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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 12, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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ica. veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> harris: fox news alert, president biden continuing to focus on guns and gun control ahead of the white house meeting on rising crime in the u.s. still no plans to push back on far left policies or the defund the police movement.
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americans are enduring more deadly violence in cities like chicago. just over the weekend, prime example. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, my cohost, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. i missed you guys! and host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy herself. i always miss you, we should grab a moscow mule paid in the virtual center seat, will cain, cohost of "fox & friends weekend." watched you, but still missed you, too. president biden set to meet community leaders and law enforcement officials in an hour as the crime is surging and showing no signs of slowing down across the country. at least 40 people were shot just this past weekend in chicago. 11 of them died. in new york city, 19 people reportedly shot. two of the victims, who died, included a 13-year-old boy, and what police are calling a gang related shooting outside of a
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bronx restaurant. former house oversight chair jason chaffetz just told me a little while ago on "the faulkner focus" this. >> if we want the crime rate to go down, let's prosecute less people. that's not the formula for success. people know whether or not their streets are safe, and right now in chicago, los angeles, new york, baltimore, the big democratic cities, they are not safe. they are getting worse, not better. >> harris: kayleigh, i come to you on this because you are part of the administration with donald trump where you are trying to get people to see this, and it's been like two years since that conversation. >> kayleigh: that's right. operation legend was a partnership between the federal government and state governments and localities. it was widely criticized as being some invasive intrusion by the federal government. it was criticized among the left but lead to thousands and thousands of arrests, including homicide arrests, including the arrest of the murder of that little boy he was shot in his
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bed. it was working. it's been a clear signal to criminals coming in, saying we are going to decline to prosecute nearly half of the rioters, telling them to have at it, you will be prosecuted. jason is right. and today axios out with this, the white house strategy appears to be to use covid funding. that's not a strategy on crime, nor is it a strategy to say gun control -- even eric adams who will be at the white house today has criticized his own party by saying it's not the solution, we have to get tough on crime. >> harris: sale, will, liar they looking at their navel and the problem is in their head? >> will: that takes a lot of self-awareness and bravery to look into the mirror or your own head and realize we've done. you have undercut the cultural value of the rule of law. that's what this is about in the end, harris. it extends across different aspects of society. kayleigh brought up the rioters over last summer paid more than half of them have declined to be prosecuted. to add that up to everything, it's not picking and choosing
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anecdotes. in san francisco they are not prosecuting shoplifting below $950. in l.a., they are letting them out of jail early. immigration laws go unenforced along the border. an officer-involved shooting, we not only vilify the cop and defund the police, but we lionize the perpetrator. we see kamala harris show up at the bed of jacob blake. it creates a culture, harris, one of criminality. it is a culture of ignoring, of undermining the rule of law. and what will happen? you will get more law-breaking. you will get more crime. >> harris: emily, i'm curious if there will be anyone at the white house today to represent the real crisis and crime right now. the real catastrophe. and that is the amount of black men and black women dying in these particularly democrat-led cities. not at the hands of cops, not accidentally, but homicides committed and predominately
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black on black and black on others crime, in neighborhoods that need more police. >> emily: that is a great question, harris. i see the same thing, who will not be there today. for example, he mentioned community leaders. the white house says experts and community violence will be there. the chicago executive director of violence and directors won't. he said specifically, what is president biden meeting with mayor lightfoot? he said she doesn't have a plan to combat the violence, we do. we with the boots on the ground engaging within the communities in which we live, which we see being destroyed. we are the ones with the plan, that he won't meet with me. also missing, for example, the oakland chief of police that call that a crisis they were defending police and the resulting spike in police crime. seattle deputy mayor tiffany washington, seattle police chief adrian diaz, both of them will be missing. they, too, called it a public
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crisis, the spike in violence and defunding of police. when you have this emphasis on federal intervention at the 30,000-foot level, the emphasis on expanding programs and overlay, none of that lumbering bureaucratic nonsense will have any effect or any positive impact of city councils keep defunding unilaterally, if d.a.s keep not prosecuting, if mayors cry sexism when the public demands and end to the violence, and when, to will's point, the deterrent consequences involved, for example, encouraging people to vote, which was the federal penalty to assault on a federal officer in portland, oregon, last year. >> harris: speaking of portland, oregon, and seattle, and some of those areas that have looked at -- and there is the sign, defund the police, defund phoenix police. i was just in phoenix. looking at all of that, i don't see that rhetoric stopping, kennedy, just because the president is holding a meeting at the white house. >> kennedy: it's really too
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little, too late. this is something that they are doing for political reasons. they're doing it because this is one of the areas where the president is underwater in terms of polling. where the majority of americans actually think -- they have an unfavorable view of how he's tackling crime. this is one of those issues that is just really ballooning and some of these major cities. and people feel unsafe. when you feel unsafe, if you have the means, you're going to leave. what happens in these big cities? people who can't afford to leave the one stuck there fighting the horrific crime. it happened in detroit, it is happening in places like newark, and they are going to texas and florida where at least there is a vision of how people should comport themselves. because now there's this mentality -- will was talking about san francisco, they are closing all sorts of walgreens, target is closing at 6:00 at
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night instead of 10:00, because these organized crime rings are going in and just taking stuff because they know they're not even going to call the police. they will be no consequences for these actions and, yes, this lawlessness does compound, and people's rights are trampled. at the same time you don't have criminal justice reform, and that is why you have to involve the police and all these conversations and it is a bifurcation. one is you guys have to lock it up. we have to have some criminal justice reform and get that out of the departments. the other is how we re-instill confidence in the police. because it's making these cities so incredibly dangerous. >> harris: real quickly before we have to move on, i see a missed opportunity here for the republican party. he had former president trumps opportunity zone, you could talk with people in racially and
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ethnically and socioeconomic diverse areas and talk with him about rising. but he was talking with people about crime in those same areas? as kennedy is laying out. could republicans go in and start talking, start galvanizing folks? >> will: god, you would hope so, harris. i like the point you made earlier. these are indisputable facts. the primary victims of this culture of criminality are black and brown and poor children. that child, that 13-year-old in new york who was assassinated, shot in the chest, what about his life? if you really care -- look, race is underlying a lot of the conversation. if we are being real, so much of this debate is about race. just to say -- >> harris: but not the way democrats want people to see it. that's the issue. >> will: this is anecdotal, and i think i've told you this, harris, my oldest son went to middle school in harlem. many of our friends are black and brown. one of those young middle school he said in passing to another friend of mine, "hey, are you a republican or democrat?"
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and the young boy said, "i'm a democrat because i'm black." how do you break through that level of thought that's already inculcated at a young age? if you really care about the future of black and brown kids, you have to focus on the fact that close to 10,000 of them died in violence like we are talking about in 2019. that same year, 14 died at the hands of allied forces officer. 14. which one gets the focus? how do you break through that mindset? how do you break through and begin to help people? i don't know, harris. but the facts should help. >> harris: such an important conversation. all right, we'll move ahead. thousands of protesters taking to the streets in cuba, demanding freedom from that communist dictatorship. republican lawmakers are voicing support. so why are self-proclaimed democratic socialists capitol hill so silent, so quiet? bernie sanders, cat got your tongue? ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs.
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[crowd tenting] >> kayleigh: protesters shouting "freedom" and "down with communism" in cuba's largest demonstration in decades. tens of thousands were on the streets yesterday. they call for an end to the communist dictatorship which they blame for the nation's worsening conditions, including food and medicine shortages. the cuban president warned that they will be bloodshed if the demonstrations grow. but the protesters took to the streets anyway. some even holding up the american flag. while cubans in miami held up a sign reading, "biden, help us come a close what they got was
9:16 am
silence. marco rubio, the white house for their lack of response early on. >> it's been over 12 hours since over 32 cities in cuba, brave people have taken to the streets to protest against communists, marxists, evil tyranny. so far, not a word. not a statement from joe biden or the vice president or from the white house. not a word. why are they so uncomfortable coming forward in condemning this evil socialist, marxist regime? it's been 62 years where they've been suffering. they are frustrated. they want to live in a normal country. >> kayleigh: emily, starting with you, it took nearly 24 hours but we finally got a statement from the president of the united states on this. will popping up on the screen. "we stand for the keeping people and their clarion call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic, and from the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by cuba's authoritarian regime. the united states calls on the
9:17 am
cuban regime to hear the people and save their needs at this vital moment rather than enriching themselves. it took nearly 24 hours, emily. >> emily: and when they did, what a weak response. contrast this with the trump administration that, last january, redesignated cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, citing in particular cuba's continued harboring of u.s. fugitives, refusal to extradite colombian guerrilla commanders, and the continued local support for nicolas maduro, and also the trump administration's vocal decrying of the potential participation of cuba into the sonic attacks that left dozens of u.s. diplomats injured in havana in 2016. contrast that week statement with going back to george w. bush in 2003 who said, "i have demanded from the cuban government and explained to them that there is a potential for democracy and a future of help if they will," he
9:18 am
said, "work with me, hold free and fair elections, and allowing the cuban people to organize, assemble, speak freely, and he is the strangled on private enterprise." he said, "i will work with congress to ease the sanctions against them if they do that. but since i made that offer, we have seen other regime answers diplomatic initiatives. they respond with defiance and contempt and a new round of brutal oppression." clearly they will not change by its own choice." the sanctions were then overturned by subsequent administrations, but before trump entered in the presidency. i have to make the point that clearly george w. bush got it, clearly president trump got it, clearly these cuban-americans who protest in solidarity in miami and around the country get it. so i can't president biden? >> kayleigh: that's a great question. republicans seem to get an democrats don't. before we heard from the president of the united states we heard from someone in the state department, julie chung is her name. she had a reason for these
9:19 am
protests. she wrote this, "peaceful protests are growing as the cuban people exercise their right to peaceful assembly to express concern about rising covid cases, deaths, and medicine shortages. we commend numerous efforts of the cuban people, mobilizing donations to help neighbors in need." so this is about covid, not 62 years of tyranny? >> kennedy: it turns out people don't like living under communist oppression. people don't like having their rights consistently trampled and dissenters thrown into prison, homosexuals thrown in prison, they don't like having to operate in the black market because the state-run stores are so incredibly expensive. the level of immobility, it's interesting, because the cuban government has been blaming it on you to present social media , and that actually partially true. because you never going to hold teenagers back from tiktok.
9:20 am
and they are seeing the rest of the world. it's not too different then what happened in the 1980s when communism fell in eastern europe, because we exported frank zappa and levis and they wanted that culture. kids see what's hng all over the world, they are learning tiktok dances, they want to be part of that and you can't in a place that is completely state-run. and i don't want to hear bernie sanders idealizing communist cuba, it's not about covid, it's not utopia, they deserve to live how they want to live. >> emily: we have >> kayleigh: wehave that sent bm senator sanders pay let's play it now, it's appalling. >> we are very opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba. when fidel castro came into office, you know what he did? he had a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing, even though fidel castro did it? seek a lot of dissidents in prison didn't.
9:21 am
>> that's right, and we condemn that. >> kayleigh: this after that 1986 audio emerged of senator sanders, then a private citizen, saying he was very excited by the rise of fidel castro. >> will: yeah, bernie sanders basically subscribes to that meme which is that communism hasn't been tried appropriately yet. i disagree with kennedy a bit, this is partially about covid-19 and medicine that access to vaccines, because it's about access to everything in a communist authoritarian society. there's a general inability to distribute, to innovate, to create goods. i'm sure the vaccine, just like toilet paper in venezuela, it's hard to come by when you try to control the entire economy. but the real trick is they've managed a partner that lack of access with oppression and tyranny. that's a beautiful track of communism. i want to say this last thing because it's important. you said it, kayleigh. some of the protesters were holding the american flag. so while we, the ungrateful
9:22 am
grand children of prosperity, talk about whether the american flag is a divisive symbol or not in this great country, people that really understand freedom and oppression, that really understand it, be it in taiwan or cuba, know that the flag is a symbol of freedom. >> kayleigh: harris, the bravery of these protesters must be mentioned. there are government officials with machine guns on the streets, these individuals do not have weapons of their own to protect themselves. they've taken to the streets even though the president is tightening dead bodies. we deserve to recognize their bravery in this moment. >> harris: kayleigh, human right to it, that sweet spot you know where i live. it has to do with people on the ground. we can talk about resources they don't have and all of that, but i want to know, when the sun sets on their peaceful protest and, what is cuba doing to them? that's the problem with a lackluster response from the white house.
9:23 am
they know that when they say they like them to stay calm, are they talking to the government or the protesters? i'd like for the government to stay calm. it's a communist government known for punishing, cruelly treating, and killing its own citizens. that's with the communists do. you think it's a party when you protest in places like this connect the government says, "remember what they do with dissidents in this country, remember what they do with the lgbt, the beautiful members of the community. they don't want any of it." that's a sign of communism. so i am less worried about whether or not they are getting the resources. yes, there is food insecurity on the ground because the government is mean, and yes, covid and other medical needs are there, but are they torturing the people who are coming up against the government when the lights go out and the cameras go down and they can block the internet or choose not to and threaten people not to be on their phones? however they can do that, as communists? or threaten people's families? i mean, it is hell on the ground if you don't agree with cuba's
9:24 am
government. that's what i'm concerned about today. that's what keeps me up tonight. >> kayleigh: we are not afraid and we are with you. as a beacon of freedom, we are supporting the quest for freedom and we will keep this protesters in our prayers for sure. just ahead, critics -- >> harris: even if the white house won't say it. >> kayleigh: like they said, "where is biden?" their signs say. critics going after vice president harris after she cleans rural americans can't get photocopies of their ids. is she not out of touch with the working class? >> you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your i.d. to send it in to prove you are who you are. well, there are a lot of people, especially people in rural communities, there's no kinko's, there is no office next near ♪ ♪ of you y who have served our country honorably.
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>> is agreeing to voter i.d. one of those compromises you support? >> and some people's mind, that means that you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your i.d. to send it in to prove you are who you are. well, there are a lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don't -- there is no kinko's, there is no officemax near them. >> emily: vice president kamala harris getting roasted as out of touch for those remarks over the weekend. she was trying to make the case against voter i.d. laws. here is a republican ohio senate candidate j.d. vance, author of the best seller, "hillbilly elegy," in response. >> have all kinds of crazy things in small towns in the state of ohio and across the country. we got electricity, we got running water, we even have soap. it's amazing that the vice president of the united states thinks that people can't make photocopies in rural communities.
9:30 am
>> emily: will, i think one of my favorite twitter responses was a photo of a horse and buggy on some dirt road saying, "this is us looking for a kinko's." [laughter] although there is a lot of funny jokes to be made, the condescension and the out of touchness, that is so real. >> will: well, and from a small town. by the way, i don't know what kinko's is coming to be on a spit are they? >> harris: i think fedex bought them. >> will: i think photocopying isn't even as common as it used to be. i don't know, we are taking pictures of our phones. guess what? in small towns have phones, you can take a picture of your i.d. i don't know the logistics but i'm confident small town people will be able to figure it out. i want to cede my time to kayleigh because i'm fascinated by this. i think kamala harris is getting the terrible jobs, the unsolvable jobs, she's getting the poison pills and i want to know why. did they not want her to have a future in the democratic party?
9:31 am
>> kayleigh: she gets the worst jobs. apparently this weekend she said, "i need to learn how to say no." it's like president biden just punts if you stare. we saw he couldn't get the border and control, so punts. that sounds like the titanic. her 2024 prospects, i will say it here and now, she will never be president. imagine her going toe-to-toe with president trump or a governor desantis. and then litigating her record on the debate stage, immigration, voting rights, et cetera, she can't survive. she's going through media training. it is confounding with mistake after mistake after mistake. >> will: she may never be elected president but i don't know if that means she'll never be president. >> kayleigh: there you go, that's a good clarification. >> emily: harris, as we talk
9:32 am
about the vice president harris' response, her saying, "i should just learn to say no." but the concerns are real from the democratic party in terms of her fitness for that elected position. the fact that she is, quite frankly, failing on a lot of these roles and sort they demonstrated that out of touchness with her decisions, for example, on visiting the boarded. her comments on guatemala. she has alienated former supporters as well as critics. but she maintains, "the elephant in the room as my race." what are your thoughts on that? >> harris: that is a reflective place for some who want to stop an argument. they don't want to debate, and they just want to stop it. you put fuel on the floor and then throw a letter on it and set it on fire, or call someone racist or drop the race card. in places where the real issues are economic, so on and so forth. with her -- oh, i don't know. she says she has the inability to say no at times.
9:33 am
she wishes she could do it more. put it back up on the big wall in the studio there. i'm curious, which of these issues would you look at the brand-new president and say, "no, i don't want to do that?" you see the job she has racked up. what are you going to tell him? "no, i don't want to go on the vaccine to her, i don't talk about the child credit. the root causes of immigration? i've been talking about that, it's not working. i don't want to do that anymore. voting rights? i want people to look for xerox machines and forget about taking pictures and scanning stuff on apps and sending stuff to their phones. the national space counsel chair? is an actual chair? no, i don't want to do that." of exactly where would she put herself where it's politically neutral? as will said, there's a couple ways you can get to the white house as president. if one of them is going to be running, if the democrats might be looking at some other options, and her biggest
9:34 am
opponents may not come from outside the democratic party, they may come from inside. is she telling them no? >> emily: kennedy, that is such a great point. in a way you could argue, doesn't it even matter? the media will continue to give her a pass and taught her, quote, "accomplishments" even as she fails at them. >> kennedy: they can continue to give her a pass. she's got a lot of negative publicity, or interview with lester holt was awful. she's looking for these root causes for the immigration crisis, why isn't she looking for the root causes of the covid-19 crisis? that is a root cause i would love solved. if you're looking for the root cause for why she has so many political missteps, it's because she is actually not good at being a politician. if she wear, she would have done much better in the 2020 primaries, but she was not a good candidate, and she is showing that she's not really
9:35 am
great vice president, either. >> emily: indeed. coming up, guys, a big leap for sir richard branson and for space tourism. his historic trip in his message message. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ (man) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... ... i ignored them. but when the movements in my hands and feet
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>> harris: oh, yeah! space tourism taking a big step after richard branson and his crew of five people reach the edge of space on his virgin galactic rocket plane yesterday. they soared 53 miles above earth and experienced a few minutes of weightlessness. it was a final test mission before commercial space flights begin next year. branson, who says he has dreamed of reaching space since he was a boy, has a message. >> for the next generation of dreamers, if we can do this,
9:40 am
just imagine what you can do. >> harris: wow, will cain, they went to the mesosphere! that's so exciting, that's like two layers above where we are! a >> will: i didn't even know that. two layers above us, huh? >> harris: stratosphere and the troposphere. that's the closest to us, then strat, then mesosphere. >> will: look at you, harris! i feel like i learned that and quickly forgot it in school. you mentioned navel-gazing. [laughter] i've been thinking a lot about values. i talked about this in the latest episode of "the will cain podcast." capitalism and democracy in these kinds of on cetaceans, they are supposed to lead us to the best outcomes. but truly they are just processes. often capitalism leads to cheap plastic crap we accumulate and do not need in our lives.
9:41 am
if the drive toward a purpose, a question of why we are here. it's probably inescapable. but capitalism can also lead to this. this is innovation, it's a good outcome on what freedom can unleash. what this man his private company have done is a great leap forward and don't even a greater leap forward for humanity as we watch this move into the future. >> harris: wow. when you give your talk, i'm coming for it. that was amazing. kennedy? >> kennedy: what i love about richard branson's he's a really optimistic person, and he is one of those super rich guys who is not a total blowhard and he's always trying to have a good time. he totally trolls jeff bezos pain he's trying to inspire the people to do things that maybe in their lifetime they didn't t. he says, "this is possible. i always wanted to go to space and here i am.
9:42 am
i've had ups and downs." he was embraced by his family, was totally successful, it was incredible marketing for him. i truly believe that there is going to be a technological fallout that will benefit humanity. and he also says when you go to space and look back at earth you care for in a complete different way. which i thought was also a lovely sentiment. >> harris: that is beautifully said. yeah. and it doesn't hurt, kennedy, as you pointed out, that he beat out jeff bezos of amazon by nine days. and they are a tad bit competitive with one another. you know what i love in space, emily? i love that when it is weightless -- the hair in space is special. [laughter] >> emily: could you imagine mine? it would be the biggest lion mane of all time. "why is the son being eclipsed? oh, it is emily's hair."
9:43 am
[laughter] it is estimated that about 2 million people can afford this kind of flight. the question remains if this will be a viable industry. apparently, 1700 individuals per year would have to take these fights for it to be a viable industry. it is a venn diagram, apparently, of wealthy individuals and thrill seekers. the point of what kennedy said of looking back on earth and seek its fragility, looking through a different lens company can have a really important impact on environmental concerns and on that preservation, and potentially the unification, as well, with world peace. i feel like i'm sounding like i'm from berkeley, which i am, but i think you have a positive impact for all of us as we get these people with means onboard. figuratively and literally. >> harris: emily, i'd love to sound like i'm from berkeley. most of the time i just sound like i'm from space. kayleigh? [laughter] >> kayleigh: look, to emily's point, they have 600 bookings so
9:44 am
far ranging from about $300,000 to $400,000. when all is said and done, i'm just glad, glad that branson beat bezos. [laughter] >> harris: just ahead, meghan and harry getting an award for only having two children. seriously. well, we don't know what's ahead for them, but they are going to take the award, probably. why a charity said we all need to follow their lead. ♪ ♪
9:45 am
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9:49 am
meghan markle are getting an award for having only two kids. you heard that right, the honor comes from population matters, a u.k.-based charity that encourages families to stop at two children to help save the environment. kennedy, these guys were praised for there, quote, "enlightened decision," meanwhile his brother the other prince has three. >> kennedy: the outcome of this is what it's all about. it's all about one-upsmanship, and meghan markle is so competitive with kate, and it is gross and it's weird, and this is so incredibly personal. if people want to have three kids, have three kids. if you like having children, if you like having a big family, go ahead and have a big family. good people should have children. this is some credibly stupid, it reminds me of china's one child policy. i'll never forget when that school is destroyed in an earthquake and the parents 'and
9:50 am
lives were shattered and they were not at the age where they could have more children. these policies, whether they are government imposed or cultural, are just so odd. >> emily: yes, kayleigh, to kennedy's point, it is such a personal decision. there's a million other ways to work for environmental preservation and change. not the life-changing decision of having two. it flies in the face of any sort of compassion and connection we have as humans, and to respect the private decision that family is for people. >> kayleigh: exactly. have as many children as you want to have. we don't need to be giving awards for having two children. we also don't need aoc talking about climate anxiety and saying, "is it still okay to have children?" she's a sitting government official and she asked that question to her instagram lives follow us. it's crazy, it's orwellian. let me tell you this, if anyone deserves an award for having children and deserves to be
9:51 am
called a real metal for other families, it is will cain's cohost, rachel campos-duffy, who has nine children. i want to celebrate that! [laughter] >> will: i think kennedy was onto something, maybe china deserves an environmental policy award for their one child policy. i'll have two great regrets on my deathbed. one, i didn't serve in the military, and two, unlike my cohosts, both rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth, didn't have my children. i have two and they are both boys. but because they are boys, they love marvel movies. when i see now is this embrace of this anti-humanity philosophy, basically embodied by thanos, who wanted to snap and erase half of humanity because it was better for the environment. this self hatred of humanity, really come in and met, you are thanos. that's who you are.
9:52 am
yes, thanos. meghan. >> harris: okay. >> kayleigh: harris, what are your thoughts on this? >> harris: there are plenty of places i don't want meghan and harry and their charity to go. my bedroom would be one of them. i think it is so very personal. however the good lord brings children into your life, they are always a sign of hope, prosperity, and always worth fighting for. however you get them. i didn't start to start my family until i was 40. i didn't meet my husband and get married until i was 37. my mother had given up on the notion that i'd even be able to keep a house plant alive, because i couldn't. and i only had two. like you, will, i would love to have more. i don't think that's in the cards. too much information! but really, meghan, keep it private. keep it yours. what happens next month when we find out meghan's pregnant? just a question. [laughter] >> emily: exactly, do they
9:53 am
rescind the award? not to mention all the families who want to adopt and foster. it is such a larger conversation. it's really unfortunate. up next, harris had hot seats to the nba finals and she will tell us all about the game and the reason why she was there. you are going to want to stick around for this story. the act so excited. ♪ ♪ rates haagain. ped it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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9:58 am
do you think they're going to ask you to play? see you! [laughs] >> of those seats, i saw this video and i loved it so much! is a love story for you. >> it is. this is how far we are willing to go for each other for a fabulous night out. this is date night. i like to raise the bar. right before elsa hit, we made it to phoenix, it was a hundred 15 degrees outside and i got these fabulous seats behind the team. literally i could feel like the steam from the players when they came off the court. anyway. a won that one. my husband was so excited. it was like he was asked to play. you played in division iii in college. he's my hero!
9:59 am
they looked at him and he was in the stands. he's like, put me in coach! [laughter] >> i love that. >> can i say quickly, i'm a dallas mavericks fad, come up at the head coach of the phoenix suns is the most impressive man you will ever meet. go google "monty williams eulogy of his wife." he's a great man of faith and a person you should be rooting for. >> tony says, my husband says you watch sports for more than these for it. you look for these people where if your kids were there, you would want your child to be around them. he says monty williams is one of those people you trust your child to be around because he's such a great guy. >> i love it. >> i'm there for the love of
10:00 am
tony. >> and you're raising the bar for every wife in america. [laughter] >> exactly. >> you can do it. avoid spokes ways. i have a list. as my bucket list. >> so happy to have you back, we missed you so much. oedipal video. thank you to everyone, here is to be 22. i >> government protests, the largest the country has seen in decades. thousands of cuban protesters demanding freedom and calling or the teardown of the countries coming as a dictatorship. those demonstrations now spreading to the united states. >> we will speak to the former ambassador nikki haley about that along with several other hot topics with race theory and america's schools. we'll be joined by the florida congressman on the situation in cuba. and dr. nicole saphier, on


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