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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 15, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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olivia rodriguez help them hit their vexing goal hoping her star power will convince young people to get the covid shot. >> this popstar feeling stronger than yesterday, that is good writing and bad singing, britney spears storing a major winter conservatorship fight. "fox and friends first" continues right now and we will let britney sing that. ♪♪'s i did it again ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good news for britney spears, she chose her own attorney, high-powered hollywood lawyer in celebration. the free britney movement is full steam ahead. todd: i stopped singing britney, start singing, that is the weight should be. carley: welcome to "fox and friends first".
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todd: vice president kamala harris wanting over texas democrats, now being compared to freedom fighters. >> their tactics are costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> lauren blanchard joining us live with more. >> the vice president of planning experts comparing them to civil rights leaders like frederick douglass, the selma marchers and suffragettes but republicans say a cushy trip dc isn't exactly the same as what freedom fighters have gone through. >> they took bold, courageous action in line with everybody from frederick douglass. >> last i checked the heroic civil rights protesters were not in a private charter jet, didn't have a case of miller light next to them. >> reporter: the group of texas democrats will meet with moderate senator joe manchin to push him unending the filibuster the democrats can pass bills
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with littleton a republican support like sweeping election reform, the 50 plus democrat lawmakers, to stop of voting bill that they call voter suppression. >> nothing was going to happen so why keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response, that is insanity and we refuse to do it which is why we left. >> reporter: there are calls by the speaker of the house to forfeit for their legislative stipend of $221 per day. members say they will give that money up, others say they are working harder in dc than if they were in austin. the democratic caucuses there is 0 state or taxpayer dollars going to the trip. governor greg abbott, they need to head home and work. >> texas democrats are doing their filibustering in texas to get the washington dc democrats
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to stop the filibuster rule, that is the height of hypocrisy. >> the voting bill not the only issue the texas house was meant to take up, they were also supposed to look at bail reform, checks for retired teachers and property tax relief all of which is at a standstill. carley: they have a lot of work to do. >> is there a hidden agenda behind the push for election reform? here's what sean hannity thinks. >> what is is really all about? we know there's nothing racist about integrity and elections. democrats are obviously worried, chances are they now believe they will lose in 2022 and maybe even 2024. the green new deal socialist policies are deeply unpopular, defunding the police, reimagining police policies similarly deeply unpopular. the guy they put in the white house is becoming less and less
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coherent seemingly by the hour or so they are frantically searching ways to expand voting by any means necessary while setting up an excuse for him intent -- and impending loss. todd: texas democrats do not intend to return to the lone star state until the special session is over. >> the fbi is investigating after a man wearing body armor and carrying a cache of weapons tried entering the federal building in los angeles. security guard stopped the unidentified man driving into the parking garage in several loaded guns and knives in his truck. he was detained but it is unclear if he's facing any charges. authorities believe he may have been trying to pass himself off as law enforcement. >> this is to remind 11 call by richard sherman's wife reveals new details and the former arrest for domestic violence. >> i need officers here now.
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a bunch of people saying he's going to hang himself. this is an emergency. i need officers here now. >> sherman's wife says the former 49er and seahawk was drunk when he tried breaking into his in-laws washington home. they use the k-9 to take him down after he fought with officers, sherman remains behind bars without bail. >> mississippi health officials warning about hospitalization of children with severe cases of covid 19. they say twee 7 kids currently in the icu and two of them are on ventilators. it comes as the delta variance urges across the us. the cdc says the variant makes up half of all new covid 19 infections. doctor mark siegel will join us to discuss children getting covid and if it is safe for them to get vaccinated. >> pop sensation olivia roderigo in a selfy while visiting the white house to encourage young people to get vaccinated. >> i'm olivia roderigo and i'm at the white house with president biden. so important.
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it doesn't matter if you vaccinate yourself, your friends and your family. >> roderigo recorded several videos aimed at boosting vaccination rates in people under the age of 18. those videos will be shared with her 28 million social media followers and on white house accounts. >> speaking of pop stars britney spears celebrates winning the right to hire her own attorney in her conservatorship battle. the popstar literally doing car wheels in a video she shared on instagram. >> the victory comes after a tearful day in court. we are not going to ask her to do cartwheels, just ask her for her report. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more on the effort to hashtag free britney. >> many spears jumped on that hashtag free britney movement online after the judge granted her to hire a non-court-appointed attorney to represent her. he took to instagram and said, quote, coming along, folks, coming along.
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i feel gratitude and blessed. thank you to fans for supporting me. you have no idea what it means to me to be supported by such awesome fans. she finished with the hashtag free britney. for those who don't know that is the social media campaign that took over, the last several years as fans demanded the popstar's release from her conservatorship overseen by her dad jamie. her new attorney, matthew rosen guard on the newest developments. take a listen. >> one thing everybody has lost sight of you and all the controversy and litigation and drama is what is in the best interest of britney spears. can anyone disagree that it is not in the best interest of the
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conservatee for james spears to be a co-conservator? >> he broke down in tears as she demanded her dad be charged with conservatorship abuse saying she wanted to get rid of him and, quote, i'm here to press charges because i am angry and i will go there. coming up later in this show we are talking to a couple defense lawyer about what comes next. just about everybody in the world is on britney spears's side. >> everybody is talking about it. i still have this question. why these people with the time to show up every single court hearing. >> me the big break for legendary horse trainer bob effort. a federal judge nullifies his 2-year suspension allowing him to enter horses in the saratoga summer meet the kicks off today. the judge ruling the suspension was unconstitutional because the effort was not given a hearing after his horse medina spirit as positive drug test at the kentucky derby. he denies drugging the horse and there you have it. the time is 8 minutes after the hour. republicans want to the white house to hand over documents
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that may reveal business ties between the biden family of the presidency. congressman craig steube says that is the big question, he joins us live next. >> don't fauci my florida. not saying you tried, you're sitting here so i mention your name. governor rhonda santos is out with a new line of merchandise driving his critics crazy, more on it coming up. ♪♪ 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> welcome back on thursday morning, profiting off the presidency, republican lawmakers launching a probe, but several family members are using the position -- >> greg steube, good morning.
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members of the house oversight committee want an investigation and they wrote a letter saying these reports of president biden using his former official position of public trust are widespread at any hope the pattern of family dealings would finally stop when he assumed the presidency has been dashed, hunter biden with his budding art career selling paintings for half $1 million so where do you stand on this? are you as concerned as your republican colleagues? >> i joined with my republican colleagues on the oversight committee. imagine for a second if one of trump's children were doing the same thing during the trump presidency? you would not hear the end of it in the mainstream media. they would constantly be talking about it and demanding they find out who it is paying 500,$000 for one of these paintings with a straw.
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it would be nonstop, asking why this is going on so they don't have anything to hide then why aren't they releasing the information to the public as to who is paying half $1 million to somebody who has never been an artist before who happens to be the son of the president of the united states and find out who it is, to show that is nothing unethical or illegal going on. >> this goes beyond this fails to pass the smell test. what are the actual red flags that you think republicans are looking for with regard to all of these individuals, hunter, the brother and sister? >> you can't be paying off family members for some type of government action. hunter biden's father is the president of the united states and if there are foreign actors or foreign leaders, china for example russian oligarch paying 500,$000 directly to hunter
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biden for some type of we are going to help you out, some type of government action because my father is the president that is illegal, you can't do that type of activity so that's not going on then release the information of who is purchasing these payments. >> let's talk about cuba. this week florida's democratic party called for additional sanctions on leaders in the cuban government and one of those lawmakers in your home state of florida had this to say, we need to be the beacon of hope. there are people in cuba protesting waving the american flag, that has never happened. we need to understand the movement we are living in. a lot of people both republicans and democrats are saying we can't let this moment go to waste. what do you think the biden administration should do on this front? >> you are hearing from florida democrats because there is a very large cuban population in florida and they know if they completely ignore the cuban population in florida like the biden administration is doing it
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is not going to work out well for them politically. we as a country have to stand with the cuban people. the cubans waving american flags are acting more patriotic than americans in america calling to dismantle our systems of government and defund the police and the socialized system and hearing nothing from democrat socialists in the house about what is happening in cuba. people are starving, they don't have healthcare, we as americans need to stand for freedom and stand with the cuban people being oppressed by a communist regime. todd: i don't understand why can't this administration just say communism bed which has been the point of our country, one of the bulwarks of our country literally since our founding. >> they can't because progressives want socialism and communism in our country, the far left fringe of this party, if they say that.
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carley: trump won florida in 2020 and it would be a political win for biden, imagine if he helped liberate cuba how politically advantageous that would be for him in a swing state? so far he has taken a more muted tone with calls for greater action on this front. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. todd: time is 17 after the hour. a year of nonstop rioting, murders up 500% since last year. portland, oregon - julio rosa spent a lot of time outside the federal courthouse. he only visits portland for work. carley: marijuana convictions could go up in smoke nationwide. new legislation senate democrats just rolled out. ♪♪
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>> former united nations ambassador nikki haley slamming the biden administration for inviting the un to investigate human rights violations in the us. >> you've got people being bullied and beaten on the streets of cuba, venezuelans arresting political protesters all of which biden chooses to sit with on the human rights
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council and the us is asking the united nations, a cesspool of political bias to come into the united states and investigate us on human rights? we look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. >> haley's comments come after anthony blinken said he would invite experts and hopefully ask them to report and advise on human rights issues in the us. would you want your kid taking a course called abolish the police this fall? davidson college so the class will look at the relationship between black people and police in the us and use, quote, black political and feminist theories to critically examine issues of race criminalization and incarceration. carley: despite a year of violent protests and dangerous crime portland, oregon has been named one of the best places to live in the united states according to a new report from u.s. news & world report which touts the city's quote shameless wild side. the writer for visited portland many times to cover those riots and he joins us now. very good news from portland, one of the best places to live.
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we recommend moving there? >> know i wouldn't. i have been going to the city pretty consistently since 2019, no city is perfect but every time i've gone back to portland it seems it has gotten worse, not just because of the riots but even with the homelessness problem and crime is it is unfortunate because i am told that it was once a really great city to live in but then progressive politics has gotten itself into what i call a hamster wheel of self-destruction so we've seen a great city fall victim to its own population's way of wanting to do politics and that is how things are today. i'm pretty shocked it managed to get into the number 10 spot. >> you have friends that have moved out of portland. was were their reasons for moving? >> anecdotally i know a few
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people who moved out of portland, lifelong residents, the riots last year were the final straw, the cost of living has gone up pretty significantly as well. is one thing to have violent crime on the rise but when you have a significant second of the population willing to riot night after night after night like we saw last year that doesn't bode well because some of the people who moved out have family and kids to take care of. carley: portland has a commercial to drum up tourism. let's listen to that right now. >> we are not perfect but we are the kind of place where you don't have to be anyone but yourself. we have the loudest voices on the west coast. it goes all the way up. we have always been like this.
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carley: to your point, check out these crime statistics. homicides up 533%, shootings up 126% so those stats do not match the cheery nature of that ad. >> that is the unfortunate side effect of whitewashing the reality of the city because he knows and people who have nothing to do with protesting that day, they get caught up in the mix whether getting harassed at their own home or the local businesses are damaged because they are fighting corporate capitalism. there is no reason they should feel the need to hide what is happening because everyone knows. i have a friend traveling to
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portland today who said they warned him how unsafe portland has gotten so it is not just me saying it but other people who live in this space as well. jillian: i or why u.s. news & world report would put portland on the list when you consider the crime statistics we just showed. they can't possibly be unaware of it. are they just covering and saying there may be crime but also food seeds? >> i like to visit certain foods but again i am shocked and would love to see what they took into consideration considering there are other great cities. carley: portland is a beautiful place going through a difficult time because of progressive policies that damaged the city. thank you for shining a light on what is going on.
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appreciate it. todd: and if that commercial doesn't get you to hop on i don't know what will. to we talk about chicago but the murder rate in rochester, new york outpacing the windy city. we break down the disturbing new data with a retired rochester police officer and the person convicted of killing molly to bits as the case turns around. there we go. look for this in-store display of king's hawaiian hamburger and hotdog buns for a chance to win a flavortown-inspired hawaiian getaway. can i get another restock on king's hawaiian bread? again. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread.
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you guys! oh my god! oh my god! todd: that video tells the tale. back with extreme weather, heavy rain creating severe flash flooding in arizona, crews rescuing amenities two young daughters after their car was swept away in that fast-moving water. jillian: multiple tornadoes in central iowa. trail of destruction left behind with 4500 homes without power.
2:31 am
meteorologist janice dean here with the forecast. that video, scary stuff. doesn't take much to cause flash flooding in the desert southwest. is not like the midwest or southeast where you get an inch and a half that doesn't mean a big deal but across the desert where the water can't be absorbed in the ground it causes major issues and dangerous conditions, storm reports, a dozen reports of tornadoes in iowa yesterday. severe weather outbreak for the folks in iowa, the national weather service assessing the damage, we have potential for heavy rainfall here but not the extreme weather we saw last night and looking at potential for heavy rainfall across the desert southwest where we have flood watches and flood warnings around the grand canyon so this is an ongoing situation. along the gulf coast we see pop up showers and thunderstorms for
2:32 am
florida as well, northeast we are into those showers and thunderstorms here and there and the southwest as well. getting into the heat for the northeast, the heat index what it feels like with temperature and humidity feeling like 97 and hurricane felicia in the pacific moving away from land and we don't think it will affect anyone. todd: can you say by felicia? >> janice: once it becomes a tropical depression we will say by, felicia. i like it. todd: thanks. >> newly released 911 calls suggest an explosion right before the tower fell. >> hurry up! >> reporting a call lapse in the
2:33 am
garage. >> a collapse? >> a building collapsed? carley: 96 people confirmed dead, the search for 11 others still missing. a florida judge approved the selling the ocean front property with proceeds going to victims. the sale is expected to get up to $110 million. a man is charged in the murder of a houston mom who was shot and killed after dropping her son off at the us naval academy. police say she was tracked down through surveillance video. they had a warrant out for his arrest after cutting off his home detention ankle bracelet. investigators say michelle cummings was not the intended target. he was killed by a stray bullet sitting on a hotel patio. after taking her son to the naval academy. todd: absolutely the worst.
2:34 am
33 after the hour, the city of rochester in northern new york has a higher rate of murder per capita than chicago. one of america's notoriously violent cities. joining us to discuss the numbers, rochester police officer symptom. simpson. chicago getting all the attention but how bad has it gotten in your city? >> homicide detective here. when i retired in 2019 this is the worst i have ever seen it. things are out of control and we just now reached 40 murders in the last 24 hours. todd: in the last 24 hours you reached 40 murders overall for the year. who gets the blame? >> it is the perfect storm. that defund the police movement,
2:35 am
albany and acting bad reform, the same time period, this has caused the perfect storm to hit cities in new york. there is no accountability for carrying legal handguns and you have police officers that don't feel supported that contacting policing to not exist anymore. the way you get guns off the street is proactive policing and that no longer exists. todd: let's look at the comparison between rochester and chicago, homicides per 100,000 people and you see 18 per 100,000 in rochester, per 100,000 in chicago. here's what the mayor has to say, quote, these horserace statistics have provided a sense of fascination among media news organizations continue to ignore the historic source of these trends the true consequence of which cannot be measured in numbers. is a statement like that helpful in solving the problem?
2:36 am
>> know, it's not. because of the problem is what i just mentioned which includes democrat leadership in urban cities and leadership has supported the criminals and emboldened them. that is the cause in spite of this. we have had issues in urban cities for a long time but it took bail reform and attacking police officers to cause this huge spike to occur. todd: the situation throughout the country. a little bit of a surprise that rochester has numbers like that. hopefully you can get those numbers down. we appreciate your time this morning. carley: marijuana convictions could go up in smoke across the united states. senate democrats unveiling a bill that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level.
2:37 am
majority leader chuck schumer and other supporters say the measure would he race convictions for nonviolent marijuana crimes, pave the way for weed, tax and regulations allow states to decide on legalization. time is 36 after the hour. health officials have a scary new warning about the delta variant's impact on kids. doctor mark siegel has everything parents need to know coming up next. todd: millions of americans about to get another pay day thanks to the president's child tax credit, sounds good but is it the best idea? we discussed. ♪♪ (vo) i am living with cll and i am living longer. thanks to imbruvica. imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. it will not work for everyone. imbruvica is the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll, and it's proven to help people live longer.
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imbruvica is not chemotherapy. imbruvica can cause serious side effects, which may lead to death. bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness or confusion and severe decrease in blood counts can happen. heart rhythm problems and heart failure may occur especially in people with increased risk of heart disease, infection, or past heart rhythm problems. new or worsening high blood pressure, new cancers, and tumor lysis that can result in kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, and seizure can occur. diarrhea commonly occurs. drink plenty of fluids. tell your doctor if you have signs of bleeding, infection, heart problems, persistent diarrhea or any other side effects. i am living with cll and living proof that imbruvica is right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you.
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todd: this could be the reason
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why millions of american families notice and influx of cash in their bank account starting today. jillian: show coney it -- l casone claims why. ed: the expanded child tax credit goes out to 39 million families. this will affect the million kids, probably more. maximum credit 3600 which comes in monthly installments of $300 or 3000 between 6 and 17 which comes in monthly installments. no limit on how many children received the credit. 80% of families will see direct deposit through the irs, based on their annual income. full credit goes to couples making less than 150,000. if you file taxes you don't need to do anything especially direct
2:42 am
deposit. letting you know what you'll receive. they have been reaching out but still a lot of confusion about this. todd: not everybody is thrilled, republican saying a waste of money. i'm worried about this because i use neutrogena sunscreen. ed: check the label. johnson & johnson recalling 5 sunscreens that have low levels of benson which after repeated exposure is known to cause cancer. these are in the aerosol cans only including aveeno protect refresh and four neutrogena brands, cool dry sport, alt rush year. in a statement the company said, quote, benzene is not an ingredient of any of our products, in the impact it aerosol sunscreen finished products were investigating the cause of the issue which is limited to certain aerosol sunscreen products but benzene is the issue but they have to be careful.
2:43 am
carley: let's talk about the don't fauci my florida merchandise. >> reporter: governor rhonda santos selling merchandise to take jabs at doctor anthony fauci. you can buy a beer -- don't fauci my florida, t-shirts, one of the items has the phrase how am i going to be able to drink a beer with my mask on? a flag reads florida free, the money goes to desantis's reelection campaign, the phrase about the beer was something he had himself. todd: am i right in thinking it is the most florida thing ever? carley: from arizona. not so bad, florida. >> time to check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> it is cozy.
2:44 am
i am telling you it is cozy, anything cozy around your cores. >> the man on the street interview. >> you've got plenty of time in 17 minutes. coming up in 17 minutes republicans in north carolina are one step closer to banning critical race theory in that state. lieutenant governor mark robinson will join us and as cubans fight for freedom from communism, we are sharing family stories about living under the dictatorship. the wwe, for friday night smack down. we will talk to women's champ be on, bel air on what it is like to perform in front of a live crowd. lera trump and joe consciousa
2:45 am
will join us live and dennis quaid and some of the stars of the new movie about ronald reagan that looks at the life and legacy of the nation's fortieth president and the wounded warrior project is bringing the annual soldier ride back to us city and the starting line is fox square where we started off for the first time in 2000, we kick that off later this morning. get cozy with your coffee. "fox and friends" kicks off 15 minutes on the channel you trust with your morning news. ♪♪ 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> in a report on america's other health crisis the opioid epidemic, overdose deaths hit
2:49 am
record levels during the pandemic. todd: doctor mark siegel, how much i pandemic lockdowns to blame, how do we reverse the trends? >> they are hugely to blame. it is about isolation. the national institute of drug abuse, it is all about being isolated and the structure of your lives being torn down and you don't have the structure of people and engagements, turning to crutches like alcohol and drugs, 60% of drug abuse deaths, 90,000, the most ever were due to fentanyl. the one connection people have is to their drug dealer and fentanyl causes tremendous overdoses, 50 times more powerful than morphine. this will reverse but this collateral damage we've been talking about for months and
2:50 am
months and months is the cause. >> it is an unintended consequence and those numbers are so sad. that's talk about the delta variant, mississippi health officials are warning about it because 7 kids in the icu, two of those children are on ventilators so what do parents need to know as it affects children? >> the delta variant is of concern because it is tilting younger, most hospitalizations and deaths are people who haven't been vaccinated so everybody has to use the delta variant as a wake-up call to get two shots of an mrna vaccine that totally covers the variant, prevent you from severe illness and hospitalization.
2:51 am
for kids that can't vaccinated where there is a lower vaccination rate like mississippi some areas as low as 15% those kids could be protected by everyone around them being vaccinated. it is my plea for months. i'm an enormous fan of this vaccine. it is very very safe. way more effective than we were expecting a huge tool here. todd: moderna launching clinical trials whether it's vaccine leads to miscarriages or stillbirths in pregnant women or birth defect in newborns despite thousands of mothers receiving the shot. how worried should expectant mothers be if they've gotten the moderna vaccine? >> they should be much more worried about getting covid. covid itself causes miscarriages, side effects, way more likely a severe case of covid if you are pregnant but if you've got the vaccine or did well with it, you are in great shape.
2:52 am
for people who are considering it i wish they'd gotten it before. more studies should have been done earlier. i believe it is safe during pregnancy but don't have as much as we shouldn't we should have had it earlier on. what we have look safe. it is certainly safer than covid. jillian: thank you. >> 52 after the hour. britney spears scoring a major victory in court landing her own lawyer and calling for charges against her father. >> jonas lays out the arm wrestling match the comes next. ♪♪ ♪♪ would you hold it against me ♪♪
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. todd: a maim victory for brittany spears, winning the conservatorship battle against her dad. carley: here to break it down jonna spilbor. doing cart wheels, she is able to choose her own lawyer. she chose matthew rosengart. what does this mean for her case overall? >> so, this is really interesting because technically, not a lot happened in court yesterday except for the fact that she, britney, is now allowed to retain her own private counsel, which means
2:57 am
there is a new sheriff in town. that's a huge win for britney. because she is finally going to have a voice. and we know based on her impassioned plea a few weeks ago in court what her end game is. she wants to get out from under this conservatorship and she has a few choice words for her father. this attorney has vowed to only ask in britney's interest as any attorney should. so what i think is going to happen from this point forward, her attorney is going to say to daddy spears, do you want to do this the easy way or hard way? and they can start negotiating to get britney out from under this conservatorship. if that doesn't work, then he will file a petition for the same thing. todd: as for the dad, britney has said she wants her dad charged with abuse. again, this has nothing to do with her attorney. it has everything to do with the l.a. county d.a. do you see any charges attaching to jamie spears? >> yeah. now, that is really interesting. i don't know if britney and her
2:58 am
new lawyer might use that as a negotiation tool to say, listen, if we can all go to our respective corners quoitly, we are not going to bring charges, we want to have britney's life back. a d.a. might get wind of this and say we are under a duty to investigate whether there was fish your wrong doing here. there is a lot of finger pointing to go around here. judges can't really do anything unless there is a petition 'before them. that's not always true. judges can act on their own sui sponte. something was wrong over the last dozen years, they should have done something about this, too. she is not just a money making machine she is an actual person. i hope something does happen here. carley: absolutely. let's talk about this twist in the mollie tibbetts trial. the man who was found guilty of murdering mollie tibbetts was supposed to be sentenced to life in prison without parole this
2:59 am
week. but, the judge delayed that sentencing because two people who apparently don't know each other came forward and said actually this other guy confessed to murdering mollie tibbetts. it's not the person that was found guilty of murdering her. how sear crewsly are you taking these claims? >> no. this is also another fascinating point. because these are two jail house snitches, basically. as if the story can't get any more unbelievable. i mean, look, the history is cristhian rivera first said he confessed that he did it. then at trial he was like, well, i don't really think it was me. two people hijacked me they did and it i disposed of the body. now we go with a third version of events. i don't believe it but the judge is doing the right thing by basically reopening the case, not sentencing him yet. he may be subject to a new trial depending on the credibility of this new jail house snitch information. so we're going to have to wait and see on that one.
3:00 am
todd: that will all need to be figured out. the lawyers go back to playing lawyer again. we see at the end of the day this dozen reopen wounds for this family. that's not legal it's emotional. jonna spilbore thank very much. >> thanks. carley: two interesting days there. have a great day, todd, to you at home as well. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> vice president kamala harris praising texas democratic lawmakers. >> they took bold, courageous action in line with the legacy of frederick douglass. >> they need to get back because their voters are going to get very angry for not doing the job they were elected to do. >> do you think people because they don't like communism? >> we think they're opposed to oppression. the mismanagement of the government in the country. >> this is about freedom and human rights. >> secretary of state tony blinken has invited the united nations to investigate this country for systemic racism. >> we don't need this and


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