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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 13, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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back though. 8:00 p.m. every weeknight come up the show that as this morning to listen to your enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. we hope you have a great and cheerful night with the ones you love and we highly recommend staying tuned because of the night, sean hannity takes over at 9:00 p.m., seven seconds earlier. v7 we were counting seconds, i do get a kick out of that. thank you, great show. tonight mass of inflation swinging value line unprecedented ways of illegal immigration, china, russia and iran rolling over this great country and sadly, whoever is in charge at the biden white house, well, is just getting started. now, state-mandated vaccine programs, that may also be headed your way. government doctor want to become a celebrity anthony fauci demanding that all your young children wear masks
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indefinitely. gavin newsom mandating masks in school and contradicting oh, our own cdc guidelines. larry elder is now officially running to unseat newsom and ase governor of the great state of california he will join us for his very first tv interviews since his bigew announcement and it comes with an endorsement. we will explain. we bring you the very latest out of cuba and is our proposal to redesign the american flag. we will explain that in detail and with had a back and forth with this organization all day. first tonight, breaking today, extremely troubling rhetoric from the president of the united states. if you are 1 of millions of americans who disagree with the radical policies put forth by the democratic party, watch out. at joe biden referred his politicalis opponents, today he referred to them as domestic
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enemies. where is the media's i got upset when donald trump said the media is an enemy of the people? they lie and tell fake anyway they work to subvert american democracy and set up prepared remarks, it wasn't off-the-cuff. better suited for a despotic dictator frankly. the country is facing its most significant test since the civil war kwame jen psaki, quiet, because they are requiring voter i.d. like his state? a standardized early voting, chain of custody, integrity, verification for all ballots? any republican that supports integrity laws, so they can have confidence and election results in thees state. and of course joe biden as always invoking jim crow once again. take a watch.
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>> president biden: 21st century jim crow assault is real it's unrelenting. it's an unfolding assault, taking place in america today to attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in a fair and. free election. an onau democracy, and assault n liberty. i swore a note to you, to god to come up to protect and preserve the constitution and that's an oath that forms a sacred trust to defend americans, all threats both foreign and domestic. it's just such a threat, literally. i said it before. we are facing the most significant to of our democracy since the civil war and is not hyperbole. since the civil war. >> it's not hyperbole. it's a civil war.
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okay. according to that bizarre speech, anyone that supports basic voter integrity laws, and it's pretty much un-american unless you are a democrat like so, joe. and the attorney general merrick garland is suing the state of georgia over their new voter laws but he's not suing joe biden's home state of delaware that he has represented about 5,000 years which are far moreou restrictive and far less access. take a look at your screen. georgia, they allow 17 days, actually mandate 17 days of early in-person voting. delaware has no in person early voting. in georgia, anyone can vote absentee, you are right. in delaware, no. you got to give them an excuse that meets a specific report. in georgia, drop boxes for
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absentee ballots are available at county election offices a all over the state. it's mandated. delaware has zero drop boxes for absentee ballots. both states require voter i.d. joe never lifted a finger to make voting more accessible and delaware and it's not just delaware. wisconsin requires voter i.d., rhode island requires photo i.d. hawaii you actually have your date of birth and address. residents who don't vote regularly can be automatically canceled from the voter rolls. minnesota, voters must meet certain requirements in order to vote absentee unlike georgia. none of these deep blue states are facing a lawsuit from this now emboldened and weaponized day of joe biden, not one. clearly the leftist theory over georgia has nothing to do with
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civil rights. it's beyond hyperbole and destructive, they are playing the race card. this is the worst challenge to our democracy since the civil war. really?ft then why, joe, have you never lifted a finger in the decades and decades, frankly centuries it seems, that you served your state of delaware. you never lifted ayo finger. merrick garland, where is your integrity? why are you serving your state of delaware, and by the way, the chain of custody controls, partisan observers observing and cleaning up the voter rolls, it's got to have nefarious intentions. i would think this is a nonpolitical issue so as for self why are democrats worried about ballot harvesting and integrity in our votes however you have confidence tonight joe
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asked gently answer thatde question out loud because according to biden it's not just about access to voting but also, who gets to count the votes? very interesting take >> president biden: is no longer about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. it's about who gets to count the vote. who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all. >> that's why i want partisan observers on all sides to watch the count start to finish. democrats get their way is far left democrats in d.c., and literally they are certain constitutional power of legislatures and that's what hr and sr one have always been about it has nothing to do with voting rights and everything to aa centralized power. frankly the nefarious motives of the difference think the only way they can win is to have no
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tax s amount. the democratic swamp, they want control of everything.ur less argument in minorities and rural voters is kamala harris up suggested yesterday, they just have access. it is complete and total b.s. and that's not stopping kamala harris from going on tv and perpetuating this argument in the worst most despicable way frankly possible. take a look. >> is agreeing to voter i.d. one of those compromises? >> i don't think that we should underestimate what that could mean.e because in some peoples minds that means, well, you are going to have to xerox or photocopy
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your idea to send it in to prove you are who you are. there are people who live in rural communities and there is no kinko's or officemax need them. >> sean: if you could make the accommodations come up really? of course the large majority of americans including 15% of african-americans, do not discriminate against different w voters. every state should adopt a the is, our top five. if you want integrity in our elections and confidence in our results, photo i.d. and signature verification, chain of custody and integrity, and partisan observers. that means democrats, republicans, independents, green party and libertarians, they should be allowed to have observers from every poolside to watch the counting of close coming from start to finish. the state of texas is now
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attempting to implement similar protections when in order to lock that boat, democratic state leaders are leaving texas in order to defend a form in the statehouse. the very same democrats i called the filibuster and affront to democracy, they got on their private jet without a mask and they set off for one big expensive vacation to washington, d.c., to temporarily prevent a vote. make no mistake these images perfectly encapsulate the democratic leftist green new deal party. the rules do not apply to them. the only thing that matters is their state centralized power right there in swamp. here with more, arizona attorney general mark brenda veg who is now running for senate mark kelly. a fox news contributor y newt gingrich. i will start with you attorney general, the
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supreme court recently upheld arizona rules of, with professional ballots and this was a big win. for the court to finally take it up, it was too little, too late but a big win and it took that to you. >> thank you, sean for having me on. i argued this, the supreme court recognizes that election integrity measures, they are consistent with the constitution butti as the constitution recognizes, time, place and manner, and statutes are. the reality is as you pointed out in the beginning that the left is so hypocritical, we literally just argued another case last week by the democrats challenged our laws on volunteering. there are states like new york, connecticut the northeast's
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rhetoric is basically about dividing this country, and we all agree the common sense election and integrity measures are good not only for arizona but for america. >> sean: mr. speaker, we are calling this the largest democracies is simple. there are people who live in rural communities and they are saying it's an assault on democracy and an assault on liberty and they are going it jim crow. when i compared your home state of georgia and their voting law with delaware, it was far more restrictive in delaware and for more accessible in your state of georgia. >> you are certainly technically correct.
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this isn't about a narrative, and i will surprise you on two counts. i don't know how many people picked up on this but start talk about kinko harris. and kinko's has not been in existence for 13 years and i know that's a tricky thing, but it still tells you a lotot abou. they don't know anything, you're not in touch with reality and make it up as you move on but i'm going to shock you, i agree with thehe president. this is the greatest threat to the survival of freedom and they are determined to use the power of the federal government and determined to destroy the
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american military by bringing wokeness in. we are determined to weaken the police was strengthening criminals. they are determined to use the justice department, they are determined to side with oligarchs in censoring americans and i believe this is the greatesti domestic threat not counting the soviet union or nazi germany. greatest domestic threat the united states has faced to freedom since the civil war and the threate is entirely in the democratic party and it is a mortal threat and if they get their way and they pass the corrupt politicians act, you will see them steel everything they need to steal. >> sean: it's amazing the rhetoric that they are using. jim crow 2.0, the worst since the civil war. you think they are successful? we have about 30 seconds each. mr. attorney general, will start with you. >> i think it's dangerous for the united states he is that
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kind of rhetoric. he ran as someone who said he would be in the middle-of-the-road but instead he's putting this country on the highway to. need those liberties will be there again. >> sean: this is an 80/20 issue, but not close. people want a simple integrity measures put in place and we need them. three: but here's the problem you got. it's probably an 80/20 issue. that of mean they won't shoot enough people to slow it down, freedom in venezuela is probably a 90/10 issue. the fact is these people, the bite and, the harrises, the sooners, the policies, corrupting the entire system, they will do whatever they have to to try to dominate us and trying to dominate all the
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american people and impose their radical values. this is the greatest in the united states since the civil war. >> sean: mr. attorney general, good luck on your senate race. an important race for the country. they once demanded and the mantra was that we the american people follow the science. i believe in science, i believe in vaccine science and especially when it comes to covid-19. now democrats have thrown science to the wind, despite their own cdc guidelines and in numerous studies showing that children face an extremely low risk of getting sick or having complications or, god forbid, dying from covid-19. now in spite of cdc protocols and recommendations, dr. fauci is now demanding that children as young as three. three!
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indefinitely. good luck to parents who don't have kids as old as mine. >> thet children who are not abe to get vaccinated because of age, should follow in their parents should follow with them cdc.uidelines of the that unvaccinated children of a certain age greater than two years old should be wearing masks. no doubt about that. that's the way to from getting infected because if they do, they can then spread the infection with someone else. >> sean: is not alone, in california and theyy want all students wear a mask when they finallyll returned to in person learning phone. kids in florida have been there before year end in new york they are also mandating mass in september. >> i'm absolutely confident based on everything else that we've seen that we can get all ofe our kids back into school in september but for now we are sticking with the idea that wearing the mask is the smart
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thing to win souls. we will keep assessing as we go along but i think for now we it still makes sense. one of the vaccines work and now vaccines are available, and they now have immunity. this is suggesting that they don't need any vaccine. so why are democrats so obsessed with masks and now even moving towards forcing vaccines on people? they are supportingff any local efforts to mandate, you heard me right, mandate the vaccine. a mandate really? we have freedom and medical privacy. as dr. biden smarter than your personal doctor? does he know anything about your medical history? take a look.
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>> do we agree that at the local level there should be more vexing mandates? >> if i remember the context of the question, it's your decision that -- it's not my intention from the federal government. there will be decisions made by private sector entities and by universities, educational institutions, and perhaps by local leaders. and if you decided to make that decision? >> i would do anything for one more example, gavin newsom is basically no writing californians with state approved stimulus payments and release just before the upcoming recall
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election. and here with reaction is fox news contributor lara trump and fox news contributor and knocked dr. nicole saphier. and if you are vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask in school, that's what theyey say. and if you are following the science, if you are vaccinatednc and following the science company correctly doctor if i'm wrong, we now have numerous studies about therapeutics, regeneron, iver bakhtin and hydroxychloroquine. am i following the science right, doctor? >> i can tell you that the current recommendations continue
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to remain and as we have learned over the course of the year and have natural unity will give some protection whether or not it's as strong as vaccinated immunity, there still debate there. those who recovered from covid-19 still have antibodies that have that a b and with her t cell response to doses of vaccine are the only way to take off your mask that is not following the science. they are not taking into account the negative consequences that come from the percent including children. >> let's talk about those supporting lara trump because we were told that they would allow people to the decision. i urge everyone to take this seriously and do your own research. consult your doctor or doctors.
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at your medical history, dr. hannity is not qualified. i wish i was but i'm not. now when they back door mandating vaccines, that really them supporting mandating vaccines? >> it certainly seems like it. mean you just laid out so much important information, this has never been about following the science or following the facts and the n truth. it's about control from day oneo that's how this started and now here wehi are mandating appareny that people get the vaccine. this should be up to a person and the family and the idea that the government is going to tell you whether or not you have to take seen anything is. i fully support, operationha
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warp speed and were it not for that we would not be the comingr so we have to keep our kids math in school, are these people insane? i still take my there are still children there with masks on, both families outdoors at a playground, distance 20 feet from other people with masks on. and it will take a long time to return fromre this. obviously dr. saphier knows far more than i do. with my 3-year-old, i'm not putting up mask on my 1-year-old, the stuff is absolutely crazy. to support kids crying at because i get headaches at school from wearing masks and they don't get to see the faces of the etiquette socially.
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it's so bad for our kids. americans need to and say, charge of himself, and charge my kids. >> could well lead to here straight ahead, our own sara carter. we have an exclusive report for my hand demonstrators are fighting back hard taking to the streets. we will take you there live. can america help cuba be free? and if so, how? straight-ahead
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♪ ♪ >> sean: it not demonstrators in miami and south florida snake continued to show their strong support for cuban protests. people in cuba standing up
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against the oppressive motorist communist regime of castro's. sara carter is on the ground in miami. under the big crowd i tonight. and all day as well. i >> it's been like this in miami all day. i don't even know if you can hear behind me but people are screaming, freedom, intervention, and in cuba they are asking the biden administration to intervene in cuba. let me tell you this. we had an interview today with probably one of the most famous cuban-americans, is a former cia a and participated in the bay of and that's what starts for americans.
11:30 pm
>> you have a perspective that very few people have. you?u' seem cuba before. you watch it go through the revolution and you will watch the attempts by the united states government as well as the cia which she worked for. >> you have two experience the combination. it's not coordinated bite anybody. that's explosive in one city only. one that seems -- and they will start saying this through their telephone, but it's going on two different areas. this means, people realize they
11:31 pm
finally have a point but they don't care about the security, and shawn i have to tell you, meeting rodriguez and being able to speak with him brought me back to my own family and my mother where they went to. she's in the states to seek freedom. everyone here has been shouting, freedom, freedom, liberty. and please send my love back, my solidarity and support for a free cuba now. please tell all of them we are hoping, it's thank you, sir.
11:32 pm
isn't it interesting that far left democrats, bernie sanders and aoc, they are relentless and attack america, attack our founding principles and attack republicans. they have nothing bad to say about the oppression comes to human rights abuses and economic devastation by the murdering communist regime in cuba, ask yourself, why is that? why would they trash our country that is holding american flags even at this hour and not critical of cuba. is it because they say cuba is a great model for america? it's because of the economic green deals socialism, and there's this moment of unrest also echoing cuba cuba's president and blaming america'so trade embargo. it they are actually supporting
11:33 pm
the communistic protests over the protesters. this is the question that america needs to be asking tonight, and how will the administration of this freedom movementve in cuba overthrow ths murdering communist dictatorship? the mayor of miami is even saying that a bombing should be on the table. take a look. >> with air strikes, there have been many, many opportunities. >> are you suggesting air strikes in cuba? >> it cannot be simply discarded as an option that's not on the table. there's a variety of ways the military can do it, and, senator i ask you, how do they
11:34 pm
support their great freedom movement against the murdering communist regime done in cuba are not honoring the resistancel and the freedom fighters would not be at the table me. >> all i can say is, that the democratic socialists. castro has their tongue. they actually admire the castro model in cuba. the problem is that the squad can't speak up against communism and socialism because that sort of where they want to take our country. this is yet another reason why we will do welll in 2022. joe biden is a wall. you should go on television very soon and say, we stand with your right to demand freedom in cuba and europe our backyard and, god
11:35 pm
knows how many untold numbers of people. >> i would be introducing a freak you back that take sanctions to a new level against the communist regime t individually. and that cyber against the american people. we should be aggressive in terms of regulating and controlling our backyard. ise would send a signal to the cuban government that we are not going to sit on the sidelines and we need to give voice the freedom. america is are symbol of freedom
11:36 pm
to almost everybody in the world. where are you when the people of cuba need you the most? >> sean: like where is he in afghanistan except leaving weapons? he's given waivers to putin, committing cyber attack after cyber we have the chinese government threatening are you military and reunification with taiwan, and that we have the in iranians are enriching nuclear material once again to make nuclear weapons in the iranians getting weapons from russia. various places in the world, the iranians are back in the area,
11:37 pm
and reagan supported the freedom fighters inea nicaragua. can america support the freedom fighters of cuba? >> not onlyy did reagan put the freedom fighters, he actually invaded grenada when cubaa tried to expand their key into the backyard. we should declare communism dead in her misfire. there's an opening to destroyst communism in our backyard and president biden takes it and history will be on youres side. >> thank you senator. the u.s. olympic committee is considering redesigning the american flag on their logo. two olympic medalist will weigh in and they have responded to us again tonight but the s controversy continues.
11:38 pm
i say goes away simply but we will explain, next.
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♪ ♪ >> >> sean: it would brought you exclusively last night a story that we found, the u.s. olympic and paralympic committees are considering a redesign of the american flag logo for all of their official and promotional materials. if approved with the new design would strip the flag of most of the stars and stripes, and that's the olympics anded paralympics and that means all the associated committees with the olympics.
11:43 pm
this is just one of many because of his being a brainstormed, we want to be clear, we love our country. we expect respect the american flag and do not have any intention not to mention the respect or authority to change our country's flags. when a member of team usa achieves a olympic or paralympic greatness. the question then remains, why are you going to redesign the flag logo for your committee at all? why are you wasting the time and money to do so? what exactly is the problem with the flag as it is, that you have every right to use? remember with the exception of the far left socialist extremists, most americans love theoc country deeply, take pride in the achievements and all americans in the olympics and pifor example we've shown you inspirational scenes from two nhl games. actually three where fans came together, they took over the singing of the national anthem.
11:44 pm
79% of americans say it's important to respect this, our american flag while abroad and that would include all things related to the olympics. i did a poll on my website,, and a whopping 98% of respondents said national anthems should continue to be played before sporting events. it may i add the people should take it over. joining us now is reaction, the author of warning lights a gold medal, and it is sunday gold medalist gary hall jr. father and son. and now senior you won three metals of the olympics, he set five world records. but to be very blunt your son has a way out perform do you come in 105 of them gold. i don't know what it's like at thanksgiving dinner but i think the fun gets more credit than you even though you are both great champions.
11:45 pm
>> recalled that the new improved model at home. [laughs] >> sean: if you are proud of your son, and you should be. i'll start with you senior, what is your reaction to this? >> the greatest honor of my life was in montreal in 1976 when i was selected to carry the american flag to the u.s. olympic team leading through montreal stadium. the american flag is iconic and it doesn't just represent the greatest country the world, represents and symbolizes millions of americans who have worked hard and sacrificed some of their very own lives. my nephew gave his life as a navy seal five years ago in iraq for our country. that american flag so much. no one has the right to change that other than u.s. congress.
11:46 pm
to me it's disrespectful to even consider changing the american, let me so much. >> sean: and that would mean any olympic association to me. i miss him and dads help to become a s better swimmer so he deserves some of the credit for ten metals, and five of them gold. >> the american flag this is the greatest honor that an athlete in this country can achieve. to represent all of the united states, let's start with the question. does the american flag comparable to glory, need rebranding? the answer to that is no. next question. the concern that i have and what irritates me out of this whole thing, there is some marketing and branding firm out there that has already been paid a lot of money these drafts, and thesedn
11:47 pm
resources, could they be better supplied by supporting athletes or giving in to an inside doping agency to catch cheaters? old glory doesn't need rebranding. >> sean: and that's the message i want to say. first of all thank you both for how you've represented our country, we are proud of both of you. if you are associated with the olympics, we have a flag. it's the american flag. stop wasting your creative efforts on something that we don't need to. thank you both. when we come back, larry elder has now entered the recall election against newsom. he joins us for an exclusivels interview and also he gets his first endorsement. we will tell you that is, straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: breaking tonight, >> sean: quit breaking tonight, the sage of south-central, literally like larry elder our friend is entering against gavin newsom. with reaction is talk show host larry elder. >> i got a new hat. >> what does the hat say i can't see. >> i'm hannah-ties to. >> sean: what about elder? >> larry, this surprises me. i had no idea you were thinking about this. >> i'm as shocked as you guys are, i was first approached to do this several months ago by my radio colleague, people like lionell chuck nguyen who is a long time filmmaker and i said
11:53 pm
it, no. this place is ungovernable. you have super majorities in the assembly, and of course the left-wing governor. we have rising crime, rising homelessness, rising cost of living and leono knows exactly what i'm talking about because he's a former public school teacher. the declining standards of public school. the more i looked about it, iov saw how arrogantly this governor has handled the pandemic imposing the most strict coronavirus block town in india of the 50 states, when his own kids still enjoyed in school private education while his own business, a winery, exempted from the mandates. i decided to jump into this race, i want people to go to elect because he has no h limits on how much money he can raise and spend but we do. please go to elect >> sean: leo, have you made up
11:54 pm
your mind to your supporting? caitlyn jenner is in the race. >> i will be very clear. i made it very clear with all due respect to the other candidates, i have not endorsed any of those candidates. larry represents principle and i will tell you right now that recall petition could not exist without democrats who are upset with gavin newsom. last year was a first time i wanted to leave l.a. county. i wanted to move because it was horrendous here and it was horrible. gavin newsom needs to be recalled, larry elder is the best candidate to replace gavin newsom. it's not even close. hands down on the issue of, homelessness, education, school choice, eliminated regulations, it's not in close. i think larry elder is the best candidate. >> i think the hardest part of the recall is this. we have gavin newsom bribing people, you have gavin newsom of the hypocrite, you have gavin
11:55 pm
newsom changing and trying to get the bait earlier before the wildfires in the brownouts, and the state is a hard blue state. question one is a hard one and that's the recall vote. we get to question two? >> as leo pointed out to .2 people sign the petition and many of them were democrats and many were independents. i will tell you something else.a we have private ballots so you can go into the privacy of yourv mail-in ballots or your voting booth and close the curtain and vote for republican. you don't have to tell your friends, you can be an independent or democrat. he liked the crime, he liked tht homelessness? you like the gun people have to leave the state? if you are not happy o about tht go to elect let's get this guy out and get some common sense in sacramento. >> sean: our last word about here he and meghan coming next. good luck larry.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: villains of the day, prince harry and meghan are back, a whopping $695 by an environmental charity for their "enlightened decision" to limit their family to two children. okay, congratulations. please set your laura: you had a lovely show tonight. it was a lovely presentation. i enjoyed the cuba story. i enjoyed sarah carter who i always love. larry elder, mutual friend, you were kind of cozying up to caitlin jenner as i remember.