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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 15, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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is conservatorship. i'm not allowed to have doughnuts or do other things. >> sandra: your wife is not here to defend herself. >> john: i'll hear and it when i get home. >> sandra: marriage is blissful. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. thanks for joining us. see you for the real friday tomorrow. "the story" with martha starts rights now. >> martha: all right. thanks, guys. thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. this is "the story." the streets of cuba, people who protest or pled for freedom are carted off for detention. in chicago, uighurs are interred in concentration camps. the secretary state of the united states, tony blinken, has invitaled the u.n. human rights council to come to america to help confront the scourge of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia here and
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elsewhere. remember, this the same council that the trump administration left in part because their membership accused human rights abusers like china and cuba. a short time ago,etoo pressed the white house on this. watch. >> why is the secretary of state blinken trying to address human rights in the u.s. by inviting experts from cuban and china here? >> he's believes responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of human rights records. they should acknowledge it with improve it and push and lift up and shine a light on other countries that need to do better. that's the role that we're playing from the united states. >> martha: here now, morgan ortega, tomi lahren, fox nation host and david tufori. welcome to you. great to have you here. morgan, what went through your mind? >> the goals of the biden administration laying out saying
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we don't want to shrink awhy from our human rights record from racism, from other things we're trying to fix as a society, i agree with that. that's why we have freedom of the press. that's why we have debates. that's why we have one of the most open and tolerant societies where we have these debates. the question is should the united nations human rights council that has iran, china pakistan be the ones that should judge us? no. there shouldn't be a resolution or any judgment of the united states until some of the united nations does some in the united are so anti-semitic to israel since 2015. it's 112 condemning resolutions against israel. zero on the genocide against the muslims in china. >> martha: great points.
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david, given that, why did the biden administration we joined the human rights council in the first place? >> the biden administration says human rights are important. we're going to be part of the council. we don't agree with everything that they do. with respect to allow them to do an evaluation of racism in the united states, and that's all it is, basically a report or no trial or hearing about it, we're saying that we're not hiding anything. we're a transparent country, a leader in human rights and demanding that other countries follow human rights what is important about this is china has a terrifying human rights record. there's more than a million uighurs in work camps what we're taking away from china is what they do all the time, what aboutism. any time we criticize human rights, they say what about the u.s.? we're happy to be evaluated.
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there's more equivalency between racism in the u.s. and what is happening in china.we have to hold them account for it and we're demanding both. >> martha: tomi, you're shaking your head. we have the transparent structures in our system that morgan just talked about that are clear. why would we invite these countries to assess us on our own soil, tomi? >> the american apology tour continues under in administration. we have to ask why. why would team biden and his state department, why would they invite this? the answer is simple. they have to continue the charade that this country is systemic racist and oppressive. if they don't do that, they don't have an excuse for the lawlessness. italian second reason is because the left isn't really anti-law
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and order. they would rather have law and order at a global level. they want more federal government control, more global government control and by inviting in this scrutiny,py continuing the narrative that we're racist and oppressive, they can excuse what they're doing and the fundamental changes at a global level a federal level that is what this is all about. they have to continue that narrative. >> martha: senator rubio spoke out on this moments ago. watch this. >> it's stupid. it actually -- went isn't he convening the security council to talk about the fact that a regime 90 miles from our show is killing people because they're demanding liberty? if you're going to invite the u.n. to tell us how racist we are, ask them at least to look into the situation in cuba. >> martha: speaking of that horrifying situation in cuba, i think about the things that the
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united states could be doing. sending food, sending medicine. isn't there something that we could do with our cyber warfare capability to make an effort to reopen the social networks for the freedom fighters in cuba? this is the kinds of thing that americans would love to hear the secretary of state screaming from the mountain tops right now. >> yeah. senator rubio has talked about how we should open up the internet for people in cuba. that is one of the things that we saw around the world. we saw this happen in iran where the first thing that these regimes do is cut off internet, cut off access for people to communicate with each other. that's why it's important to do everything within our cyber capabilities, to help these people. we're talking about the largest protests since the 50s. you're seeing it played out before our very eyes, communism and what the socialist
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dictatorship does to innocent people that have been living with this for decades. i agree with you. it's important to speak out about this, it's important for us to support them. certainly we took and the trump administration under mike pompeo a very, very tough line against the cuban regime. not only for what they did to their people but what we saw them doing in venezuela when they were sending operatives, military-type operatives in to venezuela in order to pop up maduro as well. >> martha: david, great point. if you want to talk about human rights, why isn't secretary of state blinken, why isn't president biden taking these really hard clear measures that could be taken to support the people on the streets and including those that have been pulled off the street and disappeared in cuba? >> the biden administration does support the protesters in cuba. what is great about the protests -- >> martha: in what way?
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>> they started in -- the protests started in cuba. so we have to be somewhat careful. we want to protests to continue to be a cuban initiated event. we don't want the cuban government to be able to claim that the u.s. is pushing for this. so my guess is, the biden administration is already evaluating ideas like morgan mentioned.figure out a way the protesters can still access the internet, which is so important for organizing protests and continuing the anger inside cuba. i would also note that the biden administration has kept all of the sanctions that the trump administration put on cuba. there's a reason why. because they have the same approach and the same view of the cuban government, which it is illegitimate, a human rights abuser and should be democracy in cuba. how do we get there and people the people of cuba get there. >> martha: yeah, doing the things we're talking about
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doesn't take away any agency from the cuban people in any way. i would suggest twitter and facebook look how they can reopen those channels for social media in cuba. they could manage, benefit from good p.r. at this point in the united states. that might go a long way. before i let you go, i want to mention tommy will be speaking at the student action summit sunday. thanks for being here. coming up, the fed chair concedes again that prices are shooting up in the united states on everything. so what can they do and how much worse is this going to get? the big question on everybody's minds right now. larry kudlow steps up to answer it next. >> what is the white house's message to average americans including those on limited incomes that are experiencing higher prices right now for food and clothing and other goods and
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>> martha: everybody is pretty much watching the rising prices out there and nearly everything. the fed chairman, jerome powell, could act. he could raise interest rates. so what will he do? and are he and the white house starting to get concerned about this? >> the challenge we're confronting is how to react to this inflation, which is larger than we had expected or anybody had expected. to the extent it is temporary,
12:15 pm
then it wouldn't be appropriate to react to it. to the extend it gets longer and longer, we'll continue to reevaluate the risks. >> martha: so that is the problem. exactly encapsulated in what he said. is it temporary or is it something longer than that? in moments larry kudlow weighs in. first to gerri willis with a look at one aspect of prices rising. hi, gerri. >> it's a known fact that driving a new car off of a dealer lot drops the value by 5 to 10%, a car that is a year old is typically worth 25% less in the marketplace than what the owner paid. but this is not a normal year. shortages of new cars dew to chip shortages and heavy discount are driving car prices especially used car prices through the roof. check out our list here of lightly used cars a year or so
12:16 pm
old that are valued the same or more as a brand new version of the same make and model. most of these of course trucks or minivans. listen. >> the roles are completely reversed. instead of you submitting i want to buy this car from 20 people or ten people or three people, now you're taking your car and you're doing the same to them. it's like it's completely flipped on its head. >> now, he says creative consumers with car leases may find that they can sell their vehicles nor the buy-out price or returning it for a bonus on another deal. once you do that what are you going to buy and what are you going to have to pay to get your new car? martha? >> martha: thanks, gerri. my next guest said these plans from the white house and the fed will long to long-term economic decline.
12:17 pm
joining me to explain, larry kudlow and served as a top economic adviser to president trump. good to see you. we played a question that went to jen psaki in the white house press room that was very pointed. it said, you know, do you expect people to wait or what are they supposed to do that prices are rising? here's her answer. >> certainly not what i've said. but i will say our message is that we understand the threat that inflation poses. we will be vigilant about any responses needed. it's important for americans to know about understand that these impacts are temporary and some of the price increases are as a result of the economy turning back on. >> martha: are they temporary, larry? what's going on? >> the thing is -- gerri willis is right. a lot of the spikes in the cpi is coming from post pandemic economic recovery shortages, especially of chips, used car
12:18 pm
prices are absolutely soaring. you know, supply chains backed up in the port of l.a. and long beach, california, a lot of that is loosening up. i think this is temporary. but whatever it is it puts the administration in a hole and puts jay powell and the fed in a hole because it is doing some damage and if you're running a 6% inflation rate year to year that is beating the increase in wages, which is part of the recovery. so what is the fed going to do? you'll see. i think the fed will start changing their language. all right. i don't think they're going to change the rate. you'll see them change their language about guying fewer treasury securities. okay? the so called balance sheet expanse shun that is point number 1. there's a second issue here. you have to link fed policy with fiscal policy. if you're looking at to 4.5 trillion rise in spending over the years ahead and you're going
12:19 pm
to finance that with some amount of huge income taxes on dead people and foreign people and foreign commerce, you have a problem here that could be not only inflationary but decline the economy while the inflation goes up. look, all of this spending and the fed is going to buy the debt, that increases aggregate demand. meanwhile, you're taxing the debt. so that's a supply side shock. you cut off the supply. so more demand, less supply. that is a prescription for slower growth and higher prices, higher inflation. it's not good. it's not good. >> martha: when you're sending checks, $1,400 checks, child tax credit checks, which are not a tax credit. they're like a check that comes in the mail and that gets outpaced by the inflation that you see at the gas pump and everything else you buy, here is
12:20 pm
mitch mcconnell scratching his head on that part of the equation. watch, this. >> $3.5 trillion of new spending and taxing at a time when the country is suffering a 40-year high inflation as a result of what they did earlier this year is wildly inappropriate. won't be any republican support for it and hopefully some brave democrats say i'm not going to do this to the country. >> martha: if you can you think democrats will do that? >> you know, mitch is spot on. you know, you're in a economic boom and temporary or not, the inflation rate is rising. the solution is not to spend and tax wildly. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. the economy is doing fine. they don't have to do all of this shenanigans. it's not necessary. this is woke economics. big government, more spending. you said it. child care is refundable tax
12:21 pm
credits. giving people more cash without any work requirements, without any employment incentives. they're not going to work. >> martha: we heard from bernie sanders. it's a transformative bill that will change basically the government's relationship with americans by giving them more and more with benefits and entitlements. that's where they're going with this. we'll see if it passes. >> there's no free enterprise in this, martha. free enterprise will drive the economy upward and make america great again. that's my biggest problem here. >> martha: you've been saying that ever since i met you, larry. thank you very much. good to see you, sir. all right. here's what's coming up. a very dark story out of chicago on a single day there. yesterday. 27 people were injured in gun fire. the shocking crime crisis that no matter how you slice it is gripping the windy city. we'll talk about it next.
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12:26 pm
nonprofit joins me now, autrey philips of the target area corporation. thanks for being with us today. i know that you work with on organization that seeks to end violence in the great city of chicago. what is your assessment of what's going on right now in your hometown? >> good afternoon. thanks for having me. right now in chicago, we're experiencing an fortunate number of shootings and homicides in our communities. what is important, we're combatting the violence by the work that organizations like mine are doing on the street. that's something they would love to talk about. >> martha: i would like to hear about it. i want to play mayoral candidate eric adams at the white house the other day. here's what he thinks needs to be done and what you think needs to be done.
12:27 pm
>> i'm time to respond to the underlying causes of violence in our city. this president says he's going to make it clear he's going to redefine the ecosystem of public safety and the role of police, schools, families, resources, employment, this is where we need to go as a country. >> martha: a lot of talk about defunding police across this nation. where do you stand on that, sir? >> the chicago police department is doing the best they can. we are not for defunding the police. we understand that unfortunately some individuals in our communities have to go to jail in order to help themselves. so it's your jobs to identify individuals before they get into the system. that's what some of the work that we do on the streets, identifying those individuals
12:28 pm
and help those individuals to get back on the right track before they come involved with the police. >> martha: one of the problems that we see is bail reform in new york and other big cities. what happens is, there was a woman that was dropping off her son at the naval academy and she was sitting outside with her husband having a glass of wine and she got shot in cross fire and lost her life. the person that did it was arrested five times and on house arrest. you think we need to toughen the penalty so some of these people are off the streets so these things can't happen like what happened to this poor woman? >> what happens to this poor woman was tragic. unfortunately we're seeing that type of shootings across the city of chicago and other big cities as well. right? so we're about toughening the laws that are on the books already, but again, prevention is the key to all of this.
12:29 pm
that's what we believe. we have to get in front of the issues before they start. get in front of the problems before they escalate. that's what we're about. we're about giving those individuals in the environment to actually pull the trigger or get shot, getting those individuals back on the right track. >> martha: well, we have to crack down on a lot of gang violence. i know you said the incident near you, the people shot were not members of a gang. of course, our sympathies go out to them, this is one of the big factors that play here in general as well. thanks very much. autrey philips, thanks. best of luck in your work. >> thanks. >> martha: new bomb shell today about the rush to dismiss the covid lab leak theory from none other than the head of the world health organization. what he's now saying coming up next. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance.
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>> martha: this is a big deal. the world health organization is now under increasing scrutiny admitting that there were errors in their early assessment of the origins of covid-19 saying that they were premature to rule out a lab leak and who general ted gross admits that lab accidents happen, it's common and they'll clarify the first family cluster of covid-19. they now say it was actually not linked to the wuhan wet market. so i'll talk with mark meadows in the middle of this as it begin. first to benjamin hall reporting live from london. hi, benjamin. >> you'll remember this was the original who report on the origins of covid done with the help of china.
12:35 pm
today they admit there's key errors. first, it was connected to the wet market. members of the family visited it. turns out it's not true. the first family are different people altogether. they live in a different direct and the data they say just got mixed up. this raises serious questions about the accusations and watert originated in the wet market. another key admission. >> there was a premature push to reduce one of the options like the workers in the lab and lab accidents happen. it's common. >> so an admission that the lab leak theory had been overlooked despite the circumstantial evidence. in regards to the error in the
12:36 pm
report, they acknowledge them but claim they didn't affect the conclusion. so the of course admitted that they didn't look into the lab theory when there was evidence. one thing to know from china in the lab when covid started, but with all of these questions, difficult to know what you can now believe. martha? >> martha: benjamin hall, thanks. mark meadows is the former chief of staff for president trump. he's with us today. you know, the words that stand out leafing to the chief there is a premature push. he said there was a premature push to avoid the lab leak theory. my question is why and who was pushing? >> well, i think what you'll find is the information that is coming out and while this is blockbuster kind of information coming out from the who, dr. tedross was part of that. part of the push was to have a narrative that covered up for not only a potential lab leak
12:37 pm
but also for the capability of china. who do you see involved? what you'll find in the coming days and jim jordan is doing great work with his committee, i think that you'll find there was at least probable cause to believe that it came from the lab and both dr. fauci and who and other colleagues were aware of it. to suggest that we're only now finding it out, this is a cover up of unbelievable proportions and it's another reason why perhaps the biden administration has not wanted to actually look into and investigate this. >> martha: that's a very interesting question, too. we all remember this started to bubble over. the biden administration said that they were going to take 90 days, do an investigation. they ended the investigation that was done by the state department much to the disappointment of david asher and others that were involved
12:38 pm
trying to figure out where this started. what is going on with the 90-day biden investigation. >> they hoped for 90 days and this issue would go away. what i can tell you is not only is the information starting to get more and more clear, the picture is getting clearer and clearer. when we look at an investigation that was started under the trump administration, terminated under the joe biden administration, now all of a sudden is you're going to see a few admissions of wrong doing just like we have today from the who. but you'll actually say, well, we missed this one indicator. it's not a miss. it was a cover-up and i can tell you that when we start to see that, the person that needs to be testifying about this is dr. fauci. why didn't he share it with the task force and why didn't he share the e-mails that he had with those that stood to be able
12:39 pm
to hold china accountable but the who accountable. it's we me and several others have said that until you actually eliminate the leadership at the who, we should not be a member of that organization. they're not transparent and they're not being transparent now. >> martha: well, there's a follow the money investigation that needs to happen in terms of the money that was sent from the nih througheco health alliance that ended up at the wuhan institute of virology. there's a lot of questions. we hope to got to the bottom of them. good to see you. thank you very much. >> great to be with you, martha. thanks. >> martha: so right now president biden is meeting with german chancellor angela merkel behind closed doors at the white house. ric grenell is here, the former ambassador to germany under president trump as the two leaders prepare to come out and speak publicly. very important relationship that
12:40 pm
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>> martha: breaking right now, president biden is meeting with germany's chancellor, angela merkel. the fourth u.s. president that merkel has worked with since 2005. she's expected to step down in september of this year. on the agenda, a lot of things. the future of afghanistan, the threat from china. the thorniest issue is the matter of the nord stream 2 pipeline. president biden was criticized for lifting sanctions on the deal with germany and russia and closing the keystone in the united states. president trump stood firmly after this deal. peter doocy is reporting live. >> good afternoon. there's thorny issues.
12:45 pm
we'll get to those in just a second. i was just in the oval office. things are off to a good start. >> we saw each other at the g-7 and again at the nato meeting. today we're talking about further advancing u.s. german relationships which is strong and getsing stronger. >> addressing climate change, distributing vaccines. next steps in afghanistan, what to do about a rising china and hacking. and the chinese try to make themselves as an attractive business partner. the u.s. says that nord stream runs from russia to germany. she said that the nord stream 2 pipeline is probably going to come up and that i don't know whether the papers will be fully
12:46 pm
finalized. they will be important talks for developing a common position. there's a joint press conference in the next hour or so. we know a little more about who is coming to dinner at a private didn'ter that the president is hosting. there's some republicans like mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy. there's also a former secretary state on there, hillary clinton. martha? >> martha: interesting. peter, thanks very much. former u.s. ambassador to germany, ric grenell. the president will raise his objections over the pipeline with merkel and he will press her on the importance of developing concrete mechanisms to ensure that energy is not used as a coercive tool in europe and ukraine. you wrote a very fascinaing piece on this today. how do you think that will go?
12:47 pm
>> i think i biden will utter those words and nobody will know what they mean. the sanctions have been dropped. the germans are celebrating they're getting russian gas, this is a disaster. angela markle is a nice person and a good leader but the global community is celebrating her tenure without looking at the details what she has successfully done is moved the germans into an alliance that is not western facing anymore. she likes the idea of an e.u./u.s. alliance, not a western alliance. they want to be friends with everybody. they want a huge surplus. they want to continue buying and trading with china. the new chancellor candidates, a couple of them have said in the german election will be in september, have said that they
12:48 pm
don't want to choose between china and the united states. this is what my piece is all about. let's be honest. what chancellor merkel has done is moved europe away from a western-facing alliance and it's germany first. she uses rhetoric that sounds like europe first. ask any of the europeans, the eastern europeans, ask other countries in europe whether or not the germans are sharing their big sur plus and you get a big fat no. she's responsible for shrinking the e.u. what we saw with brexit, the british decided that they couldn't trust the e.u. immigration policy that it was moving away from a strong western-facing policy and because the e.u. embraced that, many in great britain decided to move away and call the vote and
12:49 pm
they got out. >> martha: done a lot of business with russia and china who have increasing influence over europe and they seem to be okay with that. ric grenell, always good to see you. thanks for being with us today. thanks. so coming up a bizarre twist derails sentencing for the man convicted of brutally murdering iowa college student molly tibbets. so what is going on in this bizarre case now? supreme court hearings could be coming to a screen near you next. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. interest rates are near record lows, and home values are at record highs. now's the time to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow all of your home's value and lower your payments by $600 a month. serving veterans is all they do. newday can say yes when banks say no.
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12:54 pm
now her murder may have been linked to a sex trafficking ring. mark meredith has more. >> we're told that molly tibbets members was ready to testify. but after the trial in may, an inmate came forward to admit that he was the true killer. rivera's lawyers claims the prosecution had information related to that confession. but suppressed it. now the defense wants the prosecution to turn over any evidence that they. have here's the defense in court a short while ago. >> gavin jones admitted to arnie mchee that he and another gentleman were the killers of molly tibbets. he also admitted to mchee that there was a trap house that was
12:55 pm
involved and that molly tibbets was abducted for the purposes of sex trafficking. >> they want to go and knock themselves out trying to find out all of this confusing information that has just been presented to the court, go ahead and do it. but there's nothing in the rules, nothing in the case law that compels the state to chase its tale because they're asking us to do it. >> the judge in this case said he will make a written decision about this alleged new confession and we'll keep you updated, martha. >> martha: quite a case. thanks, matt. so despite the signs on this truck and alexandria ocasio-cortez's calls for him to step down to make room for a younger more liberal justice, steven brier says he's not ready to retire. he's comments coincided with a new push in congress that could
12:56 pm
force the court to put oral arguments on camera. my next senator worked with chuck grassley and neil gorsuch. mike, good to have you with us. what did you make of justin brier's comments after there's calls for him to step down and retire? >> justice brier has made it clear he's very happy and in great health. there's nobody that will push him out of his job. >> he said two things that could affect his opinion. one was his health and the second one is the court. which i think is a little interesting answer on part two there. >> yeah, people need to remember that president biden said he would appoint a black woman to the supreme court. we just saw judge jackson elevated from a d.c. district
12:57 pm
court to the d.c. federal court of appeals. so she just got there. she needs to be there a year before president biden can move her up. she's the leading contender right now. the democrats need to cool their heels and let justice breyer do his job. >> martha: interesting. so with the issue of the court being televised, you have worked for two people as i said that are on opposite sides of that argument. tell us both sides. >> senator chuck grassley is the top republican on the senate judiciary committee. he's long advocated for cameras in the courts. he wants to give confidence in the courts. we do this in the executive branch, the legislative branch. he believes we should do it in the supreme court. there's 439 seats in the supreme
12:58 pm
court and the public has access to 50 of those seats. if people are lucky enough to get a magic ticket in to the supreme court, they can go see it. for everyone else, you can't get in unless you're one of the connected few. you have people like senator ted cruz, the supreme court justices that are court that by putting cameras in the courtroom you'll turn these solemn proceedings to o.j. simpson trials. they don't want the lawyers acting for the cameras. they went them representing their clients. >> martha: which way do you think it's going to go? >> a tough call. senator grassley usually wins but you need 60 votes to pass most legislation. should be interesting. >> martha: yeah. it's going to be very interesting to be sure. mike davis, always good to talk to you. thank you very much. we'll watch justice breyer's
12:59 pm
comments clearly. seems like he's happy where he is right now. mike, thank you. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> sandra: good to see you. that is the "the story" for july 15, 2021. we'll see you tomorrow. i also want to make sure that you take a moment to check out my new untold story podcast. interesting conversation with a man named ed huffine and the new incredible dna science identifying the remains of our veterans and heros killed in battles that were decades ago. it is a fascinating story about the battle of tarawra and the work that he's done at 9-11. we talked about surfside, florida and how the dna work will go on there. he's a fascinating scientist. i encourage you to download that. great to have you with us and check that own. have a great evening, everybody.
1:00 pm
we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. "your world" with neil cavuto is revving up to get started right now as we take a look at the close of the markets and all of that talk from the fed having a big impact on inflation. neil takes you through it at the top of the hour. have a great afternoon, everybody. >> all right. minutes away at the white house from joe biden and angela merkel of germany having their final session together. the fourth u.s. president with him the german leader had to deal with this. she's had some acrimony use relationships in the pass. they're divided at a key issue that might come up. the fast of the matter is, she's one of the longest serving western leaders, 16 years as chancellor of germany. she had her back and forths with donald trump. wonder i


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