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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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government, unfortunately, i don't think the people necessarily agree. >> bret: all right, panel, thank you very much. tomorrow on "special report," cancel culture goes after historical statues in portland. that's the latest battleground. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" with fox news pete hegseth with seconds to spare. >> pete: right on the nose tonight bret. thank you very much. great show. thank you. good evening, america, it's':00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's full-time for prime. ♪ i'm your host pete hegseth. the white house misinformation police, well, they are at it again. this time they are working to control everything we see or say on social media. not what's on hyperdrive. they are in charge. les we had any doubt, they just came out and said it today, almost like it's not a big deal.
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the white house announcing today that the biden administration is working hand in hand with tech giants like facebook to eliminate covid content that they believe strays from the facts. >> we're flagging problematic posts for facebook that spreads disinformation. we are working with doctors and medical professionals to connected medical experts who are popular with their audiences with accurate information and boost trusted content so we're helping get trusted content out there. we also created the covid community court to get factual information into the lands of local messengers. >> pete: they are boosting trusted content. in case you missed it because it was said no nonchalantly and quickly we are flagging problematic posts for facebook that spread disinformation. the white house, the federal government is telling facebook what is problematic and
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promoting their side? ^ what could go wrong? as for trusted local messengers we have more and new information on that a bit later in the show that you are not going to want to miss. so why are they announcing this now? why is the government teaming up even more directly with big tech to censor americans? well, lives are at stake, you see, misinformation is a public health threat. don't take may word for it. here's surgeon general vivek murthy today. >> today, i issued a surgeon general's advisory of the dangers on health misinformation surgeon general advisories public health threat. we live in a world where misinformation poses a threat to public health. in a moment where we see misinformation literally costing us our loved ones, we can't wait longer for them to take aggressive action because it's
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costing people their lives. >> pete: misinformation, it's always misinformation. it's a word that the biden administration cannot get enough of. it's orwellian double speak. deliberately ambiguous so they can define it, always. in fact, they use the word misinformation 35 times during today's press briefing. see you later circle back, misinformation is the new top dog. it's looking like this whole china virus thing is really working out for the biden administration. now they have excuse for literally everything from reading our personal text messages. we covered that last night to censoring what we see on facebook directly from the white house. in fact, the white house's admission today hammers home the point that president trump is making in his class action lawsuit against facebook. that social media companies act as de facto censorship arms of the federal government i hope
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the trump team makes this exhibit 5,000 in their lawsuit. the white house just came out and said it. in addition to misinformation another word of the left front and center it's all a threat to the nation's health. of course a threat. am i a public health threat? maybe? are you? don't worry they will decide for you. why does this matter so much. because facebook is embarrassed of you and me. worse, they hate us. you know us bible and gun clinging smelly walmart deplorable types. silicon valley elites love transparency until it reveals which sites and people garner the most engagement on facebook. a "new york times" article yesterday interestingly, connects the dots. it starts this way: one day in april, the people behind crowd tangle, it's a data analytics tool opened by facebook learned that transparency had limits. it always does for double
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standard democrats. you see, crowd tangle is controlled and owned by facebook and public search function of facebook users was causing pr problems. facebook executives fumed saying they argue that journalists and researchers were using crowd tangle a turbo charged search engines analyze facebook trends and post performance to dig up information it considered unhelpful. showing, for example, that right wing commentators like ben shapiro and dan bongino were getting much more engagement on their facebook pages than mainstream news outlets. turns out dan bongino and ben shapiro and donald trump and fox news were beating the pants off of so-called mainstream sites on facebook. on a real platform engagement numbers, left or right are not a problem, but for facebook it's unacceptable. look who tops the chart, fox news, donald trump, ben shapiro, dan bongino, blue lives matter.
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fox news, sean hannity franklin graham. it says it right there. can you imagine being he cannives that shame such people would be coming your chart. this is even after we know facebook algorithms are already stacked against conservatives. and especially against trump supporters. they full on banned president trump and would like to do the same to you and me. because simply being a patriotic conservative, well, that makes you a misinformant. that's where we are headed or as we learn every day, maybe we're already there. here to react is lara logan host of lara logan has no agenda. a brand new season is available now. it's fantastic. please do check it out. she did the homework and the research uncovering a lot of what we're uncovering in realtime as well. the white house coming out and saying this, lara, does this surprise you or has this been going on and now they are just talking about it?
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is didn't surprise me because doing this season a man jacob applebaum a key pillars of wikileak, a celebrated online privacy advocate won of the developers of the privacy software that enabled wikileaks to move information securely. he was a darling of the left. a die hard bernie sanders supporter. and like julian assange, he was targeted when, you know, this country and others went after wikileaks and became up comfortable having wikileaks out there. and what jacob said to me when i was talking to him, when i was interviewing him, one of the things that really stood out he said, you know, everybody thinks there is this line between big tech and big government. he said from what i have seen that line doesn't actually exist at all. one of the examples that he gave me was being in a conference online privacy conference, and a google executive stood up to make a speech. and what he said in that speech and i don't want to mess it up.
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so i'm going to quote here. he said jacob said to us, the google executive stood up and he said we have to use google's power, including the surveillance power in order to find people that run illicit networks and to kill them. his point was why is a google executive talking about killing people, right? he said is he more afraid of google than he is of anything else because google can change elections. they can topple governments. do you imagine if you know this line between big government and big tech is really a false one, that's exactly what the white house came out today and proved. right? >> pete: absolutely, lara, is this a line that only exists when their friends are in the white house? because it felt the other way when it was donald trump. >> well, you are exactly right. it is one that only exists when their friends are in the white house. we know that because they went to extraordinary lengths to make sure their friend got in the white house. censoring hunter biden story and, you know, one of the people i spoke to in the course of this
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show, he didn't end up in the show but he was running realtime testing online and he saw that google was sending election advisories to democrats telling them where to vote, where they could go, reminding them to vote. and he actually was going to do this story with the "new york post." and at the very last minute the "new york post" pulled out. but surprisingly or unsurprisingly, when they called -- contacted google, to get their comments, the night before the story was supposed to go to print, immediately it stopped. the adverse stopped. this is something that this very, you know, very well respected internet cybersecurity person had told may about. and weighs arguing for the fact that we can set up systems like this that monitor this in realtime. because in the digital world, there is a footprint to everything. nothing actually disappears. >> pete: we have to be on those tracks and on those foot footprintsand you are.
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lara logan thank you for being here. >> thank you, pete. come fly over bible country. >> pete: clinging, gods and guns. you keep doing it. [laughter] >> pete: also here tonight glenn greenwald author of securing democracy. glenn, thank you very much for being here. i know none of this surprises you, but how embarrassed must facebook executives be when they purport to be, you know, they have to go to cocktail parties somewhere with their fellow leftist, the right seen as right wing commentators most popular on facebook. of course, they have to do something about that, right? >> i think the point though that lara just made with you and that you made in your monologue is the crucial one that i hope everyone understands. i have been trying to make this point for well over a year now which is a lot of people think that this censorship is coming from executives of facebook, google, and twitter, which really isn't true. they set out to create a company that wouldn't have to arbitrate censorship.
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>> pete: that's right. >> they want as many people as possible using their platforms. the reason this started happening because in particular, journalists, liberal journalists began shaming them over the content that they're allowing on their platforms and especially because the democratic party, which they knew was increasing in power, and was likely to 2020 election made explicitly clear four times in the last year democrats have summoned the ceos of twitter, going and facebook to appear before them and explicitly threaten them saying if you don't start censoring what we regard as hate speech and disinformation, you're going to suffer our legal and regulatory punishment. it's really a merger of state and corporate power which i ironically is the classic definition of fascism. we have heard so much about fascism over the last five years. this is what it actually is. and the people who say they are against it are actually now supporting it. >> pete: so when donald trump brings his class action lawsuit claiming that the social media companies are de facto arm of
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the government, do you think -- i mean, it's not going to be hard to prove that case, but can he win it? >> yes. in fact, this is, i think, an important point, which is there are cases from 30, 40, 50 years ago where officials of cities wanted books banned. they knew they couldn't ban them themselves because they knew they would run afoul of the first amendment. so what they began doing is pressuring and coercing and threatening book stores saying if you don't remove these books, we're going to start finding you. we are going to start enacting laws that say you are in violation of other kinds of norms, and the supreme court said that if the state pressures a private actor to censor in a way that the state can't, that becomes its own free speech violation because it's really the state doing it and i think that's exactly what's happening here. this is state censorship in the form of pressuring private companies like facebook to do their censorship bidding. bret. >> pete: and in the form of public health, safety, otherwise you're killing people, which is
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the ultimate justification they can use for an otherwise cozy relationship that always existed in the first place. glenn greenwald, thank you so much for your time. great stuff. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> pete: you got it all right. come up. get your baby bucks. joe biden is paying people to stay home and have kids. why this $100 billion government give away is probably here to stay. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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towards universal basic income. let's call this ubi, universal baby income. it turns out what was once an annual one-time annual payment, a refund on your taxes, has now been turned into a monthly check from uncle sam the democrats hope to make permanent. $3,000 per year per kid for kids under 6, and $3,600 per kid for kids under 6. over 6 and un6, more or less $300 a month direct to parents for each kid. and once you turn on the faucet of government money, we know you can't really turn it off. ronald reagan it had had it right. the closest thing to eternal life is a government program. if the g.o.p. tried to fight this in the future, of course, they would be accused across the board of wanting to kill kids. always. and by putting the irs in charge of issuing these monthly payments? unelected bureaucrats will now be running a massive welfare
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program as they dig deeper into your personal life month by month, baby by baby. fox news contributor and business economics at the kings college is here to explain. he has three of his own kids that used to be babies. he could have used those checks back in the day, probably. >> that's true. >> pete: probably we all could. ceremony, it's been quiet and under the radar. this is a big change. >> and this is a huge change. i can't believe how little attention this is getting because it really is the beginning of universal basic income. you know, americans are leary about the idea of sending people a check every month for no reason. democrats and democrats do that they are using back door route. setting up child tax credits,
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expanding them making them fully refundable you get them whether or not you pay taxes and they will pay you ahead of time. way way, it used just like universal basic income. i also have been a supporter of modest child tax credits but let's be honest, that's not what we are talking about here. we are talking about a brand new entitlement, the second largest increase in entitlements we have ever seen. it will cost more than $1.5 trillion over 10 years, pete, you know, we can't afford that right now. you have got to call this what it is. and this is government cash from here to eternity. >> pete: absolutely. right now it's just a year, it's a top priority for them to continue to expand it you know they think it's a political winner for them how can you be against the kids and ultimately if people start receiving that check. and there is no threshold or gates through which you have to pass, you have to have x number of kids and you get the check. what experience do you have in seeing where something like this ever gets rolled back and isn't just expanded. it never gets rolled back
4:22 pm
because people get used to those checks. and politicians get used to those checks. politicians like to be the ones sending those checks to people. people build those in to their budgets. now my kids have gotten older but they are still in college and i still have a lot of expenses, how about some more cash. what about cash across ages, across the income spectrum, pete. these things never get rolled back. that progressives know that. that's what they love, they think they have the vehicle to get this in without anybody paying attention. americans have got to pay attention because we can't afford it and we can't keep paying people to not work, pete. it's a civilization question. healthy people pay to work. we are going headlong. >> pete: original justification for so many things is covid. once covid is past, this is republicans' one opportunity to stop this thing before it goes on forever.
4:23 pm
brian brethren berg you know this stuff. appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> pete: joining me tonight stephen miller a very busy man as the founder of america first legal doing a lot of great work there policy of the trump white house. you understand domestic policy. does the white house understand be what it's doing here? are they opening up a whole new avenue to expand government's control? they do understand exactly what they are doing. president trump's policy was to make work pay. biden's policy is to make it pay not to work. that's the whole entire distinction. the goal of the trump economic policy was to make it as attractive as possible for u.s. workers. higher wages, bigger bonuses, larger salaries, more after tax income. the whole tax policy including how we handle the child tax credit was geared towards that
4:24 pm
goal. what you see happening with the american rescue act is a desire to make it possible for people to live off the government in ever larger numbers. now, i'm a pro-family person. i want government policy to encourage family formation. >> pete: that's right. >> why, frankly a policy like this should also incentivize marriage. it should incentivize the nuclear family and it should incentivize a critic call element which is a stable work based income. this is none of those things. and so what you are going to see is a very dangerous unsustainable trend. you are going to see more and more people that are not working, that are getting a basic sustenance from the government and then you are going to see the government importing low wage workers to fill jobs that ought to be filled by americans. that's unhealthy for a society. and it actually over time, creates an under class of
4:25 pm
immigrant laborers which isn't in anybody's best interest. >> pete: am i going too philosophical comes from ideology that says we want to replace that nuclear family and that provider and that income with government. government is your new daddy, your new mommy now, this is where you can get -- this is where you can live and perpetuate your life. no need to worry about those pesky traditional details. >> no, you are not wrong at all. in fact, you know, you talk a lot about critical race theory. critical race theory is explicitly opposed to the nuclear family. it is absolutely committed to breaking up the nuclear family. and so, what you should do if you are a responsible congress is you would take all of this money and if you are going to spend it, if you were bound and determined to spend it, you would use it as a rehiring bonus and you would say to all those companies that were forced to lay off workers because of the pandemic, who lost a lot of revenue, you would say if you rehire the workers that you laid off, you can afford to now give
4:26 pm
them a rehiring bonus. get people back into the workforce, because the long-term health of the american family you need to have a provider. you need to have a person in that household be it the mother or the father who is able to earn an income to support that family. that nuclear family with a mom and a dad and kids. it's a building block of the american middle class. >> pete: it is the pesky detail that the left always ignores and wants to get past when if we just focused on it would heal a lot of our societal isles. stephen miller, thank you so much. >> amen. >> pete: appreciate it? >> you got it. >> pete: knock knock who is there trusted messengers sent by the government. are they here to vaccinate you or do political outreach for democrats? what if they are here to do both? we have more information on this. it's shocking. karl rove joins us next. how many white boards does he have this time? we'll find out. ♪ ♪ for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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will >> pete: americans are beginning to fight back vaccine enforcers knocking on their doors and trying to collect their personal information. >> who are you? who are you? how did you get in this building? >> vaccine. >> how did you get in this building? who are you? what are you doing here. >> we have a [inaudible] >> you don't have a right to be in this building asking people. it's a violation of people's hipaa rights. >> okay, get out. >> you don't have a right to be here. you get out of this building now. >> much. >> thank you. >> you are violating people's privacy rights. get out. get out now. >> pete: good for her and they mumble and shuffle away. the white house calls people like these, these folks in the yellow vest that happen to be in los angeles a very necessary tool in their arsenal to fight politic siding the vaccine. and stopping big governments, you guessed it, newest enemy, misinformation. >> we have to be very careful and we are mindful of being
4:33 pm
quite careful of not politicizing the effectiveness of vaccines. we have empowered, engaged funded local voices because they are often the most trusted voices. doctors, medical experts, clergy, you know, people who are members of civic leaders in communities. that's where we are putting most of our resources. >> pete: okay. they are not politicizing it. we don't know exactly hot white house is funding or empowering. but we do know that some of the quote trusted messengers knocking on americans' doors they are not doctor, pastors and leaders. fauci and friends are making them out to be. in fact, this week we showed you how the trusted messengers in north carolina who are gathering information and giving out shots at your door were largely democrat political operatives belonging to groups like action nc. and we showed a bunch of other groups in other states involved in similar efforts all left wing groups. which calls into question what exactly are they doing with all
4:34 pm
the data they are collecting? and as it turns out, this is much more widespread than we initially thought. it's not just happening as we said in north carolina. these vaxivist seem to be targeting swing states convenient. they have been spotted in states like georgia, florida, wisconsin, and many others. but don't worry, cnn says this is a nonpartisan effort, quote. this group, this group in georgia, learned their canvassing skills in the political arena. they volunteered for years with the randolph county democrat committee. earlier this year the group wanted to build on momentum from the 2020 election and launched the programs nonpartisan vaccine effort. from democrat canvasser to nonpartisan vaccine messenger. what an interesting career path. let me ask you a question.
4:35 pm
when has a democrat operative ever done something out of the kindness of their heart and who is paying for this? probably you and me. and why should we believe that this is a movement to protect the community and not a large scale ground campaign ahead of midterm and presidential elections? speaking of long-term and large scope ground campaigns let's talk to karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff and a fox news contributor. karl, each day we learn more and more whether it's the talking points they have at the door, whether it's the states that they are in, whether it's the causes they otherwise fight for and they always seem to line up. states that matter, left wing groups pushing vaccines. >> yeah. this is disturbing. look, i'm in favor of outreach efforts. we have got to be able to take these life-saving vaccines across the country. but it ought to be done entirely outside of politics. done by doctors and nurses and health educations and people drawn from the health education
4:36 pm
programs at colleges and the scouts and service groups and churches and local leaders. it shouldn't be politics. the action north carolina is an intensely left wing very ideological and very active political group. go to their website. it starts with a gigantic call on the readers of the website to demand that senators tillis and burr both republicans support the president and expand government, spend more money, and, in fact, in their description of their mission they say their mission is to grow political power and, yet, they are somehow involved and shady are we using taxpayer dollars? we're certainly using taxpayer dollars but, look, we do for this. we are using taxpayer dollars to pay for the vaccines and the support services. so, are we in essence subsidizing a political organization in between elections? you mentioned randolph county, georgia. bobby jenkins, the long-time
4:37 pm
chair has a neighbor to neighbor canvassing organization and that's what is openly doing the work in randolph county. if you are in the white house. and you are attempting to solve this problem. do you really want to pollute it with a big drawup of highly partisan and ideological groups rather than focusing in on the mission at hand. are these people around in let's say, nebraska? are these people in let's say, rhode island? are these people around in new mexico? are these people around in, say, oregon? no, no, you are right. it appears like they are mainly active. in fact, the list i have seen is virtually only states that are swing states close states for the 2020 election. somebody in the white house and somebody at the department of health and human services has to be held to account who is making these decisions? who is allowing politics to enter into something that ought to be as far away from politics as possible. >> pete: that's a great point,
4:38 pm
karl. feels like a convenient two for. vaccine effort and gathering data. is this useful. >> oh, gosh. think about it think about it. you go to randolph county, georgia. and you stick the needle in the arm and then you come back a year later and say now just, remember, we from the randolph county democrat neighbor-to-neighbor program came by and took care of you. and you need to respond by voting democrat. your action north carolina. we, the progressives, building political power, we are back on your doorstep, reminding you that we were here last year with a life-saving vaccine. >> pete: interesting. >> who has got this data? where is this data being shared and why are they allowing expressly political groups to be involved? >> pete: how can we get that answer, karl hough is funding it or is it too obscured the way bureaucracy paid groups and private public partnership? >> some of these states like georgia have republican governors they ought to be
4:39 pm
demanding answers. my gut tells me they have reached out to state departments to help be involved in these programs. we need to have members of congress in all of these battleground states that are having these kind of programs raise questions and demand answers from the secretary of health and human services and from the white house. who is in charge of this program and we also ought to challenge the media, all of the media to go out there. imagine what would happen if this were a year ago and donald trump was using the republican party organization or the american conservative union or empower america or the koch brothers americans for prosperity to deliver shots and doing so openly? look, it's one thing if a bunch of volunteers who have a political background show up and say we are going to join the travis county medical association and support of this effort. it's another thing when it is openly and actively political groups. it. >> pete: so true could you imagine charlie kirk and candace
4:40 pm
owens showed up with a bags of needles? the double standard. >> it's jaw dropping. >> pete: karl, you are right. they should be asked at the press podium tomorrow as soon as possible where this is coming from. i really appreciate your insight, karl, thank you. >> you bet. thank you, pete. >> pete: up next, cheryl osborn screwed by co-host and wrongly smeared as a racist. listen to the leaked video social distancing agenda total fraud. do you know who is not a fraud? that guy, jesse watters. it's his world and we are living in it. he is ready to go. ♪ ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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♪ >> pete: it's been nearly four months since sharon osborn was fired from the talk. osborn's co-hosts were furious piers morgan accusations after he criticized meghan markle must be racist. then they threw her under the bus painting her as a racist during a segment on the show and a classic ambush. but, now, thanks to some leaked hot mic audit yesterday obtained by the daily mail we know their outrage was just tv magic. >> i know you are upset.
4:46 pm
i know it was terrible. but i just hope that once this blows over, once we -- that you know, cheryl is your friend. she really is your friend. >> i have said to cheryl. >> i don't think racist. cheryl and i are held to a different standard by black people and people of color out there. >> i get it. >> who expect us to saying something about every racist, anything similar and puts us in such a position that even if we don't have information. if we don't even really care, if we don't really want to engage, it feels like a spotlight is on us. you know? and so it's like -- i think that sharyl was trying to navigate that line. >> pete: you know, the spotlight was on it have to throw them under the bus. here with reaction host of "watters' world" and author of the number one "new york times" best selling book how i saved the world jesse watters.
4:47 pm
jesse, congrats. >> thank you. >> pete: they would love anything to keep you off. >> if i didn't get number one i would have told myself they rigged it against me. [laughter] >> pete: of course they would, of course. this clip, how revealing is it -- even if we don't care, even if we don't know anything, we have to say it's racist. >> it's a take down job, you know when you are very successful. people want to take you out. they want to take you out, pete. you see it all the time. they are coming for you, it's pretty obvious. she was the only famous person on that he show. i don't even know any of those other womennens names. the producers were involved. producers, you can't trust them. i used to be producer. terrible people. so what did she say, actually? she said piers morgan called meghan markle a bad word or something. she said he is not racist. they say he is racist. she says give me an example. they couldn't give her an example. then she gets canceled. so ozy osborne, the husband has got to be thinking i bit a head off a bat. i worshipped the devil and i peed on the alamo and you are
4:48 pm
getting canceled for that? that's crazy. >> pete: here's the other thing. we have one more piece of sound. behind the scenes they admit it each further we don't even care about this stuff that much. listen. >> i am not a dni expert. i didn't know i was going to come on here and be the. >> no. >> i don't know how to do that, actually. >> neither do i. i'm just a [bleep] old woman that has a lot of stories. i don't [bleep] care if you are an alien. are you a nice alien? then come sit down. >> pete: i mean, the mob had to be fed. that's what it comes down to. >> jesse: you have got feed the mob. the mob is hungry. i don't buy that oh i got you fired, i didn't really mean. to say sorry, i didn't really know what i was doing up there they know exactly what they are doing. they throw racial hand grenades people they don't like and blow them up for power. >> pete: don't actually care. >> we are the most likeable people on television. but people lob hand grenades all
4:49 pm
the time if they got to know us they would love us. >> pete: that's true. having gotten to know you it's mixed but mostly good. >> mostly peaceful. >> pete: mostly peaceful jesse watters. real quick, the book. tell us about it and why it is so successful. >> jesse: it's a comedy piece and also interesting there is political analysis in it. these are all my travels throughout the country, san francisco, nude beaches, quizzing people on the beach. i find out what makes liberals particular. it's their insecurity. we describe the psychological warfare that they have done to themselves and projecting on the rest of the country and you heard these stories about the trump and i having dinner and going on air force one. these are hilarious but you will be fed a lot of insight but also a lot of laughs. i guarantee you this book will make you live longer, pete. >> pete: really. >> laughter makes you live longer that's a scientific fact. >> pete: i think so. >> indisputable. follow the science and buy my book, pete. >> pete: a lot of people are saying.
4:50 pm
i agree. jesse, congrats. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> pete: all right. up next, transgender emojis, chicken wars and shark attacks get a rebrand. did they need one? don't go anywhere. we are putting will cain on the clock next. ♪ note one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon.
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sponsored by vanda pharmaceuticals. ♪ ♪ >> time to bring in my good friend and fellow fox & friends weekend coast town will cain because we are once again putting him on the clock. he did his research last night and i think he did tonight. four topics, 60 seconds each, let the emojis be our guide and there will be another one in the bottom right. according to reports the nfl is planning on adding the black national anthem to the 2021 season, the song "lift every voice and sing" was in some games last season but they expect to make it a prominent
4:56 pm
part of the season. >> think there is one unifying anthem that stands for every person in this country black or white, male or female, the united states of america symbolized by the -- and we do not need a separate symbol for every single person in the society and by the way it doesn't make you special on the left. you are not special, you're not antiracist. everyone wants to do away with racism. everyone wants to do away with it. but you don't do it by dividing us up and having different symbols for every person in society. you don't. >> preach, i think the nfl thinks it is bulletproof on stuff like this. people will watch no matter what and they think they can get away with it. that is the experience from before. it is so unfortunate and so unnecessary. second topic, students and faculty at the university of notre dame are attempting to block the opening of an on-campus chick-fil-a. apparently they don't like delightful chicken. luckily one person is staying here and it's
4:57 pm
senator lindsey graham, who has declared that he would go to war for chick-fil-a. would you go to war for chick-fil-a? >> it's the number one fast food restaurant on anyone's rankings of fast food restaurants, so if there is a fast food restaurant that would inspire me to go to war it would be chick-fil-a, no doubt. on a slightly more serious note, i began to talk to you about this idea of cultural secession. just to make your own companies, your own products, your own lands within a culture where it reflects your values. that is when chick-fil-a has done and good for lindsey graham for defending it. maybe not just because it tasted good but because it is a company with values that reflects his values as well. >> i also want to know if there's anything lindsey graham would not go to war for. [laughter] >> that's a good point. and i love him, but you know. first thing, we disagree? >> i like it. >> next stop, the term "shark attack" is set for a rebrand after shark advocates in
4:58 pm
australia are claiming that the phrase has unfairly stigmatized sharks as deliberate killers. they suggest we should refer to them as shark interactions instead. may be a negative encounter instead of an attack. >> why don't we ask some of these servers or any number of seals out there who have been nibbled at, bid or had an interaction with sharks. if they feel like it was an innocuous run in or if they were attacked. it's true, by the way, they are not really trying to eat people most of the time, they are just taking a taste test. >> oh, that is nice. >> but it's not an attack speak of the researchers said shark attack is a lie. you are kind of with the shark re-labelers. >> were splitting hairs here. if you give me 136 stages are amputated leg i don't really care about your motivation, it's an attack.
4:59 pm
>> every time we leave "fox & friends" i'm going to say that was a really negative encounter with will. it was not an attack. we love emojis on this show. if we think we are getting a new one, it is a pregnant man, that is the new emoji. will cain. look at it, he's got a mustache. >> pete, we are in full on madness. you and i sitting here in front of the saying its madness, it is somehow controversial. that's where we are now. let me say something that might get me canceled, men can't get pregnant. boom. >> i think you're right, it looks like he ate a little bit too much, that is my take. will cain, thanks so much, see you tomorrow night. you got it. this weekend i will be down in tampa for turning point usa student action summit. you can watch my speech for the main stage and many others at
5:00 pm, saturday through tuesday. plus, don't miss kayleigh mcenany and myself on fox nation's all access live as we break down the biggest moment from the student action summit. sign up and use the code, fox nation, sign up for free. thanks for watching "fox news prime time." tucker carlson up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's a story we've completely forgotten about because there are so many. just before last november's presidential election, two former army officers wrote an open letter to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, men who still has the job. the letter became public, it was published on the left-wing blog called defense one and within minutes was all over the internet. the authors of the letter had a direct order from mark milley


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