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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 12, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> and you're raising the bar for every wife in america. [laughter] >> exactly. >> you can do it. avoid spokes ways. i have a list. as my bucket list. >> so happy to have you back, we missed you so much. oedipal video. thank you to everyone, here is to be 22. i >> government protests, the largest the country has seen in decades. thousands of cuban protesters demanding freedom and calling or the teardown of the countries coming as a dictatorship. those demonstrations now spreading to the united states. >> we will speak to the former ambassador nikki haley about that along with several other hot topics with race theory and america's schools. we'll be joined by the florida congressman on the situation in cuba. and dr. nicole saphier, on the
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push for a booster shot, and former homicide detective ted williams. >> first on "america reports," another violent weekend in major cities as president biden's had to push his plan to reduce gun violence. lo, i am john roberts. great to be back with you. >> sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith, and just a few moments president biden will be meeting with merrick garland, local community leaders, and law enforcement officials at the white house. republicans are blamed the policies and the defund the police movement for fueling this current rise in crime. this comes as police in new york city say a gunman shot and killed a 13-year-old yesterday afternoon, they think the team was the intended target of a gang related shooting. >> police say a suspect in the mortar of a couple shot at a puerto rican parade has been arrested. they have charged him with first-degree murder. according to the
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"chicago tribune," a local rapper was killed after leaving the cook county jail on saturday. he was reportedly shot up to 64 times in ambush. no word though on any arrests. >> sandra: we have that coverage, we kick off a brand-new week speaking with ted williams. first, he is live on the ground in chicago for us where it was another deadly weekend. >> chicago police say another 11 people were murdered here in the city over the weekend, 44 people were shot, these incidences across the city. we should point out that these numbers are from just 60 on friday to med let last night. into the early morning hours, the murder and shooting can be even worse than the stats. police say there is now been in a rest from the horrific viral video you might recall from a
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few weeks ago in chicago. a couple with two young children could drive from their car on june 19th ended up deadly street. 34 old anthony has been arrested in california for fatally shooting execution-style the 24 gold man in that video. he's awaiting extradition to chicago where he will base one charge of first-degree murder. they say the man in the video might've shot his own girlfriend in the neck as he was trying to fear around people. police 80 chicago rapper who had just been released from the jail made it out onto the street and then was shot dead. 31-year-old, known as "kts" and he was being released on a $5,000 bond after violating a felony gun case from last year. a 6-year-old woman was shot in the knee and she is doing okay.
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if they are very old woman nearby was grazed by a bullet in the mouth and is said to be in good condition. police say they are reviewing surveillance cameras from that area. the shooting might've been caught on tape and we will keep you updated. >> sandra: thank you. john? >> john: former dz detective ted williams joins us now. we have the president in about 10 minutes time meeting with officials including the attorney general and including the person who people thing will be the next mayor of new york city. in the meantime a new "washington post" poll shows president biden's approval rating when it comes to dealing with crime is a dismal 30%. clearly not a lot of people are buying what he's selling. what do you leave he needs to do? >> first of all, let me just say that i applaud the fact that president biden is getting
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together with these community leaders and law enforcement individuals. this is a necessary thing, john, and we should realize that for the survival of the party. crime is off the chart in america. it's one of the number one issues on the mind of voters as they go to the polls here in the midterm. what the president needs to do and i am hoping he is going to do is not only meet with democrats, but meet with republicans, leaders in the community. the one group that appears to not be there and they need to be at this table are prosecutors and judges. because what is happening here in this country is law enforcement officers, i use this word, they are going out and they're making these arrests, but before they can even get through with the paperwork, prosecutors have let
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these individuals go and judges are not holding these individuals responsible, and you need that prosecutor, law enforcement, judges working together. i'm hoping that will be something that the president will push. >> sandra: there is this issue, tennessee governor bill lee was highlighting that saying at some .95% of incarcerated prisoners will be released back into society and in his state 50% of them end up back in the criminal justice system. i've seen numbers that may even go beyond 60%. how big of a problem is this, and is the president doing anything to address that? >> it is a paramount problem in these various cities. it isn't that so much, they are and lies where you have to have
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leaders addressing these communities where they are prosecutors and judges. one of the things that the president can do, he can tell these cities that they need to hire more police officers and they need to be put in place to hire more police officers in these communities. number two, any community that is talking about defunding the pulleys, the president who is not for that, these four reformation, he should tell them, they're not going to get any federal money with this defunding the police movement in these major cities where crime is on the up. >> certainly the president indicated there is money in the rescue plan. that local municipalities can use should they choose to do it.
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still, the central core of all of this is wrapped around guns. as a guns that are committing the crimes or is it criminals? >> criminals are committing the crimes, but it's criminals who have access to these goblins. one of the problems i'm having right now in the state of texas is that on september 1st, annie and everybody in that state is allowed to carry a gun. that's crazy! that is stupid! you don't have regulations in place to protect the citizens, and everybody can carry a gun. it puts law enforcement in a very difficult position because they don't know who the good guy -- they don't know who the bad guy is and that's troubling out here. it's the accessibility to guns that's troubling these various communities. >> john: we will have to keep an eye on texas. ted williams, always good to
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talk to you. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. speed to mass protests erupting across cuba, demanding an end to the dictatorship. thousands of people taking to the street protesting in miami's little havana neighborhood yesterday and solidarity. former ambassador will be joining us on this jam-packed afternoon to weigh in on that and more, but first to phil keating, reporting live from that area in miami. >> very heavy rains here in miami as well as keeping the crowds at bay. the demonstrator showed here in masks on sunday. all showing solidarity for the cuban people south of us in the caribbean. in cuba on sunday thousands
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protested in the street and multiple cities, public demonstrations, almost unheard of, this behavior can get you in jail, and it rarely happens. many are chanting "freedom for life." these people have had enough of longtime food shortages, a horrible economic situation, and difficulty getting the medicines they need. they called for government change blaming it for a dismal coronavirus response. 7,000 new cases on sunday alone. the white house released a statement saying, "the cuban people are bravely asserting fundamental and universal rights. united states calls on the regime to be here their people and serve their needs in this vital moment rather than enriching themselves." in miami, the streets filled up with thousands of supporters also calling for a change as
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they have now for 40 young years all without success. marco rubio posted this on twitter. >> this began well before covid, these people want to live in a normal country, they don't want their kids having to leave the country to lead normal lives. >> the president, the successor to rival castro blamed the islands problems on the u.s. and its trade embargo as they always do and called on all loyal communist to take to the streets as well. there were reports of looting in some places. that is absolutely unheard of in the very tightly controlled communist nation. the last time the community sat off this year in protest of the streets was in 2016 right after fidel castro died. we had a producer on the ground
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in havana and he says, today they are very quiet streets there. they're not having those spontaneous protests as erupted yesterday. >> sandra: we have the miami mayor coming on exclusively and he is warning that u.s. lot intervention is to avoid a bloodbath so we will speak to him. thank you. also on that, nikki haley is the former ambassador joining us as well to react to cuba, afghanistan. you look what is happening, you wonder, and this is obviously a good question for nikki haley. how some sitting members of congress, the very socialist policies you see, how they can remain silent in the wake of that. obviously bernie sanders is one of them. >> it is puzzling why members of congress would remain quiet
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about this. also in afghanistan, i don't know how many people were saying that the taliban would be taking over the country soon, but certainly it's happening. there is no question about that. the top u.s. general in afghanistan and say goodbye as the u.s. continues to withdraw troops by the end of the summer, but is it leaving a huge void that the taliban will soon fill? plus this. >> we should do everything we can to help people overthrow the dictatorship. this is not a duly elected government. >> brand-new reaction to cubans calling for the end of the communist dictatorship. as we been mentioning, nikki haley is here and they will be joined in studio! will get your reaction, her reaction to the topic and more coming up. >> good to see guests back in the studio, school choice.
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10:19 am
times here in this country. it's called a change of command ceremony, i'll go on command scott miller had to get off end of central command who has been running things overall with the headquarters, but it was more than a change of command. take a look. >> this was just a few moments ago, the symbolic and to america's war in afghanistan. for the afghan politicians and others behind us, there are questions about what is ahead. >> i tell the taliban that they are responsible to the violence that's going on against the will of the people and it needs to stop. >> they are now taking over a third of the country. the afghan military often not up to the task of fleeing or surrendering, being called a
10:20 am
hasty exit by u.s. troops. in part triggering a growing strive. general mckenzie went to great lengths to say that america would still be supporting afghanistan. we spoke to officials as well and they are hoping that there troops can go through. after 20 long years of america sacrifice and service members, we all have to hope so. back to you. >> we have questions with how long the government can hang on. greg palkot. thank you. >> sandra: nikki haley, former ambassador and former south carolina governor. it's great to have you here. >> it feels like you can have a really good conversation. you look at what is happening in afghanistan. you look at where former president trump stood on this. he received military guidance, though he took different steps. do you believe this would a
10:21 am
withdrawal -- we are already seeing it? >> one issue is the withdrawal and the other issue is how it was done. the idea that it's in the dark of night and it suddenly disappears was a terrible sign for our enemies and for the allies. we don't want thousands of people on the ground, but we need a presence, and theory, we had not a lot of people, but russia and iran didn't mess with those. they knew we were watching. you have taken every ounce of our eyes and ears off of what is happening. the taliban has taken over 85%. we have to be careful at home because we don't know what the terrorists are doing. >> sandra: you tell me what that means while putting it in the context that your husband served in afghanistan. you talked about the importance of bringing those interpreters to safety, but the pentagon is
10:22 am
warning that there is a concerning rise in the taliban. the taliban now says it has that, but the pentagon is there concern. listen. >> we are certainly watching with deep concern. the deteriorating security situation in the violence is way too high. and the momentum that they seem to have right now. we are watching at a monitoring unit. >> can you picture a circumstance that may arise where the need sent troops back could happen? >> i don't expect the government to last six months with the taliban and moving in this direction. you will have china move in in a big way, because they see the opportunity. so now sending them back will be -- it would be a delay and it won't mean anything, it will cause more issues going back in. this could have been done if
10:23 am
there was strategy. you keep a presence on the ground and you let them know that you're sending them home, but they know you're there. we have checked out, the way we left everything checked out. it's an insult to anyone who's ever served. it's an insult to anyone who's ever died. don't just open the door and iran. acknowledge the last 20 years meant something for us personally and the world abroad. this was almost running scared. >> sandra: people taking to the streets, waving the american flag and chanting the word "freedom." there are of congress that today still tout the very socialist policies that have led to the economic decline in that country. you reference bernie sanders who seems silent on the suffering that's happening, the protests
10:24 am
in the streets right now. saying this was on the castro regime in 2020. >> we are very opposed, but you can say everything is bad. when he came into office, do you know what he did, he had a massive literacy program? is that bad? speak to you how much longer can members of congress like aoc and others be silent as this happens to those people, not being able to access medicine. >> the year before i became the u.n. ambassador there was a resolution that happens every year that basically condemns the united states for the situation in cuba. think about that. the year before i came in the obama administration was abstaining on the world condemned us. i came back in and i gave a speech that said, let's be very
10:25 am
clear what the reasoning is for the suffering of the people. it's because of communism, without question. it's because of the fact that any money that goes to cuba goes to the regime and doesn't go to the people. these people are desperate for freedom. they see their starting to use tear gas and other things to get aggressive with these protesters, there are also cutting the internet. they're cutting it off so no one else can see it. cuba has never taken responsibility for what has happened. when you start getting money that governments don't run out, they own you and when they own you people suffer. that's what we don't want. we are seeing it from bernie on the squad saying, we will pay a huge price on our freedom if we allow this to continue. the two marco rubio tweeted that you can't even get medical health care right now if you are
10:26 am
a protester injured. they are refusing that. >> this wouldn't happen if u.s. didn't have a sanction, medical care, equipment and medicines are all exempt from that. we continue to send aid. >> an important point to make. he said they should lift the sanctions, obviously that were put on under that administration. you feel compelled to write about something here that we are seeing in the schools. a lot of people talking about it. critical race theory. you put out a tweet and he wrote about it. you said it's going to come back and put generations of young people back. you reference to her immigrants, your parents from india. you focus on what brings us together. america should be united around shared value, not divided by different shades of color. why do you believe this curriculum will hold back generations of young people in
10:27 am
this country? >> think about a 5-year-old that starts kindergarten and they don't know anything about color. if she's white you're telling her she's bad. if she's black around her telling her she will never be enough and she's always a victim. that's harmful for the well-being of our children. i remember getting teased when i was younger in rural south carolina and my mom would say, your job is to show them how your similar and not different. we don't need to do college campuses, every governor in the country needs to ban funding for critical race theory. they decide what money they take from the department of education. this will have effects that will go a long lasting into our kids. they don't need to be judged from the second they walk into school. they don't need to be told what label they are. we need to treat kids as the opportunities to fix america and
10:28 am
not break them they start. >> sandra: we have to -- i was dying to ask you about this. donald trump winning that straw poll by a long shot, 70%. ron desantis partnering up, 21% of that, second place behind. i ask you every time. are you running in 2024? is the answer different? no one managed to go above that. >> i think president trump's voice will be needed for a long time. i think you will continue to lead on multiple levels. i don't think i have to make a decision until 2023. if the president ran i wouldn't run against him. i'm loyal. right now we have to understand that it won't matter if we don't win 2022. house, senate, these races have never been more important. we need to make sure we are rallying and that we win these
10:29 am
races. they have swung the pendulum so far left. we need to make sure we take the house and they sent it back. >> sandra: a lot of people want to see you ron. >> i hear that and i think it's too early. a lot can change in a year. we can keep her on the ball and our eyes need to be on what do we do to stop the bleeding of biden? every day that they are in office is another day that republicans come together, elections have consequences and we need to remember this. >> sandra: do you believe crime? what's the top message for republicans as you just referenced? >> democrats want to defund the police. they want to keep your kids out of school and their choosing unions. that's not what america wants. that is not what families want. >> great to have you here. good to see you.
10:30 am
thank you. >> interesting perspective on the critical race theory. hunter biden's career is raising red flags over ethics concerns, find out what is ethics are. >> sandra: critics say teaching critical race theory are getting frustrated with parents who are fighting for the boys. why are the teachers unions pushing back? ♪ ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes
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>> john: walter shah blast in the white house's plans for hunter biden's art sale saying the lack of transparency is "perfect mechanism for funneling bribes." let's bring on our panel, fox news contributor leslie marshall, i've had a few conversations with walter schaub and he seems to be a straight shooter. he calls it as he sees it, this
10:35 am
idea of the perfect mechanism for funneling bribes. what do you say? >> i don't think it's a perfect mechanism, but what they have placed ethically for his artwork doesn't go far enough. there are issues. there is nothing -- there's no nondisclosure agreement. it doesn't prevent you from saying, i bought this. and in addition that's nothing that prevents foreign dignitaries or anybody working within foreign relations with the united states from purchasing this artwork. there are two things that are badly needed. >> they had an editorial which said "hunter biden secret art sale, the white house is working with the attorney on a strategy to avoid ethical compromises." that is the plan. the painting sells hundreds of thousands of dollars and they will appear in his bank account,
10:36 am
neither he nor the public will know where it came from. should we know where it came from? >> if president biden is listening to hunter biden on policy matters we have bigger problems than bribery and influence. gas prices are skyrocketing, we continue getting more people to become vaccinated. we are paying people not to work. we can't get infrastructure deal. give major challenges in this country that americans can't name one accomplishment. our biggest concern is not whether hunter biden is able to influence his dad through the selling of his art, we should start -- we should start, how did you get the art in the first place? did someone give them as gifts? all of that said, if president biden is listening to hunter biden, we have big
10:37 am
problems. >> john: let me switch gears, at the conference over the weekend, 70% support for president trump to run again, that's up from 51%. i think it was 51%, back in february. clearly he maintains a tremendous amount of influence in the party. does this speak to the idea that maybe he might run again? >> i think he will run again. i think he needs to run again if nothing else for his ego. it would be interesting if you see this guy come back. i think it's a gift for the democratic party because if you look at the numbers among the voters in the last election, the presidential election, the number of republicans, it's not the majority who support donald trump, although maybe it's the attendees. they lost the house, the senate,
10:38 am
the house in the senate, the biggest house of all, the white house. i don't think it's wise to have him as a candidate. i wouldn't be surprised if he runs, it's very hard to unseat the incumbent president. those are the numbers as well. >> you have a lot of conservatives, their true believers, a lot of them have affection for president trump. you heard nikki haley saying he holds a lot of support in the republican party, a contrast that to what she said not long ago. the actions judged by history. i don't think you'll be in the picture. he's fallen so far. as he managed to climb back up or do you investor haylee statements from earlier this year do you have residents with more moderate republicans? >> it's no surprise he got 70% of them attending.
10:39 am
the bigger question, john, how many of those attendees will vote for the nominee, no matter who it is against president biden? all of this talk of president trump really is bad news for president biden who again, americans can't name a single accomplishment. every day that he dominates the news, it's another day that he can get something done. as we go into 2024. he has to face a republican who is communicating better ideas that makes people's lives safer, easier, and better. that is how we win. one last thing. nobody was talking about president trump in 2013 at this point. we have a long way to go before we know who are tom and he is going to be. >> john: they say a day is a long time, a week is a lifetime.
10:40 am
four years is forever. good to see you and thank you for joining us today. i appreciate it. >> sandra: we have two, will millions of americans have to get a third covid shot? you're not up for big meeting. nicole saphier, what americans need to know about boosters, if they are already fully ♪ ♪ or you'vhome, the spouse t you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call. veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it!
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♪ ♪ >> john: will millions of americans have to get another covid shot? they join us to talk about that, but the anti-doping agency firing back at aoc after she said the international olympic committee's anti-doping policy was "an instrument of racist and colonial policy." the agencies in the united states has long supported a ban on marijuana. this comes after she was
10:45 am
suspended for testing positive for thc. she will not compete at the tokyo olympics. it's a real shame she will not compete because she likely would have won the gold and could have helped carry the u.s. relay team to gold as well. rules are rules. you have to follow them. >> sandra: especially when it comes to the olympics, the highest level of competition. shout out to those athletes who have been through so much with the delays, the restrictions, not having family members at the olympics. i wish them all the best. pfizer is set to move with federal health officials as soon has to date in its push for a third dose of the covid shot, they say the boosters will be needed within 12 months. dr. nicole saphier, great to see you. this is a question so many people -- at sporting events,
10:46 am
this is what they're asking about. are we going to have to get another shot if we've already had two? what are you hearing? >> i can tell you if you look at what's available right now. they do a great job protecting people who are fully vaccinated from severe illness. 96% protection rate, and they're very good protecting from asymptomatic and mild illness. they have a rise of increase with systematic cases inside of israel of those fully vaccinated. what does that mean? they don't know that yet. we could see more severe illness in the fall or winter. i can tell you by looking at the data, it looks like these vaccines and natural infections take long-term immunity and the majority people will not need a booster for the variance. will the more vulnerable, it's comparable they may need a
10:47 am
booster within the year, but we need to see more data for that to be convincing. >> sandra: we are also wondering whether or not we will see more mandates for vaccines, whether that's a business level, or at the school level dr. fauci decided to weigh in on that. >> i do believe at the local level there should be more management. we are talking about life and death situation. we've lost 600,000 americans already and we are still losing more people. i think the hesitancy at the local level of doing mandates is because the vaccines have not been officially fully approved. >> sandra: there should be more local vaccine mandates, but he did not back a federal mandate in that interview. doesn't this put the onus on
10:48 am
small businesses, schools to make that decision rather than from the top? >> i really don't think the majority of businesses need to be doing vaccine mandates. it's not uncommon to see health care workers who have vaccines for the safety, and the one thing -- it's not so black-and-white. we can't keep saying you have to be fully vaccinated, they need to start acknowledging the natural immunities and those that have recovered from covid-19, getting a single dose of the vaccine. it's an incredible amount of protection. they have to be more flexible. acknowledge the other ways that people are protected and moving forward, pushed for that full approval and you will reach more of a vaccine when they reach that approval. it's not about mandating, it's about gaining public trust and the way to do that is through education. >> sandra: it's already so
10:49 am
hard for these businesses to get back to work, and they have to figure out how to get them back safely. there so many decisions. dr. saphier, great to see you. thank you. >> you as well. >> john: computer chips are in short supply causing problems and rising prices around the world, what america researchers are doing to protect the u.s. supply chain. >> sandra: richard branson rocking to the edge of space, what is he telling jeff bezos when he takes off next week? ♪ ♪
10:50 am
life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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10:53 am
>> john: the global shortage of computer chips is slowing prices, laptops and cars, putting renewed focus on the need to expand research and development here at home. grady trimble reporting for fox business at the chip a lab ann arbor, michigan. >> i learned that this year as well and the auto industry has
10:54 am
been particularly hard-hit by the shortage, so it's fitting that these solutions would come from this lab at the university of michigan. they work with consumer electronic companies as well as the auto industry to work on ships for their needs, so hopefully in the future they will need fewer chips to get the same job done. there are also working on ways to produce chips more efficiently. listen. >> we make them like pious, so when we slide the wafer, we can get more chips out so you can make them faster and more in one batch. we'll get more per batch so we can produce more over a certain amount of time. >> there's been a big push to ramp up u.s. production of these computer chips. you can see the problem here. back in 1990 we use fewer chips, but the u.s. accounted for a third of all ships produced globally and now that number is
10:55 am
around 12%. there is a big investment from the federal government. billions of dollars for manufacturing as well as the state of michigan. john? >> john: thank you so much. did you know there are chips and refrigerators? >> i laughed when you said that. it's like the digital lead. >> john: i have one of those dials, like an old ice box. i'm kidding. [laughter] >> sandra: i was just going to say! refrigerators are pretty fancy these days. >> john: i once saw one with a television and it. >> sandra: that i haven't seen, but i need to. i will google it. a rare sight and cuba, thousands protesting against the communist regime has critics here at home
10:56 am
hit back at olympic athletes and others saying too many americans take their freedoms for granted. florida congressman carless immigrated from cuba, with his family six decades ago and we will see him coming up. all of that and a whole lot more in a brand-new hour. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. that will never mess with your stomach. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> sandra: woke culture mixing covid and equality, so some kids have to be uncomfortable wearing face masks, all kids must have to be uncomfortable at school and then everyone will be the same. hello, i am sandra smith in new york. we will explain, right? >> john: i'm john roberts. parents want to know how to keep their children safe, but it turns out millions of children will have to mask up whether they need to or not. >> sandra: if you thought princes harry and william had
11:01 am
drama, you may be following the wrong royals, torture, and toppling the king of a key ally and u.s. citizens tied in. we will explain that as well, but we begin with a rare dramatic scene happening in cuba and something nobody would even think of. thousands of people risking their lives to protest in the streets against the communist regime that controls every aspect of their daily lives. 60 years of dictatorship and a failing economy made worse by the pandemic, all exploding in the streets there. >> people say food supplies are low and they have no vaccines to protect them against covid. that is stretching 90 miles and a world away into miami. thousands of cuban-americans are rallying in support of the folks back home. >> sandra: this is happening in a unique moment where more
11:02 am
americans are using their freedom of expression to question what this country stands for. one recent example, she turned her back to the american flag at the national anthem. >> john: we will talk with an american who fled the brutal regime and made it all the way from cuba to congress. there standing by. b2 phil keating is on the ground, you go first to tell months and reporting pentagon. >> there's reports that the protests continue for a second consecutive day, president biden waited a few seconds ago and said he never have seen protest at this massive scale. jen psaki spoke an hour ago. >> if there is an indication that yesterday's protests were spontaneous expressions of people who were exhausted with the economic management and repression. these are protest inspired by the harsh realities of everyday
11:03 am
life. not people in another country. >> the protests shows people holding the american flag during their marks a protest, the horrible conditions made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. marco rubio spoke last night. >> this is not just about covid. this was well before covid. they want to live in a normal country, so why can't the white house just say clearly? this is not about covid, this is about freedom. say it? >> another son of cuban immigrants, the foreign relations committee said, the world is bearing witness as they call for an end to dictatorship despite ongoing persecution. cubans are demanding to live safely and speak their minds, freely and without fear. a short time ago the minister said they're reacting to hypocrisy.
11:04 am
sandra? >> thank you. john? >> here in the united states, little havana were 5,000 people took to the streets yesterday to call for the end of the isle of nations dictatorship. phil keating is live with more. >> heavy rains all morning and afternoon have really cap deep routes to a minimum here today compared to yesterday. we are at the historic cafe in little havana, always a gathering spot for demonstrations against the communist government, and every person who runs for office in south florida always stops by here to make an appearance. joining me now, dylan market his mother was born in cuba. you been back twice, how miserable would you rate it? >> it's miserable. a day walking around, you have smog, your throat hurts,
11:05 am
everywhere smells like and. there are buildings collapsed on the street. people are inhabiting, you go over there and you never want to go back. you don't want to give the government your money. you will see a brand-new 2021 come hundred thousand dollar car and someone is standing in a fort on the same street. it's sickening. i am ready for it to be over. these people are 90 miles. people are calling for socialism, but they risk it all come out coming in a raft buildout of a pickup truck for a chance to work. >> thank you very much britt a pleasure talking to you. all of those his door protests you saw in a dozen cities yesterday, that's the behavior that simply almost never happens and i can land you quickly into jail. the president of cuba called for the loyal communists, a dwindling number because many
11:06 am
people who may have been true believers back in the 60s and 70s are simply disillusioned now. there are shortages for just about everything, it's terrible there. the worst it's been since the soviet union way back when. there are shortages for food, beverages, and their shortages for toilet paper. life is really not what you would expect in the united states or in any western democracy. in fact people have been calling for change as well as here in little havana. for about five decades. the communists have not yielded and they remain in power. john? >> they do hold out hope for change, but they tend not to last very long. phil keating for us in little havana. thank you so much. >> john: our next guest in florida to show support for the cuban-americans protest when he
11:07 am
was a young boy, his family immigrated from cuba to the u.s. after the revolution. he is calling for the u.s. to lead in promoting a free and democratic cuba. president biden called the protest experience a call for freedom. carlos gimenez joins us now, the assistant g.o.p. with a member of the freedom force alliance. thank you for joining us. obviously you speak from a unique perspective on all of this. first, your overall thoughts as you see those people rising up, waving the american flag, chanting "freedom." >> this is somewhat different. this is a grassroots spontaneous, organic demonstration that's happened throughout the island. they usually happen in havana. this is something unique. it's also led by young people and artists.
11:08 am
one of the things that struck me, one of these leaders said, they've taken away everything from us including our fear. once the people lose that fear of the government, then it's the beginning of the end. let's see what happens in the next couple of days and weeks with these demonstrations. >> sandra: other members of congress from florida are speaking out about this, marco rubio is tweeting, speaking up on the people. this is what we've heard from marco rubio. >> this is not just about covid. of course it's the icing on the cake because you have a socialist regime that says you have no freedom, you have no independence, but you have a really good health care system. people are dying at their homes. these people are frustrated. they don't want to have their kids having to leave the country in order to lead normal lives.
11:09 am
>> sandra: what you say to those the economic despair and the suffering, the despair of their living through it as a result pandemic? >> that's ridiculous. if the people are demonstrating against the pandemic, a mass demonstration with thousands of people is the last place you will be. this has nothing to do with the pandemic. this deals with decades of oppression. people want their freedom. they want freedom of the press. they want free and democratic elections. they want basic human rights which have been denied for 60 years. what you are seeing now is young people that have grown up in the system and they figured out, this doesn't work for us, it's never worked for anybody and we want freedom. again, if they lost the fear of the government and the security forces, then it could be a really good sign that this is
11:10 am
the beginning of the end. we have two support this effort by the young people in the cuban people for their freedom. we need to continue the sanctions that president trump started a couple of years ago, denied them access to credit because that is what is happening. the government cannot pay their bills and they haven't been able to pay their bills for years so credit is being denied. that is why the shortages, there because of the failed economic policies of communism. let's call it what it is, it's communism! >> sandra: i hear your passion on this issue. the foreign minister put out a statement saying "if the biden administration wants to do anything, and those sanctions." i will get your thoughts in a moment. more from marco rubio because he decided to dissect the white house statement that came out today or joe biden did put out his support for the people
11:11 am
saying we stand with the people a month he call for freedom. but then he went down with an arrow and pointed out where the white house says these people have been subjected by cubans regime. noting they leave out words like "socialism and communism." they you are directly attributing to the suffering of these people. >> without a doubt. this is a communist regime. let's call it what it is. why are you afraid to say that? because the members of your party describe themselves as democratic socialist and want to lead our country. look at the images coming out of cuba. people are waving the american flag. that is the symbol of freedom and that is why my family brought me here to this country. that is why am in congress, to make america stays free. i don't want my children or grandchildren to go through what
11:12 am
the people on the island of cuba are going through right now. it is what it is, failed economic policy, authoritarian regime that uses communism as a vehicle to stay in power and they do that through brutal methods and they have done it for 60 years. they have hundreds if not thousands of people in jail right now for political reasons. yesterday you saw images of people peacefully protesting and security forces come in and take sticks and sometimes even firing weapons at them. this is a place you want to be. there is a difference between america and cuba. we have this for our protection and they have the same thing. here are customs and border protection, they protect our border from illegal immigrants and in cuba they try to keep people from leaving. when you have a country that forces their people to stay
11:13 am
inside the country, doesn't allow them to leave, that shouldn't be allowed to exist. >> sandra: you all really important stuff and we will see where this goes next as people are taking to the streets. i appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> i wonder if our team can tee up nikki haley. i want to play out what she said when we asked her about this. we asked her about the current situation. listen. >> cuba has never taken responsibility and america needs to learn this lesson. when you get money, they eventually own you. when they own you people suffer. the two are they very clearly or clearly enough condemning the policies that have led to the suffering and calling out socialism for what it is and communism for what it is? >> john: they are saying the
11:14 am
right things about cuba, but you have these actions in congress, trying to make an entire new swat dependent on government handouts which a lot of people would say is leading towards socialism. kind of on the one hand you are saying this and on the other hand you are doing the thing you are condemning. it's going to be a big fight for the midterm election. president biden meeting with community leaders from around the country to tackle violent crime. that's as democratic run city see another bloody weekend go by. what do those leaders need to hear from the commander in chief? former nypd lieutenant will weigh in on that coming up. >> dr. fauci says it's likely those who have had their shots might have to roll up their sleeves. the latest on a booster is coming up. coming up. . because home values have climbed to all time highs.
11:15 am
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11:20 am
>> sandra: deadly violence with 40 people shot, but families might finally see some justice. there is word of an arrest in the case of a couple of fatally shot at the city's puerto rican parade last month. matt finn is live on the ground in chicago for us with more on that. it appears there is a microphone issue with him there. we will try to get him back as that city continues to see a wave of violence. we will bring them to you when we get him back. >> john: sometimes it's just the wrong switch.
11:21 am
president biden wrapping up a meeting with the attorney general along with local leaders from across the country. new york's likely next mayor, rising crime across the country and what to do about it. let's bring in former nypd lieutenant and law enforcement professor. good to see you. this is a big issue for voters. take a look at this latest findings. it is crime extremely, or very serious problem, 59% of people say it is. have you had the opportunity to spend the last hour with the president, what would you have told them is the solution to what we are? >> i would introduce to the president that this is in a buy-in, but how can we achieve the reduction of crime.
11:22 am
we seek rhymes cascading all over the country the greatest race that we've seen at a long time. that being said, the partnership with police and elected officials need to work in unison to achieve reduction in crime. and that involves communication between both parties. you can't have radical mayors on the extreme left that are unwilling to accept the assistance from the federal government as we have seen happen in places like portland. hopefully the two can get on the same pathway because we are six months into the encompass the end this is something that should have happened months ago. >> john: we should point out that eric adams is a veteran with the police department. he was asked about democrats and whether or not there on the right track when it comes to fighting crime with his focus on guns and we should point out everything about president biden's crime-fighting program is centered around guns. here's what eric adams said
11:23 am
yesterday. >> i believe those priorities really were mansplains and it's almost insulting what we have witnessed over the last few years. many of our presidents saw these numbers. they knew the inner cities where black and brown, poor people, they knew they were dealing with this crisis. >> john: is the problem guns were criminals, and you know we hear a lot about crime with white neighborhoods, but in black neighborhoods the crime really is out of control and some of these cities, how do you address that? >> i think the problem is pedestrian leadership, the democratic party. we take into consideration places like new york city where bill de blasio was at the home, the same holds true in chicago where we have mayor lightfoot. they're implementing policies
11:24 am
that are not favorable to those communities of color. we have black and brown communities that are receiving overwhelming number of these casualties. i've heard mayor lightfoot on many occasions speak to this being racism. that's why she's being attacked. you have to look through the lens of these black and brown communities that are receiving the greatest carnage. when we move forward in terms of how do we advance the agenda, i main ingredients with what -- excuse me, mayoral candidate eric adams is speaking to, however we need that strategy. it can't be speeches, but let's see what happens on the ground level and that's the implementation of the resources on a local level and a federal level. >> john: the fact that eric adams may become the next mayor of the city, they rode an op-ed "new york city's democrats she was a crime fighter for mayor, refunding the police is the
11:25 am
issue of 2021. after the dismantled police department, electing a crime-fighting mayor, it may seem like a miracle to new yorkers separating through the current crime wave." the fact that adams likely will take over governing the city, what does that say about the direction that many democrats have been going in in terms of this idea of defunding the police versus what the voters want? >> we have spoken to this on the show in the past and a connection with how they align themselves with the police platform and as a result they lost a lot of these elections. now we have someone that's a former police officer being eric adams and he is looking to move forth the agenda of policing and crime control strategies. i'm hopeful that's where we need to go because the voters ship has stated this is what we are looking for. we need a strategy and not the
11:26 am
defund the police movement because the defund the police movement has only resulted in carnage and a separation between police and community. we need to bring the two entities together to effectively get those. hopefully it will happen. >> john: if and when eric adams becomes mayor we will see which direction he goes and whether of that might be a beacon for democratic mayors in other cities. good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you, john. >> sandra: america's learning in a real-life "game of thrones," a bizarre plot to take out a king with our nation's backing and the guy accused of planning at all. the royal's very own stepbrother. >> john: intrigue! a huge symbol of change bringing decades of fighting to an end, the latest is the forces in afghanistan.
11:27 am
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full >> john: a fox news alert as the u.s. general leading in the war in afghanistan relinquishes command today. a symbolic end to the longest conflict. this is the taliban have made significant gains in that country. senior affairs correspondent greg palkot's live in afghanistan with the latest. >> we were present for history today. it made a lot of trouble here in this country across the country. technically they call it a change of command ceremony where the outgoing general scott miller hands it off to the end of central command running things overall, but there was much more than that to the ceremony today. take a look. >> this was just a few moments ago, a symbolic end to america's
11:33 am
war, it was declared. for the afghan politicians and others behind us, there are questions about what is ahead. >> i tell them, they are responsible, for the violence there going on, it's the will of the afghan people and it needs to stop. >> new reports today, more taliban advances enter go important cities in this country, and john, what is being blamed for this in part, according to some, a hasty exit by u.s. troops. >> john: you had a chance to speak with officials, what did they tell you? do they believe they can maintain control or will it fall back? >> that's exactly the question i asked the national security advisor. i said are you going to fall? he said no. he said his troops were fine.
11:34 am
what he didn't say is that there lacking supplies, there lacking ammunition, and there lacking airpower, air strikes which the united states has played a critical role right to the very end of their involvement here. jennifer mckenzie says the support as they are, but that will happen from afar and there is questions about that. yes, 20 years of american sacrifice, service members lost, money lost, a lot riding on this for afghanistan, united states, the world. >> john: doesn't sound like a promising future. thank you. >> sandra: a u.s. citizen is one sent to prison and jordan, committed to try to tackle they came from an outside country. his attorney says his client has been tortured while being detained. president biden is said to meet with the leader later this week. trey yanks was live in
11:35 am
jerusalem. >> good afternoon. two former officials have been sentenced to 15 years in prison for their involvement in an attempt earlier this year. a security court handed down the sentence to a royal aid and royal family member. after a closed-door trial that included six-year ranks, the court believes they work with the half-brother of the king to plan a military takeover in the country. the prince was father is the late king was on house arrest but was never charged with the crime. the family handled the situation internally. one of the man ended a sentence, saying he was tortured while in custody, leaving they are denied. it did garner international attention, although analysts say i didn't sway how the court rules. >> it seems like the court opted for the maximum punishment and
11:36 am
thought include local pressure. therefore it close the case, but political ramifications will result from this decision locally or internationally will remain. >> the king is scheduled to meet with president biden at the white house a week from today. they're slated to discuss a variety of issues including the relationship between washington. >> thank you. >> back here at home, states are dealing with what forecasters call a heat dome creating difficult conditions for firefighters who are battling wire file, threatening power lines. christina coleman is live from los angeles with more of. this heat development has been moving up and down the coast causing misery. >> it's bad, extreme heat and the west forcing firefighters to
11:37 am
work in triple digit to gain ground on wildfires that are ripping through at least six states. two crew members were killed in a small plane crash on saturday while they were responding to a wildfire in arizona and that's not even the biggest blaze burning right now, the largest active fire is a bootleg fire in oregon. more than 153,000 acres in just six days forcing evacuations and threatening. that's a major power grid that connects oregon and california. it led to a emergency in california. that is a step away from rolling blackout, so the power grid issued a lex alert urging residents and businesses to cut back on power usage. >> the fire curtail some of our power imports that we get through those lines. and so we are having to find those sources from different places. >> the golden state is dealing
11:38 am
with its largest wildfire so far this year. the complex fire burned almost 90,000 acres in the national forest north of lake tahoe. it jumped a highway and destroyed dozens of buildings and it's only 23% contained. conditions and fire continues as of today more than 18 million people are under heat alerts. this is the third two hit it this summer and it's only july. >> john: it's been a tough season so far. christina coleman, thank you. >> sandra: every time we near the end to there is another hitch. now dr. fauci is talking about a possible booster shots. if you are vaccinated, what you need to know. >> john: if you have billions of dollars and nothing better to do, how about burning your cash to get to outer space? some of the world's wealthiest man at her neck and neck in a race for space.
11:39 am
♪ ♪ this isn't just a walk up the stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> pharmaceuticals' meeting for officials today on the benefits of a third vaccine shot. dr. anthony fauci says it might not be the right time.
11:44 am
>> it is entirely conceivable, may be likely that at some time we will need a boost. the boost you may want to get, what are the timetables, those are the studies going on right now. we are preparing full throttle if we need them. joining us now is a fox news contributor and emergency doctor. good to see you today. though they were saying they want to talk to the white house about this because it's found in its research that it can give booster shots some months after the initial two doses, you increase antibodies, 5-10 fold. does this sound like a good idea? >> that is correct. they are seeking regulatory approval because of their findings that are increasing the level of protection. usually you would need a booster if we had evidence that the level of neutralizing antibodies
11:45 am
has decreased after a vaccination or if we see the current vaccines are ineffective and right now that's not the case, but i want to point out that there are a common part of medicine, we get them all the time for vaccines we already have like hepatitis, mumps, even your tetanus vaccine, it's something we've been talking about all year long. it's not a surprise. although we are waiting for further data. they say if you are fully vaccinated right now you don't have to have a booster right now, but that could change down the road or in the winter. there is some talk of giving boosters now to those with a weekend immune response system or maybe even to our seniors, starting today for example. they started offering a third booster to senior citizens. it might be a benefit for us. i had a patient who suffers from arthritis. she's fully vaccinated, however
11:46 am
she did not mount a robust immune response to the vaccine. so she might be someone who benefits from a booster now. >> john: this brings me to another question, do we need a booster shot or do we simply need more people to get vaccinated? >> that's a great question. we may all need boosters, right now absolutely i agree, focus on percentage of americans who are not yet vaccinated, especially with the delta variant that circulating and accounting for over 99% right now. there are some states like arkansas, tennessee, missouri where they have a low level of vaccination at a higher level of covid cases with the delta variant that circulating. that's a great point you make. we need to focus on those who are currently not a vaccinated provide information to them and ensure we have easy
11:47 am
accessibility of the vaccine for them as well. >> john: i want to ask you about masking, something else has popped this afternoon and that's a potential warning on the j&j vaccine risk of developing the syndrome. "the washington post" says, out of 12.8 million doses they've reported hundred cases of the virus syndrome. what is it and what are the risks? does there need to be a warning? >> it's a rare disorder that can be life-threatening. we have treatment for it. it's rare, the percentage of those who are vaccinated who developed this vaccine is extremely low. as it is right now, the data recommends that the benefit of the vaccine will outweigh potential side effects or complications. it's a neurological disorder that can affect you or nerves, again because you have trouble
11:48 am
breathing, because you do have difficulty walking. it's treatable if it is caught early. >> john: let's move on to the masks, they say students and teachers who are vaccinated, 12 years in age of over don't need to wear masks when they go back to school, but it leaves some questions. what do you do about the kids who aren't eligible for the vaccine? do they have to go back to that same thing again? what about the state of california? one person has to wear a mask, everybody estuary mask? >> california is not superior to the findings of the cdc and the fda. if you are fully vaccinated you do not need to use a mask indoor or in school. bottom line. if you are not vaccinated and you are in a crowded public area, it makes sense to protect yourself. in addition to hygiene, have good ventilation, good contact
11:49 am
tracing and screening tests as well. it's a matter of masks, fighting off the virus. >> john: always great to get your advice. we don't even have to pay for it. thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> john: she has helped us through this pandemic. richard brandt blasted off the edge of space developed by his company. this flight makes him the first billionaire in space, beating jeff bezos who plans to lift off next week aboard his blue rocket. for more and all of this, brett larson from fox news headlines. i feel like everybody loves space. >> i love a good space race. i wasn't alive during the first one. >> sandra: it's a billionaire space race. >> what is nice about this time is it's not too governments
11:50 am
trying to figure out who's going to land on the moon first, it's billionaires trying to figure out easier ways to get us into space. this is all to get us into space. spaceship two, his company went above the 50-mile mark, so they were 50 miles above the surface of the earth for about 90 minutes. they had several minutes of weightlessness, that's pretty exciting. i have experienced that. but now jeff bezos is coming up next week. you will go on the new shepard said to take off july 20th. you will go even higher, 62 miles, the internationally recognized line where most of the world believes the beginning of space is. they tweeted about this last week which is kind of funny. when two billionaires talk about going to space. from the beginning, it was designed to fly above the line
11:51 am
so none of our astronauts have an asterix next to our name. 96% of the world, 100 kilometers up at the internationally recognized carmen line. listen, it's 6-1, so it's truly the beginning of space, either way you're going to be weight lifted. >> sandra: the goal is to get us all there, you pay for a ticket, whether as jeff bezos, richard branson. >> or a science teacher. there is going to be a science teacher who won and award and there is going to be a paying passenger as well as jeff bezos brother. i think you'd want to keep the family separated and things like this. you hear $250,000, $200,000. that is how much it will cost now as spacex has proven throughout their journey of making these reusable rockets. the more often we can reuse a rocket, the cheaper it is to get
11:52 am
cargo. >> sandra: what are the estimating they will make this available for? >> i think over the next ten or 15 years we will see it come down to like international first class. it might be 5-$10,000. jeff bezos. i definitely want the exit row. they also have had childhood memories of going into space. they want to colonize the moon. maybe in our lifetime we will see a hotel on the moon. >> sandra: 2 million people say they have the money if they want to go. it's amazing. we have to leave it there. thank you. are we leaving it there? you will be right back. ♪ ♪ two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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11:58 am
districts push critical race theory, frustrated parents are pulling their children from classrooms demanding school choice. this comes as several state are funding school choice programs which teachers have opposed. anita vogel with the latest on where this stands. >> hi, john. parents that want other choices for their kids have reason to be hopeful. some states are making moves and looking to a key supreme court decision in favor of states. various states have passed measures to create educational savings accounts making it easier for parents to choose private schools. while unions oppose school choice, saying it takes away precious resources from public schools, many parents say more choice is their only option for change. >> we should be able to move the children and not be hamstrung because we don't have enough disposable income to pay for private education.
11:59 am
there's the influence of public school on our children and children that are not included in, you know, those types of vouchers. >> last year the supreme court handed down a favorable ruling for school choice in montana allowing for state assistance for private religious school assistance for people that don't have public high schools in their small towns. the high court agree to take up a similar case in the state of maine that could have implications for school choice around the nation. john? >> john: anita, thanks so much. appreciate it. sandra, parents are arguing that a huge chunk of their tax bill goes to funding schools. and the administrators are not listening. they're saying it's our way or the highway. the parents say we want a different road. >> sandra: we talked to the
12:00 pm
parents that feel like they're losing control over what is taught in their kids' classrooms. it's so important. >> john: as you know as a parent, there's nothing more than your child's education. >> sandra: it's everything. great to be with you, john and have you back as well. thank for joining us on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. >> john: it's good to be back. i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. breaking now, there's no escaping the reality that crime is now very much front and center on the minds of american as cross this country. take a look at this poll, this is abc news "washington post" poll. it shows this worry is actually at a 20-year high. in fact, more people also disapprove of the job that the president is doing on this than approve. as a result, democrat as peer to be having a come to jesus moment on this. the president is scram


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