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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 12, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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good to see you. >> that's "the story," monday july 12. as always, the story continues and i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. we are going to talk to betsy devos and look forward to seeing her tomorrow. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" with sandra smith starts right now. >> sandra: thank you, martha. two major stories we're watching for you at this hour. protests in cuba ramp up and president joe biden promises a crime crackdown. joining thus hour, republican miami mayor frank -- francis suarez. and first, we begin live at morgan stanley headquarters hooker in new york city where the brokerage firm is blocking workers and clients from entering the building if they
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have not yet been vaccinated. employees that have not are being told to stay and work from home. but is that legal? we're getting to that in just a moment. welcome. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." aishah hasnie is outside morgan stanley head quarters in new york city with the latest. hi, aishah. >> hi, sandra. yeah, you're right, this is a brand new world post covid. unchartered waters here right now. you're right, starting today, any employee or staff member, a client or visitor at morgan stanley will have to show proof of vaccination before they can enter any morgan stanley building, including the headquarters. according to the company, 95 of the workers are vaccinated. that's good news. those that are not must continue to work from home. the question is how long is that remote option going to last for
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them? you remember in june, a worker demanded that all of the workers returning to the office by labor day, after working in new york city, it's not clear yet if they will lose their jobs. goldman sachs and j.p. morgan are also asking workers now to return to the office and confirm that they've been vaccinated. goldman is us yoking an auto system. this is happening because they want people to be working in person. they want to go back to that culture. by getting vaccinated, they're using covid restrictions like masks. only the exception for people with a religious belief or medical situation. so now it's a wait and see of what happens to the folks that refuse to get vaccinated.
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sandra? >> sandra: nice to see a bustling new york city behind you there. some are tourists. >> can you hear it. >> sandra: we do. aishah, thank you. the question is all of this legal? with us now, law professor jonathan turley from george washington university. so can employers require vaccination? like you heard aishah report, can they demand proof of vaccination? >> the answer, yes. the constitution is primarily focused on government conduct, private conduct. even for government conduct, there was a case in 1905 called jacobson versus massachusetts. that is a case where a man challenged the requirement to get a small pox vaccine or you'd have to pay a $5 fine.
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the supreme court said that you could be required to do that. so the answer is likely yes. the supreme court has not really put many restrictions on businesses of this kind. they can cite the cdc recommendation for vaccine and they can say that this creates a business imperative for them, particularly with the rise of variants like the delta variant. >> sandra: very interesting. so far from what we're hearing. folks wanting to get back to work and keep their jobs with these companies and willing to come forward and get back in the building. there's going to be some workers that have objections to this for health reasons, religious reasons. so are the companies going to have to take that into consideration if somebody is hesitant to get the vaccine for health concerns? >> sandra, that is the most critical question.
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they have to balance particularly religious objections on a reasonable basis of requiring a vaccinated work force. in the background is the biden administration, which has been signalling to private companies that they would like to see these types of requirements put into place. the fact is that vaccinations have hit a wall. there's a number of people that are not being convinced even with a million dollar lottery give aways in places like ohio, a lot of people that don't want the vaccine. they're concerned about reactions, what they have read about problems that have occurred or they may have these other objections. the biden administration has been making clear that they would like to see private companies step in. if the government requires vaccinations and has some type of vaccine passport, it's going to create a lot of difficulty for the biden administration. so they can accomplish that if they can get private companies
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to deal with it and require that type of passport. >> sandra: it's interesting. common sense has taken us a long way through the pandemic, jonathan. you wonder why a company wouldn't just decide and some are to say if you choose not to get vaccinated for whatever reason, then if you're going to enter the building and be in the workplace with other vaccinated workers, well, you should wear a mask and you should still social distance. why not just allow them to do that? >> that is the big concern here. is that these companies are becoming surrogates for a government task force system like we saw social media companies become surrogates in terms of a censorship program. so there's concerns there. and whether this is really necessary -- i'm giving a speech here in alabama. at the beginning of this large conference, they said all of you not vaccinated, we ask you wear a mask, distance yourself.
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so there's lots of responsible organizations that are trying to thread this needle without requiring mandated vaccine proof. >> sandra: certainly going to be a learning process for many companies who were so eager to get the workers back. so eager to get them back. great to see you, jonathan. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> to the white house where leader just spoke after meeting with joe biden on crime. peter doocy is at the white house. he has more on what we just heard. peter? >> we were just at the other end in a handful of big cities from across the country. they were told by president biden to take money from the covid stimulus, the american rescue plan and start using it to hire more police. listen to this. >> supporting local law enforcement with federal support
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that they need. our strategy provides including funding for law enforcement through the american rescue plan for states, cities and to be able to here police and pay them overtime to advance community policing. >> that means that because administration officials we have spoken to think some of the crime might be driven by people having essentially -- by people that need it to be treated or met with social workers during the pandemic, the social workers are not able to do it. one of the biggest problems from the leaders that we heard from a handguns and one of the leaders we just talked to is the democratic candidate for mayor in new york, eric adams. >> things that we can to with the dollars that the president has allocated to make sure that we get to the long term plans. does it mean do we need to hire more police officers that are being asked over and over again?
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no. it means using the dollars correctly. if that means putting more police in our subway system, let's do that. if that means more police officers out of their vehicles and walk the streets that have greater community engagement, let's do that. do whatever needs to be done to make the people of new york city safe. >> there are some elected republicans in other states like texas who are looking at rising crime statistics and they believe that criminals right now feel emboldened because they don't think they're going to be punished severely for serious crimes. >> sandra: a lot of developments at the white house. more coming up, peter doocy. thank you. we'll be speaking with the mayor of san jose who was just in the meeting. should democratics worry about the low marks the president is getting on this issue? we'll debate that. and first, business owners across the countrylooking for
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workers. is there any relief in sight? thousands taking to the streets in cuba to protest the regime there. what miami mayor francis suarez wants our government to do here. he's next. movie night. (burke) should have been watching the stove instead. (customer) tell me something i don't know. (burke) with your farmers policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost, your home can be rebuilt, regardless of your limits. (customer) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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[chanting]. >> sandra: the scenes in cuba, protesters fed up with the socialist regime there and a growing economic crisis. we'll be speaking to miami's mayor, francis suarez on this fascinating situation. first to phil keating live in little havana, miami with the latest. hi, phil. >> more cuban exciting and cuban americans have been arriving in the past couple hours. about three or four dozen people here at cafe versilles, the traditional anti-cuban government place. like when fidel castro died, everybody driving by is tying up traffic and blaring their horns. a lot of people here last night in support of the cubans in the
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island. sunday, the foreign minister is now blaming american mercenaries for stirring up unrest on the island. protesters in the streets in cuba in the largest defiant public demonstration in decades. in cuba, this behavior doesn't happen and can quickly get you in jail. these people have had enough of long-time food shortages, poverty, a mismanaged unept communist government. they call for government change, blaming it also for a dismal coronavirus response. the president said this today. >> the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba to assert their universal rights. we call on the government of cuba to refrain from violence and their attempts to silence the people of cuba. >> in miami sunday, in little
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havana, filled up with hundreds of supporters demanding change as they have for 50 years without any success. former president trump weighing in this afternoon. he said joe biden must stand up to the communist regime or history will remember. they are not afraid." as always, the cuban's president blamed the problems on the u.s. and the trade embargo and called on loyal communists to take to the streets as well. the internet has largely been shut down. the u.s. secretary state blinken also released a statement saying it would be agree -- grevious
1:17 pm
mistake if they linked to it u.s. policies. sandra? >> sandra: my next guest, francis suarez, the mayor of miami. you are reporting on the ground there in miami, phil keating reporting about people taking to the streets there. we've seen what has happened in cuba. what do you want to see what happened in this moment? what do you want america to do? >> first of all, this impacts america. you know, the cuban dictatorship is, you know, a drug trafficking dictator ship. they sponsor terrorism. they have also exported communist throughout the hemisphere, throughout the world. so it affects u.s. interests. that's something that sometimes is not emphasized enough. how this affects u.s. national security policy. and i think the u.s. has to understand that these kinds of regimes that are enslaving not
1:18 pm
just cubans, but nicaraguans and venezuelans and impact our sovereignty and our security. the u.s. has a vested right to intervene on behalf of the cuban people and the united states and creating an international coalition is important. the cuban people have no food as was stated. they have no access to medical care, particularly the coronavirus and most importantly they want freedom. what we have in this country, they want the hope for a better future, which is something that every american has and cubans have been deproved of for centuries. >> sandra: what would that u.s.-led intervention look like? according to the statement from the white house today, joe biden while he says he stands with the cuban people, the president says they have been objected to the authoritarian regime without calling out socialism and
1:19 pm
communism. if you're not willing to call it what it is, how can you make things better for the cuban people? we reached out to bernie sanders and other members of congress to get a response from them knowing that they have pushed the socialist policies that have led to the pain and suffering of the cuban people. we have not heard back or nor has bernie sanders put out any statement on this as the beginning of this segment right now. i had nikki haley on in my program earlier this afternoon. i asked her about it. here's what she told me. >> cuba has never taken responsibility for what has happened. america needs to learn this lesson. when you start getting money that governments doll out, they eventually own you. when they own you, people suffer. that's what we don't want. we're seeing the socialism from bernie and the squad saying let's give out money. we will pay a huge price in our freedom if we allow this to
1:20 pm
continue. >> sandra: how do we fix this? if a white house is not calling it what it is and condemning socialism and some members of congress pushing for the policies that led to this? >> i really can't understand why anyone wouldn't call this what it is and why anyone wouldn't condemn a communist ideology that has failed in cuba and the history of humanity, this is an ideology that promises equality. the only equality has delivered is equal misery for all of's citizens in every country that its been tried. it's time for the united states to understand that. it's time for us to understand this could affect american cities if we're not careful. and the reason why is because it's a false promise. it's a prom necessary that if we just take away everything from people with means, take away their businesses and take away their properties hand the government redistributes it all, everybody will be better off. the truth of the matter is it's never worked and never will work
1:21 pm
and the united states has to start intervening and finding a way, whether it's through humanitarian aid, military intervention, whatever means necessary to protect the sovereignty of the cuban people and the sovereignty of the united states in this hemisphere. >> sandra: it's a big problem. people without food and basic necessities. we appreciate you joining us. best to you. >> thank you. >> sandra: one sign in california, the other in new jersey. both with the same message. a slow service is a sign of the times and is the government to blame? later on, find out what this woman tried to do before being duck taped on an american airline twice. brand new details on that ahead.
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>> martha: and is a covid booster needed? dr. marty makary coming up. another scare in the air. what led to this woman being taped down. we're back in 60 seconds. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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he looked after his community. she built an empire. fought for his people. protected this nation. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours? >> martha: dow wow. the dow flirting with the 35,000 mark. the nasdaq and s&p 500s will closing at records, this coming ahead of a big week on wall street where the biggest banks report earnings and give guidance for moves that could lie ahead. your table might be ready, but the food? that's another story. restaurants telling customers to have patience amid a worker shortage. owners bringing the extended
1:27 pm
federal unemployment benefits. so are you noticing a service slow down? let's get the read from mike gunzelman and elizabeth petco. i can tell you, elizabeth, i've heard this first hand from many restaurants, big, small, around -- seems like retailers and restaurants are dealing with this problem across the country. >> yeah, let me start off by saying i take my food incredibly seriously, this is a role problem. >> sandra: don't we all. >> there's a lot going on in our country right now. some people wanting to stay home because they're incentivized to do that. many that want to get back to work and forgot about how to have normalcy and interaction. so this makes a difficult situation for the service industry. >> sandra: it's one thing that a lot of restaurants were having a hard time with the fact that workers wanted to come in and
1:28 pm
take on a new job, they demanded more money. but it's going to cost you more. so while the federal minimum wage was raised, it sort of did happen because the companies are having to pay more for the workers. but this is rough on restaurants. how are you supposed to serve food if you don't have any wait staff? >> i might not know everything, but i know this. if people can make more money staying home than actually working, they're going to stay home. that's a fact. that's what we're seeing. i'm hear in new york city. i like going out. that's what i do since things have been reopened. even this past weekend was a big one. once you sit down, you're waiting longer to get served. that is happening across the board right now. it's because places are understaffed. do i feel bad for the restaurants? obviously. it's like the perfect storm of everything happening at once.
1:29 pm
things are receding from the pandemic side and it's not wintertime. so it's not like people are stuck inside because they can't go out in the snow. it's summertime. everybody wants to go out. there's an influx of customers. the flip side, it's also -- the urge to returndoesn't seem to be there right now because why? why? if i don't have to work, i can still get paid, why go in? >> sandra: interesting. we saw savings go up during the pandemic. the pent-up demand. people are out and they want to go out and they have the money to spent. they want to have fun, have a good time. but things are difficult at some restaurants. that's a story that we'll watch, a new study from saying millennials and gen z-ers are the worth tippers. so gunz, if neil was here, he would make a joke about you
1:30 pm
being cheap. >> thanks for blowing up any spot when he's not here. >> sandra: why is not? >> listen, this is disturbing. i feel like -- it's nothing new that the younger people might not have as much money, so they may not tip as much. i feel like millennials, we can relate to those serving us or working with them. i feel bad. if anything during the pandemic, i went up and up and beyond for those that were -- >> sandra: good for you. i'll relay that message to neil. >> please do. >> sandra: please know that. so seems like they're getting a bad rap. shouldn't we all be great tippers? >> yeah, we should 100% be great tippers. like mike said, we should appreciate those that are not
1:31 pm
working. also i don't know about you but i noticed a lot of terrible manners when i meet those in the younger generation. the worst they are, anyone with respect -- anyone that serves them, that's where this is coming from. >> sandra: respect your wait staff wherever you go. pay accordingly. good to have you both here. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> sandra: okay. we know the delta variant is in america. does it mean we're going to need another shot in the arm? pfizer meeting with u.s. officials about that right now. so what does dr. marty makary think about that? he will tell us. later on, cracking down as violent crime is ramping up. so far president joe biden getting low marks on that issue. are democrats worried that will be a mid-term issue for them?
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>> sandra: the "wall street journal" is reporting the trump organization removed financial chief alan weisselberg as the officer at some subsidiaries after prosecutors accused him of a tax fraud scheme. now this. >> we provide public health information and make determinations based on a large swath of data. that relates to booster shots as well. any assessment would be made by the cdc and the fda. we made clear last week that
1:37 pm
wasn't a recommendation. >> the drug maker looks to mays the case that a covid-19 vaccine booster shot is needed. health officials including dr. fauci say it's too soon to recommend a third dose. they have not ruled out the possibility for it in the future. will a booster shot be necessary? john hopkins school of public health and fox news medical contributor, dr. marty makary. you've been with us through this pandemic. we felt relief, those of us that rushed off to get the vaccine. we got the two shots and now left wondering are we going through that again in some capacity or will a booster shot be needed? especially come winter and fall. >> sandra, i don't think so for the general population. we're already giving boosters to people that are immunosuppressed. may be the very old americans that don't have strong immune
1:38 pm
responses and far out from vaccinations may be included in that group. that's the subgroup that i could see boosters getting legitimate. right now the conversation that booster will be needed for the general public is not supported by the data. i want to see that break through infections are resulting in severe illness. we're not saying that. they're rare and asymptomatic and when they do have an infection, it's mild. >> sandra: the flu vaccine rush, march, april and may. most of us ran out to get it. we're wondering right now when we get to fall and winter, will the efficacy rate of the vaccines the same as it is right now? >> there may be two layers of protection, sandra. there may be the protection against acquiring the infection. often asymptomatic or mild and may be the protection against
1:39 pm
severe illness and death. may be the levels of protection are different. may be the anti-body level that goes up and down and protects against acquiing the infection. so may be that what we're seeing out of the early israeli data is the efficacy is lower now. that may be because they're more likely to acquire the infection because those are asymptomatic and mild. protection against severe illness is durable from the data. >> sandra: as we talk about the vaccine being shared with countries all over the world that needed it, are you confident that if the recommendation was that a booster is needed that will be enough to cover all those that need it? >> the federal government already was convinced by the moderna companies to purchase 200 million doses in advance of the fall, which would be
1:40 pm
allocated nor boosters and possibly children in the indication goes down to children. we don't need 200 million doses. we've been throwing away millions of doses. protecting people around the world is important domestically because that's where the variants form. people will ask the question, does it make sense to give a booster when so many people around the world, vulnerable people and healthcare workers need a dose. >> sandra: great point. few second left, doctor. so if it were to develop that we needed a booster to keep awhy in this virus, wouldn't you expect a firm yes on that? >> i'd say november or december. if we're going to see a bump in cases next year, it will probably be in late november or december or possibly january. >> sandra: thanks, doctor. good to see you. president joe biden just pitching his crime plan to city and police leaders.
1:41 pm
so what do they make of it? the san jose mayor was in that meading and he will be here. but first, a sticky situation aboard an american airlines flight caught on camera. that video is next. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making.
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>> sandra: brand new video showing a woman duck taped on to her seat at an american airlines flight. how did she end up like that in casey stegall has the story. >> hi, sandra. american airlines flight 1774, nonstop service from dallas fort to charlotte was delayed by three hours leaving here in dallas last week. that is when they say that chaos broke. when the plane got in the air about an hour into the ride after it left after midnight. a woman they say tried to jump up and open the forward cabin door. banging on it saying that she needed to get off the plane. the airline says that the woman then bit a flight attendant, so she was restrained for everyone's safety. images emerge on social media showing woman duck taped to her seat. witnesses say it took all five
1:46 pm
flight attendants to restrain the passenger. once the plane landed in charlotte, it was met by emergency personnel. she could be heard yelling as other passengers de-planed. listen. >> you, you, you, you. people. >> according to the faa, the number of unruly passenger cases is sharply on the rise. so far this year the agency says they have received more than 3,200 reports, which have always have to be investigated. you compare that to 1,300 cases for the previous decade. passengers that violate the policy can be banned from flying. american airlines has not gotten back for comment. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, casey. meantime, shares of virgin
1:47 pm
galactic falling back to earth today after yesterday's headline making lift off. the stock closing down 17% on word of a $500 million stockpile. for the year though, it is up still. a whopping 71%. just bezos is up next in the space race. he will blast off open blue origin's shepherd rocket in eight days. we'll be watching and so will wall street. so will the president's plan crackdown keep violent crime from rising up? san jose major sam lecardo was in the white house meeting today. he's coming up. is this issue a bad one for the democratic party? lee carter and jason nichols are here on that. gold. your strategic advantage.
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>> sandra: this just in. moments ago, democrats in the texas legislature bolting from the state capitol. they're on planes now on their way to washington. this is all in protest to try to stop passage of a gop voting law. greg abbott blasting the move. meanwhile, president biden meeting with officials on how to combat violent school choice in montana allowing. our next guest is with them, san jose democratic mayor sam lecarta joining us now.
1:52 pm
this is a problem everybody wants a solution to. did you walk away thinking you got it? the white house gets it and they're going to help crack down on crime? >> thank you, sandra. thanks for having me. there's no question the president is passionate about this issue. something that he's engaged his entire career, fighting the battle to reduce -- >> sandra: is it gun violence? i don't mean to interrupt you. i hear that being used a lot. we're seeing violence in all of these great american cities. i hear gun violence, not just broadly characterizing it for what it is. >> it's all of the above. but it's not a secret if you talk to any emergency room surgeon about the overwhelming majority of cases are coming from. it's gun violence specifically. the homicides in our cities are overwhelmingly from gun violence. there's no question. we need to do more about gun violence period. that means certainly prevention,
1:53 pm
means yes, cops out there on the beat and yes, we need to do more about guns. >> sandra: i hear that from you but you don't hear that from your democratic colleagues in the age of the defund the police movement. are you hearing enough from your democratic colleagues, calling out that sort of rhetoric that has led to a record low morale in our police departments? >> i've been clear in the city of san jose that we have no intention to defund our police department. we're using dollars to expand walking beat patrols in high crime neighborhoods. the president through the treasury regulations that are determining how the pra dollars can be spent, critical money that has been released this spring is encouraging interventions to make us safer. we're using dollars to expand
1:54 pm
jobs in high crime neighborhoods. >> sandra: mayor, the president we know is calling for hiring more police, cracking down on illegal guns to combat crime, you need a united strategy and you need those in democratic led cities that we're seeing a large spike in crime, we need the laws on the books enforced. are we doing enough on that front before we start adding more? >> i don't think you'll have too much argument from any mayors in large city mayors. i've had conversations with my colleagues about the importance of enforcing the laws that we have, a lot of concerns that were expressed around the table for example around bail rules that are allowing some to get out prior to -- in pretrial
1:55 pm
situations where they're committing more violence. we have to do more about recidivism. as a former prosecutor, i have a perspective on this. many democratic mayors would agree with me. >> sandra: so did you walk away optimistic on a turn around? you look at the spike of violence in cities like chicago and new york. in new york city, walking a block in midtown manhattan is a serious problem. it's tied to so many aspects of this country including a economic concern as well. final thoughts. >> certainly. a lot of factors here. i walked out of that meeting and it was two hours with police chiefs from major cities like chicago and new york. convinced this white house is deeply engaged on this issue. we'll continue to work on all of these efforts, the prevention efforts, the intervention which we know involves police as well and illegal guns.
1:56 pm
i'm convinced that this president is leaning in and he will continue to push. >> sandra: all right, mayor. appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> sandra: best to you and your city. the president pitches his plan to combat violence. a new abc poll shows 38% of the president's handling of crime with 48 disapproving. is that a problem for democrats as crime continues to spike? with us now, democratic strategist jason nichols and lee carter. lee, i'll start with you first. is this a reaction by this white house to what they're seeing in the polls or is this genuine concern in tackling of a huge problem in our country right now? >> i'd like to say both. the bottom line is people are really concerned. you look at the difference in people's level of concern about crime over the last year alone, it's really significant. 27% now are satisfied with the white house's attempts at reducing crime.
1:57 pm
whereas a year ago, 47% were satisfied. so the white house really needs to address this. joe biden needs to get on top of this. it has to be more than gun control. you just pointed out that so much of the focus is on gun control. people are concern not just about gun crimes, i'm concerned about assault and rape and all different types of crime. we need something to address it. 7 in be 10 americans want to increase police budgets. biden and the things are opposed to that. so this is a really big issue for democrats that they have to come out strong now. >> sandra: the biden white house making it clear they don't support the defund the police movement. you'll back that up. the question is what are they doing about this spike in crime that the white house apparently doesn't see the tide of this happening in democratic cities where we see the great spikes in crime. what we do so is many americans feel unsafe walking down their city streets. the number of americans see crime as an extremely serious
1:58 pm
problem in the u.s. is that more than a 20-year high. is that an issue for your party in 2022? >> i honestly don't think so. i think overall biden is at 51% approval. and we have seen actually that violent crime rose about 33% under donald trump's watch in 2020 in cities like philadelphia and portland, violent crime rose every year. biden has been a guy that believed in more policing, more community policing. that's what he pushed. although i will push back on joe biden and say that biden has been tough on crime throughout his career but the evidence is nonexistent that more police correlates to the crime in mid size cities like san jose. certainly does in new york city but not the mid size cities. that's what the data says. and you know, i would agree with
1:59 pm
the mayor that you just had on in terms of gun violence in many cases it is gun violence that we're seeing a large speak in the major cities and making it unsafe to walk down midtown manhattan. so i don't think this is a big issue. if republicans want something to run on, run on the culture war stuff. that resonates with people. >> sandra: stick to crime here. i have about 20 seconds left. and when those americans head to the voting booth, they'll ask themselves, do they feel safe. this is a major voting issue for the american people right now. real quick. >> martha: no doubt about it. democrats did better last time. if it were to happen today, 32% say the republicans will handle violent crime better than the democrats. 24% say that the democrats will. that is an 8% gap. we have a large number of undecided here. this is wide open territory and it will be important that both parties address this. >> sandra: good information. jason, you're trying to get in there.
2:00 pm
2 seconds. leave it there. >> no, i think some of the approaches of the biden administration will be effective like summer jobs that are -- >> sandra: employment. all right. we'll continue this debate another time. a new show coming up. we'll leave it there. neil will be ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with lawrence jones, jessica tarlov, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this is be 25. ♪ ♪ "the five." [crowd chanting] president biden in the white house being accused of giving "cover for communists" over their response to the mass protests in cuba. thousands of people they are chanting "freedom" and "


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