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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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parents that feel like they're losing control over what is taught in their kids' classrooms. it's so important. >> john: as you know as a parent, there's nothing more than your child's education. >> sandra: it's everything. great to be with you, john and have you back as well. thank for joining us on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. >> john: it's good to be back. i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking now, there's no escaping the reality that crime is now very much front and center on the minds of american as cross this country. take a look at this poll, this is abc news "washington post" poll. it shows this worry is actually at a 20-year high. in fact, more people also disapprove of the job that the president is doing on this than approve. as a result, democrat as peer to be having a come to jesus moment on this.
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the president is scrambling to get a handle what's going on. he's having a listening session with law enforcement and local officials from around the united states. the d.c. mayor there to the president's right. we'll take you live any moment. the officials will walk out and talk about what was discussed in there and one of the big issues is how hard is it going to be to hit reverse on these woke policies that have in many ways destroyed cities and have decimating our police departments because of these policies. let's bring in james craig, the former police chief of detroit. he's credited with keeping detroit safe while other cities caved. and geraldo rivera. the last time the president addressed the nation on this issue, geraldo, you blasted him as sleepy and pathetic. so let's start with you. what do you make of the new plan? he wants to turn covid relief
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dollars to use that money to at police across the nation. >> it's fine, martha, as far as it goes. just like the original plan. and i didn't mean to be rude to the president, but it is preposterous when you compare the scale of what he's offering to do with the nature of the problem. there were 11 more murders in chicago alone this weekend. 19 murders in chicago the weekend before. since the president spoke, there's been 40 murders in chicago. the vast majority, young black men. homicide is the leading cause of young black men. in chicago, there's 117,000 gang members versus 12,000 cops. the gangsters outnumbers the cops 10 to 1 to think a school yard program will do something to alleviate the blood flow, this is the civil rights issue of our date. we have to have massive federal
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and state involvement, road blocks, rico, stop and frisk. the school yard programs are wonderful. they're not going to stop this blood shed, martha. >> martha: let's go to james craig, the former police chief in detroit what do you think will stop this and what do you think of the plan you're hearing about today? >> thanks for letting me come on the show. i'm trying to be optimistic but first and foremost, let's talk about the elephant in the room. that is something called bail reform. you can see what the texas governor is talking about. in 2020, over 18,000 defendants charged, releaseed and recommitted crime. so clearly this is not just impacting the great state of texas, michigan, new york. so that's one thing that needs to be discussed. okay. let's talk about support for the men and women. the cops that do this work every
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day. and frankly, we're going to use covid funds to hire police. i like the notion of refunding, but to be candidate, if you look at the initial crime plan, it focused on police being hired to do only community policing. i'm a strong advocate of community policing. i am. however, let's talk about new york. they disbanded a crime unit. now you see crime is out of control. are we going to the enforcement and is the president going to push back on the radical left of his party? they have another agenda. the other thing that needs to be talked about and i wish i could hear what the law enforcement folks are saying. are we going to tell the truth? are we going to encourage the president to back off this ending qualified immunity? that's a veiled strategy to
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dismantle, disrupt policing as we know it. >> martha: you make great points. bail reform is a huge problem. the problem is we have too many criminals on the streets because we have a program that makes it too easy for them to offend and get released back on to the streets. you know, you talk about the number of police officers that are out there. you know, it's very interesting to look what's going on in the mayor's race in new york city, geraldo. you have eric adams that rose to the top of this crop of the democrats gubernatorial candidates. he said, you know what the? the program that we came out with back on july 17 and 2020 -- this is june 2020. they decided a great idea, mayor de blasio, would be to disband the plain clothes police in new york city. i had a former new york city detective when the decision was made. listen closely to what he said. >> the perpetrators out there in the streets saying listen, we don't have to worry about
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undercover officers anymore. there's no cops around. believe me, they will take advantage of that. >> i mean, it's unbelievable how pressing he was. that's exactly what happened. eric adams says we're going to put the plain clothes back in. i think about the lives that were lost in that period and breaks my heart. >> we've gone -- look at the arc, martha, since then till now. you mentioned eric adams. on the republican side, the founder of the guardian angels. two experienced, proven crime fighters. new york has gone 180 from those days of defund the police. de blasio was smoking the dope before it was illegal in new york. he was trying to court favor with the most progressive aspects of his democratic party. that's no longer the majority in new york city, chicago for any big city. nobody wants to defund the place anymore.
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safety is the primary concern of government. there's no higher calling than gift to keep you safe when you take the subway, in your car at a traffic light in a dark intersection. when your child is in the back yard in the barbecue. you're counting on the government to keep you safe. if you can't do that, then, you know, you have failed utterly. the progressive left has failed utterly on this critical issue, martha. >> martha: i want to thank both of you, geraldo and chief craig. appreciate you being here. we're going to keep a close eye on this throughout the rest of the summer. great to hear from you. as i mentioned a moment ago, the officials in the meeting and you heard chief craig said he would love to hear what they're saying about the meeting and honest are they about the factors driving this. we talk about bail reform, talk about police retiring at record rates. talk about black on black crime
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is. that what is going on in there? in moments we'll hear from that and bring you live at the white house, a barrage of questions about president biden's plan to stand with the people of cuba in this seminole moment. thousands pour on to the streets to revolt against castro's oppressive regime. they're asking for freedom, they're asking for basically -- they're saying it's enough and they're saying join us. so will they get it? republican congressman maria salazar, daughter of a cuban exile watching this passionately and closely. we're joined by robert o'brien next, former national security adviser. >> you're talking today about how these protests are peopling against the government. why yesterday you said this was happening out of concern about
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>> i don't think we've seen anything like this protest in a long, long time. quite frankly, ever. the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba as they assert their universal rights. the call on the government to refrain from violence, attempts to silence the people of cuba. >> president biden, that was his statement a short time ago. the white house press secretary says the united states won't change its policy on cuba after president biden took about 24 hours to come forward with that statement on the massive protest that we watched unfold there this weekend.
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so i imagine this has upset the leadership in cuba. the president calling on his revolutionaries to push to the streets and saying enough and asking others to join them. it's potentially a historic moment in cuba. the white house response has been critics might say tempered on this. we have with us here maria salazar, republican congressman and also ambassador robert o'brien. first to little havana in miami. hi, phil. >> hi, martha. now that the rains stopped and the sun is back out, more cuban americans have shown up here at cafe versilles where
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demonstrations always take place. a lot of people are driving but. the few dozen people have gathered here, as you can hear, honking their horns to support. last night right here, it was a lot more crowded. people showing solidarity with their people on the island of cuba. about 1,000 people protested in cities on the caribbean island. the largest defy of the government there in decades. in cuba, this kind of behavior can get you in to jail. these people have had enough of long-time foot shortages and a horrible economic situation, which has lasted for decades. they called for government change blaming it also for a dismal coronavirus response. the white house released this statement this morning. the cuban people have bravely asserted universal rights. the united states calls on the cuban regime to hear their
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people and serve their needs at this vital moment rather than enriching themselves. in miami sunday, many supporters demanded change as they have for 50 long years now, all without any success. florida's cuban american mayor joined the call. >> people are dying, people are getting beaten and people are suffering and starving. it's been happening for too long. >> the cuban president blamed the island's problems on the united states and the trade embargo. the foreign minister targeting alleged american mercenaries for stirring up the unrest. the president called on all loyal communists to take to the streets as well. our producer in havana said its quiet today. nothing like yesterday. the internet for the most part has been shut down, martha. >> martha: thanks, phil. one way to silence people.
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mara salazar was florida was raised in little havana. she's the daughter of cuban exiles. great to have you with us. what did you think of the white house response, a carefully crafted message? part of it was read by the president a short time ago. what did you think of it? >> i agree with you, martha. they need to speak up louder. i want everybody to understand that the cuban people that are rioting on the streets are only looking at one government. the united states. and i'm delighted to be the representative of those people because i represent miami and the united states congress. i have instructed my staff and i have been wanting to reach out to the state department to tell them that this is the moment of truth, this is the beginning of the end. the united states has a historic role in helping those people who for 62 years, they have been living a satanic nightmare.
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because that is what the castro regime is. a satanic nightmare. because of covid, there's no medicine, no doctors, no vaccines. there's no food. that's why they have said enough is enough. we have to help them. this is nothing to do with parties, whether it's a republican or a democrat. the biden administration counts on everyone in little havana, within the cuban american exile community to help them finish this satanic nightmare. >> martha: how should they help them is the question. you know, there's this issue of the blockade essentially that was put into place in the trump administration. the government in cuba is saying that's the reason that we're sort of choking down here. we have such a problem. do you think that is accurate? what would you like to hear president biden do? here's what we're going to do to help? >> we're going to be standing with the people of cuba, not
12:19 pm
with the government or their regime, the regime. we're waiting for what the community needs. the biden administration has representatives, people like me, like nicole, like bob menendez. these are republicans and democrats, people that can send the message to the biden administration and tell them what they need to do, which is to send that message to the cubans that they're not alone and to the military. because right now this is the breaking point. the military needs to figure out whether they're going to shoot at the cubans or not, whether they're going to stand with the people or not. if the cubans and the military, the repressive apparatus understand that there's a clear message from the biden administration, if they stand with the people, they don't shoot. we'll take care of them. that's the moment when there's a breaking point. that's what we need to hear.
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we need to hear the biden administration not timid. this is the moment to liberate the longest and most cruellest dictator ships in the americas. 62 years. not only that is the core of the democratic socialism is the core of this ideology that we're hearing on the united states congress and in the country. that socialism is good. look at venezuela. look at cuba. now i want to say to my friends, look at cuba. look at the cubans what they think and feel. >> martha: fascinating. as you point out, we've had silence. we double-checked with ocasio-cortez, from senator sanders, rasheeda talib. silence in terms of what's going on. >> why? why are they silent? i don't understand. this is the perfect moment to say -- as you know, senator sanders said while he was running for president that cuba was a paradise and the
12:21 pm
educational system we know -- we know what is really happening in those streets. >> martha: thank you. >> a glorious day for us. >> martha: thanks for your perspective on this. great to have you with us today. appreciate your time. also joining me now, ambassador robert o'brien. great to have you with us. so fascinating to me. the language and the words that come from the white house are everything in this moment. i think of other situations, i think of venezuela. a moment when it looks like maduro was about to be toppled. that didn't happen. i think back to tehran and the outpouring on the streets that was not embraced or supported by the u.s. government. so you hear congress woman salazar. she says this is a moment. what are you hearing from this white house in terms of what that means, their support? what does it mean? >> i think the congresswoman is right. wouldn't it be glorious in 2021 with all of the challenges that
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we're facing, the authoritarians, putin, xi, the mullass in tehran, would would that mean? it would harken back to the wall coming down in east berlin. i was heartened to say jake sullivan ahead of the president, my successor, say we're standing with the cuban people. good to see the president make the announcement. it's not enough. three things that the white house needs to do immediately. we have to reinvoke the monroe doctrine. we have to let the russians and the chinese know that this is a matter for the cuban people. we can't have the situation where the russians come in and prop up the assad regime. we don't want foreign interference in this situation in cuba. number 2, look, miguel diaz
12:23 pm
wears better suits than the castros. he's the same person. he's a dictator. the cuban people are incredibly brave to stand up against them. the secret police may be knocking on their doors tonight, this is not a campus protest. this has real stakes for the protesters. they could have the secret police dragging them in to dungeons tonight. he will be held personally accountable for the rights of the cuban people. third, we need maximum pressure on the regime, this is a time not to relax sanctions, not to side with the regime but to side with the people of cuba and put maximum pressure to bring this situation to a conclusion. and bring liberty. they're not protesting against the pandemic. that is what was coming out of the state department yesterday. they're not protesting against food prices or covid-19. they want their freedom.
12:24 pm
they want basic individual rights. we need to get behind them. can't make the mistake that we made in the green revolution in tehran where the obama administration was more concerned about the jcpoa than the iranian people. i'm glad to see -- it's a little late but interesting from the white house, seems to be right but we need to do more. we have to put our foot on the pedal here and help the cuban people find freedom for the first time in 70 years. >> martha: great point, a different saying we support your freedom of speech and your right to protest peacefully and not to be attacked by the military and saying we support your quest for freedom. we believe that the people of cuba should be free. that would be a stronger statement, wouldn't it? >> absolutely. remember the euphoria we had when we saw the eastern germans getting on the wall and folks on both sides of the wall taking sledge hammers to it and seeing
12:25 pm
the guard stand aside? seeing the wall come down and seeing freedom come to romania, poland, east germany, the baltics. after we saw democracy crushed in hong kong, after what's gone on with russian troops in syria, the genocide there. after what we've seen with the iranians launching terror across the middle east. what a shot in the arm it would be for the free world to see cuban and the cuban people get their freedom, this is an tremendous opportunity for the biden administration. i hope tony blinken and vice president harris understand that and jump on it, this would be great nor the world. >> martha: certainly would. it comes to mind when you talk about the berlin wall, i think about president reagan saying mr. gorbachev, tear down this
12:26 pm
wall. the words of an american president are powerful and inspiring to people when they see that they have the support of the greatest democracy in the world. we'll be watching. see what the messages are as the days go by. ambassador brian, thanks for being here. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: you too. so any moment, going back for the first block. we expect we'll hear from the officials that were just with president biden talking about the crisis and crime that is ripping our cities this summer. what did they talk about in there? what is the mission and the way to overcome this? we'll take you there live as we follow the breaking news out of chicago. there's a suspect in custody in the shocking awful video that we showed you, the murder of a couple that was dragged out of their car and killed. they left two small children behind. we now have someone in custody. we'll show you next.
12:27 pm
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what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. >> martha: a chicago rapper was riddled with dozens of bullets after he got out of jail, this is according to the chicago tribute. he was out on bail for felony
12:31 pm
weapons charges when he was shot as many as 64 times while he walked across the street from the cook county jail. two other women were injured in this attack. one of at least 11 deadly shootings this weekend in the windy city. that is a fourth of july weekend record. matt finn joins us live from chicago with more. hi, matt. >> hi, martha. here many cook county, police say the rapper only made it out on to the street after being released from jail and was shot dead. police say 31-year-old landre sylvester was shot up to 64 times in the head and the body saturday night. he was being released on a $5,000 bond with electronic monitoring after violating a felony gun case. a 60-year-old woman was shot in the knee. a 30-year-old was nearby grazed
12:32 pm
by a bullet in the mouth. police are looking at cameras to see if it was caught on tape. we'll keep you updated. you may recall the brutal viral video of a couple being dragged out of their car and left for dead. police say that they found their alleged killer. the couple with two young children was dragged from their car during puerto rican day festivities. he was arrested for shooting execution style the 24-year-old man in that video. lorenzi is being extradited to chicago. police say the 24-year-old man in the video might have shot his own girlfriend was a he was trying to swarm off the people that pulled them out of their car june 19. police say they tracked the alleged killer using technology and going after the code of silence, the public submitted information as well. >> using a lot of video a lot of technology and several tips flooded in right away on the
12:33 pm
identity of the offender and using video and tracking him during the parade, we proved that this was the individual that shot and killed the victim. >> martha,
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>> has laid out a very extensive . it's clear that they have been leading innovative efforts and he is looking for those ideas that he can scale for the country as he continues. >> can i ask you to call questions from "the new york post"? as a former republican during rudy giuliani's reign, if i could ask a second question, are you going to be making sure
12:38 pm
there are more nypd officers hired? >> first, i want to touch on that i will hold every american, will just hear from these men and women who i am with right now. often times you think about policing, that there is a conflict between those who wear the uniform, these amazing innovators around violence , the meeting before the meeting was extreme and productive. we had a great conversation. the information sharing between these great men and women behind me. the question is, as we mentioned in the meeting today, we spend too much time looking at the role the police play.
12:39 pm
and as a former police officer, as a former, as you say, republican, as a former person who was arrested, i am trying to figure out the current. one thing i am clear about, the prerequisite to prosperity as public safety and justice. and if we don't have them both together, it doesn't matter how many police officers you put on the street. we can't continue to respond to symptoms. it's time to respond to the underlying causes of violence in our cities. this president is making it clear he is going to redefine the equal system of public safety. and that includes a role of police, schools, families, resources, employment. this is where we need to go as a country. and i have to take my hat off to this president. why did it take so long before
12:40 pm
we heard the gunshots that families were listening and hearing every night? other communities are waking up to alarm clocks. communities of black, brown, and poor people are waking up to gunshots. the president says this is not the america we are going to live in. that is why i am here. i am so proud to have been part of this meeting. this is representative of what makes us great as a country. >> i have a question for you for >> [question inaudible] >> combination. i believe that change is about
12:41 pm
those who agitate, such as the marchs, negotiate and legislation. and the real legislative response should be the moral response. we've abandoned black and brown communities. we responded immediately when we saw those shooters with assault rifles that hit our college campuses, suburban counties, the right thing to do. but the problem in america is the handguns. the demographics of the victims of black, brown and poor. we continue to have institutions in place, practices that siege crime in our country. how do we have a prison system with 30% of the people, the inmates are dyslexic? that means the real crime takes place only on the streets. it takes place in the department of education across america, that we sense how we see crime. it's a moral and a legislative response to this and we have a
12:42 pm
president that understands the moral responsibility. >> i'm wondering if you have any thoughts on what you told president biden about new york specifically. do you make any requests or demands? >> yes. i'm here representing the great city of new york. i'm came here as the brooklyn borough president, which could be considered the third largest city in america. i think that my request of the president was number 1 to make sure that we use the money that has been allocated to underlying causes, because we must have a plan and intervention. prevention consists of making sure that we have job employment, which he's doing in his plan. we need to put in place real plans in new york city to go
12:43 pm
after the gun violence. we had a 13-year-old child that was assassinated in the bronx. a 10-year-old child shot in rock way. these parents are looking for real relief right now. there's things that we can do with the dollars that the president has allocated to make sure that we get to those long-term plans. and it doesn't mean do we need to hire more police officers that are being asked over and over again? no. it means using the dollars correctly. with we need more police officers in the subway? let's do that. does that mean more police officers out of the cars, let's do that. whatever needs to be done to make the people of new york city safe. >> how do you guys marry the crime prevention by the president as well as the justice and policing act of george floyd? >> i'm chief davis from the city
12:44 pm
of memphis. i come from a city that has gun violence in the black and brown communities. there has to be a correlation with the george floyd justice and policing act and a strategic plan that this president is pushing forward. we have to -- >> martha: that's the police chief in memphis. and one of the striking things here, a discussion about the violence of handguns in u.s. and black and brown communities in america. we have talked a lot about this during the focus on school shootings and campus shootings in is a big story as well. the fact that black lives matter are also the lives of children lost to the families and the community violence that exists and that's what we're hearing addressed by eric adams, the democratic candidate for mayor in new york city. joining me again, james craig and geraldo rivera, fox news contributor at large.
12:45 pm
this is very interesting -- let me bring you in first, chief. eric adams seems to be part of the effort to sort of change the narrative on police discussions among the democrat party, running as a democrat. he's focusing on things we didn't hear focused on the defund the police -- hang on. we want to listen to the chicago -- talked so much about violence in chicago. let's police to the chicago police chief for just a moment. >> inside chicago and other parts of the country, we started putting together the plans. likely rolling out something in the coming days. so that we can start the ininvestigative process on tracing guns and focus on gun trafficking. that is the impact. making consequences happen in the federal courts. we did talk about the whole of government approach, the ecosystem of public safety that also includes street violence and focused on near term, making
12:46 pm
serious consequences a thing that happened in our cities with gun trafficking. those who create violence in our cities that is happening right now. there's a sense of urgency from the president and his administration, both the attorney general garland was talking about a sense of urgency. what can we do now adding resources now to have an impact on violence in our cities. >> because garland is from the area, did he say anything to you that is he chose the very area -- >> yes, attorney general garland and i had a commitment before the meeting to help out with chicago. he offered whatever we needed from doj, we would get those resources including task force officers, additional prosecutions, additional fast tracking investigations of conspiracy cases. these are the people that drive violence in our city. so there was a significant commitment. it wasn't just a bland great thing that you didn't get.
12:47 pm
it was very substantive. >> so did you redeploy people that were -- >> it's deploying more resources as well as a hyper focus on people who drive violence in our city. >> so is this a one and one that you had with garland? >> yes. prior to the meeting. he and i talked and we discussed it during the meeting and will have significant followup. >> mr. adams talks about a pre meeting. who was at that. >> all of us. >> with who? >> all of news the group. we've done five questions in a row. anybody else? >> martha: i want to bring in chief craig and geraldo rivera. you're listening to, this chief craig, your thoughts. >> doesn't hit it hard enough for me. a lot of what they said makes sense. a lot of long-term strategy.
12:48 pm
information shares. i didn't hair one thing about the violent criminals. we talked about handguns. what about bail reform? we talked about it earlier. is anybody going to address that elephant in the room? so again, i don't want to be overcritical, but i'm telling you, schools, employment, role of police. we talked about that we have to stop the bleeding now. crime must stop now. we need to stop theft in san francisco and other places. it's not criminal any longer. we have got to stop crime. it's falling short. >> martha: chief craig, thank you. geraldo, a quick thought. listening to eric adams. you hear this twist on this narrative and something different from what we've heard and defund the police for over the past year. >> as long as he puts more cops on the subway, more cops on the streets, i'm all for former police captain adams.
12:49 pm
good man. i tell you what, they're talking about the guns. what about the hand that holds the gun? this is about gang and drugs, this is a multinational, multigenerational nefarious crime syndicate. a way to get bigger market share. let's talk about what it is, martha. >> seems like there needs to be more of an effort. i brought it up before. approaching this the way that mobs were approached in new york city and boston. quick thought on that. >> absolutely agree. agree. why don't we reach out to the gangsters, the gangster leaders? let's talk. let's make peace. >> martha: i hear you. >> let's think about how we can live together. right now we're dying. >> martha: thank you very much, gentlemen. great to have you with us. terrific guests this afternoon. we'll have more of the story after that. stay with us.
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>> martha: a big issue for 2020, the battle over critical race theory and the woke revisionist teaching and the larger sense has led a growing number of parents to seek alternatives outside of public schools in their community. now some states are making that easier and the supreme court is getting involved in the fight over school choice. anita vogel reporting live on this from washington. hi, anita. >> hi, martha. some parents are starting to feel empowered. four states have made moves to help with school choice and the supreme court could have more to say. the four states are pennsylvania, arizona, new hampshire and ohio. they have passed various tax credits and other measures creating educational savings accounts making it easier for parents to choose private
12:55 pm
schools. while teacher's unions and others oppose school choice saying it takes away precious resources from public schools, many parents say more choice is their only option for change and not just when it comes to white kids. >> too often it keeps black kids in school districts that are failing. and there's no option or opportunity for them to get out. that's wrong and unfair. >> what we're seeing is states across the country are being responsive at large. unfortunately that is a band aid and it's not going to fix the problem long-term. >> last year the supreme court handed down a favorable ruling for school choice in montana allowing for assistance important private religious schools for families that don't have public schools in their small towns. the court has agreed to take up another similar case later this year. a lot of talk about critical race theory at cpac over the
12:56 pm
weekend. here's former president trump. >> if government-run schools are going to teach children to hate their country, we will demand school choice. we already have. >> no definitive word if he will run for president again. either way, critical race theory will be a driving issue in future elections. >> martha: thanks very much. here's bill bennett. great to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: this looks to be a major issue. we look at states that have instituted policies that have given mandating to school choice. you have arizona, pennsylvania, ohio. i mean, those are all swing states. i think this will be a very big issue for democrats and republicans. >> yeah, just allow me, it's a very big issue. the short term, just not even a second, the short term crime is the immediate problem.
12:57 pm
had to be addressed immediately. longer term immigration and education are the issues. if i may say, i thought the guy that will be the next mayor of new york sounded like a professor of socialology. put the cops on the streets. arrest the gangsters. don't talk to them. if you want to do root causes in crime, will somebody please point out to the people that most of the criminals don't have fathers, do not have fathers at home. the problem of father hoodness, which cannot be talked about in american society is the main thing haunting our inner cities. let's go to education.thank you, martha for indulging me. these are all connected. left out of anita's good report is west virginia. west virginia is wide open school choice. money goes into the backpack of the child and he can take it
12:58 pm
wherever he wants. supreme court is already cleared the way, anita vogel mentioned the montana case, espinosa v. montana. the supreme court said you cannot keep funds from parochial schools. the unions are arguing public money for public schools. the argument should be public money for the public, wherever the kids go to school. by the way, we do this, you get a pell grant, you can take to it catholic university or notre dame. you know about notre dame. or you can take it to ucla. doesn't matter. it doesn't matter al the elementary and secondary level. let's just add this. i think this is the next thing that happens in the critical race theory debate, loudoun county school board. people are going to say, what about more school choice? what about giving us opportunity to send our kids elsewhere? that's the next front in this big battle. >> martha: i agree. all of this just sends a chill
12:59 pm
up the spine of the teacher's union. they have fought charter schools, have fought school choice for years. and these issues, crt and also covid and the overbearing impact of what happened with schools being shut down is forcing parents in inner city communities to say hey, we don't we get to have some choice here. quick thought on that. >> you're right. covid and crt are a window of what the unions are about and what they're pushing. you're right. i've been saying this for 40 years. i don't want to date myself. it's not me that matters. it's the parents out there. we have a popular uprising. we may change american education because of this. may be some blessings out of covid and crt after all despite all the disaster and tragedy. >> martha: every child deserves to have options. west virginia made them portable. said here's your money. where would you lake to spend
1:00 pm
it? bill bennett, thanks very much. good to see you. >> that's "the story," monday july 12. as always, the story continues and i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. we are going to talk to betsy devos and look forward to seeing her tomorrow. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" with sandra smith starts right now. >> sandra: thank you, martha. two major stories we're watching for you at this hour. protests in cuba ramp up and president joe biden promises a crime crackdown. joining thus hour, republican miami mayor frank -- francis suarez. and first, we begin live at morgan stanley headquarters hooker in new york city where the brokerage firm is blocking workers and clients from entering the building if they


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