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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 15, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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sting style. ♪♪ >> harris: would begin with this fox news alert. growing criticism after the biden administration invited experts on racism to our country to combat racial justice. police brutality. even as officers have come under attack physically during blm protesting in cities under the past year. you are watching "outnumbered." here today are my cohosts and fox nation host laura logan here
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in the center virtual seat, civil rights attorney and fox news contributor and our friend, leo terrell. good to see everybody. maybe we should have seen this coming after the administration's rhetoric. i didn't see you in advance turf to the u.s., linda thomas-greenfield, publicly declared that our constitution e supremacist document. jog your memory. >> we have two acknowledge of the r and imperfect union. i have seen that slavery has weaved with supremacy into our principles. >> harris: the secretary of state tony blinken posted a video explaining that america is a racist country. >> for american to be a credible force for human rights around the world, we have to face the realities of racism and hatred here at home. we cannot sweep our shortcomings
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under the rug or pretend they don't exist. we need to face him openly and honestly. even if that is ugly and even if it is painful. that is how we live up to her values. >> harris: no blinken has formally invited the united nations. republicans are angry. >> you have people being bullied and beaten in the streets of cuba. you venezuelans arresting political protesters. the united states is asking the united nations, a cesspool of violence, to come to the united states and investigate us in the united states? we look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. >> 20 blinken like his boss joe biden is getting a kick me sign on abe lincoln's back here. they should tell them to pack his bags and go straight to china. >> harris: give us your opening argument. >> leo: i will tell you right
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now, this is an embarrassment. this is the greatest country in the world, harris. people are trying to get into this country. let's just be honest. they have weaponized that democrats on the far left, they have recognized the torchlight death for political purpose. i have said this on fox news a thousand types. there is no systemically sends him in this country. it is been eliminated, it is gone, it doesn't exist. but these are democratic talking points to divide this country. as a civil rights attorney for 30 years, it beats me to hear this rhetoric. what they experts that are going to come over here to evaluate a system that does not exist? i want to know their qualifications. i want to be on that committee because do these experts have a declaration? a constitution? a bill of rights? a fair housing amendment? people of color in all levels of government?
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people of color running democratic cities? it is a sham. it is to divide us. it is hurtful, it is painful, it is embarrassing. all of the biden administration is doing is tearing this country up aires. nothing more, nothing less. investigate cuba, china, russia. all of these other two italian countries. i want to see the qualifications and match their qualifications with mine. let me investigate the united states and get a clean bill. it is the freest fairest country on the planet, and of story. >> harris: can you and the case on opening argument cushion mark i'm just asking. senator ted cruz tweeted this, "this is like an "snl" skit. the biden administration refuses to stand up to human races with china, russia, iran. the latter of which received a multibillion dollar from biden
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but instead ask the u.n. to denounce america's racist. twisted." >> lara: i agree with everything that leo said. it is all of those things but i have been talking to others who see this as an act of desperation because we are in real trouble when it comes to the election. look at what happened in georgia. there was a senate hearing on thursday about the audit there. the problem with this administration is that they can dismiss all of us as lunatics if we want to ask a question about the election, but these are the exact same concerns that democrats had it right after 2016 and there are records about them was in the same concerns. when i talk to people, when i am hearing is that this is not the first time the biden administration has brought the u.n. in on a domestic issue. there are u.n. monitors on the
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southern border who have since a bite administration took over. they have been monitoring our own law enforcement agency. i acknowledge that on fox news but it it's been ignored. what is the biden administration gain from this? are they dividing us by ignoring other issues question works be one your concept of watching who is who on the border is interesting. it is a very entity of this country that is protected. >> lara: like the american people. >> kayleigh: we saw anthony blinken in a disgraceful episode at when china told us about blm and he apologized to china who is committing.
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he set the let's trust the um to diagnose america's problem. hamas is launching rockets at israel and to condemn israel, 19 paragraphs condemning israel, not one mention of hamas and that. president trump had it right when he said he was getting out of the u.n. counsel. all you do is attack israel and democracy. he got out of it and biden rejoins as what is a problem to our foes like china and russia. >> harris: i will tell you what i am saying as a spectator and all of this, better known as an american citizen. the journalist to be what's new this question as well. what happens if they say something that is actionable? i don't know how the law works, but my mom used to say, "if you look at something long enough and you ask the right people, sometimes you can see something that wasn't really there."
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i'm wondering what this is going to look like to have outside eyes look at us when they don't hold others accountable around the world. >> kayleigh: that is why it's so ridiculous. they can make the same argument against the indian government. he strenuously objected and said that we totally disagree with us we don't buy into this is all. the u.n. came back and said that we will take the side of the repertory's. to answer leo's question, it is a byzantine in process to become one of those. it has nothing to do with qualifications. it has to do with the commissioner's selection and whether or not someone retired. i want to set the landscape for viewers. it goes back to 1979 with the u.n., on human rights and the council of human rights as it was known back then, establish that one of them what important pieces under the regime in chile.
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they came out and established a summary on arbitrary executions. stick with me here. there are two different kinds of investigations at the hands of the lead. there are somatic and then country specific. now, let's take this step back where the u.s. then is equating this democrats are associating this with a system of oppressio, that you pointed out, has a history of anti-israel actions. i see this is a bit rich, don't you? >> harris: riches a or that we could use. ironic is not a word i would use but there's still china. you have to work to find the uighurs you have to find dumb i called china accountable. >> emily: to leo's point, why they're not being investigated -- >> harris: can we not do that?
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no, they don't care about what americans think. >> emily: we have no say as american citizens that see it as a complete farce. >> harris: epps who put enough on people's radar, they do have an advantage. vice president harris comparing the border to icons like frederick douglass. stay tuned. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. interest rates are near record lows, and home values are at record highs. now's the time to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow all of your home's value and lower your payments by $600 a month. serving veterans is all they do.
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action in line with the legacy of everyone from federal douglas over my right shoulder when he fought for the right for black men to vote in america and to the legacy that involves all of the women that marched down pennsylvania avenue for women's right to vote. for who shed their blood on the bridge to make sure that we, in 1955, would pass the voting rights act. >> kayleigh: is vice president harris acquitting democrats who fled texas to block the bill with us heroes of the civil rights movements like the suffragettes who fought to get women the right to vote watching a 1913 along pennsylvania avenue and finding themselves trapped in a sea of hostility with men yelling vile insults and propositions at them even manhandling and sitting on them. then there mergers on bloody sunday and selma were blue to really beaten with state
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troopers as they crossed a bridge and a rally for voting rights. now, mentioned by the vice president in the very same breath, the texas democrats. those lasers who ported private jets to hide out in d.c. and eat caesar salad. i cannot get over this comparison. from selma to montgomery when we had 17 people hospitalized and thousands more angers. the suffragettes with a hundred purple hospitalized compared to the democrats who flew to texas with miller lite? >> harris: john lewis was on that bridge and people call him brave. they call him and in that went against all odds for going against something in this country. watching the eulogies of him when they brought the casket across the stage a little less
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than a year ago now, i look at that and the images -- i was born in 1965 and this is a story and you have known my whole life. i was born in the south in atlanta, georgia. these are things that we know well as americans. not as white, not as black, just as americans. it is part of our shared history. i want kamala harris as vice president to say something about the words that she said. i want her to recognize that people are not being beaten in the streets right now. we are not at the same place that we were and unless we are very careful, we could go to new places we do not want to be. we are not at those places. we are working together, hopefully. she is dividing us with those words. she's calling these people in a private plane, you know i love me some miller lite, but they are not paying for any of it. they are doing things that many americans will not cat. when those who go back to work with nine and half million job
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openings right now, they will not get with these privileged lawmakers are getting on their way to and from d.c. skirting the responsibilities. i think that the vice president needs to come back at this. or jen psaki at the white house. she needs to separate her rhetoric from the fact. and help people know honestly what this is about. if they want to stay in the fight and vote and always mitch mcconnell told me last hour as republicans will do in the senate again, the president's $3.5 trillion spending bill, stay there and vote no. stay with people against record and hold them accountable. i have another word for lots of families in texas. these are the people that they are talking about with the cotton wrong. how are they going to do in 2022? >> emily: that is so well said. these people left their day job
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and they're not civil rights icons by any stretch. but what is it with democrats? george's law with jim crow on steroids said president biden. i just undermined some of the atrocities in our history and then civil rights celebrities like john lewis. >> leo: while side. let me be clear. it is a false analogy. it is disgraceful to fragilis douglas and those of selma. here's the bigger lie. there's an assumption built into kamala harris' statement that i to-i don't think she is built to be vice president, but there is no voting rights right now. those people back in the 1860s, 1960s, they were fighting for rights to vote. we have the right to vote in
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texas. i am begging with the washington press clerk to compare texas governing law with delaware. i'm asking the press corps with jen psaki to compare the georgia voting rights in the georgia voting laws with joe biden. that question is never asked. it is a sham to try and pretend that black, brown, white, anyone is being denied the right to vote. we have the right to vote. this is pure politics and nothing more nothing less. >> kayleigh: the facts do not matter and it's all hyperbole. i would like to play sound bite from the faulkner focus. this is mitch mcconnell last hour. >> we have been on a joy ride for life private planes with beer on board. they're getting paid even though they are not showing up. it doesn't sound like a sacrifice to make.
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a joyride sound like a good description. >> lara: talk talk talk, words words words. what are republicans doing about this? they are sick and tired about the abject failure of baylor on both sides of the aisle. they're looking pathetic at this point. there has been zero credibility and many americans could see what's going on here. it fits into a bigger pattern in a much broader pattern of many lies. they are making many lies to prop up the original life. the first line is that we are a divided country and everyone in this country is racist and we are systemically rates as, so on and so on. now they are telling other lies to keep this afloat. it sticks into this pattern that you can see whether it is the border voting rights. when you break it down and look at the facts and look at the details, there is nothing about
9:22 am
the voters act that will deny anyone the right to vote. the truth does not matter to these people. kamala harris and all of the others, they are not going to come out and tell you the truth. they're not going to come out and tell you the facts. they're not going to come out and concerns about immigration. they don't care about the second amendment they don't care when it comes to voting. they don't care when it comes to the united nations or anything else that is happening. the real question here is why? why are they doing this? how did they gain? that will tell you where we are going. the big concern that i'm hearing from people now is that the greatest lie of all is that white supremacy and white people in this country are the greatest terror threats this nation. but the concern is there will be some kind of engineered attack carried out by white people, white supremacist, to prove that that lie is true. everything that is happening is
9:23 am
one more lie to support the other life. >> kayleigh: 24 tweets in 24 hours really concerned about social media and are loving the social media he's getting. republicans are doing things saying we were arrest these guys and take away their stipend. i will say that this goes to show you the delusions that the democrat lawmakers are under. chris turner said that we are working harder than we would have been in the chamber. i am paraphrasing, pushing the suppressant built around party lines. they think that they are working harder on that joyride, as mitch mcconnell pointed out, drinking or miller lite than they would be actually earning their paycheck. not all of them, like senator buckley, would return her stipend.
9:24 am
it has not reached all of them yet. and a quick equivalency we have talked about with terraces sonic vice president harris' comment, remember that are shining moment against joe biden was something that letters skyrocketing the polls. she does not seem to get it and hold him accountable for his history. now to a fallen into that talking point rhetoric trap. where if she gone? >> harris: to such just deposition we know from our country. just look at the visual of that. >> lara: let's take bets on governor abbott following through and arresting any of those people when they come back. i went to see that happen. bill and the attorney general of texas told me yesterday that
9:25 am
they will do that. the concept is not to arrest him but ushered him back. >> lara: where is leo's money question michael we going to see it? i hope we have some form of accountability, i want to say that. who is kamala harris holding accountable on that debate stage customer joe biden who has an atrocious record on rights. black lives matter getting backlash for blaming the united states on cuba and praising the regime. that story up next.
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>> harris: we are anticipating to hear nothing of american families about to receive their first monthly child tax payment. the president of the united states talking about that now.
9:28 am
july 15th date. >> president biden: is a pleasure to be here. this, i believe this is a historic day. a historic day in the sense that we continue to build an economy that respects, recognizes the dignity of working class families and middle-class families. it is historic and it is our effort to make a giant step toward ending child poverty in america. this will be one of the things that i will be most proud of as president when her term is up. all working families with people making one under $150,000 as who are raising children in america are going to receive their first monthly tax cut payment.
9:29 am
that payment from the expanded child tax credit that we signed into law as part of the american rescue plan. it is one of the largest ever single tax cuts for families with children. it is a reflection of her belief that the people in this country who needed tax cut do not do mike to are not those the top. it is people in the middle. it is something that my dad would say that. the social security reduced poverty for the elderly. by the way, if you think of monthly payments come you get a social security tax stomach check. they get it monthly. unless you want a one lump sum, it will be a monthly payment for your children.
9:30 am
a tax cut. here's how it works. for every child under the age of 6th, a parent will get $1,600 a year. for every child 6-17, they will get $3,000 a year. for example, a middle-class family with two young children who are expected to received $2,700 a year to help raise their children. they will get the first half of this $3,600 starting today. today. today. it will be paid out $600 a month now, july, and december. they will get the rest of the payment next spring around tax day. if you file taxes electronically, you can go to your bank account today, today, and you will see a payment that says child ctc me say that
9:31 am
again. payments of $300 for each child under the age of 6 and it is between now, july, and december. if you file your taxes electronically as you did last year, you can expect to receive a check in the mail a few days from now it will get this payment on the 15th of every month with the rest of this year. if you are not required to file taxes at all in the past or you haven't filed because you didn't owe any taxes, you can go to child tax let me state again. child tax they will give you clear information and a link to sign up for the first time. this could be life changing for so many families.
9:32 am
because of the way it was structured, before the american rescue plan, more than 26 million children from the heart is pressed working families did not get full payment for child care. for child credit. half of all black and hispanic children in america never received the full tax credit. we have changed all of that. in technical terms, we have made this tax cut fully refundable. in plain english, instead of families who need help the most getting the least, the hardworking families and the wil get this on a full monthly basis. 97% of the children receiving this come from hardworking families and the other 3% include kids being raised by retired grandparents or someone with a serious disability. this credit does not start to
9:33 am
phase out until a couple is making over. it is just like the wealthy gets tax cuts for things, this is a tax cut for your children have children. this will make it possible for a parent to say to his or her child, we can get your new braces now. we can get you tutored to help you in that math class you're having trouble with. we can get you the sports credit for you to sign up on your first team. people have written to me to tell me that they use the money to buy their kids new shoes, to send them to summer camp, to cover after-school care when school starts up again.
9:34 am
to give you a sense of how transformative the says, this would be the largest ever one year decrease in child poverty in the history of the united states of america. as we begin now. historic reduction in child poverty among black, white, latinos communities, not even close. the benefits will be felt for years. studies have shown that tax relief -- that's okay. it don't worry about it. let him cry. or her. whichever. it will help children that can lead to better health, better school performance, and that her earnings. research from columbia university in new york found that for each other this cut cost, it returns $8 in benefits down the line. $8 could be spent in other ways.
9:35 am
it is a gigantic help. is it eight to one return. your head, your heart, and your budget all lead to the same place. this is the right thing to do and it is a smart thing to do. today, tax cut payments are arriving automatically but it did not happen automatically. it is the result of people who did this advocating for a long, long time. we finally got it passed in my american rescue plan. i would like to particularly thank those who have been fighting for this for years. congress' one-man for connecticut has been a champion for that spirit senators bennett, brown, and booker. it will here perform or friends all who voted against us. they will tout the success as it helps working families in the states in their districts.
9:36 am
in the coming days, we will hear from them saying that i want to extend this tax. it is only for one year now. it is all he could get a four for the first time. i want to extend it in the future now. we're going to continue this. to the people who say that we cannot afford to give the middle-class a break, i say we can afford it by making people at the top and the big corporations over 50 of which paid no taxes last year at all, start paying their fair share. not couch them, just pay their fair share. people who are working hard and paying taxes deserve a break. excuse me for all the terms i'm using, but might build back better agenda which still needs to be voted in the congress. keep the tax cut for working families in place for years to come. we should not like taxes go up
9:37 am
on working families and we should not let child poverty continue to stay in our conscious or bring down our economy. i say to my colleagues in congress. this tax cut for working families is something we should extend, not end next year. i say to all of you watching come up make sure that your family, friends, and community know if this tax cut. child tax learn about the difference it will make in your lives. let me close with this. i signed the american rescue plan to spend two months taking office in january 20th. two months later, we implemented the first ever automatic length of monthly payment and on social security that was a long time ago. this ground breaking effort was similar to what we did and what
9:38 am
i called our wartime effort to vaccinate america against covid-19. it mobilized the whole country. we are proving that democracy can deliver to the people. saving lives, improving lives, helping recovery, giving working families a fighting chance again. i received an email today from a mother in washington state. she's a young teacher who just received a payment. she wrote, and i'm quoting, "my family has been loving hand to mouth to put me through school so i can follow my passion involving young minds. this first payment has come at the exact moment when we needed it most. these payments may seem small to some, but they are life-changing for my family." 200 and there, starting today, their lives are about to change for the better.
9:39 am
our country will be better off for it as well. this is a really good day. parents, you are going to be able to tell your kids when they are 20 years old you were tears update this happened and we talked about it. we are showing once again that there is nothing beyond the capacity and our capacity as americans to get done when we do it together. i want to thank you, god bless you all, and may god protect our troops and kids. thank you for being so polite while i was speaking. you are very, very nice. thank you, thank you, thank you to you all. [applause] >> harris: you're coming back to "outnumbered" now. i like to wait a couple seconds to see if somebody shouts a question because you never know if someone's going to do that. but he walked away pretty quickly. let's just come up for a moment, unravel what's the president said. i saw reactions from you. what are your thoughts?
9:40 am
>> emily: a funko trump harold this alongside marco rubio. this is a huge expansion. this is a $3600, this second large expansion on welfare and united states history. we heard biden say that this is a tax credit. no, 74% of the people receiving it are paying $0 in income taxes. they're doubling down and contradicting biden and sang saying this eliminates a work requirement. they are eliminating joe biden told us. what i would say or ask, is this about the fact, caleigh appointed that all out, this is not paid for. we have wiped away the work requirement. how does that jive? this is debt on debts on debt and family to get this. >> kayleigh: at his death, on debt, on debt.
9:41 am
on top of that we're any situation where we do not have workers to fill the job because of relief. on top of that, child tax credit is another reason to not go back to work. except it was her without work requirement, that is where we can into dangerous territory. we want whenever you hear the arguments, critics will say and people in the left will say, "you were heartless and you're not looking at all of the good that will do." i know you argue both sides. i'm looking to find out, what is he trying to say here? what he did was offending people by saying you don't work as hard if you're making more money. but this touch is 30 million households. does he realize that some of those people he does not hold so dear, those who might make a little bit more, also get this money? along with those who don't work
9:42 am
at all. >> emily: this goes back to the administration maintaining equity not equality. remember when they started in january and everything was about that to a nonsensical degree, to your point. i would also like to point out, going to texas for a second, 1 million families have already opted out of this preemptively and secondly -- >> harris: why would they? >> emily: some might not want to do with the tax consequences and some might not be eligible anymore. keep in mind this is based on 2019-2020 numbers. the families that are not eligible for this that's anymore. this can be hard for people to navigate. if someone receives is money and they're technically not eligible, they would build on the hook to technically return it and be taxed for it. the administration is telling you that it is a wonderful benefit that will lift up others
9:43 am
and help those who don't pay their fair share of taxes because they don't work as hard. >> harris: they aren't valuable to this president. people who work their way up into higher income categories, not necessarily rich, they aren't valuable to him. he just said that they are not working as hard as everybody else. you want a small business and you want to convince me that you are to working hard question work what is he talking about? >> emily: part of the arguments against these tested programs is that the infusion of cash often times jettisoned people into different tax brackets. those at the lower end are disproportionately and unfairly penalized they're not equipped to handle it because it is not a steady rise through. it is hard for me to find one for it. it shows a pattern of this administration thinking this concept of a poster them in the polls, but when you drill down
9:44 am
into the application, it is quite confusing. at ends up hamstringing those that they want to protect and aching confused movement and our economic. >> harris: those are points that we have to keep track of. that's the whole thing of jumping to the next level for someone who isn't used to paying that tax. they don't want to be held accountable for that. by the way, biting its to say that the checks are coming out in the irs will start sending the payments today and monthly installments will be sent out on the 15th through the end of the year unless that day falls on a weekend or holiday. the treasury department has put out all of these details on how this is going to work. >> emily: too concerned with s. checks going out sound like a great thing. one, inflation. we are already seeing prices go up. you're adding trillian so that
9:45 am
both of the tax credit and the infrastructure proposal. going back to the employment and i was looking at numbers in april and there were 8 million job openings and 4 million people who said that we were not going back to work is 42% of people were getting more and joblessness benefits than would get going to work. your layering on that another benefit. we have a jobs crisis in this country, and inflation crisis, and i hope he gets the economy right. we do booming one for four years and it seems like we are on the edge of something very dangerous. >> harris: we had a pandemic in the middle of it and we are coming out with 9.2-10000000 jobs for people. mitch mcconnell has said that they run out in september. people are potentially going to get a job back in the market. when they get ready to jump in, will anything has changed to where they might not get that job if they want? more "outnumbered" objects
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9:50 am
playing this." "the countries retained its commitment to sovereignty and communication. there protecting a shot of core." she was convicted of being an accomplice in the 1973 execution-style killing of state trooper. he left behind a wife and 3-year-old son. he escaped and went to cuba where fidel castro granted her silent. >> leo: let me be as clear as i can. a black lives matter represents no one. they speak for no one. this is an extremist organization and a marxist organization. lead its manifesto and that is why it supports cuba. for cuba protect someone involved in the murder of a cop is shameful.
9:51 am
black lives matter it's too much attention in this country. it does not represent black people and it is done nothing for black people. it should be ignored. it is shameful and embarrassing that corporations, i don't want to mention them, majorly baseball, coca-cola, all allow black lives matter to shake them down and give them a platform. it is shameful what they do for america and black americans. it is horrible. speech of how dangerous is this messaging seeing one protests are being killed at the hands of the regime there? before when you look at this that black lives matter that doesn't represent anyone but their self and they have marxist route come up marxist
9:52 am
history marxist ideology, this shows them for what they really are. you said that black lives matter global foundation network. it is one of the many network set up exists now. this is a pattern that you see across the community whether it is the tie foundation, ford foundation, open society foundation. some of these organizations have their own university now. they've global networks, they've domestic networks, they have proliferating their own ideology all across the world. the new multiply out to all of these affinity groups where they take every disaffected person and they create some kind of organization around them. inside school they are teaching children how to join a mass movement. michael brown and ferguson, torchlight in minneapolis. this is happening all over the world.
9:53 am
this is a dark organization that masquerades as justice. they are backed by very powerful people and they are extremely well-funded. that is the real question that we need to get to. who is driving this? why are they driving it? what is there and state? these people do not want a marxist world in the end. they just want power. they want power and control. they are using all of us. >> emily: the press whiteouts secretary, we will show an interview of herbert steve doocy. >> do you think that people are leaving cuba because i don't like communism? >> we've been pretty clear that we think people are leaving cuba -- goat not leaving cuba, but protesting in the street as well because they are to the oppression of the government ine country. we support the right to protest and their efforts to speak out a
9:54 am
cancer treatment in cuba. >> emily: what you just heard from the podium is no different than black lives matter organization. that is a shameful organization praying a cop killer. you do not hear a condemnation of calming us in. there is a "wall street journal" that said 100 years of communism and 1 million dead. you see what they posted up in cambodia and cuba, 100 million dead. in democratic and republican voices, we used to and with democracy. president obama equivocated a few saying that i praised fidel castro to his face.
9:55 am
bernie sanders is saying the same thing to biden and it is no different than the out load comments from obama, bernie. >> harris: will be get involved against communist regimes? we would be be right now if these visions, if you welcome at these opinions were leading this in terms of how we push against communism and hate and death and everything that can come along with a regime that oppresses its people? >> emily: the answer is no, we won't. we have a administration that refuses to condemn it by name or address it by name. it begs the question two-point that is it the point that his former successor? he prays it flat out? a different world. more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:56 am
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>> it's friday eve. it's national give something away day. who would you want in the swag bag? >> i'm going to give away kraft macaroni and cheese. >> what would you like? >> janet jackson tickets. >> so balanced here on "outnumbered." "america reports" is next. >> john: thanks, harris. house republicans push to investigate the business dealings of president biden's family. concerns grow as there could be political influence. a group of republican lawmakers demanding documents from the white house to determine whether the president's relatives are committing ethical violations. that story is coming up. >> sandra: busy afternoon ahead. coming up, we'll speak with marco rubio that has a dire warning for the biden instruction. on deck, miranda


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