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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 14, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> that went so well today we get to come back tomorrow and do the same thing. >> will i get an invitation? see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow, bye, lawrence's mom. >> bill: good morning. fox news alert on the fight for free and fair elections. president biden gauntlet against republicans calling their new voting laws the biggest thing since the civil war. how are you doing? >> dana: i find it a little bit worthy of ridicule i would say. >> bill: he said it was a hyperbole and malarkey. >> dana: texas democrats had a
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hero's welcome after fleeing the state. >> bill: president biding giving a fiery speech in pennsylvania. important in pennsylvania not delaware. we'll explain. calling republican solution in search of a problem. >> president biden: 21st century jim crow assault is real, unrelenting. we are going to challenge it vigorously. while this broad assault against voting rights is not unprecedented, it is taking on a new norm. >> they are doing it in a fit they don't want signatures to be verified and basic integrity steps to be strengthened in the state of texas. >> there is no voter suppression. this is a lie being told over and over. they'll get arrested if they don't come back to the capitol when they hit ground in texas.
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>> dana: any hyperbole? >> president biden wants to double the amount of attorneys at the u.s. department of justice that spoke us on voting rights. doj official said the process is well underway. hiring is taking place there at the president's request. when he was in philadelphia yesterday he stood a few hundred yards away from the birthplace of the u.s. constitution and declaration of independence and saying he wants to protect all voters, fans of his or not. >> president biden: they want to make it so hard and inconvenient that they hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about. >> the president was in pennsylvania and democrats from the state legislature in austin, texas walked around the u.s. capitol in washington after walking off their job in texas where the legislature was set to pass the new voting law they called restrictive. they met yesterday with senate
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majority leader chuck schumer and later vice president kamala harris who both support their plan to temporarily leave the lone star state to block what they're calling a a terrible law all around. >> history will show these brave people visiting us here in d.c. are on the right side and history will show that the texas governor are on the wrong side. >> republicans who have no official plans to meet with the texas democrats are calling the trip from austin to washington just an old-fashioned political stunt. >> notice that the democrat minority in the texas legislature is up here today. i think it's quite interesting to see the democratic majority in the senate concerned about minority rights in the state senate in texas. i guess if you live long enough you see almost anything around here. >> at this hour there are no
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plans for president biden to meet with the texas legislators from austin. he will head to capitol hill to meet with democrats in washington, d.c. to talk about infrastructure and voting rights is expected to come up at some point. >> bill: james freeman. assistant editor of the "wall street journal" editorial page. you were brave when you chartered the jet out of new york the other day. such courage, james. >> visiting chuck schumer does take bravery, there is no question. i apologize for my casual presentation this morning. maybe it's appropriate given how seriously we should take this completely unhinged rhetoric from the president and leading democrats in the congress. >> dana: it's interesting because of the pandemic there were election opportunities presented that you wouldn't have had before in 2020. some of those are being paired back, not all. there is more opportunity to
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vote than before the 2020 pandemic exceptions but the democrats don't want to vote on anything. so in a way they are actually for voter oppression if you look at it from their definition. >> well, i think this is to create a controversy to justify the federal takeover of elections that they want, which they have not been able to get through the senate. but yeah, as you mentioned, the idea these special covid rules that allowed drive-thru voting that didn't exist in 2019 and didn't exist in lots of places in texas even in 2020. to say it's not where we want to go in the future and being termed jim crow is reckless and dishonest. whether it's the house or the texas senate version you talk about lots of hours of early voting. 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. at night and starting at 6:00 a.m.. sunday voting.
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>> bill: for 10 days, james. now, the rhetoric yesterday in philadelphia perhaps only matched by a comment by the vice president joe biden from nine years ago. talking about mitt romney when he said this about african-americans. >> president biden: look at what they value and look at the budget. romney said in the first 100 days he would let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. he will put y'all back in chains. >> bill: look what the texas law does. early voting, require for nine hours a day. 10:00 at night. you will get mail-in voting, restrictions on unsolicited applications. poll watchers, rules for disabilities to allow you to vote and on the list goes. how do you see this being resolved when you know all
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these democrats from texas are in washington, d.c. how does it end? >> i think these stunts have less effect as they go on. we saw this with georgia where there was this again over the top really reckless dishonest rhetoric making comparisons to the civil war, to jim crow. major league baseball having its all-star game this week in colorado because it moved from georgia with the president's endorsement of that move. what happened if you wanted to volunteer at major league baseball's all-star game? you had to present an i.d. and go through a background check and you had to go through much more of a process to participate in that meaningless show than you did to exercise your right to vote in georgia. so i think this absolutely empty rhetoric does lose its force and get exposed over time. >> bill: thank you, james freeman, "wall street journal." he is right about the 12 days
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of early voting in texas starting at 6:00 a.m. in the morning to 10:00 at night. we mentioned the president was in philadelphia. he wasn't in delaware because delaware doesn't have early voting. zero. it will be introduced in 2022. >> dana: i like what senator mcconnell said the brave ones flew to washington they're wanting minority rights in texas and trying to end the filibuster. they have no strategy. step one, get on a plane, take selfies, drink beer. step two, get back to that later. step three, win the argument. step two is what you missed. >> bill: the clip we played from 2012 being in chains? what is that all about? this comment about the civil war. there are estimates between 650,000 people died in the civil war. 500 a day. >> dana: if the president has to say -- he wrote the speech a
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little too aggressively. there is this also. [shouting] >> dana: that disturbing video out of northern afghanistan shows taliban fighters executing afghan service members trying to surrender. the country is seeing a surge of violence as american troops continue to leave ahead of an august deadline. here to talk about it is former national security advisor to dick cheney. the decision has been made to leave and that is happening but what should we know and be very clear eyed about as we do leave? >> good morning, dana. listen, this video is a preview of afghanistan's future, unfortunately. i think the images are shocking but anybody who knows the first thing about the taliban and the
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global jihadist movement shouldn't be surprised by this slaughter, mayhem, repression. this is how the taliban rolls. this is who they are. between isis and the taliban, they are constant fighting and battles for who will control the global jihad. when it comes to their totalitarian vision for society there is not an ounce worth of difference between the islamic state caliphate and taliban in afghanistan. >> dana: the president last week when he was asked about the withdrawal said that he has complete confidence in the afghan security forces. they were trying to surrender there in that video we saw. they lost a lot of territory and maybe they were never going to possibly be what the united states and our allies thought they would be. do you think the president is right to have confidence in the
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security forces? >> unfortunately no. i think it was probably one of the most disingenuous parts of his speech. what we're seeing right now is the full on unraveling and collapse of the afghan security forces, dana. unless there is a general patton or general eisenhower to stem the collapse and inject energy and some degree of remoralization of the afghan force, i think we're headed to the hell scape of the 1990s and war lordism and militias as our best bet to actually stop the taliban from taking kabul and a lot of these provisional capitols and consolidating their control over the entire
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country. >> dana: and possibly allowing the other plots to be hatched there. thank you, john hannah, great to see you. >> bill: when the video crossed yesterday afternoon it stunned all of us. when you listen to it and hear the gunshots in the background it could be the first of many stories that come out of afghanistan for some time. former president bush did an interview and talked about the atrocities he fears. >> dana: for afghan women and girls in particular they could be slaughtered by brutal people and the way they rule. >> bill: to the border we go. human smugglers taking advantage of the border crisis. the surge overwhelming authorities. people living there compare it to the wild west. we'll tell you why coming up. >> dana: the actor accused of lying about a racist attack by trump supporters is due back in court today leading to a major shake-up for his legal team. >> bill: a penn state professor. it goes on with several different schools accused of pitting white students against
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>> bill: along the southern border people telling us that fox news that they feel like they're in the wild west. this as smugglers get more brazen knowing agents are putting out fires in other areas. a group of 100 to 150, half of them children, turn themselves in to agents in texas. jonathan serrie on duty in la joya, texas today.
6:19 am
good morning there. >> hi. scenes like that are becoming common in the rio grande valley. in this particular area border patrol says it has encountered roughly 70 large groups of migrants coming over the border just in this fiscal year so far. these larger groups are generally families fleeing poverty and crime in their home countries and as soon as they cross the border they look for the border patrol agents to voluntarily turn themselves in. here in la joya, texas we saw a group of 150 migrants, more than half children, do just that. clayton newhouse whose family owns 1300 acres of farmland along the rio grande he sees 15 to 300 migrants arrive each day. he says changes in immigration policy in washington are behind the increasing numbers. >> as soon as they heard that the catch and return policy was going to be stopped and the catch and release into the
6:20 am
american public, they heard that policy would be in effect and they just -- it was day and night. >> these large family groups are not dangerous they distract the border patrol from smaller groups of criminals who try to evade capture as they move back and forth between the u.s. and mexico. the criminals are becoming more brazen according to the union representing border patrol agents. >> they're more bold. we're starting to see more technology-based approach with them using drones to use counter surveillance on us to find out where our people are at. >> and construction on the u.s. border wall ceased when president biden took office and so there are large gaps in the wall making it very easy for migrants to move in between those gaps whether they have good or bad intentions here in the u.s. >> bill: jonathan serrie, thank you. it continues from the border. >> dana: former empire star jussie smollett due in court for a status hearing today
6:21 am
facing felony charges for filing a false police report. he told officers in january of 2019 he was the victim of a racist attack. two brothers were named as persons of interest and that they said the story was made up. today's hearing is to determine whether the lead defense attorney received information that would disqualify him from the case. let's bring in jonna spilbor a criminal defense attorney. refresh everybody's memory. this is what jussie smollett told rob-in roberts at the time. >> the attacker masked and he said this maga country and punches me right in the face. there was a second person involved kicking me in my back and then it just stopped and they ran off. and then i looked down and i see there is a rope around my
6:22 am
neck. >> dana: okay. the investigators say that didn't happen, jonna. what's the case dealing with today in court? >> okay. first let me just say, dana, the only thing worse than committing a hate crime is lying about being the victim of one and that's what jussie smollett is alleged to have done. today's hearing, however, is not about his guilt or innocence and not even about whether his case can get dismissed again. it is about whether one of his attorneys who is currently representing him should be kicked off the case for a potential conflict of interest. now, this issue was raised by the attorney who is currently representing the two brothers who were allegedly in on the hoax and perhaps paid by jussie smollett. apparently one of the attorneys on jussie's team had met with them to represent them at one time. when that didn't happen that
6:23 am
attorney switched sides is what the allegations are. because of that communication of creating an attorney/client relationship with people adverse to jussie smollett this attorney will be requesting the judge kick this attorney off the defense team. >> dana: what usually happens in a situation like that with a judge? >> this is really interesting because the information that this attorney may have should have privileged and confidential. we aren't allowed to know what it is. what this judge will have to determine is did jussie's attorney create an attorney/client relationship when he reached out to the brothers way back when, number one. if he did, did he obtain information that would be privileged by the attorney/client relationship. if the answer to those questions is yes he cannot stay. he will get kicked off the team and somebody else has to replace him if jussie chooses to replace him at all. he does have a defense team behind him. this will be solely for the
6:24 am
judge in this case to decide today. >> dana: viewers are looking at the timeline of events two years ago and this hearing is basically to figure out the legal representation. could be a while before this whole thing is resolved. could jussie smollett possibly get the case dismissed all together? one quick final word from you, please. >> no way is the case going to get dismissed. he gets another attorney. 619,000 of us in the country. he will find a replacement. >> dana: thank you so much. appreciate it. >> bill: in the meantime the free britney movement ahead of her latest court hearing. what are her supporters trying to accomplish with that. moms and dads set to receive more taxpayer money for their kids, each one of them in fact under a certain age. does this simply make us more reliant on government hand-outs? cheryl casone is here with a closer look at that when we
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banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. chuck schumer announced another major spending package, $3.5 trillion. he announced the plan as the finishing a budget reconciliation package which would pave the way for the democrats to pay for the agenda without any votes from republicans. that's on the table. i don't know whether or not they can do it in the end. >> dana: this deal is amongst the democrats who already agree. they don't have manchin and sinema. that has been the problem all along. bernie can say $6 trillion and
6:31 am
they can say 3.5 but until manchin and sinema are on board and some are backing away. >> bill: is this akin to 2010 when they announced obamacare and the push for healthcare. they had to make a lot of things that and eventually got it passed. >> dana: they had a different number. >> bill: they had more democrats in the house. >> dana: it's more free money from uncle sam starting tomorrow. families will start receiving monthly checks from the child tax credit program. who is paying for this and is it really necessary? cheryl casone is here to break it down for us. explain. >> it is interesting, guys. the biden administration included this credit in the american rescue plan in march when the country was just beginning to emerge from the pandemic and reopen. the expanded child tax credit will go out to 39 million families affecting around 65
6:32 am
million kids. there is a lot of confusion out there about it. according to allied bank half of those surveyed say they don't know if they qualify. 25% not sure how to access the money. the maximum credit is $3600 for kids under six, each child. which comes in monthly installments of $300 or 3,000 for kids between 6 and 17 which comes in monthly installments of $250. there is no limit on how many children receive the credit. 80% of families will get this money via direct deposit through the i.r.s. most families qualify for something based on their annual income. for instance, just one quick example here the full credit will go to couples that make less than $150,000. if you filed your taxes you don't need to do anything. you should have gotten a letter in the mail letting you know what you'll receive. so basically tomorrow if you got direct deposit through the i.r.s. check your bank account and then you will get the monthly installment for six
6:33 am
months. the other half of the money will come your way next year when you file your tax return. you can opt out and get a lump sum next year. some people are interested in doing that. what's interesting here is that president biden and others are suggesting they may be enhanced having it go on for years. some democrats are saying make it permanent. >> dana: of course they are. >> bill: up to 2025. we'll find out whether or not they can do that next year. we went into the way back machine because we went back to 1996 when a democratic president in the white house said this about welfare in america. >> today we are ending welfare as we know it but i hope this day will be remembered not for what it ended, but for what it began. a new day that offers hope, honors responsibility, rewards work, and changes the terms of the debate. >> bill: now the terms of the debate have been flipped entirely, cheryl. we're going back right into
6:34 am
that now with this law. >> look what has happened. this was passed back in march, right? we still hadn't seen much of the country reopen. vaccines were just getting underway. the big question mark is do people really need this money? there is a lot of argument on the financial side to say no, look at the labor shortage. you can't get people to come back to work because they are getting the extra unemployment benefits of $300 a month. so now to say that you want to make these credits to help struggling families permanent makes no sense when there are plenty of jobs and you have an economy and stock market and companies that are -- we have bonuses going up for thousands of dollars just to get people to come back and manage your restaurant. >> dana: at the same time if you look at the cover of the "new york post" today incredibly shrinking dollar. yesterday was announced inflation up the worst in 13 years. milk, gas, wine, eggs cost more. even if you're giving the benefit to the families your buying power is less than it
6:35 am
was before. >> producer prices came up yesterday. yesterday consumer prices and they're hitting new records. you're paying more for everything, energy,, services, cars. it is going across the board. this inflation story is big and here to stay. i think it's a problem and i think it will get worse. >> bill: stay on the child tax credit, too. if you are married making up to $400,000 a year you wonder why am i getting money? >> exactly. texas democrats putting on a big display in d.c. trying to prevent republicans from passing new voting bills. here is how some of that went. >> we started out the special session with promises that there would be compromises, changes to the bill. all efforts to make things a little bit better were rejected without question. >> we aren't here smiling and spiking the ball or saying that
6:36 am
we are happy. >> we can't stay here indefinitely to run out the clock to stop republican anti-voter bills. >> bill: now today fox news contributor joe concha, columnist for the hill. vice president harris called it a brave escape. she called it a sacrifice with the charter jets and the beer on the plane. what do you call it? >> it is a sacrifice when you have to drink miller lite as an adult. i attest to that. from an optics standpoint this is playing horribly for texas democrats. average americans are seeing politicians that abandon their jobs, jump on a fancy plane and giddy taking 500 selfies and drinking beer and looks like they are going to cancun spring break. they get to d.c. sing songs, get in front of the microphone but no plan to achieve what they wanted and screaming that the law is jim crow 2.0 or threat to democracy
6:37 am
and it is under attack since they haven't seen since the civil war. it is unhinged hyperbole. it may play well to the beto or squad wing of the party. it doesn't to people in general. 4 in 5 americans. 80% support showing a photo i.d. when voting. the most recent poll from gallup. i look at the i tab as an independent. 87% of independents support voter i.d. it is amazing you have democrats talking about democracy being under attack due to this voting law while they are openly yearning to blow up the filibuster while filibustering. >> bill: interesting. call for number two. meal tweet, right? my first meal as a fugitive. delicious. you saw the smiling selfies on the plane. the case of beer. i don't know if it came with a
6:38 am
seat belt or not but it was there and then a "washington post" headline inside the secret plan for the texas democratic exodus. a phone tree, scramble to pack in a politically perilous trip. >> yes, again you saw democrats in front of microphone before saying we're not smiling. looked like they were smiling there. this is a boomerang for democrats in 2022. they know they're about to lose control of the house and likely the senate and mid-terms will be about three things. voter i.d. or voter rights in this case ain't one. inflation being felt by every american. skyrocketing violent crime. a crisis democrats own despite the gas lighting from the press secretary saying it's republican's fault and critical race theory will be big on the
6:39 am
ballot and democrats own that and it is polling hardly. >> bill: see if they last. dana and i will send you a case of miller lite. >> i demand a keg. >> bill: keep it cold. >> dana: as the taliban seizes control in afghanistan we talk to an army vet who made his mission to help save the life of the interpreter who worked with him for years. plus a chilling plot to silence a u.s.-based journalist who dared criticize the iranian government and protests in support of pro-democracy demonstrations in cuba and for president biden to take action to bring freedom to the island nation. >> we need the support. we have not gotten support from the president. we return to the fight. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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>> bill: fox news alert now. federal prosecutors charging four iranians in a plot to kidnap a u.s. based journalist and take that woman back to tehran. the feds say it was part of a bit to silence her -- the f.b.i. foiled the plot in an interview with the "new york post" saying the feds had to put her family up in safe houses. much more on this story a bit later in the program today. i believe she is on with 3:00 today. >> dana: former green beret is raising more than 50,000 to help an interpreter get out of afghanistan as the taliban moves in to regain control of the country. greg adams. former green beret and matt griffin one of his friends helping the fundraising effort join me now.
6:46 am
tell me about your interpreter. >> hi, it is great to be with you and to share this story. he was my interpreter in 2009 and 10. he worked with green beret and navy seal teams for over a decade. >> dana: you say he was not just an interpreter but part of your team? >> absolutely. that's part of the story here. these interpreters were part of our teams. they worked very closely with u.s. troops and he was a key advisor for me every single day. he sat there with me making decisions about how we would work with the local population, how we would keep our troops safe and how we would accomplish the mission. so he was absolutely an instrumental part of the team. >> dana: what level of red tape are you dealing with in trying to help him secure what was promised to him to be able to be safe after the war? >> we're dealing with red tape.
6:47 am
it is within the state department, the special immigration visa program which was a well-intended program that has a lot of flaws. those flaws are being -- we're working on addressing those flaws now but there is not enough time to get the paperwork right before we need to get the interpreters out. we needed to get them out a while ago. right now with the withdrawal scheduled for the end of august the time is now and get them to a safe place to figure out the paperwork later. >> dana: you didn't wait as former green beret would try to take matters into your own hands. talk about the fundraising efforts and why it means so much to you to help greg in this effort. >> we're former classmates from west point and i started going back to afghanistan in 2009, 2010 to start some businesses there and i reached out to greg for an interpreter and he recommended his. he has been our man for the past 10 years in afghanistan to get work done on the ground.
6:48 am
when he was running into so much red tape we went to the social media channels and blasted it out our man needed help. americans stepped up as heroes and donated enough funds to get him and his wife out of the country and showed how people want to help this situation. >> dana: what is the situation now for your interpreter? >> he has had his packet denied three times and how to reply to the third rejection. when we moved him out of the country. he has recently had an offer from another nato country to potentially get out and so he just had to fly back this week to go get a screen. >> what a great week to go back to kabul when you are wanted by the taliban. give me a break. i'm mad about all this and i hope the state department is listening. they have to get this fixed. thank you so much. >> thanks for the chance to tell an important story. >> dana: you bet, thank you. >> bill: good luck, men. 12 before the hour.
6:49 am
texas democrats bringing the people's work to a halt as they flee the state for what critics call a p.r. stunt. is this really about voting rights? what does it mean for issues like border security? texas senator john cornyn will answer coming up next. is the fight over britney spears personally life heading back to court today. one of her biggest supporters to join us with what's next. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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6:55 am
mask if i have to get a picture. >> bill: i'm not going with a mask, either. team pfizer. >> dana: pfizer. >> bill: on ward. >> dana: britney spears case is back in court this afternoon as opposing parties make their arguments in the high stakes hearing. what should we expect to hear? jeff paul has the latest from los angeles. hi, jeff. >> we're not expecting a judge to make a decision on whether or not the conservatorship goes away or stays. today's hearing will focus more on the aftermath of britney spears dramatic testimony from three weeks ago. since then, spears' manager has not only resigned but her court-appointed attorney and estate management company that watches over her finances asked the judge to do the same. spears thinks she should be able to pick the next attorney and american civil liberties union agrees. attorneys with the aclu filed an amicus brief just this week in support of her saying,
6:56 am
quote, the court should insure spears has access to the tools she needs to make that choice meaningfully and hire someone she trusts to advocate for her stated goal, to get out of her conservatorship. the last time in court spears made her first public comments regarding that conservatorship and told the judge that she wanted her life back. she was being forced to take medication and also wasn't allowed to remove a device from inside her body that prevents her from having another baby. there was also some back and forth between two parties about who is to blame since she made those comments. her father, james spears, wants the court to investigate the allegations and a person named jody montgomery, the court appointed person who oversees her life choices. montgomery said it is not her holding spears down and the mudslinging by spears father leaves her no choice but to defend herself. who will defend spears now?
6:57 am
not clear. some reports indicate spears -- the bigger question today is whether or not spears gets to make that choice about who represents her for the future and whether or not spears phones in today into court and what she has to say this time. >> dana: big day in court. >> bill: as that hearing gets underway in los angeles britney's fans hold a rally in washington, d.c. at the lincoln memorial. cassandra is the organizer of the free britney america. how did you get involved in this? >> how i got involved i've been a life long britney fan since 1998 but i'm also an advocate for equal rights as well as women's health. as i was starting to investigate this in 2019 as britney was publishing information they were getting
6:58 am
from the conservatorship anonymously i became concerned in the breach of civil liberties associated with this and wanted to get involved. i got in contact with the free britney l.a. group last week and my team formed locally here in d.c. last thursday. we had never met each other before and we have made such amazing traction and want to thank the residents of virginia, maryland and d.c. for enable us to bring it to the nation's attention. >> bill: you are dedicated. have you talked to britney spears about this or ever met her or contacted her? >> i wish i had. as i said i'm a life long fan. unfortunately due to the constrictions and abuse of her being isolated and confined and communications monitored very few fans have had the opportunity to connect with her on a personal level since 2008. the free britney group continues to send messages to her in the internet just basically saying we support her. we are here. we really want to advocate for
6:59 am
her to choose her own counsel and recognize that not just her but there is rampant abuse within the conservatorship system and the system needs to change at a federal level. >> bill: okay. she wants her own attorney. not a big ask to me. we'll see what the judge says. how many people do you expect to show up today at the lincoln memorial? >> it is so funny. if you had asked me that less than a week ago when we started organizing on thursday i would have said maybe 10. now considering the nationwide attention we as well as the free britney l.a. and respective rallies throughout the country, 21 being held, we could expect 50 to 100. news organizations from across the board that will be in attendance and really looking forward to the opportunity to share the message about conservatorship abuse and the need for federal action to be taken not just from several oversight into probate court but a congressional hearing and
7:00 am
bipartisan effort to do a proper investigation and evaluation to determine the exact gaps. there are over 1.3 million today in conservatorships and over 50 billion in assets. when we often see with these people having conservatorship abuse it is the mentally infirm, the elderly, and they are often deprived of their civil liberties, their assets and right to counsel. white britney spears has called nationwide attention to this it is not as a country taking a step forward to make improvements to everyone's lives. >> bill: she is lucky to have you on her side. good luck today and see how many show up. thank you. >> dana: 90 degrees for the high in washington, d.c. >> bill: smoking hot. britney spears is in court today at 4:30. we'll see what happens then. >> dana: watch this. [shouting] >> dana: demonstrators storming the streets blocking a highway
7:01 am
during rush hour in miami as anti-communist protests turn deadly in cuban. authorities now confirming one person died monday during a battle with police just outside of havana. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. demonstrations breaking out across cities in florida as government cracks down in cuba rounding up hundreds including activists and journalists. americans saying it is time for president biden to support freedom and take action. >> we need president biden's support. we haven't gotten support from the president. so we return to the fight. >> you should listen to the people here, elected officials that are cubeance and know what is best for the people in cuba. let's hear us out and see what we can do. >> i have seen the struggles they face and it is unfair and
7:02 am
we want to bring awareness. not necessarily demand change and -- >> dana: phil keating is live in miami with more. >> good morning. there appears to be video from spanish television which shows one of these journalists, live on television, being arrested by cuban authorities. we can't independently authenticate and verify this video but the woman on the top right was doing a zoom or skype interview about sunday's demonstrations when government agents showed up to her apartment and escorted her out to a police car. no word on what has happened to her. for three straight nights cuban americans have tied up traffic in little havana and yesterday on a major miami highway. yesterday afternoon about 100 miami cuban americans walked onto one of the city's major highways, sat down in the lanes
7:03 am
and blocked traffic in both directions. all six lanes. this stopped commuters for hours in a strategy to get attention and rid the cuban communist regime of power. similar pro-cuba freedom traffic blockages happened in tampa and or landa, a violation of the anti-rioting law. and this law makes blocking traffic a felony offense. no reports of any arrests. in more than a dozen cuban cities on sunday protestors unprecedentedly took to the streets demanding change to end chronic food, medicine and covid vaccine shortages. widespread poverty and economic mystery. since then the cuban government has reasserted its control shutting defiance mostly down. cuba confirms one protestor on monday died in a clash with authorities. since monday morning the streets there have a beefed up
7:04 am
military and police presence as well as a bunch of loyalists known down there as informants. homeland security director mayorkas yesterday warning cubans on the island not to flee and get to florida by boat. the risk of drowning in the florida straits is far too great and they will not -- emphasizing not be allowed to get in. >> dana: thank you so much. more on the situation in cuba with mercedes schlapp. >> bill: they know the police will show up at their door and take them off the street. who knows what happens after that? do they eat for the next week? they are tortured in jails. history is well documented. they have shown such guts to take on that regime. i really applaud them. and the world should stop for a
7:05 am
moment and give them the credit they've been trying to get to bring about the democratic reforms after six decades of communist rule. here is this. >> 21st century jim crow assault is real. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that's not hyperbole. >> he called the voting law 21st century jim crow assaults. the texas house can't do business because dozens of democratic lawmakers were in washington texas republican senator john cornyn live in a moment. his reaction. first casey stiegel back at the state house in austin for an update today. good morning, casey. >> bill, good morning to you. we're expecting a press
7:06 am
conference at the top of the next hour with a state republicans here in texas and more importantly the state senate because both republican and democrat senators elected to stay behind and they are still working. in fact, still voting on bills at the state house here behind me. however, as you know at this point those votes are more symbolic in nature carrying not much weight without the lower chamber's 2/3 quorum present. is texas house is what has come to a grinding halt and if the democrats who fled keep their promise of staying in d.c. through the end of the session early august, texas lieutenant governor dan patrick says they have to return home at some point. >> if they come back to texas they don't come back to the capitol the state troopers will bring them to the capitol. i've held the democrats in the senate. we have a quorum in the senate and we're working every day. >> bill: yesterday vice
7:07 am
president kamala harris met with the texas house members. more than 50 of them praising their work and offering her support. as for the democrats' response about abandoning post yet continuing to still be paid, listen. >> fighting four our constituents being here and not allowing the republicans in austin to steam roll the voting rights of our constituents. that's exactly what we're doing. so we are working harder doing what we're doing right now than if we had stayed in the chamber. >> still not clear at this point if they'll get a sit-down with president biden himself. >> bill: casey stiegel in austin. >> dana: let's bring in texas senator john cornyn. if it's the most important issue since the civil war you would imagine the president of the united states would want to meet with them. listen to chuck schumer and how
7:08 am
he describes the texas legislators hiding out in washington >> democrats are doing all they can to block the dangerous partisan bill. they are brave, they are bold, they are courageous and history will show them on the side of right. >> dana: senator? >> i think it's kind of weird to see a bunch of texans coming up here and asking for chuck schumer's blessing. particularly when chuck schumer i think he probably gets five pinocchios, maybe short of what i would give president biden. but the truth is that they need to go do their job. that's the way democracy works. you aren't guaranteed to win every single vote but you are responsible to show up and cast your ballot, make your -- debate the issues. if you don't win then you try to come back another day and persuade more people you are right and win the next election and get a majority come back and change and do what you wanted to do. but cutting and g and running i
7:09 am
a texas virtue. >> bill: here is president biden in philadelphia yesterday. >> president biden: so hear me clearly, there is an unfolding assault taking place in america today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections. >> bill: that was from pennsylvania. good thing it wasn't in delaware. his home state doesn't have early voting until 2022, senator. >> that's right. you are absolutely right, bill. the problem is it's really disappointing to see president biden engage in such blatant demagoguery. the fact of the matter is that texas law guarantees everyone legally entitled to vote an opportunity to cast their ballot. it is much more generous than
7:10 am
the law in delaware and many of the blue states. so this is just an attempt for really a power grab to try to convince enough democrats to try to pass s1, hr1 which basically would be a federal takeover of state election laws. the constitution provides that these are going to be decided at the state level subject to the voting rights act section to the voting rights act which is the ultimate protection of minority voting rights. this is blatant demagoguery and i'm very disappointed. >> bill: doesn't seem like the federal law will go through. >> right, no, it's not. >> al sharp ton said the president said to me just now al, we're working through it. it seems like it's dead. >> i think they realize this is not a winner for them but they want to demagog it as much as they can. rile up their base and offer
7:11 am
them the sun and the moon when in fact they aren't going to be able to deliver in a 50/50 senate and joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are standing strong to preserve the filibuster. they understand it is good for the country and good for the senate as an institution. and so i think this is a way for them to fundraise just like the texas democrats that are coming up here. they are raising money off of this. they know they will have to go back home and vote and that's as it should be. >> dana: it is. it is going to last. this is not the end of this fight, senator. thank you so much. >> bill: senator john cornyn. the governor abbott will call special session after special session. the current one expires the 7th of august and see if they're hanging out in washington >> dana: maybe they'll go to the top of the washington monument, so brave. >> bill: or the britney movement. facebook underfire.
7:12 am
a bombshell report accusing employees spying on users while working for the company. that story straight ahead as we continue next. . because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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7:17 am up to 400 dollars off her wireless bill! wow! cheer on team usa with xfinity internet. and ask how to save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. >> dana: white house announcing yesterday that first lady jill biden will head to tokyo next week to lead the u.s. delegation at the olympics opening ceremony coming despite a coronavirus state of emergency in japan and a ban on in-person spectators at olympic events. it will be her first trip as first lady. a team went to tokyo last week to make sure biden could safely attend. the athletes will be glad to have someone there cheering for them. their families can't go. >> bill: be fun to watch. >> dana: olympics? >> been a while. will it matter there won't be fans there or not? >> dana: i will say it doesn't matter to me.
7:18 am
i don't know. i feel bad for the athletes in a way. hopefully it won't bother them. maybe less distractions. >> bill: it doesn't matter to me, either. >> dana: glad we agree. >> bill: bombshell report from a pair of "new york times" reporters. they claim 52 facebook employees were caught spying on users during their time when they worked with the company including on women that they were romantically interested in. an excerpt from the book says the employees were fired but little else at the company has changed. carley shimkus runs down the story. hello to you. >> this is creepy and concerning. >> bill: what's the story? >> people need to know it happened. let's hope it is not still happening. according to a book that is set to come out called "an ugly truth" 52 facebook employees were fired in 2014 and 2015 for essentially using the information that they had as engineers to spy on people and
7:19 am
a majority of the people who were fired were men like you said who were looking up information on women they were interested in. one example is a facebook engineer went on vacation with a woman. they got in a fight while on vacation. she leaves and goes to another hotel and then he is able to track where she is and then confronts the woman at the hotel that she was staying at. another example is a guy goes on a date with a woman. she never calls him back. he can see where the woman is in realtime. this is pretty concerning stuff. an invasion of privacy. a lot of facebook users are unaware this could happen. three months into his job as chief of security at facebook finds about it. confronts mark zuckerberg and you have a big problem and you have to fix it. >> dana: 52 people were fired there. facebook put out a statement saying they had a zero tolerance for abuse and fired every employee ever found to be
7:20 am
improperly accessing data since 2015 and continued to strengthen our employee training and reducing the need for engineers to access data as they work to build and support our services. i spoke at somebody at facebook this morning. she said that facebook provided 20 executives to these "new york times" reporters who wrote this book on the record interviews and nothing was included in the book. having worked on books that are hit pieces on your boss and you think if we participate maybe it will be better. turns out in this case not. >> you have to tell both sides of the story. the good news if there is good news in this they fired these people. the bad news is that apparently there were no safeguards put in place for a facebook employee to prevent them from doing this. the book says it's because mark zuckerberg designed the company that way when it was a young and small company with a few engineers, he cut the red tape so they could get the job done
7:21 am
quickly. when it grew to be this multi-billion dollar corporation the safeguards were never put in place in case there was somebody that wanted to use the privileges that they had as engineers to look up that kind of information. >> bill: in the meantime a chick-fil-a two streets from here and open and fox news employees went to chick-fil-a quite a bit. here in new york state now there are some members of the democratic assembly who want chick-fil-a banned from rest stops. >> dana: new chick-fil-as across new york state rest stops. one assemblyman wrote a letter requesting that not happen because of the chick-fil-a ceo is christian and sports christian charities against same-sex marriage. the controversial charity we're talking about is the salvation army. i think the salvation army needs to stop being treated as a hate group. they are a christian charity that raised millions of dollars
7:22 am
for prison ministry, veterans issues, to prevent hunger. they are a christian charity and we have had this conversation before and some democratic assemblymen to expand. >> dana: people want to eat chick-fil-a because it's great. remember the one in new york that said no one will go? you can't get in the place. the staff is so well trained and so nice. >> bill: chick-fil-a statement. they don't have a political -- call for number four. does not have a political or social agenda and welcome everyone in our restaurants and proud to be represented by diverse members nationwide and strive to be a positive influence in our communities, i recommend the chicken sandwich. how was the all-star game? >> it was a lot of fun to be
7:23 am
there. >> bill: job well done. welcome back. see you later. >> dana: new york city journalist tar g*eted in a shocking kidnapping plot who prosecutors say is behind it. plus the list of missing people is growing by the day as the cuban government continues its crackdown on protestors. mercedes schlapp's father was a prisoner in cuba. >> i would send a signal to the cuban government we won't sit on the sidelines as you destroy people in our backyard and we need to give voice to freedom. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates
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7:29 am
be fully vaccinated. norwegian plans to resume cruises on the 15th of august. >> dana: curious how the courts will rule. interesting to see and how quickly it can get resolved. people want to get back on cruise ships. >> bill: i'm not a cruiser but these were petrie dishes for the spreading of covid. if you worry about the variant. maybe it's not the place you want to be. >> dana: we'll see what the courts say. the cuban government is cracking down on protestors. one person is reportedly dead with hundreds more missing or arrested. the show of force playing out even on live television. cuban security forces showing up at the door of a celebrity influencer who had been calling on the regime to step down. here to talk about it is mercedes schlapp. her father was a a political prisoner under the castro regime. watching that woman get pulled out of her house is chilling. >> you have to think, dana, there are so many that have disappeared. people don't know where they
7:30 am
are. and the crackdown has intensified in cuba. so this is a moment in time that i think that the american people need to understand that this is not just about food shortages in cuba or about covid vaccine shortages, which is maybe the narrative that the biden administration might push. it is truly about freedom. it is about liberty, the homeland, and life. what you are seeing is an outpouring of these young out there of what other people were doing in different regions that prompted this to happen. >> dana: i want to show this one video. people might not realize cell phones and access to the internet only happened two or three years ago. these young artists created under the cover of darkness a rap video that really helped inspire all this. take a look at this.
7:31 am
♪♪♪ [singing in spanish] >> dana: fatherland and life as i understand it. you speak spanish. that's what they are chanting in the streets. >> right. i think it is important to understand it is not just the sudden organic protest that has just happened. there has been a democratic movement growing in cuba for quite some time. so they are ready. there are leaders ready to lead if there would be a democratic transition. the big question, dana, will be will the biden administration mount an international effort to bring about democratic change in cuba? i think it's highly unlikely but we need to see. the cuban american people, these strong voters are asking what is the biden administration going to do? they are demanding strong response from this
7:32 am
administration. it could start as simple as the one step of providing internet access to the cuban people so they are able to communicate with each other. as we know it has been restricted under the communist regime right now. and then secondly, what president biden can also do to call for peaceful, fair and free elections in cuba for the communist regime to finally step down. >> dana: 100 dissidents are reportedly missing. how chilling is it to think about what might be happening to them right now? >> well, i can tell you when my father was in jail for six years and was a counter revolutionary his friends, many of them, were executed. many of them disappeared. some of them men and women served over 20-year prison sentences. that is the life of an authoritarian regime and a life when you lose freedom in your country so rapidly and you lose the rights to bear arms rapidly.
7:33 am
that's what happened in cuba back in the late 1950s, early 1960s. now what we're seeing is the fact that these young cubans are standing up for freedom and sadly they will pay the price because they really have no way to defend themselves. we know that we have forces saying now the venezuelan military is in the island. think about that. it really is a complicated scenario for these young cubans. these are individuals that they have -- they really feel like there is nothing left and they have to fight for this freedom. and against this oppressive regime. >> dana: thanks for being here. encourage everyone to look at the video on youtube. check it out. they found a house, warehouse and it was dark. they hooked up a line to some electricity to film the video. 6 million views and got everybody thinking. it is not just about covid vaccine. >> bill: when they made the video they had the internet
7:34 am
still and get assistance from people in florida to produce it and it spread like a prairie fire. >> dana: a great story in the "wall street journal." check it out. >> bill: in the meantime mcdonalds serving up perks for employees. franchise owners will offer emergency childcare benefits and other companies struggle with a nationwide labor shortage. planning to raise hourly pay and offer more paid time off. we'll see how that works. private sector doing a deal, though? private sector finds a way. >> dana: supply and demand works if you let it. >> bill: critical race theory a hot button topic. parents worry about teaching their children about basic skills. crt is just a hustle is what some people say. martha maccallum coming up on that next. ♪♪♪
7:35 am
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>> dana: developing story, four iranian nationals are accused of plotting to kidnap an exiled opposition activist living in new york and take her to i ran in a bid to silence her criticism of alleged human rights abuses in the country and part of a larger kidnapping scheme. we're live in new york city with more. >> good morning to you. the f.b.i. says this is not some wild far-fetched movie plot. it was a well-researched plot to kidnap an american, a vocal critic of the islamic republic here on u.s. soil. look at this video posted by her. she posted the video last night.
7:41 am
she appears to be inside her brooklyn home with police lights flashing outside. she says the police have been around her home for the past two weeks now. the f.b.i. says four iranian intelligence agents were plotting to kidnap her from her brooklyn home even looking into using a speed boat to take her to venezuela and then flying to the islamic republic from there. she is a big critic of the regime. here she is on what happened when the f.b.i. first told her what was going on. >> i said look, i have been receiving death threats every day. what's new? they said no, this time it's different. this is it. they showed me all the photos that the intelligence service september someone here to take photos of my private life and i was like wow, are they that close to me? >> they've been monitoring her
7:42 am
for some time. the people are still at large based in iran. they report the foreign ministry of iran in denying the allegations calling them baseless and ridiculous. >> dana: yeah, right. thank goodness they disrupted that before it happened. >> bill: want to bring in martha maccallum anchor of "the story". you have her on this afternoon, do you? >> we've spoken many times with her. she wrote a book called "the wind in my hair." a feeling that most iranian women cannot experience because they are told by the government that they have to wear head covering. she has started a movement and she receives videos from all over iran of women taking off their head covering in secret and send it to her and she puts it out on social media as inspiration for other women to seek freedom. she has been under a tremendous
7:43 am
amount of pressure. because of her activities in the united states and her speaking out against the iranian regime her brother was taken prisoner in iran. in prison for eight years. she is a brave, courageous woman who received a ton of the attention in the united states and she is fearless, fearless and she will speak out on our show at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> dana: do you find it a little strange that kamala harris and chuck schumer called the democrats who fled texas to go to washington so brave and courageous compared to her? >> this is -- there is no comparison as you well point out, dana. this woman has taken such risks. her family has taken such risks. her brother, there is a video of her brother saying don't stop your fight, even though they are taking me to jail away from his family and children, he is encouraging her to keep up the fight. she has an incredibly difficult
7:44 am
life in the united states but i don't think she ever felt that the threat would come as close to her as it has now come here in the u.s. it's a very brazen attempt on the iranian intelligence officials to try to pull this off. she was in a safe house for a month that no one knew about as she was under protection while this plot was being played out and foiled. >> bill: i say she is brave, cuban people are grave and afghan translators are brave. quickly, jason riley interesting piece in the "wall street journal." headline. critical race theory is a hustle. it may resemble a serious academic discipline but a fancy argument more racial preferences. a lot of thoughts on that, martha. >> he makes a point that occurred to me many times covering the story. until you have the basics right you have to think about the mission. we talk about what's going on in the military and concerns
7:45 am
about wokeism infiltrating the military. each association needs to know what the mission is. the mission of the united states education system is to teach subjects before them so they can succeed and people of all backgrounds and colors can lift themselves out of their situation and succeed because they have gained and education. there is all this focus on all the other social justice issues. people can get involved in them as they choose and their families or outside of school but what jason riley points out is we are under performing in reading and science and math with our students across the board in the public school system in the united states of america. so when you get that right across the board teachers unions, then you can start to maybe step outside the box. but we're lagging behind developed nations. 24th or 27th in math and english. let's focus on the mission of education in america to elevate our students across the country and then let's dig in deep on this other stuff if we have
7:46 am
succeeded in the mission. >> bill: it's what they are doing in china for sure. >> i go back to the military's mission is to defend the country and be prepared for war. the education system is to educate children in the subjects that they will need to know to succeed. so all of this stepping outside of this and indoctrinateing students or if military might be on the agenda of some people and it might serve good purposes in some ways but you have to stick to your mission. when you succeed in that then maybe you earn the right to step outside of it a little bit. >> dana: thank you very much. see you at 3:00 with that interview. breaking news on a story we've been following closely here on "america's newsroom." a sours confirming to fox news the biden administration is set to announce the evacuation of afghan interpreters called operation allied refuge, we're being told the u.s. will provide special visas for the translators who risked their lives alongside american troops.
7:47 am
the administration will charter commercial aircraft to bring them here and more on this breaking news as we get it. we just interviewed a former green beret who took matters into his own hands to get the interpreter who saved his life and part of his team to be able to come to a safe allied country or the united states. >> bill: we had an interpreter on last week and his fate was undetermined if he could stay here. >> dana: he admitted when he was 9-year-old he had an interaction with the taliban. that's grounds for dismissing him even though he was under the threat of death if he didn't bring them a piece of bread. it's absurd. i'm glad the biden administration is going to do that for the interpreters. but this man does not deserve to be deported. >> bill: on a different note britney spears is back in court today and her supporters will be at the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. what they want for her coming up next.
7:48 am
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you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive. with 24/7 roadside assistance. -okay. think i'm gonna wear these home. -excellent choice. >> harris: vice president kamala harris again applauding the sacrifice of the fugitive texas democrats blocking the bills. their hardship includes private jets, beer, hotel rooms. democrats insist critical race theory is not being taught to our kids. however, one school district is spending $40 million to do just that. senator john kennedy is in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris, moments ago, chicago illinois jussie smollett arriving at the chicago courthouse. matt finn threw a few questions to his lawyer and the actor as well. watch. >> what do you expect to happen
7:54 am
today in court? is there a conflict of interest? >> no, there isn't. >> did you have phone conversations with the brothers? >> do you still maintain your innocence? >> absolutely. >> bill: i think that's what he said. the lawyer that he threw a question to, the question is whether as jonna spilbor whether he had a conversation with the brothers and it might be grounds for dismissing him as legal counsel. >> bill: if you wonder why it's still going on it's because of covid. it delayed the whole thing. questions about the attorney and we'll get to that hopefully maybe resolved today. >> dana: the free britney america rally happening at the lincoln memorial today. supporters pushing congress to look into conservatorship reform as her legal battle continues in court today. anita vogel is catching us up in washington today. >> she is one of the most
7:55 am
sought after and successful entertainers in the world of pop with nearly 100 million records sold worldwide. maybe she will be most celebrated as a peacemaker, could haveetteed titles these days on capitol hill. fans and members of a group called free britney are expected to gather in support of the pop princess and her quest to be released from the conservatorship under her father asking congress for a hearing on conservatorship law to improve it. last month spears told a stunned courtroom in los angeles she has been overly medicated, force to perform shows against her will. prevented from having more children and lives on a small allowance despite the fact she is worth more than $50 million. supporters say britney is the face of thousands and it seems lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree. >> she is perfectly capable and competent to go on tour and sold hundreds of millions of
7:56 am
dollars worth of records and tours all across the country and yet her dad controls almost every decision of her life. it is an abuse of the process. >> in addition to ted cruz, democratic senators warren and casey have penned a letter to the d.o.j. and hhs asking for more information on guardianship and ways congress can improve it. in california today spears is going to call in to address her conservatorship and among other things she wants a new attorney. >> bill: you know who has thoughts on this? kennedy has thoughts on that. how are you, kid. does she get her attorney today? >> she has to. because her former attorney who was appointed in 2008, he resigned along with best mer trust and her former manager larry rudolph. they were cast in such a
7:57 am
horrific light when britney was able to speak openly in court that they all wanted to divorce themselves from the case because they came off looking so badly as does the state of conservatorship in and of itself. and yes, the free britney movement is populated by her most ardent fans, but they also bring up some really, really good questions. when does the state have total control over your life? and when does a judge get to decide that one person makes all the major decisions in your life including when and how you can pro create and who you can be with and ride in a car with. if you look into it the conservatorship has not denied some of her most horrific claims, including that she was forced to have an i.u.d. against her will and she is not able to remove it so she can have children in the future. it brings up all these questions of agency. when do we have agency and when do we have control over our own lives? >> dana: do you think that
7:58 am
washington will actually take this up on a bigger perspective? we talk about britney spears but a lot of people are under conservatorships and there have been questions for a while as to how they're conducted. >> yes, and who they are meant for. as we have learned, they are really meant for people with dementia and people who were mentally incapacitated. as you have seen, britney spears can sell out a residency in las vegas for years at a time. eight sold out shows a week she is performing every moment of. that doesn't seem like it meets the appropriate criteria for a conservatorship. yeah, this is something that we have to completely rethink and at least this entire process has to be curtailed so she has some control over her own life and her own decisions. >> bill: aclu agrees with you and making the same case. >> yes, they have filed a brief on her behalf. >> bill: the right of people
7:59 am
with disability to live independent lives as active members of their communities. so we'll see how it goes. nice to see you. will you come back sometime? >> great to see you both. >> dana: people say they think i'm cool because i know kennedy. >> that's not true. >> it's true. at the dog park somebody said do you know kennedy? >> bill: you are important. >> dana: people think i'm cool because i know you. this is the deepest swimming pool ever in dubai. it is 200 feet deep and it has caves and games like ping-pong and there is a library? >> bill: you will need oxygen to get down there. that is some funky stuff. >> dana: would you do it? >> bill: if i could. like the blue hole off the coast of belize. is that the library? you see the books? >> dana: who will go down there
8:00 am
and read? >> bill: i'll play foos ball. >> dana: scrabble. probably not that. >> bill: you have a couple of days off. will miss you. have a great time and get far away. >> dana: it is sad. i'll be thinking of you and watching from afar. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: news next alert. critics calling vice president kamala harris tone deaf. she ramp >> harris: more than 50 house democrats fled to washington to block a vote on an election reform bill and one said touting their sacrifice in fleeing the state. it included a trip on private planes to the tune of $100,000, staying in $200 a night hotel


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