people want freedom, right? you have got to blame cuba, right? nope. aoc says don't blame cuba. blame the usa, watch. >> one of the things we want to make sure that we communicate is
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our solidarity with the cuban people. and what's extraordinarily important for us to communicate as well is the actions u.s. contribution to the suffering of cubans on the island as well. and that is directly related to the embargo. other u.s. policies particularly are targeting latin americans and latinos. the cruelty is the point. and i outright reject the biden administration's defense of the embargo. ainsley: we imposed the embargo when fidel castro overthrew the government that we, the battista government that we supported. when fidel castro comes in, and he brings his communism in and you see what the result is, we slap them with this embargo. that's what they're asking to be lifted. black lives matter released a statement they said black lives matter condemns the u.s. federal
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government inhumane treatment of cubans and urges it to immediate lift the embargo. this cruel policy destabilization of the country and undermining cuban's right to choose their own government is at the heart of cuba's current crisis. steve: here's the thing, food and medicine are not impacted and blm got it exactly backwards. the united states sanctioned cuba because it does not let it own people choose its own government. that is wrong what they said. lawrence: but they are in conflict right now. we will be talking about this all morning. when you have an ideology that you subscribe to, that you have used cuba as an example, when you are -- when the rubber meets the road. you have got to choose a side. are you going to be with the people or be with the ideology that you have chosen? which is why i continue to tell our audience there is a difference between black lives matter, the organization that it subsky subscribes to the marxist ideology and people who have genuine concern in the street. they don't know that this is
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what this organization is about, which is why it is our job to continue to educate them about what these folks are saying. if you really care about justice. you need to stand with the people and condemn the ideology. the ideology itself is anti-american. there is no democratic socialism. there is no democratic form of it we saw what it did to the cuban people and continues to do to the cuban people. steve: okay. so, there, we have set the table. this is what we are going to be talking about on this friday morning. ainsley: still ahead, remember when the cdc director said this? >> we are asking people to be honest with themselves. if they're vaccinated and not wearing a mask they are safe. if they're not vaccinated and they're not wearing mask, they are not safe. ainsley: well, one county is ignoring the cdc' advice, we will tell you which one next. steve: plus the nfl is going woke again. we are going to bring you their new national anthem controversy after a break. you are watching "fox & friends" on friday.
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four police officers are hurt in texas. police say all five were shot by a man barricaded inside a home. the suspect was arrested after an hours long standoff. three of the officers were treated and released from hospital. one is fighting for his life in critical condition. swat commander sergeant josh bartlett died at the hospital. the sheriff's office held a procession in his honor. he leaves behind wife and three sons. the nfl will play the black national anthem before every game this season. are lift every voice and sing. it will become a quote prominent part of games including the playoffs, drafts and kickoff game. also making a return will be social distancing messages on helmets and sidelines. the expanded push comes despite 2020 seeing the league's lowest ratings in three years. and those are your headlines.
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guys. steve: all right. carley, thank you very much. well, yesterday, we learned something shocking. there is somebody at the administration, and we don't know exactly where in the administration somewhere in the federal government that's looking at your facebook white house knitting they contacted facebook. they are working together to make sure misinformation isn't spread. listen to this. >> we have increased misinformation research and tracking. will we are flagging problematic posts on facebook. we are working with doctors and medical professionals to connected medical experts who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content. so we are helping get trusted content out there. we also created the covid-19 -- the covid community core to get factual information into the hands of local messengers. lawrence: the communist -- if they haven't done anything.
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they believe this nonsense. they believe the government should be involved. i always made the argument that it was clear that the social media companies were targeting conservatives. you hear story after story. i have even seen it on my page at moments. it's a private company. well, if the federal government now is involved with the private -- oh, you got yourself a lawsuit getting ready it happen now. steve: yeah, who is looking through the stuff? lawrence: unbelievable. ainsley: picking medical experts popular with the audience. lawrence: that they choose. ainsley: popular with their agenda. steve: exactly, when you look at somebody's facebook page you read it and you are subjective. okay that's appropriate, that's not appropriate. remember, it was not too long ago when facebook itself was part of the disinformation. if you mentioned anything about, you know, maybe covid started with a lab leak, facebook was going to pull the plurg on you. ainsley: weren't allowed to post it. steve: because and the reason for that ainsley, donald trump said it initially, so it had to be wrong until joe biden said it and then it's okay facebook
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itself the source presidents information in the past. lawrence: who is conducting this. i would be very uncomfort being if it's fauci's office. any of them quite frankly. it just shows you these government officials right now. especially when we start talking about leaks what potentially happened. they have a vested interest in protecting themselves. steve: absolutely. lawrence: getting to the bottom of what really happened. what was in those emails. the fact that they have influence on the social media company. on delivering the facts that we know or different reports, i think, is just troubling. ainsley: the surgeon general he said misinformation poses an immediate and insidious threat to our nation's health. that's why they are doing it, they say. steve: jen psaki said there are about a dozen posters responsible for 65% of the bad stuff, and they are still on facebook. ainsley: it's really because they are pushing this vaccination. they have celebrities that are pushing the vaccination going to
3:22 am
the white house and coming up with these psas or commercials about the vaccination. if you are -- you don't agree with it or put any information on there that they disagree with, they will take it down. steve: they ever using celebrities. they have the young recording star in ms. rodrigo the other day it's because it's the young people who need to get the shot. nonetheless, josh hawley has been behind the push to rein in big tech and he was on the channel last night, i believe, on "special report," and he had this observation about what we are seeing the federal government do in cahoots with big tech. >> at this point you really have to wonder how private companies they are. if you are taking direction from the federal government. openly coordinating with the federal government, you have got the government saying we think that this speech ought to be censored and big tech, if they carry out those instructions. i mean, that looks like they are starting to operate as a public utility. many people out there say we ought to treat them as public
3:23 am
uttles, regulate private companies as such. my view is we ought to break them up and restore competition. status as independent private companies looks more and more endangered here. they're affecting like arms of the government. when they're monopolies that's a big problem. steve: so big government is colluding with big tech to censor some posts. we do have a statement from the white house, however. ainsley: from facebook. we have partnered with government experts, health authorities and researchers to take aggressive action against misinformation about coast and vaccines to protect public health. so far we have removed more than 18 million pieces of covid misinformation. removed accounts that repeatedly break these rules. lawrence: but what is misinformation? is it someone's opinion? is it some research that dr. fauci deemed that is not true? then they back and correct the record and up block these posts? the damage was done. and honestly, i think some folks in the trump camp feel like it impacted the election when they
3:24 am
talked about some of the stuff that was going on and they decided to flag it. i just think that this is a slippery slope and it's no longer the argument, as i initially said that these are just private businesses. the go. is in cahoots with these private businesses. steve: well, one of the reasons they are doing the push to get young people inoculated is because the number of infections is sadly going back up. we're going the wrong way. because there are a lot of people that have not yet gotten the shot. ainsley: like in l.a. county. steve: perfect transition, ainsley. starting tomorrow night, l.a. county is going to restore the indoor mask mandate even for people with the vaccine. now, that flies in the face of what we were told by the top administration person who is also a doctor, just about a month and a half ago. watch this. >> we are asking people to be honest with themselves. if they're vaccinated and they are not wearing a of course that, they are safe. if they are not vaccinated and they are not wearing a mask,
3:25 am
they are not safe. steve: that was one of the -- one of the best reasons to get the shot. it's like if i get the shot, i don't have to wear the mask anymore. except in l.a. county where now, you know, they are doing the polar opposite of what the cdc says. lawrence: they keep -- i'm sorry. ainsley: go ahead. lawrence: they keep asking the question why people won't get vaccinated. we have all gotten vaccinated. some people have resistance. it's because of information like this. when you put out disinformation and people are saying why get the vaccination? we are not going to return to normal anyway? what's the use of doing it? why? steve: you won't die. ainsley: pushing washington to get the vaccine many in l.a. county many of them got the vaccine because they wanted to be able to take off the face masks. they wanted to go to the football game and be part of the crowd without having to wear that the mask. they get the vaccine for that reason now they are told you have got to wear the mask again. cdc sending a different message. larry elder running for governor there after this recall of gavin
3:26 am
newsom. this is all he treated. are you kidding? steve: and dr. marty makary said requiring masks in fully vaccinated people send the wrong message, lacks good data. violates cdc guidance and a step backwards for public health. one of the problems is, you know, as is the case across the country, indoor paces. if you had the vaccine, you don't have to wear mask. but if you haven't had a vaccine, you still have to wear a mask in a lot of states. i think there are a lot of people who have not had the shot, and they are not wearing the mask. and that is part of of the problem. they are. ainsley: they didn't get the vaccine? lawrence: the longest you have gotten the vaccine. steve: oh that person got the vaccine not necessarily the case. ainsley: that's dangerous then if people do that because this is a deadly virus. steve: i know that it's happening for a fact. in new york city, last night they canceled the yankees red sox game because six yankees
3:27 am
tested positive for coronavirus. ainsley: the delta variant is spreading. that's one of the reasons they said in l.a. county and they said they had 1315 new cases on wednesday. steve: one of the scary things about the yankees. one of the yankees who has it, tested positive is aaron judge. earlier this week where was he? the all-star game with all the other players and so you got to worry about the people who go d. not get the vaccine. lawrence: anyway, we have got to move on. the chair of the congressional black caucus is arrested on capitol hill. we are live in d.c. with how her protest landed her in custody. ainsley: plus, rachel campos-duffy in little havana this morning spoke with cuba supporters and protesters. hi, rachel. rachel: we are having a. [speaking spanish] i know you are not in miami right now. cuban cigars as well.
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at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing. cure car good morning, back with your headlines, a murder suspect released on bond seven times for previous threat is back behind bars. gascon is accused of shooting and killing ex-girlfriend while she held 1-year-old son in her arms. at the time of the shooting gascon was wearing an ankle monitor related to a different time but he was able to take it off. he is now being held on a $1.5 million bond. nearly 1 million migrants have been apprehended since january. that's more than the entire population of san francisco. "the washington examiner" reports approximately 188,000 migrants were apprehended last month alone.
3:33 am
the official number has not yet been released but if the preliminary figures hold, it will be a 450% increase from june of last year. 2 million migrants are projected to cross the southern border by the end of the year. investigators will question new york governor andrew cuomo about sexual harassment allegations. cuomo is accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. the state attorney general's office will meet with him tomorrow a sign the probe is in its final stages. meanwhile taxpayers are footing the nearly $800,000 bill for the democrats legal team and two other scandals. covid-19 nursing home deaths and misused state resources. expensive stuff. those are your headlines guys. steve: all right, carley, thank you very much. demonstrators taking to the streets of miami, florida to rally in support of the cuban people fighting for freedom 90 miles away in cuba. ainsley: look at that crowds of
3:34 am
protesters gathered at what's known as the world's most famous restaurant in little havana this week. lawrence: that's where we find rachel campos-duffy at versailles. rachel: thank you for this awesome assignment. we had protesters that has been like ground zero gathering point here at versailles restaurant for so many cubans trying to show solidarity with the cubans courageously on the streets all over cuba spontaneous demonstrations breaking out and they want to show that they are in solidarity with them. they are supporting them. and we sat down also yesterday with some activists, some cuban american activist from the foundations human rights in cuba. here's what they had to say. >> they have kept the population
3:35 am
in the cube areas under strict. >> my father was killed 9 years ago by direct order of castro. in an attack infiltrated by the cube ban [inaudible] >> the only thing they have left was fear. what we have been witnessings in the last three four days is that people went into the streets. they are saying down with communism. down with the communist party we want freedom that's a challenge to the political regime. >> 22-year-old my age i do what i need to do in order to make sure that the democratic principles of this country stay firm and stay strong. >> my hope, my confidence is in the cuban people and they are not disappointing anyone here. the cuban people is going to be [inaudible] >> i came here in 1957. i was part of the [inaudible]
3:36 am
i'm still here. i'm still fighting. will. ainsley: we won't stop until cuba is free he said. rachel: that's right. there is so much frustration, ainsley, steve and lawrence with -- the people here are frustrated hearing others and politicians here, aoc, blm, others in the democrat party saying that this is about covid. this is about economic mismanagement and the embargo. they are saying no, listen to the people on the streets in cuba. this is a huge moment. and they're saying they are not there on the streets protesting about covid. they want freedom. they want liberty. they want an end to 62 years of communist rule people in miami are saying listen to them and don't twist their words. they are also frustrated with the statement that came out from blm, again, saying it's the embargo saying listen, if you think it's so great there, you go and move there you live in
3:37 am
cuba for a little bit. i kept hearing that over and over again from all those who are normalizing socialism and really down playing the calls for freedom. they're also asking for the internet to be opened up. this is something very tangible that the u.s. government and the biden administration can do. they can float balloons. they can usest embassy as a hot spot. they are saying it's imperative we reverse the shutdown of the internet and cell phone coverage that the communist regime has imposed on the cuban people. they say without that, the repression will continue. death will continue because they need that cover of carkinness. they don't want the stories to get out. we are hearing everything, including, you know, young teenage boys being dragged from their homes forced to join the army and possibly have to, you know, go against their own people in these protests so very horrible reports. but not enough coming out because of the lack of internet and cell phone access. steve: well, we have dispatched you down to the versailles cuban
3:38 am
restaurant in miami. folks normally open at 8:00. but they are open right now. so drop by and say hello to rachel and maybe she will talk to you on tv. ainsley: i wish you could bring back some of the food. lawrence: some of that cuban coffee. rachel: that cuban coffee is so good. steve: going to wake her up. lawrence: thanks, rachel. steve: meanwhile, ahead restaurant already struggling with staff shortages are now dealing with angry customers. one restaurant described to respond to the insults and threats by closing down for a day of that story coming up. ainsley: and coca-cola or woke acola. the new ad campaign calling out the company for caring more about woke politics than you, the consumer ♪ ♪
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as $0 for botox®. so, text to see how you can save. botox® has been preventing headaches and migraines before they even start for 10 years. so, ask your doctor about botox® today. ♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome back a democratic congresswoman arrested along with 8 others during protest senate office building. the gulp demanding pass for the people act. lawrence joining us. >> good morning, lawrence, they warned joist beatty and others three times to stop their illegal demonstration in the hart office building. when they didn't, capitol police zip tied their hands and arrested them. the protest was to end the filibuster. part of an election reform fight on capital hill. democrats say republicans are stalling on a bill to strengthen
3:44 am
voting protections and accused g.o.p. led states of trying to strip voting rights from minorities. >> we were in our movement, in our moment. we felt like john lewis and martin luther king. >> group of texas lawmakers who fled to d.c. to stop a voting bill in the texas state house continued their meetings on capital hill. now the texas house speaker says he will charter a plane to be on stand by in washington, d.c. to bring the democrats back to austin. the texas house cannot vote while so many members are absent. governor greg abbott has threatened the lawmakers with arrest. the twitter account for the texas democrats saying, quote: we refuse to go back. asking for donations to help fund their trip. the special legislative session could go until august 7th. governor abbott will continue to call them until the bill gets a vote. lawrence? lawrence: look like these legislators are acting more like
3:45 am
activists. they need a different job. thanks, lauren. ainsley: a consumer protection group launching a series of ads and billboards targeting woke coca-cola in a new campaign. ♪ at coke ♪ we say we are woke ♪ we sell drinks ♪ that bad as smoke ♪ china is our labor supplier. ainsley: well, joining us now is the person behind the project consumers research executive director will hills. good morning to you will. >> good morning, thanks for having me. ainsley: good morning, thanks wd you put the website together. >> a good satirical reminder coca-cola taken their eye off the ball cozying up to woke politicians and advocates instead of focusing on consumers making sure they provide healthy products free of forced labor in china. ainsley: how did they get to this point. my grandfather was with coke coalla. only job he ever had.
3:46 am
worked his way up in greenville, we weren't allowed to drink pepsi. there is nothing better with french fries and your cheeseburger. how did it get to this point? >> it's really a shame. it's a company that clearly doesn't understand its roots. doesn't understand that it's an american brand. and that it owes its little to the american people, the american consumer. again, it seems to want to be coziying up to woke politicians here in the united states in order that they would receive, you know, press coverage for their codesying up the ccp in china. they are one of the top tier sponsors in beijing olympics even something china said should be boycotted because of their horrible human rights record genocide the uyghurs there. the uyghurs are said to be the folks used as forced labor at some of coke's sugar suppliers according to congressional report. it's really a shame. they don't lift a finger to criticize the ccp and their human rights abuses in china.
3:47 am
they want to preach the american consumer who they should be serving about political issues that are not germane to their business and they have no expertise in. ainsley: so have you this website it's always woke on that website you have woke acola's greatest tips lawsuits and various things that they have been entangled with. tv commercials that are going to air in atlanta and mobile billboards drive around the coca-cola headquarters. have you heard from the company? are they asking you to stop. >> they haven't reached out to us. ainsley: what's your message to the folks that are watching? >> very simple both to coca-cola and to corporate america, consumers first initiative is saying one thing, which is stop cozying up to woke politicians focus on your customers. ainsley: you are the same company that launched the ads against mlb when they launched the all-star game game too. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: amazon furious over the company's decision to sell a book that they say is anti-lgbtq. but the author says this is not
3:48 am
true. another example of the left shutting down other views. that author is going to join us next. ♪ ect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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carley: good morning, back with quick headlines, the head of the second largest teacher's union
3:52 am
back pedaling after saying florida governor ron desantis would cause millions to die because of his covid ignorance. aft president randi weingarten tweeting you are all probably right i shouldn't have said millions i should have just said desantis was wrong to do this. meanwhile disney is moving 2,000 jobs to florida from its california headquarters. they are moving to a new disney campus that's being built in orlando. the disney parks chairman says the company picks the low tax state for its, quote: business friendly climate. steve? steve: all right. thank you very much. two amazon employees apparently resigned over the company's decision to continue to sell a book they say is anti-lgbtq since april workers have been petitioning for the tech giant to remove the book called
3:53 am
irreversible damage which warns of the dangers of teens medically transitioning. the author of irreversible abigail shier joins us now. >> good morning, steve. steve: first of all, what's your book about. >> my book is about a medical history why all of a sudden in the last decade we are seeing incredible spike of teenage girls suddenly deciding transgender often with their girlfriends and pushing for hormones and surgeries and easily obtaining them. steve: once upon a time it was very rare but suddenly it seems like there is a lot of that going on. and what is your hypothesis of why that is happening? >> well, it seems to be a social contagion. one more example of teenage girls who have in genuine pain. they have a lot of anxiety and spretion depression spreading and sharing their pain in friend groups. they are getting it from social media. they are getting it from the schools. they are getting it from their thirps they are getting this all
3:54 am
over their idea if they just escape being a girl if they just become a boy all their problems will go away steve that doesn't happen. >> no it doesn't if it did i wouldn't have written the book. steve: the american seller's association assume they talked about your list for apologizing for putting it out on a lissments petition at amazon two employees quit they wanted amazon to take the book down. but amazon said no. >> yeah. i think we are waking up in america to the fact that the hard left is really to tall tarren. they are illiberal and very much in favor of book banning. and the truth is, they are very highly motivated and if we want to hold on to things like free expression, we have to get as motivated to preserve that right as they are to stifle it. steve: amazon put out a statement regarding the fact that they are continuing to sell your book. i just looked at it on their
3:55 am
site. amazon says as a book seller, we believe that providing access to written speech in a variety of viewpoints is one of the most important things we do. even when those viewpoints differ from our own or amazon's stated position. that's the right way to be. i mean, they want to put out all the books, they are not censoring people. ultimately, that's what people want, right? >> well, i mean, you know, they certainly have censored people. you know, ryan anderson's book was deleted this year. look, i'm very happy to continue to sell on amazon. i'm glad that they had a committee review the book. they said it's not transphobe bic it's not a transphobe bic book. the booth book is important and i'm glad it's reaching the readers of america. steve: are you surprised there was backlash? have you great credentials. you work at the "wall street journal." you went to columbia and oxford. you went to yale law school. this is documented. >> i think we're all a little
3:56 am
shocked by how illiberal this hard left is and how much they want to bring back book banning. and we just have to do our best to resist that and preserve an open society. steve: the book is called irreversible damage. it is available on amazon. abigail, thank you so much for getting up early in l.a. >> thank you. steve: all right. coming up on this friday, an naacp official makes shocking remarks about parents fighting against critical race theory. the outrageous tirade caught on camera coming up next. and later this morning, christian music star crowder will perform as part of the all-american summer concert series. you are watching "fox & friends" and it's friday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after vaccination with shingrix. the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. [horns] >> rachel campos-duffy is talking to cuban americans in miami. >> >> the people have had enough. >> what words from your mother. >> be strong. >> facebook spreads disinformation. >> we have heard so many about this over the last couple years this is exactly what it is. >> l.a. county reinstituting the mask mandate regardless of whether or not you are investigated? what happened to follow the science? >> if they are vaccinated and not wearing a mask they're safe. >> a seattle mother imposing a message to fight critical race theory. >> you want your kids to be able
4:01 am
to spot bad ideas and combat them with good ideas. >> listen to this: a recent high school graduate will become the youngest person ever to fly to space. >> i am super excited. i have resumed my former life thank you so much for the people ♪ >> one of my favorite shots, clearwater beach down in florida it's 77 degrees there and the water is clear. steve: why aren't we there right now? lawrence: we should host "fox & friends" from the beach. ainsley: from the peer right there. steve: wouldn't that be great? lawrence: probably would be back from vacation to do that stuff. maybe i can do some reporting on the beach. i don't mind. ainsley: can you come with us. lawrence, it's great to have you. lawrence: all week it's been fun. ainsley: have you done a great
4:02 am
job. steve: today we have dispatched rachel campos-duffy having breakfast with friends. she is at iconic miami restaurant called versailles. it's a cuban restaurant. everybody goes there we saw the food earlier. they have really strong coffee. she has had a couple of cups and she is ready go. rachel: i am. i'm ready go i had my cuban coffee. [speaking spanish] never too early to have. [speaking spanish] they have been putting all the pastries and treat out. i got this assignment and you didn't i know you are jealous. steve: someone behind you is taking your picture. go ahead and turn around and smile. other way, other way. [laughter] steve: there you go. lawrence: anyway, rachel. you were out talking with some folks yesterday. they are fired up and they want justice for the cuban people. lawrence: they do. and this has become sort of ground zero. a place versailles restaurant so
4:03 am
many cubans in the american, cuban americans coming here to show solidarity with the cubans on the island who are risking their lives to protest and call for their liberty and their freedom. i will tell you, people here in miami are frustrated by people like aoc and blm and others who are blaming this on the embargo or covid and saying that's why the cuban people are, you know, out in the streets and the people here are saying, no. listen to them. listen to what the people on the streets in cuba are saying. they are not there to protest covid or the embargo. there is plenty of money coming into cuba from the europeans. that's not the point. the point is communism. they are fed up with 62 years of this dictatorship. they are fed up with the amount of money that the cuban communist government is confiscating from foreigners that are coming in and from tourism. and they're stamp ever stamping. in fact, we interviewed a young girl yesterday. 15 years old. she said my mom is stuck in cuba and she is hungry. people are completely dependent
4:04 am
on the government for food. they control every aspect of their lives. this is really really troubling. they also are calling for action. they are happy that biden has finally come out and bravely said, yeah, communism isn't great. that's not enough. they say they want internet access. cell phone access on the island. they believe the united states government can could that by making the u.s. government embassy on the island a hot spot for wifi. there is talking about floating balloons. governor desantis and senator marco rubio. blart, others pressuring the biden administration to do something so we can have a window into what is happening. without it there is a lot of repression. we are hearing terrible reports. people being killed. young boys being torn from their homes in the middle of the night. 15-year-old boys being forced to officer into the military. dragged from their homes. there is reports, but, again, without internet access and without cell phone, it's really
4:05 am
hard to, you know, find out exactly what's going on and hold the government to account for the very repressive. it's a brutal regime. people are really worried about what can happen. steve: it was through the social media that we were able to see the protests in havana on sunday. but there have also been protesters on the streets of miami where you are right now. and i know you spoke to some of them about cuba. let's watch. [horns blowing] >> trillion in cuba we would like liberty. rachel: what's your message to joe biden. >> freedom it's enough already. it. >> why are you here? [speaking spanish] rachel: i want cuba to be free. we are waiting for president biden to do something. will.
4:06 am
my mom is in cuba and she is hungry. rachel: what's your message to your mother? rachel: be strong. [speaking spanish. rachel: cuba is going to be free. [speaking spanish] rachel: i'm going to be here fighting for her. blm has put out a statement. they are saying exactly the opposite of what you are saying. they are saying that we need to lift the embargo and everything will be fine. what's your message to blm? >> once again to blm, i invite them to gordon and listen. [inaudible] blm we support the cuban people. i invite them to go to cuba and -- they will not be able to survive there. rachel: yeah, you guys, i heard that a lot yesterday. the statement from aoc was also infuriating. ironically she is an hispanic leader in the united states congress. but her statement has infuriated so many cuban americans and some
4:07 am
people who are supporting the freedom fighters in cuba saying no, this is not about trump. this is not about the elm boorg. this is about freedom and ending communism and they encourage them to go live in cuba if you don't believe that. ainsley: there is not a european or chinese or canadian embargo. they can't blame on embargo. anything given to that country's communist dictatorship they take it for themselves. lawrence: silence from the freedom fighters claim to be freedom fighters here. not standing with the cuban people. steve: the ones from texas. lawrence: the ones here throughout the entire summer to be silent on this issue shows you what they really are rachel, thank you for going to get the real story right there on the ground. ainsley: that poor 15-year-old breaks your heart. steve: just to know her mother is there and she is hungry. heart breaking. meanwhile, let's switch gears, turning now to washington, d.c. as the white house doing damage control after they faced
4:08 am
backlash after press secretary jen psaki revealed it's flagging misinformation for facebook. jacqui heinrich joins us live from the north lawn with serious concerns over this, what appears to be, jackie, censorship, right? >> good morning, steve, ainsley and lawrence. the white house says that it is cracking down on misinformation because that is what is weeping people from getting vaccinated and they are asking social media companies to come down harder on what they're calling super spreaders on their platform. press secretary jen psaki says the administration increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office and is flagging facebook for posts that spread disinformation. at the same time, they are ramping up their own campaign of influencers to spread facts about the vaccine like pop star olivia rodrigo who was at the white house yesterday. >> there's about 12 people who are producing 65% of
4:09 am
anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms. all of them remain active on facebook. and facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful violative posts. posts that will be within their policies often remain up for days. >> conservatives calling this policing of free speech, raising first amendment concerns about collusion between state and corporations that have monday monopolized the flow of information. >> monopoly companies acting in concert with the government to say you can say, this you can't say that we're going to decide, that is just antithetical to the first amendment of the united states. it's antithetical to free and open debate. >> surgeon general says this is an urgent public health threat that misinformation is keeping people from getting vaccinated just as that there is a surgeon general. social media containing misinformation is also deadly. >> we must confront misinformation as a nation.
4:10 am
every one of us has the power and the responsibility to make a difference in this fight. lives are dependent on it. >> murthy said that polls have shown two thirds of people not getting the vaccine believe some or all common myths about it steve, ainsley and lawrence? steve: hey, jackie, do we know who if the white house is flagging problematic disinformation do. we know who in the white house or the federal government is actually looking at people's facebook account? >> well, i'm not certain that that is what is happening. from my understanding, they have asked social media companies to tweak their algorithms to better root out bad actors on their platforms they are asking these companies to ramp up their tracing and enforcement as you saw in the past they have flagged posts that they a
4:11 am
inaccurate it's asking white house to be vigilant delta variant spread and coronavirus concerns increase. steve? steve: all right, jacqui heinrich thank you very much. i heard this morning there is something called the delta plus the delta variant something else. just a little more viral lent. lawrence: we see freedom being suppressed right there in cuba. i think we tend to forget because we have so much freedom here that it starts somewhere we have nip it in the bud. when you hearsay we are doing this for your good and censoring information. we know the facts. we understand what is fact and what is fiction this is how cuba got to this point with the aspiration of that government was best deciding what is right, what is wrong, who should live who should die, who should have
4:12 am
this amount of money, who should eat, who should not eat. and i just think when we see this in our country, we have got nip it in the bud immediately. ainsley: we saw them doing doo this with the lab leak theory. when donald trump said that there was lab leak start in the lab then they said you are not allowed to talk about that, if you do, we are censoring you, we are shutting you down. then joe biden says that it could be a lab leak and then all of the sudden you are able to write about it on social media. we are seeing that with dr. fauci who is the top doctor who is making all these decisions for you and your family, yet, then we find out he works for a company that is giving money to that lab for gain of function research and then that's why he didn't -- that might have been one of the reasons he didn't want the lab leak theory out there. and he was praised for that by the researcher there's in the lab for not putting that theory out there with friendship flopping and going back and forth and censoring all this stuff i standard why some people are afraid to get the vaccine because they feel like they can't trust the government.
4:13 am
this goes against -- they are trying to accepted the message you need the vaccine. this is one of the reasons why people are scared to get it you keep flip-flopping, federal government, why should we trust you? >> who in the federal government or who is deciding that they should take down what you said. ainsley: is that fascism the merger of state and corporation? steve: it's when they collude together that suddenly big brother and big tech are on the same page and that is terrifying for a variety of reasons. lawrence: just to put a button on this these social media companies giolito got it wrong they didn't correct the record. they just go by like things are normal. ainsley: like it never happened. lawrence: that's why you shouldn't get involved because you don't know. steve: speaking of getting involved. there are a lot of people across the country getting involved in their kids' local schools because they do not like the fact that a number of schools are talking a lot about it critical race theory.
4:14 am
one race -- and other victims. they had a rally yesterday in fairfax county, virginia. it was a stop critical race theory rally parents gathered outside the school board there was a flier that said while they deny it's being taught nea doubles down not about race or equity radical takeover of america. there was a counter protest at the same time that got got a little vocal. in fact we will play a soundbite for you from a woman who is a top official at the fairfax county being naacp, she is also a top official in the pta and she is also a federal government employee she had a message for the parents who want them to stop talking about crt. watch this. >> it antihistory,
4:15 am
anti-opportunity. anti-help people. anti-platform. antiscience, antisocial junget anti-healthcare. anti-record. anti-lgbtq plus. anti-covid and let live people let them die. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] ainsley: she said parents who oppose crt let them die. there is a mother there. she actually was the one who filmed the speech. she is a pta member. immigrant from india. her son just graduated from fairfax county schools. she was shocked that the crowd cheered when she is inciting violence. and this is what she said. she said, let me find it on my paper here. she said what we heard tonight was hate speech, pure and simple. it was shocking that anyone would cheer and applaud a call to violence.
4:16 am
ironically, her hateful intolerant words are perfect illustration of the divisive ideology of critical race theory in action. in the name of tolerance it preaches intolerance and is a betrayal of all values of humanity and decency. steve: well, think about it. this was being said let them die was being said by an official at the pta, the parent teachers association. and she is talking about the parents. the parents who are ridings up against crt. let them die. this could be a weird pta meeting. lawrence: see a list of all the social justice terms. they want to split hairs when it comes to crt on their. if you oppose it they say you are anti-everything. and it's important to note, the parents and want to get to later on in the show this parent that has a great solution she says it starts at the home. you have got to beat the teachers to this. you have got to teach this stuff at home so they're prepared to fight when they get to the classroom. the history that they teach is
4:17 am
real, which makes it so emotional because the kids do need to hear the story. it's the conclusion that they draw. and if you don't support that, then you are antiblack and anti-lgbtq. antifeminist of. all of these social justice terms. you are not just anti-crt you are anti-american. steve: and that's why you should die. lawrence: exactly and you should die. unbelievable. ainsley: good point. carley shimkus has headlines for us. carley: we will begin with a new bombshell twist in the mollie tibbetts case. the illegal immigrant convicted in her murder appeared in iowa court after two new witnesses came forward. cristhian rivera's lawyers told a judge he should get a new trial because he was framed by the real killer. his attorneys say two witnesses told investigators a man by the name of gavin jones admitted to kill tibbetts after kidnapping her for a sex trafficking ring. the judge will now decide whether the confession can be used in court and if rivera gets
4:18 am
a new trial. more people are forced to leave their homes as a massive wildfire rages in oregon. the so-called bootleg fire has now torched an area larger than new york city. high winds and hot temperatures are causing the fire to spread rapidly and erratically. officials are worried it could merge with another smaller wildfire burning in the area. so far it's destroyed 21 homes. kids under the age of 12 may soon be approved to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. fda officials say emergency approval for the age group could come in early to mid winter. the agency hopes to get to work towards getting full approval after that. moderna and pfizer are currently undergoing vaccine trials with these children. the results are expected some time this fall. and a woman takes matters into her own hands to take down a suspected carjacker. watch this. >> excuse me, you got that out
4:19 am
there. yes, you do? [bleep] carley: chambers dragging the unidentified suspect by his hair after spotting him at a detroit barbershop. she found him after tracking her car's location and believed he is the one who stole it earlier this week. customers helped make a citizen's arrest after authorities arrived. if she is right, don't mess with her. lawrence: this is how you do it. we didn't tell the story is that she had been tracking him on facebook. people have been giving tips and finally found the location. she pulled up drug him by his hair and the people in the store took him down. ainsley: he said is that your benz out there mercedes-benz? lawrence: he said yes. ainsley: it was hers. lawrence: he got the car detailed. she had a clean car now. ainsley: going to jail and lost the money.
4:20 am
lawrence: that's right. ainsley: that's least he can do for you. steve: got a hair cut before he went to jail. [laughter] ainsley: like to go back she pulled him by the hair. thanks so much, carley. restaurants struggling with staff shortages and now dealing with angry customers. one restaurant responding to the insults and all the threats by closing down for, look at that a day of kindness. the owner behind it coming up next. ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ ♪s
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4:24 am
. ainsley: restaurants already struggling from the pandemic and
4:25 am
staff shortages are facing the wrath of angry customers over increased wait times. after insults and threats drove their staff to tears, one restaurant in massachusetts decided to close their doors one morning for a day of kindness telling the customers, quote: look at that they put in the window if you cannot be kind, you cannot dine. brandy joins us now. >> good morning, how are you. ainsley: doing well. thank you. i love your message. tell us what people were saying to your staff and to your employees? >> you know, the normal things that you hear you are stupid. i don't understand, why can't you do your job to things of a lot of inappropriate curse words at them. you know, calling them names that aren't -- threatening to sue because they can't have the tables they want. demanding that they should get to cut the line for preferential
4:26 am
treatment. ainsley: did one of them say i hope you get hit by a car? >> yeah, one of them because we weren't open like we are not the only place suffering from staff short tanels a lot of our purveyors that means we are out of product. sometimes that we are out of enough product that we have to be like we are not going to be open to the full closing time and, yep. ainsley: the message here is to the people who are coming into your restaurant and i'm sure the majority of them are nice but how quickly we forget. it was a few months as when these restaurants were closed. we should be grateful that we can even dine in a restaurant. yes, it might take a little longer and might not be able to get certain items but just be patient. >> yeah, i mean, it's something we are hearing from everybody. like not just ours but now that it's been out there on social media like all across the country this is something that is happening. and people, you know, are like thank you for standing up for
4:27 am
your staff and saying like this is not okay. please, understand that we are trying our best and that we ever humans, too. and we are doing everything we can. ainsley: you should be proud of yourself, you are employing currently 25 people. you are putting food on their tables and sending their kids to school. i know you were down to three during covid. how many would you like to have back at work? >> i would like to be able to have at least 10 more. so that we can be open, you know, for a full seven day operation because we close on mondays no matter what. because we don't have the staff and we want our staff to have a day to enjoy what is cape cod. ainsley: right. right. why do you think you can't hire people right now? what's the problem? >> i think that honestly, you can't hire people for the restaurant industry because this is a culture where we have been accepting of abuse and it's really hard to want to come to work every day when you know that, like, it's not just
4:28 am
serving it food and making people's experience better but also having to deal with, you know, aggression of others and not meeting expectations. and we are also in a community that we do rely on international workers because it's incredibly seasonal. and the restrictions that we have have only allowed, i think, less than 50% of what we normally receive. ainsley: so, a lot of folks here in new york go to massachusetts and the northeast area. beautiful there where is your restaurant if people want to come in and support you? >> so, our restaurant is located on main street in brewster, massachusetts on cape cod. ainsley: so pretty there. thank you so much, brandy. god bless you. thank you for everything you are too long. >> thank you. and remember to stay kind to everybody that you see. ainsley: that's right. great message. have a good morning. from high school to high altitude. how a teenager is getting the chance to travel to space. and we are gearing up for christian music star crowder to
4:29 am
perform this morning as part of the all-american summer concert series. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ carley: we're back with a look at your headlines, richard sherman is released from jail without bail after he was arrested for trying to break into his in-law's house. surveillance video shows the former nfl defender shouting and using his body to partially
4:34 am
break his father-in-law's door. sherman's wife told police he was drunk and threatened to kill himself. he faces charges including resisting arrest and criminal trespassing. chuck schumer schedules a crucial vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal for next wednesday. the senate majority leader also calling for an agreement on the three and a half trillion dollars budget deal but new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says progressives will tank the bill if it does not include climate change and other liberal priorities. listen to this, an historic milestone for the united states navy. for the first time a female sailor has successfully completed the grueling naval special warfare training. the navy has not identified her but said she is now a combatant craft crewman. the operators transport navy seals and conduct classified missions at sea. the sailor is the first of 18 women who have tried out for the job to succeed. congratulations to her.
4:35 am
lawrence, over to you. lawrence: i think you can do it too, carley. carley: i wouldn't be so sure about that. but thanks for the confidence. lawrence: that's right. now, this the biden administration just admitted they are teaming up with big tech to flag problematic social media posts. >> we are flagging problematic post force facebook that spreads misinformation. facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful violative posts. lawrence: next guest tweeting this until analysts watch for domestic development this is a free nation collapsing into tyranny, this would be one. former cia officer bryan dean wright joins us now. brian, you are concerned. >> i sure am. i think that what we are watching, the slow coach from freedom to tyranny hoong for
4:36 am
government taking control of the media specifically the speech namely who can say something or what they can say and if they have dleefd with government sources what we know in this pick case anywhere from 94 to 96% of folks in the world of media are indeed these journalists, right? different this isn't just about media bias. we have the media government telling a private industry who can speak based on what they find to be the truth. that's incredibly alarming, the folks that speak against what the government has determined to be true are going to be silenced or deplatformed, right? we know what facebook and twitter are going to do in this particular case. this giving piece. we know anywhere from 90 to 99% of facebook and twitter employees when they give
4:37 am
politically, they give to the democrat party. let's recap. the government is deciding what is truth, who can say it, who can't speak it, and then targeting individuals who say anything contrary to what the government or the private city that has been chosen to target these folks want to do. so, that's what i'm concerned about. i think most reasonable americans are concerned about this. and i think it's time for anyone who understands this, whether you be a conservative who is targeted or a free thinking critical person should stand up and say enough this is wrong. lawrence: bryan, you hit it on the head and we have been talking so much about cuba and i made the point earlier it starts with things like this. this is what of the surgeon general is releasing. this is his advisory. strengthen information, monitor, super spreader, address the deficit. amplify the list of trusted sources. trusted sources. protect journalists from online hate. they get to decide who is
4:38 am
trusted and who is not trusted. not the american public? >> right. so one of the things that has been so alarming i think for most of us. aren't those constitutional rights that we have to express our opinion? the answer, of course, is yes. what joseph biden is doing is is he moving from an administration to a regime. and that should alarm all of us because they are deciding what is truth, who can speak, who can't, and, unfortunately, that leads to a very ugly dark place and you don't need to be an intel officer, former or otherwise, to know that. lawrence: so true, bryan, where are the civil libertarians in the democratic party speaking up on this? they are silent, of course, thanks so much for coming on. >> mia. lawrence: los angeles impose as new mask mandate including for the vaccinated. we will get reaction from "fox & friends" will cain and rachel campos-duffy who is having
4:39 am
breakfast with friends in miami. >> hey, rachel. ♪ ♪
4:40 am
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4:43 am
♪ steve get, this a los angeles county is restoring its indoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status because infections are going up. the county seems to be ignoring the cdc's earlier message. remember this? >> we are asking people to be honest with themselves. ner vaccinated and they are not wearing a mask, they are safe. if they are not vaccinated and they are not wearing a mask, they are not safe. ainsley: joining us now to react "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos cuffy and will kaine. good morning, guys. >> good morning. rachel: good morning. ainsley: rachel, we will start with you. what do you think about this? you are vaccinated but you still have to wear a mask indoors in l.a. county? >> well, what comes out to me is
4:44 am
the lie by omission. why is there no talk at all about people who have already had covid. people like me and pete our natural immunities are stronger even than the vaccine. of the vaccine hopes to be as good as natural immunity. so i think this is really getting to the point where it's quite obvious that this is about fear and government control, which, of course, is ironic because i'm here in miami talking to cubans who know all about fear and government control. steve: absolutely. we will have you talk to some of those people behind you in a moment. will, what do you think? will: well, it makes me ask the question, steve does the vaccine work or not? pretty simple question. dr. fauci back in may on the heels of that cdc guidance suggested if you have the vaccine not only not suffering from covid but you have a very, very, very low probability of transmitting the virus to anyone else. so does the vaccine work or not? we are trying to get rid of this virus by reverting back to masks for the unvaccinated. i can't add up exactly what the vaccine is doing for us if we're
4:45 am
going to have to go back to wearing masks in society. one more important point, steve, i imagine we are going to see this starting in l.a. people have had it with this. business owners, customers, average citizens out there. no one wants to enforce nor abide by these seemingly arbitrary government rules. watch what happens in los angeles. this isn't going to be like first go around with covid. there is going to be a lot more civil disobedience. watch. steve: you could be right. lawrence: rachel you are at versailles restaurant and you already met some friend there what are they saying? rachel: i have. about are you talking about cuba? are we still talking about masks? steve: let's talk cuba. lawrence: about cuba. rachel: that's the topic here. no one is talking about the masks quite yet. they're frustrated that so many of our government leaders are trying to make this protest about covid and about the embargo and they are saying no, this is about communism. i'm here with armando. we have been having an interesting conversation wondering what would things be like in terms of the u.s. response had trump been in
4:46 am
office versus joe biden who just gave a pretty weak statement about a week late. >> no doubt the reaction would have been a lot stronger. we have seen additional strangis sanctions. people violating human rights. i think we would have seen him -- the president already meet with cuban opposition and cuban exile leader. i think that's something that the president should do now. and i think we would be seeing more funding now for initiatives in support of the cuban people and their fight for freedom. it's not too late for president biden. i think now is the time for him to come through for the cuban people and to show that the american people that the u.s. government supports calls for freedom. rachel: one of the things that the cuban americans here, the activists are saying we need access to internet the way the protesters can organize in cuba is with the internet and with cell phones. that has been shut down by the communist regime. they said that the american government can do something about it. they can float balloons. they can make the u.s. embassy in havana a hot spot for wifi. there is a lot of things that can be done that aren't being
4:47 am
done and a lot of activists are angry about that. ainsley: we understand that okay, will, tell us about the show. what's coming up this weekend? >> we have a big weekend ahead, wednesday. we have senator rick scott. we have dan bongino. we have got leo terrell. kayleigh mcenany and we have got dr. nicole saphier and a lot lot more. i assume rachel is going to make her way back up from florida. rachel: i am. will: i will be coming from texas and pete will make his way from wherever he is. rachel: i'm coming back from miami. will: steve, would you like me to start a cooking segment? steve: i just see all those cupboards behind you and which cupboard has the cereal in it. will: this one right here. steve: open it up. let's see. ainsley: your wife is going to be mad. steve: okay, good man. steve: heart health. cheerios. ainsley: what's in the other
4:48 am
one? steve: don't show them. this is not going to be popular. ainsley: don't you love -- don't you love kitchen outside of new york city now you actually have space. you have storage. will: that's right. that is would be very unpopular around here that i opened the cabinets up. rachel: rachel, bring us some of that coffee tomorrow. rachel: i'm going to bring some empanadas. ainsley: that will be great. steve: will, which cabinet is the coffee in? will: that was down there. i have it right here. rach. steve: see you tomorrow. rachel: looking forward to it. lawrence: how does $10,000 sound. tom shillue explains how you can make the money yours with the fox bet super 6 quiz show ♪ ♪
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carley: oliver damond will join jeff bezos. the 18-year-old was chosen after the person who paid $28 million for a seat dropped out because of a scheduling conflict. and the simpsons makes another out of this world prediction. fans say the show predicted richard branson's spaceflight in this 2014 episode that shows him floating in space. billionaires in space guys. over to you. steve: thanks, carley. lawrence: the fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win $10,000 in a quiz show game. all you have to do is answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. steve: we are about to give you the exact questions for this week. fox nation host tom shillue is also the host of fox nation happy hour. streaming now. sign up for fox nation to get exclusive. >> a.c.: says to other original
4:54 am
content and events and favorite people on any device. ainsley: let's take it out to tom. where are you? >> hey, ainsley a lot of good questions this week. ainsley: let's start. >> space jam a new legacy box office this weekend under 40 million. 40 to 345. 055. or more than 60 million? steve: more than 60 million. lawrence: i'm going to do d. ainsley: i'm doing b 40 to almost 45. >> tom: optimistic which of the following cities going to have the highest temperature on saturday? boise, las vegas, phoenix, salt lake city? lawrence: phoenix. >> tom: or tie. ainsley: didn't wait to the end. i'm going phoenix the dry heat. >> tom: everybody goes phoenix. all right. we have world cup soccer, u.s.a. and canada. the gold cup. u.s.a. by one. u.s.a. by two. u.s.a. by 3. canada by 2 or draw.
4:55 am
steve: i'm going with the draw. ainsley: i'm going all the way with u.s.a. u.s.a. by 3. lawrence: i'm going to say by one. a close game. >> tom: u.s.a. you are saying? lawrence: yes. u.s.a. by one. >> tom: bitcoin closed on friday. is it 36 -- what's my number there? 38,000? above 38,000. below 38,000. or exactly 38,000. lawrence: below 38. ainsley: 36. steve: i'm going with b according to your graph. ainsley: i'm going with a. above 36. >> tom: according to spotify which of these songs will have the most daily stream on friday. permission to dance. stay, bad habit? butter, good for you or begging. steve: good for you because olivia rodrigo was at the white house. ainsley: i agree. lawrence: unanimous decision on the couch. >> tom: that's right she got a lot of publicity this week.
4:56 am
who will score the most points game 5 nba final. chris paul, jay crowder, bridges, chris middleton drew holiday or tie. ainsley: i'm going with whoever lawrence chooses. lawrence: chris paul a. >> tom: there is your six questions. these are tough ones this week. if you win you get $10,000. ainsley: did you track your answers last week? how did we do? steve: well, ainsley, i think last week the problem is -- i'm tracking you and right now ainsley, you are down by one. behind the guys. ainsley: i'm coming back. lawrence: great come back story. ainsley: don't under estimate me. steve: thank you very much mr. happy hour. our happy hour is the next hour the last hour of the week as you can see jack brewer, geraldo, and the general. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at >> president biden finally condemning commune itch. >> communism is a failing system. >> but aoc says don't blame cuba, blame the usa. >> what's extraordinarily important is the u.s. contribution to the suffering of them. >> we must confront this information as a nation. >> we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread disinformation. >> what joseph biden is doing is he's moving from an administration to a regime, and that should alarm all of us. >> the nfl will play the black national anthem before games this season.
5:01 am
>> it represents the most radical elements in our society. ♪♪ >> good sawtying call reminder that coca-cola is focusing on woke politicians instead of focusing on their consumers. ♪♪ lawrence: if you need a little jesus in your life, be live with us later on. ainsley: the direction of the country, all the hate -- steve: and because it is a friday in the summer between our all-american summer concert series, and he is going to be our featured performer. ainsley: jesus is? lawrence: he always is. anyway, y'all know steve and
5:02 am
ainsley, but i'm just the guest today -- ainsley: you're our family. great job. we're having a great job with you. steve: rachel campos-duffy is having breakfast in miami where the topic is cuba. rachel: that's all everybody's talking about, you guys, what's going to happen with cuba, what's the american government's response in support for the people fighting for freedom who are risking their lives, they're in grave danger of being slaughtered without some communication coming out of there, without video. internet's a problem. i'm here with some cuban-americans, christy is here. christy, what do you want the american government to do? >> first of all, thank you, "fox & "fox & friends," for shining a spotlight on this. it's so important. the american government should do everything it can to support the poor cubans who have been 62 years under horrible slavery conditions and are now finally standing up and saying, no more, we can't stand this anymore.
5:03 am
the american government should open up the internet, leapt those people have -- let those people have access to the internet and support them in every way we can. rachel: right, the protesters can't survive without that. blm just put out a statement saying basically that they support the regime and that they think the problem is the embargo and not necessarily the communist government. what do you say to that? >> i think, i think it's a big shock to everyone just because of of the role they played in the past year or so. i think it's super sad. i think that hopefully a lot of people will, like, you know, start to actually think about what's actually happening and, like, what they're actually supporting. rachel: why is it a surprise to young people when blm said they were a marxist organization? >> i think, i think they were -- at least in the media, i think they were portrayed differently just to support, you know, the black black -- the black
5:04 am
community and not really in that marxist narrative, and i think it's just a shocker because everything is so, like, not really deeply spoken about, you know what i mean? rachel: right. good point. very interesting developments. we'll see what happens. i know there's a lot of excitement and hope that this might be the actual time that the 62-year communist regime might come down with a little bit of support from freedom fighters around the world and here many america. ainsley: that young lady -- wow, is that her daughter? rachel: she sure is smart. no, it's her niece. steve: rachel, thank you very much. we'll be checking in with you in little havana in a little bit. meantime, let's go up to cleveland where geraldo rivera, our fox news correspondent at large is today. >> hi. congratulations, steve, on your nuptialsings. i have three unmarried daughters -- steve: not my nuptials, my
5:05 am
daughter got married last week. >> congratulations there. lawrence: can we get you to pick up where that young guest just talked about the difference, she thought that the black lives matter movement was supporting the people. and she was very shocked by that. but isn't there a difference between a marxist organization and the people in the streets were seeing? are they going to be shunned by the community that they have revealed these marxists and not for free people, the organization? >> well, i think they've been pretty clear from the get go, lawrence, at least in my, in my view. they are people who believe that the power of the state really should surpass the power of the individual. it is a repressive and totalitarian system of government. i've condemned it in cuba9 from the very beginning. i think the situation in cuba though is a whole lot more complicated than maybe rachel and her guests made out. there's not going to be an
5:06 am
uprising in cuba. this is not going to be a revolution in cuba. the government is firmly in control. what you have now is people who are really, you know, very disillusioned and deprived of some of the basics in life including life-saving vaccines. see, i believe that the best diplomacy for the united states toward cuba right now is to lend a helping hand in this moment of crisis. we have millions of doses of the vaccine sitting unused on our shelves. just because they live in cuba should not mean that we deprive them of, you know, the ability to save their lives. i would like to see a much more open relationship with cuba. it's easy to be a revolutionary in venezuela, nicaragua and cuba when you're based in miami. steve: and joe biden yesterday did say they were talking about trying to get some vaccines into
5:07 am
cuba, but then again you know how cuba works, we send a bunch of it there, next thing you know there's a black market -- ainsley: can't trust the government. steve you can't. and that's one of the reasons why earlier this week the biden administration said that all those people that were on the streets of havana as a reaction to covid, which was a load of crap. that's not absolutely true. we want to hear from the president saying something bad about communism, and he didn't until yesterday. here's the president. >> communism is a failed system, universally failed system. and i don't see socialism as a very useful substitute. cuba is a, unfortunately, a failed state and repressing their citizens. there are a number of things that we would consider doing to help the people of cuba, but it would require a different circumstance or a guarantee that
5:08 am
they would not be taken advantage of by the government steve: you know, geraldo, joe biden politically is in a pickle because he's got, in his own party he's got very slim margins, and he needs all the democrats on the same page, but they're not. you've got a bunch of centrist democrats, and you have got the squad, essentially, and people who identify as socialists. so he had to be careful about what his message was, but half of the world is waiting. where is he? >> well, i, i agree when he finally came out to define communism as repressive and, you know, a harm, very harmful to the people of cuba and wherever communism is practiced. but i must hasten to add how is it that the united states can have relations with vietnam where we lost over 50,000 g.i.s and china which was the architect of the korean war and a lot of other nuisance and now poses a real threat to the world
5:09 am
with its hegemony that's spreading communist, you know, propaganda throughout the world, how can we deal with china and vietnam and not cuba? i don't understand it. secondly, i agree with the way president obama approached cuba, open it up, tourism, cell phones, internet. that'll be what kills communism, not an army. kill them with, you know, this is what freedom looks like. if we gave the cuban people information about what reality and freedom they could have, because if we keep pushing cuba this way, you know what's going to happen in it's going to be the 1980 mariel boat lift, hundreds of thousands of cubans will leave on rickety boats to make that 90-mile passage to florida risking their lives. it's going to disrupt society in southern florida. it's going to, obviously, cause tremendous peril to these people who risk everything. i think that you've got to go,
5:10 am
you know, this naivete and recklessness, we're going to have a revolution and all this nonsense. remember the bay of pigs. that's not going to happen, you know? i interviewed fidel castro back in the day, you know? he's -- he may be a monster, but he was a competent monster, you know? and the fact that biden finally gets around and says, you know, he's a communist, well, stop the presses. [laughter] steve: right. >> i think that we need, we need a new relationship with cuba and the exile community should be in favor of that rather than opposed. ainsley: castro overthrew the batista regime, we heard a lot about that 'em bar -- we imposed the embargo. aoc is blaming it on the biden administration. listen. >> one of the things that we want the make sure that we communicate is our solidarity with the cuban people. and what's extraordinarily important for us to communicate as well is the actions, the u.s.
5:11 am
contributions to the suffering of cubans on the island as well. and that is directly related to the embargo, the u.s. embargo. like other u.s. policies, particularly other policies targeting black americans and latinos. this cruelty is the point. and i outright reject the biden administration's defense of the embargo. ainsley: geraldo, there's no european embargo, there's no chinese embargo, they're blaming the embargo. but anything any country gives them, a totalitarian regime, they take it all for themselves. do you blame the embargo? do you blame the u.s.? >> that's a very difficult question, ainsley. again, i am in favor of the obama approach to cuba. open it up, flood them, flood the zone with americana. let them see -- steve: give them internet.
5:12 am
>> let them -- get them internet, get them cell phones. that's the way you do it. i think this artificial embargo, this wall that we put around this island, you know, cuba is the pearl of the antilles, they call it. it is the largest island in the caribbean. it is lovely beaches, resources, it's a wonderful, wonderful place, and we've had this hostility. and has it worked? has the cuban exile community policy really worked in the u.s./cue i ban relationship? -- cuban relationship? or should you try something a little different? a cruise ship loaded with american tourists all with cell phones taking pictures, spending money, i think that that would go a lot further toward the people of cuba being helped. you know, i understand repression, i understand communism, i understand how malevolent the system is. but hassett worked for 62 -- has it worked for 62 years, or are
5:13 am
we hurting the ordinary people we intend to help? steve: we'll see what happens next. geraldo, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. steve: late in the day yesterday afternoon, the white house shocked everybody when they revealed -- it sounds like a part of the federal government is spying on your facebook. ainsley: and they admitted it. steve: they did. and now we're wondering who in the federal government would do that. here's the press secretary, jen psaki, yesterday. >> we've increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office. we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread disinformation. we're working with doctors and medical professionals to connected medical experts with popular -- who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content, so so we're helping get trusted content out there. we also created the covid-19, the covid community -- to get actual information9 into the
5:14 am
hands of local messengers. lawrence: where's the free and open press pushing back against this? they're going to suppress voices they disagree, they're going to take stories offline that they agree is disfavorable -- steve: the government's been wrong on this a lot. [laughter] ainsley: what they're saying is we're only to going to put up what we agree with. we don't care -- that's not education. education's telling both sides, letting us figure it out on our own, and that's a what a free country does. this is fascism where it's a merger between corporations and the government. lawrence: is fauci going to be on this committee? because he has a lott to hide. -- a lot to hide. steve: it sounds like somebody from the surgeon general's office. who knows if it's the doj, the administration, the fbi -- ainsley: the surgeon general yesterday held up all the things they're going to be doing. steve: tom cotton said yesterday this on twitter: the white house wants to censor misinformation on facebook while president
5:15 am
biden claims that voter id laws are worse than jim crow. lawrence: i think the big thing in there, in that bulletin that they released, they want to amplify the voice of trusted sources. the question is, who trusts them? is it the american public or the white house? if. steve: that's right. because last year anybody who said that the coronavirus started in a lab was not trusted. fast forward to when biden said, you know, the intel community says it could have come from a lab. next thing you know, it's trusted. ainsley: a because one administration said it happened there, they said, nope, can't talk about it. then the next administration, democratic administration, he agrees with it and now you can all of a sudden post it on social media. this is the government telling you -- harris -- lawrence: it's scary. ainsley: it is. and it's a slippery slope. lawrence: we can't talk about cuba baa and not talk about this. it starts with these little things like this. steve: because big tech has now
5:16 am
started colluding with big government, and we'd always kind of assumed that the biden people were in cahoots with big tech. but now they're admitting big tech, big brother. ainsley: at least they're being honest with it. we don't agree with it, but at least there's some transparency. lawrence: unbelievable. anyway, we've got to go to carly. >> reporter: fox news alert, four police officers are hurt in texas. police say all five were shot by a man barricaded inside a home. the suspect was arrested after an hours-long standoff. three of the officers were treated and released from the hospital, one is in critical condition. sergeant josh bartlett died at the hospital. the lubbock police department held a procession in his honor. the republican speaker of the texas house has chartered a flight to bring his democrat
5:17 am
coworkers home. this after the group fled to d.c. on a private jet to avoid voting on an election integrity bill. meanwhile, one of the lawmakers literally airing her dirty laundry on twitter. donna howard tweeted out this picture of her wet clothes drying on the shower curtain saying she had to wash them in the sink as most texans do. critics accused her of a self-serving attempt to display her, quote, phony sacrifice. pizza lovers, beware. the price for a slice could soon spike. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm having a relationship with my pizza. >> reporter: the department of agriculture says wheat is down 41% from last year due to a major drought. it's the lowest it's been in 33 years. as a result, restaurants across the nation may are raise the price of a pie. not -- lawrence: i'm not happy.
5:18 am
ainsley: i wonderer if going to affect beer? steve: hops, barley. >> reporter: i jumped on that bandwagon, ainsley. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] lawrence: i'm upset about the pizza. steve: i'm from kansas. lawrence: thanks, carrie. coming up, football is adding more politics to the playbook. we'll tell you about the nfl's push for social acceptance, coming up. ♪ -- i've been the star of many plays. ♪ i've seen better days and the bottom drops out ♪♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels.
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so older adults can stay home, stay safe, and stay happy. home instead. to us, it's personal.
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5:22 am
steve: fox news alert, a journalist has
5:23 am
been killed covering the clash between afghan special forces and the taliban. an award-winning photographer was caught in taliban crossfire while embeddedded with after began troops with reuters near the pakistani border. this comes as president biden directs evacuation flights this month for afghan interprets who have of aided american forces over the last 20 year. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general, general jack keane. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: the death of this journalist, he was very well regarded. images from the front line were jaw-dropping, and his death just proves it is still a dire situation over there. >> oh, yeah, no doubt about that, steve. it's a deteriorating situation. let's ab knowledge who this person is and the dedication they have had for their profession. it is remarkable what photographers and journalists do by sending themselves in a
5:24 am
combat situation even just moving around a combat zone, steve, is highly dangerous. and the other part ofs it is you're -- part of it is the radical islamists get their hands on you, that's another danger. and he was right in the middle of a fire fight. really extraordinary, and we honor his dedication to his profession. but it is a deteriorating situation, and right before our eyes we're witnessing the momentum that the taliban have and how they're beginning to roll up various districts throughout afghanistan. and the principal reason for their momentum that they have, steve, is that we've taken away the air power that they've had which is u.s. air power. they have a ground force, we're the air force. combining that dedicated air power, and we had a very robust intelligence capability that gave them a sense of where the taliban were, their activities, and they were able to respond to that.
5:25 am
and certainly, we had a huge presence there to include what has been publicly disclosed, a huge cia presence on the ground. all of that has been pulled and pulled quickly. and that is why you see it's surprising for people to witness it momentum that's taken place by the taliban. steve: surely. and i think it was on wednesday of this week former president george w. bush who has remained relatively quiet during his retirement, he came out and said, you know, the way they're wrapping things up in afghanistan is a big mistake. >> yeah. well, first of all, surprising president bush made that statement so is he, obviously, has very strong feelings because he's stayed silent for so many years. and when his successor was very critical of him, talking about pram massachusetts but -- president obama. but, listen, this is going to unfold right before our eyes. reasonable people should disagree -- could disagree, i
5:26 am
think we should stay with a modest force. but we stood side by side with the afghans for 20 years in a multigenerational war against radical islam. this administration has now decided it's no longer a multigeneration aal war, we're going to pull the plug. and what will happen here is going to be sad and ugly as we see the taliban start taking down provincial cities and the slaughter that ice going to take place -- that's going to take place in this country. whether you care about afghanistan or not, it would be wrenching for americans to witness this and to know that this is an ally that this is happening to. our adversaries are going to look at that -- russia, china and iran -- and they'll understand exactly what is taking place. we pulled away from an ally. and our allies will look at that and question america's commitment and steadfastness as well. that's what we see in the future. it's really going to be tragic. steve: general, i've got to ask
5:27 am
you, as we've only got about a minute left are, but given the fact that you have dedicated much of your life the fighting communism and protecting the united states of america, what do you make of what we are seeing on the streets of cuba and havana where the people are rising up and they're saying, hey, communism, this is not working out for me? >> well, it's understandable, their frustration that they have had all of these years. the repression, you know, has gone on, obviously, since the 1960s. and everything got really worse for them when the soviet union collapsed and they no longer got the funding that they were getting from the soviet union. and now with venezuela having problems, they're not getting the funding there as well. listen, this is another thing where reasonable people can disagree. i believe we should keep the pressure on the communist regime down there and do everything we can to help the people. but i don't believe we should go back to the appeasement policies of the obama administration. i think that is a strategic mistake, in my view, and
5:28 am
certainly people can be on both sides of this argument very easily. but everybody is for the people and for freedom in cuba. that is the common denominator that we all have when we look at cuba and the suffering that's taking place there. steve: it'll be interesting to see if there are more protests this weekend, although the government has really been clamping down on people. general, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> good talking to you, steve. have a great weekend, folks. steve: you as well. thank you. coming up on 8:30 here in the east, straight ahead, we're going to head back down to little havana in miami where rachel campos-duffy is in the heart of the community having breakfast with friends, and they are talking cuba.
5:29 am
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>> reporter: we are back with your headlines and a fox news alert. over 100 people are dead at devastating flooding hits western europe. at least 1,000 people are still unaccounted for as heavy rain causes homes to collapse in germany, belgium and the netherlands. potentials hope the high number of people missing is because of poor internet service, but rescue efforts continue right now. we will continue to update you with the latest as we get it. investigators will question governor andrew cuomo about sexual harassment allegations. cuomo was accused by multiple women you see here. the state attorney general's office will meet with him tomorrow, a sign the probe is in its final stages. meanwhile, taxpayers are footing the nearly $800,000 bill for the democrat's legal team and go other scandals finish two other scandals being covid nursing home deaths and misused state resources. one of pennsylvania's finest gets a big surprise after his
5:34 am
final chemo treatment. police officer jordan herr walked out of the hospital to a crowd of loved ones. fellow officers from his department, his family, friends and even officers from surrounding departments all lined up to surprise him as he walked out the door. everyone felt the emotion. he is in remission after being diagnosed with stage iv hodgkins lymphoma in january. god bless mihm. lawrence: now, that's a beautiful story. >> reporter: absolutely. lawrence: the nfl is reportedly adding more politics to the playbook, ramping up social justice messages and bring back the black national anthem before the games. my brother, jack, joins the program. i grew up singing the national anthem and this poem that was written for the president
5:35 am
lincoln's birthday. it was later adopted by the naacp as the national negro an lemm. so, but the -- anthem. but the real question is does this do anything for black america off the field? >> not at all. and i don't mind them playing, you know what? they're a private company, they can play whatever song that they want to play. but they are not just an nfl league or sports league anymore. they have gone straight political add advocacy. you think about the tens of millions of dollars that they put into advertising black lives matter and other social movements. they have to be responsible now for the organization and for the causes that they promote. and they're not doing anything to help it, lawrence, just right now a report came out 41% of kids in baltimore high schools have less than a 1.0 gpa. that's an nfl city. if you want to do something, let's go in and try to help baltimore fix their school system. if you really care about african-americans and you're not
5:36 am
going to have your voice only talk about movements like blm that want to destroy the family unit. because that is the core issue of our problems. but they don't stand up for the family unit as the national football league. they support company like blm that go against the family structure, and it's just not right. you know, you have to take responsibility for what you promote to children. that is biblical, that is scripture, and that's the way that it has to be. you can't come out and say the nfl -- just promote homosexuality the our kids. i don't want you promoting that to our kids. the national football league has to realize they have to be responsible for the things they promote. lawrence: and what about cleaning up their own house? they were just sued in june for using terms like race norming and also the players sued the nfl for brain injuries. they said that black players had lower cognitive function to
5:37 am
begin with. so they've got an issue in their own house before they start preaching to the world, right? >> a big issue. i wrote a story on this x it's ridiculous for you to use race norming at the national football league where you're telling african-american players that you are born dumb, that you are born dumb. then you don't owe them money. you see the national football league will do anything that they can to keep the money from coming in. but you can't speak out of both sides of your mouth. and on issues like this that are too important, this country is becoming divided because corporations like the national football league and others that want to pick sides. and it's just not right, lawrence. i tell you, but i really appreciate folks like you for speaking the truth. this is not an attack on the black national anthem. this is just truth that the national football league needs to take some accountability. lauer lawrence you don't just get to show us virtue, you've got to actually be about it. jack, thank you so much for joining us. >> amen. love you, brother.
5:38 am
lawrence: coming up, the all-american summer concert series. but first, we're in miami where rachel campos tough my is having -- duffy is having breakfast with friends. rachel. rachel: that's right. we're here at iconic restaurant here in the miami. we're going to interview only of these cuban-americans, see what think think should happen with this crisis in cuba. more "fox & friends" next. ♪ ♪ subway®... has so much new it didn't fit it in their last ad. like this new and improved steak and cheese loaded with our new tender steak that's marinated and thicker sliced, on our new artisan italian bread. man, you covered up the footlong!
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♪♪ ainsley: okay. let's head back down to miami
5:43 am
where rachel campos-duffy is live at versailles restaurant talking to diners. hey, rachel. rachel: hi, cuban style here, and we're having some great conversations here about the crisis in cuba. i'm here right now with ann a that maria rodriguez, she is a florida state senator. she introduced an important bill. tell us it. >> yeah. basically what it does is requires schools in florida to teach the dangers of communism and totalitarian regimes. it's very important because a lot of students find that to be attractive, and we immediate them to know it's a dangerous, slippery slope. rachel: yeah. it is a dangerous ideology. just in case you're wondering, some people think that this movement for freedom in cuba is just something the old guys want, you know, the old people want. but there is a youth movement here. these young people are collecting video, social media from theisland and here in miami
5:44 am
and dis-- the island and here in miami and disbearsing that information -- dispersing that information. they don't want to let people organize on the island. tell us about the work you're doing. this is lucas. >> i'm a cuban-american, my grandparents came federal cuba, so it's important to do what we can to make a difference. rachel: this lucas over here, you said you read the blm statement last night that says this is all about the embargo and repeating some of the talking points of the communist regime. i know a lot of young people, probably some of your friends,like blm, are probably supportive. what's been the reaction here in florida about that statement with young people? >> now, i think the support amongst young people has definitely shifted because after reading the statement, a lot of me and my friends agree it was a gross representation. most of the people at this table are cuban-american, and knowing
5:45 am
the oppression that our parents and brand parents went -- grandparents went, seeing a statement like that where it's trying to blame the u.s. government, it's infuriating. rachel: okay. tell me about your reaction to what's been going on not just with blm, but with the crisis in general. >> i'm excited for maybe a turnover of the cuban regime, but i'm also hopeful in the fact that cubans can make a change. rachel: how do you think the work you're doing is helping the cuban people on the island? i think it's shedding light on the protests right now here in south florida and in cuba, and i hope that this can make a change. rachel: it is really hard to underestimate just how important and crucial this moment is, and so these young people are helping the older generation with the social media. we all need tech help at my age and older, so that's been helpful, and we'll see what kind of changes happen in the next week. lawrence: rachel, it's been a treat to have you there. rachel: thank you.
5:46 am
lawrence: you're really giving us the story, translating back and forth. ainsley: we were just sitting here talking about what a great job i you've done. rachel: thank you so much. it's just an honor to be here and get these stories out. i think it's a really, really crucial time for the cuban people, and i think the solidarity they're hearing from miami is helpful. back to you guys. steve: get on the airplane, fly back, be on this couch tomorrow. lawrence: see you tomorrow. rachel: i'll be right there. ainsley: thank you, ray hell. lawrence: up next, performances from a christian band, crowder. ♪ red river ♪♪ ds flyin' high yow how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand.
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6:00 am
coach in south carolina and his daughter olivia to celebrate her birthday. how old are you? >> 11. >> how old are you? >> you said all she wants to do is go shopping. >> she wants to shop at the toy store. >> we'll have a great season. happy birthday, darling. have a great weekend, everyone. >> bye-bye. >> bill: great show, guys. good morning. startling admission, the biden administration saying it's teaming up with big tech working with facebook to identify what it considers problematic posts. how is this going to go? you've almost made it to friday. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. how are you doing? >> they have made it. it is your favorite day of the week. i'm julie banderas. dana perino has some time off. this is "america's newsroom." the white house confirming


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