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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and you delivered. all right, guys, thank you very much. jesse, it's always a pleasure. see you next time. tomorrow on "special report" we will talk with kevin mccarthy about a host of issues. you don't want to miss that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. good to be back. "fox news primetime" hosted by pete hegseth this week starts right now. >> pete: you took what i deemed to be an admirable career wrist. career risk. i assume you had a mute button. it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ i'm your host pete hegseth tonight and all week long. stick with us. last week will anniversary of the so-called capitol riots, seems like insignificant day left wing zealots treated it
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like a federal holiday we have many of those. exchange of gifts this time between the fbi and the media in the form of a very juicy story. the fbi said one of the alleged capitol hill master minds had a, quote: fully constructed u.s. cap toll lego set at his home. ears perked up right now. not in the demo but i will take it thank goodness he didn't have a barbie doll in his basement. otherwise they would most certainly could have charged with him with kidnapping or worse. now the fbi, they didn't say whether the child's toy was used to plan the development on capitol hill and january 6th. but they left plenty of room for fair and balanced journalists who ramp bidly speculate. headlines will every so-called news outlet informing americans just how planned quote the insurrection was. networks news outlet steps
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behind to tell their viewers about the breaking story. >> put together 1,000 pieces, you can own a detailed model of the building and, quote: discover its arc tech turley secrets. >> lego model seeks to something broader antigovernment folks, have a clear obsession with the capitol. >> pete: our extensive google research uncovered that lego is derived two danish words that mean play well. who knew? it's more than 1,000 piece 's you, too, can tour the capital one lego brick at a time and a tool of the maga ha dean says jon scott railton three names one person over at cnn. scott railton describes himself on twitter as a chaser of digital badness as someone who
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is it real use of the term huge that ha dean i have to say is he really on top of this one. the alleged owner of the 1,032 piece lego set suitable for, quote, boys and girls over the age of 12 is robert morris, a 27-year-old substitute teacher from pennsylvania who was arrested on several charges, including assaulting officers on january 6th. he has been locked up for more l prosecutor using the lego set in part to make the case he should remain detained he is dangerous until his trial. is he not alone. biden's doj has gone out of it way to bring the hammer down on anyone who set foot near the capitol on january 6th. every trespasser in a maga hat must be hunted down. jonathan has been behind bars since february. five months. and he was denied a request to attend the funeral of his own father a decorated vietnam war
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veteran. other examples range from 18-year-old high school senior from georgia to a 70-year-old virginia farmer with no previous criminal record. there are hundreds more. many spending up to 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. but, on friday, get this: biden's doj was forced to admit that the, quote: fully constructed lego set wasn't even taken out of the box. it was actually the opposite. a not constructed lego set, quote: please note, that after a review of the photographs from the search, there appears to have been a miscommunication. and that statement appears to be inaccurate. the lego set was not -- was in a box and not fully constructed at the time of the search. wrote the acting u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. imagine what could have happened if he had opened the lego box
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brick by brick, learning more about the inner workings of the intricate capitol hill security system? i mean, somebody must now ask our own chad pergram who has audaciously and boldly flaunted the same lego capitol hill tv set for years. get him on the horn, look at that he is a bit suspicious now. where is he and what is he doing? we'll report on that later. but, the authorities tell us it was merely a miscommunication but, of course, don't expect many corrections from the media. they simply saw this as more damning evidence that right wing militia preplanned the attack on the capitol by building a detailed schematic in their lego filled headquarters. how could federal prosecutors make such a careless mistake? well, these miscommunications happen when you have an attorney who is cheering, hitting the, quote: benchmark of 500 arrests
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in the january 6th investigation. apparently numerical quotas, mostly for trespassing are the gold standard of lady justice these days. our justice system functions at lightning pace when they're trying to lock up as many trump supporters as possible. you know, it would be nice to have resources to go, i don't know, tracking down violent criminals like antifa who are terrorizings american cities or maybe the blm rioters who caused millions of dollars of damage last summer. oh, wait, just a few weeks ago right here in new york city alone, hundreds of violent arsonists, looters and criminals had all of their charges dropped and were released back to the streets. no pre-trial jail time for them. no 23 hours of solitary confinement, no, just a good old fashioned mulligan. for the left, the only blue lice senator. the only american citizens that exist inside nancy pelosi's temple of democracy. because, in biden's america, there is only one true threat to
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our nation. >> the predominant terrorism threat facing the country right now is a domestic threat and the predominant part of that domestic threat is the white nationalist threat. >> i do think we have to take an approach we took after septembee nationalism terrorism from our country. >> we won't ignore what our intelligence agency have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today, white supremacy terrorism. at least eric swalwell in that shot was wearing a shirt. we will get to that later. how exactly does the biden administration determine who isn't a white supremacist? is it the same way the fbi determined robert morris had a fully constructed lego capitol set in his living room? joining me now julie clerks senior contributory american greatness and one of the few people in our country who has extensively covered the prosecution of january 6th and
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of course leg divo gate as well. julie, you have stayed on top of these stories, we can make light of it all we want. but the reality is, it's indicative of a prosecution that is ongoing. what does this in part tell us about what merrick garland and others are doing with this prosecution? >> i mean, pete, you just hit the nail on the head. we can laugh about this because it is so preposterous. you have fbi agents who are seizing and confiscating legos using it as evidence against americans and their prosecution. but the bottom line this is a political persecution against trump supporters this would not be tolerated by any other political party or tolerated in any other justice department, but, yet, this investigation is accelerating. it's destroying the lives of people like robert morris. they are use offing that but emotion to try to keep robert morris behind bars now along
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with dozens of other americans awaiting trials that will not start until next year. you're talking about people. this justice department and federal judges are signings off on keeping people who have not been proven guilty of any crime in jail possibly for a year awaiting their trials for various charges, including a lot of times trespassing or disorderly conduct. >> bret: that's right, julie per your reporting, there are over -- where prosecutors have obtained pre-trial detention for first time offenders and dozens of which were not accused of of any violence as well. what justification are they presenting in court? >> basically, because they view anyone who participated in events of january 6th, as a terrorist. i mean i have read time and time again, not specifically that word. they do use the term insurrectionist. but that day is so egregious, according to prosecutors and
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federal judges who sign off on pre-trial detentions that day is so unique that it -- that those charges that those defendants face a different set of laws. and so, because they protested the election of joe biden -- i have seen this argued, too. they think that he is illegitimate president, therefore, they won't fault laws of the united states government and judge's orders. it's all so preposterous. these people are desperate. their lives are being destroyed. their families are being destroyed. they are being bankrupted. many have public defenders, government public defenders in washington, d.c. you can only imagine their political philosophy. >> pete: you are saying they are guilty at this point in some case and there are more serious ones. we can acknowledge that. >> yeah, there are. >> pete: some cases guilty of having unpopular, unsavory political opinion about the election while also trespassing. and as a result, a rot of people get lumped into that and effectively building a gigantic
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case for insurrection. yet, no one in particular has been charged with that. am i correct? >> no. no one has been charged with insurrection or sedition. you have roughly 100 people who have been charged with either assaulting, resisting, or impeding law enforcement officers, which means you have four out of five defendants who are charged with really nonviolent crimes. a lot of people have been charged with something called obstruction of an official proceeding. this is the justice department's way of bringing a felony charge to mostly misdemeanor cases. now, you know, pete, it was fine to obstruct justice when the anti-brett kavanaugh thousands of them descended on the capitol every single day harassing senators, trying to shut down the confirmation process of brett kavanaugh. that was great, actually. they were cheered as heroes. these people are being treated as hardened criminals. a lot of nonviolent offenses, most of them first time offenders this has amounted to a political persecution trump
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supporters by biden justice. >> pete: you have political prisoners on their hands no ability to appeal waiting on a justice system that treats them far differently than many people we see across our society. julie kelly, thank you for your time and reporting on this. >> thank you. >> pete: keep up on it. >> thank you. >> pete: republican senator of character tom cotton a member of the judiciary committee. senator, thank you so much for being here. i appreciate it i'm tempted to ask you about your lego habits or of that your kids. we will stay away from that this evening. but i will -- unless have you something substantive to share. january 6th. on that day, you put out a statement, senator, it said those a tacked the capitol today should face the full extent of federal law. is what we're seeing now the full and fair extent of the federal law? >> well, pete, the question that we should be asking is everyone getting equal justice. part of equal justice is that you are treated exactly the way
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any other american would be irrespective of who you are, or what you believe or how voted for. and when you have elizabeth warren and dick durbin, no fans of donald trump, not exactly sympathetic to donald trump's supporters saying that some of these people are being detained excessively and probably should be released. i think you can surmise that there is something to it. no one should be excused for violating the law. whether they voted for donald trump or voted for joe biden. so by the same token, no one should face harsher penalties or harsher terms of pre-trial confinement or pre-trial confinement period based on their political views or who they are. that is equal justice. and unfortunately, it looks like the biden department of justice is applying a lot of double standards here. look at what is happening around the country over the last year to the blm rioters and antifa rioters who have been released
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from pre-trial confinement and had charges dropped against them. i mean, for goodness sake, vice president harris last year encouraged her supporters to contribute to a bail fund for rioters in minnesota and she was celebrated by the national media and by democrats. there appear to be serious double standards at work here. and that undermines equal justice before the law. >> pete: you are precisely correct the double standard by the left quite some time. there is absolutely no doubt about that. you don't have to defend -- raising this issue, which is politically unpopular for some, doesn't mean you are apologizing for some of the more egregious acts. ultimately, when you said in that statement the fullest extent of federal law. i'm not making this about the statement but i think that's a powerful phrase, what can be done now it appears that the federal government is going beyond those bounds and it is more than the full extent. it's an overextension quhavment could, say, members of congress do about it or others? ing. >> well, i think it's part of our oversight responsibilities
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we should be inquiring about these cases. if dick durbin, elizabeth warren think that donald trump supporters are getting an unfair deal, we should probably look further into that. again, pre-trial confinement is usually limited to people who are either, one, a threat of violence or, two, a flight risk. perhaps every single one of these persons has been demonstrated with solid factual bases to be a threat of violence or a flight risk. but the mere fact of of course charged with one of these crimes and facing a crime in the future does not establish that basis. if it did you wouldn't have nearly as much violent crime in our cities. because you would have a lot more of these people locked up rather than being released without even getting bail in the first place because cities and states have eliminated their bail system to begin with. >> pete: they sure have. there is supposed to be a bail system and at one particular level. not to mention many of these people have no priors. and priors can come into play when it comes to pre-trial confinement as well.
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senator, i hope you stay on top the issue. maybe it's something can you work across the aisle upon they're finally acknowledging it on the other side as well. senator tom cotton i hope you appreciate your legos tonight. >> thank you. >> pete: joe biden and the democrat soft on crime tough on your constitutional rights and laying down a welcome mat for illegal migrants at the border. it's like they want to get 2016ed all over again. republican support for donald trump is surging after his trip to cpac. we're going to break it all down with dana loesch next. ♪ ♪ only 6% of us retail businesses have a black owner. that needs to change. so, i did something. i created a black business accelerator at amazon. and now we have a program that's dedicated to making tomorrow a better day for black businesses. ♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning.
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>> donald j. trump is now president of the united states. [boos]
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>> pete: it never ever gets old. washington the left meltdown after the 2016 election it's been nearly five years since that fateful night when 2016 when liberal tears flooded new york city following hillary clinton's historic defeat. democrats lost that race because they ignored the concerns of the american people and it looks like they are eager to recreate that moment in 2024. at cpac this weekend, covered extensively by our own fox nation. attendees listed election security, constitutional rights, and the border wall as the issues most important to them. but joe biden is certainly not standing up for those ideals. so who is? >> the biden administration has turned the border into the single greatest disaster in american history. like socialists and communist movements throughout history, today's leftists do not believe in freedom. we will take back our elections and finally we will always
4:23 pm
include a thing called voter i.d. >> pete: through the tears, that's right, it is donald trump. the former president continues to defend the nation and address the issues and the values underneath them that really matter to working class tax paying american citizens. and that's why a whopping 70% of those attendees support him to be the next g.o.p. presidential nominee. at the same time, he has a staggering 98% approval rating from cpac attendees, i mean, flowers for mom on mother's day, unicorns and butter flies don't even have 98% approval rating. apple pie can't even compete with 98%. so are democrats repeating the failures that will fuel a trump resurgence? here to break it down are the hosts of informed dissent podcast johnson and nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. thank you both for joining us, dana, i will start with you.
4:24 pm
does the left know what they might be creating here? >> oh, i go back and forth on, this pete, so much. i mean, i don't know if they realize the frankenstein's monster that they have created. so much of this reminds me of 2010 and even 2016 because democrats, you know, they kind of handed themselves their own loss in 2010 the she lacking that they got in the house and then 2016, i mean people realized way too late that people aren't going to be able to pay their bills with pronouns and obsessing over who can use whose bathroom. that's all people care about right now. people care about the economy. they care about immigration. they care about whether or not their vote counts and they also care about whether or not they can keep their families safe under the roof that they pay for because you have democrats out there talking about defunding the police and not only that pete, but they are also looking to even further erode justice being delivered within the judicial system those violent repeat offenders. they are smart people but at the same time i think they are just
4:25 pm
so focused on the end goal, which is, let's be honest is marxism they kind of forever get what they are doing in the process they're turning voters away. >> pete: let's say they did want to do something about it joe biden trying to address crime, making it all about guns, which we know is not the issue in case. could they fix it if they wanted to? >> well, absolutely they could. they could do it immediately if they wanted to. but that's not the case. they are drunk on power and i agree with what dana was saying. they are overplaying their hand here. and the end goal is marxism. that's clear. we are seeing that happen. we are seeing it play out throughout the country. a 40% san francisco residents are leaving or saying they want to leaf san francisco. and because of liberal policies. and you have parents pushing back on critical race theory in the schools. and so the policies are they are reaching a fevered pitch and people are understanding receipt really detrimental to our country. democrats keep their blinders on. and, like i said, they are drunk
4:26 pm
with power. they have the power and they're just going to keep pushing until they get what they want. you are absolutely right. they could fix it if they wanted to. >> ideological blinders are too thick. you can't see through them at all. real problems are evident. butterflies at 93%, europe corns 96. trump is at 98%. that's astronomical number. i know that's not the entire republican party but a core part of it what does that number say to you? >> well, i think that those surveyed at cpac, those are the people who i think are very much influential within the party. they sort of set the tone. they set the narrative and really how we are going to be going about certain issues. i have gone to cpac for years. people very clued in. these are also the people who go out in the neighborhoods and do door-to-door evangelism that is so needed. but i also -- i think this goes to a couple of things. first and foremost people have seen the difference between the economic policy and approach that we have now as well as foreign policy approach with
4:27 pm
this current administration. and then they can compare to what they were making in the economic security that they had under the trump administration. i mean, there is really no contest. it's one of the reasons why trump ended up stealing a whole bunch of democrats away from hillary clinton who so reliably voted for democrats all throughout the years including union democrats, pete. at the moment they went republican in 2016, they had their characters impugned and called racist and big gots. i also think the other thing that factors in here there isn't really anyone else in the space right now, and i know it's still a little bit early there really isn't anyone else in the space that would be able to compete with trump i think right now within the g.o.p. on that platform. maybe, perhaps, ron desantis? we will see. >> pete: we only have a second here that number is going to make some numbers explode again. what does the left not understand about why conservatives still support president trump? >> yeah. they are going to attribute it to white supremacy or racism or something else ridiculous. they don't understand that people are sick of liberal policies, they are sick of the
4:28 pm
assault on our constitution. they are sick of the assault on our freedom. and people -- when the left comes out and they are pushing the critical race theory and they're pushing the racism and black lives matter and all this stuff. people are pushing back against that and they are going there is going to be an equal force that comes back against it and they didn't learn that lesson in 2016ing. >> pete: thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> pete: you got it the biden administration has been trying to shame white conservatives into getting the vaccine. but new stats show they have been lecturing the wrong demographic the whole time. that's just awkward. miranda devine and lynne patton here to break it all down next. ♪ ♪ hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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♪ ♪ with cutting-edge tech, world-class interiors, and peerless design... their only competition is each other. the incomparable mercedes-benz suvs. extraordinary runs in the family. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. >> pete: welcome back the answer to physics question sir isaac
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newton for every action there is opposite and equal reaction. now we know. despite joe biden's month long mission to get 70% of adults vaccinated by july 4th his efforts failed mostly because they don't include natural immunity as well. democrats know exactly who they want to blame. >> if you look at the top 20 state for percent of adult who have been vaccinated they all voted for joe biden. and if you look at the bottom 20 states they all voted for donald trump. >>the most vaccine hesitant group in the groups that says they are least likely to take a vaccine are people from the conservative right, the far right including mostly trump voters. >> the more trumpy the state, the less likely significant vaccinations, the more heavily binden won the state the more likely vaccinations. >> pete: you are absolutely right. it must be trump supporters who don't want the operation warp speed trump delivered vaccine. as it turns out, it's not trump
4:35 pm
supporters who are the problem here. it's actually biden voters who are trailing behind in vaccination rates. new data by kff shows that the black population which went 87% for biden highlight the top of the chart. the bottom of the chart in green represents the lowest number of vaccinated of americans with the white population nearing the top of the chart. but this doesn't fit the left's narrative so don't expect to hear about it from the science-based so-called mainstream media. joining me now miranda devine "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor. and lynn patton former hud regional director. lynn, let me start with you. break this down for me, what do you take from these numbers? >> well, first of all, you know, right before i came on your show, pete, i just read that gail king herself just announced that she is banning all
4:36 pm
unvaccinated relatives from future family gatherings and last i checked she was a black liberal. you know, this just doesn't fit their narrative. i personally helped launch a vaccination center on new york city public housing property last month. and, you know, the sad reality is that it was not well attended, the numbers were slightly dismal. despite our best efforts, we just couldn't get people to come out, you know, to say that maga supporting republicans are not getting vaccinated, i'm living proof that that's just not true as the daughter of an infectious disease specialist, you know, i got vaccinated. i have worn masks. i'm not going to purport to make that a political message. i think that for the highest paid government official and ranked health adviser dr. fauci to go on cnn and engage in polarizing are banter about who
4:37 pm
is and is not vaccinated in terms of political parties, quite frankly is probably a violation of the hatch act. i personally would would love to know. and, you know, he has personally just been irreprehensible behavior and comments since the outset of this pandemic have been a slap in the face to principled public health officials like my dad who have dedicated their lives to eradicating viral diseases and developing vaccines to help curb the spread. >> pete: lynne you undersold it your dad was world epidemiologist at yale. you grew up in the public health world. and miranda. >> absolutely. >> pete: so, when she -- when lynne talks about the way dr. fauci is politicizing this and pointing a finger at one side of the aisle, does he know what he is doing? is he ignoring the numbers that are right there in front of
4:38 pm
limb? >> look, you just see a lot of hatred from anthony fauci and liberals in the media who just use any weapon they possibly can to go after trump supporters. they don't know really who-what the political affiliations are of the people who are vac sib nateed or not vaccinated. they use polls which notorious for under counting republicans because republican voters don't trust polsters. and so, they use those polls then to go after republican voters and then they look at the are number completely illogical. the blue states were hit the hardest. of course you are going to have people there who are the most scared who perceive the highest risk who will go and get vaccinated you see the demographics of the you do know
4:39 pm
and see the people vaccine hesitant are young people because they know the risk factor for them getting covid is very low. for them getting sick, and the higher up the chain you go, the older you are, the more likely you tore vaccinate. and the one outlier there is in the black and hispanic community. and that at the tonally is because of a mistrust of public health authorities. you know, people have good reason for why they choose not to vaccinate. and maybe there does need to be some sort of, you know, extra education to help people to understand to trust. but you don't go out and get people to vaccinate by abusing them. >> pete: i think that's, what lynne you were talking about. we have to leave it there blue cities inside red states. if you have a certain group that you would like to be more involved in vaccination efforts, then focus on that and be honest about it and we all are okay with that.
4:40 pm
>> absolutely. >> pete: that's not what's happening partisan attacks. real quick lynn, 10 seconds. >> i want to say last week joe biden went on national television and said that latinos are afraid to get vaccinated for fear of deportation. can you imagine. >> pete: can't make it up. >> can you imagine if trump had said something so racist and generalization. >> pete: lynne patton and miranda devine, thank you so much. great stuff. >> thanks, pete. >> pete: stick around for this. "sports illustrated" promised to reinvent itself and be more inclusive. well, now we're getting our first look at that ♪ ♪
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can >> pete: welcome back, "sports illustrated" hosted its first ever all inclusive runway show over the weekend in miami diversity, equity and inclusion in all its glory. the new format highlighted moms, plus size models and a host of others including a 57-year-old model who claims to be the oldest "sports illustrated" rookie ever. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has details. trace? >> hey, pete, the stated goal for "sports illustrated" is to
4:46 pm
quote redefine the culture conversation around booty and boost body positivity which essentially means doing a swimsuit show with women from different background and body types as you noted everything from moms to models to entrepreneurs. that 57-year-old model plus size model certainly "sports illustrated" has for years been taking steps towards being more inclusive but this year's swimsuit issue and runway clearly the boldest statement yet some sports analysts believe that s.i. is not just transforming its swimsuit issue but moving further to the political left in the way it covers all sports. and, remember, sports illustrateside not alone in shifting its business model, victoria secret has also changed its marketing in recent years phasing out the once famous angels which included models like heidi klum and tyra banks and use are more plus size models and women of different background. vic for i can't secret is still the industry leader in sales. but over the past six years, it
4:47 pm
has seen profits including 2015 victoria secret market down to 21%. by the way social media comments concerning the "sports illustrated" swimsuit show focused a lot on the models but really focused more on the actual swim suits themselves and i have got to say the suits didn't exactly get rave reviews. pete? >> pete: trace, thank you. that was delightful. all right. on sunday, thousands took to the streets of cuba to protest the oppressive communist regime there. but, according to the still failing "new york times" shouting freedom, well, it's just another antigovernment slogan. take a look at this tweet. quote, shouting freedom and other antigovernment slogans, hundreds of cubans to took to the streets on sunday to protest food and medicine shortages in a remarkable eruption of discontent not seen in nearly 30
4:48 pm
years just so we are clear here, that's freedom and other government slogans. joining me now is joe concha, media opinion columnist for the hill and fox news contributor. is he a good guy. are and other things here to comment tonight. >> thanks, pete. you know, i'm used to seeing you only when i'm hungover so this is a welcome thing that you are actually at night. before -- look, at the "new york times" not surprised by this, no. said on july 4th that the american flag is divisive item. it's a divisive symbol. that's ridiculous. one "new york times" reporter that went tout long island and found that there were a lot of american flags on lawns and trucks and she called that, quote, disturbing, unquote. look, overall, the biden state department has been echoed by many in soapbox media that say that these protests were a direct result of covid or a lack of vaccine or medicine shortages and not, you know, a brutal dictatorship a failing economy and human rights abuses. cbs news because you can't let a
4:49 pm
crisis go to waste blamed president trump for are cuba's economic whos. the trump administration had many more sanctions against it which basically has cut off all income coming into cuba oh, poor them. >> pete: oh, joe, so it's the trump administration that made the communist regime so bad and now those pesky protesters are yelling freedom, which is really just an anti government slogan and so we need to be fair and balanced about this and really characterize it not as google logs and political persecution. you their economy was going great until john f. kennedy until trump came along and destroyed the whole damn thingment maybe communism doesn't work ask anybody from venezuela to the old soviet union, pete. >> pete: anyone down in southern florida as well standing up and saying anybody from the rooftops acknowledge what's happening here because america used to exist to help people try to be free, even if it is a bit of a government protest at the same time. someone may need to let the gray
4:50 pm
lady know that joe concha, thank you so much. now you can get drunk and be hung over for "fox & friends" tomorrow. [laughter] >> home run derby, baby. >> pete: i will be watching, too. my kids will be watching and i will, too. when a pitcher might win the derby then you know you are watching something special. >> indeed. have a gadd one, man. cheers. >> pete: cheers. coming up, what did this lady do? what did she do to get duct taped to her airline seat? line can i vaccine virtue signaling? there he is, it's a shirtless eric swalwell. what's he doing to that poor camel where is fang fang? johnny joey jones on the clock next on "fox & friends." he doesn't know what he is in for. ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> pete: times all most up, which means it's time to bring in my good friend. we're going to put them on the clock. with got four topics. joey, let the emojis be our
4:56 pm
guide. i know you're ready. here's something that no one wants to see, joey, but we are going to show it to you anyway. this is democrat congressman eric swalwell, who took a lavish business trip earlier this year to cutter where he popped off his top and climbed on a camel. what say you? >> you would think it was a president's sons with the things that eric swalwell gets away with. i want to say there's a time in a place to go on lavish trips funded by special interests but there really isn't. don't do it during a pandemic and don't take such an embarrassing picture. i will give you routine if you need some help there. >> pete: you do have a good routine, i do know that. but why would he need to investigate? trump is not there to investigate right now. i also feel like this is really strong cultural appropriation and maybe colonialism. it looks really wrong. >> it's disgusting. >> pete: it is absolutely disgusting. what is the camel thinking? >> "get me out of her." i can't wait till this guy
4:57 pm
leaves, it's what all the rest of us are thinking. >> pete: all right, heineken's new ad, get this, is welcoming people to the party, and lest not vaccinated. ♪ ♪ joey, we didn't play the whole thing. to me it looked a bit like an ad from the villages because it was a lot of old people partying. >> i don't know anyone over the age of 30 that think that's cool to drink heineken. i mean, that's not very good beer at all and this is really the ultimate kind of irony because alcohol is our best example of personal responsibility and accountability. like the world is in your hands whether you're right or wrong with alcohol, vaccines the same thing and why wouldn't heineken see that? >> pete: i hadn't thought about the messages, as long as you vaccinated you can drink whatever you want no matter how bad the berries. there was an old guy walking
4:58 pm
into the women's bathroom, part of the ad. >> it was i guess funny and humorous. i don't know. if you're vaccinated, why are you worried about who is in? >> pete: exactly, you nailed it at the buzzer. third topic. if there's only one way to stop an unhinged person on the airplane. you just duct date then to their seat. that's exactly what an american airlines corroded but you try to open the plane's door and make a run for it midflight. seems reasonable to me. >> we have a saying down here in the south, if it doesn't move and it's supposed to -- if it moves and it's not supposed to hit it with duct tape. they have machines that can see through our bodies to get on the plane, why don't they have anything better to restrain unruly passengers with? like really? spend a little bit less time wearing about her nose mask and more time wearing about stuff like this. >> pete: it's hard to detect stupid and a metal detector. last one. the washington football team, formally known as the redskins, they are still shopping around for a new nonoffensive name and they are already telling us what
4:59 pm
name isn't being considered. the warriors. if they want that stadium -- that name is too closely aligned with nate american culture, which may lead them down another slippery slope. if they say no native-adjacent iconography. warriors is to native-adjacent. >> native americans do not have a monopoly on the word warrior, as they need to understand that, but furthermore, it seems like the only way to probably recognize or honor native americans are to erase them from everything? that doesn't make any sense at all. one thing they can't be are the winners. they can't really claim that name. i would be worried about winning football games instead of whose feelings are hurting. i bet the native americans don't want to be associated with because there are a bad team. >> pete: the good point. they haven't won anything since doug johnson? >> i'm a falcons fan so i can't say too much air but they could do a better job of this. the whole p.r. move [indiscernible] there. they've had a lot of failures inside the organization.
5:00 pm
>> pete: the only name that fits is the washington -- thank you, appreciate it. we are out of time. thanks for watching "fox news primetime," i'm pete hegseth. i will be back here tomorrow night at 7:00 wearing a shirt or not wearing a shirt, i will consult with eric swalwell. up next, tucker carlson, he will probably be fully dressed, take care. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. before we begin, this show has come into possession of a pretty shocking photograph of california congressman eric swalwell. you may have seen it on the internet. no it's not a picture of him having speech when it with chinese spies, we wouldn't show that you, it's too much. you will have to imagine what that looks like. the picture we have shows eric swalwell shirtless posing triumphantly in front of his servants of


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