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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. ♪ ♪ "fox news primetime." we are back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson up ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's not a partisan talkingg point or really any kind of exaggeration at all to say that joe biden has opened this country 'has borders to the world. since biden's inauguration in january, the border patrol has apprehended close to a million foreign nationals coming into this country overland through mexico. h how many people is that? well, it's more people than live in the entire cities of san francisco, or denver, or seattle, or indianapolis, or
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boston, or charlotte, and we could keep going. that's all in just six months. it is enough people to change this country forever. they may argue that's a good thing, america will benefit from this mass influx of new people from foreign countries. if so, we'd love to hear that riargument in detail. no one so far has explained how that works. but what you can't argue is that opening the borders was legal or that anyone in this country voted for it. the current mass movement of foreign nationals into the united states was never approved by congress. no one passed a law demanding it. the biden administration just did it unilaterally without asking americans what they thought of it. they probably already knew. every poll we've ever seen shows clearly that voters of allhe backgrounds oppose open borders. that policy is highly unpopular. the administration couldn't say out loud what they were doing, instead they operated in secrecy, they hid it. they are hiding it right now.
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so what exactly are they doing? tonight we have new information for you that answers that question, at least in part. this show has confirmed that the biden administration has enlisted the u.s. military to move illegal immigrants secretly around our country. that is happening up in air force base in texas. we know it's happening there because a man called lieutenant colonel matthew burrows sent to subordinates and email spelling out very clearly. "over the next few days, weeks, or months," the note began, "you may see passenger aircraft on a ramp transporting undocumented citizens. -- noncitizens. please review the attached guidance on the issue." the email then instructed uniformed military personnel to hide what was happening on the base from the country they are sworn to serve. take photographs and refrain from posting anything on social media." lieutenant colonel burrows offered no national security justification for keeping any of this secret because there is no national security justification forl keeping it from the rest f us.
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he just told the people who worked for him not to talk. we got his email from a westle-blower and a first doubted it could be real. during the last of administration, the panic on firmly refused to protect america's southern border. that's not our job, they said, it's too political, send it to syria, yet according to this document here was the very same u.s. military leadership -- at the pentagon helping the biden a administration with maximum enforced stealth, with secrecy, to subvert the core immigration laws of this country. it was hard to believe that could be happening, but it is happening. the pentagon has confirmed it to us. spokesman chris mitchell described the flights from loughlin noncitizen movement, part of what he called the u.s. immigration and custom enforcement's admission. he told us then to direct any further questions to ice. so we did, we called ice multiple times. ice did not deny they were using the air force base to relocate large numbers of foreign nationals into the interior of our country and doir it secretl.
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the question is, where are all these people going? several times a ice promised us additional details but in the end we never heard back. apparently americans do not have a right to know where foreign nationals are being settled in their own country. we do know, thanks to the center for immigrationow studies that e a administration, the biden a administration has been sending illegal migrants all over the united states for some time now. watchtr this. >> what's happening most of the time is that they are boarding buses and heading into america's heartland. a conveyor belt of commercial and charter buses just like this one in del rio, texas, are carrying tens of thousands, sight unseen, from texas, arizona, california borderlands northward and they are dropping their haitian, venezuelan, cuban, and central american family units in florida and new jersey, tennessee, massachusetts, michigan, north carolina, georgia, kentucky, and two large citieses in texas such as dallas andnt
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houston. >> tucker: oh, changing the electoral map, are we? serving the businesses that paid for you to get elected are we? yes we are. those are buses you just saw. now the administration is using aircraft and air force bases and that ought to give you some sense of the scale involved here. what you're watching is demographic transformation. in our country, without our consent and in violation of our laws. that is happening. our job is to shut up and accept it.s we note they will call us names if we don't accept it, but no thanks. what's happening, what they are doing, is wrong. it is, moreover, a violation of the most and basic promisein of democracy, which is that citizens get to control who runs the government. we as citizens have an absolute right to know what exactly they are doing and we are going toto try to learn. to learn more tonight we are joined by stephen miller, former
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white house advisor whose deep knowledge of immigration law and of this. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: it is now o beyond dispute that the biden a administration is moving very large numbers of foreign nationals who are here illegally into the interior of the country without the consent of the neighborhoods intof which they are settling them. is that legal? >> no, it is absolutely not legal. it violates a wide series of immigration laws that delineatee in great depth the precise rules and conditions for how you can enter the country and how you cannot enter the country. that's why, in fact, my organization, america first legal, just argued alongside texas in federal court that these policies must be enjoined, but what i want to get across to your audience to really advance the story is to understand that what is happening now is unprecedented. and the whole conversation about border security up to this point in time has been wrong. this is not about an administration that is unable to protect the border. this is about an administration that in a very purposeful,
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planned, deliberate, painstaking fashion has turned our border patrol and ice agencies into resettlement agencies. that is the word that everyone needs to know and repeat. this is a planned resettlement. the largest of its kind, i would suggest perhaps in the history of the world. in terms of the number of illegal border crossers being the interior of our country in violation of law. >> tucker: so there's very little -- i mean, you have an organization that is using the law to try and stop this. it's happening in real time, it's been happening for six month without the knowledge of the 320 million american citizens whose country this is, but there is someone who can stop it, that's greg abbott, the governor of texas and of course it's his border over which a lot of these people are coming. why wouldn't he shut the border tonight with mexico and stop this? >> well, i would argue that the
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appropriate constitutional remedy is article four, section 4, which says that the government clearly has the obligation to protect any state in this country against invasion and domestic violence. it does not say that that has to be in the form of a nation state actor. in other words, the constitution doesn't say it has to be a state-ledr. invasion. it's any large-scale, unwelcome, uninvited entry into a country. that would provide the constitutional predicate for exactly what you're describing. i would also suggest it would provide the constitutional predicate for the supreme court, if they had the moral courage, to strike p down this entire scheme, which is a blatant violation of our entire constitutional republican form of government. let's be very clear. when joe biden put his hand on the bible and swore an oath to take care of the laws we faithfully executed, to uphold, protect, and defend the constitution, to ensure a
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republican form of government to every state, he has violated every single one of those commitments. i will also add this: if that's not an impeachable offense, i can't imagine what would be. >> tucker: no, that's right. and you know that this is core to their governing plans, because when you mention it, they go crazy, and they call you the worst kind of slurs when in fact i don't think there is a large group of people anywhere in this country of any color, of any political affiliation, who is in favor of this. i mean, if people were in favor of this, why isn't there a bill in the u.s. congress just to admit a million new foreign nationals every six months? >> exactly. what they are doing is they are doubling, tripling -- whatever the number is at the end of the year, who knows, it keeps going higher and higher and higher, there's no ceiling that's been hit yet, the number of migrants being admitted into our country every single year above the already sky-high levels authorized in federal law.te o
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and you're right, nobody is going up publicly, not senator manchin, not senator mark kelly, not even nancy pelosi or chuck schumer saying america,lina here's why e think we need millions and millions and millions more migrants every single year then we arty have. -- we already have. and by the way, we also would like them not to have health insurance, would like them notew to have college education and would like them to rely on large amounts of federal government benefits, including free health care services. nobody is making that argument because nobody could make that argument, because there isn't any principled argument for it and then never could be. enter your point about race, hispanic-americans, black americans, asian-american, white americans, every category of american -- and by the way, every person in every country in the world that has ever lived once a secure border and a controlled immigration policy, period. >> tucker: must be a white supremacist! it's about consent. if we want -- let's do it democratically. let's have a debate about it. they are doing in the manner of a authoritarian government, they are just doing it and hurting
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you if you disagree. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: the election was more than a half a year ago and we haven't spent a lot of time talk about what happen. we want to be responsive, we want to be fact-based and we o plan to become about take a look at what happened in fulton county, georgia. thanks to what happened we have some new numbers and we take ad look at what election it looked like at the vote counting centers. it's worth hearing. we will tell it to you after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: on a saturday night in late may of this ♪ ♪ >> tucker: on a saturday night in late may of this year, an alarm sounded in a big, nondescript warehouse and falsely county georgia. the warehouse was an unlikely placeeaig for an emergency. was under around-the-clock surveillance by both private security and local law enforcement, including armed deputies with the fulton county sheriff's office. any unauthorized person entered from the outside would have to get past a locked 100 pounds steel door as well as a maze of motion detectors. not easy, but someone tried to do it anyway and adjust the perfect moment. 20 minutes after deputies in charge of guarding the warehouse left their posts. by the time those deputies were turned to check out the alarm, someone had opened the hundred pound door to the warehouse. so what t happened that night ad why? we still don't know.
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it's also not clear why the deputies left the warehouse or who took advantage of their absence. we do know that a lot of people might have had reason to try to get inside the warehouse. depending on who you ask, the building contains evidence that either confirmsin or refutes the claim that voter fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election in the state of georgia. a place where joe biden won by fewer than 13,000 votes. that warehouse holds more than 140,000 absentee ballots. what's interesting is that for reasons that are difficult to understand, fulton county officials have fused to let the public see any of these ballotss an attorney called bob shealy has been pushing for transparency. he's filed a suit for the righto see those ballots. he hasn't seen them all yet but what he's found so far man's an -- demands an explanation. all of us, no matter who you voted for, should want to hear that explanation. you can't have a democracy if the public doesn't believe electionulo th results. increasingly many people in the
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country don't believe them. the solution to the problem, and it's a significant problem, is not to scream at his people, call them lunatics, or throw them in jail.t the solution is to tell the truth about what happened. the only way to restore trust in our system is with facts. so what are the facts about the election in fulton county, georgia? a well, here's the official version. in may, the chairman of the faulty county board of commissioners, a man called rob pitts, excellent it was not necessary to look at thes, ballots, in fact it was ridiculous to even ask because there had already been 20 every comes in all the recounts reached b the same conclusion. here's what he said, and if it sounds familiar, that's because so many other people in authority have been saying pretty much the same thing. >> i mean, i'm really baffled about this. what dowh they want? we fed three counts already. the elections in fulton county, georgia, they were open, they were fair, and they were transparent.
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the votes have been certified, the elections have been certified, so it's over. this will be the fourth one andt i can guarantee you that the results will be -- of this one will be just like the results were for count 1, count 2 and count 3. no change. our elections are open, fair, and transparent. >> tucker: i can guarantee you. we already know what happens, we counted those same ballots four times. the election has been certified, stop already. and that's the argument that fulton county has used in court to keep those ballots locked away in warehouse. except it's not true. it now appears there actually was meaningful voting fraud in fulton county, georgia, last november. that is not a conspiracy theory, it's true. from the beginning, the show has tried to be fact-based when we talk about the 2020 election results. so here's what we know tonight, factually. at least 36 batches of male and ballots from the november election were double counted in fulton county. that's a total of more than
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el4,000 votes. those numbers come from a group called voter ga, which along with bob shealy, sued to get them. the final tally from the double counts we know about amounts to more thanw 3300 votes for joe biden and 865 votes for donald trump. before you dismiss bob and voter ga as dishonest partisan actors, keep in mind that the strongly left to center -- appears to agree with this, at least in outline. the newspaper reviewed the available digital ballot images independently and concluded that thhundreds of ballots were improperly duplicated. what does that look like exactly? well, here's what it looks like. in a press conference yesterday, a consultant with voter ga call david cross showed how we can be certain that votes were counted more than once. watch. >> what i'm going to show you here is two ballots side-by-side. y one of them is marked for jason
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shaw, the identical mark on the second one and the ballot image is stored up here on the top left. so this one over here is standard 5152. batch number 235 and this number 19. and that matches 234 image 59. so you have the same ballot counted twice in the images that counted in the audit. how that's possible, i don't know. >> tucker: how's that possible? i don't know. every american should want to know, because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections, otherwise known as our democracy. we're not talking about a couple of ballots here. we are talking about a lot of ballots, ate least hundreds of ballots involved. enough potentially h to affect e outcome of the election.
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here's another example. >> same batch number, 234, image number 2 and 235, image number 61. rean, republican, republican, republican all the way down to the point where this little spot matches this one over here. no question that that ballot was counted twice. >> tucker: so what's the explanation for this? if you ask fulton county, these discrepancies, the ones used on the screen, were isolated incidences. a handful of bad ballots. it happens all the time. the county claims that any errors were caught in previous recounts. the problem is that neither one of those claims is true. surveillance footage obtained by voter ga appears to show large numbers of ballots being scanned multiple o times. pay attention in the tape where showing it to the woman wearing yellow ates the desk. according to voter ga, she slides ballots into a scanning machine, removes the ballots and then re-inserts the same ballots. this happens multiple times.
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the question is how many times for those ballots counted? was each vote counted more than once? fulton county won't answer that question. one way to know the answer would be to check what are called audit tally sheets. tellingly, for months for the presidential election, fulton county failed to provide 100,000 of those tally sheets, including 50,000 of them for mailing ballots. when voter ga finally forced fulton county to turn over the tally sheets, the conclusion was stunning. here's what the audit found. "seven falsified audit tally sheets contain fabricated vote totals. for example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for joe biden and 42 for donald trump was reported as 100 for biden and zero for trump. the seven batches with 554 votes for joe biden, 140 votes for donald trump and 11 votes for jo jorgensen had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850
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votes for biden, 0 for trump, and 0 for jorgensen. wait, did you just follow that? how is that not flat out criminal fraud? we love to know because it certainly sounds like flat out criminal fraud. we've obtained photographs showing what went on during the recount process in fulton county. these pictures were taken by a whistle-blower who participated in the recount. pshe said she noticed something odd come and she did. none of the ballots she saw had any creases on them.m. you can see the stacks of unfolded ballots on your screen now. s that's strange because of course male and ballots need to be bent in order to be mailed in. thesee ballots had clearly never been inside an envelope. and then a whistle-blower noticed something else. all of the ballots, the whistle-blower tellsan us, have been filled out by a printer, not by hand and many of them supported the exact same candidates, democrats, including joe biden. voter ga detected a series of other apparent irregularities in the recount. the group's audit found, for
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example, that "over 200 fulton county male and ballot images contain votes that were not included in the hand count audit results of the november election." now why is that? we don't know. keep in mind once again the results in a state of georgia were decided by fewer than 13,000 votes. it was a close every vote mattered. and then there's this. and elections expert called mark davis analyzed data from the post office. he found that nearly 35,000 georgia voters moved out of their county of residence more than a month prior to election day. they were ineligible to vote, and yet they did. they gi still voted in their old county. that is illegal. it's not a small thing, violating election law is something we should care about andng by law their vote should have been excluded from the total, but they were not excluded. why are we okay withy that? why are we okay with any of this? we are okay with it because we've been told we have to be okay with it. we are undermining democracy if we ask questions about what happened during the 2020 election.
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and of course that's a perfect inversion of the truth. without answers to legitimate questions like the one we just posed, and also legitimate questions, democracy dies. t people begin to understand the system they've been told is on the level is in fact rigged and when they believe that, god knows what they do next. so let's find out what actually happened. let's find out immediately. that's find out without shame. it's our right to know, it's our responsibility to know. ♪ ♪ jon voight is one of the best-known actors in the world. we talked to him at great length. without we were going to be talk about politics, but then it took a direction we didn't expect that we've been thinking about ever since. that interview is next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: john voight is one of the most famous actors in >> tucker: jon voight is one of the most famous actors in hollywood. he's been famous for more than 50 years, -- so we sat with him
10:32 pm
and talked with him about what it's like to be conservative in hollywood. and thatim conversation lasted about a minute and then it turned into the direction of him and his faith and what that's meant for him in his life. it was not something we expected to talk about it all, but we are glad we did. the fertile conversation on -- the full conversation on tucker carlson today on fox nation but here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> i was in a lot of trouble at one point. had a divorce, had some problems. and i was in this little house that i had and i was really suffering for many reasons. my career was a little bit in flux at that time and lots of things were going on. my relationship to my kids and wife. and i was on the floor. i found myself on the floor
10:33 pm
saying it's so difficult, it's so difficult. i said it out loud and i heard in my ear "it's supposed to be difficult." [laughs] can you imagine? >> tucker: like a separate voice telling you that? >> yeah. it's supposed to be difficult. a voice of wisdom, kindness, you know, clarity. it had so much resonance. this voice. >> tucker: what a message! it's supposed to be difficult! [laughs] >> can you imagine! and [indiscernible]. a what! and i got up and i can tell you, tucker, at that moment in time, i knew -- i said -- you know, what it meant was i'm not alone.
10:34 pm
everything is known. everything is known. i ams known. that's what it meant to me. wow. this is -- >> tucker: did you expect it? were you calling up for god? >> no, [indiscernible] out. now i have to perceive in my life, right? but i felt this tremendous energy. somebody is rooting for me. it's like don't give up, it's like, you know, there's a purpose here. you've got a ways to go, son, you know what i'm saying? whatever you might imagine it meant it meant, you see? and i got -- and i felt great. [exhales] and the next morning -- and i -- i'm not a person who really prays with the idea that anybody
10:35 pm
is listening. i hadn't up to that moment. now i know we are covered, man. everything we think, everything we say -- everything. you are known. like they say, god knows every bird that falls. this is us too, kids. we all are known. we are being observed and helped and loved. and we are expected to get up and, you know, do battle, do something, do what's right, whatever it is, you see? there's a purpose here. and the purpose here is to learn our lessons and grow. and what's the big deal? to give to each other. to be here to be of help. i mean, this is what you figure out. but anyway, at that moment i was justused
10:36 pm
interested in me surviving. so next i get up and i say "what do you got for me today"? [laughs] and i used to turn on the radio and here's what came up. ii swear. this is what happened. but i turned the radio on, having some fun -- i'm having fun because i'm not take myself too seriously, but it's serious. i turn on the radio and it says ♪♪ i'll build aio stairway to paradise ♪ ♪ with a new step every day ♪ ♪ what! it's another one! wait a minute, what's going on here? anyway, i had that kind of thing going on for several days, you know? things were happening to me. and then i started -- i was kind of drawn to certain things from that point on and i've had many, many experiences, but that was thee beginning. >> tucker: so that's the moment that you realized that
10:37 pm
god is real, knows you,ut and is on your side. >> right. >> tucker: what were the implications of that? >> well, ing had to straighten out. if i'm going to be a vessel for god, i mean, i better be cleaner than i was, you know what i mean? i better be a righteous fellow. >> tucker: how hard was that? >> i've always had good examples in my life, my dad was a very righteous man, my mother. and i've had many good people in my life, so i just got off track a little bit and i realized it at that time so i worked since then to be a better father. >> tucker: what did he do for your joy levels for the way that you feel every day? >> that's interesting. you know, i said some -- just a couple of days ago i was asked about something and i said that i have fear of the lord. you know they say have fear of the lord?ai >> tucker: yeah. >> i got it. i am really afraid.
10:38 pm
i'm afraid of offending god, right? because god is everything. god is love. god is, you know, all these beautiful things. beauty. everything. and i'm going to -- how can i live up to that? i need a lot of help! but i think that's the fear of the lord, it keeps you on the track, you knowhe what i'm sayi? it's not a fear of -- l frighted of getting, you know, attacked by anything. it's a fear of offending. fear of not living up to. fear of doing the wrong thing. >> tucker: yes. >> you know, of making a terrible mistake. so all of that, you know but i've been a happier fella. i'm a much happier -- i mean, i may not look like it right now. i don't know what i look like it, but i'm a happy fella.
10:39 pm
>> tucker: jon voight, what a conversation. when god speaks to you, it's not "your great, good job," it's "it's supposed to be difficult." think about that. the conversation went on for nearly an hour, we talked about a lot of things. it's great. the full episode is on right now. you may have noticed that a lot of people in the biden administration, including joe biden himself, are very focused on a particular war. in fact the only one that ever took place between americans on our own soil, the civil war. there was a good side and a bad side. guess which side they think you're on?wa ♪ ♪ we have that story next. ♪ ♪re we have that story next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. at the top of the show we told her the same pentagon that refused during the last administration to protect our borders is assisting this administration, the biden administration, in illegally moving illegal migrants throughout the country using military resources, specifically at laughlin air force base, and maybe not just laughlin air force base. so that's what we told with the top. we just received, during the show, a statement from ice confirming what we reported. there have been flights of the illegal immigrants, foreignee nationals, from laughlin air force base to other destinations within the united states, and we are quoting. "on june 17th, 2021, a memorandum of agreement, or am away, was signed by all parties and finalized., on june 29th, 2021, ice air operations utilized laughlin air force base for the first time pursuant to the moa to transport noncitizens to ice
10:46 pm
custody. since june 29, approximately 780 noncitizens were transferred via ice air on six ice air flights." ice also added that "collaboration with federal partners enables ice to transfer noncitizens safely and humanely to ice build offices with the appropriate level of custody and supervision will be determined. ice air conducts southwest border flights which involve the ettransfer of -- to ice custody" and of bureaucratic statement, but more questions remain. one of military races are being used to conduct this, an operation that most americans know nothing about, that they did not consent to, that congress never voted on, and which is clearly illegal. and where these people going? they are being moved to another form of custody and then their fate will be determined, but where did they end up? into what communities where they placed? how many federal dollars were spent doingghe this?
10:47 pm
did the people whose neighborhood into they were placed have any say in it at all? on what's the total number? fewer than 800 they say from laughlin air force base between the states but what's the total number nationally? why don't we know this? whose country is this? who is in charge? you can't just change the opposition of the country breaking federal law as you do it without asking the people's permission if you care about democracy, which they clearly don't. maybe we can get some answers, like immediately. maybe republicans of congress could wake up and do y that. i know we care about cuba, but what about our country? and now, to more breaking news that just came in before the show. britney spears' life and finances have been illegally controlled by conservatorship for more than a decade, in other words, her father. there have been major developing's and the effort to end that fox's trace gallagher has the details for us right now. >> the big had none of the dayay as a judge will now allow britney spears to hire her own attorney. the singer appeared at the hearing by cell phone, filling the court with the sounds of anger, tears, even some foul
10:48 pm
language. spears told the judge she wants to get rid of her dad as her conservator and then charge him with conservatee abuse. she broke down in tears saying her dad is ruining her life and that she suffers abandonment issues, quoting here. "i was always extremely scared of my dad and worried he was going to show up drunk somewhere." she then talked about things she's not allowed to do like drive and take vitamins, saying "that's not abuse, but that's effing cruelty." her dad's lawyer says many of britney's characterizations and memories are incorrect because she has the lack of recollection, information, and understanding. spears said she is confident about the future and is apparently awaiting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. here or not, if there is breaking news, tucker, i will be happy to jump back and buried >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you. that's not a story we ever thought we would be interested to report but actually it is interesting and it probably has relevance to all of us. you're crazy, [indiscernible]. got it. you may have noticed that the bidenie rit administration, so r the congress, [ are very involvd
10:49 pm
in the civil war, they are not reading shall be foot histories, they are claiming that you're a confederate and asking for voter i.d. is the greatest threat to our nation since shiloh and gettysburg. but before that, the greatest threat since this civil war is the instruction january 6th. we are trying to keep track here. >> president biden: the worsts >> president biden: the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> the greatest attempt at insurrection since the civil war.enge >> the worst challenged our democracy since the civil war. >> 150 days since the worst single act of political violence since the civil war. >> the worst attack on america democracy arguable he probably since the civil war. >> this is the biggest you know, kind of the biggest threat to our democracy since the civil>> war. >> president biden: we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that's not hyperbole. since the civil war. >> tucker: it's not hyperbole, but it's more common than we expected. a lot of things are as bad as the civil war. how many? mark steyn his capitalist, he
10:50 pm
-- has kept a list, he joins us tonight to read it. great to see you. >> yeah, it's almost like they want a civil war. i mean, all this is rubbish. the worst act of political violence since the civil war, says anderson cooper, and the media -- lincoln, garfield, mckinley and kennedy say what am i, chopped liver? you woulday not normally compare and insurrection or a citizenship laws with a civil war. the reason they are doing this is if they want a new civil war, but they don't want to have to fight it. they would rather just have a media campaign civil war that results in half the countryat being turned into confederates, statues torn down and tossed inf the garbage can of history. this is preposterous and the most preposterous thing is that on january the 6th, half the respectable right went along with the idiotic democrat media narrative and help them weaponize it. >> tucker: they certainly did. i have to say this on human level, maybe as a citizen. if you are president, maybe the last thing you compare a
10:51 pm
contemporary political debate to miss the civil war. maybe the last phrase you ever use in his speech is "civil war." i'm not over saying, it's dangerous to talk that way. why is he doing this? >> well,o because as a fed -- i think they're actually doing this to create the conditions where they can win how kind of cold civil war. they've reached the state of alaska civil war. they think it's time for one side to win on one side to lose but as you say, it is grossly responsible. it's stupid. it's the domestic equivalent of making stupid hitler comparisons because he's the only guy you've heard o of. the reason they're doing this is precisely becausese they know it demonizes half the population. >> tucker: yeah. they've got a very ugly reconstruction in mind, i have a feeling. mark steyn, great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker.av >> tucker: so the secretary of state, who really has been inke contempt, just demanded an investigation, a new investigation. not into the chinese government
10:52 pm
or any foreign government. he told me that the nations the united states should be investigated for your sins. we will tell you what those sins are, but you can probably guess. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: in april, the new administration's ambassador to the united nations publicly declared that the constitution is a white supremacist document. a month later, not unrelated element, secretary of state tony blinken posted a video extending that you live in a racist country. >> the united states to be an incredible force -- we have to face the realities of racism and hatred at home. we can't sweep our shortcomings under the rug or pretend they don't exist. we need to face them openly and honestly. even if that's ugly, even if that's painful. that's how we live up to our values. >> tucker: so he's not including himself in that.
10:58 pm
of course, the problem is you, now tony blinken, has now invited united nations to investigate this country for systemic racism. james craig is the former police chief of detroit, michigan, he joins us tonight. chief, thanks so much for coming on. so there are a lot of problems in the world. i wonder if we need, say, the representative of zimbabwe showing up to investigate our sins. do you think? >> it's absolutely wrong, tucker. it's misguided, it's irresponsible. they should go to cuba. that's what they should do. go to cuba and find out what's going on over there. we don't need this. it's divisive and it really benefits status quo and the liberal elite. that's exactly what it does. >> tucker: right. it benefits the status quo. i think that's a really important point to make. they are not actually calling for change, they are trying to stop change i think. it's very smart. >> you know it's sad what we are
10:59 pm
going through. it feels so much like the critical race theory, that issue. and so i got to tell you -- i'm unapologetic. this is wrong, it shouldn't happen. maybe they should call me and let me do the investigations. we know that the vast majority of american police officers do it right. but i know we are short on time. i got one thing i've got to get out before i end this. i hope we can do this again next week, because guess what? i have an important announcement for michigan's future right here and i promised you i'm going to do it on your show. >> tucker: man, i love that state, i married a girl from that state and that state badly needs new leadership. this is not a set up and if you announce for governor, we will be very excited and so will the desperate but hopeful citizens of michigan, so thank you. i hope that's what it is and if it is, we will see you next week. great to see you. >> i made a commitment to you, you remember. we said it weeks ago. do it on your show. >> tucker: yes. boy, no place needs better leadership than your state. james craig, former police chief from the city of detroit, thank you. >> thank you, tucker, appreciate
11:00 pm
you. >> tucker: thank you. we are out of time sadly but we will be back. in the meantime, a new tucker carlson today episode with jon voight is available on in the meantime, have a great evening, we will rejoin you tomorrow by our count is thursday. it will be a different day, but our position on the world will remain unchanged, which we think is good. have a great night, sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: thank you, and welcome tonight to "hannity." tonight in america if you want free and fair elections, simple election integrity where every american will have confidence in election results, democrats, leaning democrats will call you a racist. if you're against voter fraud and abuse, they will call you a racist. if you want voter i.d., which you need to get into the white house or even the dnc convention, or you want chain of custody verification, you will be called a racist and falsely they will refer to you as jim crow 2.0. as you can see, democrats are continuing the big lie on their


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