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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time. thanks to kaylee, joe, kat timpf, tyrus, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you,. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm mike emanuel in for shannon bream. breaking tonight, the democrats on the run, cameras catching up with democratic lawmakers at texas. landed at the airport after fleeing the lone star state earlier today to avoid relying on republican backed election bill. >> we have courage, conviction,
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and a little bit of defiance. >> once they step back and the state of texas, they will be arrested and brought to the texas capital will be conducting business. >> mike: the political panel weighs in her law and order. another deadly weekend in america has president biden pitched his plan to curb rising gun violence. should local communities be allowed to use covid-19 relief money to help fight crime? our panel has something to say about it. dollars and cents. america's tipping habits have not improved during the pandemic despite the struggle for survival among many restaurants. which generation is ranked the worst tippers. stick around and find out. we begin with the democratic lawmakers in texas skipping town in a bid to prevent voting on a bill that republicans say provides greater election security. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher taking a closer look. >> of the 67 democrats the texas house, at least 51 fled the lone star state by hopping on
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private jets and the nation capital. 51 appears to be enough empty seats to deny the texas g.o.p. majority a quorum, meaning the texas legislature comes to a halt, temporarily stopping republicans overhaul of state voting laws. democrats apparently prepared to stay in d.c. for weeks. here's one state lawmaker upon arrival. >> it breaks our hearts that we have to do it. but we do it because we are in the fight to save our democracy. the nationwide republican vote suppression efforts, anti-voter efforts is coming to a crisis point in the state of texas right now. >> democrats also walked out back in may but this is the first time since 2003 democrats crossed state lines to break quorum. moments after they left the state, texas attorney general ken paxton call the lawmakers childish and shameless.
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governor greg abbott said this. >> democrats must put aside partisan political games and get back to the job they were elected to do. >> state republican say they'll use every available resource to secure a quorum, though for now it's unclear exactly what that means. texas democrats planned to put their time in the nation's capital to good use, pushing for federal voting laws. although there are currently no plans for the texas lawmakers to meet with president biden. but vice president harris applauded them. >> they are leaders who are merging in the path that so many others before dated. many fought and many died for our right to vote. >> texas g.o.p. senator john cornyn does not share the vice president's enthusiasm. he called the lawmakers flight to d.c. a stopped. >> it's a very un-texan thing to
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do, to cut and run in the face of a fight. they're not going to be successful. they're going to have to go back and vote on the other things that are part of the legislative agenda. speak of the democratic lawmakers are taking a bit of heat because there are pictures on social media of them on the plane and the boss not wearing masks. mike. >> mike: trace gallagher, thanks. we are keeping a close sign this dramatic showdown with members of the texas legislature and we will discuss it in greater detail with the political panel. stay tuned for that. crime is continuing to be a major problem for big cities. at least 40 victims of gun violence in chicago alone. one of the victims, a rapper known as kts dre. officials that he was ambushed after being released from jail. alex hogan has the latest on that incident and violence around the country. >> tragic cases of violent crime
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over the weekend leading lawmakers to take action. four tina teenagers shot. a 13-year-old boy gunned down in the bronx. a bloody weekend in boston where ten people were shot. meanwhile in the same time period in chicago, gunfire and wounded at least 44 people, 11 of them died. a local rapper shot 64 times saturday night after being released from the cook county jail. it follows a fourth of july weekend which saw more than 100 victims of gun violence. critics calling out mayor lori lightfoot for allowing some staffers to take the weekend off. >> to learn she allowed her staff to go on vacation. the week before what is traditionally the most dangerous weekend in the city of chicago, it's outrageous. >> lightfoot firing back. >> every organization, the
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mayor's office, it's built to make sure there are people who can keep the operation going when the principal isn't around. it's a ridiculous conversation. right? no one is taking their eye off the ball, period. >> amid the recent surge in violence former president donald trump which are bidding the uptick to city leaders. >> all democrat states. if you look at as an example chicago. illinois is very bad. new york, through the roof. no more cash bail. all they do is go after republicans. >> shootings in new york are up 20% compared to this time last year. up more than 100% from two years ago. just last week, governor andrew cuomo announced a new state of emergency over the rise in gun violence. eric adams, the new york democratic mayoral candidate says that more police officers is not enough. calling to examine the underlying causes of violence. in new york, alex hogan,
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fox news. >> mike: the biden administration meeting with federal law enforcement and community leaders at the white house to talk about the uptick in crime, problem they say could be solved by cracking down on illegal guns. but that's just part of their solution. white house correspondent kevin corke joins us with more on what the administration is calling a cooperative strategy to reduce violent crime. >> good evening. it's not as if the white house isn't hearing the bad news drumbeat. basically people are saying do something now to fight the surge in crime or risk a real midterm blowout in 2022 which certainly explains the urgency of today's white house meeting but not necessarily the strategy. >> we recognize that we have to come together. the first responsibility of a democracy. keep each other safe. that's what the american people are looking for when it comes to reducing violent crime and gun violence. >> as expected, they said all the right things at today's white house meeting about addressing violence and in
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particular surging gun violence across the country. the tranquility of the venue today. stood in sharp contrast to the violence that's continued to tear the very fabric of the nation since last year. an epidemic fanned in parts i critics by the democrats defund the police messaging. the white house as communities should use some of the $350 billion set aside in the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan to improve safety, a memo sent out by the administration monday provided examples of just how cities are using the funds including new york which is proposed to use more than 40 $44 million. to redeploy to the field an additional 200 police officers who currently perform administrative duties. the white house strategy also strengthens federal gun law enforcement. by establishing a new zero tolerance policy for gun dealers who violate federal gun sails
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laws. >> there is no one-size-fits-all approach. we know there are some things that work. the first work, stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes. >> missing from the white house discussion at least so far say critics has been a call to a quiet liberal defunding efforts and other moves to punish bullies. jason johnson of the law enforcement legal defense fund says cops feel targeted and demoralized. they are subject to foolish knee-jerk legislative action that will subject them to a nearly unlimited personal liability and criminal prosecution. just for doing their job. he had an awful lot to say. he said retirement since the death of george floyd in police custody and many of us have frankly soared all over the country. he said they have jumped some 65% in austin, texas. 130% in cleveland. 20% in chicago. among l.a. sheriffs, resignations have jumped 62%,
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real problem for law enforcement around the country. >> mike: staggering numbers. kevin corke, talk to you in a bit. gun violence has been reaching a fever pitch at a lot of ideas are being thrown around about how to reduce it. let's bring in a couple guests who know a thing or two about fighting crime. derek maltz, former special agent in charge of the dea special ops division. martin period, former second vice president of the fraternal order of police in chicago. gentlemen, welcome. >> how are you doing. >> derek, president biden has its time to get rid of guns. is he correct? >> of course he's correct. you have to get rid of guns and the bad guys hands with the good guys need guns to protect themselves. right now it's like the wild west thrown america, right? these pro-criminal policies and soft on crime policies have failed miserably. last summer when our cities were burning down but our vice president was supporting the bail funds to get the
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rioters out of jail, it was an indication that we're going to have some problems. if you look at the cartel activity. look at the open borders, the bail reforms, the guns. you look at the escalating crime. nobody should be surprised. action speaks louder than words. having a meeting with a bunch of law enforcement professionals is not good enough. we need accountability on the president, the white house, and our local elected leaders and our police are ready to do their job. unfortunately the retirements are soaring. we have really experienced police officers that are retiring because they don't like being targeted. and their families are being targeted. so we have to turn this around but i think police are very resilient. they are out to do the job to protect the american citizens. >> mike: some progressive thought defunding the police would be wise but the d.c. mayor today said not here. >> my budget includes 100 new officers, 200 new police cadets. next year i actually think we'll
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be able to do a little bit more. it also includes violence prevention efforts to the tune of $59 million. >> martin, do you agree with her? how do you see the problem? >> i agree with that and i agree with the other gentleman as well. the cops are getting a lot of guns off the street in chicago. so they are getting guns off the streets. the fundamentals are not being addressed. one of the major issues as prosecutors are not prosecuting. in chicago, we have a terrible prosecutor in kimberly fox. she has transformed her office into advocacy to criminals. there is a deep distrust and antagonism between the police and the prosecutor's office. we've gone four years without a contract in chicago. the police have gone for two years without a contract. so i agree, but we have to get our fundamentals down. it's not just defunding the
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police. as it was earlier said, it's lead to bizarre, ridiculous legislative campaigns and laws that are being passed that virtually frame the police and make it -- it's like there's a movement on the far left to criminalize local police departments. i think this is very dangerous. making the job more and more difficult and burdensome. the elected leaders have to get behind the police if they want to quell this violence. >> mike: from the abc "washington post" poll at the end of june, president biden has a 38% approval on crime. 48% disapprove. derek, what is the biden administration need to do to turn that around? >> we have to respect the police, support them, provide them the tools on the training. they need technology. the bad guys have the latest and greatest technology.
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they don't have bureaucracy. they don't have the government beltway getting in their way. we need the agencies that have the sophisticated facial recognition, the communication exploitation software. access to the bliss except the firearms. also license plate readers. there is unbelievable technology but it's very expensive. we need to get the tools to the law enforcement, get the respect back and also start putting criminals in jail. the other guest said, the prosecutors have to be held accountable. the agencies are bringing crimes to the prosecutors and they refused to prosecute. they're letting the bad guys free but they are handcuffing the police. they have this backwards. they have to turn it around and they have to do a quick, because people are really frustrated and our american citizens that pay a lot of taxes expect more. democratic nominee for new york city mayor, eric adams, former cop says he thinks there needs to be an assessment done of how cities are using police
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officers, noting that too many officers are doing clerical duty or petroleum groups. martin, your thoughts. >> you know, there might be a little bit to that. there needs to be more police officers. there needs to be backing of the police officers. as you guessed just said, there needs to be this stop turning criminals. dear fundamentals down. get your prosecutor prosecuting criminals. put bad guys in jail, get them off the streets. right now the bad guys feel like they can get away with what they want. it's reaching a crisis point. it really is. it has reached a crisis. >> mike: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. thank you for your time and analysis. >> thank you, mike. it president biden says the u.s.
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is standing with the people of cuba tonight following some of e largest antigovernment demonstrations in decades. correspondent phil keating has a reaction tonight from miami's little havana neighborhood. >> an unheard of an unprecedented public demonstration against the cuban communist regime in a dozen cities sunday on the caribbean island. defiance to the government's tight grip on everything there, exhausted with decades of poverty and food and medicine shortages even accusing leadership of a failed response to coronavirus forward to the to the state department was criticized after initially tweeting that was the reason, not inept communist rule. the miami's little havana, hundreds if not thousands of supporters in solidarity with the cuban people. also calling for change as they have for the past 50 years with no success. president biden this afternoon. >> the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba
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as they assert their universal rights. we call on the government of cuba to refrain from violence, their attempts to silence the voice of the people of cuba. >> cuban-american senator marco rubio posted this. >> a role to play with his began well before covid. these people are frustrated. they want to live in a normal country. they don't want their kids getting on rafts of having to leave the country in order to lead normal lives. >> cuban president miguel diaz-canel blames the islands problems on the u.s. and its trade embargo. international address he accused the u.s. of mitigating emotions and feelings through social media. u.s. secretary of state blinken says it would be a grievous mistake for the cuban regime to blame what's happening there as a result of anything the u.s. has done. notably most left-leaning democrats were quiet on cuba today including representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. however, senator bernie sanders did make a short statement saying he supports the right to
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protest in every country around the world and stands by what he said last year and a "60 minutes" interview that not everyone in cuba is bad. on the streets of havana today and tonight, things were pretty quiet. no demonstrations as the internet and social media have largely been shut down. >> the hour freedom has arrived. >> miami's cuban-american of mayor joined the call for change. >> people are suffering and starving. it's been happening too long. >> phil keating, fox news. >> mike: first up and tonight's real news roundup, california governor gavin newsom cannot be listed as a democrat in his upcoming recall election. a judge ruling tonight. the democrats sued to have his party affiliation on the ballot after his office missed a deadline to submit the correct paperwork. death valley, california, breaking the u.s. record for the highest ever low-temperature
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sunday morning at 107 degrees. over the weekend, highs in death valley reached upwards of 130 degrees fahrenheit. former president trump easily winning the cpac straw poll this weekend in texas. mr. trump improving upon his february cpac polling numbers, now besting florida governor ron desantis 70% of 21%. the washington football team will remain nameless this season but gave a hint today about what name it will not be considering. team president jason wright saying the franchise will not consider a name that relates in any way to native americans, adding that the warriors is being ruled out for that reason. the team is expected to reveal its new name and logo in early 2022. the space tourism race reach new heights over the weekend as virgin galactic's sir richard branson's or 53 miles above the earth. the british billionaire bleat blue origins jeff bezos display. to space.
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never stopped. dedicating room in his house to the dolls and naming of the spice room. he's never met the iconic pop group. he hopes they will come together for the 25th anniversary of wannabe so he gets the chance. hit us up on social media. it's shaping up as a long hot summer for educators and parents fighting over critical race theory which links racial discrimination to america's foundations and legal systems. tonight correspondent anita vogel looks of the options parents have in determining their children's education. >> i have always been concerned about the american public education system. >> activists have been on guard for some time about curriculums, including critical race theory being taught in public schools. during covid, many got a firsthand look, resumed classes and didn't like what they saw.
9:28 pm
>> i think covid showed parents and comes down to your children and their educational future, who's in control, you or a bureaucrat? covid showed us bureaucrats are in control and that's upset a lot of parents. >> conservative parents like jennifer and others upset over woke agendas and strict covid protocols are emboldened by legislative moves in a handful of states making it easier for parents to choose private schools. teachers unions and others who oppose school choice, even some on the right insisted takes away precious resources from public schools. the national education association saying "vouchers undermine strong public education and student opportunity." g.o.p. advocacy groups say the issue will be front and center at the ballot box in the next election cycle. >> we are seeing now a real
9:29 pm
shift in favor of school choice. i think along with critical race theory and the opposition to that, the driving issues in the next two elections. >> a recent supreme court decision allowing families in montana to receive public assistance to send their kids to religious high schools is also being hailed by parents in favor of school choice. the high court is set to take up a similar case in maine soon. in washington, i'm anita vogel, fox news. >> mike: it's time to bring back my man, kevin corke. i know how fox news that might loves to talk about food. kevin, i heard your experiment last night of slicing cheese turned out great. >> not bad. >> mike: let's talk about tipping. apparently americans tipping habits have not improved. >> a bit of a surprising study. there was a survey conducted by credit and found that americans' tipping habits didn't get better during the pandemic.
9:30 pm
didn't improve it all for some groups. even got worse. some groups are just plain terrible. which groups? millennials. those ages 25 to 40. and gen zers found to be the worst tippers on average. tipping les at sitdown restaurants compared to baby boomers. they also tip less for food delivery. when picking up takeout. they tip less for baristas, ryan chairs, taxi drivers, hairstylists, hotel workers. in their defense compared to the older set, slightly older, slightly older people. we have a bit more money than they do so they tip less because they have less. can't take all the shots at them but let's be honest. a lot of them just don't like to tip. >> mike: let me write this down. self absorbed millennials do not like to tip. >> [laughs]
9:31 pm
so they say. >> mike: they are going to come after us on social media because they have twitter courage. tip better. step it up. all right, kevin, see you later. cubans take to the streets and texas democrats take flight. the panel debates it all next.
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>> socialism is about controlling people in every aspect of their lives. the passion you see in the streets of miami added other parts of florida and the countries people that suffered under that evil, saw their families divided, lives destroyed, their kids have to go overseas and people didn't see their parents before they died because of an evil, that's what marxism is. >> mike: republican senator marco rubio weighing in on the protests in cuba tonight. thousands of protesters. they are standing up to the government admitted economic crisis that's driving up prices and causing food shortages. the demonstration is one of the largest standing up to the regime in havana.
9:37 pm
let's bring in some of our experts on all things political to discuss it. kevin walling, democratic strategist and former biden campaign surrogate. forrest cooper. the author of how "trump is making black america great again." and len khodorkovsky. >> people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime. i don't think we seen anything like it. in a long, long time. quite frankly ever. the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba as they assert their universal rights. >> mike: is that a good start? >> well, it's accurate. communism is evil, as marco rubio said. first of all, you know, i came from a communist country myself,
9:38 pm
from the soviet union. communists literally sucks the life out of people. it's responsible for hundreds of millions of victims around the world. it has failed everywhere it's been tried. this protest you're seeing in cuba is not a one-off. it's been building for 60 years. what you're seeing is frustrations of people from a system that suppressed them in the previous generation for decades and decades. you're seeing the result of that. frankly, the chants you are hearing of "liberty, liberty" falls in the face of american politicians like bernie sanders and aoc who try to gloss over communism and try to paint it has a system worthy of implementation among any group of people and that's just wrong. >> mike: let's get the read from secretary of state blinken. >> tired of the mismanagement of
9:39 pm
the cuban economy, tired of the lack of adequate food and of course inadequate response to the covid pandemic. that is what we are hearing and seeing in cuba. >> mike: doesn't mention communism. unforced error? >> absolutely. this is very, very telling. the problem as i see it is we just celebrated the fourth of july and the declaration of independence. that declaration speaks of universal truths. my disregard, not disregard, disdain, even hostility toward marxism has nothing to do with the race of the practitioners. it has everything to do with the evil that that philosophy manifests. and yes, on too many college
9:40 pm
campuses, so many boardrooms in america. definitely among our progressive elite. there is a willingness to tolerate the teachings of this very, very evil idea that has killed so many people. our secretary of state should be championing those people in the streets and saying we will back them in every way we can. >> mike: kevin, your assessment of the situation in cuba. >> that's exactly what we saw from the president in terms of the official weight house statement and remarks in the roosevelt room. he made it very clear that we stand with the protesters in the streets of havana and across the country of cuba. it's a clarion call for freedom. i think you will see in the days and weeks to come as the administration thinks through its response, of course there's a new cuban regime that's taking
9:41 pm
over. we are seeing this protest, as the president said something we have not seen and likely six decades of interactions with the people of cuba in that country. encouraging of these people on the ground. >> mike: texas democrats taking off so the legislature would not have a quorum. len, what's your take? >> this is just absurd. i think the democratic party legislators just need to grow up. the democratic party telling us elections have consequences. elections in texas have consequences too and texans have elected a republican majority in texas. so what you do if you don't cry and run to washington. you work with your colleagues and work through difficult issues. frankly republicans in texas have been approaching democrats and have accepted some other proposals. so all of them, it's actually a
9:42 pm
big political stunt in political theater. >> mike: ken paxton saying "this immature behavior by house democrats is not only childish. it's a disgrace to democracy. no surprise republican leaders in texas are not amused. >> i'm not clear on what can be learned by running to washington, d.c.. what i do understand is that if you're unhappy with what is occurring, you should make the steps or take the steps necessary to control the chamber so your priorities can take place. our organization, project 21, you can go to our website. you'll see the reports that we've done on voting rights that show that black americans are the likeliest victims of voter fraud. absolutely texas is where america is and should be allowed to go forward with voter
9:43 pm
integrity measures. >> mike: state legislators in texas do not do that full-time. they have full-time jobs to get back to. how does it end? >> they are sacrificing their livelihoods and their time to come here to washington to extend through august to hopefully shutdown the special session. i saw chris wallace's great interview with the governor this past sunday where he really pressed the governor to talk about fraud. we saw over 10 million ballots cast in the state of texas in 2020. 16 counts of fraud investigated by the attorney general. it's a fake problem in search of a solution that does not exist with what these republicans are pushing for in austin. >> mike: gentlemen, thanks so much for your time. >> good to be with you. >> mike: union suing the state of connecticut to block the return to offices arguing they are more active at night court convenes next. but eventually,
9:44 pm
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>> it is a big, big day.
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>> mike: washington, d.c.,'s democratic mayor of muriel bowser being cheered on as she welcomed district employs back to the office. connecticut governor ned lamont is facing a lawsuit from the state's public employee unions over his return to work order. he required all state employees to return to their offices july 1st. which government is getting it right. let's bring in our legal eagles as we like to call them. criminal defense attorney brian claypool in attorney kelly hyman. welcome to both of you. >> nice to see you. >> mike: exhibit a. maintaining that lamont violence, ignored, and abrogated the administration's agreements with unions by among other things forcing unionized employees to work in altered schedule other application for telework was pending. unilaterally denying telework applications for more than 50% without considering the merits of the request.
9:50 pm
brian, how do you assess that argument? >> i'll tell you. covid-19 is revealed real fracture in our legal system. there really are no laws that deal with going back to work orders, wearing masks when you're in public, shoving your business down. governors have been doing basically what they want across the country. the union says we don't want to go back. i say that the governor has been right. he has the authority of the ship of the state of connecticut to say you have no medical evidence to support why you should not go back to work. we are getting over the pandemic. we have vaccines. i am sure you're probably close to herd immunity in connecticut. so what's the reason medically why you're not going to go back to work. number one, number two, not seeing any discrimination here. i'm not seeing any argument that there is some form of racial or
9:51 pm
religious discrimination. at the end of the day, i think this lawsuit lacks any factual or legal merit and i think personal preference should be trumped by personal responsibility to get your butt back to work. >> mike: exhibit b, the positive experience many members have had with telework has been an unexpected silver lining during the pandemic. many have been able to telework throughout and have been more productive, better for the environment while protecting against the spread of the virus. the program has been good for the mission are our agencies, good for the environment and good for the state's bottom line. kelly, what's your analysis? >> if people are happier working from home working remotely, then why not let them? gives them an opportunity to take care of their children or family members. instead -- studies have shown the majority of american support working remotely and makes them happier. why not give them the opportunity. they've also shown people are
9:52 pm
more productive when working remotely. so i say let them work from home. >> mike: exhibit c, bloomberg report some folks are quitting rather than returning to the office. of course not everyone has the flexibility to choose. for the millions of front-line workers who stock the shelves at grocery stores, care for patience in hospitals and nursing homes, drop off packages at peoples doors, there are scant alternative options to showing up in person. brian, what about that argument? >> mike, i've got to tell you. there is collateral damage as well. people of the state of connecticut and across the country don't physically get into their offices and their workplace. because the economic effect. what about the stream of revenue the glue that governments need, sales taxes support local businesses where these people work. if we let everybody just stay at home, work from home, great. good family life. but businesses are going to suffer and local and state
9:53 pm
economies are going to continue to go down a rabbit hole. >> mike: exhibit d from "the washington post." biden administration moves towards working from home permanent for many -- for many federal workers. >> studies have shown people who work from home are more productive working remotely. absolutely people should be given the opportunity. i know we have our front-line workers that put their life on the line and thank you for everything we've done. but other people can work from home and if they're given the opportunity they should be allowed to do it. >> mike: all right. it kelly, brian, good debate. thank you so much. have a great night. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: good news before we say good night. a customer at a bar new hampshire left workers stunned after gifting them a $16,000 tip. the meal only cost $37. the man who wants to remain anonymous is not a regular and came in for a couple chili dogs, fries and drinks. the staff didn't notice the
9:54 pm
large tip until he pointed it out to them. not telling them -- telling them not to spend it all in one place. when asked why he would be so generous the man told them they deserve the money for all their hard work. well done. the tip was split by eight bartenders who worked that night. how about that? to go that's pretty awesome. i've gotten some good tips when i worked in food service. nothing like that. let me take you to louisiana. the offers are rolling in for the 2021 scripps national spelling bee champion. she's a champion speller and she's a basketball prodigy. did you know she's also a world record holder for dribbling basketballs, is a lot often card. as she has multiple free rides for college. she said she would like to go to harvard, maybe work for nasa. i assure you she will be a success. we give her a salute from this
9:55 pm
crew. zaila avant-garde. >> mike: we love it when kids get it done in the classroom and their activities. kevin, thanks so much. thank you for watching. shannon will be back tomorrow. good night from washington. it's been a pleasure. i'm mike emanuel. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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