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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 13, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it cost everybody involved. >> in defense of my millennials even though the templates frequently, they tip more than older generations. good job millennials. good job and thinking everyone here today. here is "america reports." >> john: thank you. president biden's justice department pushing change to the way americans vote with critics falling to my calling them fundamentally unconstitutional. there are now on alert over fears that the president is weaponizing hits justice department over the states voting bill. the next hour, he will make his case on the issue in a speech in philadelphia. >> sandra: we will be watching the plus we will talk to senator. the u.s. navy is not ready for war. the leader from andy mccarthy, our panda will join us. that is all coming out.
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>> john: first, democratic lawmakers from texas on the run and in washington, d.c., today. part of a second attempt to block g.o.p. back to voting bills back in her home state. hello, i'm john roberts in washington. >> sandra: good afternoon everyone. i'm sandra smith. democrats leaving texas yesterday. we saw the pictures. all coming after governor greg habit because the special assessment to debate on everything. he said that democrats that left the state could be arrested when they return. >> john: those low makers say that blocking the voting rights protect democracy and republican say that those bills would strengthen election security. >> sandra: senior correspondent is live from austin, texas, with the very latest from there. >> hello. it good to see you. talk about a real impasse.
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both sides have really dug their heels in. the lawmakers in washington, the democratic lawmakers say that they have every intention of staying put in running the clock out while the governor of the state, greg abbott, said that he will just continue to call additional special sessions until the agenda is past. you're looking at alive picture now at the relatively empty capital. a time and those lawmakers are supposed to be meeting in committee. abbot says that the lawmakers are doing a grave disservice to their constituents by sabotaging their constituents on the taxpayers' dime. >> they are using a filibuster to the state of texas to do will be with the fillet officer in washington, d.c. that is the example of hypocrisy.
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>> meantime, the left taking shots at governor abbott saying that the election reform bill are designed to suppress voters of color and lower social impact status. it attacks voters freedoms and democracy as we know it. >> republicans -- republicans do not want free and fair elections. they put deliberate barriers onto voting to make it hard. >> most political analysts and observers believe that this will be fairly short-lived and that they are making a port. sooner or later they will have to face the music. to be continued right now from austin. >> sandra: it's good to see right now. >> john: democrats could be in hot water for not following federal mask mandates after this photo circulated on social media
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last night. the lawmakers as you can see are not wearing masks on their plane to washington, d.c. they could be in violation of federal guidelines that require passengers on all aircraft to wear face coverings while they are on board. maybe they will try to make the case that they were all eating at the time. >> sandra: anybody in public life, you think twice, three times before you post anything and there was some regret there. those pictures were eventually pulled down. nothing shocks us anymore. >> john: as you said, be careful what you post. speech of americans taken the streets of miami and supports of protest for cuba where they're calling for the end of the communist regime. first, go to a reporter in
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miami's little havana neighborhood with the latest from there. a lot of folks on the streets there in support of those people. >> correct. the people are driving by here and are once again honking incessantly. a few right now but hundreds will show up later. in cuba, yesterday, very few if any protests against the authoritarianism communism bridging life and society. it was mostly quiet there last night and there were more police on the streets, sidewalks, and street corners. around havana yesterday, a beefed-up military as well as well as government loyalists on the street. social media platforms were largely shut down and remained so yet today. communication blackout as the
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government increases disability to coordinate and gather. arrestable reportedly made 50-100 and the president addressed the country and state tv saying that the illegal protesters got the parts they deserve. people chanted outside and waved cuban flags and demand change in cuba which cubans have been demanding for long years. they want the u.s. government to intervene which it has declined to do since the bay of pigs failed in 1961. on sunday, thousands of cubans in a dozen cities, unprecedentedly demanding freedom. food shortages, decades of rented economy, widespread economy and government change.
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they organized a small release boat and they are going do it today. they're hoping to be allowed into cuba to give those supplies to the people. for miami to cuba, that's about 250 nautical miles and chances of conventional wisdom are dim here that the cuban government will allow small 20-25 boats to bring supplies and to any of cuba sports. >> sandra: in doing so in the pouring rain. we saw those images last night. are the honking in support? what's all the noise? >> it is americans honking their horns in support of the small group of people that has gathered here. still early because people are at work. but it is a traditional spot where cuban-americans show up and voiced opposition to cuba.
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>> sandra: they've been there for a couple of days now. thank you. >> john: they have an amazing crook at the proper out of right now. let's bring it on our panel now. geraldo and jason. 2014 the obama administration look to begin normalization of cuba. it was rescinded by president trump and 2017. president biden said he would renew it should he become president. it's what we are seeing happening in cuba a response to a government that has been rewarded for repressing its citizens were so many years? >> i don't think so. i had agreed with president obama when he tried to open relations with cuba. there's no way to push towards democracy then giving people cell phones, internet, and access to american tourism. let them see democracy.
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my experience over the decades, and remember i interviewed fidel castro back in the day. my experience in miami, everybody is overestimating the strength of the opposition and under estimating the oppressive regimes in nicaragua, and venezuela, and now in cuba. it is so easy because you see the demonstrators in the streets. this regime is on the verge of collapse but that's not what's happening. let me say one other thing. it is inhumane that we are not helping our neighbor, cuba, with vaccines. why or why not -- cobia vaccines should hang on the shelves. hundreds of millions of doses. we deal with the chinese, this is preposterous. strictly because of the strength of the community and represent upset i saw yesterday flamboyantly are saying that
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they want another bay of pigs. >> john: that would be a bad idea. i'm going to let jason jump in here. democrats are blaming the keeping people on sanctions that have been imposed on the united states for decades. they're not blaming it on 60 years of continued years of continued dictatorship. >> the oppression in cuba is based on a communist government. but, i was one of the very few republicans on our side of the aisle that supported president obama and the idea that we should open up to more travel, more tourism. put a dose of america and cuba and it would accelerate the process. it's a communist regime. they cannot go out and freely expects themselves. they are dictated on what food they can have and how much they can have. we need to show our united supports, republicans and democrats for the people of the united states.
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to blame the trump administration, we have to double down on democracy and pushing for freedom and liberty. we stand tall for that. that's what this next generation in cuba want to. when i went there, i saw it firsthand. that's what they want. i want freedom and opportunity. that went to live their lives and create all economic opportunities for them and their families. spoon i'm going to need quick answers for me to hear because were running out of time. present biden is going to be making a speech coming up the next hour. he is taking aim at the voting veil in georgia. so far, federal judges have sided with states and a couple of challenges that come up. >> i'm sure that this will be settled in the supreme court of the united states. i just want to quickly say that to me, you want voting rights? every single american citizen should have a photo i.d.
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provided by, free of charge, by the federal government. you should be able to go to the post office, said social security office, any federal office and get a federal i.d. it is preposterous to think that we can get people in this day and a switch out ids. it is so paternalistic that it is preposterous. >> john: are you concerned that he's enforcing his views on voting? >> i am. i'm concerned about how biden is using the department of justice. they lost the supreme court and i don't think that this bill at the federal level has any chance of passing. if joe biden is going gave a speech today, tell me specifically, president biden, which are opposed to in texas and georgia. they talk and platitudes but they will not offer specifics. authenticate the vote. that is a winning proposition.
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>> john: that is being scheduled for 2:50 p.m. this afternoon. it will be likely around 3:00 or so. always good to see you. speech of good stuff. authorities say meanwhile that cops were shot this morning trying to serve a warrant for attempted murder and robbery. city officials say that they are expected to survive, thankfully. the suspect was killed. this comes as a new report out of chicago says that gang members outnumber police in that city tends base to 21. the newark city post cover addressing here while gang war left at least three teenagers dead. the latest was a 13-year-old boy killed in the bronx on sunday. an absolute brutal reality from
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some of these american cities. we look at situation in chicago where you continue to see police, the morale is low and money leaving the police department. retiring or quitting altogether. it is a brutal reality for people who live there. >> john: and in terms of the gang warfare, the post observing that these kids are taunting each other and then going out and shooting each other. the post also saying that everybody is carrying a gun for fear of getting shot themselves. it's not going to go well in the streets. the growing threat to women from the caliban. the threats that they could face under sharia law as the united states troops leave. >> sandra: prices going up, up, and up again as well as clear signs of inflation. why isn't anybody talking about it? we will break down what is happening and what it means for you the next time you go shopping.
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>> john: are using sticker shock at the grocery store? you're not alone. runaway inflation has the white white house on the edge. first, one of the biggest threats looming stomach looming as the caliban comes back is to women. the caliban takes over women's roles would be in danger. one of the clear-cut gains of america's longest war could be lost. live in afghanistan, we've seen that it's not an intelligence report to tell you exactly how
10:20 am
women would be in danger there if the taliban gets back in power. >> the threat is there for sure. the taliban offense continues across the country. people are concerned about a real impact on society. clashes reported with militants in various parts of this country and that has a lot of people especially worry. take a look. >> one of the biggest challenges of a possible taliban takeover is to women in afghanistan. before 9/11 when they ran things, girls were banned from schools, women from jobs. that has all changed. type once again is under threat. >> for women, that means being prisoners in their house. being in a different neglected world. that would be a disaster for the women of afghanistan. >> that would be of a debt
10:21 am
saas or? >> that would be a disaster. >> according of girls are now in school. many are in the private sector and are able to go out, dressed in a modern style, pursue their dreams. women are here 20 years ago when the taliban were running things, all you could see were women clad and the trademark all come frank burka. our interview has been the target of militant and she sent to us that the gains for girls and women are the concrete exame coming out of this mixed 20 year war that the u.s. have slack. she said, and a lot of people say here, it would be a shame to lose them. >> john: thank you. speech of taking a trip to your local supermarket and you will see for that the price for just about everything has gone
10:22 am
up. are you hearing up for the white house and other places? everything that we consume, buy for our everyday lives, it is going on. the consumer price index which is a key index of inflation is up .9%. it is not rising 5.4% from june of last year making it the biggest jump that we have seen since 2008. he said no that nobody was talking about it, even we have not been talking about it. we are not hearing in mainstream business media and you're not hearing that from the white house. you, charlie, and others have been talking about it for a while. >> it's of textbook. larry summers, the obama economist and long-time progress of the communists said it was textbook. if you have a stimulus program it puts people back to work and you get people back to work. you throw massive amounts of
10:23 am
monetary achievement, you keep rates low and you hand people checks coming or going to get inflation. i can't believe they didn't see it coming. speeches let me play this up against you. it seemed to ruffle your feathers. >> it was comical. >> sandra: one of biden's economic advisors said that headline inflation is up but we need to look under the hood to understand what is happening here. she points to use cars, new cars, auto parts. without cars and pandemic relief services due to monthly inflation was up .2%. let's put up or full screen here to show people that that is an issue. new vehicle prices up 2%. that is the largest increase she wants us to look under the hood and remove that.
10:24 am
it is up 10.5% and data dating back to 1953. food prices, they are up 4% which is the largest increase since 2009. medical care saw at smallest increase. >> is that the lowest increase? food? a course, she doesn't explain that. they have been throwing so much been at this issue and it is so obvious to every person right now who runs a business right now and is having problems with wages that causes inflation. larry summers will be laughing at that because larry summers said it. it's textbook. >> sandra: people are already drunk. i want to get to her second. mcdonald's. >> haven't eaten there in years.
10:25 am
>> sandra: the ceo of mcdonald's is talking about the definition of work and how it's been defined and how fast food chains are having a hard time getting people through the door to work. listen. >> the minimum wage job is a entry to the work for us to understand what work is and you are given an opportunity to grow and to learn and develop. i think that beginning with the clinton administration, we started to redefine what work is in the united states. obama really started to change that dramatically. this redefinition of work is like, "let's go on tiktok or find and we look around at make a lot of money." >> sandra: point taken on that. >> i have no problem with people wiggling around and making money. if they can earn it, there's nothing wrong with it. >> sandra: but minimum wage has to go up and these people need more money because they're working at mcdonald's. his ideal stomach point was that
10:26 am
this isn't a forever job. this is an entry job. burger king put up a sign saying we quit were all gone. sorry for the inconvenience. what's going on in the world of fast food when we know that so many workers are needed to keep these restaurants going? >> mcdonald's and burger king, they were looking for workers even before the pandemic for years they've had a worker shortage and the been paying people more money. remember that. the supply was not there for these workers even before all of this. here's the thing. i remember when minimum wage was $3.50 an hour. i earned that washing dishes in yorktown when i was a kid. it is a lot higher than that now for obvious reasons and inflation as well. if you start telling people that we should pay a lot of money on these entry jobs, they don't do anything else.
10:27 am
they may just sit there. i'm still for people wiggling around as making as much money as they can. >> sandra: dancing for tiktok? >> i have no problem with that. if someone will buy that service, i'm not, more power to you. >> sandra: what happens to the rest of the economy though question work that is the new economy, how do we keep that open? >> we need workers for these places. they should be able to bid up their prices in a normal way and not omit to national inflation. >> sandra: john wants to jump in here. >> there competing with each other and not the government. >> john, what did you and i talk about on the last drop reports? what is the biggest area of growth for jobs is government jobs. >> john: i'm shocked to find that i'm the only person working at fox news who did not, once upon a time, work at a
10:28 am
restaurant. >> sandra: interesting. >> john: i drove a fork lift, a other things. >> sandra: charlie has no problem wiggling the wound for work. >> it's a job. >> john: maybe he can wiggle around for more time because we have to go. a new legal against the biden administration's program which would pay all federal loans for farmers but none of those farmers are white. the assistant maturity weighs in if is constitutional. >> sandra: teachers pushing critical theory on tiktok as one person calling opposition of crt ignorant. >> the good news is, you might not see a race sent beep.
10:29 am
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>> john: a nationwide push to ban critical race theory. teachers are taking social media platforms like tiktok to push the curriculum on young adults. as been associated with viral videos for dancing and other skits. now lessons in white privilege and white fragility are being featured on the site. anita vogel joins us now on all of this. >> many teachers claim that they are being silenced so they are turning to an app really popular with a younger crowd. parents, you might want to get familiar with tiktok. if you thought it was all about dance videos, think again. teachers are putting lessons on crt that they say it they are being prevented from being taught in the my classroom. listen to one teacher's video has gone viral. >> i've been thinking a lot on
10:34 am
this whole attack and critical race theory. it does feel like a mccarthy era. it is not actually a problem. >> this teacher has over 187,000 followers and those videos constructive debate over whether it is appropriate for teachers to relax their opinions of. >> i don't think it's right. we know what tiktok is and we know who runs it. need to do what our to either combated or use it to our advantage. >> the academic credited with bringing critical race theory. if teenagers want to learn something, they will find it online if they don't learn it in the classroom. >> if you tell them the they can't do something or that
10:35 am
something's for bed and go to d it. trust me, they are going on their computers and googling it. >> it did start out as a platform for light hundred videos and all kinds of tutorials. out it's definitely wading into the waters of social commentary. i don't have it on my phone. it's separately for the younger crowd. 50% of tiktok users are under 50 and some are at the age of ten. >> john: i have twins who are talking about tiktok we don't let them go on it but now it's something for parents to be concerned about. it's not just tiktok in terms of social media platforms where people are taking to the net waves to talk about this.
10:36 am
listen to john leguizamo, actor and comedian and his profanity laced tirade against people who pose critical race theory. >> futile commission to [beep] for crtv, it's about academic things that [beep] the u.s. in subtle ways. no one is teaching this stuff to your young kids so calm with the [beep] down. >> john: a couple of thoughts about that. he has a minor point there in that critical race theory started out as tiktok but it has morphed into something different. it stomach the profanity laced tirade put down people who oppose this as a reinforcement for somebody
10:37 am
who sees us as a crazy french thing. >> sandra: he put his message out on instagram. he's not on tiktok swedes not reaching the younger crowd. that's who's watching it on tiktok. appearances that these conversations should start at home. that's where you should have it. >> john: they're having them at school board meetings. more and more this is coming to the floor. >> sandra: a big hello. a federal judge agrees to hear a lawsuit against indiana university's requirement. all of the students, faculty, and staff be vaccinated for the coronavirus. is this constitutional on the school side? >> john: on other legal blow to president biden as a judge of blocks his farm aid that blocks white farmers. that is coming up next. little things can become your big moment.
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>> john: could legal roadblocks and accusation of reserves racism kill the president biden's equity agenda? first, larry throwing his hat in the ring to become the next governor. the conservative radio host saying that he decided to run after witnessing the homeless crisis in coronavirus response. gavin newsom will not be listed as a democrat on the recall balance in september. a good judge rejected his lawsuit to be on party affiliation after he missed the deadline. >> sandra: this is interesting he said it was a homeless problem and there was a spike in crime rates. also coronavirus lockdowns that all have his attention. he says, "i have common sense, good judgment, i was born and raised here, i think i understand the state."
10:43 am
he thinks that he has a long shot but he said, "there's a fire in his belly." >> john: there's going to be a lot of people running for governor. >> sandra: court cases are stacking up against president biden as a judge shuts down a race based program. fox news contributor, we've been watching this for quite some time. wharton point out that anybody who is following us, it was white no matter their economic stream and they were extent, excluded. this is a third judge to strike this down, the farm aid program. the judge, thomas anderson, said that it disadvantaged farmers that would obtain debt relief what the plaintiffs would suffer. the harm of being excluded from that program solely on the basis of his race. your thoughts? >> because of the equal protection clause, we have a
10:44 am
constitutional preference in the law against discriminating by race. it was probably about a decade ago that justice -- cochise stuff just robert said that the way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race. that really is the preference in our law. there is a small avenue where there is a dubious doctrine of law that says, "if a government agency or the government itself has a history of discrimination, right you can have counter discrimination to weigh against that." even the scores. most judges, i think, would be against that and i'm pretty confident that the supreme court it would be against it too. we have to get all of that stuff out of our law. >> sandra: this is the third judge to strike that down.
10:45 am
i would like to move on to a growing conversation about these coronavirus vaccine mandates. a huge conversation happening across the nation right now. i spoke to jonathan whether they can mandate. if the constitution other side? the private business can do what they want. when it comes to universities, there's a lawsuit challenging indiana university's vaccine mandate. it is going to federal court today and it was brought on by eight students who think that the mandate is unconstitutional. do you believe the constitution will be on the school side or the student side? >> i think probably on the school side. it is a closer call because two thanks. it is a murky line when you are dealing with big institutions like schools that are nominally private they take government
10:46 am
money that often gets a big avenue to consider as if they were arms of the government rather than private institutions. i still think they are private institutions. the other issue here is that the vaccines were authorized on an emergency basis. if it was a government institution as opposed to a private one, they would be saddled with the problem that congress, when something gets authorized on an emergency basis basically leaves it to the people to decide whether they want to opt in or opt out. i think it to if it is considered a private institution, which it should be, they will be able to set the tes of going to school there or working there. with a big institution, it is a murky order picture and a closer call. >> sandra: it's a good conversation to have and there's a growing conversation about how strict they're going to be about
10:47 am
requirements because the big banks and private companies are having an honesty quality. they take their word for it and you don't have to wear a mask and you can go on the building. with a university, you could assume that they probably want to see the paperwork before a shop on campus. we just don't know. >> my thing is the bigger the problem, the last of all you want to have because once you have laws that you can't enforc, you might as well stop trying because everybody is more sun. >> sandra: good point. thank you. >> good to see it. >> john: a children's book claiming that whiteness is the devil and it is now circulating in scleral democrats across 12 states. reactions all of that. >> sandra: major league baseball's stars have gathered in denver as we are hours away from the big game. report from the mile high city
10:48 am
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>> disney's jungle crew size is back you changes. after a complaint with racism, and is changed. the writing gives guests a tour of remote jungles around the world which also includes figures dressed as indigenous people. they were racially insensitive and disney said that changes were made and both are california and florida parts to remove pictures of natives. you might see changes should be said the parks. >> john: entrances are going to continue and not just doesn't. major league baseball set to take the field tonight as major league baseball fans have flooded the city. it was pulled stomach pulled from atlanta.
10:53 am
>> good afternoon. the city of atlanta and is expected to lose about $100 million of business because the game was moved here to denver. republicans are now pulling any punches with how they feel on it. they're calling up democrats saying that they expect stomach lied about george's voting law e game from the city of atlanta and brought it here to denver to remind people what happened the rnc is taking out a seven-figure ad that will be playing during the game tonight. here's part of it. >> this was supposed to be atlanta's night but we were robbed. democrats stole our all-star game to public imac push their political agenda. black community's got hurt the most even though a majority of black voters support laws like voter i.d. >> major league baseball made
10:54 am
the decision back in april to move the game from atlanta to here in denver in large part to the blowback that was coming from democrats, corporations, and president biden himself. they were essentially saying this law would restrict voting access for minorities and low income folks. president biden went at the furthest saying that the low stomach law was essentially jim crow on steroids. republicans push back saying that you are misconstruing what it does but the mlb gave into the pressure. we talked about locals here in denver about getting the game. >> i have friends down in atlanta and a lot of people were angry down there being moved and i have friends and coworkers that think the mlb shouldn't be here. >> we were very excited because trying to make up from sales of last year and trying to increase revenue and trough the city a little bit. she was a princess.
10:55 am
>> republicans were frustrated because of what democrats were saying were lies. present bite and said that people would not be able to get off of work and time and "the washington post" said no, that's not true. but this law would do is expand the hours and not reduce them. the damage is done and it came here to denver. locals happy to have it. >> john: that adds not pulling any punches. the doj suing over the voting law when it comes to the court decision. the georgia department of judgments might do better because arizona upheld the voting law. that game will be seen from denver. the game is tonight at 7:30 p.m. you can see it live on fox and
10:56 am
we will be watching. a skating to report warning that the u.s. navy as not ready to go to war. arkansas senator tom cotton on that coming up on a brand-new hour veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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11:01 am
>> john: will get senator cotton to react to that as well. >> sandra: a disturbing trend getting worse in our nation's schools. what we are hearing about a book being taught to young children comparing being white teaming up with the devil. >> john: fast food workers who had at their way, the story behind sign that went viral and the disturbing accusations being leveled at the king. >> sandra: off of the top, concerns and other countries fighting forces may not be ready when the time comes. a brand-new report from a former navy admiral as well as a retired marine general painting a dire picture of the u.s. navy as it stands today. >> john: report is not simply focused on board but instead, the retired officer say that i'm being spent on diversity training and other cultural issues comes with a cost and is harming the navy. as one active-duty lieutenant
11:02 am
put it, "i think we worry more if we have more diversity officers than if we survive a fight with the chinese navy." >> sandra: there was no single incident of this review, but a couple collisions involving u.s. warships a couple of years ago. all three leaving to questions whether the navy is facing an institutional crisis. >> john: senator cotton top and it weighs in on all of that in just a moment. a first come in details report. >> was based with 77 current and former sailors. president biden's pick was asked about that on capitol hill. >> i will look at all of the issues and my priority focus will look at training and skills. it is important to have a zero defect mentality, you are
11:03 am
correct. >> leader quality and in expanding culture micromanagement. >> we welcome all of these insights and all scrutiny over the united states. navy leaders today understand well that officers, leaders, petty leaders, they are human beings and people make mistakes. >> is the u.s. navy ready for work question marks become cats. >> the mass of worship without scrapped. at his insistence like that with two collisions in 2017 involving billion-dollar destroyers killing 17 sailors in the surrender of the of the united states crew in 2016. many lawmakers would like the navy to build more strict on my core strips to with china.
11:04 am
>> john: let's bring in senator, cotton. senator, this is alarming to hear. is this really the case? is there a major question whether the u.s. navy is ready for battle? >> i believe that the surface navy, i would destroyers and other surface combatant shifts need a cultural change. some of this goes back 30 years to the fall of the soviet union and the loss of a competitor on the seas. this report is not coming for me or my counterpart in the house. it it is coming from sailors. it is coming from the sailors and their chiefs and their junior officers. in some case, commanding officers who have lost confidence that the navy's surface warfare component is ready to fight and win tonight. you heard there were from
11:05 am
lucas. the focus on training for things other than war fighting, obviously the navy has a bacon complex task. the single most important things we have our navy for us to be able to fight then it chinese navy. i have a problem and the navy has instilled the war fighting mentality to accompany psycho. >> john: this goes back decades for a couple of years now. two years ago, a professor at the naval war college said that the united states navy had been caught napping by beijing. he said, "china would be a pushover for a great many years and we start the naval war race
11:06 am
while we dawdled." >> we allowed china to march on us in shipbuilding. china has been amassing a massive shipbuilding campaign. we need to do more of that in the united states. we need a larger navy. just as important is how we train sailors, especially our leaders on the ships. in some cases, surface warfare officers were giving 23 dvds and told to read these in your spare time for training. we would never do that to a navy aviator and we would never do that to a navy nuclear engineer. we shouldn't be doing it to our supers engineers either. the sailors that they lead deserve a lot better as well. >> sandra: a lot of people would be shocked to hear the details of this report such as the quagmire pointed out in the question whether the native is ready to war.
11:07 am
they monopolize precious training time, tear point by weighing down those sailors with noncombat training administrative burden. they were sending them into burden stomach battle without knowledge. they do not believe that the navy prioritizes fighting and winning. navy leaders do not talk about fighting and winning. unless changes are made, the navy risks losing the next major conflict. what changes would you start with? >> there is a host of recommendations in the report from the senior former navy and marine corps leaders that help conduct this review for us. they should get surface warfare training and they should stick with it. just like they have for naval aviators and nukes for decades. they should illuminate the serum beat defect mentality were any
11:08 am
small minor missteps could lose you your job. admiral should not look over your shoulder digitally trying to micromanage what our captains of ships 500 miles away are saying. they need to stick to maintenance schedules. it's fun to post a maintenance schedule but when you continue to extend deployments, you fall off of the maintenance schedule. the navy needs to stick to the maintenance schedules to make sure that the ships that cost $1 billion are well-maintained. >> john: i want to change subjects if i could and ask you something that i know you have personal subject stomach experience with because you served in the military in afghanistan. do any doubt that in the near future the taliban will regain control of afghanistan? >> they are advancing faster than the biden administration predicted a few months ago and that is a great concern for
11:09 am
american security. afghanistan is where al qaeda watched the 9/11 attacks there. they were conducted from people who are guided by their leaders in afghanistan. al qaeda and i sense other terrorist operations are still there. it's hard for us to conduct operations against those operations if there is zero american presence because is not surrounded by a lot of countries. that's different from syria, yemen, or somalia. it is increasingly clear to me that president biden did not have much of a plan for continuing the counterterrorism operations when he made the decision to withdraw our troops and i could american lives at risk. >> sandra: 95% of the withdrawal there is complete. the taliban claims that they are now occupying 85% of the territory there. there is a brand-new video that we are going to show still images of it. we do not have any reason to
11:10 am
believe this is not authentic. these are taliban fighters screaming as they execute 22 afghan commanders who were after running out of ammo. we were showing you the still pictures. this is brand-new video and i just want to get your reaction to that. >> i cannot verify the accuracy of that video or not, but it's exactly the thing that the taliban what do. because there is lead by such men and because they encourage such actions in their ranks, they are not likely to be good at counterterrorism partner for the united states of america. our core interest in afghanistan was to make sure that it was not used as a launching pad for another attack against united states. >> john: when i asked the
11:11 am
administration officials in the last 18 months about redrawing and whether or not the taliban would take over, they said that this was a new taliban. nobody liked the new coke, so they went back to the old coke. do you believe that the old taliban will eventually remarriage push mark >> your seeing it emerge already and what it takes over afghanistan entirely, i'm afraid we are going to get back to where we were in the late 1990s. of all this country in which terrorist groups like al qaeda and they had islamic state can t terrorist attacks against the united states. >> sandra: we appreciate your time this afternoon. >> john: a fox news alert right now. democratic lawmakers from texas ditching their state rather than doing what they were elected to
11:12 am
do debate and decide you lots. it is the second time that they've done this. the absent democrats turn up in d.c. whenever they do go home, texas governor greg abbott warrants the lawmakers that they could be arrested. it seems that they may have skirted federal guidelines as well. social media photo shows the group mask lists on the chartered plane. that's a violation of rules. the standoff is put governing on hold and we will keep an eye on the story for any and all developments. >> sandra: we will indeed. meanwhile, the fbi asking to be a look out for and friends. loved ones being showing signs of extremism. >> john: we were going inside to inside security as it creeps in more classrooms.
11:13 am
it will tell you what teachers are telling kids that have so many parents fuming. >> i made this book because the black woman educators at my children's schools told me that i could do better. what i was told is to focus on whiteness. what else can go from your car's cup holder to a crystal bowl and seem equally at home? i guess the most well-rounded snack isn't round at all. it's more cashew-shaped. planters. a nut above. limu emu... and doug. it's more cashew-shaped. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:19 am
not just with an acquaintance or a colleague or even a complete stranger, but someday that you live with. a spouse, brother, or sister or even a close friend. pay attention and alert the fbi if there's something a little off. chief law enforcement officer and in united states, attorney general merrick garland, he made it a priority when he came into the department of justice that he would be looking at the things whether it's domestic extremism type terror or whether it is some kind of homegrown terror. he received a briefing about the january 6 briefing minutes after he walked after he walked to the doors at the doj. the specific tweet that you had on the tweets stomach screen mentions homegrown which is foreign ideology. he's not happy about this. he tweeted, "it is spying on
11:20 am
normal working americans who have the wrong political opinions. this is dangerous." in the tweet, they linked back to a 2019 book. you can see it right there. homegrown violent extremism. from time to time, the fbi does come out with these were mixed. attorney general said it's hard whether it's domestic or general to root out these people and conference information. >> sandra: generating a lot of response. thank you. things are divided on that issue. some lawmakers speaking out including josh hawley but also something that they take issues with his calling on americans to turn on each other. often times when something happens, family members said that they saw something.
11:21 am
they are trying to take into approach to that. >> john: in some cases it can be a good thing. i'm going to look at sandy hook. if somebody had spoken out about the shooter there... at the same time you have to be careful what you say your friends. we are getting details that a book used to teach critical race theory in classrooms. it is called, "not my idea." it is not a police officer shoot a black man as his hands are up on the news. he's trying to make sense of it. he says that being white is like having a pact with the devil. it is recommended reading for school districts in 12 states. christopher has been fighting critical race theory in schools. let's bring up biotech entrepreneur. a central thing stomach theme of this book is a whiteness compact with the devil who is luring
11:22 am
children with the concept of, "n brand and stolen riches. " when children are inherently born into weights of primacy. what do you say? >> this is classic critical race theory in our school spirit if you're white you're currently advantage and black your inherently disadvantaged. this is a toxic ideology that is tearing apart our country at the seams for the next generations. kids do not ordinarily see race, they're tough to see race. you are being taught of the prisoner of the color of your skin. republicans need to do a better job of fighting this ideology not just saying what they do not want to teach but what we do want to teach instead to fill that week. we have not done a good enough job of that talking about how we replace the ideology with civic
11:23 am
education. that is something that we need to move the conversation towards the whites we are going to get trapped in what we want to ban or what we do not want to teach instead of talking enough of what we do want to teach instead. >> john: this book us by an author who has a website with a trailer about students reading the book and talking about it. let's us into a little bit. >> white supremacy as per tenant and the consequences are real. truth is much simpler. >> skin color makes a difference in how the world sees you. racism is problems. understanding the truth takes courage. >> john: on her website, she says that racism was not your idea. you do not need to defend it. it is the idea that white children are born into a culture of inherent racism.
11:24 am
first of all, is that true? secondly, what your parents do to teach their children about what they are hearing? >> look. i think this is not the kind of thing we are teaching kids in schools, obviously. it defies the american dream. it says at the color of your skin come on the day you are born, determines whether or not you have a chance in this country. with or not you are oppressed or in a no presser category. the americas anything, it means that you can be whoever you are irrespective of the color of your skin. the problem is that we teach our kids and how we teach america to them is what america becomes in the next generation. we need to be teaching them about our actual history including our shortcomings but also how we've overcome them. we've talked for a decade about all of the weeks we've hung short of our ideals that we have
11:25 am
forgotten what those ideals are in the first place. i think that that is going to be a much more successful approach rather than just talking about banning critical race theory or criticizing critical race theory. we need to move onto the next step of this epic education and that void. >> john: we have you on all the time here on fox. i've never asked you this question. have you yourself ever experienced racism question what you tell your children about that? >> i have experienced racism personally. it's been from people of multiple different races from who had experienced racism. growing up in ohio and that's where i live today. yes, everyone experiences hardship. what i tell my kids is what i tell my kids at my high school when i spoke at their commencement. it is this. hardship is not the same thing as victimhood. hardship is something you encounter and victimhood is a choice.
11:26 am
other things do make mistakes and they grow up too. many of the times that i experienced racism was when i was a kid and the people who are perpetrators may been young people as well. that does not make me a victim. it allows us to be strengthened by the experiences that we have had in see beyond that to the experiences that we have beyond that. >> john: we reached out to anastasia and got this response from her. she said, "folks are very obsessed with the focus of the devil in the book. they want to distract themselves rather than looking inward and questioning their own role in whites or primacy. i depict the system as stomach of whiteness as the devil so that kids can see what lies behind." >> what she does as she highlights how wokeness and critical race theory promotes a secular religion. it is just one more example of
11:27 am
that. as a violation of the civil rights act of 1964. you cannot discriminate based on your religion. you cannot focus kids are teachers bound onto this religion anymore than others. there was a promising legal argument that we're going to see play out in court if the years ahead. >> john: always great to have you on. >> sandra: great conversation. president biden blessed on the response on the rights in cuba. >> john: stay with us. rty grams, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors!
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so powerful, yet it's nearly invisible. we're so confident we can improve your life, we're offering a 30-day risk-free trial. call 1-800-miracle today and experience the miracle-ear advantage. >> sandra: fox news alert right now to the bottom of the hour. first up, confusion over california's covid rules when it comes to kids and wearing mask. they're not following rules.
11:33 am
>> john: we are hearing bill gates side of his divorce and where he is placing the blame. that coming up. but first. speech of president biden state department facing criticism after a tweet saying protesters in cuba have the right to peaceful assembly. the actual situation seems to be anything but peaceful. more than 100 anti-protests stomach protesters arrested. executive director for the american rising pact joining us as well. kathy, your response to what is happening on the ground in cuba and where we should go next. those people are struggling.
11:34 am
they are calling for help. they are chanting freedom. they're waving american flag. >> that is right. they're looking to the united states as a beacon of hope. instead, they are seeing a tepid response. in fact, the initial response that you mentioned from the state department and in the present statement yesterday was about covid even though they were chanting about freedom. somebody once said that cuba is looking at us to be the america that they think we are. by our administration not having a strong response and defense of these freedom fighters and supportive dominant is not just showing weakness to her neighbor to the south but the rest of the world when america is not firmly behind you. >> sandra: part of the solution with the mayor of miami come up with who i spoke to yesterday, is calling it what it is. let's start there.
11:35 am
>> i cannot understand why anyone would not call this what it is and why we would not condemn a communist ideology that has failed not only in cuba but everywhere in the history of humanity. this is an ideology that promises to create a quality but only quality it has delivered his equal misery for all of its citizens in every country that it has been tried. except for the united states to understand that. speech of when the united states put out a second event yesterday, i did not see socialism or communism mentioned. bernie sanders is not calling this what it is. in fact, he saying that both people have the right to protest and to: the cuban government to respect the rights. it has only hurt and not held the cuban people. he's blaming the u.s.
11:36 am
>> we have taken we've seen a number of rallies in the last few days and be free from prominent voices on both side of the island including democratic senator menendez. all saying that this is a problem and this is a problem with socialism and communism ideology. i did not have a problem with the fact that president biden did not use those words in his statement. it was clear on the campaign trail especially when he got down to that of their suffering. >> sandra: isn't that the root cause of their suffering? >> certainly does one of the root cause, but he had made it absolutely clear from day one that he is not a socialist, he's not a communist coming is nothing to do with that. he believes in free-market capitalism to ensure that we've a just society and making sure that people have things like health care, they have a good quality education. bernie sanders loss of primary in 2016 and he lost it in 2020. i do not understand with the fascination of making him the face of the party would leave
11:37 am
reject them time and time again. >> sandra: congress touts socialism policies. >> but he's not the president. >> sandra: i also asked miami mayor about that. listen. >> the united states has to start intervening in finding a way whether it's humanitarian or military intervention, what other means necessary not just to protect the sovereignty of the cuban people but the united states. speech of how can the united states intervene and how should america response? >> it first starts by having a clear and resolute stance in favor of these democracy fighters and these freedom fighters. we need to acknowledge that these people are not taking to the streets because there aren't getting a covert vaccine. they're taking to history because of decades of oppression. if we do not acknowledge that,
11:38 am
when we go from there? to jessica's point about bernie sanders not being the leader of the party, he is waiting on pins and needles to introduce a $6 trillion budget bill that will have all of the socialist gifts in it. that is the direction of the party. that is where he wants to see it go. it is a problem for this white house that they cannot call it what it is and they know that they have to acquiesce to the far left base that is in charge of the party today. >> sandra: i want to get this and because we do have news out of the state department on how to proceed with what is happening there in the streets of cuba. the statement reads, "we are always considering options available to us that would allow us to support human people and to support their humanitarian need which are indeed profound." we are left wondering what is the next move to help these people. >> i hope that some form of humanitarian aid or military intervention, i think we are willing to do that.
11:39 am
we heard also that it is possible to intervene in terms of reactivating their intranet. the cuban government has shut down communication in their country obviously to support their cause we need to make sure that we help however we can. we learned in the middle east that with these freedom fighters, they need our help. need to do that. it would been great if we did something more for the hong kong protesters a couple years ago. there people in the rate that agree with that as well including people like rick scott the president that would not pass congress in terms of supporting the hong kong protesters. >> sandra: ted cruz action the question how is this possible responding to a tweet from the biden state department saying that they protect their
11:40 am
right, "peaceful assembly." >> that seems more like a nod to the oppressive regime instead of the freedom fighters. those following cuba -- could not even that closely, they put out the propaganda video that the government puts out our two very different things. it should never be a question where the united states is and we need to work to oppress the regime that continues to promote communist policies. >> sandra: thank you being here. >> john: workers in burger king nebraska displaying their beef. they're displaying their frustration and long hours and dismal working conditions on the sign-out front saying, "we all
11:41 am
quit. sorry for the inconvenience." we reach out for burger king for a comment but they did not respond. >> sandra: i'm sure they will. california contravention being confusing against the cdc but now the rules are changing once again. >> john: dr. marty makary gives us the fact that he gives a straight. he's coming up next.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
11:46 am
spin on state is still requiring
11:47 am
all students to wear masks while indoors even if they are still vaccinated. doctor, good to see you. this is a 180 on part of the state saying that it requires all students or they would be turned away. now believing it a patchwork of the school district level. this is a last thing students and parents needed was more confusion. >> what california did and really doing a 180 on this guidance is that this is public accountability working. this state it cited to enact public restrictions because they had a higher percentage of the delta strain early and he thought they would go into preventive mode which is not backed by science. before people are doing something, they went to see the science behind it. >> john: it's or no science behind what california did question work there's no equality move find anything.
11:48 am
the centered of disease control says that children were vaccinated do not need to be wearing a mask. but you've children from prekindergarten to 12 were not vaccinated and if some people have to wear masks, everybody should. >> the response was purely reactionary early on. people need to remember that covid-19 is not the only virus affecting people and the only virus affecting kids. he probably ranks number two or three in terms of vibrance health threat to kids. the common cold is up this year and 500 kids die from that each year more than covid-19. and we've never seen the data on covid-19 deaths in kids. many believe it is heavily skilled mx geared toward those
11:49 am
with conditions and they have an very small risk. >> john: what about the janssen covert vaccine about tht the syndrome? i was watching fox this morning and saw an ad for the ingalls vaccine that there is a risk. there's also with the flu vaccine. is there any reason for greater concern with the j&j would vaccine than with the other vaccines out there? >> mild paralysis can sometimes result in hospitalizations and it is common after vaccines. we tolerate risk threshold of one of these serious complications every 1 million flu shots with the influenza vaccine. this is a real signal in the data that the fda suggests here. 95 serious cases and 12 million
11:50 am
people with the j&j vaccine. that's a 1,100,000. those are just the cases that we know of and those 95 cases were serious and they result a clinically. it does suggest that given the choice i would suggest one of the other instead. >> john: did the math myself and came up with an incident rate of .008% which seems insignificant. we were suggesting that the signal is very strong here because of the seriousness, the severity of the cases? >> yes. one in 100,000 cases and that's just what we know of. it is notoriously unreliable. it is the yelp of vaccines and you know rating system, not everybody will go online and report a complication. >> john: and some report applications that may not be associated either.
11:51 am
all of that stuff needs to be watched through the system. >> it makes you wonder with 21,000 employees at that cdc, why can't we get more reliable data on complication rates and the true risk of death to kids? they haven't verified the data that they have so far under kids of the age of 18. >> john: always good to see you. thank you for joining us today. >> sandra: bill gates taking blame for his very public divorce and it nearly shedding while doing it. more on that o provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. ensure complete! the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> john: this just in. president biden speaking to a crowd at the national constitution center in philadelphia. it's part of the democrat's push for new voting laws that would give the federal government more power over how states run their elections. we'll continue to monitor the remarks and let you know if the president makes any headlines.
11:57 am
sandra? >> sandra: we'll monitor that it's summer camp for billionaires. you can talk about your work, maybe your yacht. bill gates emotional and on the verge of tears while opening up about his multibillion dollar divorce. abby hornacek is here with more. i saw the headlines that he reached near tears talking about this, perhaps showing regret. >> yeah, i think it's hard for anyone when you're in a high profile divorce situation and might be mentioned at the sun valley idaho conference. he just finished giving a talk on climate change and asked about his divorce. he and melinda were married 27 years, three kids together, worth about $130 billion. makes sense this is on the ton of everybody's mind. he was emotional according to an attendee. he said that he alluded to the fact that the divorce is his fault. i thought about this. this is a high profile event in
11:58 am
general. you have names like jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg. you can imagine the fascinating conversations that came out of that conference. everybody is focused on the big question about the divorce. >> sandra: and they all descend on sun valley in their private jets to talk about climate change. it's fascinating that they get together as far as the divorce is concerned. his wife showed up in new york city. massive security detail. so i'm sure there's big discussions being had at summer camp. >> summer camp that i would like to go to. >> sandra: right. where is our invitation? i want to hear about your parks season 5. what are we seeing? >> thank you for watching, sandra. the hope is that it encouraging people to go to their national sparks, spend time with their families. the great smoky mountains is in
11:59 am
most visited. and we explore what to do. we go to 40 local businesses. they drive the local economies. >> sandra: what is happening here? >> this is grand canyon. again, grand canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. we explored how the canyon formed. when you go, you can go to the north or south rim. you can do both. they're about ten miles apart. you is zip line across or drive five hours. it's about 2015 miles away. from that vantage point, you get the unique view to explore. >> sandra: it's so worth washing, fox nation, park'd. you can always do to grand canyon like my father and i did. hiked down and back in the same day. >> i'll take you next time. >> sandra: a true story. >> john: what is your favorite
12:00 pm
national park, sandra? >> sandra: i don't know. abby, grand canyon? >> sounds like the type of materials that you would love. >> sandra: how about you? >> john: yellowstone. >> we can talk about this forever. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. another show coming on. >> john: i'm john roberts. over to martha. >> martha: let's to cover for you this afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. so how about this? we could lose a showdown in the sea in the military with china. that is the reality. so the question is how did that happen? a shocking new report of in depth interviews with 77 current and recent members of all ranks in the u.s. navy reveals that in most cases we fall short because we


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