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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i encourage people to attend. >> bret: nice. all right, we will follow that one. panel, thank you. tomorrow on "special report" michael bender the "wall street journal." frankly did win the election. we will have him on. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth can hosting this week. >> pete: you ended on a great note free britney. thank you very much. good evening it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> pete: i'm your host pete hegseth. look outside your window right now. do you see your neighbors fighting in the streets with bay bayonets and canons? when is the last time you saw union and confederate soldiers charging each other on horseback? in case you missed it we are in yet the middle of a civil war.
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the only way to save our republic is to make sure democrats completely control elections by keeping them nice and wide open. >> the assault on free and fair elections is just such threat literally. i have said it before. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. that's not hyperbole. since the civil war. >> pete: literally, as the clip goes on he says it many times. how many times can one human being say literally without saying anything that is actually literal. but if you don't believe we are in a civil war, maybe you will believe that all republican voting bills are racist. >> the 21st century jim crow assault is real. it's unrelenting. >> pete: it was a doosie. it is unrelenting racism. using shear fear tactics and, of course, maximum hyperbole in their ultimate quest for power. that's nothing new for the left.
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but with issues like, i don't know, rising crime, door-to-door vaccines, by the way we have an update on that. thank you local news. the border crisis and rapid inflation the task of convincing voters that jim crow is back at the blot box i don't think it's working. the american people and their sane state legislators are starting to camp on. so this week texas democrats, well, they tried something new. they chartered a couple of private jets, loaded up a case of beer and fled to washington, d.c. now, why did they do that? because, in texas, a minimum amount of lawmakers are required to be present in order to advance laws. by abandoning the state like huddled in heroic refugee, texas democrats can avoid their legal obligation to show up and actually do their jobs. look at those selfies, big old smiles, so proud of themselves. they get to temporarily prevent the republican majority from protecting the ballot box. they took like 10 or 15 of these selfies. i mean, it's not hard to find an
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original. today the jet setting and suddenly popular texas democrats took meetings with chuck schumer, and kamala harris. both of whom managed to put their dereliction of duty into the proper historical context. >> in 1867 frederick douglass appealed to the congress, the united states congress for the rights of black men to vote. 1913, women marched down pennsylvania avenue for the right to vote. and 2021, the texas legislature came to washington, d.c. [applause] >> pete: mr. smith comes to washington. who knew that 2021 texas legislature on par with frederick douglass and the suffrage movement. put it in the textbooks right
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now. apocalyptic. we are not talking about voter ids, voter identification for mail-in ballots. beefing up criminal penalties for election workers who break rules. we know dems don't like penalties, especially when you burn things. and adding an extra hour for early voting each day from 8 hours which is to 9 hours at a minimum. keep in mind. texas already has 17, 17 days of early voting on election day. good luck, texas voters. how are you going to find 15 minutes within 17 days in at least a nine-hour window each day, shear suppression. now, texas democrats will eventually have to come back and do their job. governor abbott can continue to call special sessions to force this vote. unless, of course, they plan to flee forever. so, why do they go through all
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that effort to stall the inevitable? because it's not just about the lone star state. the texas democrats fled the frontlines, they retreated from the voting right equivalent from the civil war. not to surrender but to draft federal reinforcement. >> we are living right now on borrowed time in texas. and we can't stay here indefinitely. to run out the clock to stop republican anti-voter bill. that's why we need congress to act now and pass the for the people act. >> we need the president and the vice president and every democrat in this senate working together to preserve american democracy. >> pete: oh, this is a stunt. this is about hr-1. this is about federal control of elections. this is about nancy pelosi. the plan is in motion. the country is watching.
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and the texas democrats they're loving their new found media attention. they even decided to inspire fellow democrats and all patriots nationwide by performing this beautiful song. ♪ we will overcome some day ♪ we in our hearts ♪ i do believe ♪ we will overcome some day ♪ >> pete: there you have it here now a member of that chorus democrat texas state representative james talarico who recently flew on a private plane currently resides in washington, d.c. james, thank you very much for being here. now, we know you met with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi today. and the talking points they have been issued. you have been told to say you are protecting democracy, that republicans are authoritarians and racists, they are blocking the ballot box, you want voter suppression. i have got it. texas republicans are racist. but you are in d.c. now.
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and the talk is all about hr-1 and they are gleefully promoting your effort to promote their national effort. it kind of seems like they are just using you as a prop or a puppet. >> so, you know, i'm an eighth generation texan. i have only been in d.c. twice in my life. >> this is the second time. i'm a former middle school teacher who ran for office just to try to make my community better. and i swore an oath when i first got elected two years ago to uphold the constitution. the constitution of the united states and also the constitution of the great state of texas. and after our former president donald trump started his big lie that the election was stolen, republican legislators. >> pete: how did you make this about donald trump in 20 seconds? that's a bit of a record. now you are going to voter suppression which i get it but this is all about your allegiance to texas and you are an eighth generation texan and all of that and the constitution. by the way constitution section 1 article 4 gives authority to the state legislators, then why
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are you not in texas and why are you in washington, d.c. doing press conferences with federal officials? >> i was just going to answer that, it's a great question. and what i was saying is when president trump lost the election, he told republicans across the country that he didn't lose the election. and this caused republican legislators in state capitols from georgia to austin to start putting forward bills that would make it harder to vote. actually, texas is one of the hardest places to vote in the whole country. >> pete: it is? >> many of my democratic colleagues tried to negotiate with our fellow lentil lay tores most of them republicans to try to make the bill less damaging, less harmful. less dangerous to cibses across the state of texas. unfortunately, our republican colleagues didn't want. >> pete: is 17 days of early voting and adding a an hour of voting too much? is it too difficult to provide, i don't know, your driver's license number? and the fast -- last four dightsd of your social security number? is that too much to ask a voter in texas? >> so, what this bill does, i'm
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glad you asked. because it gives me an opportunity to correct something you said earlier this bill actually reduces the amount of time for early voting? >> pete: oh, it does? >> in texas, currently a county can extend voting to 24 hours, you can actually vote all night, which is really convenient if you work through the day. a lot of working folks aren't able to get off work to go vote. >> pete: is voting at 2:00 a.m. in the morning is the key issue. is there anyone in texas that's not currently able to vote because i have heard the hyperbole this is jim crow. this is voter repression pressure. this is a civil war from the leadership of your party. is there currently a single example can you provide me of a registered citizen voter in texas that can't vote if we're fighting a civil war here? >> thankfully, this bill has not yet passed yet and god willing it won't pass. >> pete: if the bill passes will there be any minority or woman that's not able to vote. >> the person who oversees elections is appointed by a republican. republican appointed secretary of state. she actually said that texas'
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elections in the past two cycles have safe, smooth, and secure. those were the three words she used. >> pete: okay, but we also had as you pointed out your party has pointed out time and time again, we needed to expand these things because of covid, and by the way, i didn't see a whole lot of covid going on on that private plane without those masks. but i digress. so, if code is not there, and ultimately minimized application, shouldn't would he be making sure that the rules go back to something that makes sense, that's reasonable? >> that's a great question. i think, you know, in the pandemic we learned that a lot of things being made more convenient and more accessible. a lot of folks working from home than going in the office. that's things we learned in voting. we can. >> pete: quick question are you okay with voter i.d.? because you are going back to the talking points. i get it the talking points have been issued. are you okay with voter i.d.? >> so voter i.d. is currently required in the state of texas. i opposed having to. >> pete: how about mail-in parking lot how about having
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send your ballot in should you have to who you are. >> i said i oppose voter i.d. it's the law in texas i oppose. >> pete: you oppose voter i.d. you don't think the most sacred obligation of our republic you should have to prove how are in order to vote? >> so there are a lot of texans, hundreds of thousands who don't have a driver's license license. >> pete: woe whoa whoa whoa, do they have a social security number. according to the law you can put last four digital of social security number. in help me out do they not have social security numbers? and who are people that can't get i.d. >> if you are talking about the bill currently thosed on not passed texas law. what the bill will reduce voting hours. empower part sap poll watchers look other the soldier shoulders. >> partisan poll workers the ones weren't allowed in certain states in certain times at certain places whether you agree with that texas says maybe we should have partisan poll watcherrers on either side
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republicans and democrat it wouldn't just be republicans. >> talked about the big lie. this is exactly what i'm talking about. you just. >> pete: you went on national television james and. >> repeat the lie over and over again. >> pete: we're not talking about that. you went on national television and said you don't want voter i.d. revealing contactually what democrats and it's so condescending to say that people can't get identification. have you found someone in your district that can't get identification? >> you have made a lot of money personally and you have enriched a lot of corporations with advertising by getting on here and spewing lies and conspiracy theories to folks who trust me and so what i'm asking you to do is tell your voters right now that donald trump lost the election in 2020. >> pete: a lie ---resolve the lie that democrats are now for voter i.d. but at least you resolved the idea that democrats are not for voter i.d. >> do you agree he lost the election in 2020? can you answer the question. did donald trump lose the election in 2020. >> pete: i don't answer the
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questions. i don't feel any obligation to answer any question for you. >> pete, the reason i bring this up because this lie. >> pete: in washington, d.c. in texas when your job is in texas because you know it's inevitable that this bill is going to pass. eventually you will have to pay your hotel bill and go back to texas and governor abbott will declare a special session. you are being used by national democrats to try to pass hr-1 to federalize elections that you as a harvard grad should know better. because the constitution puts that in the hands of state legislators who are posed to be in their state and you are supposed to be in washington, d.c. i don't know how you square that circle. >> i can answer. based on the oath that i took for this office. i uphold the constitution. i uphold the democratic system. as a texas democrat i will tell you, this we lose a lot on the floor of the texas house. we lose votes on abortion and guns and immigration. >> pete: are you going to flee the state why is this number one. >> this is how democracy is supposed to work. the reason this is different they are trying to rig the rules of the game. >> pete: rig the rules of the game.
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i see. asking people to prove who they are. >> democracy itself. >> pete: your party has been obsessed with covid standards the cdc and standards says you need to wear one on a plane. why didn't you guys? >> all of us are fully vaccinated that got on the plane without a mask. >> pete: if you are fully vaccinated you can get on a plane. if you report fully vaccinated and get on a plane. >> constituents. unlike our senator who fled our state. >> pete: james talarico, enjoy your time in washington, d.c. look forward to see you in texas, maybe weeks or months. >> thanks, pete. >> pete: at which point voter i.d. law. wow. that was interesting. also here tonight the co-host of the clay travis and buck sexton shows running in many markets in the rush limbaugh slot. guys, have at it, buck, start with you. does he know what's being done on his math and is he okay with going on national tv and saying that voter i.d. is not needed? >> i think it's great that we have delusional democrats running around saying completely
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insane things, right, when they're talking about the greatest threat since the civil war, joe biden was mumbling about confederates today and the insurrection of january 6th. and then pivoting back to all of a sudden all of us being terrified about limitings early voting days or making sure that people have to present i.d., which has already been tested in the supreme court. everyone knows voter i.d. is both legal and legitimate and actually popular if you look at any of the polls. i think this is good. what you see is a biden administration that has nothing to really tout as an accomplishment six months in. it's been a lot of noise and not a lot of substance except for the disasters at the southern border. the economy that feels stalling out. inflation rising. gas prices that are high and, yes, of course, defund the police, dumbest single political slogan perhaps in history falling by the wayside for them too. yeah they make up crazy talk about how there is an effort, racism to prevent people from voting. it's not relate but they are buying into it.
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>> pete: no, it's not. i asked for one example someone not able to get identification or a social security number in texas. he openly says, hey, we don't need voter i.d. why would we? >> well, the democratic party we talked about this today on the clay and buck show. their entire campaign now is everything is racist. it doesn't matter what argument you make. goes back to everything is racist around 08% of americans, white black, asian, hispanic believe that you should have to have a voter i.d. in order to vote. right? an i.d. and, also, in order to get the covid vaccine, which is a great follow-up here for the texas legislature members, tough have a vaccine. is it racist in order to get the covid vaccine for you to have to have an i.d.? i do love by the way that the texas legislature evidently believes that if you are identifying as vaccinated or vaccinated you don't need a mask anymore. >> pete: that was nice. >> by the way greg abbott. that was nice uncovering there we will get greg abbott on the
4:17 pm
radio program tomorrow, buck sexton and i are to talk about all of this chaos that has spiraled out of the democrats fleeing the state of texas. but i think ultimately the goal here is going to be what you talked about. a safe and secure election that isn't rigged based on covid ridiculousness and the irony here is four years the democrats have spent calling donald trump a illegitimate president and democracy under attack because of this election? >> pete: notice how quickly and almost automatically they pivot back. it's got to be donald trump. it's got to be that. that's the problem. that's why this is being done. that's why asking for someone's identification. even if they don't have to photocopy it is an evil thing. i will tell you, this buck and clay, your radio program is fantastic. i have listened to it on multiple occasions. congratulations. great to have you on. >> appreciate that. thank you for having us. >> we didn't coordinate outfits. >> pete: you don't need to anymore. you spend so much time together
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it's osmosis. will a lot of republicans fight back against this administration's radical agenda. where the hell are they in the great one, mark levin up next on that. ♪ ♪ get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max.
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4:24 pm
a former president who provoked a violent attack on this capitol in an effort to steal the election. >> why didn't the president call the guard. where was kevin? what conversations did kevin have? what members were involved? >> if you are not vaccinated you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. >> right now 12 plus could be vaccinated be safe in the schools get vaccinated. >> i believe it's time for us to address the here and now as well as the international effort we're going to have over some decades to try and reduce our co 2 emissions. >> pete: joining us now is the great one mark levin he is the host of mark, liberty and levin on this network and author of the smash fantastic new book american marxism out today. you can get it today and you should if they still have them because i know he has had mountains of preorders. mark, congratulations on the book. we are going to get to that in a moment. it's more than a book. it's a movement. you have talked about that. first, when you hear that kirsten gillibrand from capitol
4:25 pm
hill to covid, to climate, with friends like this, considering what we're up against, no wonder we're on the verge of american marxism. >> there is no question about. you know, we, the people, are going to have to take action ourselves. we cannot rely on the liz cheneys, the romneys, or the others of the world. they are like out of the 150s republican party. they don't understand what swirling around our country today. joe biden and his party are playing for keeps. they are trying to destroy our voting system. have you noticed, pete, that they never show us all these voters who have been denied the right to vote? or all these lawsuits brought under the voting right act 1965. where you have a cause of action if somebody has prevented you from voting because of your race or sex or what have you? have you noticed all the cameras from cnn and nbc and abc in these communities showing us all the people who have been denied the right to vote? this is a big lie. and the democrats work off big
4:26 pm
lies all the time. the fact of the matter is, we want as many people to vote as possible. if you are allowed to vote. the rule isn't anybody votes, anybody vote wherever they want to vote. that's not the rule. that's chaos, that's anarchy. that's california. we don't want to california nice the rest of the country. the democrat party is about the democrat party not the country everything they are doing now is about empowering the democrat party. they want to destroy the court system. they want to pack the senate. they want to pack the supreme court. they want to eliminate the snib the borders are open to help the democratic party with their votes. that's their intention. party before country. do you know what else, pete? have you noticed the psaki and biden and other democrats never talk about what's in their bills? they want 16 and 17-year-olds to register to vose they want no
4:27 pm
signature match. they didn't want any voting i.d. until about two weeks ago when they realized even their base believes in voter i.d. >> pete: well, we know why. >> it's not the for the people act. it's the corrupt act. >> pete: of course, we know they want to pass it so later on we can find out what's in it of course, in the mean time they're characterizing it as the most critical threat to our democracy, which they always mischaracterize since the civil war, mark. now, you write about history. you understand the constitution. with these kind of characterizations do they really believe it is this. >> these are exactly the same thing and they say it with passion and they say it with emotion regardless they are liars. this isn't a for the people act. this is for the democratic party act. you know critical race theory says view everything through
4:28 pm
race. view everything through the eyes of control of the democrat party. it has that with a lot of these autocratic parties all over the world. look what's going on in cuba. it's about the party. keeping control. in north carolina, he doesn't care about the people of the country. it's the party. it's the communist party. xi, it's empowering the communist party. venezuela, empowering the communist party. the democrat party, whether it likes it or not, has a lot in common with this mindset. it's all about the democrat party. they are not progressives, they are not democratic socialists. they are not the liberals. they are, in many ways our american marxist movement. >> pete: so, mark, real quick. we have about a minute. you say this book is more than a book. it is a movement. why? >> well, because this book does things i haven't done before this book has scholarship, which i explain. it's got a lot of substance, which i explain. it's the longest book i have ever written. at the end, it's about activism. why? because as i have said earlier, we are not at the precipice
4:29 pm
looking into the owe business. we are in the abyss. and woe need to claw our way out. so whatever little disputations we have among us, whether you are libertarian or moderate democrat, if you love this country, you have got get involved. from our classrooms, to our borders, to our constitution, they are all under attack. and the democrat party needs to change this country and millions of us like me, need to protect this country. that's why this is a growing galvanizing movement. we need to rally around our founding principle. >> pete: one of the things i love about it, mark, it gives people specific things they can do once they realize they are in the abyss as you talked about. i never believe i would have thought you have to write a book entitled american marxism. >> you are right. it's unbelievable. >> pete: scary. it says everything. mark levin, the great one, book is out today. we are honored to have him on "fox news primetime." mark, thank you so much. >> pete, thank you for what you do and thank you for your past
4:30 pm
service. god bless you. >> pete: well, they said it wouldn't happen. but it is happening. today, democrat activists started knocking on doors armed with bags of needles. it may have your name on them. but what happens if you say no? ing ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> people saying that government is knocking on your door trying to force you to vaccinate. that's not the case at all. we are getting trusted messengers to try get people to understand and appreciate why it's important for their own safety, to that of their families and for the community in general. >> pete: oh, rest easy, we were told. government agents would never come to your house with a covid vaccine that you are supposed to take. but our trusted messengers might. oh, what is a trusted messenger? well they found out this week in
4:36 pm
north carolina. [knocking] >> door by door, person by person,. >> vaccinated? >> yes, ma'am. >> volunteers with action in spreading facts about the covid-19 vaccine. >> pete: spreading the fact. i bet you haven't seen that video, open the door. let them inside and they will give you the facts for free. but it turns out they are armed with more than just free facts. they have got a bagful of needles with your name on it. >> now they are taking it a step further, bringing health department staff on site. you avoid the line, free. >> pete: don't ask questions. it's free. just listen to your trusted messenger and roll up your sleeve. did anyone bother to ask who these trusted messengers actually are in the local news calls them volunteers for a local nonprofit. that seems nice. i know some local nonprofits.
4:37 pm
they are actually radical left wing activists from a group called action nc. they are on a mission to defend democracy. their top initiatives race gender and equity. shortened to rage as they put it and grow the vote. so they can register more democrat voters. we should know the top of the page as you can see right there shouts resist with a raised fist. but what happens if you resist them when they show up at your doors armed with a syringe and a pamphlet full of free fact? they will probably say no problem. it's okay. just remember, they know where you live. charlie kirk is the founder and president of turning point u.s.a. charlie, thanks for being here. when i saw this topic, i thought of the guy who leads one of the largest grassroots organizations in america. could you conceive of a situation in which turning point was armed with facts and going
4:38 pm
door to door to assist in vaccinating america? >> i don't think we would do that any time soon at turning point u.s.a. this whole thing is a massive overreach of government. and that's obvious. but, even more concerning about this is how when they say they go door to door they are not actually giving the entire story of the vaccine to these people. for example, are they saying in their training manuals to the people, these volunteers, that the fda has just offered new guidance around the johnson & johnson vaccine on thousand might contribute to a very rare nerve disorder? that would be probably helpful to tell people? look, if you have decided not to get the vaccine by now, which i have made that decision. a personal medical decision, you are probably not going to get it after all the billboards, all of the television commercials, all the radio commercials, if you still are not yet convinced, you need a knock on your door? it's government overreach in the purest form and also, pete,
4:39 pm
yesterday, the story broke that the white house is then going to collude with social media companies and sms text message carrier informs go after text messages including some text messages that we sent at turning point action regarding this door-to-door strategy from the white house. >> pete: on the trusted messenger front because you are right on the facts and information of course they are not getting the true story about the covid-19. they are pushing the vaccine. action nc registers democrat voters yet they're the trusted messenger that king fauci says will arrive at your door? how often does that happen? >> well, you are making such a great point these are community organizationers that are usually walking precincts and now they are going to try to distribute vaccines? that doesn't seem exactly within the parameters of the public health department at local county level. so who are these people and what are they saying? we got our hands on this on our podcast one of the lake county
4:40 pm
health official guidelines if you want to be kind of one of the trusted messengers in lake county and they walk through exactly what you say and by the way there is zero negative information at all in that entire manual and then it's amazing, pete, they have to put down names, address, vaccination status and reason why they say they don't want to have it and then submit it to the proper health authorities. the last thing i will say is this, pete, the left is in a very interesting pickle here, black americans denying the vaccine more than any other ethnic group. are they all of a sudden going to push that toward the black community. >> all very useful information when you are vaccinating maybe you want to register people, too. nice and circular. charlie kirk, thanks for all you are doing. thank you. >> got it all right. get this story. up next, two parents swap genders only to discover it doesn't really work that well. turns out dads, they can't breastfeed.
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♪ >> pete: here's a story about a transgender couple from washington, d.c. who have recently had a child. congratulations. now the biological mother though wants to be dad and the biological father wants to be mom. now, this is america and people can call themselves whatever they want these days. i get it but they can't fool blilg. >> the baby has been able to latch but i have not able to produce any milk. that's okay because we're going to supplement the feeding with formula so that my baby is still getting the nutrients that they need but, i'm still feeling hopeful. >> i'm not a doctor but even though we have nipples, men cannot breastfeed with a good solid latch. according to science, milk for babies does not come from men.
4:47 pm
here now louisiana senator john kennedy. senator, your reaction if you would? >> well, um, i guess from one perspective i agree with what you said, pete, this is america and you are entitled to. >> pete: sure. >> believe what you want. what i find curious is why so many of the social media platforms will allow that but won't allow other things and i'm talking, of course, about censorship. you know, social media is no longer on level playing field. i'm not sure it ever was. but we're allowed to see and what we're allowed to say on social media is being censored. and the people censoring it are the people who run social media and in many respects they have
4:48 pm
turned social media into a killing field for the truth. >> pete: senator, you are on to it the video, the reason we found it, it was promoted on facebook watch without a label and how is this video not an example of say, they love the word misinformation, medical misinformation? facebook has decided it's going to be arbiter of truth and science why wouldn't they look at this video and say it doesn't pass muster? >> well, yeah. i think that's the problem. i mean, i don't have a problem if somebody wants to put a video like that on social media but i'm going to watch won't watch it. what does bother me the people who run run social media are controlling what we are allowed to see and what we are allowed to say. now, the people who run social media are very smart. i will give them that. so was the unabomber. the people who run social media
4:49 pm
say in terms of their censorship that they're being fair and objective and impartial and if you believe that you will never own your own home. if you believe that you are like a rock only dumber. i think it's just the fact that the people who run social media, are, in my opinion, this is america, nauseously woke. and i trust them like i trust bill cosby as the bartender. now, they are entitled to have their political beliefs. don't misunderstand me. but given the status of social media penetrated virtually every aspect of our lives. given the status of social media and for legal theories i will go into if you want, when these people who run social media act on their political beliefs and their censorship, they are violating well-settled federal law in the united states
4:50 pm
constitution. that's my point. i'm okay if they take the position, look, we are not going to censor anything. i'm fine with that. >> pete: that's it. this video can run anywhere as far as i'm concerned without a label as long as it run a video about hydroxychloroquine. it seems so easy but of course their woke lens prevents them from that view. >> it's the censorship. i mean, look, if they want to run a video of a rooster laying eggs or allegedly laying eggs, i'm cool with that, too. that's not the point. you are entitled to believe what you want and you can post what you want, but, the head of social media, because of their political beliefs should not be allowed to say you can see this but you can't see that. >> pete: i hate to see a good latch go to waste. senator, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> pete: will cain makes triumphant return to the segment i created clearly on the clock
4:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> pete: it is time to bring in my good friend and fellow fox and friends we can cohost, will cain, because we are going to put them on the clock that one of us invented. let the emojis be our guide. first one. you remember rhino jeff flake. he's turned his allegiance to joe biden into a new job but this might actually be a win-win for everyone as biden is said to ship flight out to become the newest ambassador to turkey. sounds about right. >> yeah, sounds about right why? you're going to do a little wordplay? turkey for turkey type thing. >> pete: that's the easy one, i was expecting more from you. >> i mean what do you say about this? career politician endorses an incoming president, gets his political payoff by a diplomatic position. it yeah, i guess that's washington, d.c., right there. >> pete: shaking in his boots
4:57 pm
as we sent him halfway around the globe. former clinton labor advisor taking his unused talents to tiktok, chinese owned, where he's putting out a cringe where the climate message. watch this. ♪ ♪ the kids are sold. they've got to be sold. you want me. you know you want me. >> so i'm going to say this with as much self-awareness as i can possibly muster. this is coming from two guys who get dressed up in bubble wrap and bang into each other playing knocker ball on weekend television, so when i talked about dignity, we know something about this. social media might have totally killed the concept of dignity. it is -- look, it's ruining our society but here you have a guy who is a former labor secretary trying to appeal to the kids there through a tiktok dance. have you note dignity?
4:58 pm
>> pete: we certainly don't, we've surrounded that -- surrender that together when we pay -- >> play knocker ball with me and pete, i promise you will come out with more dignity. >> pete: then we can all make a tiktok video to another. great news, china -- this is a good one -- is officially removing pandas from the endangered species list. good news. my question for you, will cain, is is this paving away for a a potentially new addition to the menu? >> oh, my gosh! you're ready to start eating panda? >> pete: if it's not endangered, what do they taste like? have you ever tried it? >> all of a sudden i'm appalled and i don't know why. i've had bear meat, it's greasy. it's not particularly good. our pandas different than black bear? i have no idea what it tastes like. so one thing i will tell you is brian kilmeade, who sometimes sits in the chair you are sitting the chair you're sitting in, so excited about his news so we can stop talking about pandas.
4:59 pm
he devoted 10 minutes that they can finally be retired from the news cycle, no more worrying about their procreation and whether or not they are feeling frisky that day. we can finally quit talking about pandas, they are no longer in danger. >> pete: so do you braise a pandora do you smoke a panda? what do you do? i want to know. it's all up in the air now. >> put it in your smoker. >> pete: population control and then we are going to step in. last one, if you're watching the home run derby -- if you are watching, you may have been wondering why the kids in the outfield catching fly balls were wearing masks when no one else, not even the players or the fans were wearing them. will cain, why? >> because we are losing our minds because we have a mental illness, a societal insanity. this is child abuse, its perversion, what are we doing and we are all just going to go along with it and go yeah, it's normal. dr. fauci was on tv today, pete, saying yeah, between 2-12 unvaccinated kids should be wearing masks. we need a psychiatrist for this
5:00 pm
society. >> pete: you're exactly right. will cain, hope you come back, hope you come back. >> i'll be here. >> pete: thank you for watching "fox news primetime." i'm pete pete hegseth, we will have some off-color stories like we did tonight. i'm sure. up next, tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it was a happy day in america, a beautiful july day and then this afternoon something great happened. joe biden made a very disturbing announcement. this country faces a crisis more dangerous than anything since the american civil war, biden said, that is gettysburg, shiloh, the walking dead of andersonville, the killing fields of the 19th century american south. that's what we're looking at


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