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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 12, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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leave it there. >> no, i think some of the approaches of the biden administration will be effective like summer jobs that are -- >> sandra: employment. all right. we'll continue this debate another time. a new show coming up. we'll leave it there. neil will be ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with lawrence jones, jessica tarlov, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this is be 25. ♪ ♪ "the five." [crowd chanting] president biden in the white house being accused of giving "cover for communists" over their response to the mass protests in cuba. thousands of people they are chanting "freedom" and "down
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with communism" while marching in the streets. but the biden administration is blaming the unrest on covid cases and deaths. the president finally getting around to reacting to the situation. speak of the united states stands firmly for the people in cuba, as they assert their universal rights. we call on the government to refrain from violence, their attempts to silence the voice of the people of cuba. >> jesse: and it's been crickets from self-described socialists like bernie sanders and aoc. they are quick to bash america but so far have yet to condemn the communist regime. and take a look how the white house press secretary jen psaki carefully avoids saying the word "communism." >> there is every indication that yesterday's protests where spontaneous expressions of people who are exhausted with the cuban government's economic mismanagement and repression. these are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in cuba, not people in
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another country. >> jesse: "economic mismanagement," a.k.a. communism. dana perino, it's funny now, you don't say communism. the liberals say "authoritarianism." it's funny because that's the same where they used to describe president trump, who was the polar opposite of a communist. >> dana: i feel like the white house got to a better place today than they were yesterday. wickstrom stronger statements including from the president and the press secretary. while the protests had just started, they had the deputy secretary of the western hemisphere, like they are the only ones who said something and jake sullivan said something from the white house from the national security advisor. not good enough. i think this white house learned a little bit about supporting dissidents and freedom movements after what happened with iran and the green movement. we didn't do anything during the obama administration and they took a lot of heat for that, and i don't think they ever really got over that. they finally got there.
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but the initial response is, "ope, this is covid." something interesting i didn't know about, some of the pop-culture stuff going on down here, there's often an artist that will push forward. there is a rapper named michael osorbo and he says people are tired and they won't take it anymore, and a lot of his work is pushing people to think about their conditions. part of the spontaneity is that those young people there who want a better life. the everything is the white house weighing in more strongly today than they did yesterday, democrats see florida slipping away as an option. >> jesse: permanently. greg, i thought socialism was great. the health care system was terrific in cuba. why would they be upset with the covered situation there, then? >> greg: they've got a hell of an education system, too. i will say this, it probably is better than ours at this point. the thing is, i think right now this is one example of showing how foreign policy doesn't
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really matter now. not just for our white house, but for our media and culture in general. think about what's going on right now. you got this stuff going on in cuba. you just had an assassination in haiti, you've got china making aggressive moves all over the place. you've got russia in ransomware, which is basically cyber warfare, and i we have this cuba stuff. but our press is doing other trench reporting in the culture war. we are now so obsessed about our past, and litigating our past, that we are not looking around and we are not looking at our future and what could happen next. these are the battles that are currently being fought, but we believe the battle is over nonbinary toilets, right? and pronouns. we are spending an inordinate amount of -- an ornament? this is important. [laughs] an amount of time reckoning with our past, as opposed to
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understanding -- imagine, think about preworld war ii. if we were obsessing over the things we are obsessing within america, what would have happened? would we have ever engaged the germans or the japanese or anything? you know what? we are not able to do that right now, because billy doesn't feel right. >> jesse: we never would have dropped the a-bomb on the japanese. what is it with this knee-jerk reaction, that everything is covid, jessica? they see anything in the world. covid! ope, covid. sorry. sooner or later covid will be gone. what will they blame it on then? >> greg: it's never going to be gone. >> jesse: it'll be a variant. a cuban variant. [laughter] >> jessica: are right about that, we will have to learn to live with it, which we have mostly by this point. jen psaki also mentioned economic mismanagement. i know you would prefer that she was screaming socialism or communism --
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>> jesse: would she say communism, do you think? >> jessica: i'm pretty sure she would and that she has said it. but the argument the white house is trying to make, and i agree with dana, obviously i'm not a press secretary myself but the statement they put out this morning, tony blinken also commented on this to make sure everybody knew the cuban government is saying that the u.s. is fomenting this, that we have no role whatsoever in causing this uprising, and it is they are people who are upset with how the regime works. i think we have been forceful, we've been allies to them, we are saying we support you in your cause, your desire for freedom, to live free of an authoritarian, and they come in many packages. they come in communist packages and putin-like packages now. they come in packages like an assad. so i don't see a problem with telling them that. >> lawrence: the problem is they've neglected to talk about the why. you can't talk about people in
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the street and not talk about the cuban-americans that are here. when i was on the campaign trail i spent a lot of time in florida. it's very clear that the latino vote was shifting because of the socialism. and it's one thing to read about the stories in history books, that he sit down at those cuban-americans in the united states right now and they tell you the broken promises, they believed it, and it broke them. it came to america as a result. i think what is tone-deaf is that the president and the press secretary didn't really speak to that audience and say, "we hear you, we had the people that are on the street, and we know the cause of that." that's why the word matters. >> jesse: it was a missed opportunity. is that a ban phrase? am i allowed to say that? >> greg: only one time. if you say it twice, you're out of the show. because it would have been a missed opportunity. >> jesse: thank you, greg. yet another blooding weekend in biden's america. the president meeting with liberal mayors to crack down on
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♪ ♪ >> dana: president biden struggling to deal with the surge in crime is the white house ties to distance itself from the defund the police movement. the president focusing on guns and giving covid money to cops lab meeting with big city leaders and law enforcement officials. this comes after another weekend of bloodshed. four people were reportedly killed in new york city and at least 40 shot and 11 died in chicago. new york city mayoral candidate eric adams said the focus on the meeting was on the root causes of crime. >> this president is making it clear he's going to redefine the ecosystem of public safety. why did it take so long before we heard the gunshots that families were listening and hearing every night? other communities are waking up to alarm clocks, communities of black, brown, and poor people are waking up to gunshots, and this president said, "this is not the america we are going to
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live in." >> dana: if you are paying attention last week, and we know you are, jessica, it's not like there was going to be a pipit in politics because the polling was coming in and the white house was realizing that people like eric adams are going to win over the progressives. their ploy to pin defund the police on republicans is falling flat and hurting them in the long run, so they pivot. tell me about democrat positioning now and is what president biden did today and attempt to prevent major bloodshed in the midterms? >> jessica: i think it was an attempt to prevent major bloodshed in the literal sense, and midterms bloodshed. i think this has mattered to president biden over decades. he made the wrong decision, certainly, on things like the crime bill. but it's always been a passion point for him to be in criminal justice reform and to talk about it. it goes back to 2-3 weeks when the polling dripped in, and the problem is when we had a press conference on gun control and what's going on in our cities. i thought it was a good day for the white house on this, for sure. i think eric adams is certainly
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taking advantage of the new bully pulpit that he will get in november, we are going to elect a democrat here. i liked the show that we had come and there was a female police chief standing with him, who also spoke. that they were people from both sides of the aisle who were like, "great, let's go down to business." >> dana: we will see if they do something on that. speaking of eric adams, this is what he said, lawrence, on cnn this weekend about guns and where the priorities should be. >> i believe those priorities really were misplaced, and it's almost insulting what we've witnessed over the last few years. many of our presidents, they saw these numbers, they knew the inner cities, particularly with black, brown, and poor people, they knew they were dealing with this, a real crisis. we should also have focused on the handguns. the numbers of those who are killed by handguns are
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astronomical. >> dana: all right, so we have his comments, and his appearance at the white house today. and perhaps a new approach on behalf of the administration. maybe. >> lawrence: i thought it was a disappointment. i expected more from him. he's talked a lot about the root causes. i don't disagree with him on the root causes, but what are you going to do right now? second, this is a local matter, it's not a federal issue. to attempt to federalize it is a problem. i call it a simple justice plan. you bring the d.a.s and the beat cops in, the police chief, the chief judge, you assign a judge to these cases, and you give them a week. you tell the gangs, just like they want them to turn in the guns, "you've got a week to clean up your actions," then you start beating down doors. you have a judge assigned to these cases to look at the evidence, but they know who the gangs are. the problem is the d.a.s allowing people with these
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weapons charges back on the streets. you've got judges that are assigning bail when people are a risk to society. so everybody needs to get on the same page right here. you can talk about root causes all day, but that doesn't solve the problem right now. that cancels in the future, but how do you stop the bleeding right now? >> dana: one of the things they are doing at the white house is urging local officials to use covid release funds in order to pay for more police. so that's like an end run so they don't have to deal with the fact that defund the police heard them. they are like, "here's some covid relief money." >> greg: it goes back to this initial problem. why were they so late on this? it's the lateness that because i don't know how many lives, you can probably count them -- i don't know, thousands? i don't know. if you add them all up, maybe if the guns are made of legos that democrats would have gone after them sooner, because we are watching a government that's more interested in chasing phantoms than felons, and it's probably because it's not going to affect them politically. why did they wait so long? because it wasn't going to
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affect them politically, and now we -- i don't know, for 7-8 months a year we are saying, "this is a bad thing," and we were laughed at by people on other networks, like don lemon and chris cuomo. "they're shooting in the street? i didn't see any crime!" idiots. the reason they couldn't admit there was a crime problem is because they didn't have to admit that they were wrong. it's a huge, huge sunk cost when you spend so much time saying that it doesn't happen. they put so much investment in an anti-cop narratives that they can't now admit that it was wrong. but there is a reason why they do this, and it happens in every political situation. they only choose the situation based on what republicans do. when republicans come out as pro-law enforcement, they instinctively come out as anti-law enforcement. if you come as a republican, talk about freedom in cuba, then they talk about freedom as a phrase being antigovernment. so you see what's happening,
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it's a really stupid professional wrestling type of debate, but they can't let go. that's what's happening right now. you are seeing them try to let go. we should actually encourage them, but it still pisses me off that they didn't do this sooner. >> dana: will give you the floor. >> jesse: that means they're going to run out the clock. joe biden can't even articulate what the issue is, and it is black teenagers and 20-year-olds, many without a good education, a dad, or a job, they are shooting people with pistols, other gang members, over turf and clout and drug profits. stray bullets are killing innocent people and democrat d.a.s, prosecutors, and judges are making it impossible to incarcerate these people, as you mentioned. i get it, i'm a realist, is going to be street violence in the inner-city. but we don't have to be so permissive about it. every time we are so permissive about crime, crime explodes and people died. joe biden used to get this.
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that was his thing. and now because the left wing animates his base so much, he has to walk this tight rope. he knows the solution, he won't address the problem. trump, love him or hate him, he would actually say what the problem was in really stark terms. people loved him for that, but they also hated him for that. but that's what real leaders do. joe biden is not a real leader, especially on crime. >> lawrence: here's the problem real quick, because i know we've got to go. it's not just gun violence, it's crime in general. people who think they can go into stores and rob, or just urinate on the street. if there should be no laws, the fact that everything is petty crime, criminal justice reform, drug crimes. people that are nonviolent offenders, that we should be measured in the way that we deal with them. they believe no one should be locked up, and the only reason why they are shifting on the issues because the polling has changed. >> jessica: but there were people, like the chicago superintendent was there, you never meet a police chief who says -- >> lawrence: he was silenced by his mayor. he was a great police chief in
2:21 pm
dallas, had a relationship with the community and the police, then he goes to chicago and the mayor put a muzzle on him. >> jessica: i'm not saying that there aren't issues with how it trickles down from higher levels of law enforcement, but a bunch of democrats are taking crime very seriously, and we were talking in the break, we will see who eric adams puts in as the police chief. that will tell a lot of the story of how this is going to go. but i can't sit here and say democrats don't care about crime. >> dana: i think it's also the prosecutors. that's happening all over this country. up next, kamala harris being called out of touch about what she said about real americans. you won't believe it. ♪ ♪ at aspen dental, today is the day to take back your smile. why wait? we're here nights, weekends and right now, to give you exceptional care and 20% off your treatment plan. new patients, take the first step
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>> greg: vice president kamala harris is held claiming voter i.d. laws won't work in rural america because apparently people who live there aren't smart enough. >> i don't think we should underestimate what that could mean. in some peoples minds, that means, "well, you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your i.d. to send it in to prove you are who you are." well, there are a lot of people, special people living in rural communities, there's no kinko's, there's no officemax near them. >> greg: just to let her know, there's no kinko's in rural areas because there are no kinko's at all. they were bought out by federal express in 2000, something like that, and they had their signs taken down in 2006. score one for the gutfeld! [laughter] anyway, lawrence, i look at this
2:27 pm
as progress. when a making the voter i.d. are given, they used to just be insulting black people. now it's white people. we are all stupid according to the democrats! >> lawrence: before i address that point, can we talk about kamala harris for a second? she's not good at off-the-cuff! it is -- why they continue to send her to do interviews, i don't know. it's a bad strategy for the white house. she's become a liability for the message, because she's not prepared, ever, even for the questions that are prepared. i'm glad you pointed out that she's now insulting all people. i think they realized they lost, especially with the black business owners. they are pissed off about what happened in atlanta. the fact that they went to colorado, and their laws are worse! i think it was a slap in the face, so just take her off. just take her off the trail.
2:28 pm
no more interviews. i don't think she's prepared. >> greg: you know what, i said this before, jessica. in her defense, she reminds me of me when i don't want to do something. i just do the worst job possible. officemax on "fox & friends"? [laughter] >> greg: i was terrible hosting it, they never asked me again its strategy. i find her arresting, ironically. >> jessica: that is a tough backhanded -- i was just going to lead with, i would obviously not have had a discussion about voter i.d. that revolved around xerox machines and the proximity to -- >> lawrence: so you agree with that? >> jessica: i have not encountered a single person of any political denomination who defended it. now, the larger discussion about voter i.d. that i think we are all excited to have as adults at the table, because i know you love it when i say -- >> jesse: here you go come in
2:29 pm
your ivory tower! >> greg: i live in a rural community. what is an adult like? [laughter] >> jessica: here's the problem. 11% of americans don't have valid government photo i.d. jim clyburn is now saying -- well, take it up with the brendan center. >> jesse: i will take it up with the brendan center! [laughter] jim clyburn, who i think really has his finger on the pulse of e going to win elections, he ordained joe biden the nominee in south carolina and everything was gravy from there. he is backing the claim which requires photo i.d. but it can be something like utility bill. i think that if republicans are desperate -- or a phone bill, anything you get at your home. because there are issues with people matching birth certificates to their social security cards, et cetera, especially for elderly voters and black and latino communities. so let's talk about getting somewhere with that, john lewis for -- >> lawrence: so if it's free ids for everyone, does that
2:30 pm
remove the issue about voter i.d.? if everyone gets an i.d.? >> jessica: i think -- >> lawrence: lets do it. >> jesse: the thing is, i think the challenge the democrats have is they can never actually find somebody that they can show as an example. here's tom stevens, he doesn't have an i.d. they always talk about this group, but it's not there, and it's because, jesse, they know that it doesn't -- ids to make it hard to vote, they make it hard to cheat. they are trying to make it sound like, "it's making it hard to vote." then show me one person! show me one. >> jesse: according to the center, their 40 million americans who can't prove they are! this 40 million if you guys out there! >> greg: we will have to really dig into that one. i don't know about that when! >> dana: they're all in the nicu. >> jesse: i don't know about that when! i live at the texas governor says. "we want to make it easier to vote, harder to cheat." how do you disagree with that?
2:31 pm
easier to vote, harder to cheat. [laughter] did you say that? because he set it on the weekend. all you have to do is wet, signature requirements, deadlines, understanding the chain of custody, transparency in the count rooms. all you want to know is what's going on and who you are is you say you are. none of that conflicts with making it harder to vote. none of that. so when i see kamala harris, you know she gets that shoulder thing going? she goes, "it's a democracy." >> greg: [laughs] what is the thing she does with her head? >> jesse: that's not a deep point. >> dana: it's kind of like that. >> jesse: is that her signature move? it's like, if you're going to lie to me, make it convincing. she actually cares about obstacles of voting in rural america? she doesn't care if someone in wyoming has to drive 40 minutes to a kinko's. she cares if somebody in atlanta or philly or detroit has to wait five more minutes. and almost appreciated if she
2:32 pm
would say, "i want to be easier to vote for anybody, i don't care if there's fraud." "there's going to be fraud, that's fine, i want to make it easier." all we want our guardrails. why is it so difficult? no one can answer that question yet. >> greg: dana, to jesse's point, it's always been the party about big government and solutions. we can solve the pandemic, we can go door to door, we can deal with systematic, systemic racism. we have all these big solutions. but voter i.d., it's like, "oh, my god, we don't know what to do!" why can't you just send out ids? >> dana: i feel like it's a huge hurdle for democrats over and over again, but the polling amongst black americans and low-income communities is that they like voter i.d. that's one of the reasons that congressman clyburn is like, "i can be for that." kamala harris' team has been back channeling for a while that they are frustrated with the assignments she is given because they are hard. but she asked for this
2:33 pm
assignment. in georgia, one of the things they did, remember that terrible law? you don't have to have a copy of your i.d., you just have to write down the i.d. number on the thing so they can match it. that's the requirement. that doesn't seem like too hard to do, pretty much everyone can get a pen. >> greg: not if there's no kinko's, where do you get the pen? >> dana: there was a big uproar. she said, "we will pay for everybody, we will pick you up and take it in place and take you home." i think she had something like 30 people in the whole state and then that issue went away. so it can go away. the last thing i would say his texas democrats today have all left the state in a huff because they are protesting this voter bill, that the texas legislator is putting through. they are coming to d.c. why? because d.c. has the solutions? rather than staying in their state and trying to work it out, coming to washington -- >> greg: you mean you can leave work if you are losing?
2:34 pm
>> dana: you can never leave. [laughter] >> jesse: coming up, liberals are outraged over billionaire richard branson richard branson's historic space flight.
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more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. >> for the next generation of dreamers, if we can do this, just imagine what you can do. >> lawrence: instead of celebrating the crew ushering in an era of space tourism, liberals are throwing shade at the historic space flight. watch. >> is it moral, is it ethical, to be launching rockets and flying off to space and spending all this money and bringing all this fuel in an age of climate crisis?
2:39 pm
>> lawrence: bernie sanders is trashing the focus on space. quote, "here on earth in the richest country in the planet, half of our people live paycheck to paycheck. people are struggling to feed themselves, struggling to see a doctor, but hey, the richest guys in the world are often outer space. it's time to tax the billionaires." where is he going wrong with this? steel and used to be about progress. what would he tell magellan? "let's focus less on sailing?" [laughter] and ford. "forget about the car, these people need better bikes." what is this guy thinking? you look at history, it's about pioneers and entrepreneurs and innovators kind of pushing the envelope, to then reap the benefits for the masses. we will have to colonize the solicitor eventually. that would make us illegal aliens and then maybe they'd
2:40 pm
like us. i don't think he believes what he says. i get a real phony vibe from that guy. they used to tell us about what was immoral to do in the bedroom. remember? "don't tell us what to do in the bedroom!" now he's telling us what to do in our own spaceship. it's my spaceship, i do whatever i want and my spaceship. whenever i want. [laughter] >> lawrence: jessica, you are the resident democrat explainer-in-chief on the show. what's the angle on this? >> jessica: i don't think there is an angle. i think people wanted to fill up airtime and it was an interesting story, it was televised, and if people are watching wimbledon or the football -- >> lawrence: bernie? >> jessica: i was an ardent hillary clinton supporter, but one thing i could agree with bernie about, he is just bernie. he is consistent. he's been a curmudgeonly for 50 years. >> dana: however... >> jessica: however what? [laughter] >> dana: remember when he was against millionaires and billionaires and then he became a millionaire? and that he was like, "okay,
2:41 pm
just tax the billionaires." >> lawrence: but on a serious note, dana, i know we make fun of it, but i'm a firm believer that space is our new defense. we have to be competitive in space. it's very clear the russians are touring the cold war online. so shouldn't we be -- >> dana: we have to explore and expand, that's what humans do and we do it best here. i think that bezos will try to take on branson but that competition is very healthy. i'm also obsessed with what's happening in the arctic where the united states and china and russia, everybody is competing for a piece of that. if i've left out your country, please forgive me. [laughter] don't at me. >> jesse: he should embrace space. at his rate of expansion, he's going to need a bigger planet. >> jesse: oh, greg. >> greg: they are of a type. he supposed to do this, bernie's a socialist, he is supposed to do that. i go back to what i said in the a-block. the media is a perfect example. we are too busy looking into our
2:42 pm
past instead of looking towards the future. >> jesse: history is happening now! or in the future. future greg. >> greg: yeah, future grad. [laughter] we are trying to figure out what statute are not down. we ought to knock down a statue because -- do you think russia or china or those of the countries you mentioned are sitting around thinking of what statute are not down? the person who is able to get into space and figure out a way to, say, create a "star wars" type thing, they'd run everything. >> lawrence: do you mind endorsing -- i know it costs a lot of money, and you make the most out of all of us. will you pay for my ticket? >> greg: yes, i'll pay for your ticket. >> dana: would you go? >> lawrence: i'm afraid if heights but i want to see space. >> greg: i'm afraid of "in the heights" the movie. [laughter] >> dana: it was a great show. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: welcome back.
2:47 pm
first up, soccer mania sweeping the world. england devastated after coming so close, but ended up losing to italy in a dramatic penalty shoot out for the euro cup. yep. [laughter] >> greg: you don't even know what you're doing with this segment, do you? [laughter] >> jessica: dana, you live in a household that cared about it. [laughter] >> dana: we've been waiting for this to happen again, and it's been a long time coming, 55 years since they were in the final. if british people are sort of -- i would say glass half full, often, he's not. however, when it comes to england winning, he was like, "i don't know." he was kind of hopeful but when it went to penalties he was like, "were not going to make it." he was happy they got to the final and he's looking forward to the world cup in 15 months' time. >> jessica: that's a very mature reaction. greg?
2:48 pm
>> greg: to show you how much everybody cares, you had to go to dana to find someone who cares. it wasn't even her! she has to talk about peter! here's the problem with this dramatic penalty shoot out. why don't you just turned the game into penalty kicks? because that is what -- you always end up at the end with penalty kicks. screw the whole field, just have them all lined up. you know how much time you would save? >> jessica: people like it. i couldn't say, "hey, jesse, it's her segment, talk to yourself." [laughter] i was in a bar, i was in the italy room. in the england room, 2 minutes and, they scored. >> dana: the act, peter woke the neighborhood. >> jessica: and there was some crying. jesse, did you watch? how was your birthday? whatever. [laughter] >> jesse: i didn't watch and i don't care. [laughter] >> jessica: that how was your birthday? ski when it was great. >> greg: he drunk dialed me dialed me.
2:49 pm
>> jesse: i did, i drunk face time-edu. >> jessica: it was important! lawrence? >> lawrence: i don't watch soccer, it's a boring sport. i'm going to get hate mail, but we play football in texas. that's what we do. >> jessica: real football. it's beautiful game, it's just a relentless, long game. we are moving on. great response, everyone. [laughter] next up, we just found out which generation is the worst tippers. people 18-40 don't like to dish out extra dollars when going out to eat or getting delivery. >> lawrence: not true. >> jessica: i've been with you, you're a big tipper. i am, too. >> dana: [laughs] >> jessica: greg, what do you make of this? >> greg: this is an interesting fact, because it bears out that the younger you are, the last money you have, which makes sense. when i was 25 or whatever, i was drinking yingling and playing "doom." i didn't have any money. but why's it so, so important?
2:50 pm
it's for people like me in the early 40s! >> jessica: in europe they build in the 15% tip. >> dana: kind of. you should always tip. >> jesse: the service there is atrocious. >> lawrence: i hate the mandatory tipping, though. you screw yourself. when you do it, that's when you -- >> jessica: they handed it to you and they watch you. >> jesse: at times i like to stare them in the eye as they -- [laughter] >> jessica: i don't doubt that's what happened. in my packet we had old quotes for me about tipping where you said, "i'm cool with zero if i have to." >> greg: i said that -- you know it, i've gotten a lot of crap. [laughter] i've gotten better. >> jessica: last topic. parking can be tough. just ask this driver who spent g over and over again to back into
2:51 pm
a spot. [laughter] >> dana: oh, man, that's not good. >> jesse: that's not even parallel parking, that's backing in. that's not even parking, its backing in. >> jessica: that's parking lot stuff, yes. >> greg: wouldn't this be more interesting to watch then soccer? [laughter] why isn't this a sport? professional parking. that's my new show. >> jesse: that's not a bad idea. >> dana: that's a terrible idea. >> greg: space parking, space wars! >> dana: you don't have to parallel park in the space. >> greg: the joke is on the space, the parking space! >> dana: l. [laughs] i get it. >> jessica: it's hard! >> greg: you think parking is hard? >> jessica: i grew up in the city. >> dana: everybody has power steering and i have the robot. >> lawrence: the backup camera. there's no excuse. >> jessica: but the number of suvs trying to fit into spots -- >> dana: i think it's funny that someone is filming this.
2:52 pm
>> jessica: we just assumed it was a she! [laughter] that was a man that couldn't park that car! >> greg: but he's identifying a woman while he's parking. >> jessica: you're going to find out! one more thing up next. ♪ ♪ good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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>> jess: when you have auto glass damage... schedule safelite's new drop and go service. just drop off your keys and go enjoy your day. we'll send you text updates and let you know when it's ready. schedule drop and go today. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing dana perino. >> dana: calls deign yaps crazy tricks. people doing tricks. videos. i started this thing. check out this stunt. he can catch a grape from like -- anything he is doing. catch a grape. running on the floor, hitting off the wall. i'm super impressed. there you go. video, trick, good stunt.
2:57 pm
well done. >> like my show you never see any. >> greg: i'm signing up for door dash so can i get my food. >> jesse: is that one more thing? >> greg: let's do this. i'm in a bath robe, sometimes you are on the run and need to take a shower because you stink and you have been in the car all day and smell like fast food. stop at the car wash and get yourself cleaned up like this guy did. >> dana: exfoliating, too. all the fleas out. >> dana: that's a lot do you know where that feels good? going like this. exactly what i wanted could use that it's humans. >> dana: take you to lunch. could we do that for you? >> lawrence: that's a strong diagnose though. >> jesse: lawrence? >> lawrence: let's look at this. this is a teen ogolf balling being hit by lightning.
2:58 pm
didn't appreciate the long drive video captured in san antonio top golf during tropical storm he will. is a in a video posted by top golf on thursday. an 18-year-old gomez can be seen hitting 88 mile-per-hour ball during a rainstorm when it was struck by lightning bolt. now he said a 50-year-old caught the viral moment. when i saw the lightning pot my first instinct was to run. slipped and happy i caught myself. i was glad the lightning hit the ball instead of me. >> dana: why are they still golfing during that. >> lawrence: that's pretty crazy. somebody going to get sued. >> greg: better than soccer. >> lawrence: should be more electrocutions in soccer. theoretically. >> dana: jesse? >> jesse: no one wants to get electrocuted in soccer. obviously. clear that one up. thank you, everybody, for buying my book. [laughter] it was number one on amazon other the weekend. we actually sold out on amazon for a while but they re-stocked.
2:59 pm
we are good. and if you want to watch more of me, can you watch "special report." i'm going to be making my "special report" debut. >> dana: oh my goodness. to talk about what? >> jesse: tonight. to talk about many, many important things. you will have to find out, jessica. [laughter] >> jesse: bring up the brennan center's fake number. >> jessica: the brennan center is legit. i want to talk about this and then we will talk about the that sort of thing later. it was a big weekend for former president jimmy carter and former first lady rosalynn carter as they celebrated 75 years of major with a party for 300 that included the clintons, nancy pelosi, garth brooks and trish yearwood. i was lucky enough to hear them speak a few years ago talked about policy and the work of the carter center. most taken about open talk about their marriage and what keeps them going strong after decades
3:00 pm
and decades. mutual respect and partnership so whatever your politics, i think we can all raise a proverbial glass to these two. >> lawrence: fine example. >> greg: bill clinton is thinking mine feels like 75 years. >> lawrence: that does it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: with you, "special report" with you, too. so we have the brennan center behind the scenes with your daily life. we will talk in a bit. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we will talk substance. [laughter] >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are following several major stories, cuba is seeing its largest antigovernment protest in decades. we will tell you what president biden is now saying about them. the general, who has been in charge of u.s. troops in afghanistan has stepped down relinquishing his command as the american withdrawal winds down. but tonight we begin with america's crime crisis. president biden bringing community and law enforcement leaders together a


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