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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 14, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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the south china sea. it is so epic, you can see all that poop from outer space. we are hearing rumors that the political -- is that really written? we are children. don't forget to set your dvr and "gutfeld!" is next. >> greg: what you got for me? >> got you a different suit, a different high, help you out. make you not look like you are selling something. >> what are you talking about? >> you look like an ice cream salesman. >> really? i want the booth by the window and not in the back, what are you talking about? [laughter] >> okay, i wish i had my keys, i would throw them at you. >> greg: they should take that act on the road. and then leave it there. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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all right! well, it was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. the united states today, it's watergate, 9/11, the civil war, the potato famine, and the cancellation of "sex and the city," all rolled into one. thank god, due to time and change, the world is supposed to end in a year. that reminds me, i have to pick up my shirts at the cleaners. so why is a reading so bad? because we live in the age of hyperbole. in fact, some say we are living in the greatest, most incredible era of hyperbole since the beginning of time. using extreme rhetoric to scare you into submission. if you do not wear a mask outside while jogging you have blood on your hands. if you support the cops that you are a racist with blood on your hands. if you cut your fingers slicing
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tomatoes, -- that would be righ, you would have blood on your hands. even more, if you disagree with joe, you might as well be jefferson davis himself. >> the assault on free and fair elections is just such a threat, literally. i've said it before. we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that's not hyperbole. since the civil war. >> greg: he is not well. [laughter] joe biden literally doesn't know the meaning of the word "literally." i mean, he says it is not hyperbole because he knew it was hyperbole the moment he said it. you could say he has hyperbole on the brain, and boy, hyperbole must be very lonely. it's weird how a month of challenging a contentious election makes you worse than a proslavery, confederate flag-waving, nonrecycling
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democrat. but joe's party spent four years doing the same thing with the 2016 election. the irony is thicker than brian stelter's thighs. don't judge, you know it is true. the hyperbole continues. let's see what is happening over at cnn, shall we? >> the civil war, that's not even close. >> no, this is worse than when lee harvey oswald shot abraham lincoln. >> it is worse than when the hindenburg crashed into the iceberg. >> it is worse than when all of the good soldiers lost their lives in the battle of chernobyl. >> worse than when the villagers of pompeii got wiped out by the bp oil spill. >> tried to cover up watergate. >> greg: little known fact. now remember, during the civil war, those confederate democrats may have owned slaves, but they never put on red hats, wandered into the capitol, and stole office supplies from jerry nadler. >> confederates, back then, never breached the capitol.
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as insurrectionist did on january the 6th. i'm not saying this to alarm you. i am saying this because you should be alarmed. [laughter] >> greg: so wait a second, powell. january 6th shouldn't have alarmed you because by january 6th, you should have already been alarmed. what is going on in that brain? but true, we were already alarmed, when you, mr. magoo, won the election. you claim you were a unifier as you deem to half the country a bunch of nazis. how is this rhetoric now not incitement? but keep going. >> i never thought in my entire career i would have to say, buto god, to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, and that is an oath that forms a sacred trust to defend america against all threats, both foreign and domestic. >> greg: oh, man.
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dude, you would not know if foreign threat if a shirtless putin rode his horse into the oval office and took a dump on your desk. so the problem we face as americans today isn't us, it's the right misdiagnosis. russia and china are both engaging in cyber warfare, cuba is looking like it is ready to blow, and haiti's president was just found dead with 12 bullets in him -- in other words, natural causes. and in a dank prison cell somewhere sits a guy who wore horns on his head at the capital. but who does our fearless, formerly hairless commander in chief see as being the chief threat? you and me. and the network, surprise, surprise, agree. speak of the questions of when, where, and how americans get to vote are tonight taking on greater urgency, and some of his strongest language yet, president biden today blasting republican efforts to restrict voting access as un-american and a test of our democracy. >> president biden late today in philadelphia, the birthplace of
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american democracy, blasting what he calls attacks on voting rights. republican led efforts and more than 16 states across the country, the president warning, calling it the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war, saying these new laws aimed to limit whether or not your vote counts at all. >> greg: oh, so solemn. so he paints targets on you and the media applauds. anyway, we live in a time were rather than use clear, plain language to debate an issue, we resort to language of lawsuits. joe biden has turned our country into an episode of divorce court, throwing around terms like vicious and unconscionable. the dems accused everyone of every horrible thing imaginable until you sling it right back at them. than they go from "well, you are an evil monster" to "we ask you respect our private know my family's privacy." this incendiary language is spreading on twitter, and its stench is present in every online petition demanding a
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boycott. the targets are always racist, intolerant, authoritarian monsters, even when they're not in power. >> what we are worried about with trump was that he was crazy, and he is still crazy, and he was unhinged, and you need to bring the whole system down, he has all of these authoritarian tendencies. >> greg: it is like an iv drip of concentrated trump derangement syndrome is the only thing keeping that desiccated husk alive. [laughter] never get to say "husk" enough. and i were hysteric in sheep's right behind him. >> 21st century jim crow assault is real, it is unrelenting, and we are going to challenge it vigorously. what we ask of my republican friends in congress, states, cities, counties, to stand up, for god's sake, and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our election. and the sacred right to vote. have you know shame?
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>> greg: "have you know shame?" asks the hair sniffing, race bader. as a new report reveals our navy is unprepared to defend our country but full speed ahead on antiracism, we are told the enemy is within, never mind russia china, which boasts the world's most fearsome navy pier for the real monsters drive chevy trucks, where red hats, and listen to toby keith. we must all go will or will never shed our evil pasts. rather than look forward, we focus on exorcising demons from the past, all put forth by democrats. when we inevitably become the failed superpower, at least we will know why, we deserve it, because we were worse than those murderous, confederate slave owners their corrupt, segregationist -- in other words, democrats. how is that for hyperbole?
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[cheers and applause] >> there he is! >> let's welcome tonight's guest! she has sent more criminals up the river then a boat carrying the clintons. judge jeanine pirro. you are a crowd favorite. he knows the felt way like i know the beltway. guy benson. lifeguard, lawyer, model, she handles more jobs then superglue, turning point usa contributor aaron elmore. and her behavior has steroid users saying that is not because of steroids. fox news contributor capped him. judge, it is a pleasure to have you here. it is like i only saw you a few hours ago on "the five." >> it was less than that.
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>> greg: we need to spend more time together. >> i don't think so. [laughter] >> greg: vacations? people think you and i hang out. >> we don't hang out, because you never invite me. >> greg: you would not like the things i do. >> surprised at the things you do. >> greg: she is absolutely right. you are right. so george, this rhetoric -- okay, trump got a lot of grief,t he always went after people that were, like come on his level, he would go after jim acosta, the press, the democratic party, but would not label people, like, he would not say "biden voters suck" or "hillary voters sucks," he was focused on people who could fight. biden is like labeling people as, like, basically as bad as slave owners and confederate soldiers. >> well, yeah, the hyperbole, as you talk about it, is about
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making all of us feel that we are racist, we are oppressors, we are horrible people, and he references the civil war. the civil war was about not being racist. it was about making sure people weren't anymore. he uses that it is an example of what is un-american. he has really lost it. i think the democrats go to washington and what they do is learn phrases, you are un-american, oppressor, racist, don't know anything about the bills, anything about the laws, they just know about name-calling. it's all they do. >> greg: i'm going to say, guy, both sides, i'm going to say this and then contradict myself, both sides can be guilty of hyperbole. we saw a lot of hyperbole during the obama administration coming from the right. but i think that this is different, because our hyperbole is always based on thinking somebody is wrong. but there hostility and
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hyperbole is based on thinking we are able. that is the difference. how do we deal with this? why is biden saying the stuff? >> i think he wanted to give a very angry seeming speech to paper over the fact he is not calling for the filibuster to go away. i think he is trying to do a shiny object of the left, but not actually doing a structural thing they want him to do, but that is the serious answer. but the more serious thing i have to say, i think this show right now is an assault on democracy, really. and this conversation may be the worst thing that has happened since the civil war. >> greg: i think you are right. >> and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for being part of it. >> greg: you are saying that now, but wait until the b block. it's going to be worse than the a. >> i cannot help but notice all of the ladies are wearing white. is that perhaps a little indication -- >> i am so ashamed of myself. >> greg: that's true, but the girls are wearing camouflage pants. >> i am doing it for the troops.
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[laughter] >> i bet you they appreciate it. >> i married a veteran, you know, support the troops. >> greg: you are supporting one troop. all right, i'm going to go talk to our new guest, so you just sit there and be polite. >> okay, i'll try. >> greg: welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. the pleasure is all yours. >> greg: i am glad you wore white. what do you make of this civil war claim, and how is -- how does this help the democrats at all? >> basically, this is like in episode of "the real house democrats." a whole season. he does not know what hyperbole is, it's not 31 flavors of baskin-robbins appeared he thought texas' voting law was too complicated, make it too difficult for people to vote, so it is complicated with getting a flat tire or a cavity filled?
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those things are complicated and inconvenient. showing your i.d. to vote is pretty standard fare, so what does he want, does he want, i don't know, a booth with little girls where he can sniff their hair and they can have hunter biden finger paint to show off while he is waiting to vote? >> greg: have to fact-check, those are not finger paints. a straw. >> he's got a lot of practice. okay. >> greg: so, cat, i feel if i was watching something like cnn, i would feel -- there is always a new existential risk. >> it is so dramatic. joe biden is not talking to really republicans about this stuff, he is just saying, making these super dramatic public pronouncements, like if you have a friend -- you canceled that her plans with her and she is like "that's fine" and you go on her instagram, toxic friends, don't -- it is like my friend is
8:15 pm
in the hospital, jessica. it is worse because it is tearing the country apart over stuff that is not true and is dramatic, which is way worse than jessica going and talking to sarah about you behind -- >> greg: do you think the country notices this bifurcating nonsense or just because we are in this business? >> unfortunately, i think it is because we are in this business. people, they have other jobs -- >> greg: i would say fortunately. >> well, yeah, they'd have to sit there and read -- i love my job, i am the luckiest girl in the world. >> greg: you are. who wouldn't want to work with me? right, judge? >> yeah, i love working with you. >> greg: do you really? >> no. [laughter] >> i think they believe it and the people get so amped up in a country torn apart, you support -- then you like slavery! and people think those things. but i think it is not just people who watch -- i think everybody isn't mad out there. you look at people, like right now when i drive, i don't get
8:16 pm
upset, i don't blow the horn, i am afraid someone is going -- stop it. what are you laughing at? so i don't say anything. it is like everybody is so nuts, you are afraid they're going to come at you. >> greg: what are you driving these days? >> an airplane. >> greg: what are you driving? >> i'm driving my suv with my poodle. >> greg: i don't even know what i'm thinking right now. okay, next, are dems feeling blue about prospects in 2022? [applause] how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: republicans are red, democrats are blue, but will the left hold on congress end in '22? through the next midterms making
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democrats squirm, it appears the left more on cops could put -- >> i want to be you. >> greg: no, you don't! i'm going to go down in flames, trust me. this week, anchor stephanie rule out of the alarm about the g.o.p. picking up seats in the midterms. >> we are more than a year out of the midterms but democrats already facing an uphill climb coming as cities across the country are grappling with a serious surge in violent crimes. when i republicans, like former president trump come are seizing on that, seizing on that and trying to tie democrats and their defund the police messaging to heading into next year, claiming that messaging is the reason for the spike in
8:22 pm
crime. very bad news for democrats with a razor-thin house majority and a tie in the senate. >> greg: so the other side finally acknowledged the crime surge, but the real problem to that is not the suffering of civilians but the political fallout that the republicans are seizing on it and tying it to defund the police messaging. sorry, stephanie, it was the democrats who tied a surge in violent crime to a decrease in policing by pushing the decrease in policing which led to the surge in violent crime! no one had to seize anything except the poor citizens grabbing their kids to protect them from random gunfire. but i wonder if democrats do not fight back, what are the odds of a red wave? >> if democrats do not fight back, what are the odds of a red wave? >> they are excellent. >> republicans are really, really good at branding irrelevant of what the truth is, and it got media networks that are considered news. how do you fight this? >> is actually not that hard, stephanie.
8:23 pm
the problem is when you have to be able to see the solution -- >> that's not happening. >> it's been happening here, it's been happening on my twitter thread. >> greg: is happening on her twitter threat! [laughter] that settles it. pack it in, g.o.p., this woman's twitter thread says you are toast. >> cat lady says we are toast. >> greg: it's going to take some really clever tweets to change viewers thoughts about no murder and they paralyzing wokeness paralyzing the party. >> letting a noisy wing of our party defined the rest of us, i think very naive and into language and identity, and that's all right, not storming the capital, but they are not winning elections, and i think people sort of see this for what it is, and people are way more interested in their lives and how to improve them than they are in somebody else's pronouns are something. >> greg: i loved him and
8:24 pm
"nightmare on elm street." [laughter] so, gaia, it seems there are two variables that are handicapping the democrats here, the big screwup on crime, and also this obsession with wokism, identity politics come intersectionality that is alienating them from the average person. >> first of all, i would like to fact-check stephanie ruhle because conservatives are not seizing on this, we are pouncing. this week, we are pouncing on the crime problem. i wonder if they are trying to force the democrats to care about crime and take it more seriously, not to stop the bloodshed in the streets, but because they need to stop the republicans. be that is a sort of very strange way to come at it but it theremight be something to that. i saw a piece last week, top democrats quietly whispering that we are very concerned --
8:25 pm
and they are like okay, you don't half to whisper it, you can go to war with your own base. they don't want to do that. if they are going to make an adjustment in midstream it might be too late because there is a hard core element of their base that will never accept it and voters have been awake for the last two years. we have seen what is happened, and now, like, a tweak of the messaging, with james carville is a clearly begging them to try, i think that would be sort of window dressing at this point because the results speak for themselves. >> greg: yeah, it is ironic, judge, that it is being woke that kept them from waking up. >> yeah, and you know what else -- what else is ironic is the fact -- they for the longest time i talked about black lives matter peter cote black lives matter, only if that black life is taken at the hand of a police officer which turns out to be .014% of the shootings
8:26 pm
of blacks because the majority is black on black crime. they indicate time and time again that their concern -- you remember the dnc from last summer, the convention, when the cities are burning down, businesses and everything else, they didn't really care -- they never talked about crime. they never talked about any of this stuff. if they think they can rebrand themselves now, they are out of their minds. it is not going to happen. as you know, greg, this week, somebody through hot water on 47th and sixth. >> greg: he always does that. but that speaks to the bizarre crimes of new york. we talked about this like a year ago, it is not just regular crime -- >> it's crazy -- >> greg: crazy crime. people decided to lash out and attack just innocent people. how do the libertarians look at 2022? >> this is going to be our year.
8:27 pm
[laughter] i am predicting a libertarian wave. >> what color is that? >> camel. gold wave. everyone is going to vote gold. >> greg: it is going to be a golden shower. >> get out of here. >> we had a presidential candidate that one time made official -- i would not be surprised if that is an official slogan. >> greg: the libertarians -- >> no, huge, huge. >> greg: the outside party, the one not in the white house, always has a wave two years later. it even happened under trump, the democrats had a mild blue wave. what do you predict. what do you see? >> historically speaking, you are accurate. i am not miss cleo from the psychic friends network.
8:28 pm
r.i.p. >> greg: didn't see it coming. >> i am here every day. [laughter] [applause] that was so good. the problem is, i think the horse is out of the barn, as they say, on this problem because -- people have funded these very liberal attorneys in major cities that are pro-criminal, anti-law and order, and those people are getting reelected and reelected an inner-city crime has skyrocketed. course, as liberals say, it is mostly peaceful crime. >> greg: true. >> as the city burns behind us. the problem democrats are going to have is when you start making housewives mad, you're making everybody mad because on their kids -- they have to run for school board and have had at. they are fed up, they can't go downtown and sipped their drinks at 11:00 a.m. and go shop at bloomingdale's. >> is that what being a mom is like? >> greg: up next, you won't believe your eyes when you see
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♪ ♪ >> greg: it is a clock made of blocks. it is the silliest excuse for a firearm since the salad shooter. check out this pistol, the utah gun shop came up with this custom kit that wraps the firearm in actual legos. at least it did not look like the capitol. pretty good joke right there. nobody cares. the company said it "want to the second amendment to simply be too painful to tread on" -- clever. can't wait to see their other ideas, like a knife shaped like a malibu barbie. silence. we checked, and the gun is no longer available on the store's website after lego sent a cease and desist letter. i believe we have a picture of it being delivered.
8:34 pm
[laughter] meanwhile, the founder of mom's demand action inadvertently made the case for second amendment supporters, tweeting in part, "federal law prohibits toys from being manufactured to look like guns" but no law to have its guns from being made to look like toys. awesome. wait until they see my lincoln log ak-47. judge, you're going to hate that. kat, you have one important thing to say about this? >> i get why people would be upset, making a gun look like a child's toy, however i am not a mother, maybe i don't get it because i am not a mother. i feel like if you have kids in the home, your gun safety measures should, you know, be able to stand up against the threat level kid thinks it looks cool. >> greg: that was really unusual point. >> why? >> greg: i just didn't get it. >> the kid is going to play the gun, it looks like a fun thing for the kid to play with, yeah, but you should have measures in
8:35 pm
place in the home where they can get the gun, no matter what it looks like. >> greg: okay. exactly, judge? >> thank you. that wasn't very nice, greg. i did my best. be nice to kat. [applause] >> greg: i can feel the crowd turning on me. erin, what do you make of this? >> there is a lot to unpack because i am a mother. guns don't kill people, legos kill parents. i'm going to send lego a cease and desist. have you ever in the middle of the night, maybe a few cocktails, maybe not, walked to get water and stepped on a lego? because i have. the expletives that came out of my mouth are harsher than anything you would say. this gun has nothing on what kids are doing with those legos. i mean, nothing. you have bruises for a week, you can't walk, you need one of those bamboo canes, it is a nightmare. these legos deserve no sympathy,
8:36 pm
none. >> being a mom's sounds wild. >> greg: this is a brilliant publicity stunt. they made one model, put it out there, ended up on two amazing hit shows, "the five" and "gutfeld!." i looked at it and thought this was really interesting and provocative, much like you guys. >> i am both of those things. are they still going to move forward, though, your custom ordered pink-but dazzled beretta? you've been waiting for that for a few months. >> greg: has to be the right size so i can hide it. >> real men wear pink. >> greg: judge, i made this point earlier on "the five," our sister show, the message here, a lot of things that are on a gun are decorative. you know how the left always confuses a rifle with an assault
8:37 pm
rifle because they see the decoration, and they go "oh, my god" -- no, people just their guns like they their ride. >> here's the problem, i see it -- lego rode after michael bloomberg got in touch with lego and said "cease and desist," and they have to -- doesn't have that patent. here is the issue. if you are on the street and you are a cop, and you see someone who's got that, are you stopping and saying "is that a toy gun or is that a real gun?" because if a cop hesitates for one second and gets killed, that is a problem. maybe with a toy gun that looks like that, now that we know guns can be made like that, is the cop shooting at someone who has toy gun? this because it is so much like a glock, is potentially very
8:38 pm
bad situation. >> greg: it is a clock, it is a real gun. >> it is a real gun, and it is a glock. >> greg: a real gun. >> the appeal to kids thing is also real, if kids think that looks cool like a toy and tragically, there are instances where kids mess around with a real gun and shoot themselves. >> put the gun in a safe, i mean, that is what you have to do. >> make lego cigarettes for kids, solve the problem. >> greg: there you go. i would smoke those. all right, i'm next, why are students saying no way to campus chick-fil-a? [applause] re plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪ ♪ i feel free to bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand nothing on my skin, ♪ ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year.
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and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l ♪ ♪ >> greg: is there anything more lame than these students at notre dame? gone are the good old days when college students protested war or fought for equal rights. today, christian restaurant coming to a christian university is cause for outrage.
8:43 pm
nearly 200 students at the university of notre dame -- an actual college -- are protesting the possible addition of a chick-fil-a to campus dining. the group of undergrads and faculty signed an open letter published in the school paper criticizing the restaurant and its ceo for his christian beliefs. writing "our first concern relates to chick-fil-a's long history of antagonism toward the lgbtq+ community over the past two decades, chick-fil-a has dod significant sums to groups that oppose lgbtq+ rights." it is true, chick-fil-a has donated money to the fellowship of christian athletes, the paul anderson youth fund, and the salvation army, you know, those hate groups. so instead of debating, they would rather just ban those who hold those positions. it seems to me they are the real chickens here. they also schooled in the menu, writing in part, "consisting primarily of fried chicken and
8:44 pm
potatoes, the menu at chick-fil-a does not supply an array of options suitable for a diverse campus community." they clearly never had their polynesian sauce. meanwhile, that's diverse, these campus leftists remain silent while the hamburger continues his life of crime. guy, what kind of priority does the show when the hamburglar is all over the city doing whatever it wants in its stripe shirts. >> i'm still trying to think of a joke -- a dig at notre dame for people who are sports nerds. i am very happy to take every shot available at notre dame because i root against them in football. lease students literally have jesus overlooking their
8:45 pm
stadium. >> yes! >> and the other point i would make briefly, in their defense, which i am loath to do what i will try, it's 180 kids out of 8600 kids who go to the school, so that is roughly 2%. my guess is if you poll the other 98%, almost all will say yes, i would like some delicious fried chicken and take your politics elsewhere. >> greg: they would sales other people suck, that is what they would probably say. judge, shouldn't these people be boycotting their own school for its religious affiliation? >> yeah, you know, that is a great point. if you don't like chick-fil-a because they gave to organizations that are anti-lgbtq+ -- >> greg: well done. >> okay, you know, why notre dame? it is a catholic university, okay? they're just stupid. maybe they are not woke enough. >> greg: they are not woke enough, kat. what is your theory -- or do you
8:46 pm
have a theory? do you care? >> i am a lapsed catholic, but i still believe the christian chicken, though. it's not that deep. and also, gay marriage, supreme court decided it is legal, and that's great, and that's decided, and the chicken is not going to change that, so they can let it go. >> greg: exactly. and it is good chicken -- >> it's so good. >> it has a lot of salt in it. >> yeah, but -- >> greg: wow. [laughter] you know what that's all this from? liberal tears. thank you very much. >> okay. >> greg: erin, thoughts on this topic? >> i want to know these 180 kids -- one bad nugget spoils the bunch. >> that is a great joke. >> my point is, where do these kids think they are going to school? it is a catholic school, and i
8:47 pm
feel bad for those chick-fil-a towels that say "eat more chicken," like why is this lucky charms mascot picking on me, i am just a chicken? >> greg: i think this obsession with chick-fil-a is a bigger story about how the left needs to have everything in their camp, right? you've got the media, you've got entertainment, you've got academia, you are getting sports, i mean, that's happening. >> nary a chicken. >> greg: they need that chicken sandwich, it's like they're all consuming, ideological beast, and they need chick-fil-a to join them or they must be crushed. >> one of my favorite things that happened in this stupid chicken war was when chick-fil-a was expanding to new york city, where it had not existed, and you had these idiots on city council running to all of the camera saying "hate is not allowed in the city, no one wants this chicken here," and then they opened up locations up
8:48 pm
and down sixth avenue, lines around the block. new yorkers like chicken i do not care about your politics. >> greg: that is the way it should be. >> it is about putting politics and everything, and then hyperbole. >> it is the special sauce. >> not salty. >> greg: up next, a hospital -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: they wish they could recant, that kidney transplant. yeah, the surgery was a success, but the patient mix up was a mess. two employees from a ohio hospital have been placed on leave after giving a kidney to the wrong patient. as if that was not bad enough, another transplant patient said she just hates her new penis. still come under obamacare, it is considered a stunning success. luckily, the patient is alive and the kidney is compatible. the hospital did not return a comment for fox news, or perhaps they return a commitment for fox news to cnn. zero that happens there. judge, you are pretty smart, someone asks this question, bothered me since i was a child, why do we have two kidneys -- like, we have a backup kidney,
8:53 pm
but we do not have two hearts or livers, kat, which, kat should have two livers. >> it regenerates. >> greg: good point. but wouldn't it be better with two hearts? >> if you have a broken heart, you remember, you never forget it. you can have a broken heart, yeah, it doesn't matter, i have another heart. let that one go. >> greg: but that is what we do with kidneys. >> because we have two kidneys. >> greg: that's my point! why do they get the spare kidney? >> are you questioning the lord? >> greg: i am questioning evolution. why did we evolve to have -- >> oh. >> emails are coming in. they stopped emailing me. now they are emailing you. >> what i want to know, the person who probably got the kidney, was that person waiting for a kidney? >> greg: i guess -- >> they said it was compatible. >> wanted a boob job.
8:54 pm
>> they said it was compatible. >> greg: that, kat, raises a very interesting point. why is it hospital mistakes are never in the reverse direction? like, you never way wake up, "mr. got felled, we accidentally lifoed you are love handles." it is never a positive mistake, it is always in the wrong direction, and that is alarming. >> it is incredibly alarming. it is not easy to just get a kidney. it is really hard! >> i like her. >> like, i checked, you know, you have to check to make sure your wallet, did not leave it behind. there are times you double check. >> yeah, you would think they would have a little checklist, erin, that would have prevented this problem. >> judge is more the attorney then i, this sounds like a bit of malpractice? >> it went into the wrong body.
8:55 pm
so the guy who was waiting for the kidney now has to wait, they say 5-10 years. >> greg: kidneys are rare. guy, what is -- >> why don't they take it out? >> greg: do they take the kidney back? >> so, i did not go to medical school, so i'm going to state my position on the kidney going to the wrong person, it is bad, it should not have happened. >> strong stance. >> i'm going to stand firm on that. >> lesson learned. >> you'd hope so. i feel like this would be the first and last thing you do before you actually caught someone open and put something in them permanently, just triple check, oh, yep, same person, photograph, name, thing on the bracelet -- >> that is so sad. >> where do we go from here? >> another surgery that they want. >> there you go. whatever you want. >> i did not go to medical school and that does not stop me from performing surgeries.
8:56 pm
sometimes you have to dare to dream. >> greg: all right, this show is almost over, but don't go anywhere. we will be right back. [applause]
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but it's only human... to search for it. >> greg: we are out of time. set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. thank you judge jeanine. and our studio audience. shannon bream with "fox news @ night" is next. i'm. i'm greg gutfeld. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in new york. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, new questions about who is paying for the runaway texas democrats to camp out in washington eventually for weeks. fox news has learned lawmakers collecting sessions and skipping in addition to their salary. the latest numbers and a


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