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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 15, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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every time i watch it it's inspiring. >> i think today was more inspiring, right? getting the support for our first responders. pictures during the commercial break. laura, thank you. >> bye. >> bill: great looking shot. good morning. democrats who hightailed it out of texas getting d.c. white house calls them courageous. is it courage or delaying the inevitable? we say good morning on thursday. i'm bill hemmer. dana is off today. a friend of mine colleague, nice to see you. >> martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. this is "america's newsroom." always good to be here with you, bill. a lot going on this morning. >> bill: you wonder how long they can hold out in d.c. >> martha: how long does the money last? one said i guess we'll be here as long as the finances support it. we'll talk more about that this
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morning. as we've been saying the lawmakers are hunkering down in washington while trying to run out the clock on a 30-day special session that they do not want to be part of and that's why they hightailed it out of the state of texas and urging congress to pass a sweeping bill that would federalize elections. that has a lot of constitutional watchers wondering whether or not it's legal under the constitution. that legislation they're hoping would overrule anything that might get passed in the state of texas in their efforts to secure the ballot box. >> bill: vice president kamala harris calling them modern-day heroes of the civil rights movement. and that wasn't all. republicans say it's all about optics. have a look. >> they took bold, courageous action in line with the legacy of everyone from frederic douglas to the legacy for women's right to vote for all
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folks who shed their blood at the edmund pettis bridge to make sure we passed the voting rights act. >> it is ridiculous. last i checked the heroic civil rights protestors weren't in a private chartered jet and didn't have a case of miller lite next to them. these are partisan democrats playing a political stunt and they are desperate for media attention. they're getting it. >> martha: two contrasting viewpoints. texas governor dan patrick is standing by to talk to us. let's go to casey stiegel from austin. >> good morning to you. today marks one week since the special legislative session began here in austin. but as we know by now, it was fairly short lived with only four days into the session, the democrats pulled another
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disappearing act. we should tell you that work is still being done here in austin at the state capitol. the senate has been voting and passing bills but with no quorum in the lower chamber zero legislation can become law. the house speaker is calling for any lawmaker intentionally missing the session to return their $221 daily per diem while the governor continues to vow calling as many special sessions as needed once this one expires. >> they have a job to do. let me tell you something texas voters are going to be extremely angry at the texas house members for not showing up and not doing their job. >> a handful of democratic state senators, at least nine, have joined their house colleagues now in d.c. some have indicated they believe they are working harder there than home in texas trying to win support for federal election reform.
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>> we will continue to work. >> there are powerful forces in texas right now trying to roll back our right to vote but we know that the power of the people is stronger. >> texas republicans have argued this whole time they aren't trying to make voting more difficult for anyone pointing out that there is more accessibility here in the state of texas than other places. one state they point to quite often is delaware saying there are more opportunities to vote in texas than delaware. of course, biden's home state. >> martha: thank you, casey. let's bring in texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. >> bill: any sign of a resolution on this? >> not immediately but it will be resolved, bill. they can't hold out forever.
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they have families back home. they have jobs back home and pretty soon their wives or husbands will start saying hey, it is time to get back home and when they get home for the special session they'll be arrested, brought to the capitol and we'll pass these bills. you heard in the report the senate i'm the president of the senate and i'm one of the people that helped write this election bill. i know it backwards and forwards. we just keep doing our work. while they've been gone, for example, we passed a bill to get retired teachers a 13th check. that will die because they aren't here. put more money in child protective services. it will day because they aren't here. a property tax cut and they're not here. a lot more going on than just this bill. they said there is power in certain things and they're being called courageous. i call them the liars club because everything they are telling you from the vice president down to the lowest level house member who is on
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this trip freshman whoever it may be are lying to the american public. the power is in the truth. go to texas legislature online, read the bill for yourself in the middle column it says search legislation. click 87.1. and then put in the senate bill 1 and read it. texas legislature online under search location put 87.1 and the category and s b-1. here is what you will find. you will find that we've extended the early voting hours in this bill. that today on election day you can actually -- you are required to be given time off work to vote and extended that for the early voting period. we've added over 60 more counties that have to add more voting hours and added more voting hours on sunday. we've done nothing to suppress the vote in all of this. they talk about 24 hour voting
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bill and drive-thru voting. that's not in the law and never been in the law. one county out of 254 did it on their own last year and you're saying you can't do that. one county can't right their own rules. why not have drive-in voting? when you vote you can take family and friends. if you drive-in you can take a lot of people with you. same thing with 24 hour voting. this is all a big lie. nothing more than that. so i invite people read the bill for themselves and they will see the truth will prevail because we're telling the truth as republicans. >> martha: it is interesting, lieutenant governor, you talk about that it's a big lie, right? it seems to me that the messaging on this has been from the democrat side that all of this is because of what they call the big lie, that all of these battles over voting came
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from the 2020 election and the outcome that they say was disputed for the wrong reasons. but i think so much of this came from covid, right? it came from the changes that got put in place. i wonder if the messaging has been off on your side of the fence in not articulating that clearly enough for americans that these were exceptions to the rules that were made like you talk about the 24-hour voting in one district in texas. this has been a really sharp message of battling of messages and you hear the vice president talking about the edmund pettis bridge and you hear the president talking in his speech the other day about civil rights and greatest threat to voting in the country. this is a messaging battle. >> it is. martha, i believe we're winning the message now because fox is giving us great opportunity. we are doing more television and print and radio interviews. the facts are on our side.
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the truth will prevail. you are correct, martha, it was houston, harris county that extended 24 and drive-in voting against the law on your own. we can't have one county decide on their own rules and explained why we don't need 24 hour voteings. very few people vote during that time. shift workers can vote any time. we extended the hours for early voting and giving people off every day for early voting. we've extended the voting. nothing to do with the trump election whatsoever. we are trying to write a really good bill that makes it easier to vote and 95% bill and martha, 95% of texans said it's easy to vote in texas. i was one of the authors of the voter i.d. bill. we have increased voting by 76% from 2014 to 2018. we've increased voting in texas
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more than any other state in the union. early voting that we have as i said the other day with you on the morning, we have more early voting than six, seven, eight democrat states and some have none. go to texas legislature online. >> bill: thank you so much. i know your position is it's just a question of time and we'll wait for that time to come whether august 7 or beyond. thank you for coming back here today. the point he makes about codifying the covid rules in husband ton as you point out they had 24 hour drive-thru and 24 hour voting. not a part of texas law. it seems to be one of the major rubs on behalf of democrats but i don't think it's been clarified about a lot of those pushing forward with this thing. i don't think the embrace of these texas democrats in d.c. has been as strong as many people expected here. they haven't met to the president or white house. maybe that changes. >> martha: he has no plans to meet with them.
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>> bill: kamala harris made strong statements yesterday. elizabeth warren saw them in the hallway. it has been a full throated embrace about their visit. >> martha: one quick thing. when you consider the fact that during any of the early voting days you can leave work. this law will give you the ability -- the republican law the ability to leave work to go vote. when we grew up your parents got up at 7:00 in the morning before they went to work and leave at 5:00 on the dot so they could get there before 7:00 when the polls closed in the evening. it is hard to argue you can't vote in texas under this law. >> bill: you have to figure how to work it out. morning, evening, absentee ballot, through mail >> martha: they will let you leave work and be exempt from your job to go vote. it is pretty insane. read the bill and figure for yourself what you think about it. in the meantime starting today tens of millions of american families will receive monthly
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checks from the child tax credit program but the free money could come at a cost as small businesses worry the subsidies from uncle sam will make the worker shortage worse and it is already bad. we're outside a local beer hall in arlington, virginia. good morning, hillary vaughn. >> this is not an insignificant amount or a couple bucks that these eligible families are getting every month but hundreds of bucks. 35 million families in america are getting checks in the mail or direct deposit into their bank account. one example an eligible family with three children under six years old will be getting $900 every month in their bank accounts from the i.r.s. there are a lot of small businesses wondering that this extra cash is significant enough to prolong the labor shortage that they're already experiencing because that $900 could be enough to pay for someone's rent or mortgage through the end of the year.
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it could be an incentive for some parents to stay out of the labor market and stay home. we're outside local beer hall in arlington, virginia. the general manager tells us he raised pay for some positions by 30% and just yesterday updated his job postings to offer a signing bonus on top of that for people who get friends to apply, too. even smaller mom and pop shops are having a very hard time competing with that and cannot sustain paying double in some cases what they were for some positions just last year. i asked labor secretary marti walshe yesterday if he is worried a lot of hirer wages are sustainable in the long run for them. >> i don't know if it would be double. certainly workers deserve opportunities to earn more money as well. >> do you think it's a good thing? >> i don't think it's double. i doubt that's the case.
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>> if they're paying more you think that's a good thing? >> i think it is good for workers. if it works in the economic situation, you know what i mean? you don't want to see business go out of business. >> a big problem and worry here is that this tax credit could become permanent. that's what democrats on capitol hill want and what the president wants. martha. >> martha: interesting. hillary, thank you very much. >> the administration tries to figure out the root causes of migration to the country, don't we know that people want to leave cuba because they don't like communism. do you think people are leaving cuba because they don't like communism >> bill: peter doocy pressing jen psaki whether socialist policies blamed for the crisis in havana. we'll play her response coming up. >> martha: republicans accusing hunter biden of profiting off his father's presidency and seeking dock frments the white
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house. we'll tell you what they are looking for. >> bill: britney spears legal victory. is it short term or not in her battle in court? that's coming up. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. i suffered with psoriasis for so long. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. i'm still clear, five years now.
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6:21 am
artist. amazing. parents in san diego blasting the county over school's mask restrictions for kids, even vaccinated children. william la jeunesse live in los angeles. good morning, william. >> martha, this conflict or tension between what people want to do and what government thinks they should do continues even between scientists at the state and federal level, right? right now this confusion is playing out in san diego where students are not allowed on campus without a mask even if they've been vaccinated and that's backed up by the cdc. the board of supervisors says masks are still required even for those students fully vaccinated in school, school buses and other youth facilities. parents are promising to go to court to resolve the conflict. >> is this how this works in america? like you have to sue people to get your rights back? what has been happening is completely unconstitutional. >> supervisors say they want to
6:22 am
be inclusive that all students should feel equal and not ridiculed because some are wearing a mask and others are not. the state public health director treating all kids the same will support a calm and supportive school environment. >> in california we believe that with masking and with testing as an available option, that we can get kids back here in person 100% in our schools. >> public opinion is headed. say good back to school no mask, no distance. county poll said 54% of people who are not vaccinated won't change their minds and you have l.a. county and others saying fully vaccinated people should wear masks because the delta variant is considered trance missible and putting politicians between a hock and hard place.
6:23 am
>> martha: it will only rev up in september. >> bill: the white house refusing to blame a communist system for the unrest in cuba. listen to peter doocy asking that question to jen psaki yesterday. >> do you think that people are leaving cuba because they don't like communism? >> i think we've been clear people are leaving cuba or protesting in the streets as well because they are opposed to the oppression, to the mismanagement of the government in the country and we support their right to protest and support their efforts to speak out against their treatment in cuba. >> bill: what about that answer? katie pavlich has a few ideas. how are you doing today? i don't know of anyone who is pro democracy whoever referred to the soviet communist system as mismanaged. do you? >> yeah, bill, the white house response to this when they argue that the cuban people who
6:24 am
are chanting for liberty and waving american flags in the streets at the risk of being executed by their government are simply protesting mismanagement or oppression. the follow-up question is who is doing the oppressing and the economic mismanagement? it's the communist cuban government. it reminds me of the obama administration when they refused to acknowledge that islamic terrorism was a major part of isis taking over massive swaths of the middle east, they refused to call it that and refused to deal with the problem. the white house response by trying to smooth it over with some language that doesn't actually deal with the problem and downplays the efforts by activists there to protest their government really, you know, waters down the situation happening in that country. and the idea that the white house is now refusing to acknowledge that the american
6:25 am
flag is a symbol of liberty and freedom for people who are oppressed by communist regimes all over the world whether venezuela, hong kong or now in cuba really is telling when it comes to the administration's viewpoint on this and where the democratic party has really led them when they have people like bernie sanders who has been a long-time advocate for the cuban regime. >> bill: the regime that restricts freedom and democracy something we would never support is the answer. the blm tweet. they condemn the u.s. federal government's -- the u.s. federal government's inhumane treatment of cubans and lift the embargoes. black revolutionaries to supporting black liberation struggles. the first part of that is a stunning thing to say. it pulls back the curtain what blm is about, katie, what do you think? >> well, bill, anybody who has been looking at the blm
6:26 am
movement since the beginning of it without being watered down or bogged down by their extortionist tactics. it has been clear from the beginning that they have closer values to the communist party in cuba than they do to free market values in the united states and what they are saying just isn't true. there is nothing about the economic embargo that prevents humanitarian aid from reaching cuba. it prevents enrichment of the communist government there. when president obama normalized relations with cuba the communist government forced farmers to push their goods towards hotels and the people of cuba started to starve again and also then which was right on brand for black lives matter defended known as a person who was convicted in 1973 of
6:27 am
killing a new jersey state trooper and was harbored in cuba by the communist government. they praised her, condemned the u.s. government and made the false argument that somehow cuba is less racist than the united states. the facts don't bear out. >> they condemn the inhumane treatment of cubans by the united states. >> black lives matter organization took a break from shaking down corporations for millions and buying themselves mansions to share their support for the communist regime in #cuba. we'll see whether or not they are successful at some point someday. thanks for coming on today. katie pavlich in d.c. thanks. >> martha: a suspect is now under arrest in the deadly shooting of this mother who was dropping off her son for his first day at the annapolis
6:28 am
naval academy. wait until you see the suspect's rap sheet. it is unreal. communist cuba or venezuela, blinken is wanting the united nations to investigate racism and human rights issues in the united states. nikki haley speaking out on that. >> tony blinken like joe biden is sticking a kick me sign on uncle sam's back here. tell him to pack his bags and head straight to china. refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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okay, we're not gonna ask for discounts on floor models, demos or displays. shopping malls can be a big trigger for young homeowners turning into their parents. you ever think about the storage operation a place like this must rely on? -no. they just sell candles, and they're making overhead? you know what kind of fish those are? -no. -eh, don't be coy. [ laughs ] [ sniffs, clears throat ] koi fish. it can be overwhelming. think a second. have we seen this shirt before? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. but you know what? i'm still gonna get it. >> bill: 9:33 in new york. fox news alert. wanted fugitive who escaped house arrest is caught and charged in the shooting death of a mother who had traveled from houston to drop her son at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. the 57-year-old was not the target but hit and killed by two stray bullets while she was
6:34 am
sitting on a hotel patio. the suspect has a rap sheet. we have more on the story for us today. lucas, good morning here. sad ending here. >> indeed. a 29-year-old annapolis man arrested for murder. his fifth arrest since february. >> this violence really affected me. what should have been just a fantastic celebration time for their family turned for the worst due to somebody else's recklessness. as a policeman i think every cop in this room understands have an idea of how i feel. >> the man was arrested and charged with first and second degree murder. two months before the murder a warrant for his arrest on firearms and drug charges was issued county prosecutors asked him to be held without bond dating back to 2016 but the court placed him under house arrest. may 3 he cut off his ankle
6:35 am
bracelet and became a fugitive. the third homicide this year in sleepy annapolis. >> this was a senseless tragedy. it is my hope that the news of an arrest with chief jackson shared with leonard cummings earlier today is some comfort. >> the victim 57-year-old was killed outside a popular hotel in downtown annapolis june 29th not far from the naval academy. she was not the intended target. they were in town to drop off their son to the naval academy. the first step in becoming a naval officer. the offensive lineman was a prize recruit to the naval academy football team as well. residents are outraged over what they see is failed policing. >> bill: what a shame. didn't have to happen. lucas tomlinson, thank you.
6:36 am
>> martha: biden administration giving the green light for the united nations racism and human rights envoys to conduct some investigations not in communist cuba or in venezuela but in the united states. former u.n. ambassador nikki haley blasted that move when i spoke with her yesterday as making a mockery of this system. >> you've got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of cuba. you have venezuelans arresting political protestors. the u.s. is asking the united nations, a cess pool to investigate us on human rights? we look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. >> martha: bring in dan hoffman station chief and fox news contributor has seen a lot around the world. good to have you with us today. the united nations is an international body that is supposed to oversee a lot of
6:37 am
human rights issues among other things around the world. so tony blinken, secretary of state thinks it would be a good idea for one of their agencies to come do that in the united states and give us advice how we're doing here at home. your thoughts. >> i think having them come here is superfluous at best. what separates the united states from autocratic regimes like russia and china, both who occupy seats on the human rights council at the u.n. are two pell ars of democracy, freedom of speech and associated with it freedom of the press as well as the rule of law. neither of which exist in china or in russia. and so i wish that secretary blinken had called out those facts and emphasized we should hold china and russia and others accountable for the human rights abuses and anyone from the united nations who wishes to track what is happening in the united states. we're transparent. watch the news and track judicial proceedings.
6:38 am
i don't think we need to frame the argument so china and russia can play their what aboutism games. >> martha: great point. i want to ask you also about the biden administrations response to this plot the f.b.i. was working to uncover to kidnap and abduct and take back to iran a woman who is an american citizen now living in brooklyn. this is the reaction when jen psaki at the white house was asked about this situation and about whether or not it would have any impact on our perspective of wanting to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. >> we have never assessed iran to be a good actor in the world not just by this plot to kidnap a u.s. person residing in the u.s. but their activities in the region. but at the same time we still see in our national interest to
6:39 am
engage in ongoing discussions. >> martha: your thoughts. >> well, the iran nuclear deal came up short. lots of democrats didn't support it, including senator chuck schumer because of the nuclear sunset clauses, because of iran's ballistic missile program as well as iran state sponsorship of terrorism. the biden administration they could get to those issues after we deal with the nuclear agreement. that is a fallacy. if you look at the attacks on our personnel in iraq and syria, which has required the biden administration to respond with attacks of our own as well as this brazen attack by iran in our own territory and their support to proxy militants in lebanon, iraq and other places and they won't change. they want all the sanctions relief in return for getting back into the flawed nuclear deal. the biden administration is going to be pressed to come up with a better plan in
6:40 am
anticipation of what is expected to be the seventh round of iran nuclear discussions and negotiations which are supposed to begin after this hard line government of iran led by the new president is formed in august. >> martha: the woman has spoken out on women's rights in the united states and airs videos that show torture and beatings in the streets in tehran and she was disappointed with the biden team reaction and looking for strong action. dan hoffman, thank you. always good to see you, dan. >> thanks. >> bill: fox news alert. opioid deaths skyrocketing jumping by 30%. in a moment how the crisis at the southern border figures into all of this. one public school district setting aside millions for mandatory ethnic studies classes that includes critical race theories paid by your tax
6:41 am
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>> martha: we are now three weeks to the day of that deadly condo collapse in surfside, florida. we're now hearing some of the awful gut wrenching calls that came in that morning capturing the chaos and fear in the moments after the building
6:46 am
began to crumble? >> something is going on here. you have to get us out of here. >> you are in your apartment now? >> yes, but half the building is gone. >> bill: are you able to get out through the staircase? >> no, the staircase is closed. >> martha: terrifying. phil keating is covering this throughout and live today in surfside, florida, good morning, phil. >> good morning, martha. it has been three weeks ago today when half of the 12-story champlain towers south suddenly came pan caking down on itself. survivors thought it was an explosion or an earthquake. survivors started calling 911. keep in mind in the 1:00 a.m. hour that thursday morning almost all the residents were sleeping when their world came crashing down. in the first moments there was confusion and somewhat calm voices but when the gravity of reality struck the calls became
6:47 am
chaotic and terrifying. >> are you seeing? >> martha: i can't see nothing but smoke. >> over the past 22 days search and rescue and finally ultimately recovery teams have recovered now 97 bodies, the most recent found yesterday. potentially eight victims remain to be found. most of the rubble has now been removed but not all of it and a convoy of seven dump trucks that are empty went up the street behind me to load up and haul it away as they've been doing for three weeks. as for what the final total of victims in this collapse will turn out being initially a couple of weeks ago we thought it would be 140 people. now it is looking like more like 100 or a few more. the county manager said some of
6:48 am
the people reported missing could be some of the bodies that have been recovered but yet to be identified. martha. >> martha: phil, thank you very much. >> bill: tough stuff to listen to there. another day and step forward for critical race theory as parents across the u.s. push back against it. the heyward unified school bay in the san francisco area now making the teaching of ethnic studies mandatory and setting aside $40 million to put it in place. christopher rufo, senior fellow manhattan institute and chris, nice to see you. welcome back here. they go a step further. they'll do it in pre-school and then by the end of next year they will make it a requirement for graduation. how is that going to go? >> that's exactly right. you have to remember two weeks ago the entire left wing media and academia complex denied that critical race theory was
6:49 am
in any k-12 schools an obscure theory only-in-law schools. that was completely false at the time and now the mask has been ripped off. spending $40 million for one small school district? it's the driving ideology between the public education system. parents need to wake up to what's happening and parents are doing that and pushing back. >> bill: so then here is what they said on the class. ethnic studies is the interdisciplinary study of race and ethnicity as understood through the perspective of major underrepresented racial groups in the united states. again from california. from pennsylvania the father fighting back about it. he said this. this is call for number five. listen. >> i think crt is poisonous and teaches us to look at kids by the definitions that they come in. where they were born, what race they are, who their parents are. that's wrong. crt is the opposite of good
6:50 am
teaching. i'm running for school board to end it. i want to make sure my classroom teaches the truth. >> bill: greg dolan, see how many other parents run for school board. now that we covered california, pennsylvania, now to the state of kansas. the school board there is denying they're teaching it. here is the quote just as we teach our students to be judicious consumers of information, we encourage all people in kansas to study the theory. they're saying though? >> it is very bizarre. this is what we see all over the map with critical race theory. people who support it not necessarily these folks in kansas, use a series of language games. they use linguistic quicksand so they're always moving the definitions and hiding the ball. i'm pretty sure there is not much critical race theory in kansas but like to see a much stronger statement by the board. just like they did in florida
6:51 am
and texas and tennessee and idaho. i think it's a mealy mouthed week statement. we're in a red state like kansas parents are demanding clarity and transparency and demanding that racially divisive theories are not being implemented onto their kids. >> bill: kansas board of education by way of the kansas city star. critical race theory is misunderstood and not in state standards. so that's what we have there. on it goes, chris. please come back soon, okay? christopher rufo with us today. thanks. >> martha: republicans say that texas democrats are costing their constituents tens of thousands a day as they hideout in d.c. to block an election bill. what is the endgame with the texas democrats' move? karl rove is coming up. plus a step forward for britney spears. we'll speak to an attorney who has represented her in the past and see what he thinks about what has happened now.
6:52 am
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6:58 am
say we don't know what we don't know but there has always been a disconnect. somehow she has been able to function by performing on stage every night at a vegas show or on tour. co-hosting a television show and doesn't square with what it means to be in a conservatorship. you will recall that only eight months ago the judge asked her lawyer what does britney think about this conservatorship and her own lawyer said she is like a comatose patient who can't even sign a piece of paper saying what she wants. she blew that out of the water a couple weeks ago when she finally for the first time was able to appear in court and talk to the judge. so i think now with a new lawyer everything is going to change and we are going to see immediately a petition to terminate this conservatorship and you wait. we'll see some lawsuits against people involved in this conservatorship. >> martha: it is fascinating on a number of levels. part of what she said yesterday in court.
6:59 am
she called into this court proceeding here to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservativeship abuse. it is not abuse it is cruelty. it is allowing my dad to rule my life. that is abuse and we all know it. some of her statements yesterday she was sobbing in the middle of this and i think you touched on something that a lot of people have questions about. how is she really? how -- and then you are right, you look at the fact she employs many hundreds of people, and manages to pull off that aspect of her life quite well. >> that's right. look, under law, a conservatorship can't be maintained unless it is the absolute last resort to help somebody who can't help themselves. and that just doesn't square. there isn't any way you can convince me now that we've seen her and listened to her that
7:00 am
she hasn't had the ability to function. you and i can't decide on this program what if any issues she actually has but what we can decide is there has been a tragic miscarriage of justice here. she has never had anyone who advocated for her. she could have sought to determine nate this and didn't know it. i think everything now willservatorship have something to worry about. >> martha: there have been accusations her father has taken millions of dollars for various expenses that have question marks. we'll see where this whole thing goes now the tide appears to have turned. adam streisand, thank you. >> bill: texas democrats fled the state wanting it both ways. taking a private jet to
7:01 am
washington by exploiting a loophole in texas state house rules. when they got to d.c. they were all for democrats blowing up the u.s. senate rules to pass a federal voting bill. you got all this? all right. 2021. brand-new hour begins now. i'm bill hemmer good morning at home. >> martha: i'm martha maccallum. great to be here today. dew -- dew dana perino is off. texas republicans have time on their side in this one. for now they're doing the people's work with a long to do list as they wait for the democrats to return. there they are on the chartered flight to washington, d.c. a couple of days ago. texas lieutenant governor dan patrick joined us a little while and here he is weighing in. >> while they've been gone, for example, we passed to bill to get retired a 13th check. it will die because they aren't here. put more money in child protective services. that will die because they're not here.
7:02 am
i call them the liars club. everything they tell you from the vice president down to the lowest level house member who is on this trip a freshman whoever it may be are just lying to the american public. >> bill: it was dan patrick with us last hour. karl rove with us now. good morning. "wall street journal." texas democrats suppress the vote. the line i picked out toward the end. memo to the president, your home state of delaware doesn't allow 24 hour no excuse drive-thru voting. it won't begin early voting until 2022 and only for 10 days. fewer days than texas which approved early voting in 1987 under a republican governor. that pretty much makes your point, karl. >> yeah, this is in response to the president's atrocious comments in philadelphia where he attacked the texas effort as a 21st century jim crow effort and as voter suppression. if not having 24-hour voting
7:03 am
and not having no excuse drive-thru voting is evidence of suppression and racism, then he better be saying something about his own home state of delaware and virtually every other state. the 24-hour voting i'm still trying to figure out what state allows that on a regular basis and there are limitations in most states on drive-thru voting if they allow it at all. >> martha: one of the things that strikes me in this discussion it always becomes about voter fraud and that there was no voter fraud in 2020. but i think that the point that needs to be made is that so many of these changes got ushered in because there was a bit of panic that we had a national presidential in the middle of a pandemic and the doors were widened for the moment to make sure people concerned about the pandemic would have the different opportunities to get in their vote. that was never intended to be a permanent change. after the election, a lot of democrats decided they liked the way things worked with some
7:04 am
of these rules and want to enshrine them. >> that's a good point to make. i would make two others. first of all remember in texas this was only done in one of 254 counties. there is no evidence that it generated a higher number of voters as a result. the harris county houston where this was done with no statutory authority and in one instance and clearly against the law in the other on drive-thru voting texas law is explicit. the only people who can use drive-thru voting are people physically unable to enter the polls unassisted. they said okay, we'll ignore that state law. so should there be rules-in-law that everybody has to obey? the other thing is this isn't a question of fraud. there are questions that do arise who is sitting in the car with you and are they looking at your ballot telling you,000 vote? there are real questions about that. but bear county, san antonio looked at the idea of
7:05 am
drive-thru voting and said it will stretch our resources too thin. we don't have people to do this. it will cost us money. we have plenty of opportunities for people to vote. why do we need to have drive-thru voting and why do we need to have 24-hour voting? it is a mistake for us to do that. we have plenty of time on evening and weekends and during the day that people are working can go vote and we have protections in our law in texas in voting. this bill hb3 strengthens the protections of people say i won't be able to vote on election day but i want to vote early and leave work early or arrive late in order to go to the polls and cast my ballot. >> bill: it is like we said last hour. plan your day, right? >> yeah. >> bill: that's a basic fundamental requirement. quickly less than a minute. jen psaki on cuba won't say the word communism or socialism. here is from earlier in the week. watch here. >> we stand with the cuban people and their call for freedom from both the pandemic
7:06 am
and decades of repression and economic suffering that they've subjected by cuba's authoritarian regime. >> bill: what's at work here? >> they won't call it what it is. it's a brutal communist regime 90 miles from our border which has repressed the people of cuba who deserve to live in freedom. right over my shoulder the other day i left work and there were 50 or 60 cuban americans standing in front of our capitol protesting for freedom in cuba. the people of cuba deserve to live free after an 80 year domination by this brutal regime. it is communist. advanced the cause of international socialism sending troops to africa to bring down governments and convert them to communism. they have an active effort to support communists around the world. call them what they are. we aren't going to hurt their feelings. they are proud to be communist. we ought to allow them the privilege of being called what they are. >> bill: thank you, karl. thank you for coming.
7:07 am
you wonder what trump and bush would do and reagan would do if they faced a similar circumstance? the florida governor made an interesting point. let's give them the internet. all the video we've seen from havana and cities throughout cuba everybody is on their smartphone. communist government cut everybody off. if you allow them to communicate you would keep the thing going. >> martha: social media is what drives protestors. wouldn't it be amazing if the united states america used our cyber-warfare capabilities we turned it on and facebook and twitter are under so much pressure cracking down on freedom of speech in this country. how great a p.r. move to say we've done our work and figured how to get facebook and twitter to have their voices heard in cuba. it would be quite incredible. >> bill: a statement to the world. >> martha: fox news alert. overdoses in america reaching record highs during the
7:08 am
pandemic. startling new cdc data showing more than 93,000 americans died from drug overdoses last year. that was a 30% increase from the year prior and all that happened during the pandemic. it comes as border agents warn the smuggling of illegal opioids like fentanyl shows no signs of slowing down at our border. jonathan serrie live at the southern border. we begin with david spunt with the latest. >> the white house not happy about these numbers obviously they are going in the wrong direction when you look at them year to year making tremendous gains there. these are preliminary numbers, not the final numbers. states are still tallying up the numbers and the numbers will only increase. president biden announced he wants to have a new drug czar in place with the margins razor thin in the u.s. senate it is sometimes difficult to get people confirmed. newly released data shows the
7:09 am
alarming truth, 93,000, 30% this at a time when the country was in the midst of a once in a century pandemic. over the past year in the el paso sector of texas, officials seized 41 pounds of fentanyl compared to just 1 pound in all of 2018. a 4,000% increase. border states like texas, arizona, and new mexico are transport hubs. the drugs make their way north to states like west virginia where numbers continue to disappoint health officials. >> drugs are flooding across our border. if you saw the statistics that were announced today, the amount of deaths from overdoses went up over 29% last year. in my state of west virginia, it went up over 49%. >> president biden recently nominated a west virginia state health official to run the office of national drug control policy to hold that position a white house official saying dr.
7:10 am
gupta brings firsthand experience as medical doctor using evidence-based strategies to address the overdose epidemic in west virginia. if confirmed he would be the first medical doctor to be a drug czar since the position was established in 1988. >> martha: david spunt. thank you. >> bill: back to the front lines on our southern border where drug cartels are flooding the country with dangerous narcotics. jonathon serry is on that story today. >> every morning migrants come over the border. this is one of the largest groups we've seen. i would estimate at least 200. they appear to be mostly families, men, women, many of them with children. the federal government has yet to release official figures for june but is expected to announce the border patrol had more than 174,000 encounters with migrants along the
7:11 am
southwest land border that month. more than five times what it was during june of last year. these types of migrants, families are usually non-violent and turn themselves in voluntarily to federal authorities once they get over the border but processing them ties up limited resources while smaller groups of criminals try to sneak in. take a look at this video a mile from where i'm standing we saw a young migrant trying to evade capture. he went into a ditch filled with water. border patrol agent pursued him to a nearby road. once the young man realized he was surrounded he surrendered peacefully. early this morning a florida congresswoman brought a delegation of law enforcement officials from her state to the texas border to witness firsthand the effects of the crisis. she says what happens here affects the entire country including drug activity. >> every man, woman and child in the state of florida could be be killed nine times over just on the amount of fentanyl
7:12 am
that has been seized here in this area this year. >> now let's take a live view from our fox flight team drone. you can see the incomplete section of border wall that migrants have been walking around this morning. again these are mostly families, non-violent people, but the border patrol has arrested this week several dangerous individuals including a member of ms-13 and a member of the 18th street gang from el salvador and they apprehended someone from guatemala who was arrested in texas for sexually assaulted a child. 10 years probation and sent out of the country only to return again. bill, back to you. >> bill: jonathan serrie on the border today. put a human face on the surging drug deaths when we speak with virginia krueger, the mother of tiffany lee robertson who died of a fentanyl overdose six years ago and talk to dr.
7:13 am
nicole saphier who can tell us about america's opioid conspiracy coming up this hour. >> martha: a dad and his two daughters trapped on the roof of their car in raging floodwaters. look at that in catalina, arizona. dramatic rescue. >> bill: twitter cracking down on another conservative voice. the post they flagged this time coming up next. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment.
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show me the olympics. ♪ "bugler's dream" begins playing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> martha: massive spike in inflation, numbers surging by more than 5%. that's a big jump, folks, in the month of june. it's the fastest rise that we've seen in prices in over 13 years in this country. that information prompted house
7:19 am
minority leader kevin mccarthy to post a video showing how inflation has impacted the morning routine of one mom and in this video he sort of laid it all out. the video apparently wasn't quite what twitter had in mind so the tech giant slapped a sensitive content warning on it for viewers. carley shimkus and brett larson join us on set. good morning to you. carley, what do you think? >> i probably don't need to say this. that is fine ad. it is a classic effective tactic that has been done by both republicans and democrats. and it is an unforced error by twitter to label that as sensitive content. there is clearly nothing wrong with the ad and it makes it very easy to criticize tech companies and once again say they say they make mistakes but they all appear to be going in one direction if you think back to twitter banning the hunter
7:20 am
biden "new york post" story and i think there are a lot of examples that people the end to forget about. these things happen so often. kayleigh mcenany was censored and things twitter doesn't take down. some could be accident and mistakes. fool me once, shame on you. >> bill: we mark this as sensitive and reversed the action. it came down for a couple of hours, right? >> objectively if you watch the video, there is nothing sensitive about the video. it is a woman getting ready in the morning and you see the prices of various things she has to get for two children have gone up. there is no real game changing shocker to that. the tech companies have a problem here. they definitely -- there doesn't seem to be any transparency on what is it they're doing for one. the other part is we can make them out to be the boogeyman
7:21 am
but there is no wizard behind the curtain pushing the buttons doing it. it is algorithm based. they have billions of tweets and videos going up constantly throughout the day. it is hard for them to police this stuff. >> bill: if it's true there are two questions, right? who informed twitter to flag it? and why did they listen? >> exactly. that's where this algorithm based filtering and censoring of consent doesn't necessarily work. i know twitter said it was done by mistake. for all we know someone who is not a fan of mccarthy could have said i'm offended by that and somebody aggressive inside twitter will be i will flag it as sensitive content. is that how we want to live our lives? >> martha: an editorial judgment being made. that's the issue. they say they're a utility, a public entity and if that's the case, then the only thing that
7:22 am
should have flagged this video would be if the numbers were incorrect. they say the price of milk has gone up by this or wrong. or the dishwasher, the data is wrong. that would be the only way you could have any ability to put a correction maybe but -- >> absolutely. brett makes a great point. these things are usually algorithm based. >> martha: something informs the algorithm. >> governor ron desantis is the first politician to take legal action on this front when he recently put something into law saying constituents could sue social media platforms if they get deplatformed and they hit back and said it's unconstitutional and how do we handle this problem? ban section 230 or not? if you ban it, it could become a situation where big tech ends up censoring more.
7:23 am
we don't really know how to handle this problem but the bottom line is conservatives feel censored and for good reason. >> martha: uncharted territory is what we heard after january 6th when twitter banned president trump and former president trump and facebook followed through. we're living in uncharted territory. this is new technology. technology revolution. >> martha: it would be great if they could help the people in cuba get twitter and facebook accounts that. that would be a big p.r. move for them. >> for the biden administration or tech companies. >> bill: great points. nice to see you. brett, welcome back. good to see you, carley. >> clothes are a little tight. >> bill: the administration is under fire for inviting the u.n. to investigate the u.s. record on racism. how will that work out? details on that plus this. >> our top priority in all of this is the safety and security
7:24 am
of these applicants. they've already in many cases at great risk to themselves assisted the united states over the years. >> bill: now the administration finally taking action to get the afghan interpreters out of the country before they're harmed. major logistical questions as the taliban continues to seize territory. talk about that and more with dan crenshaw when we come back. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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>> martha: state department asking the united nations to conduct an investigation into human rights. the focus, though, is not on communist cuba or china, the focus would be here in the united states. rich edson live at the state department with more on this controversial move. good morning, rich. >> good morning. secretary of state anthony blinken says the united states is striving to improve with transparency inviting united states envoys to the u.s. to examine racism and human rights here. he writes responsible nations
7:30 am
must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights records. they should acknowledge it with the intent to improve. this invitation follows a report last month from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights cites george floyd's murder. protests that followed and detailed worldwide racism and police brutality against those of african descent. several republicans tied their criticism to the ongoing dem administrations and repression in in america but don't do squat to get the u.s. get involved in preventing state-sponsored murder in cuba. republican congressman lee zeldin says the invidation makes the u.s. looks week and plays into the hands of adversaries like china and russia. the human rights council
7:31 am
created a panel of experts to investigation in systemic racism worldwide of people of african dissent and the makeup of the human rights council and back room deals and secret ballots. they added humans rights abusers like china, russia and cuba to the world's highest human rights body. >> bill: biden administration flying afghan interpreters to safety because they could face significant retribution from the taliban. the white house on this yesterday. roll this. >> flights out of afghanistan for applicants will begin the last week of july and continue. these are courageous individuals. we want to make sure, we recognize and value the role they've played over the last several years. >> bill: want to bring in congressman dan crenshaw
7:32 am
republican from texas. thank you for coming back here and good morning to you. there are thousands who could use this program. i'm seeing a number as high as 18,000. how do you see it being implemented? are we behind the ball on this? >> we're definitely behind. this is a personal issue to me. the guy blown up in front of me was an interpreter who loved this country and fighting for our country and his. that's the case with a lot of these guys. they were just an after thought for that administration. it took weeks and weeks of bipartisan pressure for them to lift a finger and come out with a plan details still need to be followed through with. they finally come out with a plan. it might be too late. the end of july? they're talking about withdrawing within a few weeks of that. we've already left bagram air force base to looters. they didn't even turn it over to afghan government.
7:33 am
this is a very hasty and irresponsible process. they said these interpreters can't be physically in the u.s. of course legally that's not true. they can be here on parole. let's notice a trend here. they let the southern border be completely open. buy people plane tickets with no i.d.s wherever they want in the u.s. economic migrants, not asylum seekers yet they close off our borders to cuban refugees fleeing a marxist dictator and close us off to afghan interpreters serving our country for two decades now. it is really appalling the priorities of this administration. >> bill: i want to take you back to yesterday former president bush doesn't speak often about sitting presidents and never criticizes them while in office certainly. he gave an interview with the angela merkel visit to the white house today and he has a lot of concerns for these people. here is part of that. >> i'm afraid afghan women and girls will suffer unspeakable harm.
7:34 am
>> this is a mistake to withdraw? >> i think it is. i think about all the interpreters and people that helped not only u.s. troops but nato troops and they are just -- it seems like they will be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people. >> bill: what do you think of that, sir? >> of course he is right. that's exactly what will happen. you are already seeing signs of the taliban gaining strength. our military operations have decreased widely over the last few months knowing the withdrawal has been decided upon. you are already seeing taliban gain strength. you look at a return to the late 90s which by the way set up the stage for 9/11 to happen. afghan girls won't get to decide what they want to be educated and what books to read or who they get to marry. people will get slaughtered. on the other hand i acknowledge the american people want us out
7:35 am
and persuaded. what are americans that amount to slogans, bring the boys home and no more endless wars. the same people have to remember people like me and my friends weren't sent over there as victims not at all. we knew we were an insurance policy to prevent people like al qaeda from getting the time and space to plan another attack here. that's messy and not ideal but it is what we did there. and i would also say nobody was hurt in vain. we did not make these sacrifices in vain. we did protect this country for 20 years. and i hope that remains the case. unfortunately when i look to history and see what the rapid withdrawal in iraq did, we were back there a few years later. this seems to be the same setup that's happening now. i think those concerns are extremely veiled and we have to be honest with the american people about what the tradeoffs are. it is not all just rainbows and sunshine here. >> bill: thank you, sir. we'll speak again very soon.
7:36 am
>> martha: the opioid crisis reaching epic levels during the pandemic. >> her use increased during the pandemic because she didn't know how else to be able to cope with that depression and that pain that she was suffering. >> martha: that is just one of tens of thousands of people across the country affected by the crisis. up next we'll speak with another woman who lost her beautiful daughter. her warning for other parents. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. there's an old saying in the navy, that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. ensure complete! and if you've made the deployments, and you've been the wife at home,
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>> bill: from the state of iowa sentencing delayed for illegal immigrant cristhian rivera. he was convicted in may of murdering molly tibbetts. defense lawyers filing two new motions claiming the state withheld relevant information during the trial. matt finn has the story and picks it up. >> this morning was supposed to be a final chapter in this murder case. molly tibbetts own mother was preparing to give a victim impact statement. now two new witnesses including an inmate claimed they know how molly tibbetts really died. cristhian rivera was convicted of killing molly tibbetts accused of stabbing her to death while out on a run and dumping her body in a corn
7:42 am
field. first degree murder carries a life sentence in iowa. a prisoner said when he was in county jail another inmate confessed to killing molly tibbetts after she was kidnapped to a sex trafficking witness and a second witness told a local sheriff's office she was in the car a month earlier with the inmate and said that mexican rivera shouldn't be in jail for killing molly tibbetts because i raped and killed her. his attorneys allege the prosecution suppressed details about new confessions and sat on this information. the defense wants a new trial. hearing set to begin at any moment in iowa and we'll bring you the latest from this morning's hearing. >> bill: thank you, matt. from chicago. >> martha: drug overdose deaths reached stunning level last year killing more than 93,000 americans as the country was
7:43 am
struggling through the pandemic, it increased by 29% according to the cdc. the result of a bigger and deadlyer supply of fentanyl 50 times more powerful than heroin. crosses the border in a lot of situations. this mother's daughter died of a fentanyl overdose after suffering an injury. dr. nicole saphier is a fox news contributor and host of america's opioid conspiracy on fox nation. mrs. krueger, what do you want parents to know when you look at the numbers of the increase and you have also factor in the impact of the pandemic and how much anxiety it caused in so many people and young people in particular. >> the biggest thing i want to do is warn families. we have entered a new paradigm of this crisis and it is no
7:44 am
longer an opioid crisis, it is a fentanyl poisoning crisis. these -- prior to 2013, when someone would go online and pick up a prescription pill they would get the real thing. in today's environment we have young people who are not warned, who are unaware, who are getting these fake prescription pills online and they're pure fentanyl. not just laced with it but pure fentanyl. we have 14, 15, 16-year-olds right now who are dying as a result of these fake pills and also the contamination of the less legal drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine which are also laced with fentanyl. we have seen this shift occur beginning in 2013 where an entirely new population of people are being affected. this is no longer limited to the substance use community.
7:45 am
now we have regular everyday kids who don't have an addiction problem who are dying and they have not been warned. so my biggest thing that i want to stress today is that every parent out there needs to talk to their young teens and young adults, especially college and high school students so that they are aware of this very new and very inherent danger to their children. >> martha: such a great point. in this day and age these are the things that kids are confronted with. it used to be they would want to try pot or want to try something else that now it's like these prescription drugs taken out of parents' medicine cabinets and other places. your point is so well taken and so sorry for the loss of your daughter and i read her story. she was injured and became addicted to prescription drugs and given one by somebody that was laced with fentanyl and it
7:46 am
cost her her life. what would you like to see to help this problem at that level? >> first i have to clarify my daughter wasn't addicted to prescription pills. that's the whole point i'm trying to make. this is affecting people outside of that community. people who are first-time users, casual users and those self-medicating. the first thing that we need to do is address the main supply source, which is china. and they have formed a criminal partnership with mexico's drug cartels. and this partnership in combination with our current border policies have allowed this fentanyl to continuously pour over the southwest border practically unabated. in this environment today, you are accurate, one party, one time, one pill can end their life.
7:47 am
children should learn from their mistakes, they shouldn't die from them. >> martha: thank you very much. sorry for your loss and thank you for the clarification on her situation. nicole saphier your thoughts as you listen to this. this is a subject you are very involved in. what is your message to parents? >> this is devastating and we have reached a point in the covid pandemic where we're seeing more drug overdoses than deaths from covid every day. when we talk about how to protect people from covid we need to expand the narrative to how to save the most amount of lives. the overdoses throughout 2020 you see that the majority of those were in younger adults ages 30 to 45. that makes up less than 4% of covid deaths. while we did a great job to protect the elderly and those vulnerable with covid we did a disservice to our younger populations and the world health organization and experts warned with the recession, lockdowns, unemployment. substance abuse is a mental illness that requires constant monitoring and treatment.
7:48 am
treatment was difficult to come by during the pandemic. we need to make sure people have access to treatment. president biden is expanding the use of a medication to treat it. these are just putting band-aids on bullet holes. if we don't get the illicit fentanyl off the streets. we have to focus getting the illegal opioids off the street. we need to decrease incorrect prescriptions but that's already been taken care of. it is focusing at the local level. this permeates every single community and every household. anyone is susceptible to any form of addiction. you can't stigmatize other people. it can happen to anybody. this is a big picture and we have to start focusing on it. >> martha: it can take one bill one time as you say, virginia. it is a shocking and terrifying message that needs to hit home. thank you both for what you are
7:49 am
doing to make sure it does. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: 12 minutes before the hour. house republicans want to know who is buying hunter biden's artwork? their efforts to investigate his building dealings. jason chaffetz led numerous investigations while he was in congress and he is here to join us next. >> if this was any republican this would be a massive political scandal. one that we've really never seen.
7:50 am
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cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. >> harris: d.c. democrats can't stop gushing over the sacrifice of the texas lawmakers who fled their state on private jets. dems are trying to have it both ways and the g.o.p. is calling out hypocrisy. plus 3.5 trillion in the democrats' spending bill and they want to ram it through with zero support from republicans. but what will the price be for dems in the end? senate minority leader mitch
7:55 am
mcconnell is in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris. watching for that. republicans on the house oversight committee launching a new probe how to biden family has profited off the presidency. former house committee chair jason chaffetz is with us now. a lot of experience with this. good morning to you. when you are in the minority, how far can you take this? >> you can pose the questions, make the requests, you can highlight it but there is not a lot you can do when nancy pelosi has the gavel. >> bill: okay. here is a list of the documents house republicans are looking for. anything related to hunter biden's artwork. anything regarding travel with biden when he was v.p. lists of all the biden family members' foreign business interests. any instance the biden family name was used in ads and investment opportunities. some reporting on that. white house procedures to make
7:56 am
sure the biden family doesn't profit off the presidency. what do you think of that, jason? >> each one of those checks the box of things that we know there are documents on and the documents are numerous. for instance, hunter biden in 2016 in an email to the former -- the grandson of a former president of mexico is saying look, i brought you to every meeting that you've asked for at the white house. everything that you wanted to do at the vice president's residence and going to bring you to the meeting to meet with the vice president, his dad, when he lands on air force 2 but you haven't responded to my emails. it is time for you to produce the deals we talked about. so again a quid pro quo. they need to have documentation on that. in the world of art, it was the united states senate last year, senator carper and portman that issued a report saying if russians actually do want to get around sanctions, if they
7:57 am
want to launder money, what they do is go into the world of art. that's how they launder money. here is hunter biden doing exactly the opposite, by the way, bill of what the clintons did. hillary clinton when she was secretary of state bill clinton was doing speeches and making public appearances and they said look we'll disclose everything. every dollar amount. i give them credit for that. here is the biden white house making a convenient relationship with themselves saying we aren't going to provide any information. nobody gets to see how much money this art is producing. this money is going into a pocket. laundering the money and goes to the biden family and it's wrong. >> martha: i feel like we've been down this road a lot. the oversight committee takes this opportunity to push and get information out there and then it kind of ends up going nowhere except puts it into the public forum, right? that i guess is the service that it provides on behalf of congress.
7:58 am
unless you have a media that's interested in getting to the truth across the board, what you end up with is running into roadblocks on this. >> i wish they gave congress handcuffs at times. there are a lot of people who should have gone to jail. you have a department of justice that covers up these things and doesn't do it. lady justice puts that blindfold on but looks under it and says it's a clinton or biden or something? remember how they treated the trump family. from day one we heard emoluments clause, we want to see every trance x and dollar that appearance at a trump hotel. biden is charging artwork three times as much as what a picasso art piece went for in the last month, three times as much, and you don't hear a thing from the media, a thing from the democrats. it is hypocrisy. i think that's why fox news does so well. it is about the only place you can actually get true information.
7:59 am
>> bill: based on your experience, jason, how would you go after this? if you sell art to people with no name reported. >> i just think it's highly unethical. that is what they're doing but it is wrong. sunlight has to be the best disinfect ant. you have to keep digging for the documents but go to frank biden. that's joe biden's brother. he has ticketed more than 15 times in florida and arrested three times. within a blockbuster took two dvds and put in his pants before the police got involved and he said if you want access to the white house give me a call at this law firm. >> bill: jason chaffetz. >> martha: you have that going for you. >> bill: before we go, we found a dad who loves a certain kind of shoe, right? check him out. >> martha: he likes them a lot.
8:00 am
>> weekend, weekday, dock usage, these are good shoes for usually for church and those are the wedding sneakers. >> bill: there you have it. he knows what he likes. >> martha: he doesn't have tiktok sneakers but he is wearing cox. we'll see you at 3:00. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". democrats are aiming to ram through a $3.5 trillion budget bill without any republican support and the plan includes go pathways to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. spending to address climate change along with expa


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