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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 14, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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think a second. have we seen this shirt before? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. but you know what? i'm still gonna get it. >> harris: fox news alert:: president biden pouring more fuel on the fire, debate over election security. he's invoking jim crow and the civil war in a speech, blasting republican-backed footing reformed bills. you're watching "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. my cohost and studio, emily compagno along with kayleigh mcenany. kennedy here as well, as well as
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former senator john james. we salute him with our civilian mines. good to see you come everybody. republicans in another of states pushing forward bills, basic, will post election integrity, but president biden, again, going after their move in a fiery speech, accusing republicans of attacking the foundation of our country. >> president biden: the 21st century jim crow assault is real. it's unrelenting. we are going to challenge it vigorously. are you on the side of truth or lies, fact or fiction, justice or injustice, democracy or autocracy? that's what it's coming down to. stand up, for god's sake, and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our elections. [applause] have you know shame? we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war.
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>> harris: john james, your take. >> sen. james: i think it's rich for joe biden to talk about this when he was elected for senate in 1972 and advocated for busing. come see where separate but equal is employed, in detroit. south of eight mile, taxes are racist, homeowners are penalized for being one of the highest tax areas in the country. our schools have separate but equal periods. see where children are impeded from their growth because of their demographic. come to detroit, were south of eight mile, young mothers are incentivized to stay unmarried to get their welfare and needed incentives and care. come take a look at what democrats around the country in urban areas have done. if you want to see modern-day jim crow, go to baltimore,
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chicago, st. louis, where they are advocating for defunding the police that put like people in vulnerable -- democrats are going in their same old troop. they are fixing the blame, not the problem. the only thing i'm seeing here is as old as the civil war is the fact that democrats continue to exploit like people for their own gains. >> harris: wow. kennedy. >> kennedy: that is a big claim, saying the biggest assault on democracy since the civil war is some nonuniform election laws, where if you look into it, they are harsher in delaware and colorado than texas and georgia. a lot of these places are splitting hairs about early voting hours and whether or not refreshments can be authored ofd within 100 yards of a polling place. that is not dispersion of democracy. i'm old enough to remember 2016. hillary clinton, who went on a
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four year nonstop tear of victimhood and blame, essentially claiming that the election was easily compromised to her detriment, and the reason she wasn't president of the united states is because it was easy for outside actors who had ill intention to come in and, essentially, switch the vote against her. she claimed that loudly for so long for anyone who would put the microphone in front of her face. where is this shift? people see through this gross politicalization. there are issues with election integrity. republicans and democrats have to come together. one side agreeing on a set of rules does not serve the entire country. >> harris: i feel like right now, we should hear from governor abbott in texas and react to that. can we play a little bit of him? >> gov. abbott: you may
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remember, president biden called me a neanderthal for opening texas 100% and no masks. it turned out he was wrong. after that opening, texas covid numbers improved substantially. now, president biden is calling texas names again, this time chastising us for making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. once again, president biden ignores the facts. >> harris: kayleigh, you see that. republicans are able to come a point on point, say within the bills, what's not. maybe we weren't educated enough as a public during the movement of the mlb game from georgia to colorado, but in that process, america knows some of these laws already exist. [laughs] people are in favor of them. i've seen the polling. i'm sure democrats and republicans have. >> kayleigh: 84% of people with voter i.d. -- people of color. numbers are on that side.
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to go back to joe biden's assertion that this is the greatest threat to our democracy since the civil war, in the civil war you had 618,000, it's been revised upward to 750,000 people, who perished. it's -- let's take him at his word, states the greatest threat since the civil war. if 750,000 americans are at risk, what if you abolish the filibuster and call for that? we didn't see hear him say "abolish the filibuster." wouldn't you have given this speech in june before they voted on hr 1? he waited until july. this tells you everything you need to know. this is hyperbole. it's a power grab by democrats. they need ballot harvesting, need to get rid of voter i.d. thus, they need hr 1. >> harris: i want to follow if you quit, kayleigh. you mention the filibuster. they want that on a lot of
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things. what's happening inside that party? >> kayleigh: you have two democrats, joe manchin and christian cinema. they know that if they are on to going to get on board with the filibuster, they will likely lose their seats. voters remember. they are, at the moment, and i say at the moment because we saw joe manchin make many problems s with other legislation. i hope they keep their feet to the ground and ears to the ground. >> harris: i want to pop us up there. i mentioned with kayleigh with the voting laws are in different states, georgia, texas, and delaware. in some areas, voter access is greater in georgia and texas than president biden's home state of delaware. >> emily: this is the truth that the american public are now knowing. who is this whipping up? who is this hyperbole by biden whipping up? the answer is, other than the rabid media and hyper democrat elected officials in office, no
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one. he is morning of an existential threat. the reality is the majority of the american public doesn't buy it, because they are reasonable. they know what's going on, no the truth the majority of americans are used to showing our i.d., for example, throughout the day with monday and activities. they don't mind showing it for something as fundamental as voting. 80%, 61% of whom are democrats according to appeal -- that makes this hyperbole exhausting. the fact that he is calling to arms for, apparently, a second civil war, it's such a joke. other than the media, other than the elected officials and democrats in office, who was his impact and? we'll see through. >> harris: senator john, you know one thing that confuses me? when you hear the word civil war in rhetoric, if president trump, or any republican said "this is civil war --" it's been said! democrats didn't like it then.
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when you hear that, what does that mean about the argument they are waging? >> sen. james: the democrat double standard is live and in person for everyone to see. this is how mr. unity can call anyone who supports election security a racist come and talk about healing this nation on the other side of his mouth. the president needs to retract his statement if he means what he means about bringing this country to get to get it. calling half of this country racist because they care about election access and security is wrong. >> harris: you know what the deal is too? we know what an exit central threat looks like: covid-19. living on the east coast at the beginning of that, they were taking people out in freezers, 18-wheelers. we were losing folks. we know what is and what isn't an existential crisis. >> kayleigh: covid 19, we lost a police officer in riots, dozens of people involved.
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we know what an exit stencil threat looks like. >> harris: up next, some of the most progressive members of congress -- while protests are raging in the streets of cuba. demonstrators are demanding their freedom through they are chanting "where is biden?" the panel takes it up next. ♪ ♪ >> we need support from the president. ♪ ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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protesters. the communist government also snatching a social media activist from her home, arresting her while appearing on live television. here at home, people in tampa show their solidarity with protesters by blocking a major expressway. [chanting] >> emily: frustration boiling over in miami as people pushed the president to do more in support of the cuban people. >> harris: we need the support from the president. >> biden should hop off. >> biden, you should listen to
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the people here. people that are cuban, all of us in cuba. >> john james, this is what an existential threat looks like, when people are killed at the hands of the government for people protesting against the communist regime, and yet the president of this country seems to be doing next to nothing >> harris: i know of >> sen. james: i know two copresidents who were men of action, one democrat one republican. one was john f. kennedy, encouraged forces going into cuba. there was another president, a man of action, president trump. now, we have a man of words, president joe biden, our placeholder presidents, who is now in this place because americans, apparently, prefer good tasting poison for bad tasting medicine. we are in a situation where china could exploit this for their own gain. they just warned the u.s. off of hong kong so they could use their repressive policies to
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stamp out democracy and capitalism in asia, and now they are in a situation where they can continue to stoke unrest right under our noses, and it's -- it could create another immigration crisis on our border, on florida's border, in addition to the crisis we currently have on our southern border in texas, new mexico, nevada, and california. we also have potential for humanitarian crisis. you also give the chinese and communists a foothold in the area. we are not the worlds police, but this is different and has been for 100 years. monro talks about it, roosevelt talks about it, the western hemisphere must be kept secure if our borders are going to be kept secure. >> emily: kennedy, the secretary of new york maintaining that those leaving cuba or haiti will not be allowed to come here. >> kennedy: they have a firm
9:18 am
policy and terms of cubans seeking refugee by c, but on the southern border it's a different, chaotic story, where the messaging is all over the map. to john's point, it is a string of words for president biden and jen psaki. they have not outlined a comprehensive policy, in terms of cuba and american support. the democratic socialists, they have been noticeably silent here. the actual democratic socialists of america, they have, essentially, high-fived cuba. they are telling people to stand with the revolution. if freedom seekers topple this government, it is an indictment of communism and socialism. whether or not you qualify as democrat, it's a failure. people who live there know that that system has failed them, and they want something different. that thing is freedom! they should get it!
9:19 am
>> emily: to that end, kayleigh, what do you think are the political implications for biden, especially given the large building block of cuban americans? >> kayleigh: huge, and that is not lost on the biden administration. look at florida. president trump beat biden by two times the margin in florida, a huge latino population. there is a fire in cuba, you have an uprising, republicans supporting the freedom protesters. in haiti, the president was assassinated. latin america, they've got budding issues. acute voting block in president trump won 28% of the cuban vote. miami, when you look at that area, huge latino population. president trump had the highest voting population in 16 years, a swing towards the former president. they know this heading into 2022. they are seen these -- shut down by protesters in miami. they are seeing it in tampa, where i am from. protesters there saying "where
9:20 am
is biden?" i feel like nancy pelosi has hidden away aoc or the squad and said "if you say anything, you are damning us for 2022." >> emily: that video of a host being arrested on live television, that's frightening. we have the liberty to criticize our government whenever we want, and the thought of being arrested for it, in contrast to that deafening silence kayleigh is mentioning, why aren't people more vocal? >> harris: i will say this as a journalist. i do want to know exactly what happened. i'm still researching this on my own. you've got the broadcaster. we don't ever see the people showing up, so that is something that, just out of curiosity, i want all the facts on that, but if it is what it appears to be, that is on existential threats, my theme this hour: recognizing one and knowing one. john james, you said something
9:21 am
and i wrote it down. it's like the administration is choosing. "good tasting poison over bad tasting medicine." who's the medicine for? is it for the far left, the suddenly silent like aoc and bernie sanders? senators sandor dominic dominic senator sanders spoke out a little bit, but you wouldn't see him like you might. >> sen. james: i will just tell you, a lot of folks were rubbed the wrong way by some of the former president trump's tweets, but frankly he did some of the greatest things for this country in terms of security and our economy. that is good. that's medicine. the rhetoric and words and misinformation and lack of action or plans to make us better, these press conferences that somebody said they are going to do something and the media doesn't hold them accountable, that's that rhetoric, that poison that's going to rot us from the inside. these marxist policies taking
9:22 am
hold in our communities all over the country and failing to be a beacon of hope and democracy and capitalism for the rest of the world. the world was watching us. they will see how america handles this. they look at our expeditionary events all around the world, when under our noses, in our own hemisphere, we are allowing this type of silencing of the media, of free speech, and the putting down of peaceful protests. that is on the american. >> emily: john james , i feel that rot is already here. up next, a politically perilous trip, a riveting exodus from texas with no other recourse. how the media is glorifying the runaway texas democrats, turning them into political heroes. ♪ ♪
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>> harris: breaking news. biden is administration announcing a plan to evacuate afghan visa applicants. we have more info on it now. the president's direction, the united states is going to watch "operations allies refuge to support people eligible and -- and their families. these are people who have helped us out and our partners in afghanistan, and are in the application pipeline already. it is for operational security. they don't have additional details. you know they are not going to tell us exactly how this works. you have to get people out of there. we will keep you updated as we learn more. >> i talked about what i believe, the courage, the commitments, the patriotism that you have evidence, by your
9:28 am
actions, in addition to your work and your word. i know what you have done comes with great sacrifice. defending the right of the american people to vote is as american as apple pie. >> vice president kamala harris praising democratic texas lawmakers leaving the state biplane, trying to vote so mike block of a nonelection reform. "the washington post" typing up the great escape from texas as something out of argo or james bond, describing the trip as a riveting exodus from texas as dozens of democratic lawmakers setting two -- young children and aging parents, made an arrangement to leave their home and jobs, potentially four weeks. [laughter] they admitted they have no end game, but actually, it was hardly a hollywood thriller. they hopped on a bus full of miller lights -- [laughter] then they boarded two charter jets, flying to d.c. in style,
9:29 am
with a price tag of $100,000. then, they broke out into song, singing one of the most famous anthems of the civil rights era. ♪ .>> ♪ ♪ we will overcome ♪ ♪ we will overcome ♪ ♪ deep in our hearts ♪ ♪ i do believe ♪ ♪ we will overcome today ♪♪ speak of "the washington post" calling it "riveting." they left behind aging parents, young children for weeks. they make it seem like they are going into battle, putting their lives at risk, something you've done. it's embarrassing. "the washington post" hyping it up as if they are soldiers going into battle. >> sen. james: this incenses me. i was stationed at fort hood, texas before my deployment to operation iraqi freedom, '07-'09.
9:30 am
we said goodbye to our family will members and loved ones and one into harm's way to protect our rights and our freedoms i remember being stationed as a member of fort hood and seeing flags being waved proudly, bumper stickers saying "these colors don't run" in reference to the colors that matter in this country, red, white, and blue. frankly, it upsets me when i hear that instead of actually getting things done and working to make this better and debating in open debate, they are using this and calling it courage. it's cowardice when you run. the people who marched in the civil rights movement who sang that song exhibited courage, marching toward the problem. i will tell you now. as soon as i sit here today, with what's going on on our border, what's going on in cuba, what's going on with the stumps being pulled out of texas, when these legislators, these
9:31 am
politicians run their campaign ads saying they fought for texas, they are going to remember this cowardice, going to remember running back to washington, d.c., to nancy pelosi and the mother ship. >> kayleigh: you for your service. as you noted, by cowardice, they left their day jobs, but you had a lawmaker in texas doubling down, saying "i'm putting a lot at risk. my husband, my three dogs." "the washington post" she had so mike to said she had close and she loaded into her suitcase. this is disgusting. >> kennedy: that's going to mildew within 12 hours, that's going to be gross. [laughter] that's going to affect her bag. i don't want to sit next to that woman on a private plane. [laughter] something funny was pointed out. "they are so brave, champions, they are such claimant warriors." they are spewing a bunch of co2 on their private jets without concern for the environment, and their flying maskless.
9:32 am
if we threw from d.c., our kids would be masked up. we would be held like veal and a pen, but they get to cohort around -- they are having a party, having a great time. go back and work. this is why the legislative branch has the lowest approval rating of any of the three branches. >> kayleigh: harris, the vice president calling this "extraordinary commitment. >> harris: if the vice president, kamala harris likened it to american pie, apple pie. i'm getting a cavity from all the sweetness in this administration. [laughter] the ice cream at the president, the cookies with the vp, and now pie. i just. you know who's watching this outside of voters? people are important as analysts and strategy people with the democrats. i look at what james carville said.
9:33 am
"you are starting to lose hispanics and blacks." that's what he's worried about. he doesn't want to lose traction with that party. we talked cuba before and what voters may be feeling in florida. imagine having issues in your home state of texas, and you want those elected to battle it out. they are not in the majority, so they can't win on this issue, but other things are being avoided while they do this! there are other bills. attorney general ken paxton of texas told us last hour they are not getting work done, so why are they picking up for the taxpayers, the paycheck? by the way, he says absolutely, if they come back before the special session is over, they will be arrested. not can be, will be. you taught us that yesterday, emily. not for the purpose of putting them in jail. "we want to take them back to the capital so they can do their jobs." >> emily: let's put this up quick. a lawmaker describing himself as a "fugitive." tweeting at his first meal as a
9:34 am
fugitive, a caesar salad. what a comparison with what's going on in cuba. these idiots have no idea what actual incarceration and what the criminal system is like. they want to defund the police and played dress-up with law enforcement while law enforcement is stretched thin, managing the triple digit increase in violent crime? they want to make light of actual criminals and actual arrests? tell that to the families of the convicted, the families of the victims, the families of police officers who have been killed in the line of duty managing this. >> harris: what about the border situation? that's what james carville sees. what about that? they are not saying anything about that, democrats in texas. >> emily: exactly, it's a farce. let them handcuff each other at their fraternity party while the rest of us deal with both real work. >> kayleigh: he called himself a fugitive as protesters in cuba fight for freedom. they are the ones at risk of being locked up, and they are heroes. coming up, and just a few hours, a hearing on britney spears'
9:35 am
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so my plan includes preservision. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> emily: in just a few hours, the fight to end britney spears' conservatorship will be back in court. three weeks after her dramatic testimony in which she told the judge she was forced to take a mood altering drugs and was prevented from removing her birth control device. according to tmz, the pop star be represented by her new lawyer, former federal prosecutor math matthew rosenberg, who has represented a
9:40 am
slew of celebrity clients. if you weren't here, kennedy, we would be at the rally set to take place today in d.c. a [laughter] >> harris: not all of us. [laughter] 's before there is a big "free britney" rally. the movement has gained momentum. it's not just people who are fans of her music and performing. it's people who realize that this conservatorship is way too prohibitive. she made a cogent points when she defended herself in court, when she called into that session. she is expected to do the same thing today, because her court appointed attorney since 2008, has filed to resign from her case, and she wants her own lawyer. anyone who's looking at this will say "even if you don't end the conservatorship entirely, at least allow the woman to have a voice in who represents her."
9:41 am
this is an insane system. >> emily: jon gaines, part of what is so stunning, to kennedy's point, is that she didn't know differently. she was never given access to the information to empower herself during those 13 years. >> sen. james: imagine the look on democrat's face when they realize that they now support allowing people to keep the money they make them and it shouldn't be distributed to an outside group for that outside group's benefit. imagine the look on these progressive democrat's faces when they realize that it's wrong to mandate what people should put in their bodies, or else you will ruin their freedom of movement. imagine what they will think or what they will say when they realize that conservatorships across this country, with school boards in san diego, that are mandating that there be penalties for small coffee shop owners while you can go to starbucks and target, made $14 billion last year.
9:42 am
imagine what will happen in places like michigan, where we realize we are american citizens and shouldn't have to sue to get our rights back. i'm 100% in support of "free britney." and also in support of "free america." >> kayleigh: that's well said, those analogies are blowing my mind. it's very important for her to choose her own attorney. see daniel keener, who was representing her before, he was making $525,000 a year. he has resigned, but he is saying "you should have another court appointed attorney." brittany is saying "i get to choose my own attorney." this attorney has represented sean penn. he will make the argument in court, reportedly, that "i know this isn't a criminal case, but she still has due process. let me represent brittany." in the least, she deserves that. >> harris: 100%.
9:43 am
from the beginning, i've been saying that the people in her inner circle needed to change. i'm glad some about his happening, starting with that attorney, who never asked to pull her out of this situation. he didn't press for that. it was like a fact-finding mission with no end game in sight. who wants you? it's not that i don't want to go to the britney spears rally. [laughter] i'm trying to rally the valley in arizona for game four for my son in the nba finals. there's only so many rallies you can go to. [laughter] i'm glad she started to realign her inner circle. i imagine her game would be as strong as it was the first time, but this time she will have a new weapon: an attorney on her side. >> sen. james: good. >> kayleigh: i know she doesn't need the money, but i can't wait for the lawsuit filed against that former attorney for ineffective assistance of counsel. up next, hollywood nominating
9:44 am
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>> cuban authorities working to crackdown on antigovernment protests. texas senator ted cruz, the son of a cuban immigrant joins us. if america is a land of systemic racism, why are asian-americans driving? author can issue joins us with his thoughts on the critical race theory movements, and, britney spears is back in court today to contest her conservatorship. jesse watters joins us with his thoughts. sandra and i will see you at the top of the hour for "america reports. "spin on stacey abrams landing prime time emmy nomination for her performance on the abc show "blackish." she appeared last fall during an animated election special. she is not the first time democrat to get an emmy nomination in recent years. remember this guy? andrew cuomo was awarded one last year for his daily
9:49 am
coronavirus briefings, and what an acting job. he made that decision that put so much payroll. 15,000 people dead because of the decisions he made. >> kayleigh: many. there are the sexual assault allegations, and the worst of which were those elderly who died at the hands of his decision-making, which he tried to pin on the trump administration. stacey abrams, this is not new. she does a documentary up for an academy award. that's what the left does in hollywood, they elevate other leftists in the political realm. i'm with -- "you deprived the state of $100 million when we lost the mlb all-star game. you have wasted $100 million, transfer that to the business owners in georgia. that is what should be focused on, not winning academy awards. >> emily: i love that so much.
9:50 am
it's typical of the hollywood elites and self-congratulatory democrats that shine the sunlight on each other while leading in the shade, the other millions of americans who are worse for it. there's nothing for that reason except for the 6 that you have. >> sen. james: well plate. [laughter] >> harris: jonas james. >> sen. james: the emmys can do what they want. i don't care. there are people suffering in this country. it's not stacey abrams, it's not the least from the coast making this call for the emmys, and frankly, the people in america, normal, average, everyday americans see this. they see they are not represented, their views are not represented because diversity of thought it doesn't matter these people. being able to express yourself if you are not a democrat isn't paroled. participation awards for running campaigns are greats, but frankly, those of us who are
9:51 am
dedicated to serving and making this country a better place -- >> harris: you mentioned my favorite words when it comes to diversity: diversity of thought. kennedy, your thoughts. >> kennedy: there is no diversity of thought. there's only punishment unless you fall in lockstep with the te orthodoxy. stacey abrams was working with questionable means to register dead people in georgia. i don't necessarily trust her opinion in terms of voter rights and reform. this is not a surprise. you were never going to make emmy voters see things as they do, because they desperately want to live in a bubble in comfort in lockstep with the other leftists, and that's fine. >> harris: i will say it this, for those of us who have an award and have been recognized,
9:52 am
your journalism is very different from the acting job they get recognized for. i want to put out there. just because, we are not hollywood. [laughter] they don't care what we look like. they only care what we think. it's a childhood staple: the warm, steaming bowl of mac and cheese! did you know it's national mac and cheese day? how would you feel about this twist: mac and cheese flavored ice cream? coming up, reaction to this. [laughter] ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. introducing aleve x.
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i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. interest rates are near record lows, and home values are at record highs. now's the time to use your va benefits to turn your home equity into cash. the newday100 va cash out loan lets you borrow all of your home's value and lower your payments by $600 a month. serving veterans is all they do. newday can say yes when banks say no. >> tuck live chocolate vanilla, chocolate chip. >> chocolate chocolate chip.
9:57 am
we wanted to get what we called black and white, but we're going to move it another way. biggie my guilty pleasure in terms of eating is unfortunately i'm a pretty dull guy, i'm known for ice cream. it is one of the literal liberal medias biggest topics for the of the united states. we decided to throw a tough one at our commander-in-chief. president biden, would you try mac angie's ice cream? we are asking because it's national macaroni and cheese day, and to celebrate, they have teamed up with brooklyn -based ice cream company to release, and i butchered that word, to release a limited edition mac & cheese flavored ice cream. this mac & cheese came out less than to hours ago. we had the privilege of trying it in the green room, your thoughts.
9:58 am
>> it literally tastes exactly like mac & cheese, it tastes like the powdered sugar from the mac & cheese, it is just weird because it's ice cream so i feel like tell yourself you're eating next day left overs from the fridge, and it will be easy going. so i give it a thumbs up. >> i don't know that that sell it. vicki kraft mac & cheese has the powdered taste. kraft mac & cheese has the buttery sweet taste, so it taste like butterscotch. >> i would definitely try it because i love mac & cheese. i would definitely do it. >> that actually sounds like something i might find in my toddler's highchair as i asked myself why haven't i thrown this away for like the 1,000th time. i think mac & cheese and ice cream are to things that should never go together like standing on stage with joe biden after shampooing your hair with herbal
9:59 am
essence. for me, if you want to do that, that's great, but for me, frosty and french fries, are great. mac & cheese ice cream as a hard no. >> frosty from wendy's, get out, that sounds good right now. to get a spicy chicken sandwich with barbecue and cheese. really good. >> i've never been so relieved to have celiac disease so i can't eat it. it looks really gross, but i have to say i love that ice cream stop. they have all kinds of gluten-free and dairy free ice creams that actually taste super good. i like the creativity. every once in a while you've got to go for shock and all in order to get people in the door. you know, they reproduce the flavor which is very impressive. they've got good technology and really good mixologists who come up with great flavor combos. >> john, you have to admit there's a difference between the bellevue that mac & cheese where you squeeze out that she cheese onto the shell and the craft.
10:00 am
craft will be better ice cream flavor than velveeta. >> i think you're right and that's probably something my wife will send me out for at 3:00 a.m. when she was pregnant with our toddler, but whatever makes her happy. >> i like the fact that every day we get to know each other better. you knows a lot about cheese additives. you've got an inordinate amount of knowledge. >> thanks everyone, here is "america reports". >> president biden joining senate democrats for their lunch on capitol hill today. maybe with ice cream, may be without as they move forward with what they call their human infrastructure plan last night senate denigrates agreeing to it a spending plan worth a 3.$5 trillion even with growing fears that biden's tax and spend agenda will accelerate inflation. that's ahead. >> we will talk to senator ted cruz on those decks texas dems on the run and the crisis in


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