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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 14, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i think you're right and that's probably something my wife will send me out for at 3:00 a.m. when she was pregnant with our toddler, but whatever makes her happy. >> i like the fact that every day we get to know each other better. you knows a lot about cheese additives. you've got an inordinate amount of knowledge. >> thanks everyone, here is "america reports". >> president biden joining senate democrats for their lunch on capitol hill today. maybe with ice cream, may be without as they move forward with what they call their human infrastructure plan last night senate denigrates agreeing to it a spending plan worth a 3.$5 trillion even with growing fears that biden's tax and spend agenda will accelerate inflation. that's ahead. >> we will talk to senator ted cruz on those decks texas dems on the run and the crisis in
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cuba. also chuck grassley, jesse waters is here, and retired four-star general. >> democratic lawmakers escalating their fight against gop voting laws with president biden coming under fire for his claims that the laws are 21st century jim crow assault. this is "america reports", happy wednesday. >> i'm sandra smith in new york and i will raise your with a butter pecan. president biden meanwhile saying yesterday republican led voting reforms in places like texas aim to make it harder for americans to vote. he also urged congress to take action on federal legislation to combat those efforts. >> this as texas democrats receive a warm welcome in the nation's capital. the democrats fleeing their state in an effort to block a gop that backed voting law and now a texas republicans are threatening to put the defecting
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democrats in handcuffs. we start off the day with our senior correspondent casey siegel who is life for us in the capital of austin. >> good to see you. for the second day in a row, about an hour ago the texas house gaveled in, determined that there was no quorum, so they went back to what's called at ease status. however, on the other side, the upper chamber, the senate, they are still working and actually voting even yesterday they did approve the their version of the election reform under center built one that is getting so much attention, however at this point, the votes are motor symbolic and hold no real weight because as you know, without the house votes, nothing can obviously become law. >> we are angry. i am and i think we can speak for a lot of senators here, we are angry because we've come here to work, we have an important job to do. >> in the meantime the texas
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house democrats continue their rounds in dc, earlier today meeting with senator amy globe which are among others. yesterday they shut down with in separate meetings as far as their response about abandoning their posts here in austin, listen. >> we are working harder doing what were doing right now then we would be if we had stayed in the chamber to watch them run through that suppression bill on a partyline vote. to get the governor's office telling fox that in addition to their salaries, that those lawmakers are also getting a per diem of $221 a day, they still get it even if they're not here in austin. >> casey steagall forest with the latest on this. >> john, now to a fourth day of protests in cuba where
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demonstrators pushing back against the communist dictatorship in south florida. hundreds of protesters gathered there in solidarity with the cubans blocking several streets and another large group storming a major expressway shutting it down during rush hour. all of this as for is for house democrats affiliated with the have yet to weigh in on this situation. they have expressed solidarity with the communist government, revolution in cuba, but all four members have yet to speak out about those protests, and none of their offices have returned our request for comment. in a moment tec six senator ted cruz will join us to weigh in. force live from miami, hello, bill. >> hi, sandra, for the third straight day in cuba, there is largely no internet access or social media access, government did a thorough job of basically causing a communication blackout
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on the island for any opposition citizens on that island. in cuba, that's the way it works over there, it's communist and the government has reasserted its firm tight grip on the nation since tuesday. reportedly, dozens of incidents have now been arrested down they're over the past few days and this video from spanish television shows what appeared to be a journalist getting arrested by cuban authorities. we can't independently verify, but independent journalists was doing as zoom or a skype interview with talking about sunday's demonstrations when government agents showed up to her apartment and escorted her out to a police car. no word on what has happened to her. for three straight nights, miami cuban-americans have turned out chanting liberty in unison. but yesterday they also tied up traffic on a major miami highway about 100 miami cuban-americans
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walked onto one of the busiest highways, sat down in the lanes and blocked traffic in both directions, all six lanes. this stopped commuters for hours. similar pro cuba freedom tackett traffic blockages have been happening in tampa and orlando. no reports of any arrest. more than a dozen protest to the streets demanding change and chronic covid vaccine shortages widespread property and economic misery, since then the cuban government has reinserted its control shutting the defiance pretty much entirely down. one protester on monday died with a clash with authorities. since monday morning the streets there have been very quiet with a beefed up police and military presence. here stateside, the homeland security secretary is warning cubans on the island that during this time of unrest there, do
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not leave the island and try to make it to florida by boat through the open waters of the florida straight saying the risk of drowning is very serious and if they try to come, they will not be let in. they will be put on coast guard and return back to cuba. >> phil keating live from little havana for us. to get republican, texas senator ted cruz joins us now. he is a member of the senate foreign relations. his father fled cuba. senator, good to talk to you. we heard from the press secretary at the briefing a short time ago saying that the cuban people are rising up against oppression and mismanagement from the government and the biden administration supports a right to protest, but it still keating was pointing out just a moment ago, the dhs secretary is no interest in entertaining anybody coming across the florida straits to make an asylum claim.
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here's what he said yesterday. >> at the time is never right to attempt migration by sea to those who risk their lives, doing so, this risk is not worth taking. allow me to be clear, if you take to the sea, you will not come to the united states. to get nobody wants see risky mask migration, it's very dangerous but there seems to be some contradictory messaging going on that on the southern border between the u.s. and mexico, democrats are saying entertain all asylum claims, they are rejecting that out of hand when it comes to cubans. >> that's exactly right. it seems for joe biden and kamala harris, the only immigrants they don't want to come to america are cubans. that's the only instance in which the biden administration is expressing a resistance to people coming here illegally. in my home state of texas we have open borders, we had the
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biden in dhs releasing people, hundreds of thousands of people, we're also seen, i spoke yesterday with eight texas mayor down on the border who was describing what they're seeing covid cases skyrocketing as more and more people are being released and the biden administration is leaning in even further but when it comes to cuba, it's not complicated. here's what joe biden needs to say, the communist dictatorship in cuba is evil, it is oppressive, they are murderers, torturers, and the people want freedom, the american people stand with the cuban people and unfortunately, the biden administration has been lukewarm at best on that simple and clear messaging. >> do you think there is a moment here where if the biden administration would apply pressure that something might give in cuba? >> i think it's possible. we have seen moments when there's uprising. the green revolution in iran was an example of the people rising up and barack obama was president then and what the
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obama administration did now what the biden administration is doing now which is giving lukewarm support for the protesters. i want to read to you a text i got from my mother. my mother and our family is in communication with family friends still in cuba and here is what one close friend of the family said. things are much more serious they are than what is reported on tv. this friend of the family described she said she has no food, same for almost everyone, yesterday she had a bowl of thin soup, nothing more. she was asking for help for the first time. no way to get money into cuba. banks are closed, five protesters were killed in santiago, radio stations are being taken over by protesters. internet shut down so no further contact available. it's a hotspot for covid, and it sounds as though desperate times are dent generating desperate measures. this is in inflection point and america ought to stand up and speak boldly on the side of
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freedom and against the communist dictatorship. your show mentioned a moment ago the socialists in congress, the democrats who are unwilling to condemn the regime, the reason is, the cuban government is a socialist dictatorship and american socialist don't want to acknowledge the suffering that cuban socialists are imposing on the people. >> you mention hardships in cuba, some texas democrats are suggesting that they're going through hardship having to have a salad while they're here in washington, dc after fleeing the lone star state. a short time ago kamala harassment with them and liken them to the people who during the civil rights era were protesting for the right. >> they took bold courageous action in line with the legacy of everybody from whose over my right shoulder when he fought for the right of black men to vote in america, for the legacy that includes all those women
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who marched down pennsylvania avenue for women's rights to vote. for all of those folks who shed their blood on the bridge to make sure that we would in 1955 pass the voting rights act breathtaking she said they took bold courageous action, they got on a couple of private planes with a case of beer and flew to washington. >> it's ridiculous, the last i checked, the heroic civil rights protesters were not in a private chartered it with a case of miller light next to them, listen, these are partisan democrats playing a political stunt, and they are desperate for media attention and are getting it. the biden administration wants to play politics so they are doing that, but they are going to eventually have to come home. he will continue to call special sessions. until texas passes voter integrity allowed to impact the integrity of elections.
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they are going to be arrested and the texas constitution gives ample authority to arrest legislators who are trying to shut down the operational government and to forcibly make them present on the house floor so the wheels of government can continue to turn. there stunt is over, the legislature will do its job. >> all of this is wrapped around the people act, house resolution one, senate bill one, there was a suggestion that the democrats may try to go for a carveout in the filibuster to try to get this passed, what will senate republicans do to try to force a vote? >> i hope they don't do that if they end the filibuster the damage to the country is catastrophic. this bill is one that many of us are calling the corrupt politicians act. it would strike down voter id laws across the country. it would automatically register potentially millions of illegal immigrants, it would allow felons to vote. it was designed to keep
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democrats in power the next 100 years and it is a corrupt power grab, thankfully, i don't think it's going to pass unless the democrats managed to the filibuster. >> indicating a while ago that there is not the votes to do that at least on a permanent basis. senator ted cruz of texas, good to spend time with you. >> britney spears back in court today is she's seeks to hire a new lawyer in the fight over her conservatorship with the free britney trend gaining traction from coast-to-coast. in a hearing with jesse waters that says this is can't miss tv. >> and author as calling out the left saying there is a double standard on critical race theory. he says asian americans are an inconvenient minority to the left racial agenda. she joins us to tell us why just minutes away. stand by. >> critical race theorists like to say that america is divided
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on the most reliable wireless network... oh my gosh! up to 400 dollars off her wireless bill! wow! cheer on team usa with xfinity internet. and ask how to save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. >> just a few moments ago, he is meeting with summit democrats today for lunch as they push to pass a bipartisan infrastructure deal. >> we are going to get this done. we are getting this done. >> that happening a few moments ago, this is a live shot of capitol hill. 20 minutes past the hour according to a white house official the president looks forward to returning to capitol hill a place he spent 36 years is a member of the senate to attend this land which is happening right now.
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he says he's going to continue to make the case for a dual track approach to rebuild the economy. on the agenda they will be talking infrastructure, but he says it will be more than that, they will be talking about efforts to protect the climate as well. more on that coming up. >> britney spears due back in court just a few hours from now in her ongoing legal battle come at today's hearing will address how the pop star next lawyer will be picked. free britney protests are underway in los angeles and here in washington, dc. jesse watters will give us his thoughts on all of that in just a moment but first, live at the courthouse in los angeles, what is on the agenda for today? >> we're not expecting any major decisions regarding the conservatorship, whether it will stay or go, today's hearing is more focused on whether or not she gets to pick her lawyer and also focused on what has happened in the three weeks since her dramatic testimony last time she was speaking to a
10:21 am
judge in court. since that time has passed, not only has her manager resigns, but her coin to barnett attorney as well as the overseer of her estate management has also asked the judge to do the same, to get off of her case, so who will represent spears in court next? spears thinks the decision should be up to her and so does the aclu who filed a brief in support of her right to choose. a lot of fans agree organizing a rally as far away as washington, dc today to bring even more attention to the situation. >> what we often see with these people that are having conservatorship is they are mentally infirmed, it is the elderly and they're often deprived of their civil liberties, their assets and the right to counsel, so while britney spears has caused nationwide attention to this, this is not just about britney spears. >> the last time in court, spears told a judge via phone she wanted her life back, that
10:22 am
she was being forced to take medication and also wasn't allowed to remove a device from inside her body that prevented her from having another child. it's not really clear who will be representing her in the future although some reports indicate that spears is in talks with hollywood attorney matthew rosen guard who has a long rest list of stars he has represented. there are reports he's going to be here in further proceedings. as far as britney spears goes, she's allowed to call back in and talk to the judge, but we have no idea if she will do that again like she did. everything gets underway at 4:3. local. >> they are gathering near the washington memorial to support her because here. >> for more on what to expect from the high-stakes hearing, let's bring in jesse watters the cohost of the five and of how i save the world, he's had a running commentary as we've been having the news the last 20 minutes.
10:23 am
britney spears, i don't know what it is, but it feels like she has won over even more fans with all of this there is a certain innocence about her. we wish her the best in this and especially when she saying things like this, this was her testimony the last time around on june 23rd, i'm not happy, i can't sleep, i'm so angry it's insane. i'm depressed, i cry every day come out my dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship should be in jail. kk she is being enslaved by lawyers and i think lawyers are ruining this country. you're not a lawyer, are you, sandra? some new legal bills that i'm just seeing for britney's dad and guess how much she has to pay her father's lawyers? over the last eight months, britney has paid 1.$5 million to her dad's lawyers. they have 12 lawyers on this conservatorship just from one firm, and a bunch of them are charging $1,000 an hour.
10:24 am
there are two other firms that she is also having to pay for her father, a million dollars right there, and britney's father, pays himself $18,000 a month. that's a quarter million dollars a year to just run the conservatorship, and you know how he defines doing this? he says he keeps abreast of the music business and he analyzes investment opportunities. the guy is a chef and doesn't know anything about either of those things are now they have a new lawyer who he thinks as trying to get matt rosen guard, he won a bunch of awards and he doesn't need the money like her court-appointed lawyers do to totally step in it, there's a conspiracy between them and the father's lawyers because if they get paid no matter what happens. hopefully he will free britney because he's a man of principle. >> the question also is how much control can somebody other than yourself have over your money. it will be interesting to see what happens today i don't know if anything changes as a result, but this was put in place
10:25 am
because there was questions over her mental capacity. >> as the chief britney spears correspondent for fox news, i will keep you abreast of the developments. we will be covering this on the five and again i would like to wish the five a happy ten year anniversary. >> i think i sent a message i hope it aired. >> it was much better than kill me. >> i have to ask you about your book because something really struck a note with me in this book, by the way i'm going to have you sign more on this because you signed it very generically. sandra, enjoy. you talk in this book not only about how your mom is on the left politically. she started sending you messages and you talk about the importance of engaging in conversation and debate with people who disagree with you. i think that civil conversation is a much-needed point in today's world.
10:26 am
we are not engaging with people that disagree with us. >> on the streets i have to be gentle because i don't want to get punched in the face and a lot of people want to punch me in the face because people have told me i want to punch you in the face on television so you have to be careful when you approach people on the street and elicit a good conversation. i don't like to argue with the people on the street when i was doing the man on the street stuff at the beginning of the trump administration we had to stop it because people would yell horrible things at me and you know how sensitive i am, they would interfere with the cameraman so they had to put it on hiatus, or going back to the street and i'm trying to have nice polite conversations and what the left has been doing to shut down debate, they just say you're a racist, you're a big gate, so they don't have to engage on policy. we need to get back to that so we can start talking about it. >> if this is not reason, i haven't made it all the way through the book yet, but how i saved beaches chapter eight.
10:27 am
can you give it a teaser there? >> i saw the democrats in the wild during my travels for fox news and one of the places i would go is martha's vineyard and obama would vacationed there for eight years, so that was a nice plush gig that i had, all expenses played, but i would go to these places like these beaches, and everything was out in the open. when someone is naked, they tell you the truth. they don't have anything to hide, so that was very suppressing. john, i'm going to puppy up inside this book over to jesse with my pen so you can write a little bit something a little more thoughtful. >> is very much like a trumpet tweet. hearing 8:00 p.m. with tucker enjoy. here's the thing, i have seen that beach that jesse was talking about, and jesse, i'm struck every time i happen to pass by a beach and usually,
10:28 am
it's just as i'm passing by that it's always the people who shouldn't take off their clothes that do. >> there is a good naked and a bad naked, and there is a lot of bad naked out there, but we don't judge. and like you, we are just passing through. you promised it was my ctv and you delivered. congratulations on the book. >> congratulations. by the way, another book out there the author of a brand-new book calls himself an inconvenient minority to the left. he will be joining us to talk about how he says he and other asian americans are disproving arguments against critical race theory. first on fox news come alive in afghanistan a look at how afghan troops are preparing to take on the tallow ban and find out why some of these young warriors are determined to win in the end.
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>> this author joins us to explain my asian americans debunk the critical race theory. and how this actually hurts his community. first. >> biden administration says it will begin evacuating afghan interpreters in the growing worries for their safety is the u.s. withdraws from afghanistan all of this coming as fox news is getting inside access to the main training base for the afghanistan military. greg is live on the ground in kabul for us today. hi, greg. >> hi, sandra. as they caliban greens ground in afghanistan there is important news coming from washington that some people on the ground who could be threatened. it's for the could target those who have worked with the u.s. over the years like translators. fox confirming the biden administration introducing expedited visa programs for applicants here. this as afghan troops struggled to ramp up. look at what we saw.
10:34 am
>> the performance of the afghan military against the lately has been frankly subpar, it's in my prior exercises like this one that are based outside of kabul that the military brass tries to get these guys up to snuff. >> after three months training in volunteers will be in the battle with the militants. we watched, they are raw, but well intentioned. 118 -year-old told us he was there because they caliban killed his father. a general told us he could use that u.s. airpower now it's missing the pullout of u.s. troops. reports are that civilian chartered aircraft will start evacuating these applicants from here by the last week of july, that shows really the urgency of the security situation here on the ground. >> greg, thank you.
10:35 am
>> sandra, an inconvenient minority, that is the name of a new book by our next gas and how the author refers to asian americans as an asian american himself he explains how he is considered to be an inconvenient minority to the critical race theory narrative. also the president of color as united. can kenny, great to see you today. you said in an interview that asian americans prove that critical race theory is not true and cannot be true. make that case. >> critical race theory asserts, and i talk about this in my book an inconvenient minority, but critical race theory asserts that the world and america is in a caste system, but they have no idea what to do with the asian americans because the asian americans are a minority that have been discriminated against in this country and yet they succeed and they achieve, and
10:36 am
that i think inconveniences the critical race theory narrative today and that's why i wrote the book. >> you make the argument if america is systemic racist, how is it that asian americans have flourished and in many cases overtaken whites in terms of level of education and socioeconomic status. how is it that asian americans flourished in this country? >> it has to do with culture. asian americans study twice as many hours is the average american, today we talk about the tiger mother that was in the famous book. but, it's not just tiger mother parenting, it's also strong two-parent family structures. it's a strong value on education. it's the love for hard work and for meritocracy and that's at stake with critical race theory because critical race theory is believes that merit as racist, so, if policies like harvard's discrimination against air asian americans are allowed, guess who
10:37 am
loses out? it's a hard-working asian americans that work so hard to get their spot. >> which brings me to my next point because we's now see the emergence of harvard and other places of attempts to limit asian american enrollment in some of these prestigious institutions. that would appeared to be the very definition of systemic racism, to limit the number of people who can get in on a merit based program in order to keep up levels of enrollment of other people. >> i analyzed 90,000 pages of harvard admissions data, and stretching back for 30 years, asian americans have been kept at a cap at admissions between 18 and 15 percent of the student body. harvard's own estimate said that if asians were not discriminated against, it would be 43 percent of the student body. people are saying well, is that too many asians? i say i'm indignant at that claim, i am indignant that asians are all the same kind of person the same kind of face
10:38 am
with no personality, we have to look past race in this country and i wrote this book to hopefully he'll america and bring americans together in service. >> it so i asked the question yesterday and let me ask you as well. have you personally experienced racism in this country and what did you do to keep it into perspective? >> well, i have to say, america has been very good to me. yes, i've experienced racism, especially from the ivy leagues when they judge asian americans as both personalities, that's what they do, but america has been very good to me and america has been good two every person in every piece of this country. one of the things in my book i talk about is this guy is a vietnamese-american he came to this country from vietnam and he the instant he landed here, you know, a police officer picked him up and sent him home and that was an act of charity that
10:39 am
he could not find in his home country. that is the goodness of america and i want to highlight that. >> the book is called an inconvenient minority, thank you for joining us today. good to see you. appreciate it. >> the golden arches learning like many others that good help is hard to find these days. mcdonald's and others offering more and more incentives now two prospective employees. but is this sustainable? >> inflation pushing prices higher for just about everything. my massive spending by democrats could make it rise even higher. that is coming up next. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar.
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10:44 am
his wife has been nominated for an emmy award it featured harry and megan discussing a wide range of topics, but it was megan's claim that the royal family raised concerns about the possible color of their son's skin and pushed her to the brink of suicide that really rocked the monarchy the to hour broadcast during the nomination for best hosted nonfiction series or special. rock the monarchy and really drove a wedge between prince harry and his brother, william. >> it make me sad as the royal family was growing, he wanted people to come together and it seems as if divisions are still there. >> i've said it before and i said it again, it is tough being a prince. >> clearly it is. i wish them the best. the new warning from mitch mcconnell, the senate minority are saying if democrats push through their massive 3.$5 trillion spending clip plan using budget reconciliation the rising inflation we are seeing today could only be the
10:45 am
beginning. former ceo and former labor secretary dominique, andy, great to see you. i know you have a lot of thoughts on this. i will put the new york post cover up on the screen this morning because this is how mainstream inflation is going the headline the incredible shrinking dollar. inflation up 5.4 percent, worst in 13 years, milk, gas, god forbid, wine and eggs are all costing the american people more today. is this the unintended consequences of all this spending? >> everybody knew we were going to have to address the issue of inflation coming out of the recession because demand was so surprised during the not the recession, but the pandemic. the supply chain was damaged so that supply and demand problem, but the policies of the biden administration discouraging people from working so they can't get anything to air the
10:46 am
supply chain and then driving up the cost of oil isn't going to be producing as much oil, that drove up the energy cost, then you've got housing costs which are already going up which could go up more if they do this this infrastructure bill, which will increase the demand for concrete and plywood, the things you use in infrastructure so housing cost goes up. housing affects most people, you either have to rent a place or buy a home, so that this is this inflation is a big problem, and the people trying to nitpick and say it's only because of this or that segment going up, they are looking at the tree trees instead of the forest. >> while the administration likes to tout that wages are going up, spending more on these things, doesn't really matter, or does it cancel things out? car prices up 10.5 percent in june, rental homes up 8 percent, prices at restaurants or nearly a whole percent, so that is
10:47 am
happening. when it comes to jay powell on inflation, the market, you can put the big board up on your screen and it seems like the market still wants to hit record highs. powell gets his inflation is the headline in the wall street journal this morning. watch for democrats to keep the pressure on powell this week by coaxing him to endorse more spending. they know his term expires next year and they want to leverage his desire for reappointment into a physical endorsement. andy, while all of this is happening in markets are trying to figure out the inflation, is it transitory like the fed has promised. restaurants and companies are having a hard time getting people through the door to work. we've heard the stories with macdonalds, we saw the folks storm out of a burger king complaining about conditions they are, and you use to head up major fast food company, you've got to have a lot of thoughts on this and now many fast food restaurants are offering
10:48 am
incentives to attract new workers, five guys, the burger joint offering $300 bonus is very jimmy john's offering $300 bonus, chipotle is raising their hourly pay. macdonalds as well. some of them are offering childcare, tuition payments, this is just to get people through the door to potentially work for a little while. >> it's not sustainable. if you look at june, we had inflation at 5.4 percent, wages, hourly wages were up 3.6 percent. that's good that there of 3.6 percent, that's a good number, but if inflation is a 5.4 percent that means people are behind, now that they are ahead. these businesses, restaurants, no matter what chain it is, they're losing business and revenue because they don't have enough people to rend the restaurants you can't keep increasing wages and less you can also increase your prices, which is why all of these policies are tending toward the kind of hyperinflation we saw in the late 70s and early 80s
10:49 am
and some of your viewers may not remember, but i remember very well we had like 17 percent interest rates and this will be a tragedy for a country. it will hurt working-class men and women and it will really really hurt the government because the government is going to have to borrow money at higher rates so it's no it's going to be a real problem for whoever is running the country. >> the american people are waking up to it especially now that there is such high demand when you go to restaurants and hotels in what's happening is they have the cash and ready to spend their money, there is a strong consumer market out there, but guess what's happening, the service at tables are slow, you're not getting the great services at the hotels you're going therefor because they can't get people to work and people are starting to realize that and they feel that. andy, great to have you today. thank you. >> good to be here. >> one says navy officials are to get focused on woke issues and aren't ready to fight.
10:50 am
we will talk about that with the general coming up next hour. >> back in court today, he is accused of staging a racist and homophobic attack against himself back in 2019. we are outside that court room where things are happening next. >> do you still maintain your innocence? >> absolutely. what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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>> disgraced former empire actor while walking into the room. police accused him of staging a racist and homophobic attack against himself in chicago back in 2019. he is now facing renewed charges in connection with that case. at the courthouse with more. matt? >> john, a short while ago, he also told us that this is a dog and pony show. happening right now there is a hearing to determine if he can keep his lead attorney or whether or not a conflict of interest would kick that attorney off the case. also, a short while ago we talked to the brothers on their way into court, those are the to brothers that say he paid them to pretend to beat him. here is what the brothers had to say. >> what are you guys expecting to happen today? are you going to testify? what do you guys think the
10:55 am
outcome of the case will be in the end? >> we want justice to be served. >> what is justice? guilty. >> the truth. >> what's the truth? gave the truth is the truth. to get the brothers say that they actually consulted with him his attorney, the attorney has confidential information that's what at heart here, that's what they say as a conflict of interest in the attorney needs to be taken off the case. >> meant of you worms, but good job trying to get it out of them. matt, thank you so much. >> britney spears conservatorship meanwhile, that case is back in a los angeles court today as the supporters of the singer rally in washington for change. we are going to speak to one of the organizers of that rally live at the top of the hour. i was senator chuck grassley will join us on the push for
10:56 am
transparency to put supreme court cameras so we can watch oral arguments. all that and much more coming up next hour. and you've been the wife at home, or you've been the spouse at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. oh!
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for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. >> a fox news alert to begin a new hour, the feds charging several spies out of iran after uncovering their twisted scheme to kidnap an american citizen and smuggle her back to tehran. hello, i'm sandra smith in new york. >> sandra, great to spend another hour with you. i'm john roberts in washington. what were learning about the plot and the plan to keep her safe all of it months in the making. >> get ready to dig deeper into your wallet as prices of just about everything sore. economist say it's going to last longer than expected. could it have all been avoided if democrats simply put away the pen and checkbook. >> the big warning when it comes to your pet goldfish.
11:01 am
all of that on the way along with more varied like you need more goldfish. after a fox news alert here. ♪ singing ♪ >> it is not britney, it's big brother, the global superstars fight for personal liberty and freedom bringing the bright lights of vegas to a dark reality for many of americans. she says it's ranged from force labor to having birth-control implanted in her body against her will. >> she is set for another round in court this afternoon and she fights to get out of the conservatorship her father has controlled with the government backing for the more than a decade. rallies to support her head popped up coast-to-coast in here in dc, where a rally is set to start soon at the lincoln memorial.
11:02 am
>> for many, this story is not about a celebrity, it's about an almost 40 -year-old mother who had a mental health crisis more than a decade ago. >> 's since the bazaar paparazzi pics, supporters say she has proven that she can manage her health, her family, and her wealth, her multi- million-dollar career, by herself. now the supporters are bringing the fight to dc in demanding congress take action not just for britney, but for americans who want control over their own lives. >> almost everybody has something to say things about this. >> nothing is going to be decided today on whether or not britney spears conservatorship goes away or stays committed today's hearing is more about her future legal representation and whether or not she gets a say in who that might be. that's because her court-appointed attorney has asked the judge to be removed
11:03 am
from the case shortly after that last hearing where it britney spears spoke out publicly for the first time. she told the judge then that she wasn't aware she could request for the conservatorship to end, so now a judge could decide on a new court-appointed lawyer or could let spears pick one herself. the trier lawyer who got involved in this case said he if britney spears could go shopping, seeing choreographed music, she is more than capable of picking her own lawyer. >> it is shocking that for some reason the court believes that britney is now not able to simply pick her own lawyer. i mean this is clearly a black eye on the legal system. it's almost like britney spears has been in legal prison for 12 years. >> so who could be the next representative of spears in court? that's a little unclear although some indicate that she's in talks with hollywood attorney
11:04 am
rosenthal. it sounds like he could be heard today in court and spears has the option of calling in just like she did last time. we have no word on whether or not that will happen, but we will certainly learn more when things get underway here in about two and half hours. jeff, thank you. britney's fight has led to protests all over the place. here in washington, they are in washington i should say. >> here in washington people are gathering at the lincoln memorial. anita vogel joins us now in the studio with all the details about this. >> i am going to be heading out to that rally in a little bit. we all know britney as the mega pop star in superstar entertainer, but behind-the-scenes she has been fighting a battle from freedom from what she calls in an abusive guardianship controlled by her father and under the eye of the courts. last month she told the judge in la she had been overly medicated, forced to perform concerts and prevented from having more children with little
11:05 am
access to her $50 million fortune. today her supporters are calling on congress to take a look into conservatorship reform. >> i'm really looking forward to the opportunity to share the message about conservatorship abuse and the need for federal action to be taken not just from several oversight into probate court, but also a congressional hearing and a bipartisan effort to do a proper investigation. >> it does really seem to be a bipartisan group of lawmakers agreeing that something needs to be done senators elizabeth warren and bob casey on the left writing a letter to the doj asking for more information on guardianship and on the right, senator ted cruz speaking up on britney's behalf. >> she has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of records and tours all across the country, and yet, her dad controls almost every decision of her life.
11:06 am
>> i think what's happening is crazy and i am unequivocally on the camp of free britt. >> as we heard, there is another hearing in los angeles today but in the meantime, britney and her because it seemed to be uniting republicans and democrats like we have been seen in a while on capitol hill. >> one of the things that britney is trying to do is get her own attorney working for her as opposed to a court appointed attorney. what do we know about the attorney she wants to hire? >> he's a high-powered hollywood attorney, former federal prosecutor, his name as matt rosen guard and he's had some high-profile clients in the past, sean penn, steven spielberg, so you know, a lot of people saying that at least she should be able to choose her own attorney. >> we will watch that one closely. >> let's bring in who is monitoring what's happening at that hearing this afternoon. he's a criminal defense attorney who joins us now. market, talk to us about what we
11:07 am
are about to see is this really seems to grip the nation. you go back to ted cruz words a few years ago and it was her on that stage, it was britney spears who earned that money for all those years, it was for the sacrifice of many aspects of her life to earn that hard-earned money, why should anybody else, but britney spears be in charge of who can spend that? >> i don't disagree with you. receive conservatorship for people who have dementia, severe strokes, people who are in comas, not pop stars who are on world tours, but today's decision, in some respects is limited because it's just can she pick her own lawyer, but i think this hearing is enormous because if she can pick her own lawyer, she certainly can pick what kind of kitchen cabinet she has and who she spends time with and how she spends her dollars. so today could be the beginning of the end of this restrictive legal setting for her if the
11:08 am
judge says yeah, i think she can make this decision. >> she is going to be on the call into the courtroom today, it's a remote court hearing, we don't know if she will say anything. last time she addressed the court when she spoke for a number of minutes here is part of what she said, i'm not lying i just want my life back, it's been 13 years and it's enough. it's been a long time since i owned by money and it's my wish and my dream for all of this to end without being tested. i deserve to have the same rights as anybody does by having a child, a family, any of those things and more. she told the court that her conservatorship has forced her to use to use an iud is birth control. this has got so much control over her life, do you believe that what she said the last time she addressed the court might have actually had some impact? >> i think so. most people who have a
11:09 am
conservatorship can't even speak, so she spoke, and while it wasn't the perfect 24 minutes, it certainly evident her ability to advocate on her own behalf. most people in this legal predicament cannot do that. but here is the thing to keep it fair and balanced, we don't know what we don't know. we don't know what evidenced because the court in 2007 to find clear and convincing evidence that this should be set up. we don't know what the latest is, what the report say. now, that said, we also know that britney said i don't want to undergo any more counseling. i don't want to be evaluated anymore so the court is in a bit of a predicament, how do we know what's really going on inside your head unless we evaluate. we the public say we can see, take a leap commission will be fine. >> that's a good point because while we did see that britney spears melt down more meltdown more than a decade ago, her photographed shaving her head, there were great concerns over
11:10 am
what was going to happen almost on a daily basis, the world was watching that melt down, then the conservatorship, but mark, when these our set up, is there often and out that is put in place when it begins in case she is able to work her way back or go through therapy? >> e really see the end of these things because most of the people don't come back from coma, stroke, dementia, so this is extremely unusual, but this is so much bigger than just britney spears i know people are rolling their eyes who cares about britney, but this is so much bigger than her, this is president, with anyone ever in this unfortunate predicament, they should be able to have a mechanism by which they get back control of their lives if they are able to make decisions, and it starts today. can she decide who can be her own counsel? it's guaranteed by the sixth amendment of the constitution and if she can come if she
11:11 am
doesn't need this conservatorship anymore. >> we have a number of players that will join the court today britney spears will be joining in, her father, who she wants removed as conservator, jody montgomery who was appointed back in 2019 to be the conservator of spears person, cm ingraham who britney wants to be removed as her counsel he also wants to resign and then her trust, who was appointed coking and says it wants out as well. give us a quick 411 on all of this and how it's going to play out today. >> the good news is people want outcome it really, you want out? bye-bye. >> except jamie, right? >> that's the problem is the dad. the problem with the last petition we had, she spent 24 minutes ranting about how she wanted out of the conservatorship, but that wasn't what they asked for, she was petitioning to get out of a conservatorship, but it's like as i said going into mcdonald's and asking for
11:12 am
filet mignon, it's not on the menu. last time she didn't get what you want to because her lawyer didn't petition the court for that. now, if she can get her own lawyer asking her and her best interest, she can file that petition and then they could have a hearing on whether she can make finally her own decisions. to get this is just as i mentioned, gripping the nation with these free britney rallies. they talk about this becoming an international movement, she calls this abusive government market, finally she has compared her treatment to trafficking. where it left wondering what happens next. to get final thoughts are i think the judge allows her to pick that her own attorney and once a judge does that come at the judge is essentially saying, i believe in britney's ability
11:13 am
to make important decisions for herself. the next step when the petition is filed i think finally britney will be free. can get it could be a snowball rolling downhill. we will see. good to talk to you mark, thank you for being here today. >> still ahead, a horrifying mix up at a hospital in the midwest how officials say an oregon wound up in the wrong person. >> frightening story. after the alarming reports of the u.s. navy not being ready for work, where is the action? up next, the numbers on inflation the white house did not want to see. our panel weighs in on why you are paying for all that spending. 3 coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal!
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11:19 am
hill after having lunch with summit democrats as they try to work to pass to his infrastructure build. he stuck to talk for a second on his way out. let's listen in. >> i have no comment. i'm grateful to be home, back to be grateful to be with all my colleagues and i think we got a lot done. to give the president trying to get to infrastructure bills passed the bipartisan one that has republican support that's the infrastructure bill that would be for roads and bridges. mass transit, airports, other things, high-speed internet and then the human infrastructure bill a bigger bill that has no republican support so we will keep watching this and see where it goes. sandra. >> antigovernment protesters in
11:20 am
cuba defying the government's attempt to crack down a rare and risky show of defense in a country where speaking your mind can get you locked up. republican senator ted cruz weighed in with us last hour. >> it seems for joe biden and kamala harris the only immigrants on the face of the earth that they don't want to come to america is the cubans. that's the only instance in which they are expressing a resistance to people coming here illegally. >> cuban-americans in south america showing solidarity hoping to fight for freedom does not lose steam this time this uprising in cuba at the latest crackdown of the communist control now that he del castro is dead. his brother no longer with any real role, there is hope that this uprising could be the final nail in the coffin of communist control. >> that meeting we just showed you, president biden meeting with democrats about their massive spending package coming
11:21 am
as inflation concerns rise across the country. the consumer price index for june hit its highest monthly jump since 2008. deborah lawrence has been following us and edward, the prices are going through the roof. >> they really are, in fact the white house trying to downplay the inflation pressers that are out there. i had a white house official told me they believe inflation will settle back down, but he says it's going to have to in quarters, not months. we're not talking about this year, year over year inflation 5.4 percent for all goods we haven't seen that since 2008 but when you take out core inflation when you take out gas and food prices, 5.5 percent year-over-year, we've not seen that kind of inflation since november of 1991 when the queen of england became the first monarch to address a joint session of congress. jerome powell also downplaying the transitory effects of inflation saying it will come back down, settle down when bottlenecks in the supply chain clear up, but he was pressed on
11:22 am
that today and take you to what extent is the federal reserve willing to see consumer prices increase before intervention is necessary. >> we will see that inflation are remaining high and remaining materially higher above our target for a period of time and it is threatening to operate expectations and create we would change our policy. >> the bottom line as nothing changes for the federal over support of the economy right now. the federal reserve chairman saying we will all play more until that supply chain clears up, possibly well into next year. some economists believe when you get inflation out of the box, it's hard to put it back. >> was your historical reference as suggestion that the queen had something to do with inflation? to get this has nothing to do with the united kingdom.
11:23 am
i don't need to upset the british folks out there. >> freedom works economist and former advisor of president trump in 32 advisors and fox news contributor, i don't know, is this the result of all the spending we've been talking about the spending for quite some time, in fact tomorrow, we will see the irs send out the first batch of those child tax credit the expanded ones set to go out july 15th, this is expected to help a lot of folks in poverty, but there are some democrats who want those payments to become permanent. how do we pay for all of this when we are already seeing some of the unintended consequences of this massive spending? >> first, i shout out to my mom, happy birthday. >> happy birthday. take it you and i have been talking about we have been i am very nervous about inflation. there is no question with the vaccine distribution reopening and the supply chain effects, and the incredible amount of stimulus, we are already here.
11:24 am
i totally disagree with the fed chair that this is transitory. you can see he's starting to back off on that and so is treasury secretary ellen. take it not really. i want to make sure i get this and here he is speaking right now and we just caught some sound of him earlier being challenged on that inflation and here is the exchange. listen. >> the very high inflation ratings are coming from a small group of goods and services that are directly tied to the reopening of the economy. >> to what extent is the federal reserve willing to see consumer prices increase before intervention is necessary? >> we are monitoring the situation very carefully, and we are committed d. >> to be blunt, what was that, robert? just a small group. the average american as playing more for just about everything.
11:25 am
>> we are aligned on this, first of all they've already moved from 23-22 on looking at rate changes, but more importantly they have to reduce their balance sheet completely. i think there offsides and we have real inflation. there is just no question about it and it's impacting it. >> whether or not the administration is acknowledging that is another question here is a new york times quote, they have begin to that the higher inflation could stay with the economy for a year or to, the possibility that inflation will not fade as quickly or as much as expected is becoming a defining economic risk of the era and i will add to that a potential political risk for democrats as well. >> you better believe it, i am old enough to remember the late 1970s in jim carter lost the election to ronald reagan in no small part because of raging inflation. i agree with this is a special day. it's been a long time since we have agreed. i think inflation is a problem
11:26 am
and i think the fed is behind the curve on this. one point that i think robert would probably disagree with, i think the big problem right now in terms of the inflation pressures as the out-of-control spending and the out-of-control deficit. i think the worst possible thing we could do right now is spend another three and a half trillion dollars that we don't have and borrow that money. and for that money into the economy which will cause inflation to go much higher than it is today. >> now you're trying to stir things up. there is a new fear circulating inside the west wing of the white house, near butte larry summers was right, the former treasury secretary has been warning since february that the big spending agenda whisk causing the risk of inflation spike. he has looked at the economics of this and said, people are it's time to take away the punch bowl a long time ago. so perhaps they are finally listening.
11:27 am
>> i remember a couple of years ago, when i was to the right of you on being of physical hock commit when you had a tax cut you didn't pay for. >> i'm in agreement with steve, i think three and a half trillion is too big in addition to the half a billion 500 billion to 1 trillion and infrastructure. i would like to see the infrastructure in the bipartisan thing get past, and my guess as this three and a half trillion will come in under two. i don't think we're going to see four plus trillion of new spending and the question as whether even this reconciliation can get 50 votes. there are still a lot of if's out there. >> the correct amount of money to spend at this point is zero, we spent 1.$9 trillion a few months ago and that money is still sloshing around. a lot of that money hasn't been spent yet. use that money to fix the bridges and the roads and do something about our deficit because these numbers come out up were talking about two or $3 trillion of spending this
11:28 am
year, and the biden budget calls for $20 trillion of debt over the next decade. trump never had numbers that big. >> i will finish with this, this is the new york post cover this morning. the incredible shrinking dollar. a really important acknowledgment on the inflation at 5.4 percent, or worse in 13 years. milk, eggs, wine, all costing more. since it's your mom's birthday i'm going to give you the final thoughts on all of this. >> we should pass the infrastructure bill, it is not stimulus, it is much more than stimulus, it is something we need, our engineer's report says infrastructure in this country like a third world country, it's time to fix our infrastructure. to get we don't need the green energy. it's a big green energy bill. >> apparently. >> i thought i was getting last licks here. >> i was just going to say apparently the conversation was today with the president and those members of congress wasn't
11:29 am
just economic future of the country, it was also climate change. so that was up on the agenda. great to see you all. i'm glad you could find somebody to agree with. thank you for joining us. thank you. >> you got the final word in. moments away, the iranian spies accused of plotting to swipe an american citizen from u.s. soil. what is that all about? we will tell you how it all unfolded.
11:30 am
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if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> federal prosecutors charging for iranian nationals for plotting to kidnap an american citizen and bring her back to iran. joining us here on site. tell us about the story. >> good afternoon. there has been a tent to abduct this woman before, but what's different this time and even more threatening is that this was a plan to pluck her off u.s. soil. take a look at video she posted
11:35 am
to twitter last night from her brooklyn home, you can see police lights are flashing outside behind her, the fbi says for iranian intelligence agents were plotting to kidnap her from her home. even looking into using a speedboat to take her to venezuela and then flying to the islamic republic from there. she says the fbi has to take her to a safe house to protect her. this comes as the state department announced yesterday it's going to weigh some sanctions on iran allowing the country to access some frozen funds, to pay back companies in south korea and japan. white house press secretary address the biden administration approach with iran today and also condemned the alleged kidnapping plot just a short while ago. let's listen. >> will forcefully defend u.s. citizen in u.s. that includes law enforcement actions like the one announced yesterday as well as the actions the president has taken to defend u.s. forces in
11:36 am
the region from iranian backed militant groups. it includes our diplomatic efforts one of our most important and urgent actions. >> not surprisingly, reuters reporting that iran's foreign ministry is denying all these accusations, what's more terrifying is that the four suspects are still at large because there also based in iran, so terrifying situation. >> so she remains in her new york city apartment. >> she is still here, she will be on with martha in the next half-hour. i can't wait to hear what she says she's said she was stunned, she knew they were after her, that they were trying to take her back to iran there were multiple attempts made to do that, this was the closest they've ever come where they were actually trying to do this here on u.s. soil. it's a remarkable story her and martha mccallum is going to have her on next hour is going to join us in just a few moments ahead of that interview. great to have you, thank you.
11:37 am
>> to welk for war, a new warning that the navy's top brass that they are putting too much importance on issues unrelated to winning against our foes like diversity training and because of that, the navy is not ready if our country went to war. retired admiral mark montgomery who helped prepare that report as sounding the alarm. >> in over a focus on training of all kinds of different issues was pulling us away from our focus on war fighting. of course, fighting and winning our country's battles at sea is the mission of the navy let's focus on more fighting needs to be job number one. >> let's bring in the senior strategic analyst in this report comes amid warnings that if the u.s. navy had to go to war against the chinese navy right now, we might lose. >> well, this is been very well documented we certainly appreciate the report, but what's disturbing about that
11:38 am
report as it's mostly anecdotal, it comes from the troops themselves and it's their thoughts, and i find that very disturbing. listen, these facts are well known, and here are the facts, we are outgunned and out manned by china in the region. the united states capability has eroded significantly because of the priority of the 9/11 wars and the draconian cuts that obama imposed for eight years on the department of defense. for service chiefs in 2017 before the senate armed services committee all said this. we would be challenged to win a war against the near terms competitor, specifically china with two admirals who have been the most recent pacific commanders. they would fight the war, the last one in the current one said we would likely have to lose a war if we had to fight with china today. i was appointed by the congress of the united states bipartisan
11:39 am
in 2018 that concluded the same thing. there have been multiple war games played in the last ten years, all of them we lose. wargames aren't conclusive because were battle tested and they are not, we have troops who are volunteers and they work the technology a little bit better quantitatively than the chinese do, but we have are problems here, john, and they are well known. this report is just another added to the facts that are already there. they have to move in the right direction and congress has to support them. we have to get capabilities into the region. what this is about is deterring china. we want to deter them from conflict, and if that fails, we need to win obviously. >> you mentioned the 9/11 wars, and have depleted the military to a large degree. george w. bush yesterday with a german media outlet criticized the withdrawal of the forces from afghanistan.
11:40 am
listen to what he said here. >> it's unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the and now all of a sudden, sadly, i'm afraid afghan women and girls are going to suffer unspeakable harm. >> is this a mistake? >> i think it is. >> generally yesterday we saw this video come out of forces executing, surrendering afghan commandos in a part of that country where the is quickly taking over. your thoughts about all of this as we see this unfold? >> the fact that president bush made that statement, you know as well as everybody in the country that he chooses not to be critical of certain presidents, so a big statement from him. this is an ugly and a sad situation because what is absolutely unfolding before our eyes is likely to the destruction of an allied nation that we fought side-by-side with
11:41 am
in the multigenerational war against radical islam. we are just walking away from it. we choose not to be involved in that multigenerational war in south asia any longer. and the people are going to suffer untold barbarism and harm here. we will bear witness to some of that. it is going to be awful to see all of that unfold before us and recognize that they are friends, we supported them, we lost 2400 soldiers in this fight, we had 20,000 wounded, they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish, and that is no real attack on the united states coming from afghanistan from al qaeda and certainly the new organization, isis. that has been accomplished and they should feel good about it. i do and i applaud the effort they made and the sacrifice they and their families have made. this situation before us is very sad to watch. >> if there was any question whether or not the new
11:42 am
was any different than the old caliban, that was erased by that video that came out yesterday. great to catch up. >> great talking to you, john. >> next up, the fight to bring cameras inside the supreme court. first, martha mccallum set to talk to that journalist targeted by iranian. >> she has been a frequent guest on our program, she has been a fighter for many years, she came to the united states, fled her country she is an activist she wrote a book called the wind in my hair which was encouraging iranian women to take off that he job. she said when that starts to happen across the country it will be like the berlin wall falling. she has rankled the to the extent that they have sent for operatives to try to kidnap her, potentially take her from her home in a boat, and zip off to venezuela and then back to iran. her brother has already been arrested, he was sentenced to
11:43 am
eight years in prison in iran, and now they want her or do. she was holed up in her home, they had to move her to a couple of safe houses, she also says interestingly that when the police were watching her, she was scared because that's the normal reaction in iran, but she has been so really just pleased and feel safe that they are keeping an eye on her. we will speak with her exclusively coming up on this story right after this. stay with us. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ introducing aleve x. it's fast, powerful long-lasting relief
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>> texas governor greg abbott issuing an warning to democratic lawmakers attempting to a block of boat. the democrats taking a trip to washington, dc on two chartered jets with a case of miller lite, price tag for all of this, $100,000. peter ducey is live at the white house with the latest on the fugitives from texas. >> i ask the press secretary whether or not she can remember any examples of joe biden during his 36 years in the senate just going and taking the train to get out of town to avoid vote he knew he was going to lose, she laughed and then said this. >> look at, i think the president's view is that these texas legislatures were making a
11:49 am
statement through action in opposition to efforts in their state to oppose restrictions on people's fundamental rights and their rights to vote in their state. >> our colleagues are reporting that not only are these texas democrats collecting a paycheck while they are out of the state and not working, they're also collecting more than to hundred dollars every day in per diem at the expense of the texas taxpayer that starts to add up after a few weeks which these lawmakers may stay in town for. republican lawmakers back in austin are starting to suspect democrats aren't trying to stop a voting rights bill, but rather trying to avoid the losing future election. >> i think president biden is having flashbacks to his earlier life is a u.s. senator. he's a democrat and i think a lot of democrats today are live free of losing brack black and
11:50 am
brown voters, they want to make them forget it's the democrats that enacted the jim crow laws in the south. get the vice president met with these texas lawmakers is of right now we are told no plans for the president to do so yet. >> peter ducey live with the latest for us from the white house. >> one of the most closely guarded areas of our government may become much more open after a senate panelist just approved a bill that would require the supreme court to televise the ranking member today is a long-time proponent of having cameras in the courtroom, he has been pushing long and hard for this and he joins us now. great to have you here. glad to have you. >> glad to be with you. thank you. >> why is this omission of years to get cameras into the courtroom? >> first of all, it works fairly well in about 46 of our 50 states, they do it, the federal government has come a long slow, i suppose i'm an advocate for it because i think they the
11:51 am
congressional branch of government has been opened up since it's been televised for 30-my 40 years and i think the same thing should be available from the judicial branch of government for the purpose of openness in government, for the purpose of educating our citizenry about how the judicial branch of government works, and also just transparency brings greater accountability. >> ted cruz says he takes issue with it. he gets the idea transparency he says, but he worries that cameras would overly politicize, there are others concerned about the theatrics in the courtroom commit this push began back in 1996, it still hasn't happened yet, why do you think there is still the possibility that they might make this happen? >> i think it takes a long time sometimes to make change in government, and probably the slowest change comes in the
11:52 am
judicial branch of government, and particularly when people like chief justice john roberts doesn't want cameras in the courtroom, at least as far as the supreme court is concerned. it's just a slow process and i'm not going to give up until i get it done. >> do you share those concerns about theatrics? >> i do not because there are so many ways in which a judge can use their own judgment not to let cameras in the courtroom. >> interesting. as it stands from what we've heard so far it seems just about every supreme court justice has been opposed to this, to your point, things can change and we will see. it seems that you are inching forward with this mission of yours. senator, if i could ask you about the headline in politico because we've got you here today. chuck grassley, the 80 something that everyone is waiting. if the iowa's incumbent senator if he retires, they will have a battle on their hands. i know you've been showing
11:53 am
everybody that you're still ready enough for the job, but i thought i saw you doing push ups there on the stage i believe it was with senator tom cotton, i know you've also said on the record you're not going to announce your decision until september or october, do you have one for us here today? >> no, but if you want me on when i'm ready to make that announcement, i would be glad to give you first shot at it. >> that would be wonderful and we would appreciate that, senator. please come back. we will be right back. >> i want to see him do a one-handed push-up. coming up next, the doj takes on allegation she was selling fake covid vaccination cards. stay with us. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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11:59 am
facing charges over fakes covid vaccination cards. david spunt has details. >> the homeopathic doctor was giving out fake vaccination cards and giving them to people in california schools to send their kids to schools. authorities say they were produced by a 41-year-old doctor named julie massie. officials say that the doctor would train people how to make them up. she said people had trace amounts of covid. it would give them a long-lasting immunity. the fbi and justice department are looking for any one that may have taken the pellets or the cards. the white house is trying to get as many people as possible.
12:00 pm
sandra, it's been a rollicking two hours. >> not bad. >> today is friday eve. i'm john roberts in washington. i'm sandra smith in new york. "the story" starts now. >> i'm martha maccallum in new york. jerome powell said that inflation is inching higher than expected. they think it's transitory. if not, they'll have to take action on it. the president is pushing for $3 trillion more in spending. he says they will get it done. what about this inflation? a shocking jump comes in today. the price of everything from cars to


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