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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 15, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time. set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. thank you lisa boothe, dana benson, charlie hurt, kat timpf. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you all. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in new york. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, a stunning admission from the white house, raising new questions about government censorship and free speech in america. how far is too far when it comes to your personal posts on social media? and it's masks back on inside for the 10 million people living in los angeles county, regardless of vaccination status.
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the move marks a dramatic reversal the countries summary opening efforts. we have all of the breaking details in a live report. and being coined the woka-cola campaign, being targeted for its political narrative again, and a lightning rod in just a bit. we begin tonight with the biden administration collaborating with social media companies to potentially censor what they consider to be covid disinformation. white house correspondent kevin corke has the latest reaction to this extraordinary disclosure tonight. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon. what is a slippery slope says critics who are accusing the white house tonight of basically authoring and all authoritarian rule on social media platforms, limiting what you can say or see, if the white house deems it is disinformation, is a bridge too far. and it begs the question, who gets to define disinformation, and what happens when so-called
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disinformation today was faxed tomorrow? >> we have increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office, providing problematic posts for facebook. >> in case there was any doubt, it is crystal clear now, the white house today admitted it is actively searching out what he believes could be covid-19 misinformation and flagging problematic posts for social media giant facebook. >> we must confront misinformation as a nation. everyone of us has the power and the responsibility to make a difference. >> the admission group howls of protest both from conservatives and by a growing number of concerned libertarians, many of whom are increasingly worried about the sudden cozy relationship between the political left and the security state. pulitzer prize-winning journalist glenn greenwald tweeted "the white house is admitting that they are compiling lists of people who they claim are posting content
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they regard as problematic and that constitute misinformation and are demanding facebook remove them. this is authoritarianism." where is the outrage? for the biden fans out there, are you excited for a possible future republican president to do this? with increasing frequency, social media companies have sought to suppress content they don't like, often under the guise of stopping the spread of misinformation or to avoid the incitement of violence, and by picking winners and losers, often based on nothing more than political ideology, the tech titans have the ire of lawmakers, and today's revelation proved to be a tipping point. >> i just think that this kind of coordination between big government and the big monopoly corporation, boy, that is scary stuff and it really is censorship. >> hawley said it is actions like today that are key to --
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calling into question of facebook as a clearly private enterprise when it is acting on behalf of the government. shannon? >> shannon: okay, kevin, also, we are told tonight that house republicans are watching this effort to look into business ventures involved in president biden's family members, especially hunter biden's new art career. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, 500 grand a pop, right? citing news reports, republicans on the house committee are accusing hunter biden, brother frank biden, and sister valerie biden of using the situation to their advantage and demanding answers from the white house on such business dealings. asking for an exhaustive list of documents to "better understand the extent of the biden families use of its connection to the president to enrich itself." and i don't think it's too far to say that when you are selling -- and i'm saying "art" because there are some people who say it is not much art. it's in the eye of the beholder. for 500 grand a pop, and we
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don't know who the buyers are, and we don't know where they come from or what favors they are hoping to endear by buying his art, that can be a real problem, say lawmakers, and that is why they want a much, much closer look. >> shannon: all right, well, you and i are going to talk about some other hot topics in just a little bit, so if you will come back, we have that to discuss, and it deals with something that makes my head blow up a little bit, maybe you are better than i am at it. also later in the show, g.o.p. senator marsha blackburn of tennessee joins us live to talk about these new concerns at the white house is working with big tech to potentially censor your social media posts. okay, texas democratic lawmakers have scurried to washington in order to scuttle republican election reform are being accused of hypocrisy tonight, and so are their d.c. colleagues. congressional correspondent chad pergram shows us why. good evening, chad. >> shannon, lawmakers on the lam, texas democrats fleeing austin to block passage of a
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g.o.p. boating bill. >> directed to send absentees under warrant of arrest if necessary. >> texas democrats found safe haven in washington. republicans derided democrats jetting across the country on the state's dime. >> joyride on private planes with plenty of beer on board, and they are getting paid, presumably, even though they are not showing up for work? >> call it the texas two-step, the awol democrats blocked the texas bill exploiting a loophole in their own legislature's rules. texas state house lacked a quorum and could it meet. >> we need them to make a quorum. >> the democrats use procedural rules for their benefit, somewant to change the filibust. joe manchin opposes the current democratic voting bill and is against changing the filibuster.
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>> we are not talking anything about the filibuster. >> texans just want actions. >> we will leave the tactics up to him. >> some democrats view voting legislation as a bill that would be exempt from the filibuster. that is why they pushed a filibuster just for voting. >> what we mean is we are going to basically get rid of the filibuster but only going to do it on certain types of legislation. >> but that is pandora's box. >> a so-called carve out, everybody is going to be saying my carve out is at least as important as that carve out. >> the field trip to d.c. for the texans could be for not, the state legislature likely approves the g.o.p. boating bill when they return to austin, and they have not yet cooked senators like manchin to advance a federal bill. shannon? >> shannon: had program on capitol hill. thanks, chad. california lawmakers have approved the first state-funded
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guaranteed income with no restrictions on how to spend the money. trace gallagher digging into the details which i am very interested to hear. good evening, trace. >> until recently, state and federal welfare programs had strict guidelines on how money could be spent, limited benefits for food, housing, and medicine, but guaranteed income, there are no rules, the money can be spen, today, california lawmakers unanimously approved the first state-funded guaranteed income plan. these are monthly cash payments that range from $500 to $1,000, given to pregnant women who qualify and young adults who recently left foster care. keep in mind, in california, the first round of funding, $35 million, is taxpayer money. we mentioned california lawmakers voted unanimously in f guaranteed funding, but that does not mean all state legislators support it. g.o.p. assemblyman vince fong, who abstained from the vote,
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said this, watch. >> we should be pushing policies that encourage the value of work, guaranteed income doesn't provide the job training and skills needed for upward mobility. without that assurance, i cannot support this bill today. >> but g.o.p. state senator scott wilkes said, "if you look at the stats for our foster youth, they are devastating. we should be doing all we can to lift these young people up." certainly guaranteed income has been tried before many times, in fact it is being tried right now in places like new orleans, los angeles, oakland, california, tacoma, washington, and gainesville, florida. by the way, the california vote came on the same day millions of parents started getting their monthly payments under the biden administration's temporary expansion of the child tax credit, which many people see as its own form of guaranteed funding, shannon. >> shannon: all right, trace. all of this against the backdrop of another multitrillion dollar package proposed in
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washington -- at the federal level. we will see. thank you very much. >> you bet. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: breaking tonight, a standoff in a small west texas town, erupting in gunfire. a s.w.a.t. officer is dead, three others hospitalized, including two deputies reportedly in critical condition peter would all start of this afternoon with reports of a man possibly armed, confrontation erupted quickly, barricaded inside a house where i last checked, that is where he still is. also breaking tonight, described as a massive battle in a southern california prison leaving at least 30 prisoners injured. two members of the los angeles county sheriff's office were also hurt in the fighting, broke out at the detention center near santa clarita this afternoon. at a high profile fugitive under arrest in annapolis, maryland, charged in last month's shooting death of a mother who was killed by random gunfire just after dropping her son off at the u.s.
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naval academy. lucas tomlinson is tracking this latest development. good evening, lucas. >> shannon, a 25-year-old annapolis man arrested for murder, his fifth arrest since february. >> it is hard to explain, but this violence really affected me. which should have been just a fantastic celebratory time for their family, just turned for the worst due to somebody else's recklessness, and as a policeman, i think every cop in this room understands, will have an idea of how i feel. >> arrested and charged with first and second-degree murder. a warrant had been issued on separate firearm and drug charges two months before the murder. county prosecutors had asked him to be held without bond, but the court placed him under house arrest instead. on may 3rd, he cut off his ankle bracelet and became a fugitive. annapolis' mayor has been taking heat after this third homicide this year. >> this was a senseless tragedy.
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it is my hope that the news of an arrest with chief jackson, which chief jackson has shared, in comments earlier today, is some comfort. >> the victim, 57-year-old michelle cummings, shot and killed outside of a hotel in historic downtown annapolis on june 29th, not far from the naval academy. police say she was not the intended target. dropping off their son at the naval academy, first step toward graduation and becoming a navy or marine corps officer. the 6'1", 265-pound offensive lineman, a prize recruit for the naval academy football team. many outraged by what they call a senseless murder and failed city policies. shannon? >> shannon: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon, thank you. ♪ ♪ i want to bring back our breaking news correspondent trace gallagher for bringing news out of l.a. county tonight, essentially, it sounds like
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taking a big step backward, ordering people to wear a mask indoors, millions of people, regardless of vaccination status. >> 10 million people here and everybody regardless of vaccination status. the reasoning is coronavirus cases and los angeles county are now above 1000 for the seventh straight day, so everyone, including those fully vaccinated must again wear a mask indoors, but here is the thing. it is confusing and contrary to federal guidance because the cdc director michelle velasquez says vaccinated people are safe from the delta variant and do not have to wear masks indoors, and the confusing part is even when l.a. county was making its case, it was simultaneously undermining its case and here's why. the county says hospitalizations are now at 452, up from last week, but the county also says "every single patient that we have admitted for covid is not yet fully vaccinated," so if the fully vaccinated are not getting sick, why do they have to wear
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masks? the answer is businesses have no way of verifying who has and has not been vaccinated. that is going to get some pushback, and also the county is not ruling out even stricter guidance, like potentially more shutdowns. shannon? >> shannon: oh wow. i do not know how that will go over, you guys just got them lifted. correct me if i'm wrong, didn't l.a. county have a relatively high vaccination rate? >> 60%. roughly 60% vaccination rate. they believe the delta variant -- the whole argument is that if the people are not vaccinated, they should be the ones wearing the tasks, people who are vaccinated, as the cdc says, really shouldn't have to. >> shannon: trace, thank you for double duty tonight. we told you last night about the biden administration inviting a united nations review of the u.s., our record on racism. there is plenty of pushback to that tonight, including from our first guests, congressman michael waltz, republican from
9:15 pm
florida. welcome back. >> thanks shannon. >> shannon: secretary of state blinken said this. must not shrink from their human rights record, should acknowledge it with the intent to improve." why do you think this is a bad idea? >> he also said the united states should stand in judgment of the rest of the world, and frankly, he should be a little ashamed of himself. we are getting lectured in the united nations by the likes of north korea, china, russia, and cuba, all of which have been on the united nations human rights council, so it's just -- it's sad, it's laughable if it weren't so sad, but ask yourself, why is the entire world banging down the doors of america to come here if this nation is so bad? we are a beacon of light, an exceptional nation, we of course have our flaws in our past, but the united states will continue to leave the world.
9:16 pm
the problem, shannon, very quickly, with blinken and those around biden, they believe fundamentally in two things: that america is part of the problem around the world and it is the solution, and that if we apologize enough, give enough, that the rest of the world will be nice back to us. that is not how our adversaries operate. i can tell you from being around the middle east and africa and south asia, you know, they smell weakness right now and i think they are going to take advantage of it. this plays right into their propaganda. >> shannon: china already lecturing us earlier this year on issues of blm and democracies and issues within the u.s., it seems they would be only too happy to get any material they can to use against us -- >> they lectured us on u.s. soil, shannon, on u.s. soil. >> shannon: i want to ask you about this issue of crt and military academies. you serve our country's in many ways, also in uniform. i know you are hearing about this.
9:17 pm
air force officer says "i do not coddle my cadets out of fear that certain literature might make them uncomfortable or contest their existing beliefs. cadets must be brave on the battlefield but also participate bravely on the battlefield of ideas," she says that is why they had to have these conversations. >> yeah, where she is misguided and so many senior leaders in the pentagon, critical race theory and the academia around it is not a history class. they are not talking about something that happened hundreds of years ago. they are talking about the fact that our constitution, our courts, our political system is systemically racist, misogynist, colonialist today, and they are teaching that to the very people that we are going to ask to go die for those institutions and dying to defend that flag. it's incredibly disturbing. i have fought around the world, we need to keep a military that is apolitical, merit-based, and focused on winning our nations
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world, and nobody cares about black, white, or brown from our enemies certainly don't -- it doesn't matter where you came from, you are all valid americans and all moving forward as one, and critical race theory undermines all of that, yet it is being taught in every one of our military academies, including at west point, a seminar titled "how to deal with your whiteness and your white rage." that is not something a hundred years ago, that is something they are teaching as a fact today, and that is a huge problem and we are going to do everything to stop it. >> shannon: i know you hear from military families and concerned parents and folks who are now part -- okay, congressman and veteran, thank you very much, good to have you. >> okay. thanks, shannon. >> shannon: a real-life tom and jerry situation and mother nature, viral videos
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: check out mother nature flexing on the streets of flagstaff, arizona. this dramatic video showing muddy floodwaters effortlessly carrying away previous. the woman who shot the video said within 30 seconds or street went from a small flood to a raging river, you can see outside her house, and by the way, more rain forecasted in the area. bottlenose dolphins in newport beach getting some air, some of them jumping up 10 feet out of the water, average weight is 1300 pounds and can get up to 1. a beautiful sight. they like to plan entertain. looking at a fast moving funnel near iowa, multiple sightings,
9:25 pm
confirming 12 twisters within the last 24 hours. nws issuing tornado warnings for most of the state of iowa. using his vehicle as a weapon, the driver leading authorities on a chase through four counties in california before an officer performed a textbook maneuver, vehicle out of control, driver quickly apprehended on the side of the road in palmdale. finally, remember the show "tom and jerry," the cartoon? life imitating art, filmed his cat playing with a rat found outside their home. he said his reaction was equal parts surprise, excitement, and discussed. [laughs] what is your take? no violence, super cute. keep sending us your videos. we love it. on social media.
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a conservative watchdog group taking on coca-cola tonight with the launch of a new ad campaign titled woka-cola claiming the soft drink giant is virtue signaling. the man who has literally written an upcoming book on these matters, author vivek ramaswamy. welcome back. >> good to see you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to read a little bit of what the executive group, says. contribute to childhood obesity, sourced from companies in china reportedly using forced labor, and racist directives like open would be white" included in staff training. coming hard on the woka-cola ad blitz. what do you make of this? >> coca-cola is one of the companies that has mastered the art of woke-washing, to change the topic away from what they would rather not be talking about. it is easier for coke to issue
9:27 pm
statements about voting law in georgia or teach their employees to be less white than to contend with their own role in the nationwide epidemic of diabetes and obesity, including in the very black community they profess to care so much about, and to think, shannon, the ceos want to wait into politics, and without democratic accountability, that is what i like that these folks are doing, holding them to account to not let the ceos to escape debate when they enter contentious issues. >> shannon: there will be more ads to come, i believe. the story when i first saw it, is this "the onion" or "babylon b?" i wasn't sure it was real. apparently we have to change the language of when we interact with sharks, calling for rebranding violent attacks as "interaction," marine experts and advocates in australia urging the public from refraining from using the word "attack with sharks, claiming
9:28 pm
they have been unfairly stigmatized as a killer, some words were used told to use our "bite," interactions. i doubt the sharks are behind it but apparently their fans are. >> i hate to say it but the language police might have jumped the shark on this one. scorpions and vipers hire that agency next, they did a pretty good job. i am actually in animal rights activist or certainly think myself sympathetic to animal rights but even i think they went too far on this and i think calling a shark attack and interaction is about as ridiculous, shannon, as calling, let's just say, a blm riot in peaceful protest, yet here we are on all counts. >> shannon: we are doing a lot with semantics these days, i will definitely give you that. to our third story tonight, the black national anthem -- i am seeing a lot of headlines about this. the nfl has said it will be featured prominently, they used it last year, introduced to many people who are completely
9:29 pm
unfamiliar with it, the nfl saying it will have a role at some of the games and festivities. there is a tweet by xavier pope, who is reporting all kinds of things, "treating it like it is a new rebellion -- it is a 120-year-old song of cultural pride and equal inclusion in america." so is that much ado about nothing? what do you make of it? >> what i foresee here, they are going to sing the american national anthem, during which players are going to kneel in protest, then stand up and put their hands on their heart for the black national anthem, the equivalent of a pregame warm-up. in all seriousness, i think that is not going to unify the country and we used to have these apolitical spaces that i think our democracy depends upon to bring us together. yes our politics is divided but
9:30 pm
major league baseball or the nfl is one of those spaces we can come together, irrespective of whether we are black or white, irrespective of whether we are democrat or republican, and of these organizations become increasingly politicized, we all lose out on common spaces where we are able to come together. i think it is not just a loss for the integrity of sports, it is a loss for american solidarity and democracy itself, and even with the best intention, not going to do that, bring us together. >> shannon: vivek, thank you so much. always great to see you. >> great to see you shannon thank you. >> shannon: time to bring that kevin corke, crunching the numbers for us, have to talk about this new study, one in three parents actually say they "feel ill" when they are trying to teach their kids math and science. we are talking about s.t.e.m. subjects, binary codes, hexadecimal's, kevin, i can
9:31 pm
barely say it, so i will leave this to you to explain to us. >> okay, generally speaking, parents are supposed to know more than their young children, especially when it comes to subjects like math, reading, arithmetic. the truth is, in a lot of cases, they simply don't come especially when it comes to s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering, and math, but get this, according to a new survey, shannon, a group of parents with kids between the ages of five and 13 took part in this research project, and incredibly, one-third of them admits the very thought of having to answer questions leaves them feeling ill. i take this to heart, i actually tutored calculus -- >> shannon: whoa! >> come on, are you serious? the survey reports 48% of parents do not even know what s.t.e.m. stands for. my head, my head. >> shannon: [laughs] listen, this is why -- i went to law school because i was told there would be no math, we leave it for the smart people like you.
9:32 pm
tutoring calculus. i would have needed you. >> it is not as tough as you think. it is all about the rules and if you are patient you can figure it out -- even a lawyer. >> shannon: that's a big "if," but i will say, i like the logic of geometry and working through theorems and that kind of thing and i was very blessed in many ways by my mother but she is a teacher and that was a huge help to me too on math and everything else. between my mom and you i might get it, kevin. >> i will do my best if you ever decide you want to go down that road. >> shannon: okay. and listen, we have a super wonderful story about a veteran that you and i are going to tell in a little bit. >> looking forward to it beautiful you are going to love it. stick around for this one, folks. >> shannon: kevin we will see you in a bed. how exactly is the white house working with big, big tech to censor post it disagrees with? you heard the admission earlier today. up next, senator marsha blackburn ways in on this very hot topic.
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flagging "problematic" facebook post to the social media giant. senator, great to have you back. i want to play some of the surgeon general and jen psaki, white house spokesperson, so folks can hear what they said. >> while it often appears innocuous on social media apps and search engines, the truth is that misinformation takes away our freedom to make informed decisions about our health and the health of our loved ones. >> we have increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office, flagging problematic but posts for facebk that spread disinformation. >> shannon: senator, the one thing that struck me about this, a lot of things, but things called disinformation, censored, blocked a year ago, some of that is mainstream thought now, so who decides what is misinformation or disinformation? >> well, the biden administration wants to do this. they told us they wanted to have an office of truth or
9:39 pm
misinformation, and people kind of laughed at that, but what they are seeking to do is take away your first amendment rights and have a thought police or a language police and have a state-sponsored message, and if you don't fall in line with the state-sponsored message, then they will give you state-sponsored censorship. that is their goal, it is where they are headed, and we need to realize doing away with the first amendment is one of their goals. >> shannon: well, let me ask you this. does this now help former president trump and his lawsuits against some of these social media groups. he is trying to argue in some sense that they are acting as government actors, so if you have the government directly intervening and telling social media companies to take specific actions, that seems it is only going to help his lawsuits. >> i would think this would help his lawsuits. what we have known is that big media, big tech, the democrats are all in cahoots, and you saw
9:40 pm
it on full display today with jen psaki's comment about what their demands were going to be and that basically they are going to be your thought and language police. >> shannon: okay, i want to ask you about the hyde amendment, for a lot of our viewers are going to know, thisl funding from going to abortions, planned parenthood praising the biden administration for being the first in decades to exclude the hyde amendment, saying "the haida member blocks people who use medicaid and other federal programs from being able to access safe, legal abortions, -- they say you are specifically hurting groups who may may need the most assistance. it seems the president has evolved on this issue. >> he has evolved on this issue. joe biden had a history of always supporting the hyde
9:41 pm
amendment language, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion. that is something that has been in federal spending bills for decades, and now, the democrats are wanting to take this out so the federal government will begin to pay for abortion procedures. but what we are seeing is joe biden is becoming a radical, and you see him, instead of holding his long-held positions and staying there, he is evolving, if you will, to the far left, the squad, aoc, all of the leftists, democrat socialist of america, it seems as if joe biden is seeking their approval and is not meeting the promises he made to the american people. >> shannon: it puts him in a tough spot. it is interesting, though, some will identify as pro-choice, the a majority of americans are against federal tax dollars being used for it. we will see how this plays out.
9:42 pm
senator blackburn, thank you for your time. >> good to be with you. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into my surreal news roundup, massachusetts sheriff's office debuting the first covid k-9 unit in the country today. the specially trained dogs will sniff for covid in the same wayy that is similar to drugs. we are told there is a unique sent. major league baseball had its first postponement, at least three people and the yankees organization have trusted positive despite the team being among the first clubs to reach 85% vaccination threshold to lessen covid protocols. "women's health" magazine featuring a nonbinary transgender individual, calling for abortion clinics to stop using gendered language. was not ashamed to attack abortion, but said seeing women
9:43 pm
on pamphlets felt dehumanizing. and changing the name because it is a quote ethnic slur. they will begin a process to rename the insect and is asking for suggestions from you, the public. one pastor in texas attempting to stop a massive spread of covid through his congregation. pastor robert jeffers onrs the christian case for vaccines, he's live next. old customers. new customers. families. businesses. in-laws. law firms. every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer, we'll help cover the cost to switch. just ask wanda. she's been with us since... (gasps)... now. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network.
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>> shannon: the international religious freedom summit in washington tonight featuring some truly frightening testimonials from the persecuted faithful all over the world. chief religion correspondent lauren green reviews what we learned this week. good evening, lauren. >> good evening, shannon. freedom of religion is a basic human right, but as the international religious freedom summit in d.c. wraps up, it is clear, most people in the world do not live without hope. >> nothing was done. isa separated the men and the boys that reached puberty from the woman and women over 45 years of age, took them, killed them, put them in -- >> testimonies of genocide at the hands of isis in iraq. boca around a campaign against
9:49 pm
christians. >> kidnapped thousands of christians and students. >> countless more stories of beatings, rape, forced imprisonment. brought together survivors, foreign policy experts, and clergy from around the world, convening in d.c. to expose the conditions of some 80% of the world's population, who live in countries where religious persecution is an occurring. enemy number one, china. >> more religions and religious believers, aggressively promote communist ideology or else. to drive home the point, religious believers of any persuasion are harassed, jailed, and tortured. >> former secretary of state mike pompeo warned of dire consequences if the biden administration continues to make
9:50 pm
climate change its number one priority with china. >> at the expense of allowing religious oppression to fester and grow throughout the world. >> although all religions suffer persecution in various parts of the world, experts say the most persecuted is christianity. shannon? >> shannon: lauren green, thank you so much. pastor of a community church in texas praying for god's mercy following a wave of covid-19 infections connected to the mega-church's student ministry camp. bringing robert jeffress. vaccine hesitancy among americans of faith and how his very large church has tried to navigate this. pastor, great to have you back. >> thank you shannon. >> shannon: this church in texas, some 125 adults and kids who went to the summer camp got infected, apparently the numbers have grown in the church's families, as well, and the church's pastor set is the last
9:51 pm
thing we want. he is obviously very worried for his congregation. >> yes, and we need to be praying for that church. it is not isolated to that church. it is happening in missouri, florida, other states, as well, at church camps and other gatherings. shannon, i believe we do not need democrat bureaucrats to be ministers of truths, but we need pastors to be ministers of truths and tell the truth about vaccines, and the truth is vaccines are overwhelmingly effective in preventing death and serious illness and if we really believe in the sanctity of life like we say we do, we ought to encourage people to take the vaccine. and so i think it is important for us to speak a clear word on this topic right now in a time of so much confusion. >> shannon: yeah, "the washington post" talked about how pastors can be very important in this message, found that white evangelicals ranked highest among those who are
9:52 pm
religious and refusing to get vaccinated, so are you finding conversations within your church, what do you think is a hesitancy with people and what do you say to them? >> looked, there are a variety of reasons people have for not taking the vaccines. i respect most of those objections, even if i don't agree with them. but i don't respect to save christians who say "my body, my choice." that is what the pro-abortionist say. the gospel of jesus christ, it is not just about me, it is about us. don't merely look out -- that ought to be the controlling words for christians when it comes to the vaccine. >> shannon: how have you managed this? first baptist in dallas, you have taken a lot of steps, as far as i know you have done pretty well. >> we have, but we have lost some great members to covid over the last year and a half.
9:53 pm
look, we are fully open. we encourage people to get vaccinated. we are having several thousand children at vacation bible school next week, youth camps and so forth, taking precautions, testing people for covid, if they are going to go off on a camp, encouraging people to wear a mask if they are not vaccinated. we don't have to live in fear, but we ought to live wisely. when i get on the highway, i say prayer for my safety but also fasten my seat belt. i think it is a good way to live. >> shannon: yeah, well, i know you all have been a light to a lot of people through this, a lot of people, many of us going to church and our bathrobes on sunday, very much an encouragement to those across the country who were not able to go in person for some period of time. pastor, thank you so much, always great to have you. >> good to see you, shannon, thank you. >> shannon: and finally tonight, i'm going to bring back kevin because it is a great story we want to talk about. in washington, the covid-19 pandemic put a pause on honor flights, a group, nonprofits,
9:54 pm
bring veterans around from frome country. lanning to start up in august, but joy gimenez could not wait that long, the one thing he wanted to see, vietnam memorial in d.c., traveling from california to washington, found the names and honored several of the friends he lost. here is a bit of that. >> he was recently diagnosed with dementia, and the first thing he mentioned when he got the diagnosis was "i really wish that i had got back east to see that," so it's very special to us. >> this is something i had to do now. i'm glad i experienced it. >> shannon: so, kevin, everything wrapped up in one, or midnight hero, good news, such a blessing to see he was able to get there with his family. >> yeah, and as a guy who comes from a family full of veterans,
9:55 pm
i just love, love, love that story. his daughter tells us ronald was an avid letter writer during the war, they later married, still has every single letter. god bless you. >> shannon: god bless all of our veterans out there. thank you very much, kevin. good night from new york. i will see you all back here tomorrow. i'm shannon bream. om that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ ♪
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