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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 14, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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barometer for historical comparisons. >> in 1867 frederick douglass appealed to the congress, the united states congress, for the right for black men to vote. in 2001, the texas legislature came to washington dc. laura: heartbeat away from the presidency, terrifying, sad and ignorant, gutfeld next. >> 21st-century jim crow assault is real. we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. todd: it is wednesday july 14th. president biden tearing into republican voting laws as texas democrats are celebrated as heroes by the left and the media. live in washington, election integrity once again take center stage. jillian: the white house facing two international crises with major implications in the us.
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the head of homeland security responded with a message for those leaving cuba and haiti, think twice before coming here. laura: he wasn't happy with it. like father like son. guerrero junior obliterated that ball, in a mile high midsummer classic. "fox and friends first" starts right now. am ready to say toda ♪♪ look at me ♪♪ ♪♪ jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: do you know where you are? you were just there.
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carley: it was great being outside. they allowed us in past security but it was so awesome being there, seeing those people together enjoying america's pastime, baseball. todd: you are wearing colorado rockies covers. i -- that really happened. with that let's get to the news, president biden pushing for federal voting rights schooling republicans for restricting voter axis. >> lauren blanchard has more on the president's politically charged speech. >> the president argued new voting laws passed in republican states restrict voter access and target minorities he called for federal passage of voting laws which so far have stalled in congress and called republican voting reform bill pushes 21st-century jim crow assault. >> there is an unfolding assault taking place in america today was an attempt to suppress and
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subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections. >> reporter: a showdown between texas democrats, state democrats and republicans, a group of 50 state lawmakers fled texas to dc to avoid voting on an election reform bill and the texas state senate pass their bill, goes to the house but they can't holy vote, house democrats are in dc, the statehouse sergeant at arms has been ordered to track down and arrest absent lawmakers the there's little they can do while lawmakers are outside state lines. >> they will get arrested if they don't come back to the capital when they hit grounds in texas. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers in dc praising the stall tactics. the texas representative say they will remain outside state lines as long as they need in order to kill the bill which they call voter suppression. the group playing of their place, one texas state rep called himself a fugitive, the group singing a civil rights movement and some on capitol hill.
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♪♪ we will overcome ♪♪ we will overcome ♪♪ >> i'm appear because i don't plan to be a sitting person in that legislature. i'm not going to be a person -- i am not going to be a hostage. >> reporter: president biden call from on partisan coalition to fight election reform efforts but many his party want him to do more like pressure moderate democrats to end the legislative filibuster. todd: the fight democrats have for voting rights has nothing to do with election integrity, but everything to do with keeping minority voters from defecting to the gop. >> there's very much and need on the part of democratic politicians to reassert dominance within that
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demographic when it comes to the voting populace going forward. if you talk democratic consultants they are scared about the numbers they saw, increased support for republicans among black males and hispanic females in particular, it puts a lie to this whole concept of democracy, they are seizing on this to cement racial animosity in a dangerous way that will create all sorts of animosity in ways that will drive up the stakes in the upcoming midterm election and create all manner of distrust in the process going forward. todd: he says because the electorate is changing does not mean it will automatically benefit the left. carley: two baltimore police officers working on us marshall's task force are shot by a homicide suspect, they are looking for the suspect to serve
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an arrest warrant when they spotted him in his car in a mall parking lot. when they tried to approach, he got out and started firing. the officers returned gunfire striking the suspect to later died at the hospital. the two officers are said to be in stable condition and are expected to recover. todd: the taliban claiming to capture key trade route between afghanistan and pakistan. the crossing could fled the with groups from customs revenues. it all comes as the taliban prepares for peace talks and militants executing unarmed security forces. a warning, this video extremely disturbing. [shouting] [gunfire]
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todd: absolutely barbaric, 22 soldiers reportedly killed in that massacre. we are blurring the video because of its unseemly nature. carley: the brutality on the ground, demonstrations in support of cuban protesters europe to cross-border, one of them shutting down a major miami highway for hours. todd: the dhs secretary wants cubans about fleeing to the us. >> cuba cracking down on protesters while supporters in the us are begging us officials to help. demonstrations in miami's little havana and across florida, one protests blocking a major highway i-95 in jacksonville, they had to move protest crowds out of the way of traffic. supporters, many who still have family living under the brutal regime, say people have nothing to lose. >> they have taken everything away from us including our fear. when the cuban people no longer fear the cuban government it is the beginning of the end.
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>> communism throughout the hemisphere and throughout the world and been doing it for decades, that should interest the national security of the united states. >> reporter: despite calls for us officials to intervene dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas was accused of a refugee himself, says those who attempt to flee will be turned away. >> allow me to be clear. if you take to the sea, you will not come to the united states. jillian: help might be on the way from florida's governor after they block the flow of information during the unrest. >> what does the regime do when you see these images? they shut down the internet. they don't want the truth to be out. we should be able to provide
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that internet service. we have companies on the space coast that launch these things. >> cuban officials blaming the us for the uprising in the refugee crisis of that may follow saying the government of the united states being directly involved and having serious responsibility in the incidents that occurred on july 11th and responsible for the consequences that arise. dhs has deployed coast guard jets to watch migrants trying to escape to the us by sea. todd: land borders are open but the sea is closed. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas telling haitians not to travel to the us by sea. haiti is in turmoil after the recent presidential assassination. one of the american suspect arrested for the crime worked as a confidential dea's source, joseph vincent, one of the individuals in the white shirt, the suspects have reached out after the assassination and urged him to surrender.
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jillian: democrats unveiling a $3 billion budget resolution. it is an infrastructure deal funding social programs, climate and green energy programs among many others. senate majority leader chuck schumer said every major program president biden has asked us for is funded in a robust way and we are making some additions to it. if the proposal passes both chambers that will allow democrats to avoid a gop filibuster using the reconciliation process. the budget resolution will require backing for every democrat. teen pop star olivia roderigo headed to the white house to promote vaccines to young americans.
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the disney actress will meet with president biden and doctor anthony fauci to record videos that will be shared with roderigo's 28 million social media followers as well as white house accounts. todd: i have no idea who that is. if she came here and punched me in the face i would have no idea who she is. a lot of the punching, the all-star game, winning its eighth straight game in a 5-them to win. ♪♪ guerrero road junior. todd: i think he entered the swing when doing live shots. vladimir guerrero in the
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midsummer classic, crowned the mvp, giving tribute to hank aaron signed by all the players, the all-star mode to the right-field. carley: 50,000 people in that stadium. all those people in one city maskless because it was outside, great to see. >> we need moments of celebration. coming up, controversy in the classroom. >> we pick this guy over this guy. >> that really happened, singling out a white student during a lesson on race. that video going viral. carley: a parent joins us live
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to impose mandates even if they got the shot coming up.
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todd: orange county for the school board voting to make masks optional, always following the democratic mayor's recommendation to return to wearing facial coverings indoors. joining us is us congressional candidate willie montague. what is your issue with all this? >> thank you for allowing this opportunity. the beginning of the pandemic, a power grab and overreach on individual responsibilities, and
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i believe the stance that was taken last night that we wanted to hear, a choice to be made. is not the responsibility of the school board to decide what we into for the children. todd: parental responsibility a big issue. todd: 16% of residents have one dose, if you were in charge of school board and mayor ship, what would the rules be? >> back to choice. i'm big about individual responsibility and we have to
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look at the numbers. in orange county, when it was asked for mandates to be done the residents follow those mandates, we did what we were told to do, the constituents that we were elected to serve, to make the choice for what is right for their lives and health. todd: are we having this mask the baby year from now or is it done by then? >> i really hope it is done. that is part of the reason i am running for congress, that we can return to our individual liberties and the same debate, once again it is always about overreach, power grab, we are not having the same conversation
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with the people and they have a voice that this is time for it to be over, people need to work, and we want to get back to normal. we are in a tourist area where we don't want to be around in 100 to agree weather with masks on our faces walking around because someone decides to grab power. >> keep us posted on this campaign, mask campaign. carley: it is 19 after the hour. cpac is back in the news and will be back in the courtroom over his alleged hate crime hoax. update on that case is coming up. texas democrats fled their state in the name of photo rights but back home their voters want more costs on the streets, the man on
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a mission to save his city joins us live coming up. ♪♪
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♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ jillian: welcome back. as texas democratic lawmakers leave the state to block a vote on the selection security bills community members are filing a petition, a push to strengthen the city's police force of it is spiking crime. the cofounder of the group, matt, tell us what is going on. the city is 400 police officers short. >> exactly right. 390 officers below where we
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should be, absolute police staffing crisis and it is a man-made disaster. last year in august our city council voted 11-0 to cut up to one third of the police budget, $150 million, our homicide rate is up 79%, last year we had all-time record of 48 homicides, and would likely double the all-time record. every violent crime stat is up the fastest rate in 5 years. our response rates for 911 calls are up from 8:53 minutes. it is a crisis. it has never been less safe than it is today and because the staffing crisis it is going to be true every day until november 2nd when we vote on ordinance. carley: you have the petition
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around boston, tell us about it. >> the petition does a few things that are important. we ensure minimum standard of staffing which is 2.oh police officers per 1000 population that is the national recognize center for state cities. one.2 officers right now, we combine that with a minimum of 35% community engagement time to ensure police officers are in the field an adequate amount of the day. second we make austin the most trained police force of any major city in america by doubling the hours from 4280 and finally we do an act police reforms that are common sense and will make things better. improving retention in these kinds of things. folks check it out, the petition is there. if you want to overturned even the police you can do that as well. carley: one thing you have challenges with his hiring good police officers because a once
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highly respected job is something a lot of good young men and women are avoiding because of the deep and the police movement. >> the morale of the police department has never been lower and that is a shame. it is unconscionable. if you ask someone to put their life on the line to support and protect the community but don't give them the support they need to do the job effectively that is unconscionable. i heard yesterday in 96%, not fully staffed. this is a problem but we address this with recruiter he -- retention bonuses and that is why we are doing that. we are at 18,000 petitions in hand. we have to get to 20,000. carley: there will be a vote on this? >> that is right. we will be turning on or around july 20th of comments certified no later than august 3rd and be on the ballot on saturday, the only thing on the ballot in
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austin. jillian: thank you for joining us. todd: democratic socialist congresswoman aoc is not broken his silence on cuba's anti-communist protests, the cuban-american candidate looking 20 the squad leader will sell off next in new york democrat has a bone to pick with chick-fil-a when we return. bit fries ♪♪ on friday night ♪♪ it fits just right ♪♪ the radio ♪♪
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some of it, i will step from here. check this guy. all right.
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carley: chaos across south africa. 45 people are killed in violent riots. officials say most deaths have been from stampedes during mass living, looters ransacking grocery stores leaving only broken glass and debris. you can see one building fully engulfed by a massive fire. police fired trouble bullet saying 750 people have been arrested. the unrest began over the imprisonment of the former president, his foundation says there will be no peace until he is released. heather: kidnapping conspiracy crumbles, the doj informing them they want to take a brooklyn-based journalist to iran. he has identified himself as being their target, critical of
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the iranian regime and its human rights abuses say i'm grateful to the fbi for foiling the plot to kidnap me. those four suspects still on the run. 31 after the hour. alexandria ocasio cortez and other members of democratic socialists of america stay silent on cuba's antigovernment protest. >> the dsa appears to back this communist regime. here with more, looking to challenge aoc, you appear to be leave the democratic socialist element of congress is silent on this on purpose. it is intentional. >> if you look at what happened a few months ago on the third of july when you look at the track record of that they are meeting
1:33 am
with his mentor was hugo chavez, it is like they are hiding in plain sight essentially. nothing can come from that organization or anyone who wants to meet diplomatically with that. todd: that leads to a curious tweet, dsa stands with the cuban people and their revolution in this moment of unrest, end the blockade. clear who are your sporting especially that last line echoing a cuban government talking point that the blockade is the reason for this, not 62 years of oppression. >> absolutely correct, the blockade does not impede the ability for the country, the embargo, it is completely ridiculous and misinformation.
1:34 am
>> something cnn wrote in a news article covering the cuban protests. cnn said these are the largest protests on the island in decades as cubans complain about lack of food and medicine as the country undergoes a great economic crisis aggravated by the covid 19 pandemic and us sanctions. that is a throwaway line in the cnn news story and it made no reference to the fact that these people are chanting freedom and liberty and calling for a change of the system. >> what they are trying to do by injecting the covid 19 crisis into the discussion, trying to get away from having any's constituents chastise the cuban government because everyone knows the democratic party will never chastise the cuban regime.
1:35 am
todd: a little bit broader, you mentioned the madero connection, we are not seeing any full throated condemnation of the cuban government. the whole segment pointed out there is almost tacit support. how sad is it that in 2021 in our country, people in our government who more or less support communism. >> it is heartbreaking and it shows the state of the education system and culturally that after a couple generations people are already thinking communism and socialism is anything, if you speak to anybody who is first or second generation from any of these countries you will have a strong -- anything communism or socialism, it has stolen lives or anything from the people.
1:36 am
my family lost property, thousands of people in cuba, there's been 150 people who have gone missing, nobody talked about it and they keep thinking socialism is something good. it destroys everything. there's nothing good about it. carley: imagine living in a country where the government can shut down the government when people are saying something you don't like. what do you think the us should do in this moment. a lot of people say this isn't a window of opportunity to give people the freedom they desire. >> tough question. almost like pouring water on a bucket of syllables. the person is we should take a stronger stance because what is happening in cuba if any politicians are talking about it
1:37 am
other than marco rubio, they are saying they are coming across, asking to be nicer, can you please be nicer and listen a little more, they need to be gone. we cannot have a government -- our government -- we are friends, we are buddies. todd: please don't attack these 16 vital hubs or similar. carley: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. todd: a fuel tanker erupting into flames crashing to a median on a michigan highway, 14,000 gallons of gasoline, firefighters worked to put out those flames, the tanker truck
1:38 am
driver with minor injuries, engineers investigating the damage. >> lawyers for the illegal immigrant convicted of killing molly to bits calling for a new trial. they say two informants who do not know each other have come forward identifying the same man as the, quote, real killer. one of the importance has been dismissed as not credible. the others, this prison inmate reportedly claimed he heard the killer confess behind bars. he will testify at the sentencing tomorrow. rivera is expected to receive a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. >> chicago schools are removing police officers, 5 schools voted to next the school police program entirely while others decided to keep at least one resource officer through the summer, schools that haven't voted with the to keep officers must make a final decision today.
1:39 am
>> for a limitless pushing back on the us olympic committee changing the flag in its logo. the committee is considering the new design as part of a rebrand but they say there's no need for change. >> the american flag, old glory need rebranding? the answer is no. >> the american flag is iconic, doesn't just represent the greatest country in the world, it represents and symbolizes millions of americans who worked hard, some with their own lives. >> the committee insists it has no plans to change the flag during ceremonies despite some athletes protesting against it. todd: we should be focused on metals, not the stuff. 39 after the hour. jussie smollett headed back to court over his alleged hate
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>> former empire actor jussie smollett returns to court in chicago. he will attend an evidentiary air rehearing if his attorney is disqualified from representing him. prosecutors allege his attorney may have had contact with the brothers who were paid to stage a phony hate crime in 2019. the 38 you make faces felony
1:44 am
charges for allegedly lying to chicago police. jussie smollett maintained his innocence, the story back in the news. a lawyer agrees to represent britney spears and her conservatorship battle, the popstar has had several conversations with attorney matthew rosengarten. the hollywood attorney will appear in court today to argue spears has the right to choose her own lawyer. the judge will have to decide whether to appoint him as spears's longtime attorney resigned. ingraham asked to be removed from the case after the star made claims about his representation in a june testimony. >> a professor facing backlash over his seminar on white privilege. take a look. >> you assume you both will get treated fairly that it is all good, we will pick the best
1:45 am
person for the job. we can't even go that far. we would pick the right guy. this is one study of many many many studies in which we control for everything yet we are still going to pick this guy over this guy. todd: don't know whether to laugh or cry at this was look at the guy just chewing gum. professor at penn state sam richards singling out a black and white student to explain how the white student who is chewing the gum has advantage in hiring. richards has done this a dozen times, the school has not responded to the controversy. carley: the fact that people say critical race the recent being taught in classrooms, doesn't have to do with pitting white people against black people, look right there. >> he was an enthusiastic about that pitting you discussed.
1:46 am
critics calling for chick-fil-a to go away, democratic lawmakers opposing plans to open chick-fil-as at rest stops saying the chicken change should be banned from fueling, quote, discrimination. they cite their past -- groups opposing same-sex marriage. students and staff at the university of notre dame, i said that right, notre dame echoing those concerns, 180 people signed a letter urging the school not to add chick-fil-a over ethical concerns. the notre dame thing absolutely befuddled. take a look at the world's most expensive french fries cost $200 at serendipity, a famous restaurant that carly goes to every night. crowned the dish yesterday on national french friday. carley: they are drenched in domperidone should champagne.
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seasoned with truffles, 23 karat animal gold dust and more. $200 we did you watch the five? they tried them on set. they said they were good. i am sure they are delicious. it is something to add more to the cost. todd: it lets you know you have made it. jillian: staffing shortages impact businesses nationwide, violence is skyrocketing in major cities. meet the young chicago man bucking this trend, walking 3 hours each way to work and back. todd: why the story is so important now more than ever when we come back. ♪♪
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todd: a great story quickly young man from chicago who walks 3 hours to work each way each day trying to save up to fix his truck, closer to getting back on the road thanks to a local dj, newly lost go fund me campaign raised $6,000. joining me to share the story, ray stevens. once to go over the numbers, 6 hours a day in total, 12 miles each way, that is almost a marathon, that is unbelievable. a lot of people would have quit but you found a way. why? >> i didn't have a choice.
1:52 am
i had to get to work, make a living for myself. got to push it with your will kind of thing. todd: you started to go fund me to fix his car, why is the story resonating with so many people? >> best news outlet in the world you understand what is going on in chicago, on tucker carlson, you talk about it, people in this town are hurting, there are good people here and in these neighborhoods, small percentage of people causing the trouble that they are causing it and people want to do good. they want to feel good. they want to jump in and help when they can. the problem is a lot of people don't know how or when to help.
1:53 am
this situation was good, give people a chance to do the right thing, they will do it and that is why it resonates. you get them to do the right thing. todd: you did point out we do a lot of stories about chicago but the majority of people in chicago are hard-working decent human beings who want the best for themselves and their family. next question, chicago gang members outnumber cops 10 to one. that is a sad stat. how easy is it to fall into that gaining life? >> as it has ever been. it is everywhere. somebody thinks it is cool or the most fun thing to do. todd: how vital is that we tell the story to people who are doing the right thing in more ways than one to show there's a right way to go about all this?
1:54 am
>> it is real important and you need to look at here is a guy, here's a young man who has a hard-working background, his family worked in law enforcement, he was a high school football player from a good family of athletes and he was involved at the high school level. you can tell he's got that work ethic with what he does every day. help your community, work with people, kids and young men and young women. todd: what is the ultimate goal? you are 20, a pretty young kid, whole life and career ahead of you. what do you want to do? >> i'm not sure right now. i am working until i figure something out. todd: that is a perfectly fine answer. you have a lot of time left to figure it out but it is amazing. we haven't figured it out yet. we are pretty much older than you. you donate to go fund me page,
1:55 am
help braxton get his truck fixed. you are great guy, wish you the best. where do you work? >> i work in mosquito joe's. todd: thanks to them for being flexible with you and working with you. this is a great story. we want more stories like this in the future. thanks for being here. big show still ahead. carley: kansas attorney general derek schmidt, lisa maclean, all join us live in the next hour of "fox and friends first". ♪♪
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21st-century jim crow assault is real. we are facing the most
2:00 am
significant test of our democracy since the civil war. todd: it is wednesday july 14th, president biden tearing into republican back voting laws as texas democrats are celebrated as heroes by the left and by the media. we are live in washington where election integrity take center stage. carley: the white house facing two international crises with major implications here in the united states and the head of homeland security responded with a message for those fleeing cuba and haiti, think twice before coming here. >> wow! todd: this one is gone, put my hands on the head. they are powering to a victory at the midsummer classic. "fox and friends first" continues right here.


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