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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 14, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: i'll play foos ball. >> dana: scrabble. probably not that. >> bill: you have a couple of days off. will miss you. have a great time and get far away. >> dana: it is sad. i'll be thinking of you and watching from afar. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: news next alert. critics calling vice president kamala harris tone deaf. she ramp >> harris: more than 50 house democrats fled to washington to block a vote on an election reform bill and one said touting their sacrifice in fleeing the state. it included a trip on private planes to the tune of $100,000, staying in $200 a night hotel
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rooms and a bit of booze. vice president harris chiming in with this. >> i talked about exactly what i believe about the courage and the commitment and the patriotism that you all have evidenced by your actions in addition to your work and your words. and i know what you have done comes with great sacrifice defending the right of the american people to vote is as american as apple pie. >> harris: journalists also celebrating the lawmakers, one tweet can we stop saying fleeing the state as if they are cowards or victims? this was a power move not a weak one. another texas democrats recognize the stakes in this fight and are doing what needs to be done. and texas taxpayers are footing the bill for those salaries of lawmakers doing this.
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fox's hillary vaughn pressing the texas house democratic caucus chair on it. >> are you guys going to forfeit part of your salary by spending time up here and not participating in the business of the texas legislature which is your job? >> we are doing our jobs. we are fighting for our constituents and working harder doing what we're doing right now than it would be if we had stayed in the chamber. >> harris: ken paxton, texas attorney general in focus now. good to see you today, attorney general. let's talk about whether or not they're doing the jobs and the salaries. if they are out, they aren't voting. that's part of their job. >> supposedly they are protecting the right to vote but actually they are avoiding the right to vote because they stop all the other elected officials, all the senators, all the other house members here to vote on different bills
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and they've run away and stopped the quorum from happening. so actually they're preventing votes, not helping votes. >> harris: you have to have a certain amount of people present in the room. 51 of the 57 democrats are out of the state so you can't do business. it isn't just election bills as you pointed out. it is other things on the docket. one of the texas state democrats who fled the state is getting trolled for this tweet. it refers to him or he refers to himself as a fugitive with a picture of his first meal adding now i have an idea what a.g. ken paxton must feel like every day. it's not bad. no wonder he keeps committing more crimes. he called you out. >> look, he is avoiding his responsibility. he can call me names. he has a duty to be here, elected to be here and preventing our government from operating the way it is supposed to. you debate. you may disagree on issues but come and debate and vote the way the constitution requires you to do that. when you flee the state and run
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from your responsibility, you are not following your constitutional role and eventually if these guys stay away long enough i think they should have to vacant their seats and have somebody step in to do their jobs. >> harris: a lot is being talked about right now just in general who you can arrest and who you can't when the lawmakers come back to the state. what's the bottom line how the law works? >> the bottom line they leave the state. they left the state. we don't have jurisdiction to cross state lines to arrest people that left the state because they aren't here to vote. once they come back if there has been a call in the house. there has been. put in place yesterday. they can be arrested and brought back not to go to jail but to come back and do their job to the house floor and be required to stay and do their job. if they don't want to vote when they are on the floor we'll have a quorum and have the opportunity to do the business of texas instead of avoid it. >> harris: if they stay out of the state for the full session, right, that will be august when
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they come back, late august when they come back. do you foresee those arrests happening if they're necessary? >> here is what i would hope and i don't know exactly what the plans are for the governor. my guess is he'll call another special session. rick perry did this when i was in the house in 2003. the democrats tried it to avoid redistricting and they stayed away until october. as soon as they came back they had to deal with it. i would certainly encourage our leaders to do the same exact thing that governor perry did 17, 18 years ago. >> harris: some are bringing race into the conversation. let's go straight to the top. president biden equating your state's voting bills with jim crow laws and governor abbott pushing back hard. let's watch. >> it's the most dangerous threat to voting in the integrity of free and fair elections in our history. to stand up, for god sake and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our
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elections and the sacred right to vote. >> he is chastising us for making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. once again president biden ignores the facts. president biden and the democrats must stop the misinformation. >> harris: taking a deeper dive now here is what's actually in the bill. the "wall street journal" laying it out this way. ending drive-thru voting that was enacted due to the pandemic. ending 24-hour voting. expanding voting hours in some areas, mail-in voters must verify their identity. talk to me about actually what these bills will do versus what the democrats say. where is the argument? >> look, i don't think they have an argument. when we talk about the reality of what you just read the whole point here is to prevent voter fraud. we allow for two weeks of early voting, seven different forms of i.d. we'll give you an i.d. if you want can't afford one.
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we also know i.d.s are used across all types of different situations from getting on an airline to going to a hotel to getting government benefits. so what -- we're not asking one group to give a form of i.d. and another not to. everyone has to prove who they are so we can verify the right people are voting. >> harris: before i have to let you go i didn't mean to cut you off. you know, i showed our viewers a few moments ago that on twitter some support for these democrats makes it look like they are taking the big brave, strong move. are you at all concerned that this could backfire on republicans and make democrats more popular because of what they are doing? what do you say about that? >> we're trying to do the right thing. i won't feel bad or worry how it is perceived or how the media pitches it. the right thing is to protect people's votes and i want people to have confidence when they vote their vote matters and other people can't come in
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and falsely vote and ruin the credibility of our elections. all we're trying to do is make sure our elections are fair and that people believe that they are real. >> harris: texas attorney general ken paxton in focus today. thank you. media members expressing fear of republicans gaining seats in a red wave in the 2022 mid-terms. they sounded an alarm republicans seizing on democrats defund the police messaging. >> if democrats do not fight back what are the odds of a red wave? >> they are excellent. one of the most enduring and endearing trends in political literature is called the mid-term fact. more than 40 years of the president's party losing seats in the mid-term elections.
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>> harris: jim clyburn concerned about woke far left messaging. >> burn baby burn, that destroyed our movement back in the 60s. i don't want to see defund the police -- i'm telling you. this kind of slogan can destroy these kinds of movements. that's what i don't want to see happen. >> harris: a destroyed movement. congressional and senate republicans raking in record amount of cash for outpacing democrats in the mid-terms. ronna mcdaniel is in focus now. this is interesting. i've sat with the whip clyburn, congressman clyburn and he speaks his mind. if he is worried, what should democrats be watching right now? >> i think they're right but it is not just defund the police. not just taking away funds.
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police officers are quitting the record numbers, cities in chaos with crime rates spiking. the american people are smart enough to know the democrats are at the root of this. and they are making our country and our cities definitely less safe in this mission to defund the police which has had consequences that have thousands of and millions of americans. so we know in the mid-terms the party out of power picks up on average 26 seats. i will give you one stat, harris. last night in georgia, house district 34 joe biden lost that district by 4 points in 2020. our candidate just won by 26 points last night. we're seeing this across the country as we're seeing bellwether races pop up. republicans are energized because they are seeing the destruction of this country under joe biden and kamala harris. >> harris: democratic strategist james carville said this about the defund the police movement and how it's
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hurting democrats. let's watch. >> we did lose traction with black voters and hispanic voters. i think part of that is we got identified by the defund the police and language police. if we pay such a terrible political price for a slightly more than fringe element of our party we're letting a noisy wing of our party define the rest of us. my point is we can't do that. >> harris: wow, he called alexandria ocasio-cortez, bernie sanders the lousy, the noisy loud in his party. >> he just called the vice president kamala harris the lousy wing of his party because she applauded l.a. when they defunded the police. she said they were doing the right thing by defunding the police and pulling back funds for the police. so this is where the leaders of their party. it is not fringe. it is not fringe james carville, it is your vice
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president who is leading the charge. >> harris: he is right to call them noisy because they're loud. i caught in what he was saying, too, he is worried about losing traction with black and hispanic voters. the republican party was picking up under donald trump bigger numbers in those categories. >> those voters saw their lives got better. they were getting higher wages. they had a border that was secure. on every front they recognized that democrats are about rhetoric and donald trump and republicans are about action and we proved it in our policies. and so they are continuing to come to our party as they see even more what joe biden has done to raise energy prices, cause inflation, open our border, defund the police. this is coming from the top. this isn't coming from a fringe element. it is coming directly from biden and kamala harris. >> harris: leading the rnc you have a new op-ed hitting
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democrats major league baseball out of georgia for denver over the election laws they were protesting. you say the league fell for georgia election spin but the rest of us are catching on and a "washington examiner" op-ed says georgia democrats will pay for their roles in the controversy, an excerpt. georgians know that warnock and abrams cost their state an all-star game. perhaps this is why the two are trying so hard to distance themselves from past opposition to voter i.d. laws. their abrupt reversal is part of a cynical effort to save face ahead of 2022 in the hope that voters forget about their reckless and damaging partisanship. ronna. >> i was in atlanta on sunday. i felt so bad. i was in a business for the city that was looking forward for hosting the all-star game for the first time in 21 years.
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it was stripped away bylaws and politicians and corporate america and the media. they lost this opportunity coming out of a pandemic. who was hurt? business owners, ticket vendors, people who work in the concession stands, hotels, all these small businesses that were suffering so much were hurt to the tune of $100 million to thaifr city. what i want to say democrats are fancy with rhetoric and using racism to talk about these laws. the reality is the vast majority of americans across party lines think we should have voter i.d. and bipartisan people in the polls watching and agree 24-hour drive-thru voting, how do you man that. go to protect the you'll see the democrats are lying and republicans are trying to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. >> harris: rnc chair ronna mcdaniel in focus today. thank you for being here. the taliban seizing more control in afghanistan as the
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president is pulling out our forces. we will take you inside a training camp where young volunteers are preparing to fight the brutal terrorist group. first, though, this. >> this administration's response has been lame. i wish they had half the passion they have against republicans than they do against the tyranny in cuba. >> harris: it may take more than just the white house issuing statements. president biden facing extra pressure to actually do something to help the people of cuba fight their communist leaders. senator john kennedy from the great state of louisiana is in "the faulkner focus". it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans.
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>> dana: chants of where is biden on the streets of tampa, florida. protestors across that state marching in solidarity with the cuban people who were rising up against years of communist oppression. republican lawmakers demanding president biden rise to the moment. >> i'm disappointed the biden administration, they have an opportunity to be a worldwide leader to say we support the people of cuba. >> bill: whether it's the president of the united states or members of congress, call it what it is. communism. >> i would send a signal to the cuban government we won't sit on the sidelines as you destroy people in our backyard and we need to give voice to freedom. president biden, where are you when the people of cuba need you the most? >> harris: meanwhile "the washington examiner" editorial board says it's time for the president to stand up to his party's left before this era of
8:22 am
all-out leftism among democrats, their party politicians used to show proud anti-communist colors. today it takes more courage for biden to do the right thing than it did for jfk. he must tell his party's radicals, people who still ro -- liberty demands no less, john kennedy, republican senator from louisiana, good to see you today. i want to get your top line thoughts on what is playing out and how the white house fits in. >> what's happening in cuba is a contradiction for me. it is both beautiful but it also disgusts me to my core. it is beautiful because what we're seeing is people's innate thirst for freedom. our desire for freedom is deeply seeded. it is almost part of the human
8:23 am
condition. and the cuban people want their freedom. when castro took over he promised them freedom. instead he gave them socialism, which we now know, of course, is just trickle down poverty. that part is beautiful and i think we ought to do everything we can to support the good people of cuba. what i find disgusting is the fact that all president biden has done is issued a press release. that's it. i don't know if he even read the thing. president biden needs to be on the telephone calling the leaders of u.k., canada, new zealand, australia, india, japan, of south korea, of the european union and say let's issue a joint statement and additional sanctions on the castro government. we got the castro government now and the people have. let's choke them to death. president biden needs to use all the cyber skills that exist
8:24 am
in the united states of america to keep that internet open in cuba so the whole world can watch and the cuban people can talk to each other and try to reinforce their actions. instead rubio said it best. i will paraphrase. he said i wish president biden would spend one tenth of the time helping the people of cuba that he is spending spreading fairy tales to the american people when he says that the texas voting rights statute is the worst thing that happened to america since the civil war in which 700,000 americans were killed. it is a fairytale. he is the only person in the milky way who believes that. either that or he was playing frisbee in the quad during history 101. >> harris: the miami mayor no doubt will have your reaction to this. he actually says bombing cuba is an option that has to be explored.
8:25 am
watch this. >> you had interventions by democratic presidents taking out -- intervening in a humanitarian issue with air strikes. many students in the history. >> are you suggesting air strikes in cuba? >> what i suggest is that option is one that has to be explored and just discarded. >> i don't agree with him. i don't think it's necessary to help the people of cuba. i think the best way to help the people of cuba is to marshall the freedom-loving sources across the world in all the countries that support freedom, get together, hit the castro government with additional sanctions and get that internet open. and never let up. never let up. don't just issue a press release. president biden ought to be talking about it three times a day and twice on sunday.
8:26 am
>> harris: senator quickly normally we make it a choice. silent or doing the right thing? we know joe biden as candidate talked about easing some of the sanctions. that way he might work with other countries. so which would you want him to be silent or are you concerned he might go down the wrong road? >> i want him to do something. i was going to say something i shouldn't. i want him to do something. >> harris: say what's on your mind. >> not this time. put it in generic terms. i want to see the leaders of the free world. not just american but all freedom loving countries get up off their ice cold lazy butts and support the people of cuba, not just with a press release. with sanctions, with their cyber skills, and do it repeatedly. now, we have the castro
8:27 am
government down. let's choke them to death. >> harris: got it. we'll get to this. a small school district in california reportedly is planning to spend $40 million on teaching what they call ethnic studies to high school students with consultants training teachers on the new curriculum at a cost of $1500 an hour. it is the heyward unified school district. in june it became the first in the state to officially adopt that new curriculum promising in a press release. we aren't guessing about this, they put it in writing. it will be informed by and include critical race theory. democrats and many teachers deny crt is actually being taught in our schools. $40 million to put it in hay ward, senator. >> in march of 2020 we gave california $2 billion for its elementary and secondary
8:28 am
schools to deal with coronavirus. proper ventilation, keep from laying off teachers, offer summer school for kids. we didn't send that money to california to teach critical race theory or send it to california to teach its kids that all white children are born bad and all african-american children are born without hope. we didn't send that money to california to teach its kids that america was wicked when it was founded and it is even more wicked today, that its racist to the core because we're not. should we teach in our schools about slavery? yes. should we teach about the actual sa* race riot? yes. teach about the civil war? yes. should we teach our kids that america is fundamentally racist to the core? no. and no one -- no one in his
8:29 am
right mind believes that. >> harris: military officials in afghanistan are telling us they need -- i'm sorry? go ahead. senator kennedy. thank you, i will let you go. good to see you today. thank you so much and thanks for taking that last topic on crt. that came onto our radar late today. >> thank you. >> harris: now we will move to afghanistan. they say they need more help with equipment there. ammunition and training. and they are battling a growing taliban offensive following u.s. troop withdrawal there. the militant group is gaining ground rapidly and stopping at nothing to tighten its grip on strategic crossings. our greg palkot is live in kabul. >> as the fighting against worse here the stories get more ugly. fox news confirms that in a recent clash between government forces and the taliban the militants shot in cold blood 22
8:30 am
afghan commandos surrendering at the time. a gruesome video showing the scene. taliban has control of over 1/3 of the country and today a key border crossing between southern afghanistan and pakistan. we went out to find out how this country is getting its forces ready. take a look. >> the performance of the afghan military against the taliban lately has been sub par. live fire exercises like this one at months training these volunteers will be into the battle with the militants. we watched as they went through the paces. they're raw but well intentioned. one 18-year-old told us he was there because the taliban killed his father, a general told us you could use that u.s. air power back again and some breaking news, harris in the
8:31 am
last 90 minutes or so fox can confirm that the biden administration will be announcing an expedited program to get visas to afghans wanting to get out of the country who have helped the united states military over these long years like translators. flights could start according to reports as early as the end of the month. these guys and gals could have been targeted by the taliban. >> harris: i'm hoping that today's scheduled press conference or briefing at the white house, greg, as i'm sure you're wondering, too, what can they share about what they know is coming on the ground, right? i would be curious on that. greg palkot. thank you very much. >> just from talking with people on the ground here it's important. >> harris: big backlash after democrats in one state seek to ban chick-fil-a from opening up a highway rest stop. plus remember this?
8:32 am
>> president biden: imagine if every time your wife, son, daughter left the house you feared for their safety from bad actors and bad police. >> harris: now they're the good guys because crime is out of control. president biden accused of flip-flopping on law enforcement after ripping police for so long. the power panel is next. oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. he came from italy with nothing for a new life. he sacrificed so much to support his family. military service was just part of his life. he was brave in so many ways. who are the heroes in your family?
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♪ veteran homeowners, newday just announced ♪ their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> president biden: our strategy provides with law enforcement for state cities to be able to hire police and pay them overtime in order to advance community policing. >> harris: president biden now getting crushed with criticism over suddenly wanting communities to fund the police after using negative rhetoric against law enforcement. a blistering op-ed in the "new york post" put it this way. biden is recasting himself as a supporter of law enforcement
8:38 am
but biden's pro police turn won't work. if biden wants to reverse officer demorallyization he should retract his long record of anti-police remarks like this. >> president biden: imagine if every time your husband or son, wife or daughter left the house, you feared for their safety from bad actors and bad police. they ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism, the stain on our nation's soul. the knee on the neck of justice for black americans. yes, there is systemic injustice in this country in education and work and in law enforcement. >> harris: power panel rachel campos-duffy and leslie marshall. great to see you both. rachel, i come to you first on this notion of suddenly a conscience over the violent
8:39 am
crime that is spiking across america or something else that's driving this? >> he certainly saw poll numbers showing that people aren't happy with this defund the police and really this general culture of lack of respect for police officers, smearing them and in general lack of respect for authority. i think it's coming from two places. it is definitely coming from the activists on the democrat side who have smeared cops as killers. the rhetoric coming from joe biden. actions like defunding the police. it is also a breakdown in the family. i think that when you have policies that discourage family formation, two-parent households. that's where kids start to learn when they have a dad in the home. learn about authority and respect for authority. all of these things are affecting the culture and why you are seeing in police departments that might have 200
8:40 am
applicants, two, three, four years ago this year might have only 60 are some of the reports we're getting. officers saying to sons and daughters don't go into this profession. it is just like the military, it's a family business. if the active duty law enforcement officer sees and is demoralized why would they want their son or daughter do that work? >> harris: it is a legacy line of work. leslie, i want you to debunk or demystify or explain it, i don't know. when you read the actual language in the bill that joe biden now, the president is alluding to when he says they can spend this money, jen psaki at the white house press secretary said they are allowed to spend this money, states are, through the covid relief legislation, on now funding the police. allow and telling them to do it in written form in that bill is something completely different. why didn't democrats do that? if the president really felt
8:41 am
this way before 15 minutes ago, why not put that in the writing? can is different than you will if you want this money. >> a few things here, first of all he put it in writing if you read his website through his campaigning. >> harris: no, i'm talking about the couple pull sorry language in a bill that becomes legislation, not what he said on the campaign trail. i'm saying not just an incentive. tell the people what to do in the bill that becomes law that you sign, mr. president. why not tell them exactly fund the police, don't defund the police. he didn't do that. i don't know what his website said. i am asking you, leslie. >> because i think state, local governments when they get money from the federal government and governors of those states especially a red state when you have a democratic president or vice versa don't like to be told what to do with the funds 100%. here is money, use it for
8:42 am
covid, use it to reinforce your police departments and that is actually the rhetoric that joe biden has said when he was on the campaign trail before being elected. since being elected in writing and verbally joe biden has very clear that he is not in favor of defunding the police and if you look back to 1996 as you know, he gets a lot of grief for the crime bill that police were supportive of. joe biden hasn't been anti-police and i don't think the rhetoric earlier was anti-police. it was reflecting the sentiment at that time. interestingly enough today a gallup polled show there is a 10% increase in from time to time their faith being restored with regard to the police and interestingly enough whites remain unchanged in that opinion of the police. it hasn't changed at all since before, during and after the murder of george floyd. >> it is a lot of african-american americans telling white liberal activists to get out of their
8:43 am
neighborhood with anti-police rallies. they want the police, that's true. i would just say this was made by the democrats. they were defund the police. when they saw it wasn't popular they tried to say it was republicans defund police the very people criticizing democrats about defund the police. now they are trying to say we're funding it, see, it's in the bill. the bill was just money for states. there was never anything as you said, harris about funding the police. that has never been a priority of the democrats and it is insulting in this 11th hour after seeing poll numbers to pretend like you are pro-police. the problem about police is a cultural problem. not a money problem. if biden cared about law enforcement he would change the attitudes within his party that are vilifying our law enforcement. >> harris: a group of lawmakers in new york are wanting to block chick-fil-a. senator lindsey graham on
8:44 am
facebook said if such a disastrous move came about banning a business expressing their first amendment rights and very opposed by many members of congress, including me. leslie, your reaction. >> in texas planned parenthood and largely nra groups would open up a restaurant senator graham wouldn't state that and you would see the same reaction. the person has a right to open a company but you also have a right as consumers and legislators to oppose it if you feel it is a negative impact on the community because of the beliefs of that private corporation >> harris: rachel. >> curious if democrats go after devout muslims. also i would say that this is just another example of liberal intolerance.
8:45 am
they basically say you must submit to our point of view and if you don't, you can't open a business, you can't have a platform on social media. this is typical liberal tyranny. >> harris: leslie and rachel. good to see you both. thank you. critics say big tech giants have stripped americans of virtually all of our privacy and facebook hit with a creepy new controversy. the growing concerns over the intrusion into all aspects of our lives is in focus. lara logan's new fox nation series big tech, big brother next. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi.
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>> harris: facebook fired 52 employees several years ago for spying on women. male employees reportedly used the system to view women's locations, private messages and more. "new york times" op-ed cites an upcoming book that outlines how big tech has stripped americans of our privacy. big tech places the burden on users to protect their own privacy which the companies would otherwise exploit at will. most consumers can't be expected to read hundreds of pages of those disclosures. the ones you click yes so you
8:51 am
can go on. nor if they object to their data being collected to exclude themselves from participating in discourse through facebook, twitter, or google. lara logan has no agenda. the new season on fox nation begins with big tech, big brother. >> this is where they are keeping our secrets. the cloud that stores our data isn't in the sky, it is right here sprawled across the desert floor in the middle of nowhere. the things we write, our photos, videos, health information, everything. it lives forever in places like this. guarded, owned, mined and sold by people we never see. >> harris: lara logan is with me now. how bad is it? >> it's pretty bad, harris. i was shocked. like most people we have become accustomed to the idea we've given up so much of our privacy but we really don't understand that it is how much we're being
8:52 am
manipulated and what you saw there, that's a very remote area outside of reno in the nevada desert and when i was in there looking at all these facilities there is heavy security, there is high fences and cameras everywhere. that gives you an indication of how valuable the companies consider that information, right? it is all there for our secrets and what people don't realize is even if you delete something on your phone. say you take a picture that maybe you shouldn't have, right? it still lives in the -- there is a ghost image of it that lives in the hardware on your phone. they want you to turn in your old phones. you get a big discount. that discount serves them more than it serves you. anything you collected and kept on your phone that they couldn't get from the cloud, they now can get from that hardware. it just goes on and on and on. i really think one of the greatest lies about all of this is that it is happening in
8:53 am
private. no it's not. it is happening in secret. they've been lying to us all along. they waited until we were in a position where no one wants to live without their alexa and phone. you can't apply for visa or a job, you have to have this. soon you won't be able to buy appliances that aren't smart appliances. and so we are pushed into the world where we really have no choice. we don't have to accept it actually. there is a lot of things that government can do. a lot of things that they can monitor it. >> harris: no one reads through the litany of paragraphs and you clip accept so you can go on. maybe we don't do that. >> that's right. no, you can't do that. unfortunately what is happening is that we have to police big tech. one of the hackers that i interviewed calls it digital hygiene. you have to observe that. if you are a parent you really have to have good digital
8:54 am
hygiene. you need to go in every week and remove the cookies, remove the history. you need to say no to everything. the problem is we need legislators to do something here. right now if i say i keep trying to log into youtube. it wants me to log in with g-mail. i don't want google to have all my information. they don't just take from the app that you are using, they take from every other app that google has access to. those can be google apps or other apps where they have an arrangement with that company that you don't even know about. there are also apps that you can buy like ghost tree and others or download. i don't want to say for free. any time you get something for free it ain't for free. my mother used to say nothing is for free. everything has a price. but you are the price, right? your life is the price and it is not just about selling you something, it is about observing all of your patterns of life so they know how to exploit you and manipulate you. if you have a child that you
8:55 am
want to know why anxiety, depression and suicide is up among teens? the a.i. is feeding them all of those things that are driving that anxiety and pushing them to take to kill themselves. >> harris: you have given us so much to think about. that last one on the children is something we were so sensitive about during the lockdowns because people spent so much time digitally. good to see you. "the faulkner focus". thanks for watching. "outnumbered" is next. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low.
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