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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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correct. >> judge jeanine: they weren't wearing their floaties because they are golden retrievers. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: what was your dog? >> greg: i don't know. >> judge jeanine: the one who couldn't figure out how to get his suitcase through. >> greg: you are on my show tonight. >> judge jeanine: tonight. >> greg: a double dose of the judge. going to need some antibiotics for that. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: i'm going to have to go with andre the giant horse from dana. thanks, greg. good evening. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight, we're covering two major stories with foreign policy implications. u.s. authorities say the kidnapping plot orchestrated by the iranian regime was essentially something out of an espionage movie. the kidnapping of an american journalist officials say tehran planned to take place on u.s. soil. the iranian-born american journalist at the center of the alleged plot is speaking out for the first time today. and the former president who rarely speaks out about other administration policy positions is openly criticizing the biden
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administration withdrawal plans in afghanistan. first up, iran says accusations its agents are trying to kidnap iranians abroad who criticize the country are baseless and ridiculous. the statement comes after u.s. authorities announce criminal charges against four iranian intelligence operatives. they are accused of plotting to kidnap a prominent opposition activist and writer in exile in the u.s. and take her back to iran. tonight, we're hearing firsthand from that journalist. correspondent aishah hasnie has details. good evening, aishah. >> good evening to you, bret. tonight the white house is condemning this alleged plot the woman at the center of it all is demanding more action. this is in a twitter video she posted late last night showing police outside protecting her. the fbi says four iranian intelligence agents were plotting to kidnap her from her brooklyn home even looking into using a speed got take her to
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venezuela where they could fly her then to iran. the four suspects are still at large because they're all based in iran. now alinejad iranian activist and journalist. authorities believe regime wanted to silence her for her years of criticism. >> it was scary to be honest from the beginning i got divoos bumps when i heard about all the details. to be honest, martha, that shows that the regime is scared of me as well. they are really scared of women. >> now, this afternoon white house press secretary jen psaki condemned the alleged plot and addressed the biden administration's approach with iran considering the state department is waiving some sanctions on the rogue nation. listen. >> we will forcefully defend u.s. citizens and u.s. interest that includes law enforcement actions like the one announced yesterday as well as the actions the president has taken to defend u.s. forces in the rio de janeiro from iranian backed militant groups. it also includes our diplomatic
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enforce to constrain iran's nuclear program. one of our most important and you are general's actions. >> but, bret, alinejad says that statement right there was, quote, disappointing. she wants to see stronger policy action from the white house because she says this is not just about her. it's about the safety of all-americans. bret? >> bret: aishah, thank you, we will follow this story. the man who put u.s. troops into afghanistan after 9/11 is openly criticizing the way they are coming out and the administration that's making the moves. former president george w. bush says he thinks the withdrawal at this time and in this way is a mistake. meanwhile, the biden administration says it has a plan to evacuate afghan translators who worked with u.s. forces. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reports again from kabul. >> the taliban continues to make gains across afghanistan. militants claiming to have seized another border crossing
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as the biden administration these lifeline to some threats. threatened. >> we are launching operation refuge. >> could be targeted by the taliban if they take over. the white house announcing an expedited vizquel program for needy afghan applicants. chartered flights could start evacuations by the last week of july. >> our objective to get individuals who are eligible relocated out of the country in advance of the withdrawal of troops at the end of august. also potentially targeted hard line taliban government takes over women are pressed during the earlier militant rule. former president george w. bush outspoken in an interview about president biden's hasty withdrawal of troops. >> i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm. >> is it a mistake. >> i think it is, yeah. because i think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad. >> this, as sagging local troops cope. live fire exercises at a base outside of kabul try to get
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volunteers on target. after just three months, these recruits could face off with the taliban. determined but rough. a general told us needs more ammo, gear and missing u.s. airplane. >> i have seen the taliban kill a lot of people. i'm here to defeat them and give my country a peaceful time. >> biden administration's announcement is seen as good news for the thousands who might benefit. but as one leading afghan figure asked us, what about the millions of others who remain in the taliban fire? bret? >> bret: greg palkot in kabul, afghanistan. greg, thank you. now to washington politics and a massive gamble. it's hard to find any precedent for a party in power to try to pass its entire domestic agenda in one massive mega bill with only 50 senators from that party in the senate and no margin for error. today, president biden met with senate democrats for a strategy
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session to do just that, to advance a massive so-called human infrastructure spending package. the measure has zero support among republicans and it comes amid growing worries about inflation. congressional correspondent jacqui heinrich has the story from capitol hill. >> homecoming? >> president biden back in the senate where he served for 36 years wednesday trying to keep his caucus united to pass a $3.5 trillion social infrastructure plan without republican support. >> i have no comment other than great to be home. great to be back with all my colleagues and i think we are going to get a lot done. >> biden challenge far left getting progressive support for less infrastructure than the $6 trillion they wanted on top of a bipartisan hard infrastructure deal they also sees a too slim. moderates may also be a challenge. senator joe manchin raising concerns about inflation and the impact of climate provisions on the fossil fuel industry. >> we have a debt of 30 and a
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half trillion dollars. we have indications inflation is spiking. i think it's a concern. >> included in the package universal pre-k child care affordable college. paid family leave. expanded medicare, nutrition assistance, housing investments and climate and clean energy initiatives. the pay fors include raising corporate and international taxes and taxing the rich. republicans are already sounding the alarm. minority leader mitch mcconnell telling fox with inflation raging at the highest level in 40 years the democratic plan is wildly out of proportion with the need right now. >> they are either going to have to raise taxes enormously or add dangerously to the debt of the country. it's unthinkable amount of money. >> the current inflation numbers are nothing compared to what's going to happen if you start put this much money into the economy. >> federal reserve chair jerome powell didn't directly answer whether the total new spending would impact the fed's decision making. >> you would want to know how much of it is paid for and that kind of thing. the net deficit spend would go enter into anybody's
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projections, really of the economy. and ultimately into projections of the labor market and of inflation over time. >> so far progressives seem satisfied but some moderates came out of that meeting with more questions than full-throated support. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on capitol hill. jackie, thanks. texas democratic state lawmakers remain in washington tonight trying to avoid votes back home on republican-backed election reform legislation. this comes as the g.o.p. is bashing president biden's comments yesterday accusing republicans of trying to subvert the election process, an assault, he said, on democracy. white house correspondent peter doocy has details live tonight from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. there are questions when democrats like the filibuster and when democrats don't like it. for example, here in washington, d.c., democrats are in the senate majority. they don't need it, and they are talking about maybe getting rid of it. but those texas democrats are in the minority there, and their
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trip to d.c. amounts to a filibuster. >> we're going to stay out until this session is over to kill this bill. >> peter: that could be weeks. who is paying for all of this? >> all of this is entirely funded through donations. >> peter: those specifics about donors remain unknown even though a big part of the federal bill the texas democrats are lobbying for is transparency. >> the for the people act is about ensuring the freedom of people to vote. getting dark money out of politics. >> peter: the for the people act is the federal law president biden hopes stops states from tightening voting regulations. >> bulls were and merchants fear peddlers of lies are threatening the very foundation of our country. >> peter: top republicans are balking at the historical parallels. >> these false comparisons are an insult to the actual hurdles that americans have overcome. >> co-founder of black voters matter was hoping to hear the president say in that big speech
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he would get rid of the filibuster if it meant passing voting rights legislation. but the president didn't say it. so, all bright tweets the speech was an epic fail. white house officials want any fails about removing the filibuster to be made by senators. >> it's up to them to vote on what their processes will be moving forward. >> some republicans are skeptical the voting rights bill favored by democrats is about access to polls at all. >> it is designed to keep democrats in power the next 100 years. >> the filibuster was defended by senator biden when he represented delaware but times are changing and so, too are tactics like the ones being used by the run away texas democrats. >> do you know any -- of any examples from his 36-years in the senate that joe biden just hops on a train and left town to avoid a vote that he knew he was going to lose? >> welcome back. [laughter] look, i think that the president's view is that these texas legislators were making a
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statement through action. >> peter: so the question there is support of these democrats leaving the state even though he ran on a platform of being a bipartisan dealmaker. tomorrow another campaign promise he made is going to be test that he had can patch up relationships with america's allies and that will happen when the german chancellor angela america comes here. bret? >> bret: whenever you get the welcome back that's good sign. peter, thank you. the justice department inspector general says the fbi seriously mishandled the investigation into a u.s.a. gymnastics doctor accused of sexual abuse. the report says the report did not treat the accusations against larry nasaer is with the utmost seriousness. also accuse two bureau officials of lying to investigators to cover up their mistakes. nasaer is has been sentenced to hundreds of years of prison on multiple convictions, the fbi responds it takes the finding seriously and taken immediate
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action to correct the failings. up next, arrested live on camera, it is happening to reporters in cuba. we will go live to miami for the latest on that. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. actor jussie smollett faces renewed charges offer his alleged 2019 hate crime incident. he is accused of lying to police about a racist homophobic attack he claims was perpetrated against him. smollett is maintaining his innocence referring to today's court proceedings as a dog and pony show. fox 13 in tampa as the bay area deals with the effects of an early red tide bloom. crews in panel his have removed more than 614 tons of dead marine life from waterways and shores there. this is a live look from grand rapids gretchen whitmer announces the first round of $50,000 daily winners in the state's vaccination sweepstakes.
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four people were chosen today out of almost 2 million applicants. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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>> bret: president biden is inviting the united nations to investigate the u.s. over racism, discrimination, and human rights. the president's critics are saying let that sink in for a minute. as this administration has not made requests to the u.n. about cuba's recent crackdown on its own people. here's state department correspondent rich edson. [chanting i can't breathe] >> a year after nationwide protests following george floyd's murder the state department is formally inviting human rights experts to examine racism in the united states. secretary of state anton anyy blinken says responsible nations must shrink from human rights record rather acknowledge it with the intent to approve. appointees repeatedly used to respond to criticism.
3:18 pm
especially from chinese diplomats who in march accused the u.s. of deep seeded human rights problem. >> there is one more hallmark of our leadership here at home, and that's a constant quest to, as we say, form a more perfect union and that quest by definition acknowledges our imperfections. >> blinken says the united nations will welcome united nations envoy to the u.s. following a report last month from the u.n. high commissioner for human rights. it detailed worldwide racism and police brutality against those of african dissent. quote, some militarized responses to protests were reported in the united states leading some to compare these experiences to conditions in war zones. several republicans have tied their criticism of the administration's invitation to the ongoing demonstrations in cuba. senator marco rubio tweeted to secretary blinken, quote: instead of asking the u.n. to come here and tell us how racist
3:19 pm
america is. why don't you ask them to go cuba where an evil socialist regime storms into people's homes, beats the crap out of them, and then drags them away? critics have also pointed to the makeup of the united nations human rights council. the result of secret ballots and backroom deals. the latest elections added notorious human rights violators, cuba, china and russia. >> the trump administration withdrew the u.s. from the u.n. human rights council calling it biased and hypocritical. in february, the biden administration restored u.s. membership, acknowledging the council is flawed though arguing the best way to fix it is through u.s. leadership. bret? >> bret: we'll follow this story. rich edson live at the state department. rich, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 44. the s&p 500 was up 5. the nasdaq lost 33. protesters in miami are not letting up in their demonstrations against the communist government in cuba and
3:20 pm
crackdown on dissent. this comes as we learn one person was killed during sunday's protest on the island. we actually see the arrest of a journalist there. correspondent phil keating is in miami again tonight. [chanting] >> dramatic twist to the third straight night of pro-freedom in miami. hundreds americans stormed palmetto expressway sitting down on six six lanes freezing rush hour for hours. similar in tampa and orlando. florida residents expressing support for cuban people and urging the white house to get more involved in bringing change to the communist island. >> biden you should listen to the people here, the election officials that are cubans know what's best to people in cuba. hear us out and try to come together to see what we can do. [chanting] >> in cuba very few antigovernment protest since sunday's marches by thousands and a dozen cities demanding change citing food shortages and
3:21 pm
chronic poverty. extra military and police on the streets have locked down any defiance. dozens of dissidents have been reportedly arrested. the state confirming one protester died. this video from spanish television shows what appears to be a journalist getting arrested by cuban authorities. the white house today says president biden continues reviewing his cuba policy. >> i would also note though that we'll do that through the prism of what will help the people of cuba. not what will help pad the pockets of the regime. and that is challenging circumstance, given the control of the regime currently on the people. >> u.s. fears of another wave of cuban refugee migration the 1980 mario led the homeland security secretary not to flee emphasizing they will not be allowed in. the time is never right to attempt migration by sea. to those who risk their lives doing so, this risk is not worth
3:22 pm
taking. >> several south florida democrats are now urging president biden to come right down here to miami and deliver a pro-democracy and human rights message and to voice support, once again, for the cuban people. meanwhile tonight in little havana in a street party concert, heavy on the politics in solidarity with the cuban people and renewed calls for freedom. bret? >> bret: phil keating live in miami again tonight. phil, thanks. up next, a win for britney spears in the courtroom just moments ago. plus the free britney movement comes to washington. the singer's supporters making their case for her in the nation's capitol. >> she doesn't need this kind of oppressive oversight and expense that she has dealt with now for 13 years. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight, actually within the past hour, britney spears has won the right to choose her own lawyer in the court battle over her conservatorship. this happened as the singer's fans actually gathered at the
3:27 pm
lincoln memorial in washington today to push for congressional remedy, correspondent jeff paul has the braking detiles though tonight from los angeles. good evening, jeff. >> yeah, good evening, bret. this could be the beginning of the end for brittany spears conservatorship after addressing the courtroom. tearful at times, we're told, that a judge did approve her request for a new attorney, obviously a lot of fans outside the courtroom very excited to hear that. that new attorney, his name is matthew rosengarten. >> we have powerful hollywood attorney represented her stars bike ben affleck, sean penn and director steven spielberg. during her testimony she did address the court directly over the phone. there were questions about whether or not she would do that shea told the judge that she wants that conservatorship removed but she does not want to go through any more, quote: stupid psych tests. she also said her family never cared for her and accused her father of conservatorship abuse. the other big take away here is
3:28 pm
that spears addressed her fans who have been out here for a long time not only today but throughout this entire legal process. she thanked them for their support saying that it gave her the courage to move forward on this. exactly what that next step is, we're not exactly clear, but her getting her own attorney, who can articulate her wants be and steps. he has made no bones about it she wants out of this conservatorship. we have more hearings in the future but are, again, a big, big step if this were to end. bret? >> bret: you know, jeff, when you have senator ted cruz speaking out on her behalf and other republican lawmakers, plus you see the public out there in los angeles, is there a sense that this thing is turning, at least when it comes to public opinion if not in the courtroom? >> oh, i think public opinion has been on britney's side from the get-go. i think a lot of people find it hard to fathom that a, you know, a mother, a woman who can choreograph music and sing and
3:29 pm
do all those things that she can't make her own decisions that she can't even pick her own lawyer? we spoke with some attorneys today who called it a black eye on the legal system, that somebody like britney spears who can get up and go shopping and, again, have an incredible music career can't do something as simple as pick her own attorney. so i definitely think the support is overwhelmingly on britney's side. >> brit: now a judge has said she can. we will follow this jeff paul in los angeles. thanks. well he is not back on twitter or facebook but former president trump is slowly making his way back into the public eye. as you know we have been covering it and showing his popularity with a large percentage of the support base as we saw at cpac. tonight we talk about some new reporting of the former president's final days in office. "wall street journal" white house reporter michael bender the author of a new book "frankly we did win this election." the inside story of how trump lost. michael, great to see you. this is a very interesting book. it has a lot of great nuggets.
3:30 pm
i have always respected your ability to kind of report from inside the trump administration. i'm going to talk about a couple of these nuggets in our interview. but, one of the things that a lot of people didn't know as it was going on was the infighting that was happening behind the scenes. >> yeah, that's right. i appreciate that bret. i think the big take away for this book for me is i think this is the only one that -- the only trump book really to date that is going to explain this president by going inside the oval office, inside the campaign, and i spend two years embedded with some of trump's most loyal supporters who go to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 rallies. the take away here is a disconnect a lot of times between trump and his staff. there was -- i have new details about staff being worried about the president's decision-making but also that trump was really not well-served by the constant battles and infighting among his own staff.
3:31 pm
one example of that is early on in the administration, there is a -- there is a blow out fight between jared kushner son-in-law senior adviser in the white house and ronna mcdaniel the chairwoman of the republican party who becomes a very close adviser to the president. and i think is one of the more compelling characters through this book. and it's over some potentially lucrative software they want to raise money. jared wants to do it himself and have his people build the software. ronna wants to keep it inside the party. that's the best thing for the long term piece -- long term future of the party. and jared is beside himself and says i don't give an f about the republican party. this plays out for the next two years. jared brings in stepien to run the campaign. bill has concerns about the republican national committee himself. effectively stops talking to ronna mcdaniel who is a full partner in the campaign at this point. is a very interesting setup that
3:32 pm
they had put together. a full partner in the campaign is left out of any meetings, decision-making until, i mean, we are talking the final days of the race here, bret, they have to have a meeting to say, you know, bill, you need to bring in the chairwoman of the republican party to some of these meetings. >> bret: that's fascinating on a number of different levels and a number of different infighting moments in this book. have you this one moment april 27th, 2020 breezeio to brad parscale about the campaign and it's about biden and the possibility that he could be replaced. i know that there is some concern which i strenuously disagree with that if we go after biden too soon we can collapse him and the dems will replace him at their convention. i know potus tends to share this opinion but whether or not they can steal it from biden is quickly becoming a moot point. i mean, that was something talked about in earnest. >> that's right. from the president of the united states. and, you know, where that is
3:33 pm
coming from, sources were telling me that was coming from a number of people. but the broader picture here is that there was a battle going on inside trump world over when to attack biden and how early. and, you know, the effect i of that, you know, mostly between kellyanne conway who wants the president to focus on covid and act presidential and, you know, and run, essentially run for re-election from the podium helping the country through a pandemic and brad parscale who had basically built a advertising machine over at the campaign and wanted to unload it to attack biden taking down some of his numbers. the effect of this is that the president goes back and forth over what they should be doing and he vas can a late over whether biden is even threat. >> bret: yeah. oval office he interrupts a policy meeting and wonders how am i losing to a mental retard?
3:34 pm
>> bret: the story of how trump lost. michael bender, thank you, sir. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: up next a republican senator is calling out a major defense contractor for focusing too much on being woke. >> americans expect our defense contractors having even higher standard. ♪ ♪ develop shingles, and the risk only increases as you age. so what can protect you against shingles?
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3:39 pm
pandemic restrictions isolated those with drug addictions and made treatment harder to get. and acquire. pentagon critics say the defense department and some of it contractors are so focused on diversity training the country's security is threatened. pentagon brass are essentially saying the criticism is misplaced and that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. one republican senator is now making that point directly to one of the nation's biggest weapon suppliers. lucas tomlinson takes a look tonight from the pentagon. >> no american company should be promoting the kind of nonsense that critical race theory advances. >> government defense contractor raytheon rolled out its stronger together program last summer to get its 30,000 employees to help drive near and long-term societal change. optional course ask employees to learn about the weaponization of whiteness to the ire of senator come to the to be.
3:40 pm
tom cotton. raytheon technologies does not teach or train our employee he is on critical race theory. nor do we use race to foment division. despite misrepresentation by politically motivated agitators there is no difference between these resource and those used by many if not most major employers in the u.s. >> the raytheon ceo may be right what he is doing at raytheon may be doing what thousands of other companies in america is doing. that's a condemnation of corporate america not a defense of raytheon and especially not a defense for a defense contractor like raytheon that depends on tax dollars. >> raytheon the second largest defense company with over 16 billion in annual revenue making weapons of war including missile interceptors like this one. defense secretary lloyd austin as well as former president trump's defense chief mark esper works there cotton fired another broadside last month accusing the defense secretary allowing critical race theory to be part of the service academies asking
3:41 pm
him directly if he thought the military was racist. >> the military like any organization, will have its challenges but i do not believe it is a fundamentally racist organization. >> senator cotton also wants to investigate whether raytheon violated any federal civil rights law while pursuing its diversity training. bret? >> bret: lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. lucas, thanks. up next, the panel on the u.s. invitation to the u.n. to investigate racism in america. plus, we will talk about inflation and the free britney movement coming to d.c. in the breaking news tonight. first, beyond our borders tonight, at least 72 people are dead, 1200 arrested following days of rioting in south africa the unrest sparked by the detention of former president jacob zuma. police say many of the deaths were caused by at 00 particular stampedes. pope francis is back in the vatican tonight. he spent the last 10 days in a hospital in rome after undergoing colon surgery. the pope stopped at saint mary
3:42 pm
basilica to give success to that operation and pray for others before returning home. and jets roar overhead. thousands of troops marched through paris to celebrate bastille day. france marking its national holiday after last year's events were scaled back due to coronavirus fears. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. a lot of snacks are packed with air but not planters nuts. our dry roasted peanuts have an incredible ratio of size to substance a delicious, salty, crunchy ratio. planters. a nut above.
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it's unthinkable amount of money. i'm not sure that this 3 pulp 5 trillion out there that they have got all their frogs from the wheelbarrow to support it as well. we have work do. we will continue our work. >> they are going to need every democrat to pass because there is not a single republican in the house or the senate who is going to support this level of taxing and spending and regulations. >> we're going to get this done. >> we are getting it done. >> bret: well, there are no republican frogs in the wheelbarrow, we will see if there are all the democrats. 50 plus one that they need to get this $3.5 trillion package through. we'll start there with our
3:47 pm
panel. let's bring them in mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." army walter national editor for the cook political report and jason riley columnist and senior fellow at the manhattan institute. jason, let me start with you. it's bold. they are on a knife's edge as far as the numbers. can they get it through? >> i hope not frankly. i can't get past the numbers. we are talking about world war ii level spending. we are not at war, let alone a world war. and biden is behaving and the democrats are behaving as if they have this huge mandate to just spend and spend and spend until the cows come home. and they don't. and now you look at what is going on with inflation and how all the spending could exexacerbate that i hope republicans stand their ground here. i think it's important i mean
3:48 pm
republicans haven't had a great track record. here is joni ernst from iowa with her own take on inflation as jason spoke about. >> to demonstrate just how costs are spinning out of control, i brought the wheel of inflation. it will tell us exactly how much more biden aomics is costing hardworking americans so, folks, let's go ahead and give it a spin. oh, let's see, 8, 8 in the past year, the price of bacon is up about 8%. >> bret: amy, i love when they have props on the senate floor. they have to work but, yeah. >> you don't mess with bacon in iowa. that's also very clear. so, it's a good prop for that state. look, democrats are definitely taking a risk and as jason said,
3:49 pm
they have a very small majority to act as if they have sort of a mandate from this last election. that's exactly what they're doing and both sides have been doing quite frankly for the last 10 to 15 years. one side gets control of all three branches since this is our one opportunity to pass legislation, get it done on a peter line basis, whether it was taxes under president trump. whether it was obamacare under president obama and then sort of damn the torpedoes or consequences it will be written into law and you can have something to go home and talk to your constituents about or at the very least even if things go badly in the next election, you know that as a legislator, you can point to something that will be part of american law going forward. >> bret: and then, mollie, you have the juxtaposition here of
3:50 pm
washington democrats welcoming in these texas democrats from the state legislator, who walked out to avoid voting on this piece of legislation there in texas. here in washington, republicans are still trying to negotiate and fight and, obviously, vote against this bill about 3.5 trillion. but, democrats are trying to end the filibuster. it's quite something. >> right. in washington democrats are saying that there should be no -- no -- nothing that the minority can do to affect legislation. and then in texas, where republicans have a strong majority in their legislature and are trying to pass basic election integrity think, democrats are literally fleeing the state to avoid, in order to obstruct the passage of a bill that would tighten up election integrity. it is interesting that democrats are putting so much into this fight against basic election integrity. republicans view it as making it easier to vote. but tougher to cheat. and democrats say that making it easier to vote and tougher to
3:51 pm
cheat is voter suppression. it's a very interesting -- it's very interesting to note just how much democrats care about not tightening up any election integrity and it suggests something about how much of a threat they view that to their electoral power. but it's also, as you point out, hypocritical that they're fighting minority rights in d.c. while supporting texas democrats for fleeing the state. >> bret: okay. i want to turn to this story about the u.s. saying to the u.n., united nations, you should investigate the u.s. about racism, history of racism, and human rights abuses. i'm going to put up this quote from secretary of state blinken to the united nations in which he essentially says that this is the right thing to do. we have reached out to offer an official visit by the u.n. special on contemporary forms of racism and u.s. special rapport tour i welcome the -- against
3:52 pm
african-americans and african-american dissent in law enforcement. okay. so put that in the context of asking the united nations for this investigation, jason and what we're not asking the united nations to do as of tonight. >> i see this as a lot of political theater, bret, for the woke left. and it's pretty laughable. yes, america has some problems with race relations, what country that has a diverse population does not? you have to say compared to what? but the idea that we need lectures from the international community on how to handle race regions in the u.s. is just laughable. plaque people are among the richest people blacks on the planet earth, bret, and have been for a long, long time. i really think the acid test
3:53 pm
here is how many minorities are trying to leave this country as opposed to how many are trying to get in? i think that tells you all you need to know. >> bret: all right, last topic. here is senator ted cruz. >> i am firmly and unequivocally in the camp of free britney. she is perfectly capable and competent to go on tour. she sold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of records in tours all across the country, and, yet, her dad controls almost every decision of her life. the california judicial system, which has allowed this abusive process, i hope they hear the bipartisan call and allow this woman to lead her own life. >> bret: and tonight, amy, a judge has said britney spears can have her own, choose her own lawyer in this conservatorship battle seems like it's tilting her way. >> it is. a form of bipartisan here in washington. who knew that britney spears could be the link we all needed
3:54 pm
to bring democrats and republicans together. but she could ask this lawyer to get her out of this conservatorship and that may be most likely where we're headed next. >> bret: all right, mollie, 10 seconds. >> well, republicans on the house judiciary committee have been making this an issue for a long time. britney is well known as a victim of a bad conservatorship but many people are. they are trying to push legislation to help everyone who is being abused in such a manner. >> bret: all right, panel. stand by. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with you. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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>> bret, anthony fauci is already call for more local vaccine mandates. i think you will see that continue. i think you will see more pressure for federal vaccine mandates that's a bad idea politically because of a cause nevertheless, think thea think that's what the progressives are going to push joe biden to endorse. >> bret: wow. mollie? >> in the latest example of fbi malfeasance the fbi mishandled the investigation into the olympic doctor who abused gymnasts then they lied about it to cover up and what is becoming part of a pattern they all got away with it. >> bret: all right. amy? >> well, i wrote the onion headline for today. the shoes worn by the pop star to came to the white house today to pitch vaccines to younger folks, the headline would read
4:00 pm
also biden infrastructure package these shoes. >> bret: there you go. good way to end it. thank you, panel. tomorrow on "special report" german chancellor angela merkel comes to washington. we have asked her to come on "special report." we will see what happens. you never know. either way we will cover the trip. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth five seconds late starts right now. >> pete: no problem. you can't wear white heels with a black socks, maybe now. >> bret: there you go. >> pete: bret, thank you very much. it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> pete: i'm your host pete hegseth. in moments, we have a major update on a story we brought you last night. we have uncovered that the army of, quote: trusted messengers goin


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