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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 15, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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from chinese fishing vessels around the contested islands in the south china sea and so epic you can see all that from outer space the political party in china is renaming itself the cc pp and pooh-pooh. is that really written? set the dvr and got filled next. carley: it is july 15th, democrats pulling out all the stops to push their election reform agenda gushing over the texas lawmakers who refuse to go home and govern and while they may ground in washington the republican colleagues say they shouldn't get paid for the sessions they are skipping. todd: britney spears just getting started, scoring a major victory in court, landed her own lawyer and calling for charges against her father.
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>> governor ron desantis with new merchandise driving his critics crazy. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> reporter: the statehouse in austin, texas, no democrats. >> that may have come from "fox and friends". there was a diner segment, what the women said, don't california my georgia. >> "fox and friends" diner segments are setting the tone for the nation and hopefully we are setting the tone for your thursday. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning.
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carley: vice president kamala harris still fawning over texas democrats who are being compared to freedom fighters. >> of stalling tactics cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> lauren blanchard joins us from washington with more. >> the vice president said democrats are in line with the legacy of civil rights leaders and applaud their efforts to stop texas from passing their voting bill but republicans say a trip to dc isn't exactly the same as what freedom fighters have gone through. >> they took a bold courageous action in line with the legacy of everyone from frederick douglass, women who marched down pennsylvania avenue for women's rights to vote for those folks in 1965 pass the voting rights act. >> reporter: today the group of texas democrats will meet with moderate senator joe mann's
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which in an intimate filibuster said democrats can pass bills with little to no but republicans were like sweeping election reform. manchin has been at odds with the majority of the democratic party when it comes to ending the filibuster and passing partisan bills. the 50 plus texas lawmakers have been out of their state to stall a new voting bill. >> nothing was going to happen and so why keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response? that is insanity and we refuse to do it which is why we left. >> reporter: there are calls by the texas speaker of the house for lawmakers to force the legislative stipend of $221 per day while they remain away from work, some members say they will give that money up, others say they are working harder than they were in austin. governor greg abbott said he will call special sessions until the texas house votes. >> texas democrats are doing their filibustering in texas to get the washington dc democrats
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to stop the filibuster rule, that is the height of hypocrisy. >> reporter: the voting bill not the only issue they meant to tackle, they were also supposed to look at bail reform, checks for retired teachers and property tax relief all of which is at a standstill. todd: ted cruz is the left is off-base with their freedom fighter comparisons. the heroic civil rights protesters were not in a private charter jet, they didn't have a case of miller light next to them. these are partisan democrats playing a political stunt and they are desperate for media attention. the biden administration wants to play politics and they are doing that but this is going to fail and if these house democrats continue pulling this stunt there going to be arrested. >> it will be a shameless power grab if congressional democrats and the biden administration exploit this moment to end the
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filibuster to federalize our elections. >> the ongoing situation in cuba. yesterday peter doocy asked jen psaki if she thinks the cuban people are protesting and leaving the country because they don't like communism. listen to how she responded. >> why are people leaving cuba or what is the process for them getting here? i can explain either of those. >> do you think people leaving cuba because they don't like communism? >> i think we've been clear we think people are leaving cuba or protesting in the streets as well because they are opposed to the oppression, the mismanagement of the government in the country. >> the answer is yes. simple one word answer, yes, the people are protesting because communism stinks and the biden administration is doing this word salad game where they are calling out the government as
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oppressive but not attacking the ideology of communism and some republicans think that is a calculated decision because they don't want to anger the progressive wing of the party. let's be clear the people in cuba are not chanting we want more vaccines but liberty, freedom, change to the system. >> what a change in our country. since we grew up, when we grew up it was communism is the worst thing in the world, look what happened in russia, they got rid of communism. the berlin wall - >> part of who we are, dna as americans. >> over the last couple years, communism isn't that bad. >> they would never say communism, they attack socialism which is an extension of communism addicted end up being the same thing. >> it is shocking, how things have changed.
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another area in the cuban situation that is getting a lot of attention, reuters, down the middle they are getting slammed for saying cuban protesters risked exacerbating covid 19 spike, stark contrast to all the celebration of the protests we saw last summer when blm protests were happening, this is what we were talking about. for whatever reason the mainstream media weather is not condemning communism or saying especially mayorkas yesterday that soundbite if you are coming here we will turn you around, you have people coming to the border, it is all about you can come here, it is a double standard that makes no sense. why when it comes to the cubans doing so much to thwart communism and doing the right thing we can't accept that in our country. jillian: the tweet from reuters,
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june 3rd, 2020, thousands worldwide took to the streets to show their support for the black lives matter movement which is a very different tweet then yesterday, cuban protests risk exacerbating covid 19 spike. if they are protesting an oppressive government they can risk exacerbating covid 19. if you are protesting black lives matter, a celebrated movement. we will talk more about this in the 5:00 hour with florida congressman craig steube because there's a lot going on in florida in support of these protests. britney spears celebrates winning the right to hire her own attorney and conservatorship battle, popstar literally doing cartwheels in a video shared on instagram. >> this comes after a tearful day in court. ashley strohmeyer joins us in an
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effort to hashtag free britney. >> reporter: britney spears jumped on the free britney movement online after the judge granted her to hire an attorney to represent her and she took to instagram and said, coming along with real representation today, thank you to my fans for supporting me. you have no idea what it means to be supported by such awesome fans, she finished with the hashtag free britney, the social media campaign as fans demanded the pop star's release over her conservatorship. here is what spears's attorney had to say about the new developments. >> something everybody has lost sight of in all of the controversy and drama is what is in the best interests of britney spears, can anyone disagree it
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is not in the best interests for james spears to be a co-conservator? >> spears broke down in tears as she demanded her dad be charged with conservatorship abuse saying she wanted to get rid of him, i'm here to press charges for abuse because i'm angry and i will go there. later in the show we are talking to a criminal defense lawyer about what comes next in her case. >> we will see if she can win this and be free. >> 1-story uniting the nation. carley: appreciate it. >> challenging the narrative. >> whites and asian americans our oppressors. >> is this the american you want? america divided by race, power and hatred?
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>> our next guest believes his success as an asian american debunks critical race.. >> the white house to the popstar to push people to get vaccinated. the new message they hope will strike accord with younger people. todd: who is that? who?
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jillian: president biden met with senate democrats to talk up a multi-trillion dollar budget blueprint that will ultimately fund a number of progressive priorities. todd: that is if the party can manage to hold all of its 50 senators together. madeleine rivera has more. >> we are going to get this done. we are getting it done. >> reporter: where the confident as president biden met with senate democrats on capitol hill wednesday afternoon. the meeting shows democratic
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support particularly among moderates for $3.5 trillion spending plan is still shaky. >> as you know if there were enough votes for each of these priorities there would be a vote and it would have happened. >> on tuesday senate dems agreed on a budget blueprint that report federal resources into climate change, healthcare and family service programs that senator joe manchin hasn't committed to it saying he's paying close attention to how the plan would be paid for. >> we have a debt of $20 trillion right now, indications of inflation spiking. >> consumer prices surged 5.4% in june from a year earlier, the highest in 13 years per a labor department report. >> the problem in terms of inflation pressures is the out-of-control spending and out-of-control deficits but i think the worst possible thing we could do right now is spend $3 trillion we don't have. >> a bipartisan group of
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senators is working on infrastructure framework totaling $1.2 trillion, some wonder if the democrat budget deal could derail republican support for that bill. >> it's going to be point they've gambled a lot of time away. >> president biden met with a bipartisan group of governors and mayors wednesday to rally support for the infrastructure plan. in washington, madeleine rivera, fox news. >> the irs will start sending out the enhanced child tax credit payments, 39 million families expected to get monthly checks of up to $300, families could get $3,600 total per child depending on their income and the age of their kids. the initiative is intended to run for a year. republican critics lamb the child tax credit boost calling it an expansion of the welfare state. >> olivia rodrigo snapped his selfy with president biden while visiting the white house to encourage young people to get vaccinated.
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>> i'm olivia rodrigo. it is so important we all get vaccinated but matter if you're young and healthy. getting vaccinated to protect yourself and your friends and family. >> rodrigo recorded several videos aimed at boosting vaccination rates in people under the age of 18. the video will be shared with her 28 million social media followers and on white house accounts. during her visit the 18-year-old later stop at the white house press briefing telling reporters she's honored to help encourage youth vaccination. she had a big day yesterday. >> now i know. i did the story 18 times yesterday. time, 17 after the hour. coming up, follow the money, the new push to probe biden family members who may be profiting off of the presidency. a republicans plan to investigate. >> first the college offering a shot at a scholarship to students who receive the covid 19 vaccine. our next guest wants to know who
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is funding this incentive. ♪♪
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finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ >> the hearing will be held on a sex trafficking operation link to molly tibbetts's murder. a judge will get potential evidence after two witnesses came forward in the case. christian rivera was convicted into bits's murder but a judge delayed his sentencing after an inmate told investigators that a fellow inmate had confessed to killing tibbetts after kidnapping her for a sex trafficking ring. the second witness told investigators the same man confessed to her. it is up to the judge to decide
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whether rivera will get a new trial. the disturbing 911 call by richard sherman's wife shows new details and the all-pro's arrest for burglary, domestic violence. >> you think he's going to harm you? msoing to hang e to kill hielf, himself. this is an emergency. >> sherman's wife says the former 49er was dropped when he tried breaking into his in law's washington home. police say they use the k-9 to take him down after he fought with officers. sherman remains behind bars without bail. todd: illinois state university holding a lottery for scholarships and prizes to encourage students get vaccinated but our next guest wonders where is the money coming from? a student at the school joins me now. thanks for being here. let's put up on screen the
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incentives, $1,000 scholarship awarded 1000 students and $100 in flex dollars added to your eye the card you use for food and stuff. where do you think the money is coming from? >> i'm not sure. i would like to think it is coming from some federal or state program but i can't be sure. this university has been very quiet about where the money is coming from. they also refused to lower tuition, student fees or anything when we asked for a little bit of help. if it is coming from some sort of internal budget i have serious questions where it comes from. >> is this going to move the needle, pun intended, to get people vaccinated? >> i don't think so. i am on the fence about the vaccine personally and this thousand dollars is not enough. i could use of thousand dollars in tuition but it is also the chance to get $1,000, not guaranteed and i don't see
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anyone pushing their morals aside for a chance at $1,000 in tuition. >> college students, want to get your thoughts on this, notre dame students and faculty outraged by proposed campus chick-fil-a saying the fast food chain is not inclusive enough. this is in berkeley, this isn't brown, this is a catholic university, the most preeminent catholic university in the country, notre dame. are you as shocked as i am that it is happening there or should i expect this by now? >> the left likes to attack chick-fil-a a lot admitted it is judeo-christian values, they were voted number one consistently fast food chain ever and i think the left keeps pushing this because they said they were upset with the way the donations go. i don't know about the donations but they are saying not inclusive enough to vegan and vegetarian diets which is funny
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because the left loves socialism, if they were in a communist country they don't have that choice, they take whatever food is thrown at them. this is what you will see on college campuses who like to push socialism and communism are really good. >> let's pop up the letter to which you are referencing the goes through the multitude of problems these individuals have with chick-fil-a, they begin their letter by saying there are a multitude of reasons to oppose chick-fil-a, anti-lgbt q plus activism reliance on animal agriculture. is in that -- mike of accommodations for students with special dietary needs, bringing chick-fil-a to campus would run contrary to inclusion and desire to create good in the world. the point you made earlier, i went to college 9000 years ago and even back then we had varying places they could go based on dietary needs. if you can't go to chick-fil-a there are other options. why after chick-fil-a has said
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we are really limited, not trying to get any controversy, the donations chick-fil-a gave years ago is the left still attacking them? >> judeo-christian values, you want to attack the top, consistently the best in the country, they want to strike it down and that is that. laura: todd: it is not easy as a college student getting up but appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> 26 after the are. coming up, understaffed and unable to protect, the city of new orleans in desperate need of officers. our next guest blames the movement painting police in a bad light and governor rhonda santos is out with a new line of merchandise driving his critics crazy.
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learn more at functions exclusive republican dumbbells oversight committee seeking documents on biden family members trying to, quote, profit off of the presidency, the gop wants to look into his son under's upcoming art exhibition, his brother's inauguration day and his sister's upcoming book. and that is obtained by fox news republicans right, quote, any hope the pattern of family self-dealing would finally stop when he assumed the presidency as been dashed. embattled new york governor andrew cuomo praising democratic mayoral nominee eric adams during a joint news conference. listen. >> it is my pleasure to be with
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eric adams who is going to be the next mayor of the city of new york. i'm very excited about on a personal level. is going to be extraordinary. i believe that. >> the two met with clergy to address the city is increasing crime cuomo pledging to work in partnership with adams and gushing over there similar philosophies as progressives. >> new orleans police say a shortage of personnel as crime rates in the city go up and residents feel unsafe. joining the president of the police association of new orleans michael glasser. tell us what you are dealing with. how bad is the police staffing shortage in new orleans? >> it should be 1600 commissioned officers, we are at about 1000 which puts us at 60% where we should be and the number keeps dropping. jillian: why do you think that is happening? >> a variety of issues. like every other major american city we experience the anti-police sentiment that is a national issue. defunding efforts by city
1:32 am
government, overriding scrutiny of officers citizen contacts all the time and the district attorney who now refuses to prosecute many misdemeanors and some felonies and all but illuminated cash bail and none of those things are conducive to hiring and retaining our officers. >> all of the resulting in new orleans residents feeling unsafe. in 2020, 57% a residents that they feel safe, 2021 that number dropped to 35%. what does this mean for residents. they call 911 what happens? >> it takes time for the officers to get there. we are so shortstaffed we have a backlog of calls and they have to be prioritized but people may be waiting hours for a call that should be answered in 10 minutes or less so we have a big problem with that. we are facing -- we are 9 years
1:33 am
into a 6-year consent decree. this was resulted in an atmosphere of reducing proactive policing and labor-intensive and redundant issues which type officers time. carley: it is not just an isolated case. i was talking to somebody who lives in austin, texas yesterday, the police department in austin is facing a serious staffing shortage too so clearly this anti-cop sentiment isn't working and something needs to change on a national level. what do you think that should be? >> the public is to realize the police are not their enemies, the police are there to protect them and the support that would go along with that, lack of funding and the constant push to eliminate police contact with citizens i think is a huge mistake. that has to be reversed and we have to encourage police officers to be proactive in
1:34 am
order to prevent crime and not just respond to calls for service after the fact. >> apparently in new orleans some of the officers were leaving the department are not leaving law-enforcement altogether, they are young officers with 6 years on the job and you say they are taking the investment city of new orleans made in the in training them and going to police departments in neighboring communities. >> that is right. they don't have the consent decree we've been functioning under and we have a public integrity bureau that is overzealous in trying to discipline officers. some should be disciplined and some that should be aren't. we are having problems with both of those things and that is driving police officers to neighboring jurisdictions. carley: consider the pole we showed, 35% of residents feel safe in the world and something
1:35 am
has to change. thank you for joining us and speaking out, appreciate it. >> marijuana convictions to go up in smoke across the us, democrats unveiling ability criminalize marijuana at the federal level. majority leader chuck schumer and other supporters say wouldn't --. convictions for nonviolent marijuana crimes and allow states to decide on legalization. along those lines should carry richardson offered a 250,$000 deal with a thc company fresh off the heels of the american sprinter being suspended from the tokyo games for using marijuana. richardson confessed using it as a coping mechanism after her mom died. if she accepts richardson would act as a spokesperson testing out products for the cannabis company. >> don't fauci my florida, governor rhonda santos during outrage from progressives with new merchandise featuring the phrase. >> selling t-shirts and the most florida thing ever, drinks, and
1:36 am
his reelection campaign website, poking fun at fauci's push restrict covid 19 restrictions in the pandemic. >> he faced criticism from democrats are being one of the first states to fully ease off the covid restrictions. some fun alliteration there. >> getting a lot of pushback but that means it is a smart marketing move. >> marco rubio on "fox and friends". the time is 35 minutes after the hour, challenging the narrative. >> critical race. white and asian americans are no prisoners. >> is this the america you want? and america divided by race, power and hatred? >> our next guest believes his success as an asian american debunks critical race theory. >> i then america where we bet on things. download the fox bit super 6 apps and play for a chance to win 10,$000.
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now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at >> from united nations ambassador nikki haley slamming the biden administration for inviting the went to investigate human rights violations in the us. >> you've got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of cuba, venezuelans arresting political protesters. all biden justices with on the un council and the us is asking the united nations, a cesspool of political bias to come into the united states and investigate us on human rights, we look ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now.
1:41 am
todd: this is an after anthony blinken said he would invite experts to report and advise on human rights issues in the us. meantime the biden administration plans to negotiate a nuclear deal with iran despite an attempt to kidnap an american reporter on us soil. >> overall we categorically condemn iran's dangerous plot to kidnap a us citizen on us soil. >> reporter: what impact will this have on a rainy leadership? >> still remains, we never assist iran to be a good actor in the world. we will continue to pursue those talks. >> the woman who almost became a victim of the iranian plot is:on the president to act. >> i the biden administration to take action because it is acting like isis which took hostages, beheaded people.
1:42 am
. >> four iranian's facing federal charges and that plot. carley: the author of the newly released book and inconvenient minorities is the success of asian americans debunks critical race theory. joining me to discuss, the president of the advocacy group, live united. good morning to you, you had such an interesting perspective on critical race. let's start there. when you hear people say america is systemically racist against people of color what goes through your mind? >> i look at the experience of asian americans, asian americans have historically not needed politics or to present themselves as a victim group to succeed. the study twice as many hours as the average american, and more stable 2-parent family structure, lower rates of crime and do well in this country despite being a minority,
1:43 am
despite being historically discriminated against. and inconvenient minority, that's what i read about in my book. >> you make an excellent point and thank god we're finally out of place in this country where the color of your skin doesn't matter. if you have a good resume and a solid work ethic you can achieve whatever you want in this country but a lot of college campuses aren't teaching that so take a listen to something that happened on penn state recently, penn state university, he singled out two students, one is white, one is black, listen to what he said. >> we are going to pick the best person for the job which we can't even go that far. we would pick up the white guy, this is only one study of many many studies. in which we have controlled for everything and yet still going to pick this guy over this guy.
1:44 am
>> not sure you could see that but you heard and what he was saying is that we are going to pick as a society a white guy over a black guy. what do you think that does to people who feel victimized because of the color of their skin? >> this is something asian americans need to fight for. ordinary americans need to fight for. we should not be treated on the basis of the color of your skin for any reason even if harvard says we need more diversity, that's not a reason to discriminate against a certain race. asian americans have never needed politics to advance in our country today but this might be the time they have to come out of the woodwork and start acting politically because their rights to be treated as an equal in american society are being threatened and so are the rights of everybody who wants to achieve the american dream. >> how do you think we got here? if you listen to what is going
1:45 am
on in classrooms or watch some other news networks, all you will hear is america is systemically racist and if you are black or hispanic, the deck is stacked against you. how do you think we got here. is this political? >> i think it is absolutely political. you have to look at identity politics and how you can farm votes and make careers out of fixating on race. we do a lot of advocacy regarding this and you realize only 29% of americans actually think race is important or very important to them and yet 85% of americans think this country is racially divided. how is it possible our leaders are trying to divide us our own personal gain, they make 450,$000 a year, $1,500 an hour in the wall street journal recently for teaching the
1:46 am
separatist ethnic studies version of american history. it doesn't make careers. >> it is a big business. thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. todd: still had doctor fauci says 3-year-olds should be forced to wear masks. some frustrated parents are having it. >> is that realistic? we are talking about it with our parent panel coming up next. ♪♪ i took my way ♪♪ only wind ♪♪
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show me the olympics. ♪ "bugler's dream" begins playing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> unvaccinated children of a
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certain age should be wearing masks, no doubt about that. that is the way to protect them from getting infected because if they do they can spread the infection to someone else. todd: doctor fauci under fire yet again calling for children as young as 3 years old to wear masks. here to weigh in our panel of moms, lindsay stafford, shannon ford, let's go around the panel and get reaction. first to you. >> good morning. i am at a loss for words. i understand masks are recommended by the cdc let's be realistic. it is very hard for 3-year-old to wear a mask. i will never forget my situation, my family on vacation all 7 of us literally almost got deplaned because they wanted my 3-year-old to wear a mask over his nose and it was such a challenge for us and i was so
1:51 am
shocked, they overreacted but let's be realistic. it is hard for a toddler, they fidget, they scratch their nose, scratch their eyes, it is not realistic and i think we need to be focusing our attention to vaccinations for the elderly and the vulnerable. it is not a 1-size-fits-all and there are many other reasons, for toddlers who have a speech impediment or breathing problems it can exasperate asthma. there are so many concerns it is mind-boggling why we are putting focus on toddlers. >> what is your take? >> first of all i think fauci is yanking us around like puppets. his credibility has been shot. i don't know many parents who take what he says literally at this point not to mention the masks the children wear to
1:52 am
school are not and 95, their nylon, polyester, sometimes mesh. that is the reality of the situation. kids are not going to keep masks on during school, they don't and they won't. todd: shannon? >> we have been told this whole pandemic follow the science. follow what the world health organization said, children 5 years and under should not be required to wear masks. during the height of the pandemic before there was a vaccine i have a son that has a speech delay and we had to make the difficult decision last year to take him out of public school and put him in a private preschool that would not require masks and he thrived in that environment even though he did not have the speech there be he can normally get in public school. >> 14% of us cases have been kids 15,000 have been hospitalized and less than 300
1:53 am
kids have died from covid. with that is the backdrop, why is fauci doing this? >> i think they are sticking to their guns. they dug their heels in the policy and it has become political. >> same questions you. wise fauci doing this? >> i think it has become political. he has a god mentality and is trying to save face because otherwise people will point to the lies in his emails. >> that said, with the delta variant, covid 19 cases are rising in the us, look at the 7-day average increase, 93% increase in cases week on week. that is pretty high. how worried are you for your kids? >> it is important for our older children, teenagers to wear masks but masks are not the only solution. we need to teach children to wash hands, teach them proper --
1:54 am
when it comes to toddler's for me as a mom i'm not concerned with my toddler. there is little data in science showing toppers spreading the disease and killing people. we need to focus on elderly, vulnerable and take politics out of it. >> what is the proper balance to protect kids? >> educating them on ways to keep themselves safe, washing hands but i don't think masks are the way to do that. it's doing more harm than good. todd: i have an 8 month back. what should i do? >> don't worry, protect yourself and raise them with good hygiene and they will be good. todd: kicking me in the face is
1:55 am
a good hygiene practice because that is the new things he likes to do. such an interesting topic. appreciate you getting up. coming up on "fox and friends first". >> congressman craig steube, doctor mark siegel and defense attorney jonas joining us live. ♪♪ ♪♪ thank you for being a friend ♪♪
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heather: thursday july 15th, always he rose, the texas democrats who refused to go home making around in washington again today but turns out there fight for voting rights is costing their voters of thousands of dollars.
2:00 am
>> the white house hosting olivia rodriguez help them hit their vexing goal hoping her star power will convince young people to get the covid shot. >> this popstar feeling stronger than yesterday, that is good writing and bad singing, britney spears storing a major winter conservatorship fight. "fox and friends first" continues right now and we will let britney sing that. ♪♪'s i did it again ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good news for britney spears, she chose her own attorney, high-powered hollywood lawyer in celebration. the free britney movement is full steam ahead. todd: i stopped singing britney, start singing, that is the weight should be. carley: welcome to "fox and friends first".


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