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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 15, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> it's friday eve. it's national give something away day. who would you want in the swag bag? >> i'm going to give away kraft macaroni and cheese. >> what would you like? >> janet jackson tickets. >> so balanced here on "outnumbered." "america reports" is next. >> john: thanks, harris. house republicans push to investigate the business dealings of president biden's family. concerns grow as there could be political influence. a group of republican lawmakers demanding documents from the white house to determine whether the president's relatives are committing ethical violations. that story is coming up. >> sandra: busy afternoon ahead. coming up, we'll speak with marco rubio that has a dire warning for the biden instruction. on deck, miranda divine, charlie
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hurt is here along with florida congressman byron donalds. >> we begin today, new reaction pouring in after the biden administration invites the united nations investigators to the united states to examine america's record on racism and human rights. i'm john roberts in washington. this is "america reports" for a friday eve. >> sandra: it is. hello, john. reaction pouring in to that. secretary of state anthony blinken making that announcement yesterday saying the u.s. should lead by example on the world stage. critics say the biden administration should be focusing on oppressive regimes like china, russia and iran instead. >> tony blinken like his boss, joe biden, is sticking a kick me sign on uncle sam's back. they should tell him to head to china. >> we don't need this. it's divisive and benefits status quo and the liberal
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elite. >> i thought the biden administration was extreme leftist. this is insane, martha. the u.s. is asking the united nations, a cess pool to come in to the united states and investigation us on human rights? we look so ridiculous. >> john: we'll have more with byron donalds in just a moment. >> sandra: but first, rich edson from there white house. >> good afternoon. secretary state anthony blinken says this is about trans. inviting the u.n. on stage to examine racism and human rights here. in a statement, the secretary says "responsible nations must not shirk from scrutiny of their human rights record, rather i urge u.n. member states to join the united states and confront the scourge o racism and
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xenophobia. this follows a report from the high commissioner for human rights. it cites george floyd's murder and the protests that followed. the u.n. human rights council passed a resolution to create a panel of experts to investigate systemic racism in policing. republicans have criticized the u.n. invite to the united states. congressman lee zelden said the human rights council looks the other way and doesn't look at atrocities by russia, china and iran and grovelling to the human rights council will make our nation look weak and play into the hands of our anti-democratic at very -- adversaries. the latest election for the human rights council included cuba, china and russia.
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back to you, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, rich. thank you. john? >> john: for more on this, let's bring in byron donalds. congressman, first, let's get your reaction to all of this. anthony blinken inviting in u.n. human rights inspectors, if you will, or investigators to take a look at our record on human rights and racism at the same time not doing much about what is going on in cuba in terms of human rights. not doing much about china, iran and russia and many other places. >> i'm so sick and tired of the left thinking everything that they have to do runs through the u.n. have we had racial issues? of course we have. that record has been examined far past any other country on the face of the planet. let's be clear. we're the freest, most tolerant nations on earth. it what happens when you have a
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free society and people do bad things and harm comes to certain people. let's be very clear. if the u.n. will investigate anything, start with venezuela, which has destroyed the value and liberty of its people the last 30 years. look what's going on in cuba right now. not just now, the last 62 years. what about china? what about iran? talking about these liberty movements that are uprising in cuba. people forget the green revolution in 2010. have the u.n. look at that. looking at us? that makes no sense at all. >> john: you probably heard rich edson in his report where he quoted anthony blinken said responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of human rights but rather should acc knowledge it with intent to improve. he says you can't play the moral high ground on human rights unless you're a transparent nation. what nation is more transparent than what the united states already is? >> mr. blinken, let me tell him
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this. we are the most transparent nation. because our history and the issues we've had on race relations have been under the microscope. what do you think the civil rights movement was? what do you think reconstruction was? what do you think the 13th, 14th and 15th amendment were? what do you think the civil war was? we've had this progression in our country going back 100 years and especially through the u.s. i'll have rights movement till today. we've done that. we've had our reckoning in the united states. put us on the same par of what is going on in haiti, china or iran or cuba is a joke, this happens with the left all the time. they try to have this moral relativism so nobody is better than anybody else. it's a joke. we are the country of liberty and hope in the world. period, point blank. u.n. countries can learn from us. >> john: let's go to cuba. black lives matter appearing to decide with the communist regime
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in cuba. in a statement saying black lives matter condemns the u.s. federal government's inhumane treatment of cubans and urge them to lift the economic embargo. your response? >> ridiculous. asinine. that statement makes no sense at all. if you lift the cuba, the regime will be more empowered. they'll have more economic ability to continue to suppress the people of cuba. this is what happens in all totalitarian regimes. when you allow them to flourish in the world economy, they don't pass that down to the people. they keep it for the powerful, the 1% to use the left's language. the people that use that country and run that country. so we have to keep those sanctions in place. we have to keep pressure on that regime. frankly, we need to do more. i find it ironic that blm, people protesting in the streets last year, but they don't want to put blame where blame
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resides, that's with the communist dictatorship in cuba. >> john: blm says the cubans can choose their own government. what communist nation allows the people to choose the government? >> you said it best. choose what? the cuban people have not had a chance to choose anything. the cuban revolution led by fidel castro was a murderous takeover of that country. what do they get to choose? the only thing they've had an opportunity to do is flee on a raft, if possible, or leave their possessions behind and come to the united states. they have never had an opportunity to choose. they need to have one. groups like black lives matter that say they're supporting human rights, they should be on the right side and supporting the cuban people that want freedom on their island. >> congressman byron donalds from florida, thanks for joining us.
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>> any time. >> john: sandra what he's saying there is jermane to the case here. who is it to blame? is it the united states or 62 years of communist representation in cuba? >> that's why so many lawmakers are saying let's call this what it is. senator marco rubio will be joining us. the miami-dade police department releasing recordings of 911 calls from the surfside collapse revealing panic and confusion moments after the building crumbled to the ground. 97 people died and eight are unaccounted for at this time. phil keating is in surfside with the very latest. hi, phil. >> hi, sandra. three blocks up the three, three weeks ago today in the middle of the night, half of the condo tower known as champlain towers same came to the ground. that's when survivors in the
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other half couldn't figure out what's going on. they thought it was an earthquake or an explosion. they called 911. >> holy [bleep]. we have to get out. hurry up. there's a lot of smoke going on. i can't see a [bleep] thing right now. >> where are we going? >> what are you see something. >> i can't see nothing but smoke. >> those people in half of the unit that was still standing were panicking and trying to escape through piles of rubble, flattened cars and screams for help.
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>> tragically, she was absolutely right. search teams have now recovered 97 bodies. the latest found yesterday. potentially eight more people still remain to be found. most of the rubble though after three weeks has now been removed. the pile on the left is the half of the building that was imploded july fourth. on the middle that is what was left of the pool deck area and part of the building that collapsed june 24. two days ago, teams found this american flag underneath the rubble. still intact. the final number of victims here from this disaster is starting to look like it's going to end up being more like around 100 give or take a few. originally it was feared it
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would be at least 150 if not more dead people that is down. the county mayor says some of those reported missing may have already been recovered bodies. they just have yet to be identified. sandra? >> it's just tragic. phil keating, live in surf side. thanks. john? >> terrifying. violence in chicago continuing to spike as police say at least ten people were shot yesterday in two separate incidents across the city. also in chicago, a vietnam veteran fls -- was killed in a robbery in a parking lot. he was shot in his car and then punched in the head. in new york city, a video of a slashing in the bronx on monday. two men slashed the victim during an argument about money. the suspect still on the run. >> sandra: wow. as areas with the west deal with
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drought, flagstaff saw severe flooding on wednesday. >> oh, my god! >> remarkable footage showing a raging river there of mud and water. neighbors say they had been planning for floods after the soil was left vulnerable from flooding. tropical storm felicia is a category one hurricane and is expected to intensify. >> john: we'll keep watching that one. drug overdose deaths soar in the united states. critics are putting the blame on the crisis at the southern border. we'll talk with bill bennett just ahead. >> sandra: looking forward to that. the irs is sends more than $15 billion for families with child
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> john: millions of americans getting child tax credits. how will we pay for it? first, we want to go live to the white house where the surgeon general just completed a briefing. jen psaki taking back over the briefing. the surgeon general issuing a surgeon general's advisory on health misinformation saying while it often appears innocuous on social media apps and retail sites, the truth is that misinformation takes away our
10:19 am
freedom to make informed decisions about our health and the health of our loved ones. during the covid-19 pandemic, health misinformation has led people to wear masks in high risk settings and choose not to get vaccinated. the surgeon general issuing an advisory on the dangers of health misinformation when it comes to coronavirus. not sure how that will clean up what we see all over the internet and other sources. but he wants americans to know that there's a lot of misinformation out there. make sure you get your information about coronavirus vaccines and treatments and other things from reliable sources. >> sandra: what they're trying to do is tackle the problem that we did see the sharp drop off in those going out to get their vaccinations. you go back to that july 4th deadline where the president was trying to get 70% of the population vaccinated. he missed that and saw a sharp decline in the vaccinations.
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so this is part of the solution to the problem of getting more americans vaccinated. we'll keep our eye on that. millions of american families are waking up to more money in their bank accounts today. the irs sent out child tax credits, but with inflation sky high and the national debt growing, can we afford this? brian is here, austan goolsbee also a economic professor at the university of chicago. welcome to you. austan, i wanted to start with you first. we have had this discussion before. you support these child tax credits going out. part of your job as an economist is to way risk versus reward. your obviously saying that this is the appropriate thing to do. when you look at the risks of this or perhaps the unintended consequences of these checks going out and potentially an
10:21 am
extension of this, president biden mentioned that in his speech, what do you worry about? >> i like that you highlighted it. this program is a one-year program that was part of the temporary relief package like disaster relief. if you make that permanent, i think that they should pay for it in their proposal the way that they proposed to pay for it, is return the tax rates on high income people back to something what they were before trump cut them. so i think for temporary relief, i don't view there to be much down side for extensions. they should pay for it. >> sandra: what the critics do say, brian and you're one of them, you're worried about the level of government dependency. how long can this possibly last? first, here's president biden in his own words. he just gave a big speech on this and say you're going to wake up and see the check in your bank accounts today to
10:22 am
millions of families. listen. >> i believe this is a historic day.historic day in the sense that we continue to build an economy that respects and recognizes the dignity of working class families and middle class families. it's historic and it's our effort to make another giant step toward ending child poverty in america. i think this will be one of the things the vice president and i will be most proud of when our terms are up. >> sandra: that gets us in the heart. right, brian? we want to help those no poverty, especially children. it will affect 35 million families with 60 million kids. there's a big price tag. that is $15 billion, brian. >> sandra: >> yeah, look, let's be clear, this is not meant to be a one-year program. the president said as much. he expects this to go on
10:23 am
forever, which is it's the second biggest increase in the entitlement state we've seen. the ten-year cost is more than $1.5 trillion. so let's just be honest about what we're talking about here. yes, american families will wake up with some cash in their pockets this morning. they're also going to wake up with a debt bill that is now accelerating and what is the point of putting cash in people's pockets and then turn around and raise taxes on businesses? raise taxes on small businesses that want to pass on their assets? raise the inflation rate, sandra? the progressive government gives with one hand and it takes back much more with the other. that doesn't help working families. let's be honest about what this is. >> sandra: austan, final thought. why not work requirements? why out in put these families in poverty, why not put out an incentive for getting in a job
10:24 am
with over nine million oppositions or getting them into better paying jobs? >> what you saw in the pandemic, when the jobs dried up to have a work requirement would cut off the relief at the moment they needed it. one of the problems of going back to work, you could not afford child care, this allows you to pay for child care so you can go back to work. you have to be careful that when you go into a recession, you don't accentuate the problems. >> sandra: real quick, brian. 10 seconds. >> yeah. you want to talk about accentuating problems? people not going back to work because they're getting cash payments every couple months. that's what this is. incentivize work. don't discourage it. it's not that hard. >> sandra: 13% of respondents of asked why they haven't got back to work, they're receiving the
10:25 am
unemployment checks. great to have you. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: sandra, the world health organization fixing what they said were unintended errors on the reports of the origins of covid. does it point to signs of a cover-up? >> sandra: plus, a fox exclusive. house oversight republicans calling for an investigation into biden family business ventures after allegations that hunter biden and others are trying to make money off of this presidency. miranda divine on this. >> the american people are smart enough to know that if this were any republican, this would be a massive political scandal of one we have never seen.
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voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> john: what legal and political implications could president biden and his family face if house members find ed of ethical violations? miranda divine weighs in. first, mississippi health officials warning about a delta
10:30 am
surge of the coronavirus in children. the variant putting seven kids in the icu in that state, two are on ventlators. ages rage from 1 to 17 years old. no word on if they have any underlying health conditions. sandra? >> sandra: the world health organization making a big change to fix what they call unintended errors on the origins of covid. it comes among a concern of a cover-up by china. benjamin hall is live with more. >> hi, sandra. this is the original report that the who put together and compiled with the help of china. they admitted that they had key errors in it. among them, the first family cluster that identified in wuhan was closely connected to the human wet market and members of the family were visiting it. that is not true. that first family, a different people altogether, they live in a different district and the
10:31 am
data just got mixed up. earlier, this raised serious questions about the accuracy of their report and poured cold water over the theory that it originated in that market. another admission from the who. >> there was a push to reduce one of the options like the lab, the workers in the lab and lab accidents happen. it's common. >> so an admission there that the lab leak theory had been overlooked despite the circumstantial ed. for example, the fact that three workers from the institute of virology were hospitalized with covid-like symptoms. the who admitting that there were glaring errors in their report and admitting that china hat not released all the data they needed and they had not looked into the lab leak theory
10:32 am
and they would continue to do so. with all of those questions, it asks what can you believe. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, benjamin hall. john? >> john: a stunning admission there. in letters obtained by fox news, several hours republicans pushing for a probe into the biden's families numerous business ventures with a special focus on hunter biden's budding art career. this nor greater calls of transparency on how president biden's family may be benefitting off of the president. the house oversight committee, republicans sending a letter to the white house council's office asking for an exhaustive list of documents and said that reports of family members attempting to profit from the proximity to the white house have been disturbing and recurring. miranda, some of the documents that the house republicans are looking for include documents and communications regarding two trips that hunter biden made
10:33 am
with his to china in 2013, one to mexico in 2016. they both flew on air force two. the second trip, hunter biden brought his business associate. because the republicans are in the minority, they don't have the power to call hearings. so what do you imagine might come of this, if anything? >> look, i think it's good that the republicans are actually moving on this. because the american public is really up in arms about more and more evidence that we're bringing out at the "new york post" about clear complicity of joe biden for a long time with his family, both his son and his brothers influence pedalling overseas on the back of his work as vice president and beyond. so they need to do something. obviously they won't have subpoena power. they're in the minority. even when they were in the majority in the senate, when
10:34 am
chuck grassley and ron johnson did a masterful job investigating the tip of the iceberg with hunter biden and corruption situations in the ukraine and even in china, they were obstructed then by the democrats and there was a go slow from various government departments when they were trying to procure documents. so i don't see them getting very far. but it's good for them to wrap their heads around this before 2022 when presumably the republicans are in good shape to take back the house in the mid-terms. then they will have the power, then they will have the ability to put people on the spot, subpoena documents and look into something that is really seriously a problem because it is everything that everyone has suspected but hasn't been able to prove and what is wrong with washington, the swamp, ethical problems. you know, also other issues.
10:35 am
foreign agents registration, money laundering, tax evasion. all of these allegations that hunter biden is being investigated for and also his uncle jim biden. >> and frank is in there as well. according to this letter. one of the things the house republicans want to know more about as we pointed out is the upcoming sale of hunter biden's artwork and the 12 members writing the price for these paintings by someone with no history of an artistmer -- merits a connection to the white house. walter schwab the buyers are being held blinded saying it's disappointing. what do you say? >> of course it is. it's just -- you know, shows the shamelessness and the complete lack of understanding of how bat this looks and how unethical it
10:36 am
looks and how it is -- seems to be so easy to buy influence in the white house. unfortunately i think the biden family has gotten away with it for so long and they have not been held to account. most of the media, left-leaning media that is friendly to them gives them a free pass on everything. we put up so much evidence just in the last nine months since we first broke the hunter biden laptop story including evidence that joe biden was benefitting from hunter biden and hunter biden was paying bills for him. the circumstantial case has been made and it's now really up to republicans to be able to get the documents. we already had the johnson report that managed to get treasury documents, suspicious activity records to show that millions of dollars was going to bank accounts associated with
10:37 am
the bidens. there needs to be more of that. >> john: we'll keep watching this and see what effect november 22 has on this. miranda divine, good to have you on today. thanks. >> sandra: john, have you seen this? florida governor ron desantis poking fun at dr. anthony fauci. the teacher's union says millions will die. charlie hurt weighs in. some critics say the issue behind the crisis is what is happening at the southern border. dr. bill bennett is here. >> i want to warn families. we've entered a new paradigm of this crisis and it's no longer an opiate crisis. this is a fentanyl poisoning crisis. ime highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. subway®... has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new deli-style oven-roasted turkey. and new hickory-smoked bacon. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. there's so much new we don't even have time for this guy! but i'm tom brady! oh, and there's smashed avocado too! >> sandra: deaths from drug overdoses jumping 30% in the year 2020. that is according to a startling
10:42 am
u.s. government report. it's another example of how the fall-out from the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on americans at home. a mother that lost her daughter shared her story earlier today. >> my daughter wasn't addicted to prescription pills. that's my point. this is affecting people outside of that community. people that are first-time users, casual users and those self-medicating. the first thing that we need to do is address the main supply source, which is china. they have formed a criminal partnership with mexico's drug cartels. >> sandra: bill bennett is here, a former secretary of education and a fox news contributor and the first drug czar that this country saw. bill, great to see you. why is there not more emphasis on this? this is tragic what happened in
10:43 am
2020. >> well, there's a lot of news, as you know. this is big time. we can choose better. look, 19,000 handgun deaths last year in the united states. 93,000 deaths from opioids. washington, you'd think the handgun issue is bigger. it's important by 93,000 is bigger than 19,000. the 93,000, too, crosses all social classes, all neighborhoods. that lady is exactly right, sandra. she's got it right. china, mexico. drug trafficking is the most murderous criminal activity in the history of the united states. let me repeat that. drug trafficking is the most murderous criminal activity in the history of the united states. a lot of this is first-time users. not life-long addicts. somebody that decides to experiment with meth or cocaine or even a pill that is sold on the street.
10:44 am
not through a prescription and laced with fentanyl and they died. >> sandra: i'm everyone has a relative or friend that they have their own story. when you put the number up that you referenced, 93,331. bill, every single one of those lives count. that is a brother that is a sister. that is a son a daughter. when you look at the amount of fentanyl seized at the u.s. certain border, you look at that on the screen and you look how that is more than doubled over just a two-year period, almost reaching 5,000 pounds in 2020. we're halfway through 2021. that number is surging. what do we do about it? >> well, the question is sovereignty. the poison coming across. we talked about the get-aways. how act the drugs that get away?
10:45 am
you're very good at showing these huge caches of drugs that are caught. but there's a lot we don't see and it's making its way in the country. what do we do? pressure on china. that's where fentanyl is made and mexico. couple of things we need to talk about with mexico. one thing, we need on our own, we don't need mexico's help to designate these cartels as foreign terrorist organizations like al-quaida. they kill more people than al-quaida. we can act in that country, we don't have to wait for them to cross the border. governor abbott has urged the president to do this. others need to. this is really unbelievable the numbers that we're seeing. again, we have to underscore that we've never seen anything like this. of the 93,000 deaths, sandra, 70,000 we think are due to fentanyl. that's one powerful drug.
10:46 am
>> sandra: so important to put emphasis on this. so important. and leave us off with a message to families that have identified a problem in their family, they're not sure. someone who has spoken to so many of these families that have lost loved ones to these drugs. what do you tell them? >> well, there is a problem. get help. it's very important. for many young people, you know, it's a first-time thing and a one-time thing, this is what is so dangerous. we need to warn young people don't take anything that you're not given by a responsible authority. don't buy anything on the street. teenagers like to be experimental. don't be experimental in this world. >> sandra: so scary. bill bennett, great to have you here. thank you. >> thanks. >> john: cancel culture going after statues of american heros that are in storage. the left is not stopping there.
10:47 am
>> sandra: and britney spears lashing out at her father in stunning testimony. now she has a powerful new lawyer on her side in the fight to end her conservatorship. she did cart wheels celebrating it. details from that hearing and what is next. >> her testimony was clear, it was lucid, it was powerful and it was compelling. with a revol, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken?
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>> at the white house, the surgeon general warning about covid-19 misinformation. david spunt with more. what did the doctor have to say? >> he wants to take an aggressive approach to be aggressive with what they're calling misinformation. they say there's a lot of misinformation. they want a.m. people to get vaccinated as possible. back in december, when these vaccines were first approved in early january, people were waiting in long lines, signing up for appointments. took hours to get vaccines. that has fallen off. the numbers are not nearly where the white house and the president and his administration want them to be. dr. murphy issued a surgeon general's advisory, used in the
10:52 am
most serious times of a surgeon general's tenure. >> today we live in a world where misinformation poses a threat to our nation's health. health misinformation is false information. while it's innocuous, the true is that misinformation takes away our freedom to make informed decisions about the health and the health of our loved ones. >> john, i want to read interesting statistics. the surgeon general's office looked through data across the country. late may, 67% of unvaccinated adults had heard of one covid-19 myth. they're saying according to the surgeon general's office that
10:53 am
false new stories talking about misinformation with the vaccine were 70% likely to be shared than true stories. brief exposure to misinformation made people less likely to want one of the convenience. this comes a day after president biden hosted 18-year-old disney star singer olivia rodrigo here at the white house. the reason is to get the millennial attention to get gen z on board. they are seeing the numbers especially in some of the southern states continue to fall a little bit. john? >> john: right. getting the vaccine is a very personal decision. i and many other people i know and everybody in our family eligible to get it did get the vaccine. but in terms of misinformation and what the surgeon general said would be an aggressive push to push back on it. do you have any idea what they plan to do? >> i think it's more just ad campaigns.
10:54 am
ad campaigns. like what we saw yesterday with olivia rodrigo. she shot social media videos with dr. fauci and. biden. she has 20,000 followers. people said she's probably a wonderful person but the reason she came to the white house to meet the president in the oval office is because she has go 8 million followers. it's getting out there, doing the social media postings, commercials, ads, internet, twitter. all of those things to get the information out there. clearly this white house is taking a more aggressive approach when it comes to getting these folks vaccinated. >> john: we'll see where this goes. david spunt at the white house. thanks. the white house is getting some criticism about this idea of sending people out door knocking. last night there was talk about who are these people and do they represent healthcare providers or clergy or do they represent
10:55 am
political interest groups. >> sandra: fair enough. when it comes to the idea of misinformation, misinformation on the internet and elsewhere is a big problem when it comes to medical misinformation. that seems to be what the white house is trying to tackle. vaccinations are so important to get. the real message needs to get out there on who is safe for you to get the vaccine, what members of your family and so on. so we'll see what they're able to do on that. all right, john. are texas democrats trying to have it both ways after fleeing the state to block republicans for moving on a voting law? and florida senator marco rubio issuing a dire warning to the biden administration on cuba. calling on the white house hand the state department to take action. why rubio's concerned about a horrific bloodbath in cuba. he will join us live. that story and more coming up in
10:56 am
a brand new hour. we'll be right back. there's an old saying in the navy, that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. and if you've made the deployments, and you've been the wife at home, or you've been the spouse at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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>> sandra: here we go. a brand new hour with senator marco rubio off the bat. who better to react as black lives matter praises the brutal cuban dictatorship his own parents escaped. senator rubio is with us live. you can be sure the senator has a lot to say about that in just a moment. >> john: we'll get to him in just a minute. but first, a firestorm in florida over keeping drinks cool. the teacher's union boss taking on governor ron desantis over beer coosies she claims will kill millions. >> sandra: we reported on the fear that some sunscreens could contain chemicals that cause cancer, a few big name brands makes it official. time to toss some of their son block in the trash. call your friends.
11:01 am
good afternoon. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: hi, i have some of those sunscreens. i have to ditch them. i'm in john roberts in washington. a lot to get to. new at 2:00. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. growing backlash as the blm movement goes after the activists and shows support for the cuban government. >> john: police cracking down on protesters after days of demonstrations. >> sandra: blm praises cuba for helping black revolutionarevolu especially joanne chessamard who is living in cuba. >> john: we're seeing the same finger points at our country from the u.n. that looks to investigate the u.s. and racism. the biden white house says they
11:02 am
would welcome such a probe leaving republicans asking why our country is under the microscope without one word on the religious bigotry in china where the uighurs are being locked up and torchered. >> sandra: marco rubio joins us now. first, i want your reaction to biden inviting the u.n. to examine the u.s.'s report on racism. is this a good idea? >> it's stupid. but why isn't he convening the u.n. to talk about this sunday, a regime 90 miles from our show is killing people because they demanded liberty. if you invite the u.n. to tell us how racist we are, they should look at the situation in cuba, borderline epic catastrophe spiralling out of control. why aren't they focussed on that? honestly, you wake up, you read these things, it's like this
11:03 am
can't be rule. it's something from the onion or one of these satire websites. i don't know how to describe it. i'm out of words. >> john: the secretary of state said responsible starts must not shrink from scrutiny. they must improve. here's what the press secretary said when questioned by peter doocy. >> as the secretary state in his statement, he believes responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record. they should acknowledge it with the intent to improve it and lift up and shine a light on other countries that need to do better. that's the role we're playing from the united states. >> john: the basic premise is here, if you want the moral high ground, you need to show transparency. what nation on the planet has been more transparent than the united states when it comes to our history and what goes on here on that daily basis? >> i have a record second to none on human rights in the
11:04 am
united states senate. we have great partners across the aisle and on our side but nobody has done more on human rights from the uighur bill, which is my bill on nation after nation. you look at human rights, i'm the loudest voice on it. okay? let me tell you, everybody, i ashoe you of this. there's like 199 other countries to worry about human rights before we get to america. in america we have transparency. we have a press that covers whatever they want and sometimes they lie, sometimes they cover. you do something wrong in america, it's all over the place. we have a system of courts. people go to jail here because they do things that are not right. so before you get to the human rights record of the u.s., there's like 199 other places to deal with first. >> sandra: very powerful response. i want your response to blm, weighing in on the chaos in cuba. obviously a story near and dear to your heart. black lives matter condemns -- this is their statement -- the
11:05 am
u.s. federal government's inhumane treatment of cubans and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo. senator, is it the u.s.'s fault more what is happening in cuba? the last time i saw, they were waving the american flag chanting freedom. >> the only reason why i address black lives matter, that is an organization out there, they have shaken down multiple u.s. corporations to the tune of millions of dollars that they use for their leader, a trained marxist to go out and spend money on a spa resort and bought herself a millionty million dollar home. they're ponzi scheme. they're a fraud. i care about them because they shake down corporations. in the case of the embargo, the only embargo on cuban is the one that they imposed on their own people. do you know who the number 1 food exporter to cuba is?
11:06 am
the united states. we send medicine over there. the cuban government will not allow a cuban to open a business. you can't have a hardware store. fishermen can't sell their fish. they have an embargo against their own people. if they allow their people to open businesses, there's nothing in the law that prohibits us to do business with independent people. you can't do business with a military owned company that controls the revenue and uses it to repress people. >> john: the black lives matters rationale for saying what they did is this.
11:07 am
>> john: fidel castro was notorious for propping up pro communist regimes. so who is on the right side of history here? >> first of all, they're posers, they're fake. they steal money -- i hope the audience see whose they are. she's murder a trooper that else to you everything you need to know. another point here about those of african dissent. i don't know if people know this. if you watch the videos, it's obvious. cuba has a lot of african americans, a lot of them were in the streets getting their heads cracked up by that regime. they need to watch the videos and stop talking nonsense and stupidity. >> sandra: senator rubio, we're awaiting angela merkel.
11:08 am
when we catch a glimpse of her arriving, we'll show that to our audience. the white house via the press secretary was just asked about the ongoing situation in cuba. i believe this is jen psaki answering questions from our own peter doocy just a short time ago. listen. >> communism is a failed ideology. we certainly believe that. it's failed the people of cuba. they deserve freedom, they deserve a government that supports them. instead, this is a government, an authoritarian communist regime that has repressed its people and failed the people of cuba. hence we're seeing that in the streets. >> sandra: the white house should call this what it is. demanding that of bernie sanders and some in the squad as well to call out socialism, to call out communism. you heard her say communism is a failed ideology. do you believe the white house is responding adequately to this? >> i agree with jen psaki. i can't believe i'm saying that. i wish they said that sunday
11:09 am
night instead of today. we're making progress. they finally said it. it's okay to condemn marxism. as i'm hearing the people driving cuba policy in this administration are telling president biden that the response that we should have to what happened is that we should once again list trump era restrictions that did not allow the cuban military to control the money that cuban americans send their relatives. you signed money, they take 10 or 15% off the time and it goes in their pockets to repress people. some people in the administration are telling the president, our response should be is allow them to do that again. i hope -- >> sandra: what would the result of that be? >> it would be a big win. the regime would say this cracking of the heads we did sunday really worked. all we have to do is make stuff bad for the people on the ground and the administration will scramble to try to meet one of our demands in order to address it. what would mean is mean this.
11:10 am
you send a dollar, the regime takes 10 cents of that dollar. they don't give you the 90 cents in dollars. they give it to you in worthless cuban currency. all the stuff that they sell in that country of any worth is all sold in government stores for dollars. so that is another way to get the dollars out of your hands. listen, allow banks to go in there, allow financial tech company to go in there, we can send all the money you want to your relatives. you can't send it through the company owned by the military, the regime of cuba. you can't send it to the people that are killing people in the streets in cuba. that's all. if you change that, that is their response to what happened sunday. it's a slap in the face. an insult to brave people that took to the streets and were met with bullets, beating and jail. >> john: you and i spent a lot of time together on the campaign trail. you told the story about your parents and how they arrived on the shores of the united states
11:11 am
and how they were -- they managed to have their family live the american dream. your father was a bartender, your mother was a housekeeper. you have become a u.s. senator. do you believe that if the biden administration were to put adequate pressure on the cuban regime now that what we're seeing on the streets of cuba and so many different cities could be leveraged into a moment? >> yes. it's a process. it's not one day to the next. i'm not telling you this is the piece to jumping on the plane in the middle of the night. the process has started. what people don't get, this movement you saw in the street, nobody organized it. i started because people are fed up and they took to the streets? one still. got on social media. before you know it, it was in over 50 cities that created a rupture is that is irreversible.
11:12 am
the question is whose side are we on and who are we going to help? which is why monday i asked the president to make internet access in cuba a priority. yesterday as a follow up, i detailed -- we spoke to the companies that did it. they did it in puerto rico. there's a way to use federal facilities in key west and guantanamo bay on the island to provide using the helium balloons the ability to get unfetterred internet access to the people on the ground so they can communication with the world and talk to themselves and take action and begin to build a new country. >> sandra: senator, highlights what is on our screen. angela merkel, the german chancellor is arriving at the white house right now where she will have a bilateral meeting with president biden. we're told on the agenda is climate change, the covid pandemic and obviously a range of foreign policy issues. as we see merkel arrive at the white house, senator, what would you suggest should be the top
11:13 am
priority for their conversation? >> that nord stream pipeline that she wants so badly and helps russia so much. i spent four years being told anybody is good for russia is because they have compromising information on somebody. why do they want it so badly? it's terrible for our region. why are we doing anything to help vladimir putin? >> this is likely her last visit to the white house. she's expected to step down with elections coming up this fall after being there for 16 years. she's gone through three full presidencies and the beginning of a fourth. senator rubio, great to talk with you. thanks for hanging with us. >> sandra: we appreciate the time. >> thank you, guys. >> john: even though we're 13 1/2 minutes in, we're just getting started this hour. a new twist involving the texas democrats that high tailed it out of the state. now republicans say democrats are the ones that are
11:14 am
suppressing votes. sean duffy and marie harpf on deck. >> and why is chicago stopping officers from responding to some 911 emergency phone calls? veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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11:20 am
air fares, hotels. it's all up. so is food. costs will rise 9% for conagra. that's everything from cooking oil to transportation. butter, cooking spray. pepsico will keep hiking prices. that talked about a 5% hike. fastenal sell products to construction companies. they're paying more for steel and their workers because workers are hard to find. so employee related expenses rose 12% and they raised prices. so federal reserve chair jay powell doubling down that this is all temporary, it will pass. if it does not, the fed will respond appropriately. j.p. morgan chase's jamie dimon says they're stockpiling
11:21 am
hundreds of billions should inflation run too hot. this is what the government says. prices paid by businesses to stock their shelves up 7.3% from a year ago. that is a record surge. the prices you and i pay at the cash register, 5.4%. so it's the little guy getting squeezed. 47% of small businesses already say that they passed on the higher prices to their customers. >> sandra: that's what happens. if you are someone who is in denial about inflation, the white house, lately they have acknowledged it a little more than the past or the federal reserve, you can't deny the fact that oil and gas prices has been steadily going up. what happens is not only does that cost you more when you fill up your own gas tank but all the trucks transporting the goods that get placed on the shelves, it cost them more. they pass it down. can they deny inflation is a
11:22 am
problem much longer? >> no. powell's testimony today, he used "unique".he described this time in history as unique. that's the way the white house and government says. we realize this might be a bigger deal than we first thought. let's say they're right. let's say this is temporary. do you know any company that raises prices and lowers company? you don't lower prices once you raise them. >> martha: or shrunk the packaging. >> yeah. once you got someone to pay a set amount, that's what the price is. it goes up there for the most part. >> sandra: a great point. >> we'll see. the fuel tax that is a tax hike on every person and every company. fuel makes the economy goes around. if you want green everything, it's still fuel. >> sandra: thanks, lauren simonetti. john? >> john: it appears texas democrats are trying to have it both ways. they're fleeing the state in an attempt to block the republican voting bill. at the same time, they want to
11:23 am
end the filibuster so their party can ram their agenda through congress. greg abbott saying voters won't forget this. >> they have a job to do. let me tell you something, texas voters will be extremely angry at the texas house members for not doing their job. >> john: john and marie are here. you have texas democrats exploit ago loop in the holes to prevent rules from being passed. they fly to d.c. to encourage people to blow up the rules so the rule can be passed. the circumstance is rich with irony. >> they're not the same thing. i think that both actions are part of a larger push in this country to make our democracy and our institutions more representative. the fact that the texas legislature is trying to ram through a voting law that would make it harder in many cases, in many places to vote especially in minority communities, that's
11:24 am
why we need the congress to pass a new voting rights act. when the senate is controlled because of the filibuster by a minority of senators, it's no longer a democracy when it's not the majority that in longer rules. so i think they're both pieces of the same puzzle, john. they're both trying to make hour democracy more representative of the actual voters. >> john: senate rules are senate rules. kamala harris praised the texas democrats for taking what she called bold courageous action likening them to frederic douglas and civil rights icon. when she said that, i couldn't see frederic douglas running from a fight even if he had a private jet and a case of miller lite. >> exactly. he wouldn't claim that something is jim crow before jim crow happened. to marie's point, it's interesting that she talks about democracy. there's a democracy in texas. republicans have the legislature. they voted for new guidelines
11:25 am
and parameters around voting. democrats say they didn't have a say. republicans didn't negotiate with them. you go to washington d.c. h.r. 1 passed in the house. democrats didn't negotiate for h.r. 1. not one republican voted for h.r. 1. then they say we want to get rid of minority rights in the senate to pass this bill. the ironic and hypocrisy is so big in this. let's be clear. most americans want voter i.d. we want fair elections and as many people as possible to vote. but we want to get rid of fraud and crime in elections. democrats are trying to set up a system where they can cheat to win instead of saying let's have -- >> no, they're not, sean. >> marie, 100%. why don't you want voter i.d.? why not clear the roll?
11:26 am
>> john: go ahead, marie. >> it's not democracy when you get elected to the a position and use it to take voting rights away from people. that's other that can democracy. these are being passed by republican legislatures because they lost in 2020 and they're doing things that harm minority communities that vote for democrats. it's plain to see what's going on here. >> john: respond to that, john. >> minority is a supporter voter i.d. they support rules in places like texas and georgia. texas has more early voting days than delaware where joe biden is from. more days and more hours than new york. so to say this is racist and affecting minority communities in texas but not delaware? this is just a talking pint. we don't want rules and restrictions to make sure votes are legally cast.
11:27 am
>> john: so president biden labelled the voting bills being passed in texas and georgia and florida and arizona and other places as the biggest threat to u.s. democracy since the civil war. was that just a bit of hyperbole? >> look, i think that combined with the rhetoric we have seen from donald trump in his supporters about how this election was rigged, this is all a piece of the same puzzle, john. they're all creating the biggest threat to our democracy. i agree, since the civil war. they make it seem like joe biden wasn't really elected. he wasn't elected legitimately and doing things -- >> john: democrats made that same case after the 2016 election. >> no democrat stormed the capitol. this is different and you know it. >> john: they didn't but they did say president trump was not legitimate le elect shun.
11:28 am
>> tucker carlson had a great piece about what happened in georgia. we should have a full debriefing on what happened in 2020. make sure everybody feels comfortable with it. >> democrats -- >> if you don't think -- the virus didn't come from the wuhan lab either. theories all over the place. >> john: we have to wrap this discussion. good to see you both. sandra? >> sandra: who you going to call? mental health professionals, not police, will soon responding to some 911 calls in the city of chicago. it's part of two pilot programs launching this fall. in one of the programs, they're dispatched with paramedics with calls related to behavioral health and responding to substance abuse, this comes after a surge in crime and record number of police retirements. john, not sure this is going to solve the problem. they're trying it.
11:29 am
myself and everybody i know, when you call 911, you hope police is on the other side. >> john: i hope for the sake of those workers that they will have police backup as well. going into those calls can be the most dangerous calls that police respond to. >> sandra: right. >> john: sandra, the head of the most powerful teacher's union claims millions will die and pinning the blame on ron desantis because his campaign is having fun with dr. fauci. charlie hurt here to respond next.
11:30 am
11:31 am
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voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> sandra: florida's governor new merchandise is sparking outrage from the left. randi weingarten slamming the new clothing line for spreading misinformation. it features dr. fauci. weingarten tweeted "disgusting.
11:35 am
millions will die for ron desantis' ignorance. he will profit it from. he doesn't care about floridians." charlie hurt is here to time in. she's not taking the joke well. >> that's it. it's a joke. floridians are proud of they're open, we're dealing with sunshine -- >> sandra: and make t-shirts that say it. >> and drink coosies. the destructive part is, it feeds into this notion that like dr. fauci, at a time -- first of all, we need humor right now. we need lots of open debate. it's almost like you're not even allowed to make a joke about anthony fauci. not only are you not allowed to question anything that he says, the idea that you want masks on 3-year-olds, you're not allowed to make a joke. it's destructive. >> sandra: he's the governor of
11:36 am
florida. there's a problem with getting people vaccinated that are hesitant to get vaccinated. we saw the president biden was not able to meet his july fourth deadline. is it fair to say this doesn't help? >> i would argue that the more open, the more wide open -- you know, i think that everybody that has wanted to get the vaccine has gotten it by now. >> sandra: and has access to it. >> yeah. and this has to do with serious questions that people have. it's this idea that we're not allowed to say things, we're not allowed to ask questions that is undermining that effort to get the last people vaccinated. all of this talk, whether it's the administration or all of this stuff that condemns people for asking questions or condemns people for making drink coosies with a joke on it undermines the effort to get that last 40%
11:37 am
vaccinated. >> sandra: joy reed haas decided to speak out some of the left wing media is taking big issue with this. she says show me an ignore raleigh ghoul calling out desantis. howard dean says desantis has no allegiance to our country and the truth. he was give ron desantis a chance to respond himself. he responded to weingarten's claims that he's killing millions. listen. he said it. i have the question. "randi weingarten's ridiculous claim that selling a coosy is ridiculous. the only explanation is that the
11:38 am
governor says schools can be reopened safely a year ago. that is after his press secretary decided to point out how well his state has done saying florida's covid death rate is lower than the national average. unlike the governor of new york, we don't fudge the numbers. she ruined the education of million of kids by keeping them out of school more than a year based on conspiracy theory. >> again, she said millions of people will die. she was not joking when she said that. at the very least, it's anti-science. it's anti-mask, it's anti-funny. if you lecture people on not making jokes at a time like this, you can't do that by making up ridiculous hyperbole and accusing the governor of florida of being a mass murder or intended mass murder because he embraces policies that have proven to work pretty well. >> sandra: fair enough point. we're waiting on angela merkel,
11:39 am
a meeting with president biden. the pandemic is one of the topics on the agenda and foreign policy news as we. you go to randi weingarten. you think if press secretary for desantis has a point. look what he achieved in that state. the death rate lower than the national average. fudging a numbers is taking a shot at the new york governor for his handling of the covid crisis. talking about the teacher's unions and their decisions to not put kids in classrooms knowing there was a safe way to do that. >> obviously i tend to embrace the things that desantis has done to open up the schools. but let's not forget, he tried everything. he tried other things. he's admitted that he made mistakes when he did try to close things down. and i believe this from the very beginning. i've always thought that voters
11:40 am
would be willing to forgive politicians that make mistakes in a crisis like this. you have to be honest about it and admit mistakes and willing to change course when you discovered that this unprecedented thing included mistakes. i think desantis has done a good job of earning the respect of his people by doing that. makes it worse when you have the white house or randi weingarten making ridiculous claims -- you're not -- >> sandra: coosies are no joke. >> no funny coosies. we won't have that. >> sandra: great to have you in studio. john? >> john: a few moments ago, president biden meeting with angela merkel for what will be likely her last visit to the united states as chancellor of germany. the president did not take any questions after what is called a pool spray. the chancellor spoke at length in german. we're going to play out the part with president biden and come
11:41 am
back. >> a great pleasure to welcome chancellor merkel back into the white house where she's been in the oval office many times. she's been a great friend. i consider her a personal friend as well as a great friend of the united states. we saw each other at the g-7 and then we saw each other again at the nato meeting. and today we're talking about further advancement, strong u.s. german relationships, which is strong and getting stronger. we have a full agenda ahead of us. we'll be meeting alone for a while and then bring in some of our key staff. one of the things that i want to talk about is the enduring friendship the chancellor has
11:42 am
been so responsible for nailing down and making sure it continues. we're ready to dive in, the cooperation between the united states and germany has been strong. we hope to continue that. i'm confident we will. [speaking german]. [speaking german]. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for the invitation.
11:43 am
i'm delighted to be here. we met at the g-7 and the nato meeting and now we have an opportunity to talk more about our bilateral relationship, the relationship between germany and america. obviously always in the context of european matters. we can also talk about is -- and address matters that relate to neighbors, geo political issues. i'd like to say here how much i value the friendship with the united states of america. i'm more than aware of the contribution of america to a free and fair democratic germany. so i'm very much looking forward to a deepening of our relations yet again through our talks today and we can elaborate more on that as we go on. >> thank you. thank you all. >> we'll have plenty of time 0
11:44 am
answer questions. >> john: they do a two on two press conference in the 4:00 hour after the bilateral meeting in the oval office. nord stream pipeline was senator rubio's top taken that one off the table. >> sandra: they're cooperation has remained strong. we'll continue to see what comes from the meeting, john. >> john: the 4:00 hour and the cavuto show we should have that press conference. troubling numbers about drug overdoses in the united states. it's bad. drug overdoses increased 29% from the prior year. the opioid pandemic was made worse by the rise of fentanyl on the streets. here's a mother with a warning. >> now we have regular everyday
11:45 am
kids that don't have an addiction problem that are dying and they have not been warned. so my biggest thing that i want to stress today is that every parent out there needs to talk to their young teens and young adults especially college and high school students so that they're aware of this new danger to their children. >> john: dr. marc siegel is here with us from nyu langone and a fox news contributor. so fentanyl is a big driving force and it's coming across the southern border in numbers we haven't seen before, doctor. >> absolutely, john. fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than morphine. you get it in your system and a lot of times it's laced with a different drug and suspresses your aspiration and bang. number 2, we don't have the ability to get the antidote to it, narcan, to people that are
11:46 am
clustered away. a psychiatrist and the head of the national institution of drug abuse said it's a disease of isolation. i agree with that. people that are despairing, without a job. people with anxiety. one person, they're in contact with is a drug dealer unfortunately. then we don't have the treatment, we don't have the rehab programs. again, we have all of the anxiety coupled to the problem be and that's why we're getting the overdoses like never before. >> john: by some statistics, 6,494 pounds of fentanyl has been seized across the southern border this year. we hear about tons of marijuana and kilos of cocaine. doesn't sound like a lot, a lethal dose is two milligrams. the amount of fentanyl coming across the border is enough to keep everyone in the united states four times over, doctor.
11:47 am
>> john, fox reported earlier, it was one pound of fentanyl. this year it's 40 pounds. you can see how the southern border is the problem and people are getting this more than they were getting it before. it is related to the border. >> john: i want to ask you about the sunscreen. johnson & johnson recalling aveeno sunscreens and nutrigana products because benzene was found in them. >> johnson & johnson has to go to a certain standard. the standard is up to five parts per million. benzene is a carcinogen. it can cause leukemia, prolonged exposure over many years. they have basically during the pandemic said you can't have more than two parts in your hand
11:48 am
sanitizers. so this is up to six points. this sounds the alarm and off the products go off the shelves. i'm not against that but skin cancer is over six million case as year. the number 1 cancer in the country. guess what people are doing now? they're so happy to get out of the restrictions and go to the beach and get outside but they're going to do it without sunscreen. where did benzene come from? it comes from a contaminant. it's not because the company is adding it. it's in the process of manufacturing. it can be prevented but they have to be careful to keep it out. it's a dangerous substance, no doubt but at this level, it would take so many years to be a problem. >> john: let's bring in sandra. we both have children. i've been using these products. we're wondering what we should do. >> sandra: yes. answer that question. this is circulating among all
11:49 am
the parent groups. so many people have these on their shelves and putting them on their kids. so people are still going to put sunscreen on their kids. now what do we buy? >> by the way, sandra, you're a great parent. >> sandra: john is too, by the way. >> john is too. for sure. listen, here's the deal with this. if you have been lathering your kid with this stuff, don't worry at all. the risks are zero. now i wouldn't use it. any time that recall a product, leigh it on the shelf until they figure it out. if you've been using this for five years, it's not a problem. it takes many years before it would be a problem. >> john: good information. thanks, doc. >> sandra has young kids. you don't have to worry. >> sandra: dr. siegel, good information. thank you. all right. shocking testimony meanwhile from britney spears. the star calling for her dad to face charges in her bid or the freedom. kat timpf is here next.
11:50 am
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>> john: new details emerging about sharon osborne and "the talk." aishah hasnie has more. her supporters are suggesting she was set up. >> this is raising questions about whether the producers create the moment. the talk show hosts were hashing out whether piers morgan was a racist for criticizing meghan markle. that's when osborne was ask why she was standing by morgan. the blowup caused her to quit the talk show and cbs launched an investigation. osborne said she was set up. weeks later underwood an a co host denied the allegations saying that osborne went off the
11:56 am
rails in disrespect. now we're hearing a hidden part of the story shows something different. you appear to health a hot mic consoling osborne telling her the whole thing was planned. listen. >> they asked me to ask that question. i said no, i'm not going to ask that question. they literally made her ask that question. i thought that she was setting it up in a -- i assumed you had a preconversation. >> no, no, no. >> so you were on the same page. >> no. >> it's terrible. i hope that once this blows over, once -- that you know, cheryl is your friend. she really is your friend. she doesn't think you're racist. i don't think you're racist. know one that knows you would say that. >> john, we reached out to osborne in a talk for a comment on the leaked audio. nothing yesterday. >> john: thanks, aishah.
11:57 am
sandra? >> sandra: britney spears is flipping out over a big win in her conservatorship battle. she's showing off her cart wheel skills on instagram after a judge ruled she can hire her own lawyer. experience makes a bomb shell announcement saying she wants to press judges after her father. kat timpf is here. you've been following this from the very beginning. she wants to press charges for her father for conservatorship abuse, kat. >> yeah that sounds like it is what it is. seems like her father decided maybe a decision on what she was, too sick to do or not too sick to do was really based on what made him money. she wasn't too sick to do these back-to-back tour after tour after tour. she is too sick apparently to go for a ride in her boyfriend's care. anybody that she was healthy enough to make money she wasn't sick enough for. that is abuse.
11:58 am
>> or drink coffee. bizarre allegations saying that she called the conservatorship f-ing cruelty. she was not able to drink coffee, saying if this is not abuse, i don't know what. she made other allegations saying that she was required to have an iud, not allowed to have anymore children. she's got two, 15 and 14, two sons. she said the main reason i'm here is to end the conservatorship without being evaluated. >> having to ability to hire her own lawyer will be a different ball game. going to court facing your father and then your fire hires your attorney or chooses your attorney, it's not just that it's not a fair fight, it's not like it's a fight at all. he is running the whole thing. giving her no opportunity to fight for herself, this is the first shot that she'll have to
11:59 am
put up a fair fight. >> sandra: this is her former attorney on fox news. >> there's been a tragic miscarriage of justice here. she's never had anyone that advocated for her. she didn't know she could seem to terminate this, which she could have done hat any point in time in the last 13 years. everything now will change. she's going to find some liberty. i think these people that have been involved in this conservatorship have something to worry about. >> sandra: that sounds promising. you're going to have a speech this weekend? >> yeah. saturday. it's going to be great. >> sandra: a promo streaming live. good stuff. kat, good to see you. thanks for joining us here. as usual see kat on "gutfeld". >> sandra: i was listening to kat and you not being able to drink coffee.
12:00 pm
marriage is a lot like marriage is conservatorship. i'm not allowed to have doughnuts or do other things. >> sandra: your wife is not here to defend herself. >> john: i'll hear and it when i get home. >> sandra: marriage is blissful. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. thanks for joining us. see you for the real friday tomorrow. "the story" with martha starts rights now. >> martha: all right. thanks, guys. thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. this is "the story." the streets of cuba, people who protest or pled for freedom are carted off for detention. in chicago, uighurs are interred in concentration camps. the secretary state of the united states, tony blinken, has invitaled the u.n. human rights council to come to america to help confront the scourge of racism, racial discrimination


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