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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  July 12, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: well, ouch, but i guess the fan was okay. did the security guard break his fall? that's all the time we have tonight and don't forget to set your dvr every week night at 10:00 p.m. eastern so you never miss us. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ >> dr. fauci i don't know how many more times you can say to people it will save your life. i have problems with the members of my own family. >> greg: i'm sure they really broken up about it. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ i don't understand it! i'm so glad your tuning into
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nine. i'm aware however some of you aren't watching. it's not by choice, according to kamala harris if you do not live in this city where the politicians live, you're living in 500 bc. because you live in rural areas where there's probably no no tv or cable. probably not a faucet for running water. if you're in the south you have no idea what i'm talking about because the language of english hasn't reached you yet. you don't even have xerox machines. if you want to make a copy of something you're going to have to break out the silly putty. right, kat? >> i don't think that we should underestimate what vaccines mean. because in some people's minds that means you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your i.d.
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to send it in to prove you are who you are. there's a lot of people who lived in the rural communities where there is no officemax near them. >> greg: boy howdy, what a double 80! don't you know we keep our xerox is down by the creek? under the bridge by the shopping cart? yeah, rural communities are like the barren wastelands of jupiter. it no longer took her so long to reach the border. it's 90 days by covered wagon. it's true, you listen to the administration talking about voter i.d., it's a group of redneck groups and incapable without government. rather than help they just call us stupid. the fact is if you don't live in the city the white house thinks you're some three fingered yokel who can only write your name after drinking 12 miller lights and then aiming at the snow. [laughter] if you're a guy.
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but even if it's a little bit true that people can't get government ids isn't that the governments fault? they act like elections are the biggest surprises. they have funds to make the copy of the i.d. between digging out houses and killing bears. but god help you if you're not here in officemax. how on earth do you survive? without a case of copy paper or a 24 hours of pretzel nuggets and for the break room. have you gone outside since 2008? the last time i saw that was between a pontiac dealership and blockbuster video. by the way, sounds like the name of a clown you hired for hunter biden's birthday. come over here. fedex took over them years ago mainly because the people who work they're made to people who
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worked at the dmv look happy to see you. they bought them for a $2.4 billion and spelled a hundred $900 to drop the name for the stormont. they're gone now, has anybody broken the news to kamala harris yet? wait until she hears about crystal pepsi. talk about being behind the times, did she realize he could to get a picture of your i.d. with your phone and send it to somebody printed for you? smartphones have these things called cameras. if you do not believe me, go back and look at some photos of the riots you helped create last year. maybe she'll things that it doesn't make it harder to vote and makes it harder to cheat. this is their way of moving away from blacks are unable to have a wide idea but for whites too. they insult anyplace where the phrase whole foods means
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doughnuts. great joke. but if you can't get an i.d. in rural areas, how do you drive your ford f-150 two the militia meetings? may be if she did less work she would know this because as you know, she can say no. >> here's the short list of what you're overseeing and i've left things out. immigration, increasing broadband access, block mortality, racial inequality, women workforce, talking about voting rights. that seems like a lot for one person. >> don't forget i'm in charge of spacex. >> of course, a short list. it can one person do all that? >> you know, i've always multitasked and there's a lot to get done. maybe i do not say no enough. >> greg: should have said no to this interview. she is the most nonserious
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political candidate since mayor mick cheese. she's laughing all the time she must be high but one question. all the responsibilities can one person do all of that realistically? i don't know, why don't you ask dick cheney? he did lots more than her and still found time to shoot somebody in the face. okay, they apologized. but would anyone have asked that question of a white male? that have a better chance of being hired for on-air talent at espn. that seems like a lot for one person, but it's more like it seems a lot for one female of color. perhaps the workload is racist. what does the angry white male think? ♪ ♪ >> you know vice president harris makes a pretty good point. i couldn't get by without my printer or fax copy but not everybody has one of these babies. i guess i do have a lot of privilege but it doesn't seem
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fair that some people can get an idea. i can print them up whenever i want. which one makes me look thinner? be honest. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: something not right about him. i wonder what does the angry black male think? ♪ ♪ >> i know you ain't looking at me and don't ask questions about its too hard for black people to get voter i.d. cards and drivers -- listen. i'm not going to do their and when do what you think i'm in a deal. if you have driver's license, credit cards, some form of identification cards, very simple. extend the line to dmv but you know people before us, they had
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the worst lines to get things done to the right folks so, this is ridiculous and it's dumb. i'm -- oh. excuse me. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so, harris is having a rough time and even her party one throw her a life preserver. it took me a while to figure it out but she's basically me when i have had a job that i hate. i just do when she does, the worst job possible. so they get rid of me. did you noticed how they never asked me to host "fox & friends" and all it took is me doing it once. i never have to get up early again. my prediction that this raid not
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only is joe a one termer, so issue. the backup quarterback it turns out has no game. maybe she could get a job at kingdom -- i'm sorry, fedex. welcome to knights guests! she's our favorite recently married, hillsdale grad, blonde, michigan native. "washington examiner" commentary writer, kaylee mcghee white. he keeps audiences guessing as to why they bought tickets. writer and comedian, joe devito! you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, that's why she's drunk right now. fox news contributor, kat timp! trains actually stop at tyrus crossings. host of "nuff said" on fox nation. tyrus! [cheers and applause] i appreciated your angry white male segment i don't know what you're saying. >> i don't know what you're
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talking about, angry white male. you wish. so much. no, yeah. what are we doing? >> greg: i don't know. [laughter] >> i think we have proved by rvp that racism is pretty much dead because now it's about classism which it's always been about. it's been convenient to blame it on white folks for saying things about those of us who don't have everything that we need in our neighborhoods and et cetera. it is the man. now the man is a woman of color who is saying your kryptonite, xerox machines. lines at the dmv. he made a great point because if that would have been president biden saying that it would have been -- the how dare he but it's the same thing. we need to realize it has nothing to do with the color of your skin but how much money is in your pocket and how much you can control the influence.
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quick story i've got a new phone like three months ago and whoever had a before me was a brother who was being texted a lot boating, boating, and get together, i was like awesome, great, register republican -- never heard from them again. true story, they wanted nothing to do with it, they don't want people to license and register on who they vote. if they want title to get on the bus. ask a stacey abrams, how the republicans vote in georgia? goose egg. that's the new racism is classism. >> greg: would you have to say, lady in red? >> i got to be honest, xerox machines might be somebody's kryptonite. i think a lot of you guys out there are lying like xerox machines are no problem i would know how to operate a xerox machine. >> greg: it's the only office machine when i worked in officemax that required a around-the-clock mechanic.
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the person who is sent from xerox would show up with a big black bag sit down and open it up and he'd always have to walk over there with an assistant and walk over there and parked in front of the xerox machine. he'd have to go over him and put your stuff there and then like you would look down on them and it was quite sad. it's because we have a scanner but when i need to do it i go kim and that's it. >> greg: that's her husband. >> that's helpful. >> greg: we are getting nowhere. drag us back with scintillating commentary on voter i.d. laws. >> i've got to say, i have to agree with kamala harris on this one. i went to nebraska once okay. believe it or not, they actually have cars out there, they all actually drive their own cars to their own places in the first time i saw it was like oh, my gosh, it's the oregon trail. they have been living in the same 21st century we've been living in and so i take it just
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goes to show that this is how little kamala harris thinks about rural america. does she think that they are too poor to own their own cars and that they don't know how to make a photocopy or take a picture of their own i.d.? they are literally making stuff up to justify their opposition to voter i.d. which is extremely popular among boats for republicans and democratic voters. there is a reason that it is and it's the requirement. >> greg: joe, could it be that just in general she is just kind of casually indifferent about everything? like it's not just about the issue, it's about almost everything almost like this -- i've got to do this. i actually find that very -- that reminds me. >> she's consistent and not going to get to europe at this rate. [laughter] it's really about the condescension. it's funny to see how disconnected they are from the lies that most of the people in the united states -- i also
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think it's amazing that this idea of of course you can't get an idea. it look at how stupid you are. look how stupid and lazy you are but if you leave your house without your vaccine proof than they are going to drag you back into the building until you have the upc code to. >> greg: make it as hard as possible. >> on this idea of running down to officemax, why don't i go to circuit city? to buy a new printer. it's so stupid and i really think it shows -- it's so important to be smarter than everybody. the way they try to run on this, why do you think these idiots aren't connecting with us? you rural people, when you make the moonshine you add the mountain dew after wares are part of the process? you wonder why working-class people of both classes are moving away from them. as condescending as the smithsonian guide to whiteness which was a list of they want to present the horrible things white people do and it's a list of positive attributes. what are you saying about rural whites and blacks -- you're
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thinking that most people don't have their act together unless you come and tell them what to do. she has so many things on her plate. >> everything but a writer because she stopped winging it. her interview is going, you know, you need to be briefed. >> greg: went up next, they searched the rioters home for a lego capital go. ♪ ♪ fast, powerful long-lasting relief with a revolutionary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging,
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>> greg: was the capitol riot planned by the mayor of legoland? turning family into tattletale's finally go off the rails? last week "the daily beast" publish an article claiming one man charged in the january 6th capitol writes had a fully
8:20 pm
assembled lego model of the capital in his home. which would prove he had a fully assembled lego model of this before in his home. nowhere to be also had a light bright. great job, daily beast. they were among friends and meeting the guy used a toy to plan the riots but for the assembled lego model they were wrong on that too. a court filing seeking to keep the guy in custody pending trial set up a call at the lego set was in a box and not fully constructed at the time of the search." think good that -- thank god that guywas in jail he may come at you at a eay bake oven. what do you expect, the fbi's now asking people to read all family members for extremism. actively participating informants hasn't worked so well.
8:21 pm
homegrown violent extremist mobilization indicators a longer way of saying conservative white males which tells you how people can spot suspicious behaviors among friends and relatives and report them. for example, you might have a son who suddenly getting a lot of money for his lousy paintings. [laughter] we've got the government and listening family members to knock on each other and toys who equal terror almost as if that media and government are working together to target certain people over beliefs. imagine where this is headed. >> i want my phone call okay? when am i doing here? i've done nothing. nothing. >> we found this in your home! >> you carrots are all the same! >> am i being charged with something? >> clearly you've been plotting to attack naval assets and more. >> more? >> yes, more. your are charged with counterfeiting and real estate fraud scam operations. more. >> this is ridiculous there is
8:22 pm
more? >> there is more. and conspiracy to commit murder. and illegal possession of a candle. >> this is ridiculous. >> i've got a clue for you, you're going to jail. there is more. >> what kind of a sick twisted has this in his home? >> i got that for my kids come on come on. >> kids. >> greg: you sick son of a -- get him out of here! [cheers and applause] excellent, excellent acting by the joe's. all right, there is more! do you imagine how this raid went down on this guys house? when they found the box? oh, my god, this before. i think somebody defunded the sketch. very low budget on this. producers under the bus here and the opportunity of a lifetime.
8:23 pm
>> the fact you are thinking lego's, the only way legos are dangerous are if you're barefoot and step on one. it's really painful. but the idea that someone would be planning to storm a building and say, wait a minute, which interest do we go through? i do not want to look at the map and we have this hard pointy plastic model that i've carried with me. you mean we can go through the door that that cop is holding? no, i went to check my drawbridge here and make sure. it's -- they've clearly lost their mind and the box, practically mint condition you could put it on ebay and get extra money for that. i don't like the idea that you turn family game night into a struggle session. you know, it does remind me of something my parents taught me is snitches get stitches. keep it in the family no matter what's going on and keep your mouth shut. >> greg: you know, kat, i find it interesting that lego hasn't disavowed this yet. pledged $5 million to blm.
8:24 pm
>> oh, yeah, they better have. they are going to be done. no more legos. it's all very confusing reporting your family members because how do we know? you know, you see whenever somebody murder someone come out everybody on tvs like i just didn't see it coming. kept to themselves and i started reporting anybody and keep to themselves. you're shy, i report you. it's obviously we are not qualified for this and it's going to lead to so many civil liberty infractions that we already have to deal with. >> greg: the worst thing about all this is where going to run other forensic files episodes if people are knocking on their relatives. we won't have any good crime dramas anymore because none of the crimes are going to be committed. >> that's true, that's true. >> greg: thank you for saying that's true. it means a lot to me, i need that sort of encouragement, kaylee. would you ever write out a relative? >> no, i mean -- i don't know if it depends on like how severe the crime is.
8:25 pm
>> greg: it what if they just smell? >> yeah, no. it's harder to do than you think. the thing is, the fbi like specifically said reporting a family member keeps away extremism and that is the word like what does that even mean? how do you define "extremism" like whose definition of extremism are we following? of some of the opposes critical race theory, are they extremist? who's making up the definition? that to me, like why would you ever trust an agency enough to report your family member and they're going to arrest a guy for having a lego set? >> greg: tyrus, you know what i'm thinking. how great is the to report people you don't like. >> you keep reporting the all the time, i get it. i've got more investigations against me then trump because of greg. nonstop. here's the thing, i think the fbi missed it most of the time
8:26 pm
it's the family members who just ignore the phone calls. number one, here's the deal, if we want to kick in the house and there would have been a first of all i do legos with my kid and if you're going to put the capitol together, you're as serious ruby. if i see this before the other streetlights and everything, like we've got to watch him he's a terrorist, got to watch him. he made the model, state plan and everything. he has a plan. but it never got out of the box. which -- i didn't spend a lot of time studying, but it further lets me know how reckless and on plans of thing was because the guy with the lego box never put the model together to get a clear path. because they all acted on their own volition. although, they had good ideas which usually happens with misguided people, they don't usually do the work and let alone put the lego together. well, yeah, he had the box but
8:27 pm
thank god he is lazy. that's what we had to deal with. all kinds of nice together, you can let the fbi continue what they are doing and not answering phones when moms turn in their sons and trying to figure out how dangerous the guy who buys the box but doesn't put it together. >> i think that if they put it all together that's a little dangerous, not because this before, but any guy who is alone putting a lego set together by himself. >> greg: i don't know, i've seen the "star wars" lego models are quite impressive. >> i've spent weekends putting together -- it takes a specialty to do a boring one. there is no rockets or anything. >> greg: this before, why bother seriously? >> action figuring. >> greg: all right, get get like a little chuck schumer. up next, cuba should prison ring or is an antigovernment saying? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greg: cubans have had enough of running out of stuff. over the weekend thousands of desperate and destitute cubans of havana protest communism and the system of government loved everywhere it's never been tried. no coincidence protesters to demanding more freedom in a country unable to watch "gutfeld!." [laughter] its cause and effect. science. top state department official pointed a finger at corona instead. yesterday she tweeted "these protests are growing in cuba as the people exercise their right to peaceful assembly over rising covid cases and deaths." everything would be awesome in cuba if it weren't for covid. white house press secretary tried to explain it away. end. >> there's people within the administration looking for freedom from rising covid cases.
8:33 pm
>> again, i would say when people are out there on the streets protesting and complain about the lack of access to economic prosperity to the medical supplies they need to a life that they deserve to live, you can take on a range of meetings. >> greg: a range of meetings. those fed up and they chanted blossom is for ohmic words like liberty and freedom which "the new york times" equated with other antigovernment slogans. freedoms and an antigovernment slogan and add that to the list that includes don't tread on me and the spy on tucker carlson. kaylee, do you think the protesters will make a difference? this day and age where our views cycle just moves so quickly. the media will go look at this and go talking about not by bathrooms. >> i sure hope that something makes a difference but the biggest factor in this is going
8:34 pm
to be whether all politicians and not just the republican ones are speaking out in support of the cuban people. right now, you have some of the loudest and proudest democratic solution lists in the country being very quiet about what's going on in cuba which is very interesting. >> greg: i said before, kat, it's like all the absurd positions that democrats take are based on a reaction to a republican position. the republican party says it is time for freedom in cuba, right, it is time for it -- you know, free markets are capitalism and they go no, no, no. they don't know why they are saying no other than that they are taking a position. >> bernie said a couple years ago like castro, not all bad. the literacy program and you can see the way they chose the antigovernment slogan and again, i don't think antigovernment is essentially the worst thing in the world. whatever, i'm probably on a watch list.
8:35 pm
anti-dictatorship like why not -- why pretend it's the same thing? it's absolutely not the same thing. only because you're sending republicans i guess but there's a reason why we don't have that year and what that year. their capital with anybody who won't announce this. >> greg: what you can make up this guy must be a question mark >> it's not real they are actually protesting a real issue. hunger pains, two things that we all gets. and they understand what they're up against. they're not building their own homes and buildings because they're invested in the neighborhoods and they want to see things better so this is a real protest. opposed to what the childish, criminal behaviors we have in this country where. i do not know why i'm out here i'm going to steal stuff and burn down this thing in the news is going to make it better. i can't go to jail. if that's the difference. of course, nobody wants to cover this one, right? if you stop anyone of them and then -- look at -- no, look at what mainstream media has become
8:36 pm
to wearing if we are watching the old russian movies where they are saying old, they are out and mad because they're out of band-aids. and everybody -- they've got masks and everybody has got masks on. they do not have freedom and food. they've got the masks and do think they give a dang about covid right now? because they eat -- here's the deal. they start getting shot and there is no one going to come on tv and say, oh, this is horrible. no one's going to say anything and they're risking their lives are what they believe in. >> if it weren't for covid it would have been packed. >> greg: joe, if you step back and there is like an assassination in haiti of a haitian president. you've got this going on in cuba, several worker in russia. what is anyone of the stories get top tier above the fold "new york times" story, but it's almost like we know longer see these foreign issues as important as navel-gazing.
8:37 pm
instead of looking at ourselves as a country -- were constantly obsessed with that. cuba is a tough one because what are they going to say? it's not real socialism, you've got to give it some time. they've been giving it time for 60 years and they are still driving the same car as they were driving 60 years ago and we know it's not working. it's very difficult for americans who look at those who are leftists to say, well, we don't understand they are protesting and it's communism, but they are not protesting for communism and how come they're not destroying the shops and stealing things? well, because there's nothing in the shops because of communism. it's right across -- you can swing to cuba if you want and on the way there, you can see cuban people try to swim and get away from it. at the laboratory's offshore and they do not want to admit it's there. it's me solution for looting and it's becoming a communist. you can't create anything to be
8:38 pm
limited. very interesting indeed. maybe to you at home. but i'm not listening to jo. i forgot to a t's. matt damon, sean penn still a jump ♪ ♪ ilk chocolate, crispy wafer and creamy hazelnut filling. it's kinder bueno. okay people. oh yeah. let us begin. people!!! less with the puns. more about the moms. they want healthy, affordable options. moms want to save that dough. hold onto that green. enough with the puns! land o'frost premium. fresh look. same great taste.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: matt damon showing some class while sean penn's is still up -- while promoting his new flick at the cannes film festival, matt damon called his role as a oklahoma, like an alcoholic oklahoma, a oklahoma oil worker eye-opening. matt ammon "invite into their homes into a backyard barbecue a guitar comes out and he starts singing church songs. it is a very specific place and different to where i grew up. meanwhile, actor [bleep] sean
8:43 pm
penn's used is time to slap the former initiations covid helices. >> not only as a country but as a world letdown and ultimately neglected and misinformed. truth and reason, assault under what was in all terms and obscene administration humanly and politically. it's been when you nice contrast between somebody who stepped outside their bubble and another one who fuses two. the other who leaves his bubble conjures humanity. it's like a famous psychologist used to say judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances. which is probably why sean penn's never bathes. psychologists don't say that i
8:44 pm
said that. here's what i said from matt damon, actors need to play roles outside of their own bubble otherwise they would never meet anybody outside their own bubble. he's discovering that trump voters have functioning brains. >> backyard barbecues, church songs, an american flag on front and like wow, i'll give them credit i was glad to see he was able to talk about the role of being a trump supporter and meeting with other trump supporters without ever actually mentioning donald trump himself without having to be like well, i think at this and this about him but these guys are great. they were normal people, we had a great time and didn't have to go on and on about how much he hated trump. it was refreshing. >> greg: to be the reason for that is he realized it as he needs people to watch the movie. >> yeah. >> greg: that could be had, he is not that stupid. do i want to alienate half the
8:45 pm
audience? is my half the liberal going to go see the movie anyway which is about oil rigs? >> it's not about a vegan chef in brooklyn. although i would watch the heck out of that. it shows the contrast between how everything is violence with him and his language, they talk about he was out trying to encourage people to get vaccinated which i'm not getting a vaccine from sean pence. it's going to hurt a little bit, means you're going to take a swing at a photographer or a woman. yeah, i think it's a sign that people in hollywood are starting to realize that oh, yeah, these people who comprise half the country are human beings. you need to stop judging them and maybe they do have access to the printers in our hearts. >> greg: in our hearts. tyrus, you can see that -- what's his face, why my blanking on names?
8:46 pm
sean pence is only able to possess a kind of thinking if he steers clear of the people he doesn't like? >> further to mike you said thinking and language, did we watch the same interview? fight, attack, pandemic varied administration. no. matt ammon is a decent dude and when i got from the article they were pushing so hard, trump supporter, trump supporter. wasn't about that it's about guys who work in the oil field taking care of their families and he said if i worked in oil and probably vote for president trump to because he's a republican. it wasn't like i had to dig within the of my rights every not throw up in my mouth. he was studying to be a serial killer or leader of babies, he just needs to be a guy who
8:47 pm
drinks beer at a barbecue on the weekends. oh, my god. they go to work, monday through friday, pay the bills, and the weekend comes and guess what they do? white? they had another [bleep] barbecue which is unreal. and we are talking about it. why? somebody in the article said trump. all he did was hang out -- i went to school in nebraska! all he did was hang out with regular guys who worked out for a living. he's making some money. it's so pathetic that we are talking about this! >> greg: you know what this reminds me of? >> he didn't go to now so. >> greg: you know what this remind me of, when actor said they would not play trump but they would play hitler. >> i've to get into the moment. trump supporter so substantial.
8:48 pm
>> had to sail across the ocean to save his daughter. horrible human being! >> they had a barbecue and it was really eye-opening. what did you expect? like what's going to happen? they were nice to me. what do you expect that half the country where these horrible people? they were going to punch you in the face? that's eye-opening, people having a barbecue on the weekend and having a job. that eye-opening on your end is eye-opening to me. >> unfortunately he missed the one barbecue where they didn't bring him into the secret meeting. >> greg: up next, millennials confess that there guilty of skipping less. ♪ ♪ called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet started throwing me off at work... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps
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♪ ♪ >> greg: to millennials think it strange if they keep the change? new study finds america's young people are far less likely to tip then on older generations. just 58% of millennials and 68% of jens he said they "always tip servers and a sitdown restaurant compared to 88% of boomers and 80% of gen x." the same holds true when it comes to tipping drivers, delivery, and masseuse.
8:53 pm
if they're likely to give 1% or 2% more but it's mostly to put up the photo of the receipt to look generous. it's not to bend when you consider how many people think they owe them for their own student loans. i don't know what that means. joe, go for it. >> i think not being a good tipper is a sign of bad character. all you have to say is money's on dresser. i thought if i don't like is when you pay for a tab and it gives you the option of 20, 25, 30% and i think who the heck has the 30% experience in the cab and is the fresh in the backseat? [laughter] iven excellent tip. you should come see me at the theater next saturday. look at that a little plug there. >> greg: kaylee what's your
8:54 pm
tip on this smearing your gen z, i assume. it's because i'm a millennial, thank you very much. >> greg: i don't know anymore. >> it goes to show the millennials and jen's z-ers are very much a spoiled kids except for me i know millennials like to say i am the exception but i'm the exception on this. pretty good tipper and it's because i didn't work in the restaurant industry for a long time and i know what it feels like to have to go for six hours straight and i've got to respect the hustle. >> greg: tyrus, i've always suspected somebody telling you there a good tipper. got to make friends. >> i over tip. i always get my table, i always get what i want because i keep tips. speaking of big tips, you know what i'm saying come in tomorrow on fine network i fight for the
8:55 pm
united -- the world television championship tomorrow night so maybe i will be sitting with a belt who knows? tomorrow, check it out about 6:00 p.m. on the app. >> greg: i like this little secret embedding and plugs inside a story. kat, do you have an opinion on the story and something you'd like to embed a plug within? >> i wish i had more going on. [laughter] i'm a reckless tipper because the worst you can get is 20% because i was a waitress for years like you but i was also a terrible -- i was very bad. i was very bad but i tried. >> greg: egging you on getting a good tipper that's bad. getting a good tip like 20% is bad because it made you think you were -- >> i never thought i was good, i cried in the bathroom every day. so did my table. [laughter] >> greg: you guys all met in the bathroom. weeping over the same thing. we have the worst waitress ever! >> i know!
8:56 pm
>> greg: all right, do go go anywhere. >> if you're in the area and you like to see tickets to see "gutfeld!," go to the link to join her studio audience. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: we are out of time. thanks to kaylee, joe, kat timpf, tyrus, our studio audience. "fox news @ night" is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you,. ♪ ♪ >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm mike emanuel in for shannon bream. breaking tonight, the democrats on the run, cameras catching up with democratic lawmakers at texas. landed at the airport after fleeing the lone star state earlier today to avoid relying on republican backed election bill. >> we have


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