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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 13, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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laura: ouch the fan was okay. that the security guard break his fall? that all-time we have to make, set your dvr every week night at 10:00 pm eastern to never miss us. greg gutfeld, take it from here. jillian: president biden says the us stands firmly with cuban demonstrators as thousands take to the streets for the largest anti-communist uprising in decades but still no word from many of the progress of lawmakers who are pushing socialist policies in the us. >> democrats taking the stand against gop voting bills by hopping on a private jet to dc as these bills become a main target of the left. live in dc.
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>> alonso defenses title. >> peter alonso defending his title as homeland or reach an lugging his way into the history books with an explosive performance that of tonight's all-star game. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ >> i wish i could have a ball like that. that was the all-star game at 7:30 on fox, carley shimkus will be joining us live all morning long. with that you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. ainsley: look at this, president biden hits the road to address voting rights and white house claims republicans for election reform.
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>> the battle of the ballot intensifies. >> reporter: we expect president biden to lay out how he will fight the republican-led state election laws. the white house gop efforts, the worse challenge to our democracy since the civil war. >> to layout the moral case for how this is a form of suppression and silencing. >> fighting the gop bills went up hill battle for congress and the department of justice. already republicans have been able to stop federal funding reform bills and the doj has already announced it will sue georgia over its new laws voting reform will be a mostly state-level issue. last night texas dems the state capital to dc on a private jet to break the legislature's special session core meaning they can't hold votes without more members present. democrats say the republican voting. voter suppression but lawmakers are prepared to remain outside
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state lines for the duration of the special session which could ago for weeks because texas law allows lawmakers to be arrested and locked in the capital to work, governor greg abbott city will continue to call special sessions as long as it takes. >> once they step back into the state of texas they will be arrested and brought to the texas capital and we will be conducting business. >> the texas house democratic caucuses voting rights, the fight in his state is at a crisis point. >> we are determined to kill this bill in this special session which will end on august 7th. we will say out until then in order to do that. >> it was a stunned then and it is a stunt now. that's all it is. >> democratic remixer president biden say he's not done enough to fight gop voting bills and what the speech will likely be a rallying cry. it is not expected to have much in the way of new proposals. >> thanks so much.
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>> president biden flipped the defund the police consent democrats and calls to hire more officers to fight crime. >> our strategy provides including funding for law enforcement through the american rescue plan for states, cities and to be able to higher police. >> the president calling for a crackdown on illegal guns while meeting with law enforcement and community leaders. new york city mayoral hopeful and front runner eric adams was there but rejects the president's plan to hire more police. >> we can't continue to respond to symptoms. time to respond to the underlying causes of violence in our city. >> adams advocates education reform and that are enforcement of handgun laws. >> a gain core in the bronx claims the lives of three teens in less then a week. the new york post said the victims all between 13 and 19 were murdered in retaliatory shootings but this is a small
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part of the bronx crime surge, the new york city borough has any 60% spike in gunshot victims compared to this time last year. todd: president biden standing behind cuban protesters, the communist regime following the demonstrations. ainsley: far left lawmakers push the socialist policies still remain silent. >> reporter: thousands marching in the streets of cuba chanting they want their freedom after four decades of communism, food shortages and rising prices making life miserable for cuban citizens who hope the us will stand with them. >> the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba, we call on the government to refrain from violence, their attempts to silence the people of cuba.
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>> reporter: demonstrations take place in miami by many who have family member suffering under the harsh cuban regime and its socialist policies. >> the only call it has a limited people misery for all its citizens in every country it has been tried. it is time for the united states to understand that this could affect american cities if we are not careful. >> reporter: when questioned about it the biden administration seeming to deflect from the obvious message of the people instead pointing to covid as the driving force. >> when the protesters are yelling freedom and people within the administration think they are saying freedom from rising covid cases. >> people in the streets protesting and complaining about lack of access to medical supplies in a global pandemic right now. >> lawmakers on the left like bernie sanders stayed quiet with the protests now pledging their support.
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>> our support throughout latin america and cuba and everywhere else, the right of people to protest for a decent economy and political freedom. >> reporter: cuba's president is blaming discontent due to us sanctions which strained the economy for the protest but reports that internet and phone service has been cut off against cuba. >> marco rubio is the son of two cuban immigrants who came to the us in the 1950s. he said the present government his parents fled is the same oppressive government cubans are rising up against right now. >> that is the way every marxist regime has ever been because
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marxism and socialism is built on you go to people and say there's a group of noble people and then there's this group of oppressors that is trying to destroy them. give us the power to crush the oppressors and give us the power and we will give you security, we will give you a stable economy, all the things you need but the price of that is your freedom. so they went and then what happens? you don't get those things and you don't get your freedom back and if you complain about it they crack your head open, put you in jail, exile you or kill you and that is what happens everywhere all the time, socialism is about control, about controlling people and every aspect of their lives. >> we will speak to someone who fled cuba for the us, mike gonzalez, senior fellow at the heritage foundation will share his personal experience with us live. ashley: a link between the johnson & johnson vaccine and a rare nerve disorder following 100 preliminary cases of dion barre, 12.5 million doses administered, johnson & johnson downplaying the morning saying in part we strongly support raising awareness of rare events, the chances of having this occur is very low. a live look at capitol hill where they are finalizing a bipartisan infrastructure plan,
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the deal went out after mitch mcconnell promised a helluva fight against raising taxes, president biden met with senator bernie sanders to discuss reconciliation and you heard sanders speaking briefly on the cuban protests but he had a lot more to say about the multi-trillion dollars spending plan. >> i introduced a proposal for $6 trillion so i will fight to make that proposal as robust as it can be in a strong majority of the democratic caucus want to go as big as we can. jillian: sanders admits democrats are not unified on the package which would expand medicare and make the child care tax credit permanent. todd: tampa bay lightning celebrating another stanley cup title.
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♪♪ todd: thousands of fans joining the team to celebrate the team at second stanley cup indictments, the other one was a little sooner because of all the covid stuff last year. the day's first abuse wrapping up with a rainsoaked post parade rally, didn't stop them taking off their shirts and getting the trophy, still unclear how it happened but it happens often, it goes to canada to be repaired. it's a little early on, usually it takes a few months but they got the denting out of the way earlier. speaking of denting watch mlb home run derby champ alonzo for his third ever repeat championship. >> what a finish. alonzo defenses title. >> the camera pans up and all you see is sky. pete alonzo taking the trophy after bashing 74 home runs.
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he had 35 in the first round, that is ridiculous. alonzo as he had an amazing story, is training his first season, battling stage iii colon cancer, no hard feelings between the 2 nor should we be. a beautiful site right there, great to see mancini back, great home run. ashley: i can't see it, have no idea where it is going until it comes back down. todd: helps but it is in course feel. ashley: defining police department is that for democrats who want to strip resources from border agents and ice but republicans aren't standing for that and we have your exclusive first look at the gop responsible for is introduced in the house later today. >> did you hear about this? california governor gavin newsom as a new challenger. we will tell you who entered the recall race. is a and, you will definitely recognize him.
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"fox and friends first" on tuesday morning rolls along.
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>> the people of cuba rising up against the communist regime demanding their freedom the largest protest the country has seen in decades. the white house trying to tie the demonstrations to the pandemic. is that the whole story? >> mike gonzalez fled cuba when he was 12, he joins us live with more. thanks for being with us this morning. you fled from cuba when you were 12 losing everything happening in cuba with the protests. how does that make you feel on a personal level to see this happening after 60 years of oppression?
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>> i really do feel for the cuban people who have endured 62 years of communism. i agree with how senator rubio framed the issue, socialism has a perfect record of failure as we've seen in cuba and everywhere else it has been tried and this is a warning for us in the united states not try this. there are many voices saying it is not so bad with critical race theory, socialism being introduced in america. this is not something we want, the best way to help the people of cuba is by remaining free ourselves. laura: the white house not necessarily acknowledging that when you thought they would.
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the steam and gaining a lot of controversy, quote, peaceful protests growing in cuba as the cuban people exercise their right to peaceful silly to express concern about rising covid cases/deaths and medicine shortages, that from the white house acting assistant secretary julie chung that cuba was going great until covid. how ignorant is a statement like that from our very a government? >> assistant secretary of state chung missed the ball very badly. she misread the room. that was the only statement we had for a long time, the white house issued its own statement on behalf of president biden. i think president biden needs to have a turn down this wall moment, he needs to address the american people and the people of cuba and say we are forthrightly behind the right to freedom. why the cuban people the only people in the world not to be able to have freedom, 62 years is enough. it matters a lot with the president of the united states, the leader of the free world says. he should use the bully pulpit
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to tell the communist government not to jail your own people, do not use violence against them into the people of cuba the united states, the american people stand with you. bernie sanders, the squad, likewise matter don't speak for us. the american people are pro-liberty. >> this thought from bernie sanders, i want your reaction. >> during the campaign you said that it is unfair to say everything is bad in cuba. do you still share that sentiment? >> support throughout latin america and cuba and every place else the right of people to protest for a decent economy and political freedom. >> fox emailed aoc, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib and sanders with no response, does it shock you what he said and not getting response that? >> he has a long record of support for the castro dictatorship. he once said a lot of ugly
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people were defeated in cuba meaning people who like liberty, there's no way he can walk that back. in a way he lost the race in 2020 because of outspoken support just a year ago for communism, the communist government of cuba and what he just said was very tepid. he's a died in the wall marxist. he cannot walk back his feelings. and odyssey of early one 2. >> amazing that any american isn't full throated the celebrating what is happening in cuba right now but there we have it, mike gonzalez, appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> coming up, success democrats being praised for their bravery after hopping on a private jet and fleeing the lone star state instead of voting on the gop voting bill. >> how does this actually protect voting rights?
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we have that next. ♪♪
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when you get four lines- or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. todd: oklahoma saying no to critical race theory voting to ban security in schools and those who defied it could have their licenses suspended, they bring the teaching material that makes everyone feel uncomfortable or guilty about their race or sex and authorizes parents to inspect regular material and assignments to ensure compliance and larry older and remarries to be california's next governor. he is deciding to run after
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witnessing the state's homeless crisis, crime surgeon coronavirus response as a judge ruled governor gavin newsom cannot identify as a democrat on the recall ballot. the embattled leader failed to designate his party when filing paperwork, the recall election only two months away. ashley: texas lawmakers fleeing the scene on a private jet with a case of beer in an attempt to block gop sponsored election bill aimed at strengthening the voter access rules. former california assemblyman who lived the state for texas and vice president of the texas public policy foundation joins me live to discuss. how are you doing? >> doing well after staying up late saturday night to testify before the texas house on the same bill. >> the democrats in texas being touted as brave, can you explain
1:25 am
what is so brave about doing this when it seems to be just a waste of taxpayers money and time to be quite honest? >> the constitutional rules in the state of texas required 2 thirds majority to conduct business in the house and that is a check to make sure you don't have a majority pull a fast one and try to do something while a minority is out of town. when you leave in the middle of a special session and you leave over an issue like election integrity, specifically id for mail in ballots which is supported by 81% of texans it is not hard to understand why at 2 to 1 margin texans disapprove the democrats leaving, private jet with a case of beer. jillian: this is the second time they've done this in a matter of months to try to stop republicans from granite this past. is this ever going to get pushed through? disputes happening? >> i do because again, texans
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support democrats doing the job itunes one margin, they don't like the fact they left town, overwhelmingly support these measures. 81% of all texans support id for mail in ballots including all demographics, we are talking black texans, hispanic texans, democrat texans, republican texans, everyone thinks it is common sense to reduce the opportunity for fraud, to have voters write their drivers license number or stay id number, the last four of the social security number on their mail in ballot, whether they have a subjective signature match which doesn't cut it these days so that is what this is about. people who escaped and went to washington dc want to do is have california standards not only for texas but for the whole country. this is the legislation that was recently being considered in washington dc that would ban voter id, it would ban proper maintenance of election lists,
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voter lists for the elections, require massive increase of mail in balloting all across the country and fees are not supported by texans or a majority of americans and one last thing, by leaving and going to washington dc and not doing their job the democrats are avoiding voting on a $5 billion property tax relief package for texans to pay some of the nation's highest property taxes so i think that's also going to be very unpopular. >> we are going to stay tuned, thank you for giving us your take this morning, really appreciate it. >> 27 after the hour. they fought for our freedom but now can't even access their benefits because of a massive backlog affecting 500,000 families. james comeer joins us next.
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>> federal prosecutors forced to clarify this, sees from a giant january 6th riot suspects, the us attorney's office claimed the fbi seized a fully assembled set from the home of suspect robert morse who is facing multiple charges including assault. according to a former prosecutor the clarification does matter after the said could be an indication of his mindset. >> in austin, texas calling honestly to hire more police officers to combat rising crime. officers are retiring and resigning at alarming rates. >> a police crisis in our city. >> the launching the petition calling for austin to have two officers per 1000 residents, the city's population is 950,000.
1:32 am
president biden flipping the from the police script on thomas democrats calling for an increase in hiring and funding of officers to crackdown on firearms. >> there are some things that work in the first of those that work is stemming the flow of firearms. our strategy provides including funding for law enforcement through the american rescue plan, for states, cities and to be able to hire police and pay them over time in order to advance policing. >> the president meeting with officials to combat surging crime in major cities. ranking member congressman james comeer joins us to discuss. the statement from president biden in many ways was at odds with so many members of his party but there were a lot of other parts of that statement, did president biden go far enough?
1:33 am
>> know. this has been an issue that has plagued all of the democrat party over the last 12 months, this is an issue that i think americans are outraged by, crime is on the rise, democrats have had the absolute wrong position with respect to law enforcement and we are seeing the consequences of that in areas where they called for defunding the police these are areas we see massive increase in crime so president biden is finally getting the memo, trying to lead his party but his parties every direction in this issue. i hope our country can realize we have to have law enforcement to combat crime, we need to respect law enforcement and we need to fund law enforcement. ashley: i want to bring up the crime surges in bigger cities, and atlanta homicides of 36%, shooting 39, new york city shootings up 29%, portland homicides are up 530%, shootings
1:34 am
up 126, you heard that right, los angeles homicides, it goes on and on, philadelphia. what is your reaction to this? president biden has encouraged these states to use the funding to try to combat this and i see the red states would do that, places like new york, deblasio said we are fine, what about the states having a problem? are they going to listen to use this money to combat this? >> the states will use the money in the worst possible way. i don't think they will use it to fund law enforcement because the blue states are controlled by liberals and liberals do not support law enforcement. that has been clear for the past 12 months and we see reaction to that. it is also ironic that the cities with the most stringent gun laws are the cities with the highest rates of crime.
1:35 am
red states that are pro-second amendment had the lowest rates of crime. the democrats are not in the right position with respect to law enforcement and are wrong with respect to guns and the american people are realizing this especially the people who live in the cities of blue states hopefully democrats will be held accountable by the voters because we can't continue to see an increase in crime in all of these blue states, it's not sustainable and something hopefully president biden is starting to see is a problem and is trying to get his party to follow him but he has a long way to go on that front. >> you are raising alarm over a records backlog for veterans, we will pop that on screen, it is a big one, 500,000 is the current records backlog but there is a number and without context it is tough to appreciate what that really means. how that is the problem is you have researched it?
1:36 am
>> all the areas of mismanagement and the federal government what is going on now with the va with respect to records requests is the worst. we requested a briefing from the va and got a briefing, meaning republicans and democrats on the house oversight committee, they explained they are in many cases 6 to 9 months, even a year behind when a veteran requests badly needed medical records, what is the problem is they said we had covid and i asked i would assume this a few weeks ago i assume the workers are back to work, no, there's still the delta variant and problems out there. the republicans on the committee were outraged, didn't seem like democrats were very outraged, we demanded chairwoman maloney hold a hearing so we could brings to light and instead of holding a hearing to bring to light the misdeeds going on with the va
1:37 am
chairwoman maloney had a hearing to increase benefits for federal workers. we need to get federal workers back to work, our veterans, these federal employees won't and get back to work and get caught up on records but it is terrible what is happening with our veterans and it is another area of mismanagement by the biden administration. >> thanks for being with us, appreciate it. america's of military commander in afghanistan really wishing his post as the taliban gains ground in the region. general miller making it official during a ceremony, the pentagon says while it is clear the teller and believes in a military solution toward the us is still taking the diplomatic route. the television is gaining control in several key districts along afghanistan's border. ashley: more than 40 republican lawmakers will introduce a
1:38 am
resolution supporting the dhs, cbp and i submit calls from progressive democrats to cut funding. michigan congresswoman lisa maclean writes defunding the department and its agencies would be detrimental to national security, quote, without dhs our country and the entire world would be less safe. >> the jungle cruise ride at disneyland reopens after being closed remove racism, a tour of asian, african and american rivers with indigenous people. according to the independent, certain criticize evidence were removed which included tribal dancers, a shrunken head trader and a group of tribespeople. don't know if you have a comment on that but we went to disney world to get breakfast, usually i got a cinnamon french toast and we go to the jungle cruise reference right, that is what the nation needed to know right now.
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ashley: i am impressed. 4:30 a.m. east coast. if you want to get to move your hop on a train in france you better have a vaccine. emmanuel macroin imposing strict vaccine policies. >> business owners in the mile high city have mile high hopes for today's all-star game after being hit during covid lockdown side like everybody else. we do you have? there she is, correlation chris spent the day in and around coors field, she will bring us the story next ♪♪
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>> denver business is gearing up for crowd of thousands head to colorado for the it will be off our game tonight. >> business owners in the mile high city hope the all-star activities bring them much-needed revenue. carley shimkus spoke with business owners in the area. carly joins us now with more. good morning.
1:43 am
carley: there has been a lot of drama around the mlb all-star game. not all of it about baseball. for the fans who are here they are excited to get back in stadium and have some fun. take a look. how excited are you, count from 1 to 10. >> fulton. >> given a 12. >> a huge buzz, a lot of people out, the energy is great. >> really exciting, so many people out, fantasy everything back to life. feels like everything is back to life. >> it is. good time to be out and about. >> the fun of the game and i love baseball. i play at home and it is awesome. jillian: what does it mean to bring your sons to the all-star
1:44 am
game? >> a bucket list for us, dream come true to have the boys here. >> i'm here in the center of it all coors field right behind me. usually take cities 2 years to put on the mlb all-star game, denver had 13 weeks. let's see if businesses are ready for the crowd. >> we've seen a lot of folks traveling from out of town coming out in wonderful numbers to come and dine with us. we've been fortunate to see so many new faces. >> we saw traffic everywhere, they were jampacked full of people enjoying themselves and getting to know denver but everyone is recovering from the pandemic. nice to have fresh faces in the building and getting back to normal. >> the last year and a half has been a challenge but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> a lot of businesses have staffing issues because the unemployment benefits it was hard to get people get back to work.
1:45 am
>> reporter: did you experience that? >> still experiencing shortages on staffing. a lot of hardship, people putting a lot of hours. restaurant workers thank everybody because we are out here putting in the work. carley: obviously denver's gain is atlanta's loss. denver expects to make between 60, and $100 million in tourism and revenue. it was originally supposed to be in atlanta but it was moved to to denver because of the georgia voting law which is interesting because the law is in the mainstream the colorado's voting law. president biden got four pinocchios for criticizing the law in the washington post, fans are excited to be here, get back in and have a little slice of normalcy. the all-star game did not happen last year because of the covid 19 pandemic so that adds an extra layer of excitement to
1:46 am
everybody. >> i was there for the first game they had when it was full capacity with the highest capacity and the fans in your shots compared to mind totally different, they were so much more excited for yours than mine because there were not that many people so it is nice to see people getting out and doing things and being normal and having fun. >> reporter: you bring up a good point. we met people from all over the country right now. a lot of people -- i met a guy who drove from texas up to denver to watch the game. this is bringing a lot of people together. a lot of people talked about unity yesterday when we were interviewing fans, they said this -- a lot of divisions, this is a game where everybody can come together from different parts of the country and have a
1:47 am
good time and that is what this event is about. todd: those who don't want to drive across the country and catch the game, you can catch it tonight and on fox, it will be on the big channel, fox. thank you so much. enjoy colorado. carley: i sure will. jillian: a mom's word of warning, critical race theory taught in your public schools and sometimes study as long as kindergarten. todd: a rhode island mom said ticket's school try to keep her from seeing the curriculum, she joined us next. ♪♪ ♪♪ because flowers find a way to break through.
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jillian: ashley: france will soon require all healthcare workers to be vaccinated. the country imposing a september 15th deadline and vaccine passports will soon be needed to visit nonessential places like movie theaters. 40% of france's population is fully vaccinated amid infection cases of bills a variant rising and vaccination rates slowing down. unvaccinated family members are not welcome for the holiday. king taking the announcement during an interview with doctor anthony fauci where he discussed the challenge of getting americans vaccinated. take a listen. >> i have a problem with members of my own family which i am now going to ban from thanksgiving
1:52 am
vacation. >> the annual thanks giving trip was canceled last year but in the past they visited mexico and puerto rico. todd: tough love right there. a new op-ed in the washington examiner says critical race theory is being taught in public schools and our next guest says she found the evidence. joining us now after being friend with a lawsuit for speaking public information on critical race theory in her school's curriculum, nickel, what documents and information were you asking for? >> when i enrolled my daughter in school asked to see the curriculum and also was asking for documents showing critical race theory or gender theory, i was told they embed values of gender theory into the kindergarten classroom and all grades at an age-appropriate level. that is unclear to me how they were practicing gender theory and critical race theory. the school came back with curriculum that is not current
1:53 am
curriculum so i don't know what my daughter would be learning and the school is telling me that my request for certain information is unclear where they are telling me they don't have documents to answer my questions. one question, one request for documents, evidence of systemic racism, schools are declaring their entire school district is systemically racist so it is reasonable to ask for evidence to substantiate a claim like that but my school came back and told me my request was unclear. referring to other evidence i found outside by document request, one was a tweet congratulating teachers for implementing crt practices. my school district is telling me they don't teach critical race theory, saying they are practicing it.
1:54 am
i don't know if this is the semantics game, they don't teach the theory in a course but if they are practicing the practices of the year event they are teaching it to students. todd: the big rebuttal is critical race theory is a fox news created problem, a fox news talking point and it is not being taught in k-12. what is your response to that? >> how do they explain the sweet i found from a private organization and i have to investigated this organization is saying teachers are implementing crt practices? a lot of parents would feel a lot better if the school -- we are teaching critical race theory the same way we teach about communism, we are not practicing it but now we have evidence of that. crt is being practiced as a practice. now that i see that there practicing it that is even worse. i found a request for a proposal for an equity audit showing they
1:55 am
want the auditor to be fluent in critical race 3. why do they have to be fluent in critical race theory if we are not teaching it? the school is engaging in a pattern of obstructionism, they are not being upfront about this information. i shouldn't have to be an investigator and look online for these documents showing the critical race theory is somehow in the district but here i am doing that. is a result the goldwater institute has stepped in to help me get the information i'm entitled to. they submitted a new public record request asking for more specific items and we hope they will be upfront with that information. heather: they thought about britney with a lawsuit in the first place, you pay their salary, they work for us. we appreciate your time and insight, keep us posted on your fight. ashley: we are following two big stories in the next hour, "fox and friends first," the white house now forced to confront cuba's massive anti-communist uprising is the democrats gear up for a fight against gop voting bills here at home.
1:56 am
we are talking to tomi lahren about those stories and more. stick with us. ♪♪
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todd: it is tuesday july 13th. president biden says the us stands firmly with cuban demonstrators and vowed to take the streets for the largest anti-communist uprising in decades. no word from many progressive lawmakers who are pushing socialist policies right here in the us. >> taking a stand against gop voting bills by hopping on a private jet to dc. these bills once again become the main target of the left. we are live in dc. >> washed it off! what a


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