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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 13, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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a white farmer sued for discrimination. the feds say they're trying to make up for past discrimination and will keep fighting that in court. that's "the story" for july 13. the story continues. see you back tomorrow at 3:00. have a great afternoon. tomorrow i'll speak with betsy devos and rand paul. neil cavuto is next. >> neil: thank you, martha. we're keeping our eyes on the capitol. not the one in texas, the one in washington d.c. because those democratic legislators that bolted texas over that push for a voting reform bill are now making their presence known and we're told will be meeting later this hour with the vice president of the united states, kamala harris. it's been a crazy day. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." my thanks to my colleague and friend, sandra smith for filling in today. today here's the big story, this
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voting rights measure that they want to undertake in texas. here's the problem. they don't have a quorum to do that. that's because the democrats have all left or most of them. we hope to be speaking to one of them inside the u.s. capitol. they've been meeting with democratic leaders that are praising their move here and saying it was brave and forceful and clear. we'll be speaking to democratic congressman james clyburn, what he makes of this. first to mike emanuel. what's going on in the capitol and how long it could go on. mike? >> neil, good afternoon. democrats from the texas legislature making their biggest stops so far in the past hour. meeting with senate majority leader chuck schumer. a photo op was held a short time ago. he praised the texas democrats calling them courageous and saying they're fighting for every right for every texan that have the right to vote. >> these folks will be remembered on the right side of
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history. the republican and the legislators will be remembered on the dark side hoff history. >> the senate's top republican says democrats want to change the rules in the u.s. senate, the filibuster, which protects the minority party. >> it's interesting to see that the senators are concerned about minority rights. if you live long enough, you'll see anything around here. >> up the road in philadelphia, president biden said his administration will go after state voting laws like the one texas republicans are trying to pass. >> attorney general merrick garland announced that the united states department of justice will be using its authorities to challenge the onslaught of state laws undermining voting rights. >> the end game is unclear. so presumably they have to get
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back to their real jobs at some point. neil? >> neil: all right. mike emanuel and the apparent from the texas governor, if they don't get back, they will get arrested. casey stegall has more from austin. >> we're monitoring this situation because as you said, vice president kamala harris' office saying this afternoon she is going to be meeting with those 50 texas democrats that jumped ship and abandoned the capitol hill in austin yesterday and flew to washington d.c. only four days in to that legislative special session. the bulk of them hopped on private planes and flew to the beltway. we don't know who is paying for that and how much it cost at this point. something that we're trying to track down. meantime, that meeting with the vice president is scheduled to happen about 40 minutes from now. a short time ago, they sat down with chuck schumer.
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as you heard, my colleague, mike emanuel said that schumer called them courageous and on the right side of history. here in texas, the governor vows this. listen. >> once they step back in the state of texas, they'll be arrested and brought to the texas capitol and we will be conducting business. >> sandra: >> the naacp announced this afternoon that they would cover bail costs if those arrests go down. texas democrats have argued that the gop backed state election reform bills are aimed at suppressing votes, not making future elections more secure. he now they're calling for the d.c. counter parts to get involved. >> our intent is to stay out and kill this bill this session and use the intervening time, 24, 25 days now before the end of the session to implore the folks in this building behind us to pass
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federal voting rights legislation. >> now, a handful of house democrats elected to stay behind, they did not leave austin yesterday. but the vast majority of them did. that of course leaves them without the 2/3s majority able to vote and pass any legislation. neil? >> neil: thanks, casey. alex dominguez is one of those democratic legislators that has left texas forcing this issue having just met with chuck schumer and later on this hour we're told the vice president of the united states, kamala harris. representative, very good to have you. you know, you've heard the governor is going to arrest you guys when you get back. are you afraid of that? are you concerned about that? >> no, i'm not. it's something that was always to ponder before we make this decision. it shows how important this is and we're willing to be
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arrested. >> neil: do you feel the way it looks that if you don't get your way, you leave. the history of having done this before, back in 2003, something similar. shouldn't this be the type of issue that is in the ballot box and not in the huff of leaving the city? >> you assuming that there's a huff and two, you're assuming that can it be resolved in a diplomatic fashion, this is not the same thing as 2003. the reason why we're here is there's the chance of federal legislation passing that would take care of all of this for us. >> neil: but if the republicans were to do in reverse what you're doing for whatever reason -- and i understand your passion. you're not faking that passion here -- wouldn't you be angry that rather than try to iron it out that they bolt, they leave the state? >> you know, i think what the public doesn't see here is what is going on behind the scenes.
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we spent over 23 hours debating. our members tried to negotiate. prior to that behind closed doors, we tried to negotiate. we tried amendments. on a straight party line vote they were all rejected. so we're trying to work this out. >> neil: got it. so let me get your take on the most onerous part of that measure. how would you describe the one thing that broke off these talks? >> i think the most important thing is not any one aspect of the bill but the tenure of this bill and the other bills that we are being forced to consider. this legislature meeting right now in special session is coming on a veto of the legislative branch by the governor which defunds every state representative and over 2,000 state employees that work for
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nonpartisan offices like the legislative budget board, the state auditor's office. this was the governor trying to force us to take his legislation and pass it. that's what this legislation is about. once he got caught with our petition saying you can't do that based on the constitution, now he's starting to back off. i think he know what's he's doing is wrong and he was caught and forced to call the special session anyway. there's other -- [inaudible] he knows he has the number to get this through. the house, the senate are proud bodies that normally stand up to any person whether they're a democrat or republican if they're in the governor's chair. we should all work together because we're a co-equal branch of the government. >> neil: you think, representative, that people should show an i.d. when they vote? >> i do every single time.
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>> neil: so that's not the problem. that's a big problem here. >> that is not anything that any democratic representative or senator is advocating. we think that if someone is showing up to vote, they should have an i.d. there's no testimony anywhere none of us have offered any amendment to the contrary. it's pure nonsense. we're not asking to change our laws. the laws that we have on the books for elections in texas are fair, safe and they've been vetted for decades. in fact, this past election in 2020, the state, the secretary of state that the governor appointed stated more than once that the elections of texas were fair, they were secure and on top of that they were fast. this is the governor's own secretary of state. there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud in texas. on top of that, i believe trump carried the state of texas. i'm not sure what problem they're trying to solve. >> neil: so you're okay with voter i.d. it's the other provisions about
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the republicans trying to nix 24 hour voting and -- >> 24-hour voting -- >> neil: that's what draws the opposition. >> that is a clear attack on harris county's ideas due to the covid restrictions. they knew they would have long lines. we have video evidence hoff people standing in lines for multiple hours. imagine standing in the heat, the rain, the cold. it's not a neighborly thing to do we believe it should be easy for people to vote and vote honestly. what he's trying to do is trying to curtail to people that work different shifts and force them not to be able to vote. >> neil: all right. we'll see what happens and how long you'll be out of the state. keep us apprised. thanks for joining us, alex dominguez, one of dozens of democrats that descended on washington and checked out of texas. for how long, we don't know. let's go to james clyburn, the
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house majority whip. congressman, always good to have you. you have been pushing for lifting the filibuster to address matters like these like a federal election law. does this reinforce that position? >> first of all, thanks for having me, neil. [inaudible] we have allowed for it to be considered without any one person being able to threaten the united states of america. i think -- if you want to talk about legislative issues like dealing with the law, those are legislative issues that have nothing to do with the constitution. so yes. i do believe that -- limit the
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filibuster to legislative issues. do not allow it dictate constitutional issues. >> neil: so when you said you were open to joe manchin's voter i.d. requirement which seemed to represent a significant pivot on your party is that a way to say let's get past the i.d. thing and on to other matters to get this law done? >> you know, neil, people keep misrepresenting stuff. there's not a single time that i ever voted in my entire life and i'll be 81 years old, not a single time that i did not i.d. myself. what i spoke about is allowing an i.d., a picture i.d. to be good. that's the kind of photo i.d. law that i'm talking about that
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is unfair. i've said that all of my life. i don't know why you guys misrepresent what i said. i never said that you should not have photo i.d. when i have my voter registration card, i keep it in my wallet. guy to vote, i present it there every time. i say to them, i am jim clyburn. this is my i.d. i want to vote. i've always had voter i.d. that's why the representative earlier voted -- no democrat has ever been against voter i.d. we're -- >> neil: well, maybe i just remember -- i remember some of it a bit differently. i'll take your word. you're not going to make that a central issue right now. i'm wondering if it's featured in whatever federal legislation that you might push now if they can drop the filibuster for this particular issue, would fellow democrats be okay with a requirement of i.d. for voting
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included in that legislation? >> absolutely. everybody is saying the same thing. nobody is against i.d.-ing themselves. people present themselves at the polls. why do you think you have people checking you off the list? because you're id-ing yourself. you have to say you're the person that is about to vote. >> neil: no, no, i understand. without getting into the weeds, i understand, but in texas some of the ids that they would require is a texas driver's license and an election i.d. certain kid, a personal i.d. from a store where you work, handgun license, citizenship certificate, military i.d., u.s. passport. any one of those would be adequate. are you okay with that feature?
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>> if i don't have la drivers license, i don't have many of those things what can i use? that's the question. >> neil: what would you suggest? >> i would suggest what joe manchin said. there's other things that people can use to i.d. themselves. when you tell me i don't have this i.d., it's not government issued, you don't have a picture on it, come on. >> neil: so in other words -- i think utility bills -- i don't want to belabor this point but that's where there's a divide here. i also wanted your thoughts real quickly congressman while you're here, you had it is a not long ago that this defund the police movement by democrats is a nonstarter. now with the election of adams in new york, the democratic nominee for mayor and may be given the heavy democrat presence in new york the next mayor, he is keen on that. he was nominated on that.
1:16 pm
are you telling democrats that say otherwise that it's a mistake, they should stop it? >> well, i've always said the logan is a mistake. may get headlines. but you have to ask yourself, will this allow me to make head way? burn baby, burn destroyed our movement in the 60s. i don't want to see defund the police destroy the movement that is going great, the black lives matter. i'm telling you, this type of slogan can destroy these kinds of movements. that's not what i want to see happen. >> neil: all right. we'll watch it closely. jim clyburn, very good catching up with you. jim clyburn will be playing a major role should this get to the level of federal legislation. 50 votes and kamala harris breaking the tie, the on means
1:17 pm
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>> all right. those cuba protests continued today but a lot of people leading the movement just yesterday appear to have, well, disappeared. they don't know where they have been sent but it's a growing concern. the very latest from phil keating following all of this from miami. phil? >> hey, neil. unlike the local little havana demonstration behind me with the blaring bull horns and honking of horns out of cars and trucks, in cuba it's mostly quiet yesterday as well as last night. definitely more police were on the street as the authoritarian communist government regained control firmly of everything in cuba. around havana yesterday, a beefed up military presense and government loyalists on the street. the internet social media platforms were shut down and remain so today. the government freezing dissident's ability to coordinate and gather.
1:22 pm
still, a few demonstrations in cuba monday, which were quashed by police. arrests were reportedly made and cuba's president addressed the country on state tv. he said the illegal protesters got the punishment that they deserve. the second straight night in little havana, cuban americans came out to support the cuban people and demand change in cuba, which miami cubans have been doing for 50-plus years resulting in no change at all. they want the u.s. government to intervene, which the u.s. has declined to do since the fail bay of pigs invasion in 1961. on sunday, thousands of cubans marched in a dozen cities demanding freedom and end to foot shortages. and calling for government change. >> they have taken everything away from us, including our father. you know what? when the cuban people no longer
1:23 pm
father the cuban government, it's the beginning of the end. >> last night some miami cuban americans organizing a very small relief flotilla filling their boats with cases of food to take to the straits south to cuba hoping that they can give the supplying to the cubans on the idea that are dealing with scarcity of food from. miami to cuba, it's 250 nautical miles. experts believe it's extremely unlikely that the communist cuban government would allow the american boats to enter their harbors. neil? >> neil: thanks, phil. this is not about politics, this is personal. our congresswoman's mother is a refugee that fled in 1959 on the verge of the takeover of fidel castro. she has three cousins and an
1:24 pm
uncle that live in cuba. what should they do? >> the government has taken control. we don't know whether that is true because they shut off the internet access that the cubans had, the little access that they had to get the message out. so we don't know what is going on there. it's being reported that the people are being beaten, some protesters disappeared and a crackdown by the communist regime that has historically killed dissents. i would like president biden to be strong and say that we stand with the cuban people against a communist dictatorship and we want free and fair elections. for the short term, we also want the internet access to be put on, allowed people to protest without being attacked and
1:25 pm
abused by government officials and allowing them to speak their hearts and minds at this moment. it's a private -- pivotal moment. they don't have access to basic things. that's why they're uprising. they've had enough. they're tired of living in squalor and seeing the communist regime take everything and live as kings. >> neil: we've confirmed to your point that cuban authorities have apparently shut down all social media sites including facebook, what's app among others. have you been able to reach family members there and what they're telling you? >> we have not heard anything. obviously social media is a way that they communicate. we have not heard anything and certainly we're concerned about the status of what is happening there. i think it's very important right now for democrats and republicans, pull the politics
1:26 pm
aside, understand that there's people that want basic human rights. okay? liberties and freedoms that we take for granted in this country. to hear bernie sanders blame the united states of america is absolutely shameful that he's covering for a communist brutal murderous regime. quite frankly, that point is nonsense. >> neil: let me ask you this. there's an effort in florida among a lot of cuban exiles and those sympathetic to these protesters, you know, plight that they would let and push a flotilla to come and pick them up and bring them to the united states. i would not imagine that would go down well with cuba. what are your thoughts on that? >> you know, it would be nice if president biden tried to help arrange for this to happen. you can't send money to cuba. the regime takes it. if there's a why to send humanitarian aid, food,
1:27 pm
medicine, necessities, soap, toilet paper, a way to send it to cuba and allowed to be given to the people that would be a major step in the right direction. what i'm concerned about is him doing what president obama did, which is give away the store, make all of these concessions and get nothing in exchange.remember, to bernie sanders' point, he blames the united states of america. they do business with everyone around the world, but yet nothing has changed in 60 years. we need concessions, we need the change. this is a time when we need the president to stand up. >> neil: we'll see what happens, congress woman. thanks for taking the time. i hope your family be okay. i want to pass on news concerning jeff flake. he's going to be joe biden's next ambassador to turkey is. he was among a number of republicans for biden that supported then candidate joe biden running for the presidency. he will be the first prominent
1:28 pm
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>> neil: you're not imagining it. the cost of living is going up and up. the latest government report says inflation is 5.4%. the fastest speak since doing back to 2008. gianno lowe is here and charlie gasp. i don't know. this is not looking transitory. this is the third inflation
1:33 pm
report and it's more pronounced in terms of energy and what have you. it's not passing. what to you think? >> this is to be expected. a decade of near zero interest rates and a $6 trillion spending bonanza during covid and you have the perfect monetary and fiscal storm with this sort of inflation. you'll hear inflation doves say oh, just take out energy and gas and flood because those are volatile, not like those are the bulk of the most americans budgets and you still have 4.5% inflation. the fact is during a global pandemic, when you're stuck at home, zoom schooling your kids, life got more expensive at the same time it got harder unless you worked for a company that could afford to give you a raise, the average american has taken 5.4% pay cut. >> neil: if you think about it charlie, it's not going away. the fact of the matter is, this
1:34 pm
is not just a passing fad. it seems to have some traction to it. the question for the markets, the economy and washington is how long it lasts and what do we do about it, if anything. >> yeah, i want to disagree with your last guest. we have a pandemic-induced recession that was incredibly narrow. it was narrow. i'm not dismissing it for people that it hid but restaurants, leisure activities. stuff that was shut down by the lock downs. for most americans, they did good and did good because they could save money, work from home, they got stimulus checks. so all of a sudden, you have a -- you're flushed with cash, a lot of people have cash except for people in the narrow industries. not dismissing it. on top of that you have everything reopening. on top of that, massive amounts of government stimulus. on top of that you have the monetary stimulus.
1:35 pm
you couldn't write a better recipe for inflation. the best stimulus obviously were the vaccines. right? so when you throw everything else on top of it, this is really bad. what is scary is how the biden administration is spinning it. they're spinning it like oh, you take out used cars and -- thinked that something like pandemic related expenses, whatever that means. they never explain what it means. >> neil: even if you take out food and energy, it's a 4.5% clip. the question is when the americans stop buying. so far they expect in a separate survey that inflation to remain a problem and maybe see prices up about the same come next year. so they're prepared for it. really, what do you think? >> i think the issue here is no, i don't think that the few one-time stimulus checks to americans are going to be able to get us out of the rut. everyone knew that the fed under obama and under trump was playing with fire by keeping
1:36 pm
interest rates this low this long. jerome powell has committed to keeping them like this throughout the rest of the year. that gives the economy a lot of time to overheat. it's not clear how this gets solved. you look at things like milk up 5%. shoes up 6%. men's pants that you need to buy after you gained 15 points up 11%. people will have to get more thrifty. >> it's pretty easy to solve it. you solve it by raising interest rates. i don't know -- >> neil: nobody wants to do that. >> that's the only way -- you and i are old enough to remember paul volcker. he did it on steroids. it was defcon 4. >> neil: and he got rid of inflation but it was a shock. charlie, thanks for reminding me how old we are. this does not apply to you, tiana. thanks very much. and all of these texas legislators that bolted texas
1:37 pm
right now they're being greeted as rock stars in our nation's capitol. but whatever your politics, ask yourself why? they left their job. they bolted from their job. is that brave? after this.
1:38 pm
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>> all right. texas lawmakers that bolted the lone star state over the republican push for a voting renorm bill that they says doesn't reform anything and is racist. they say they'll meet with kamala harris shortly in the capitol. phil wegman has been following this closely. he's with real clear politics. i want to know if this is resonating for constituents back home, phil. after all, they left rather than fight the fight back home. so how is that sorting out? >> this isn't the first time the
1:42 pm
texas democrats have left to deny republicans a quorum in the state house there. a couple years back, they went to oklahoma. what is different this time is that they have come to washington d.c. because they're trying to force this into a national referendum. that raises some uncomfortable ironies. at a moment when you have texas democrats that are obstructing the republican counterparts back in the state, you also have democrats here in the senate leaning on kyrsten sinema and joe manchin, goes after them to undo the filibuster. it's difficult for the vice president to explain the difference between the obstruction in texas, which is white house agrees with and then the obstruction in the senate with which they disagree with. >> neil: interesting. mitch mcconnell didn't waste a second commenting on that irony. democrats in washington are concerned about the views of the minority party. having said that, what greets
1:43 pm
these lawmakers? why this can't be fought at the ballot box. if you don't get your way, you look childish. this has happened a number of times. i'm wondering if the signal back home is as receptive of what they're getting in d.c. >> i'm curious about that also. people are learning about this during the workday. they're looking at the tweets from the texas delegation as having their first meal as a fugitive. this is interesting because it comes at a moment with joe biden saying that our democracy is at the greatest peril since the civil war that explains the rock star treatment that this delegation is getting. in a way, democrats with make the argument that they're fighting for democracy, that these extreme measures are necessary. you know, if you read the texas
1:44 pm
bills, they're not as perverse as some might make them. overall, the national conversation here is one where democrats can point to any reforms that their republicans want in any of these different states, tie them together and point to what happened on january 6. frankly, that is a powerful exclamation mark. >> neil: obviously the administration has made it clear, they side with these bolting democratic legislators, kamala harris is meeting with them as we speak. i don't know what joe biden's plans are down the road. but the real message here is that people are putting up money for their two private planes that got them here. i don't know who will put up funds to have them stay in the washington area. i presume that they will stay to see this ironed out. they'll be arrested if they come home, this is a mess. >> it is a mess. i'm actually curious about the reason why they're not going to be meeting with joe biden in the oval office.
1:45 pm
instead, they're getting an audience with the vice president. i'm curious. look, joe biden is a product of the senate. he talks about this all the time, being someone that understands and appreciates rules and decorum, a couple weeks ago when he was asked about the oh olympian that was qualified for her use of marijuana, it was a controversial? what was joe biden's response was? rules are rules. the president of the united states that is a by the book individual that is being forced to contend with people that are going off the rule books to make their point. i'm interested to see how he might greet them. look, whether the white house wanted this or not, it's a national referendum now. >> neil: thanks, phil. jim clyburn was on earlier as you might have heard is pushing the president to drop the filibuster for legislation like
1:46 pm
this where you need a simple majority. he's not just for chunking it together. issues of the constitution, jim clyburn said from his perspective as the house majority whip, this is worth it. you can decide as you feel about that after this.
1:47 pm
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1:50 pm
>> neil: all right. indiana right now is hearing a lawsuit over some students that did not like indiana university's requirement that they had to get vaccinated. doctor, you're coming from a medical perspective. it's better that you get the vaccine, right? >> it's absolutely true, neil. because 99% of the people that wind up in hospitals and die are those that have not been vaccinated. we can't say that enough, neil. >> neil: so when you hear about the issues and blood clotting and things that have come up, does that give you pause? gives some americans resistant to getting vaccinated pauses. does it concern you? >> yeah, it does concern us. but you know, with regard to this condition gilliam barre
1:51 pm
syndrome, we've seen it many years. it's a very rare reaction to a viral infection or to the swine flu vaccine or the regular influenza vaccine. so this is not a surprise. it's very rare. 100 people get guillain barre out of 17 million that were inoculated with the j&j. >> neil: you know what is weird? kids come back to classes this fall, doctor, some are being told that if you're 12 or under, you have to wear a mask. the hardest group to mask and the only group that has not been approved for the vaccine. how is that going to go? >> well, the vaccine is being studied by moderna and pfizer for children under the age of 12. admittedly, if a child of that age group gets the virus, their clinical presentation is nil.
1:52 pm
they don't usually get sick with a few exceptions like the guillain barre. they have this inflammatory system that rarely occurs in a child. it's hard to keep a mask on the kids. i'm more concerned about the teachers when i hear stuff like this. i won't lose sleep over children below the age of 12 not being vaccinated. they can try to keep their masks on if at all possible. >> neil: should we worry about the spike in cases here, doctor? i think of the latest seven-day average period, 56%. that's way down. severe cases way down. i get that. but it is noticeable. what do you make of it? >> it is noticeable that the spikes are occurring in those areas.
1:53 pm
greater than 70% and in most of the country we're around the high 60s. so yeah, if you're not vaccinated and you're in one of these areas and there's a super spreader of the delta variant or the lambda variant, i think you run a very big risk of winding up in the hospital at the least and perhaps even in the icu and dying at worst. >> neil: yikes. thanks, dr. bob lahida. of course, there's a big game tonight, the all-star game. there's one player that will be pitching and also batting. we have not seen that in like forever. u emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts
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>> neil: it was originally supposed to be in atlanta, georgia. we know what happened. now the all-star game is in denver, colorado, and there are a lot of historic, unique things that are supposed to happen tonight, and certainly some first time ever events. bill is in denver with more pain hey, bill. >> neal, good afternoon to you. when the city of atlanta lost this game, they lost an estimated $100 million worth of business. republicans want to make sure voters out there don't forget that. they are going after democrats in a big way. they are taking out a 7-figure tv ad that's going to start
1:58 pm
airing tonight, basically blaming democrats, saying they still the game from atlanta by lying about george's voting laws. take a look at part of that had. speak out this was supposed to be atlanta's night, but we are robbed. democrats still our all-star game to push their divisive political agenda. politicians and corporations lied, while black communities got hurt the most, even though a majority of black voters support laws like voter i.d. >> now, back in april, major league baseball made the decision to move the game from atlanta to here in denver. this was after democrats and president biden himself criticized georgia voter laws. president biden went as far as calling it "jim crow on steroids." basically he was saying he would restrict voting access for people of color, why "the washington post" push back on that. they gave him four pinocchios for that comment, that's the
1:59 pm
next movement goes up to, but the damage was done. they gave into the pressure, and they game. folks in denver understand that atlanta folks are upset about it, but they're happy to have it out here. take a listen. >> i've got some friends down in atlanta, a lot of people were angry down there about it. i've got friends and coworkers who think the mlb shouldn't be getting their hands in the political sphere. >> and the rnc is not the only ones airing an ad tonight. senate republicans will also have their own ad airing during the game tonight. they will target democratic senator raphael warnock. they said he didn't stand up to this, and because of this atlanta and georgia lost over $100 million worth of business. what i can tell you is the folks here in denver, it's not their problem. they need the money, they're coming out of the pandemic, and they're happy to have a $100 million shot in the arm. full steam out here in denver, neil. i'll send it back to you.
2:00 pm
>> neil: thank you very much. the american league starting pitcher, also the leadoff batter, that would be like me doing the show and also working cameras. just on a much grander stage. but kind of the same. can you believe that? it could be a game for the ages on fox. that will do it for us. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, harold ford jr., dana perino, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ a huge battle over voting taking center stage in america. a fearmongering joe biden surveying republicans as racist, and claiming democracy in america is under siege over states like texas trying to pass election integrity laws. >>


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