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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 13, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: thank you very much. the american league starting pitcher, also the leadoff batter, that would be like me doing the show and also working cameras. just on a much grander stage. but kind of the same. can you believe that? it could be a game for the ages on fox. that will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, harold ford jr., dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ a huge battle over voting taking center stage in america. a fearmongering joe biden surveying republicans as racist, and claiming democracy in america is under siege over states like texas trying to pass election integrity laws. >> the 21st century jim crow
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assault israel. it's unrelenting. and we are going to challenge it vigorously. are you on the side of truth or lies? fact or fiction, justice or injustice connect democracy or autocracy? that's what it's coming down to. stand up, for god sake, and help prevent this concerted effort to undermine our election. have you know shame? we are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. >> jesse: joe biden is also calling for a federal takeover of elections and is promising to use his department of justice to go after the states. now, keep in mind, while the president spewed that kind of rhetoric, liberal fact-checkers have found these republican bills actually expand voting hours. but those facts don't matter to liberals in texas. a group of showboating democrats just skipping town in order to block republicans there from
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passing these new voting bills. they are fashioning themselves as political martyrs, who of course fled the the down next washington, d.c., without face masks, and a quesadilla. while they soak up attention, texas governor greg abbott is promising to arrest them when they return. >> i will continue calling special session after a special session because overtime is going to continue to vote. they will be arrested and brought to the texas buy capitol and will be conducting business. >> greg: what joe said today just upsets me. i mean, he is a pathological, shameless liar. he ran on being a unifier, and all he does his bank on racial discontent. he is comparing this bill to the
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kkk, jim crow. all he does is foment racial conflict. he claims he's making a moral case for voting rights as if there are no voting rights. every american has the right to vote, except the less favored voting blocs, which are felons, illegal immigrants, and the dead. [laughter] is only one true possibility of a zombie uprising, and it's because the corpses found out they voted for joe biden. the only republicans they know of are evil. ronald reagan was supposed be the worst pain he was hitler. then you have george bush, a warmonger paid than the other george bush, he was a warmonger. then john mccain, warmonger, and mitt romney was going to put everybody back in chains. then we are supposed to get the biggest, greatest existential risk in history out of donald trump, and now that's a lie, because he's gone, and now
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this is a bigger existential risk than donald trump. this is the worst thing since the civil war. i'm beginning to think they are exaggerating. [laughter] >> jesse: what gave you that idea? >> greg: i don't know! i'm just looking for the next existential risk. >> jesse: judge jeanine, i looked through the entire texas voting bill, and there's not one in there that restricts voting. >> jeanine: there isn't. if you think about it, they even brought one person before you to tell you that this person was not able to vote because of this. in fact, what they want to do, remember when they expanded everything because of the pandemic? they want to keep the pandemic voting and what makes me crazy is you have these texas legislators to make the decision that they're going to go to washington, d.c. i mean, it is such an embarrassment to texans. i know a lot of people from texas, i love a lot of people
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from texas, okay? but one thing they don't do is cut and run. they don't run to daddy in washington and say, "daddy, help us, we want to do our job and federalize the election laws." who gave you that right? get back to work. people voted for you to work on legislation. you tried to stop the regular session, they couldn't get anything to pass, and they are doing it for the special sessions. these people are an embarrassment. look at them, they look like they're going to camp. i can guarantee there is miller lite on that plane. stephen there is. >> greg: they had to buy the deer. obviously the taxpayers. >> jesse: so how does it look right now, the democrats fleeing to washington? i believe kamala harris is going to be meeting with these fleeing democrats. i don't know when, but we'll cover here in show.
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>> everyone has raised at the right points. >> jeanine: i like you, this is the first time we've been together! >> greg: keep your hands off him. [laughter] >> jeanine: i'm sorry! >> harold: you have to ask the question, what do we want when you have an election connect to your point, during the pandemic we made it easier for people to. i happen to think what you want in any election -- and i've won in five elections, i lost one. i wish we could have found more people to vote and make the claims that former president trump is making. i wanted more people to vote and they didn't. it turns out that they won this time. if you have a set of systems in place to encourage that and validated going forward, i think we should. politics, too much theater. traveling to d.c. i get the politics, the theater of the politics. we all engage in a little of that to make our point. i reminded her that he, 60 federal state courts denied these claims. it has been more scrutiny around this presidential race.
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the guy wanted to win won. had he lost, i would have accepted it and moved on. i think at some point they need to accept there was an election, president biden won, and if we are serious about more people voting, let's put efforts forward and changes to election laws that allow more people to vote and not make it harder for people to vote. >> dana: what people? >> jesse: harold, let me ask you a specific question. where in the texas builders and make it harder for people to vote? >> harold: two things, to answer question. number one, we roll back some of the pandemic accommodations that were there to make it easier for people to vote. >> jesse: what did they do to make it harder for people to vote? >> dana: 24-hour voting in houston, it was supposed to be allowed and they did it. for one example. >> harold: we can go line by line and the bill, but there is no doubt there are efforts that are different for the 2022 and '24 election. >> greg: if you are saying they are rolling back, that's
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not true, because they are adding more time to vote. maybe they took away the 24-hour rule, but there are way more hours on early voting i think -- i'm not saying it's not a serious topic, but i think it's actually something to be ridiculed and laughed at. if nothing passes, the state reverts back to pre2020. if that -- >> greg: somebody read the packet! [laughter] >> dana: the democrats or for restrictions, because it would be pre2020. our new things in here. the supreme court just ruled last week or the week before that not a single person could be shown to have been harmed in arizona when it came to voting restrictions. so the supreme court said no, you can't show an actual person has been harmed, and you can't, that was your point there. but also the texas democrats really didn't think this through. they made arrangements for private jets, hotel rooms, they scheduled their tv interviews, but they didn't have a communications meeting. they had simply no message at all. so they end up doing step one, get on a plane, get some beer,
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take a lot of selfies. [laughter] leave that blank, let's fill that in later, and step three, when the fight. they are trying to play power politics with no power. there is no strategy. they need a mitch mcconnell who can calmly say, "this is the goal we want to get to come of this is what will be able to do," then you work backwards. these guys i like, "well, we will stay in d.c. for an indeterminate period. please send more money so they can stay in hotels." in their fund-raising like crazy. >> greg: where are their masks? >> jeanine: not only that, they're going to be there for 26 days. that's when this special session is ending. they're not going back, who is paying for this hotel? democratic socialists of america? [laughter] >> jesse: yeah, harold! yet! [laughter] >> harold: i'm for more people voting. >> greg: and for less people
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voting! joking. >> jesse: a big city police chief steering stomach tearing into the left's anti-cop rhetoric after 3-year-old was shot. you won't want to miss what he says next. ♪ ♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to
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♪ ♪ >> greg: minneapolis police chief telling into the left's anti-cop rhetoric after 3-year-old was shot in his city. he said the biggest threat in the community is not the police. >> the biggest threat to public safety in our city, and particularly the african-american community, is not the police. it is not the police. we have an epidemic right now of unequivocal gun violence, particularly in the african-american communities, and that must stop. >> greg: that comes as president biden admits democrats are wrong on defunding the police after telling big city leaders and law enforcement officials to use covid cash to hire more cops. dana, you are the first person, i believe, to bring this up to
2:16 pm
me about this transfer of money from one thing to another. what is so odd about it connect what irks you? >> dana: what irks me is, on the phone the police, let's take minneapolis for example. the local city council decided to defund the police. there are consequences for that, you are seeing them now. the president's answer on this has been, okay, because we have all this covid relief monday dominic many competencies that paid you have local taxpayers they were presented by local government making decisions that affect the local community. and the federal taxpayer, through covid relief funds, has to bail it out connect i don't think that makes any sense and i don't think we should sleep on it. >> greg: what should we do? >> dana: i don't know! [laughter] >> greg: let's snap on it, have a snack, and come back later. judge, i had this amazing ironic theory. the greatest irony of all is the left, they wanted. they have a handicapped police,
2:17 pm
they've got some defunding, all this anti-cop rhetoric out there, and what they got in return is the death of gun control. you cannot have an argument about gun control as you have leftists buying guns. the 8 million guns from last year, they are finding in a survey that a lot of liberals are buying guns. >> jeanine: look, gun sales are through the roof for one reason. people aren't stupid. they know that when they call 911 that maybe 911 ain't coming. they've got to defend themselves. we saw it last weekend. there were several killings. one i think by a 12-year-old defending his mother, another an 80-year-old woman when a guy came into her house. people who has and buy guns legally know they have to learn how to use a gun, so they can shoot and kill. what's going on in the streets of chicago and everywhere else are just a bunch of thugs shooting. they've never been to a gun range. they just take it out of out of their waistband and shoot in the
2:18 pm
hood, all right? and that's why you see americans get it. they know. by the way, the biggest epidemic in this country, it's not covid, it's not climate change, it's not all this other stuff. it is criminals in the united states walking free after they are shooting innocent victims. it's happening in a way that we haven't seen since the '70s, and it is skyrocketing. >> greg: harold, why do you love criminals? [laughter] >> harold: i was waiting for that question, greg. [laughter] look, that minneapolis police chief, he has been consistent throughout all of this. he was amongst a number of democrats that, for a long time, said we can't defund the police. i set it on this show, i said it from the, i beat up a little bit for saying anyone who does on police in their neighborhood, send them to my neighborhood. and frankly, every other neighborhood in the country. i live in a neighborhood that i'm fortunate to live in. i don't know any neighborhood in america that is one police there. two, this bail before them,
2:19 pm
judge, you are right. those were well-intentioned people wanting some kind of bail reform, but it's gone awry. whatever the good intentions were, they've completely missed the point here. they are putting criminals and violent people back on the streets. we got to change that. three, i'm still a believer in the ghost gun. last night we were talking a little bit about this. you've got to increase the prosecutions of people who have guns illegally. but at the same time you have to ask the question, and you got on me by talking about fresh apples last week, that some of these kids can get fresh apples but they can get guns, if the committal can't walk into a gun show and buy it, it seems strange to me that these kids bring blood into the community. let's go to the bad guys for letting guns into these communities and go after these kids, these thugs come and criminals. not just kids, any age person committing violent acts in communities, and let's stop them from getting out of jail. >> jeanine: but prosecuting gun trafficking is nothing new. we've been doing this for years.
2:20 pm
>> greg: but now it's change. >> harold: but prior to the pandemic, chicago had these issues before. prior to president trump raising issues about gun violence in chicago, it existed. democratic mayors also oversaw cities where crime was coming down. a number of factors, and we can debate that later, but i think we go after those flooding the communities with guns. >> jeanine: chicago are one of the lowest in terms of prosecuting gun trafficking in the country. >> harold: i agree, that needs to change. >> greg: jesse, it's an age-old lesson that you don't know what you have until it's gone. people like the squad, they are the loudest defunders. do you think they've learned a lesson connect steel the defund the police movement dissipated >> jesse: 50 from the police movement dissipated faster than occupy wall street. all the people that sponsor and have to live with that. do you remember 2020 to people who are pushing defund the police? who was it? the professional black activist class, activist revolutionaries,
2:21 pm
it was the squad, and local city council members. who wasn't on that list? it wasn't your mound and your dad in the black community that struggles with violence. this was not a movement for the people. because the people in these neighborhoods now you have to have fast 911 response times. so it took al sharpton, who is supposed to represent black america, until september to come out and say that defund the police is something that a latte liberal would support. it took cnn until august after the polling switch, "hey, this maybe isn't a good idea." it is so fragile. you may the minute you start actingperme and we are living the result of that. >> harold: there are no doubts that there should've been more voices, as well. >> greg: and when we brought up, you have a network said it wasn't defund it, was diverting.
2:22 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jeanine: socialist bernie sanders finally breaking his silence on cuba. and of course he's taking a shot at america. bernie going soft on the communist regime when pressed on it. >> during the campaign you said that it's unfair to simply say everything is bad in cuba. do you still share that sentiment now that the people there seem to be --
2:27 pm
>> i support throughout latin america and in cuba and everywhere else, the right of people to protest for a decent economy and for political freedom. >> jeanine: and bernie's response wouldn't be complete without blaming america. instead of decades of a communist dictatorship. he tweeted this. quote, "it's also long past time to end the embargo on cuba, which has only hurt and not help the cuban people." i will go to you, greg. talk about the fact that people in cuba who are protesting allegedly are protesting over covid, according to the cuban -- what is it? >> greg: services? >> jeanine: whenever, the government. is it really about covid? >> greg: of course not. covid just brings out the worst in a doomed society. for sanders, it's hard to condemn something or an idea that you've almost pays for your entire life. it goes back to the enemy of intellectual growth, which is
2:28 pm
the sunk cost. if you've invested 70 years of your life and an idea that destroys entities once they adopt it, it's kind of hard. it's a little late for bernie to turn that truck around. it's the ideological equivalent of a money pit. you can't stop putting money into it. bernie denouncing cuba would be like cnn denouncing fake news. that's your brand. jesse denouncing hair gel, dana denouncing jasper, me denouncing raw sexuality. [laughter] >> jeanine: that was a great answer. thank you. the democratic socialists of america seem to be backing the claim that they are not protesting about freedom, but they are protesting about other things like the economy. >> dana: then they should take spanish class, because libertad, which they are asking for, means freedom, liberty, which is what
2:29 pm
they are asking for. you can see it's really grassroots in such a slot of including a rap artist he was like, "i'm going to go forward," because they are sick of it, they are tired and want to help. the good news is, for the cubans, it is biden and not bernie who is president of the united states. i don't think biden is exactly where obama was on this. remember, he went full normalize relations, and the embargo, doing all these things. trump walked it back. i don't think biden will go back to the obama version. once, they saw what happened when they squashed -- or didn't help -- the revolution in iran. and they don't want that to happen there in cuba. the discouraging thing is that the internet has been shut down and communication has kind of stopped there, so if there's anyone out there that has the technology that would allow these people to be able to communicate with each other, it's good. the other bad news is apparently a lot of these dissidents who
2:30 pm
were jailed are being treated terribly and there will be consequences for that, too. >> jeanine: that's true, they are being treated terribly. we found out that there are more than 100 missing or arrested, and one included a journalist. what should we be doing? >> jesse: we don't have a great track record of dealing with that regime, so i don't know what we could do. every attempt we've made to overthrow that regime has backfired, so this might be a time to wait it out. but i want to talk about bernie sanders here. just a little history lesson, the reason we have the embargo against cuba is because the soviets put missiles in cuba. ballistic missiles pointed at the united states. they are 90 miles off the shore of key west. you think that's okay? let's just drop the embargo and all the enemies of america just send missiles to cuba and point them at washington, d.c. that's why bernie sanders is dangerously stupid. does bernie really believe that communism would work if we just
2:31 pm
dropped the embargo? no, the regime will just pilfer all the stuff and basically use patronage to set up a permanent and never-ending authoritarian regime. here's what bernie -- and this is greg's point here -- here is what bernie is saying. he never addresses the fact that people in these communist countries hate it. they are suffering. he never talks about that, he always talks about theoretical communism and theoretical socialism, and that's because he's arrogant. and he believes that communism or socialism would work in this country, and people would like it if bernie sanders could administer it, and that's a fallacy. >> jeanine: he said it was working in venezuela until it wasn't, that he had a take it off the website. what about the squad connect they are quiet on this one. >> harold: i can't speak for them, i don't know why. i have not been, president biden has not been. i agree with everything that's and said, and there's no excuse. you have a decaying, corrupt
2:32 pm
communist regime 90 miles off our shore. at some level we ought to step back and ponder that question, anybody in their right mind can't support what's happening there and has to be supportive of these protesters. to jesse's point, this could be one of those tipping point moments where the people decide they want this, and we have to decide how we want to be helpful, if we cut, and if we could be constructive and helpful. finally, if you look at the entire region, you look at our entire hemisphere, one of the reasons i believe, as much as we spend money and other hemispheres around the globe to try to stabilize things -- and we should -- we spend very little here. >> jeanine: so true. >> harold: had to think about that in a meaningful way. take bernie and the squad out of that and think about it from a foreign policy and national security standpoint. >> jeanine: that's a great point, it really is. >> harold: thank you pay [laughter] >> greg: i don't know about you, it's getting really hot in here. [laughter] >> jeanine: president biden being pressured to read your text messages. ♪ ♪
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get outta here! it's not crazy. it's a scramble. just crack an egg. ♪ ♪ >> harold: the new concerns over big brother and privacy in america. the dnc and president biden's allies are reportedly pressuring phone companies to monitor text messages to stop covid disinformation. adding to politico, these groups are, quote, "planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with sms characters done at carriers dispel misinformation about vaccines in messages." and the fbi is getting attention over this post on twitter urging americans to monitor "family members and peers" to prevent homegrown violent extremism. wow.
2:38 pm
jesse, let me ask you this. if you have a family member whom you think might be engaged in something that they shouldn't be engaged in, that it could create a domestic terrorism challenge, how do you react to that? >> jesse: it worries me, because i think my mom is going to narc on me. [laughter] she's going to go to christopher wray. jesse watters is listening to the dan bongino podcast and he's radicalized pay [laughter] it turns this country into media matters, you turn everybody into narcs who monitor conservatives and get mad when they tell the truth. what makes democrats in the media think they even know what misinformation is connect they been wrong on everything about the pandemic. the travel ban, the beach closings, the world closings, masks, hydroxy, nursing homes. are they going to fact-check my phone after being wrong on all
2:39 pm
of that? now. bernie a judge, with the standard command we should obviously know what the standard is in terms of how far we can ge president be concerned about these things? is a complete out-of-bounds, is it somewhat inbounds? how would you strike a balance? >> jeanine: i think the president should be concerned about everything that affects the safety of americans. you don't want to know what i think. first of all, he's got people going door-to-door, that is reminiscent of a time in history to get people to then -- you know, narc on family members. it's like over thanksgiving, they were saying about covid. "if there's more than 16 people next door, call the cops like you would if your kids were drinking." with capital new mentality now that we've got to turn each other in. it's all about divisiveness, it's all about dividing us, whether it's racism or whether it's them against us. what they are doing is they are creating all of these fighting
2:40 pm
groups, their right, we are wrong, we have to turn the men and turn them into criminals. it's a good place to be in history. >> harold: i have a strong answer about its right to get the vaccine. is that right or wrong, about the vaccine? >> dana: here's the thing, i think everyone who came up with, "let's reach vaccine skeptics by monitoring the text messages," is the same genus it came up with the idea that we go door-to-door. they don't communicate clearly. i understand their attendance are very good. i think what biden and harris if they cared about this issue, it's not just conservatives. there are people that are certainly low income, and sometimes in black communities in particular, for example, in states where there is little or vaccinations, you can find both paid and younger people, ages 18-29. they are very match the ones who are like, "hold on." biden and harris were the original vaccine skeptics. if they are willing to
2:41 pm
say -- just imagine, if they were willing to say, "we are going to take a moment here, everybody, we want to give president trump credit on operation web speed, we want to thank him for the vaccine. i regret what i said as a candidate for the united states presidency, we were wrong, it was political." if they were to do that, that would probably carry a lot more weight. the other thing on the fbi is -- what they are saying is the carriers now should have to do what facebook, twitter, and youtube decided on their own. we are saying this and not government entities, so you're going to ask verizon and at&t and t-mobile to do that? to me, that would even pass legal muster. also a member apple, they wouldn't even share information with the fbi about a terrorist attack. >> jeanine: exactly. >> dana: i think it's all started upside down. >> jeanine: you need a court order for it. he would need a court order to do that. >> dana: end if your company company should demand a court
2:42 pm
order because you should not do it on your own. >> jeanine: of course. >> greg: i think the administration is having a hard time fulfilling their white power narratives they created, so now they are backfilling the accusation. we've identified the problem, extreme white supremacy. now go and find me some extreme white supremacists. i think the media was really bummed out when the rise of the moors turned out to be black. "i hear they are these 11 arms guys on the highway. it's got to be a white militia x that" whoops. we have a full on cyber warfare going on right now. we are in a new kind of boy and we are fixated on ripping a company apart, turning us into media matters. the thing is -- i always think about that. they are trying to turn fellow americans into narcs so we can suppress debate and get rid of any mnes to the hard left
2:43 pm
progressive agenda but you can't turn around and get back to them. because they are so boring. like, you could never actually narc on someone who works for media matters because all they do is sit in their basement and type about us. talk about a miserable life. think about all this people on twitter, where that is their cottage industry. they make their living off trying to wait for us to screw up. that is their life. you can't make fun of that, because it is so tragic and sad that it's what they do every day. so they can go after exciting people like us, because we are always doing interesting things. and we look great. it must drive them crazy. >> jesse: and you're very sensual. >> greg: it's the raw sensuality, it's the name of my new cologne. i'm selling it at the fox story, did you know? it is raw animal magnetism. >> jesse: to tell for 1. up next --
2:44 pm
[laughter] are most embarrassing moments ♪ ♪
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>> dana: remember the old saying, "secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone?" studies show that's not the case. the average adult keeps two humiliating things from family and friends. some of the top ones are embarrassing incidents, internet history, eating habits, hygiene habits, and faking an illness to avoid a commitment. greg, do you think this is a great topic? do you want to reveal something? >> greg: i will never reveal anything that i haven't already revealed. we are moral animals, that we are animals. can be filthy wild animals at the drop of a hat. show me the human being, judge, and i'll show you a dirty little beast. [laughter] we should all accept that, that all of us in our own private little worlds are filthy, disgusting creatures. >> jesse: even dana connected >> greg: yes! even more, dana! once he accept that we are all
2:49 pm
filthy, our -- >> jeanine: wait a minute, their body or their behavior? >> greg: behavior! stop playing like you don't know what i mean, dirty judge! [laughter] canceled culture, we have to have mutually assured destruction about our own private lives. the only problem is, like i said the previous block, boring people expect boring people aren't filthy. the only difference between boring people and a interesting people is a little nastiness, and that is my last monologue. [laughter] a >> jeanine: you didn't share the secret! >> greg: i'm telling you, you couldn't even understand my secrets. >> jesse: we wanted him to stop sharing so much! narc have anything you haven't shared already? >> jesse: i want to say something, i've kept it from all of you. i wrote a book. [laughter] no one knows, i just -- no, there is something i thought was a big secret in my life, and for the for three years on
2:50 pm
"the five," i didn't say it. it came up every month or so, and last year, we did the topic, and i said it, and no one thought it was that big of a deal. i admitted that i saw a ufo when i was six. [laughter] and the reason i didn't say that for three years, i thought it was going to ruin my credibility. [laughter] i know! [laughs] >> greg: oh, my god. >> dana: judge? >> jeanine: i don't have any secrets! >> greg: yes, you do! you drive like a maniac! >> dana: that's not a secret. [laughter] >> jeanine: i got a ticket. everybody read about it, it was thanksgiving a couple years ago. i smoked, buying expensive items online, yeah, i did that. money spent on food? how also you supposed to get food, work for it? >> dana: well, that would be one way. [laughter] harold, what can you reveal?
2:51 pm
>> harold: minor much lighter. >> dana: okay. >> harold: my kids are 7 and 6 e in a 40-yard dash. in my life is a better athlete. my friends always said that but i never -- >> greg: you are one smooth operator. i see right through you. i know what you're up to! >> jesse: are you in trouble? [laughter] >> dana: maybe the show. mind has to do with the fact -- greg talks about german films in the '70s and i pretend i don't know. i have an entire stack in my apartment, like all closet full of these things that have been waiting to sell on ebay. >> greg: digestive issues? >> dana: it was getting a little bit much. [laughter] >> greg: harold laughs at that joke, which means you have a dark past! [laughter] >> dana: and jesse thinks i'm a degenerate gambler.
2:52 pm
i'm not one of those boring people! one more thing up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: i can't wait to do that. greg's how many news part 4. you know the rules harold you probably don't. show you video you guess how many nuts is this little critter going to eat? roll this little video. okay, stop. judge, how many nuts? >> judge jeanine: one. >> dana: three. >> jesse: nine. >> judge jeanine: wait a minute. >> greg: five? roll it, 2, 3, 4,. >> dana: count the ones in the
2:57 pm
hand. that's the key. future deputy you cheated. >> dana: that's strategy. >> jesse: i future gut has to get it in the mouth. >> dana: jesse wants a recount. >> amazing. >> jesse: basketball shot. that's going to be talked about as much. >> judge jeanine: that is breaking news, yeah. that's breaking news. it says 9. >> jesse: dana, you win again. >> jesse: all right. well i win it's my feeding frenzy. roll the animation from the 70s. so it's national french friday so we got the world's most expensive french tries. this is a guinness book of world records situation. it's certified. ready? $200. and serendipity 3 in new york city provided the $200 prize cream day la cream. they are topped with black
2:58 pm
truthfully 24 karat 24 gold. cooked in goose fat. >> greg: i'm not a truthfully guy. >> jesse: oh my god. that's so good. it's luxurious. >> greg: luxurious. >> jesse: we also have serendipity ice cream. >> judge jeanine: i want the ice cream. >> dana: they brought this for you, greg. >> jesse: thank you, serendipity, that was the most expensive fry i ever ate. and now we have dana perino. >> dana: a little change of pace. this is incredible story i heard about. on monday there was a father reunited with his son 24 years after he was abducted and sold to another family by human traffickers in china. he said he never gave up hope. he traveled on his motorbike over 300,000 miles in his guest to find him. while searching for his own son
2:59 pm
he helped other chinese parents find their kidnapped children. they were reunited after the d.n.a. samples were matched and a police stoing locate missing children. he raised his boys all these years as relative. pretty amazing story of humanity there. shout out to peter who found this story for us. >> jesse: that's when you want to hear you are the father. right? [laughter] >> judge jeanine: my turn? so, okay. quick. so a 17-year-old goes missing 6:00 on saturday. call the state police, search and rescue. everybody, the mother. guess who finds the teenager? the dog. take a look at that dog tango is a hero dog. get a close up on the dog. look at his face, it looks like he is posing for the shop. three hours sheriff's department. thank you tango.
3:00 pm
>> harold: martha tucker a 94-year-old african-american woman couldn't get a bridal dress. she told her granddaughter took her to the bridal shop she put it on and i say you go girl, you look good. congratulations. >> dana: i love it. >> jesse: that's it for us, everybody. "special report" is up next with the bret baier. >> bret: we miss you, jesse. good evening. i'm bret. [laughter] >> bret: breaking tonight, voting in america. president biden says republican state lawmakers are trying to subvert the election process through an onslaught of laws undermining voting right. the president call it an assault on democracy and, quote: the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. he says it is a national imperative to come up with federal election legislation. the president was in the historic city of philadelphia to talk about the most sacred of american rights. his visit came as democratic lawmakers in texas, state lawmakers revolted over the process of e


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