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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 12, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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out in new mexico. >> more than very pretty. extremely pretty. >> that will wrap up the show for today. we'll be back here on the couch tomorrow same time, same channel. >> listen to brian on the radio and have a wonderful day. >> bill: good morning. the white house finally turning its attention to crime. president biden getting ready to meet with top law enforce end the blood shed plaguing american cities? i'm bill hemmer, nice to see you my partner there. >> dana: i'm dana perino. i felt like crime would be the thing that pivoted. if you read everywhere this weekend. democrats are very worried. >> bill: you said if i were at the white house i would stop everything and turn this ship right toward the issue which is what they're doing. >> dana: they're turning to the
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issue but maybe not changing the policy. mayors and police chiefs will talk about illegal guns, the focal point of the administrations response but confront members of his own party forville filing law enforcement and pushing to defund the police. >> bill: from st. paul. national journal josh will analyze the politics of it all. we begin at the white house north lawn. mark meredith kicks off the coverage today. >> the white house admits that crime is on the rise nationally. now comes the hard part. how do you stop it? later today the president will be sitting down with the attorney general as well as mayors from washington, d.c. as well as san jose, california and police leaders from memphis and chicago to address violent crime impacting communities coast to coast. look at the situation in new york from the month of may of this year compared to last. shootings were up 73%.
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double digit increase in robbery, larceny, a state of emergency over the rise in violence in the empire state. he said new york needs to spend more money to address the crisis. they championed police reform methods. >> criminals are getting out of prison too fast and not being detained pending trial. they're committing multiple crimes. the crime rate will be a significant issue in the 2022 elections. >> it will also be an issue in elections closer than that. the mayoral candidate for new york was asked if democrats are focusing on too much on banning assault weapons as opposed to getting handguns off the streets. he said the federal government should have acted a long time ago. >> i believe those priorities really were misplaced. it is almost insulting what we
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have witnessed over the last few years. many of our presidents they saw these numbers and knew the inner cities where black, brown and poor people lived, they knew they were dealing with this real crisis. >> we've seen the white house and congressional republicans getting into a spat over who wants to defund the police department. last year we saw that issue come up with a lot of progressive candidates. now the white house trying to flip the script accusing republicans of not supporting the american rescue plans but not giving enough money for economic opportunities. the president will talk a lot more about that later on this afternoon. the meeting at 1:00. >> nice to see you mark meredith kicking off a new week. >> dana: bring in josh kraushaar. 59% of americans believe crime is an extremely or very serious problem in the united states. you see the pivot in the media
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and now the white house. why are they attempting to deal with it? >> you read the poll numbers. a lot of polls. a democratic poll that came out this past week showing that violent crime is the number one issue for all voters. it is the number three issue for democrats. 52% of democrats say it is a crisis situation. so that's why president biden is inviting the likely new mayor of new york city eric adams to the white house. he knows it is a problem. he knows the speech he gave last week didn't do the trick. and it is not just republicans and conservatives raising concerns about violent crime. democrats who live in the cities and are dealing with the rapid uptick in crime are the most panicked and most concerned about what is going on. >> bill: an amazing thing how it shifted. 16 months if you're a democratic politician to turn it around. is today the day they start doing that? >> well, i think it is notable
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that biden is bringing in adams because adams unlike biden didn't just say i'm not a defund the police guy. he said these guys are crazy. the left wing el thaments are pushing some of the more radical movements. ideas hampered getting crime under control. the big test for president biden today will be whether he can talk not just about gun control but focus on the two ps. the perpetrators and how to crack down on them and police. and bucking up the police. that is the key to getting this crime issue under control. he apparently reportedly will be talking about giving more money, more resources, calling for more police to be on the streets, which is a notable change from the white house and from democrats in recent weeks and months. but also i think it is important for him to take on the per perpetrators.
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that's another part of this crime issue and another one he needs to get ahold of. >> dana: can i add a third one? prosecutors. the prosecutors are saying you can arrest the people and they get let out on the streets. it is happening in many cities. that will be a problem that adams will have to contend with. there is that. i want to ask about president biden. in 1994 as a senator he was tough on crime. 1994 crime bill he supported it. look at his he quotes. he backed away from that during the campaign because he was trying to make sure the left was going to be enthusiastic about voting for him. do you think he will return to maybe his natural sense of being or perhaps try to figure out a way to split the baby? >> that's such a great point, dana. joe biden was one of the authors of the crime bill. he has it within his past to talk about being tough on crime but his own party isn't letting
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him live up to his traditional roots. i think eric adams showed that it is possible even in a pretty blue liberal city like new york city to run as actually tough on crime, to run on that old biden message and win among democrats in a very liberal city. so i think the political playbook that adams outlined is very important because i think democrats were scared that if they were tough on crime or they wanted to talk about bucking up the police the base would run away from them. turns out you can win in new york city by being tough on crime. i think that's why adams is coming to the white house. he offers a power to have biden be more powerful on the message. >> dana: the republicans won't let it go. the number one issue for most people. >> bill: good piece in the national journal. want to bring in mark ross president of the st. paul police federation. what's the view from the street
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on this now? as you talk about that minneapolis, the city to your west had 912 uniform officers in may of 2019. it is down to 699 as of june of this year. mark. >> well, good morning. first of all thank you very much for having me. appreciate being here. yeah, this is a problem throughout large urban areas in the united states right now. we're having a really tough time recruiting and retaining officers. we have had several officers leave both the minneapolis and st. paul departments because really the expectations in a lot of ways have gotten unreasonable. we're working really hard in our communities. it has never been more challenging to be a patrol officer right now. and really the left has come at us really hard and we just need to be more reasonable. >> bill: the president's message a month ago was about illegal guns crossing state lines. do you agree with that approach or if you thought it would be
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more effective where does that focus need to be? this has become issue number one. >> that's a great question and you previously spoke to this. the greatest -- the guns are out there. the bad guys have the guns. we need prosecutors and criminal justice system to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law. our officers are taking record numbers of guns off the streets. the bad guys don't care. they have the guns, they'll use the guns. we need the tools and resources to combat it. a huge piece is prosecutors going after these people. >> bill: you need politicians to have the back of the cops. the hiring is down 5% but the resignations are up 18%. and the retirements are up 45%. then you have democratic congress members like cori bush out of st. louis. who knows crime better than the city of st. louis and what they've been through. she writes we know what our own
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freedom looks like. end the slavery. end the war on drugs. end police violence and end healthcare housing and education apartheid. we're the experts on our own liberation and we won't stop until its won. what do you make of that? >> it is saddening and disappointing and doesn't make a lot of sense to me. just recently in st. paul we had a state representative stopped on trafficened he claimed the officer was racially profiling him. it couldn't be anything further from the truth. so far from the democrats in the twin cities we've heard nothing. this guy presented a wisconsin driver's license and he claims to be a representative, elected representative from st. paul. how does that happen? >> bill: good question. mark, thanks for coming in and we'll check in with you again from time to time to see how it's going in st. paul. >> dana: one thing for the police have that been coming on
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telling the stories and asking us to spread the word. they have to have hopefully some comfort and hope that the white house will finally pay attention. it will be interesting to see if they actually change any of their approaches in policy. >> what josh brought up what's happening in new york with eric adams winning the primary. he stands a good chance of being the next mayor. the people who voted from him. inhabitants of low income, high crime, minority neighborhoods turned out, up 70%. these are democratic strongholds as well. that message is now -- >> dana: president trump made inroads with those communities in 2020 in that election and i would imagine that the republicans think they can figure out a way to peel off some voters. 2022 could be interesting. mass protests erupting against the communist regime in cuba. critics are saying the white
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house has a lackluster response. >> they are frustrated. they don't want their kids getting on rafts to leave the country to lead normal lives. why can't the state department and the white house just say it clearly this is not about covid, this is not about anything else. this is about freedom. say it. >> dana: congresswoman nicole malliotakis what she would like to hear from her democratics colleagues. >> bill: new details on the murder of a golf pro and why the suspect's rap sheet is raising serious questions. it's a long one. >> dana: billionaire space race is underway. how long until bill hemmer can buy a ticket? >> bill: how about tonight? that sound all right? ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think!
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>> bill: 18 past. fox news alert. big story now out of cuba. thousands in the streets over the weekend demanding an end to the communist dictatorship and protesting food and medicine shortages. we haven't seen this kind of image there in many years. phil keating live in miami's little havana neighborhood.
6:19 am
the reaction there is what? good morning. >> southwest 8th street northern in little havana always the spot here the restaurant for demonstrations against the communist cuban regime. yesterday it filled up with hundreds of people yesterday in solidarity with the cuban people. thousands of cubans protested in the streets in multiple cities on the island of cuba 200 mills away in the largest defiant public demonstrations there in decades. in cuba this kind of behavior can get you in jail. many chanted freedom or life. flip-flopping the phrase freedom or death. these people have had simply enough of long-time food shortages, medicine shortages and a horrible economic situation. they call for government change blaming it also for a dismal
6:20 am
coronavirus response. 7,000 new cases reported on sunday alone. in miami on sunday in little havana, it filled up with thousands of supporters also calling for change as they have for 50 years now without any success. florida's cuban american senator marco rubio posted this on twitter. >> covid has a role to play but it began before covid. these people want to live in a normal country. they don't want their kids getting on rafts having to leave the country in order to lead normal lives. >> the cuban president blamed the island's problems on the united states and trade embargo and called on loyal communists to take to the streets. looting in some places which is unheard of in the tightly controlled communist nation. the last time miami cubans shut
6:21 am
down the city was in 2016 when fidel castro died. a lot of people showed up banging pots and pans and celebrating the person they think ruined their country. they are also protests yesterday in orlando and tampa and the biden administration tweeted out they support the cuban people and their ability to demonstrate and protest freely. >> bill: phil keating in little havana in miami. >> dana: let's bring in nicole malliotakis from new york. she is the daughter of a cuban immigrant. moments like this are important to you. do you think the biden administration has done enough for colleagues in congress? a lot of republicans put out statements in support of the cuban people seeking freedom. do you think the biden administration wants to normalize relations with the regime? >> so far the biden administration has done nothing and the obama administration tried to make so many
6:22 am
concessions to the castro regime and get nothing for the people. we as cuban americans want to see freedom and democracy and human rights. we want to see the currency system that pays the cuban people $15 a month in which they have to work months to buy shoes or food be totally dismantled and we want to insure cuban people have the opportunity to elect their own government. i will say this, we have a record number of cuban americans in congress. three senators and seven members in the house and we're united to push the biden administration to help bring change. help bring democracy to cuba for our families that still live there and for the many dissidents who have come to the united states and just want to see freedom in their homeland as my mother would want to see. >> dana: are there concrete things you would like to see them do immediately? >> i think first and foremost they should try to open up a
6:23 am
dialogue to push the change for democracy. they certainly should not go back to what president obama did and make concessions without getting anything in exchange. i think that it is incredibly important that we do not mess this up. i think that president biden has a real opportunity. i know if president trump was there right now he would be doing everything in his power to try to bring real change. we want freedom, democracy, free and fair elections and restoration of human rights. people in cuba right now are starving. they don't have food. they have very difficult conditions. those who don't have families here to help them are really in dire straits. even those who have help from american relatives it hardly gets to the people. it is incredibly difficult. what i will say if you noticed yesterday there were marching with the american flag. i think that's a reminder to americans here how lucky and
6:24 am
fortunate we are to be in this country where we do have freedom. where we are a democracy and we elect our representatives and we have liberties that people dream about in other countries. it should be a reminder particularly to those americans here who lack appreciation. the athletes who turn their back to the american flag. look how much we're loved and want to be emulated with freedom in other parts of the world. >> dana: dissidents all over the world fly the american flag. i wanted to ask you about your trip to the middle east. big changes right now with a transition to a different government in israel. your reactions about that and any concerns that you have about the region in regards to iran? >> i was proud to be part of a bipartisan coalition of democrats and republicans from the united states of america house of foreign affairs committee that went to israel and met with the new government. the first delegation to do that.
6:25 am
it's an interesting dynamic. they have people of eight different parties. right wing, center, and left wing including arab muslim for the first time who have come together to form this coalition after two elections -- four elections in two years. it's interesting to see they are very much focused on domestic policy right now. making sure they work on economic issues, infrastructure, upcoming budget where they can find common ground. it will be an interesting test to see if the coalition will last. they have made it very clear they're concerned about united states potentially reentering jcpoa iran deal. they have said very clearly they do not want us to be doing that and certainly with the new election even though a sham election of the new president in iran, even bigger concern. united states has sanctions against him. this is somebody who is responsible for the murder of thousands of iranians who
6:26 am
fought for human rights and freedom there. certainly caution to president biden not to reenter this deal. make sure there are massive changes made to make it better. >> dana: thank you for coming on after the big trip. we appreciate it. >> bill: cuba keep an eye on it and see how long it goes. in the past we've seen it and gets set back by the government. >> dana: freedom has been delayed for three generations in cuba. time for a change. >> bill: get ready, americans. higher prices might be here to stay. what economists are saying about inflation coming to you for a while now. a lot of critics hitting former president trump's big tech lawsuit. our next guest makes the case trump can win the case. he will join us next and tell us how. is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
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>> dana: united states and mexico are focusing on the border. officials from both countries will meet in el paso.
6:32 am
border agents are concerned over cartels and criminal activities. jonathan serrie is on the border in la joya, texas. good morning, jonathan. >> this initiative is called that translates is look for information. that's exactly what u.s. and mexican authorities do once a year as they meet identifying some of the most hardened criminals wanted on both sides of the border for crimes ranging from human smuggling to murder. crime is a serious concern along the u.s. southern border. over weekend we saw a border patrol agent apprehend young men trying to evade capture by hiding in the brush and running. the suspected criminals sometimes get away. they followed a path of footprints a group of other men left in a wide, muddy field. suspects made it to a nearby highway where they were able to disappear into the community and authorities say that's when the problems occur. on saturday troopers with the texas department of public safety engaged in a high-speed
6:33 am
chase with a suspected human smuggler who crashed into one car before losing control of his vehicle and striking a pole. the driver was carrying seven undocumented migrants in his car and then you have the humanitarian crisis. sunday afternoon we watched more than a dozen migrants men, women and children walk up to federal agents and voluntarily turn themselves in. this is the norm for migrants fleeing poverty and crime in their home countries. then as we take a live view from our fox flight team drone you can see the u.s. border wall construction started during the trump administration and abruptly stopped when president biden took office. you can see how easy it is for migrants to walk around incomplete segments of the wall. and today federal prosecutors announced that they have arrested a border patrol agent for allegedly assisting cocaine smugglers. the accusation is that this
6:34 am
22-year-old agent accepted $1,000 on two occasions to assist a vehicle get across a border crossing. if convicted, he faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. dana. >> dana: jonathan serrie at the border kicking off a monday. thank you. >> people are joining because it's a class action, it's not about me but it's about everybody. people are joining left and right and what it is they're taking away your freedom of speech and your right to speak. they're taking away everything and they get powers. >> bill: there is the former president slamming big tech censorship lawsuit claiming they're violating his rights among others. critics say the private companies are within their rights and trump has no case. there is a new piece in the "wall street journal." arguing tech censorship violates the
6:35 am
constitution. it's from vivek ramaswamy. good morning to you. make your case. go ahead and make your case. >> sure. look, i think ordinarily private companies get to decide what shows up on their websites and that's the principle but different when private companies coordinate with the government and respond to government threats and are cloaked with the benefit of government-provided immunity to do indirectly through the back door what the government cannot directly do under the constitution and the supreme court has been crystal clear if there is one north star in the relationship between the government and private companies it is that government cannot dispatch its dirty work to private companies when the government can't do that directly. nowhere is that more important than censorship. >> bill: i want to drill down on examples. september of 2020 mark zuckerberg on facebook says they were working along with
6:36 am
the cdc to prevent covid related consent that wasn't verified or true. that had a lot to do with the wuhan lab leak. once the thinking changed they had to reverse course. >> absolutely. that's just one example among many, bill. what we've seen is a consistent pattern of willful coordination between the big tech companies and government. if the government provides immunity to companies to do something like censor speech or threatened companies or if private companies do what the government can't be like censor speech it should be still bound by the first amendment. we have examples of all three. there are clear government threats from congressmen and senators at every level threatening companies to say if they don't deplatform trump and certainly if they don't censor misinformation and hate speech
6:37 am
they'll be regulated and the companies coordinated with the government to take down information the government didn't want to see. that's not the action of a private company but an action of the state in the gash of private enterprise. i think trump can take that to the supreme court and win if he argues it in the right way. >> bill: you write no company has so silenced elected officials or communicating with citizens and they did so in careful coordination with government leaders in the asen dent opposition party as it gained power. it has to do with canceling trump and hunter biden and the laptop that was squelched. >> it has to do with every piece of information over the last year that big tech said it didn't want to platform online. to me the idea that these are private companies is actually a farce when they are working in careful coordination with big government. especially government in the
6:38 am
opposition party in the way that they have. the key is can president trump make these arguments with discipline? i think his initial lawsuit left a lot to be desired. let's say that i i think if he takes the right case to court with the right press he dents i think there is a long legal precedent on his side. if he can marshall those arguments to make a more nuanced claim like section 230 preepts law, it might be unconstitutional. if he can make those arguments in the right way he has a winning case all the way to the supreme court. >> bill: the author of the new book woke, inc. podcast online now at fox news radio and spotify and he takes us through the argument how american executives are wielding much more power than any politician could ever dream about.
6:39 am
it is very interesting conversation, check it out right now. >> dana: if you're upset at prices going up stay angry. economists surveyed from raised forecast how high inflation could go and how long. they expect an annual increase of 2.8% through 2023. that's the highest levels since 1993. if you look at some of these cost of some of the items. car and truck rental up 109%. gas up 58%. used cars up 29.7%. bikes up 10% and whole milk at 7.2%. >> bill: that's not good. you need to rent a car? >> dana: i tried and it was impossible so i'm not. >> bill: in a moment mask
6:40 am
messaging confusion. cdc says no masks for vaccinated students and teachers. why california doesn't seem to want to follow that science. also the taliban gaining more ground in afghanistan. refueling fear and uncertainty as u.s. troops make a quick exit. greg palkot reporting on the ground that they are talking with afghan soldiers and civilians. a live report from greg in bagram shortly. >> are you surprised the taliban is making these kinds of sweeping advances so quickly? >> we're watching with deep concern. banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun.
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>> bill: from the state of california that state will still require masks to be worn in schools once classes begin in the fall even though the cdc guidance says vaccinated students and teachers no longer need to wear them. the state's health and human services secretary saying unvaccinated students should not have to worry about being treated differently so that in order to make that happen, dana, everyone has to mask up. how about that? >> dana: no. i think you could flip that around and get people to be more tolerant. if you want to wear a mask, great, that's what we're all doing. you don't make fun of people wearing a max. >> bill: it will be with us for the fall.
6:46 am
>> dana: parents are counting the days, right? as more parents speak out against critical race theory being taught in school the author of the book how to be an anti-racist argues the crt debate is a fictional monster created by republicans. let's bring in dr. ben carson. here is what is written. the republican operatives who dismiss critical race theorist in order to define critical race theory and anti-racism and attack those definitions are effectively debating themselves. they have conjured an imagined monster to scare the american people and project themselves as the nation's defenders from the fictional monster. doctor, who created the monster? >> it was the left who did this and they are basing this on some of the things that were said by people like vladimir lennon and marxists. lennon said give me your children to teach for four
6:47 am
years and the seeds i plant will never be uprooted. what they are trying to do is actually indoctrinate the kids. this is not a new thing. this has been going on for a while. think we saw the fruits of it last summer in portland and seattle. these are people who are coming to age who have been taught to hate the united states of america and a lot of it is based on slavery. the 1619 project, many of the things and critical race theory. everything looking at race and going back to race and making the children think that's the primary indicator for success or failure in their life. and it is interesting because we are a judeo-christian foundation. the bible says man looks on outward appearance but the looks on the heart. isn't that the same thing that
6:48 am
dr. king was saying? judge people on the basis of their character, not their external characteristics. so they are really turning a lot of our foundational beliefs on their head and i am actually this will sound funny, i'm kind of glad they are doing it. they're pushing it so hard it is waking people up. we were sort of like the frog in the saucepan slowly being cooked and now they turned the burners up and people are saying ouch and getting active. that is going to help us as a nation. >> dana: when they start to say it was republicans that came up with this all along like they tried with defund the police which got three pinocchios. the white house is finally going to turn its attention to crime and they invited the winner of the democratic primary in new york eric adams who has been a canary in the coal mine for democrats who could happen in terms of their elections based on the crime wave in the country.
6:49 am
here is what the "new york post" said about eric adams. i want to pull it on the screen. the leftist media is scrambling to explain away adams' triumph with a platform part law and order and part police reforms but they feared a stray bullet entering their living rooms more than rogue actions by officers. adams pledged to go after the bad guys on the streets. do you think the white house will listen to adams today and perhaps even change their tune on some things? >> well, i think they will listen. but they are also being influenced significantly by the extreme left wing of their party, which really manifests nothing that even slightly resembles common sense. it will be a struggle between those two things. of course they know. joe biden himself has been a large proponent of law and order in the past. of course, that's changed now
6:50 am
because it depends on which way the winds are blowing. but the people themselves are the ones feeling the effect. and particularly those who are disadvantaged and living in the inner city. they depend on police. they depend on some form of law and order to have some kind of peace and law and order in their lives. they are the ones that are being affected. >> dana: we'll pay attention. stay cool down there in virginia. thank you. >> bill: so much for all hands on deck, from chicago the mayor lori lightfoot under fire for allowing her top aides to go on vacation in the middle of a crime crisis. the billionaire richard branson becoming one of the first-ever space tourists. he had a great time over the weekend. the world's richest man will try and do the same as a new space race is underway. ♪♪♪
6:51 am
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>> bill: you may have seen it. billionaire branson ushering a new era of space tourism. check it out from sunday. and then he said branson and a crew of five traveled more than 50 miles above new mexico experiencing weightlessness. they did it the first time ever. mike massimino, how are you doing, mike, good day to you. i told dana you probably see this thing as j.v. you went into space twice, a big shuttle launch, boom, boom, boom. what do you think about what branson did? >> well, i think first of all dana and bill great to be with you and thanks so much for having me. i think it's pretty cool. much different than what i did
6:57 am
as an astronaut or my friends are doing in the space station training for years and going up with specific duties and so on. this is more of the experience of it but also research can be done and exploration as well. even for the short flights that richard branson and jeff bezos will go taking now. i think it's pretty cool. the more people that can get up there the better. there is different paths to get there. brand-new one has opened up. >> dana: branson tweeted i dreamt about this moment since a child. going to space is more magical than i ever imagined. your hopes and dreams as a kid. kids today their dreams, there will be a lot more opportunities for them to work in space. are you excited about that for them? >> yeah, absolutely. when i was a little kid i wanted to grow up and be like neil armstrong and go to space. as i pursued it more seriously the only chance i had to study
6:58 am
and work as an astronaut and i want i had to have it as a career. now in kids growing up today there are many different ways they can engage it. it might be still as a nasa or government astronaut but also maybe working for a commercial company or being even a tourist like some of these people are interested in doing. there are so many possibilities coming up in the next couple decades it will be very exciting. >> dana: what should kids study if they want to do that? >> they should study what they like. i loved math and wanted to become an engineer. there are many ways. the stem field. if you look to be a serious career astronaut, i still think the best way to do that is studying in the stem fields, any one you want. if you you're interested in going for a visit just about anything would qualify. it is a different way to get there. >> bill: do you think it's a big deal that branson beat
6:59 am
bezos into space? the way bezos is doing it is different from what branson did. >> very different but i don't think it makes a difference who got there first. it is kind of amazing that both of them after all these years of planning and test flights and so on more or less in the same week, nine days apart or whatever it is they'll both be going. i don't think it matters who came first. what's interesting is to be able to see them back-to-back. maybe talk about bezos' flight next week. that will be fun. branson taking off and landing on a runway with well-trained pilots in front of the aircraft, in front of the spaceship and mother ship and with jeff bezos different. sub orbital flight and similar to what alan shepard did. he is looking forward to developing a new space shift called new glen which will
7:00 am
mimic john glenn's orbital flight. very different approaches but the result getting into space. different ways to get there but both similar in the experience i think once you get to space. >> bill: come back next week and we'll talk about it. >> dana: we'll book that now. thank you. we appreciate it. >> bill: his enthusiasm is so plain spoken. my favorite guy when it comes to talking. >> dana: he helps me to understand it. that's helpful. fox news alert now. chicago suffering through another weekend of deadly violence as killers and criminals rule the streets with n did descent. the land the sun forgot. there is still time. some gunfire shattering the lives of many around the clock in chicago. 40 people shot there since friday night. 11 of them killed. we talk about this every monday morning for years now. police records showing very few people are actually in custody.
7:01 am
most of the crimes took place in neighborhoods known for gang activity. meanwhile an arrest in the execution-style killing of a couple in last month's puerto rican day parade. matt finn from chicago today. >> good morning, bill. you might recall the horrific viral video from chicago a couple weeks ago a couple was dragged from their car in the street, ended up dead during the puerto rican day festists. an arrest has been made. police say the 24-year-old man in the video might have accidentally shot his 25-year-old partner in the neck as he was trying to swarm off the people who pulled them out of their car on june 19th. 34-year-old anthony was arrested for fatally shooting that 24-year-old man. the dead couple leaves behind two young children. the man is awaiting extradition to chicago facing one charge of first degree murder. here in chicago over the weekend a rapper who had just been released from the cook
7:02 am
county jail for electronic monitoring made it across the street where he was ambushed and shot up to 64 times as weighs leaving the jail. cook county medical examiner says the 31-year-old known as kts tray on the sheet was shot dozens of time in the head and body saturday night. 60-year-old woman was shot in the knee. 30-year-old woman nearby was grazed by a bullet in the mouth and in good condition. he was in jail for violating conditions of a felony gun case and posted a $5,000 bond. chicago city aldermen are criticizing mayor lori lightfoot for allowing two top staff members to take time off over the fourth of july holiday weekend. often the city's most bloody weekend and that's when staffers are needed the most. they say the mayor is requiring police to work 12-hour shifts with no vacation this summer but two top staffers took a holiday. the mayor's office said they work 24 hours a day 365 days a
7:03 am
year and they're often connected via email and phone. back to you. >> bill: that's a lot, matt. matt finn in chicago. >> dana: for more on this let's bring in a columnist for the "chicago tribune." mayor lori lightfoot what she said on july 1st. >> this has got to be an all hands on deck approach. it is not just on the police department. not just on the fire department. not just on elected officials. all of us have to embrace our notion of community and step up and think about what we can do. >> dana: one of those aldermen said it was the wrong thing to do was lopez allowed staff to go on vacation what is the most dangerous weekend in the city in chicago is outrageous. is that fair criticism, sir? >> well, it's the kind of criticism that she has gotten a lot of unfortunately for her. and that is that she is trying to juggle too many balls in the
7:04 am
air at once and hasn't really been able to get a handle on an issue like a -- been able to enforce her own order saying that -- her own all hands on deck order being able to enforce that and letting a couple of top staffers chief staff and chief operating officer go on vacation. it sends a mixed signal that tells people she really is govern by news conference and not actually governing hands on. >> dana: what do you think chicago we talk about that every week because it's significant. the loss of life and violence is way up there. again over the weekend. but today the white house, president biden is going to be meeting with some mayors to talk about the crime wave. he is inviting eric adams who just won the democratic primary in new york. canary in the coal mine for democrats. here comes the 2022 elections. the democrats seem to start to realize that if crime is going
7:05 am
to be listed as the top three in the top one for 60% of the people in the country, that they have a lot of work to do. can they do anything to turn this around or will republicans be able to take advantage of this when the elections come around? >> well, you're right. this is an important issue and at the same time crime-fighting is not new to the democratic party. this is the kind of debate that goes on routinely in the party and you are right, there was a long period where the democrats wanted to move away from the incarceration explosion and as a result cash bail has fallen out of fashion with a lot of complaints in chicago from the police especially that people are being bailed out who shouldn't be bailed out. that's an enforcement issue and same thing with electronic monitoring. that has been -- there was a
7:06 am
scandal around that. people are starting to tighten up on it. eric adams victory in new york didn't surprise me at all. remember how popular rudy giuliani was as mayor. and cracking down with broken windows approach. there is a strong pendulum go being back and forth which approach is best. as i say i think eric adams succeeding shows at the grassroots people care about crime and they want more police in their neighborhoods and they want to do something to stop this incarceration explosion at the same time. >> dana: clarence page. great to get your thoughts and thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> bill: just -- >> dana: i was going to say flashback to this. kamala harris back june 1, 2020 was asking people to pitch in to bail out minnesota protestors. she said if you're able to, chip in now to the minnesota
7:07 am
freedom fund to help post bail for thoefs protesting on the ground in minnesota. at the time you could understand at the moment. this is the kind of thing the white house will have to deal with. they have talked about crime from a very different perspective for the last few years and now there is a crime wave across the country they'll try to turn it around. i don't know if they will hit the mark today but they realize they have a problem. >> bill: overseas. top u.s. general in afghanistan -- it ends america's longest war. taliban insurgents are gaining momentum. pentagon press secretary on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. >> are you surprised that the taliban is making these kinds of sweeping advances so quickly? >> we're certainly watching with deep concern, chris. the deteriorating security situation and violence that is way too high and the momentum the taliban seems to have now. >> bill: on the ground in
7:08 am
afghanistan back in kabul is our greg palkot. hello. >> bill, just a few minutes ago we got back from what is technically called a transfer of command ceremony. that is general miller has been commanding troops on the ground in afghanistan for three years landed over to general mckenzie, the head of centcom running things from now on. it was much more than that. look at what we saw. >> this spot a few moments ago a symbolic end to america's war in afghanistan was declared. but for the afghan politicians and others behind us, there are a lot of questions about what is ahead. >> this all comes at a troubling time here in afghanistan as the u.s. troops have been pulling out and most of them have pulled out. taliban has been on a rampage going through at least a third of the districts in the country contesting a third more, the afghan military has not been
7:09 am
doing well at all. there are real questions here whether this country can survive under the current government. we heard from general miller and he said a quote, violence against the will of the afghan people cannot happen. it needs to stop. he also however was talking about the sacrifices made by the american troops and other nato allies here for the past 20 years fighting the taliban, dealing with al qaeda and other issues since 9/11 20 years ago. he said and i quote, it a appropriate to remember the sacrifice. it is appropriate to remember the jobs that won't be forgotten, the job that was done by american service members as well as allies as well as frankly the afghans on the ground. it is up to the afghans now to fight back. we spoke to several officials of the afghan government. they are concerned about the taliban. they are concerned about the performance of their troops.
7:10 am
but they are hoping, they are wishing that in fact it can go forward and the taliban can be defeated. we heard from general mckenzie too and he said the united states has not left. it will be dealing with not just the taliban but with terrorists on afghan soil for the next weeks, months, years perhaps. in fact, that's a big question. whether it can be handled at a long distance. a lot of questions at a ceremony that was quite moving but quite troubling as well. back to you. >> bill: 20 years. rather profound stuff. thank you, greg palkot in kabul. [shouting] >> dana: protestors face off against the communist regime in cuba some people are questioning whether the united states has its back. >> these people are frustrated and want to live in a normal country. why can't the state department and white house just say it
7:11 am
clearly, this is about freedom. say it. >> dana: why these demonstrations are putting democrats in a tough spot. >> bill: critical race theory, school choice and how parents are fighting back to take control of what their kids are taught at school. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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7:16 am
>> dana: scary moments at a michigan carnival as a ride nearly tips over. the base of the ride in traverse city lifting off the ground and violently rocking back and forth. bystanders held it. incredibly and tharngfully no injuries were reported. we were asked on the five what ride we would never get on again. something that would take me
7:17 am
upside down. that ride there in denver, colorado. >> bill: i don't know how people were able to slow it down and grab it. how do you do that? everybody is okay. you would need a couple of terraces. this from havana, watch. [shouting] >> bill: these are thousands of cubans taking to the streets of havana and several towns throughout the country demanding the country's president step down and end the communist dictatorship. those protests come as cuba suffers its worst economic crisis in years leaving many without food and medicine. here is republican congresswoman nicole malliotakis speaking with dana last hour. her mother fled cuba. >> we as cuban americans want to see freedom and democracy and human rights. we want to insure that cuban people have the opportunity to elect their own government.
7:18 am
that's what we'll continue to push for. reminder particularly to those americans here who lack appreciation, some of the athletes that turn their backs to the american flag. look how much we're loved and want to be emulated. >> bill: a big story now and could get bigger. marc thiessen. former speech writer for george w. bush. a lot of news on this right now. the president of cuba is speaking defending how they have handled the pandemic and covid. president biden with a statement moments ago. the united states calls on the cuban regime to hear their people and serve their needs at this vital moment rather than enriching themselves, end quote. your take on what we're seeing right now, marc. >> well, it is just -- gets lives to the neosocialist bernie sanders people holding up the cuban healthcare system as a model for america. our system ended the pandemic.
7:19 am
the cuban regime can't take care of its normal illnesses. protests are because the cuban healthcare system is not designed to provide care for the cuban people. it is designed to vacuum up as much hard currency as possible. at home you have an a apartheid system where there is one healthcare system for the elites and foreign visitors and then they send their doctors by the tens of thousands all over the world in a hard currency scam. they send the doctors, countries pay them in dollars or euros, pay the cuban doctors in pesos and pocket the money. what happened during covid the human trafficking report has cuba capitalized on the pandemic. while the cuban people are dying from cuban the regime is sending its best doctors to other countries to treat people there for covid and in order to
7:20 am
suck up hard currency while letting the cuban people die. that's why people are on the streets chanting. they want a free society. >> bill: the pandemic puts a focus on the economic issues. strains become more enhanced. marco rubio was saying listen, this is all about the limits of freedom. not about covid but they are tied together. this is a tweet from town hall online. apparently there were some of these people i'll read what they said first. cubans protesting the socialist government can be seen holding american flags when america's own athletes want to disrespect and burn the american flag. roll the video here of them carrying the american flag through the streets and i want to make a comment on that, marc. >> it's remarkable that you have these athletes, the women's soccer team the other day we talked about showing disrespect for the flag.
7:21 am
you had gwen berry turning her back on the american flag. the cuban people are carrying the american flag and chanting freedom. they see the american flag as a symbol of our liberties around the world. we had the viral video of this little kid riding with his mom in the suburban neighborhood and he stops and takes an american flag and throws it on the ground and the mom smiles and rides off with him. you literally have people in cuba who are dying from covid because of the regime with more respect for the american flag than suburban mothers and 6 or 7-year-old kids in this country. it is a shame. there is more respect for our flag in cuba than there is in some parts of the united states. >> bill: we will see whether or not we hear from bernie sanders. five years ago on 60 minutes he talked about socialist cuba like this. here it is. call for number two, do you
7:22 am
have the flashback? roll it. >> we're very opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba but it is unfair to say everything is bad. when fidel castro came to office you know what he did? he had a massive literalsy program. is that a bad thing even though fidel castro did it? >> that was 2020. we have yet to hear from bernie sanders so far. >> i've been to cuba and the cuban people, great to have a literacy program if all you can read is karl marx. they can't read 1984 or the books that describe -- anything that is considered counter revolutionary. great they have a literacy program. healthcare program that bernie sanders wants to bring to the united states with medicare for all, look at how it is handling the covid pandemic. again, capitalism produced vaccines in nine months. the pandemic is ending in the united states. in places like cuba they can't treat it much less vaccinate
7:23 am
their people. >> bill: we're watching it carefully. marc thiessen with us today with analysis. >> dana: a new warning for russia. president biden telling president putin it is time to get tough on hackers or face the consequences. how biden is handling afghanistan. >> it is one thing to get out. how you do it and how you execute it will make the difference whether it ends up being something president biden can say yep, he did it well. >> dana: the president is defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops as the taliban is seizing more territory. general jack keane joins us next. there's an old saying in the navy, that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. and if you've made the deployments, and you've been the wife at home, or you've been the spouse at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan.
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7:29 am
russia after the latest ransomware attack. he said he warned president putin to crack down on hackers or the u.s. will strike back. >> president biden: i made it clear to him, when ransomware operators are coming from their soil even not sponsored by the state we expect him to act. >> bill: general jack keane. thank you for your time today. was geneva a flat-out failure? >> well, i don't think it is ever a failure to meet with an adversary and put issues on the table. as you know, i think we could have had that meeting later with a full agenda done by staff prior to it but getting to the matter here, i think the real issue is the biden administration, i'm stunned by it. i don't think they've come to grips yet with the fact that
7:30 am
russia and china are conducting massive cyber-warfare as an instrument of their national power to diminish and weaken the united states. they're trying to bring their number one adversary down. here we are still issuing warnings. after the colonial pipeline attack, bill, the east coast pipeline distribution system. we should have conducted elections when russia interfered with both of those elections. publicly announced we had successfully destroyed the infrastructure that had conducted that attack. so we have the means to do this. and certainly after repeated ransomware attacks and now we find the russian government, intelligence service reported
7:31 am
by the media has conducted an attack against the republican national committee much as the same organization against the dnc in 2016, this is the same organization that did solo winds, their intelligence services. why aren't we doing anything about that? there is no mystique about that. that is directed by the leadership of the russia government. it is astounding to me where we are. what i see here, bill, is the same pattern i saw with president obama. biden is paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequence and the fear is escalation. and it has him bogged down and he can't act decisively. >> dana: to that point here is the pentagon press secretary responding to chris wallace this weekend. >> because you face a cyberattack doesn't mean that's how you necessarily respond in kind. there is a whole range of tools at the president's disposal. some of them reside at the pentagon and in cyber command and we'll be prepared and ready to tee up the options whenever
7:32 am
he might need them. >> dana: what do you think of that response? >> he doesn't have a mission. that's what he is telling us. no one has given him a mission to do anything. certainly yes, you can use many tools in the government besides conducting a counter attack. the cost on the people conducting it is step one. yes, you can do sanctions and take other diplomatic initiatives. that is the first trigger that should be executed. >> bill: we'll keep an eye on that. you could ask about geneva. you can say what was the point of going in the first place if the message was stop it and you don't stop it i'll give you a list of things that you cannot touch and nothing has changed. watch that. greg palkot delivered a report about 30 minutes ago in kabul, afghanistan. sir, what are we to understand what will come of that country and our own mission after? >> so our viewers understand
7:33 am
all of a sudden the taliban have become 10 foot tall and seem to be about ready to take the country over. i'm surprised that people don't understand this was in the cards. the military and intelligence service was certainly broadcasting the potential for what we're seeing. why is this happening? so our viewers understand, we stopped direct combat operations in 2014. the ground force then was the afghan security forces and has been ever since by themselves. but we provided -- there are two significant enableers we have removed that are factors in what we're seeing. one is robust intelligence community. we had a significant cia presence in afghanistan that was helpful and number two united states air power supporting the afghan ground forces. we pulled the plug on both of those. that demoralizes the security
7:34 am
forces. they recognize the operational difference that means and increases their lives, they're not the strongest military force in the world by far as we all recognize here and it is having its impact. that is what we are seeing before our eyes. >> dana: general miller will step down today from his command and very highly regarded by the troops. a last thought about his service there. >> exemplary service. one of the best commanders we've ever had in afghanistan. understands the strategic issues of the region. understands the local politics of dealing with the afghan president and the diffuse situation and operationally savvy. this guy truly understands this form of warfare. he grew up in it over the last 20 years as a special operator. he is one of the very best we've got. he is right up there with dave
7:35 am
petraeus and one of the best commanders our country has ever produced. >> bill: thank you, general. >> dana: you better pack your patience if you grab tacos at one restaurant in northern california. taco loco has posted a slow service sign to warn customers. because of government hand-outs nobody wants to work anymore. the owner is asking for patience for the staffers who are showing up. you had experience with this when you were down in north carolina. >> bill: it's the same story every week in every part of the country. >> dana: they maintain there is no data that says it but you hear it repeatedly from the restaurant owners and managers trying to make it a go. >> bill: in the meantime firefighters struggling to contain the largest fire of the year in california the beckwith fire burning more than 20,000 acres. extreme heat, bone dry
7:36 am
conditions fueling the flames that has destroyed at least 20 homes. it has been hot out there. it has been dry and this is what you see as a result. we're watching that from the west coast. >> dana: over in georgia there is outrage as we learn the man charged with murdering a golf pro and two others reportedly had a rap sheet a mile long. did prosecutors drop the ball? does the biden administration have a major blind spot to address the root causes of the border crisis? shopping malls can be a big trigger for young homeowners turning into their parents. you ever think about the storage operation a place like this must rely on? -no. they just sell candles, and they're making overhead? you know what kind of fish those are? -no. -eh, don't be coy. [ laughs ] [ sniffs, clears throat ] koi fish. it can be overwhelming. think a second. have we seen this shirt before? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. but you know what? i'm still gonna get it. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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7:41 am
>> dana: djokovic makes history at wimbledon. watch? >> he has done it. major title number 20. >> dana: hiwin is the third
7:42 am
title at wimbledon for him and the third man to reach 20 major titles. he now has the opportunity to take all four majors this season if he can win the u.s. open and that will be in new york later this summer. >> bill: pretty good chance on the hard court, right? >> dana: definitely. >> bill: great player. a golden era for tennis. when we were growing up -- >> dana: i like tennis. it is amazing, the drop shot is incredible. my best is the backhand, surprising. >> bill: one hand or two? >> dana: two. >> bill: that's good. okay. all right. we're learning more about the suspect accused of killing a golf pro and two other people in georgia. a new report revealing a violent rap sheet with little jail time. phil, how are you doing sir? i want our viewers to see the
7:43 am
rap sheet over the past five, six years. it looks like a chapter from a book. what was this guy up to? >> it is quite something. look, it is okay under the appropriate circumstances to dismiss a criminal case when it is warranted. this, bill, this was an attempted murder, okay? he was in the folsom county jail for shooting allegedly another person in the a drug deal. he himself reportedly was shot in that incident. now these charges were dismissed entirely by the former district attorney paul howard. paul howard needs to explain himself. he needs to explain why to these families, why this man who could have received 25 years under georgia law was simply cut loose. this was not a plea deal, bill. it was an outright dismissal. now, maybe there was a great reason for it. in any event, the former d.a.
7:44 am
needs to explain this to these families so that they can understand why the person who allegedly killed their loved ones was not in jail. >> bill: does the d.a. have a reputation for being lenient, phil? >> this is the same district attorney who made news last summer, bill, when there was a shooting in a wendy's parking lot and he indicted the police officer within days of this shooting. so he has been very controversial over the years. we need to find out exactly what he was thinking and why he dismissed these charges. >> bill: he was up for election and lost, too, perhaps that tells something as well. here is the difficulty for this investigation. i don't know how police found him to arrest him. two different crime scenes and three men shot dead, phillip. >> we still don't know where they were kidnapped and under what circumstances. those will be very key questions. whether or not there is any
7:45 am
relationship between the two victims in the back of the truck with the suspect. we really don't know. i personally am very curious to know why those individuals were in the metro atlanta area. one of them is from california and one of them is from kansas. so why were they here and how did their paths all cross those three individuals? that is a question investigators need to find. >> bill: what was their relationship? two men in the bed of a pickup truck that was owned by one of the guys who was shot dead. what was their relationship? how did they come together? >> that's why the police are looking into the criminal history of the defendant and probably the criminal history, if there is one, of the victims. because as this crime was occurring, he had an open case in the atlanta area. i think it was in 2020, bill, he was at the atlanta hartsfield international
7:46 am
airfield and stopped and had a lot of cash suspected drug money taken from him. in the process got into an altercation with law enforcement officer. so he had pending charges for battery on a police officer. those were pending and he was out on bail for those. >> bill: new stuff today, new information, is that what you expect, phillip? >> i do think we'll learn a lot more in the very near future. i think we'll have some answers, bill, to some of these questions about the relationship between all of these individuals and it will become a lot more clear in the days moving forward. >> bill: thank you, sir. the gentlemen's name the golf pro was killed is gene siller, the father of two young boys. his funeral service is today. born in cincinnati, dana, husband, father of two, studied mechanical engineering at purdue and was an engineer and helped develop several u.s. patents but he had this passion
7:47 am
for golf so he quit that job and pursued golf and that led him to the atlanta area where he worked and raised a family there. >> dana: they'll celebrate his life today at 11:00. now freed from prison bill cosby may sue the state of pennsylvania according to his publicist and might pop up in a city near you. tom shillue next on that and more. 's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs. not one dollar. the newday low rate refi. take advantage of these record low rates so you and your family can save.
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7:53 am
"the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: some critics are asking if the biden administration has a blind spot on the crisis on the southern border and focusing diplomatic response on the northern triangle countries in central america. it doesn't address the surge of migrants coming from south america, caribbean and asia. william la jeunesse back in l.a. with more on all that. good morning. >> the administration said it would solve the border crisis by looking at the root causes in central america. that solution doesn't fit a united nations showing up at the border. ecuador, cubans, brazilians, venezuela and mexicans and in many cases these are not poor migrants displaced by hurricanes or corruption. people who see an opportunity who know they will not be sent home so they are coming here.
7:54 am
ecuador and apprehensions up 239%. cuba 70%. brazil 208. venezuela 500%. how do they get here? fly, take brazil and ecuador. fly to mex callie, take a bus to yuma and cross at gaps in the border fence. >> they are flying in from locations in mexico, flying up to locations at the border and then being transported by some kind of bus line or cab company or personal vehicles to the border and they are walking a couple hundred yards across the border. >> this is yuma on friday. groups of brazilians and cubeance crossing the border showing agents passports and papers. >> it is hard today. i have a child and i just have to work to eat.
7:55 am
so i need to come here. >> bottom line is spending $4 billion on root causes in central america isn't going to solve these issues in south america or caribbean. not that the u.s. taxpayer could or should bail out those countries as well. >> bill: very well detailed there. thank you. >> dana: now that the pennsylvania supreme court overturned bill cosby's sexual assault conviction he may sue the state. the former t.v. icon is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars and wrongly imprisoned and his due process rights were violated. >> we are looking at what -- what recourse, what recourse we can take against the state of pennsylvania. >> isn't he owed money for every day in jail? >> a lot of owed money. our attorneys are filing the paperwork now. he is owed a lot of money. >> dana: tom shillue joins us
7:56 am
now. also apparently bill cosby is thinking about going out on the road and hitting the clubs again where he could do his comedy routine. comedy cellar has said that would not be for him, andrew wyatt said it's one club owner. in the words of the king of r & b bobby brown it is his prerogative to do what he wants to do. how do you see it, tom? >> the interesting thing about this is that i am here talking about it. the reason i say that is because if cosby was really interested in pursuing a legal approach to this he would have had a reputable lawyer come out and make a statement of law, a statement of fact. then you would have had a lawyer on this show, you and your esteemed producer would say we can't have tom shillue. he doesn't know about the law. the fact they're pursuing a p.r. strategy shows you the plan for the rest of bill cosby's life.
7:57 am
let's be frank. he is not going to be around that much longer and they want to rehabilitate his image. the easier way to do that is do it in the world of show business. that's what they're going to do and use a p.r. strategy and not a real law strategy. >> dana: how do you think that will go? >> well, i don't think it is going -- he has much hope of rehabilitating his image. i don't think he will be playing a comedy cellar. they phoned them and said what if bill cosby comes to town, is he welcome at your club? i don't think he has any plans to play at clubs anyway. i think what he wants to do they'll shoot a documentary, they'll talk about injustice. that's why you have to separate these and bill cosby wants to bring them together. there are two separate issues. was the supreme court right in overturning this? they were right because what the state of pennsylvania did was wrong they should have have done that. you can't make deals and renege
7:58 am
on them. trying to take that and a bill cosby legacy and mix them together and people shouldn't fall for that. >> dana: can his legacy as a comedian, he was quite beloved all across america. can it stand separate from the issues he is dealing with now? >> this is a question i talk about all the time. i talk about it with comedians. we sit around drinking beer and talking about it. some people think that it has to be separate. there are many entertainers and artists, let's face it in history artists who have misbehaved in great ways. can you still look at their work? a lot of people can't. i can. i can look at -- there are many disgraced people, i can look at their work and they were a bad person. you have to learn to separate these things. >> dana: tom shillue with wise words this morning. thank you so much. >> bill: shocking video shows the moment a truck is hit by
7:59 am
lightning. dash kam video from another video captures the moment of impact in china. remarkably the driver is okay. truck only had minor damage including a broken side mirror. who knew? cdc says the chances of being struck by lightening are 1 in 500,000. >> dana: oh. >> bill: before we go, we want to talk about richard branson. it was a great moment. you and i noticed the same thing. this gal's hair was -- she was taking over the whole scene. >> dana: she has amazing hair. look at . that i have to say if you go into space with no gravity and don't want to steal richard branson's moment you might want to wear a top knot. that hair is something else. >> bill: branson is going into space. his message was great talking
8:00 am
about the younger generations of americans and people around the world and all i could see was her. >> dana: she certainly got her 15 minutes of fame and four minutes of weightlessness. >> bill: about that. that's right. >> dana: like the ride you are still on. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: thousand of -- the white house has finally broken its silence on what is happening in cuba. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". some of the protestors in cuba were waving american flags. they wanted here is


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