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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 12, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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you don't en who is doing what. steve: we'll stay on it, jason chaffetz thank you. >> thank you. steve: set your dvr so you never miss an episode of this show, see you next sunday when the see you next sunday when the todd: it is monday, july 12th. president biden will meet with community and law enforcement leaders to address america's crime crisis, guns remaining a central focus. what about the criminals using them or the calls to the defund america's police departments. we're live in d.c. jillian: and republicans react to a taliban resurgence as the u.s. withdraws from afghanistan but the pentagon disagrees telling afghan leaders to step up and defend their own country. todd: this is the talk of the weekend, billionaire richard branson back on earth after his historic launch to space, the
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first giant leap towards a new age of space travel. "fox & friends first" kicking off your week right now. ♪ if you want to fly. ♪ come and take a ride. jillian: i have not heard that song in a real long time. i hope i never have to see you dance like that ever again. todd: wake up with that. jillian: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm ashley strohmier, in for jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. today president biden meets with the attorney general and local leaders to look for solution as summer violence heats up. ashley: lauren blanchard joins us with more as violent crime plagues the nation's streets. >> reporter: president biden and the attorney general will focus on reducing gun violence as crime rates are soaring in many u.s. cities and each summer weekend brings more violence.
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in the bronx, a 3-year-old was -- a 13-year-old was killed in broad daylight yesterday. eric adams who is a former police officer says his party is wrongly focused on defunding police and banning assault rifles when they should be working with the federal government to track illegal handguns. >> i believe those priorities, they really were misplaced. let's look at all of the feeders of how guns are making their way into our cities. >> reporter: in u.s. cities from last year to this year, an increase in homicides and shootings. in atlanta homicides are up 45%. in new york, shootings up 38%. in portland, last year, a low number of homicides. this year, 533% increase. in texas, a deadly shooting at the houston aquarium last week. the alleged gunman was out on bond. according to the houston chron sell, from 2013 to 2020, 231 deaths were linked to criminals
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out on bond. now, governor greg abbott wants to crack down on bail bond laws, making it an emergency item for the state legislature's special session. in chicago, the mayor's office is facing criticism for letting top aides take time off for independence day despite warnings of a bloody webbing end. -- weekend. the mayor's office defending the move, saying working in the mayor's office is a 24/7, 365 job and members of the mayor's senior staff are constantly connected. while senior aides for mayor light foot were able to get a couple days off around july 4th, not police officers, who had their holiday time canceled. todd: lauren, thank you. ashley: a manhunt us underway in georgia for an extremely dangerous suspect, you accused of shooting at officers. dalton county sheriff's office says the man fired multiple shots at police after a car
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chase. he fled into a wooded area which is now being searched by police dogs and helicopters. he was already wanted in two other counties. todd: a hotel maid tips off police potentially foiling a mass shooting plot at the all star game. she found a stash of guns inside a hotel room blocks away from coors field. coors field is set to host the all-star game tomorrow night. "fox & friends" reporter lauren shoen sitting down with former president trump before his cpac speech and one of the topics of discussion was the rise in crime and the left's push to defund police. >> 2020 this is from the fbi, murders are up 24%, almost 25%. what would you do to address the skyrocketing crime. >> chicago, take a look at the numbers, they had 260 people shot on 4th of july weekend.
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new york, through the roof. no more cash bail, no more any -- all they do is go after republicans. take a look at los angeles, what's going on in los angeles with the crime and oakland and baltimore. what you do is you have to give the police back their authority. todd: you can hear more from the interview with former president trump coming up on "fox & friends." ashley: turning now to a fox news alert, the beckworth complex fire grows over 20,000 acres and destroys 20 homes on sunday. the largest wildfire of the year in california raging near the border with nevada. the blaze is being fueled by extreme drought, burning over 83,000 acres with just 8% contained. the grandview wildfire forces evacuations in central oregon. officials describing the blaze, quote, very active after spreading over 300 acres on sunday. todd: five minutes after the hour now. republicans slamming the biden administration for pulling out troops from afghanistan, calling
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it a crushing defeat. ashley: this as the final british troops return home over the weekend. brian chilcote joins us live from london as the taliban gains ground. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, ashley. that's right, things aren't looking good in afghanistan right now. part of the reason for that is there's a lot less in country to stop the taliban's attack. fox news visited bagram airport. it's been an airport for decades. it's been for the last two the u.s. military's main base. well, it is virtually abandoned, certainly of u.s. troops. they left nearly two weeks ago. it's now being held by the afghan army. the he question is for exactly how long. the u.s. still has some troops in the country but the vast majority of them are expected to be out in the coming weeks. the u.k., a stie the di ally to the -- steady ally to the u.s., throughout the u.s.'s 20 years in afghanistan, began bringing
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the rest of their troops home over the weekend. john kirby said the u.s. is watching the taliban's advance with deep concern but it's time for the afghan military to step up. there is some reason for optimism. there are reports for hundreds of afghan troops fleeing the taliban and crossing over the border into some of the former soviet republic that border afghanistan to the north. the taliban you could argue is closing in even on kabul, the capital, and putting a lot of pressure on the afghan army in strongholds in the southeast like kandahar, another place where the u.s. military had a base in the southeast of the country. there's a u.s. intelligence report out that said that afghanistan could fall to the taliban in as quickly as six months after the u.s. and its allies pull out.
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that's one scenario that military analysts talk about. the other is a protracted civil war, that's what the country had before the u.s. military entered it. in any case, i think it's fair to say that what is not going to happen is a big change in terms of the violence that has plagued that country now for nearly 40 years. todd, ashley. todd: brian chilcote, thank you very much. ashley: and former secretary of state mike pompeo has this warning for the biden administration. china's already looking to capize on the -- capitalize on the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. >> it's all about how you execute it. the point about the chinese is well taken. we provided security for the chinese. their interests in afghanistan are commercial. they're loathe to commit their own troops, i expect. afghanistan needs to stand up on its own. ashley: last week, president biden said he expects the u.s.
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to withdraw and be completed by august 31st. nearly two weeks ahead of the september 11th deadline set by the trump administration. todd: dr. fauci said unvaccinated americans need to put politics aside as he calls for door-to-door vaccine checks to get people to get their shots. listen. >> one of the ways to do that is to get trusted messengers without any political ideology differences out there. that could be clergy. to get people to put aside this political issue. todd: fauci suggesting friends should check your vaccine status. 49% of republicans said they will get the vaccine. ashley: richard branson beats jeff bezos and elon musk to become the first billionaire to blast off into the final frontier. >> we're here to make space more accessible to all and we want to turn the next generation of
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dreamers into the astronauts of today and tomorrow. ashley: the historic flight traveling more than 50 miles above the earth's surface, the crew experiencing zero gravity before returning to earth. virgin galactic is set to start commercial space flights next year. todd: how cool is that shot, right? ashley: it's cool but there's not enough money in the world to get me to do that. todd: me too. mele, she's like she's ready to go to face tomorrow. ashley: it's a no for me. todd: protesters filling the streets to cuba, demanding an end to the country's dictatorship and with democrat policies skewing further to the left, comerica become the next failed socialist experiment. jack brewer joins us live with his thoughts on that, next. ashley: and the wild video of thousands of fish being dropped into their home in utah, stick around for this. ♪ free falling.
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♪ yeah i'm free. ♪ free falling
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>> we will defeat the radical left, the socialists, marxist and the critical race theorists. our movement is the greatest in american history. and it has just begun. todd: former president trump touting his administration's successes while taking aim at president biden during cpac in dallas. ashley: the brewer group ceo jack brewer attended and spoke at the conference and he joins
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us this morning. good morning, jack. >> good morning. great to be back with you guys. ashley: of course. as always. i want to pull this up up really quickly so we can show this, this is the cpac straw poll, it shows trump at 70%. the number two was de santis with 21% and everyone else as far as rand paul, nikki haley, tucker carlson, they came in at 1% or lower with those people who could be contenders for the republican nominee. okay. so we're seeing this. if you go back to late february, that's a boost from that straw poll in orlando. it was 50% back then. do you think the longer that we are in the biden administration and the longer this year goes on that that's a he show of what people want with a president? >> sometimes you just don't know how good you have it until it's gone. i think that's what you're seeing right now. i think people are seeing what the biden administration is doing, with the extreme leftist
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agenda and people see what president trump did in such a short time. i don't care who you are, every family is feeling it as the gas pump, every family is noticing what's happening with the extended lockdown and it seems like having to hear dr. fauci, you're starting to understand really what was behind with everything going on with the coronavirus in china and a it seems like president trump said i told you so 15 times in that speech yesterday. and so american people really see what's going on and i think conservatives are getting behind president trump because had they know he's truly the leader of this party. todd: jack, you couldn't get a group to agree 98% that today is monday but look at this, cpac straw poll, 98% of the people there at cpac approve of donald trump. is cpac representative of the average republican voter throughout the country?
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>> i think it is. i think people are realizing that donald trump is not a normal republican. i don't even consider him republican. i was talking to lawrence jones earlier yesterday and i told him, look at the policy, look at criminal justice reform. criminal justice reform was not a republican issue. you look at opportunity zones and how to uplift the most underserved americans, those are not typical republican issues. you look at school of choice that's focusing on going and a helping these inner city communities to give them access to quality education when they're being deprived of it. those aren't typical republican issues. and so i think donald trump has done that. he broke the barriers and i don't think he's a normal republican. i think he's one that has a lot of middle ground policies that the american people realize were actually benefiting us a lot. ashley: jack, you had the opportunity to also speak at cpac. let's pull that sound bite up for the viewers.
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>> we are one nation, under god. so we can't put our flag above god. we can't put our families above god. we can put nothing above god. ashley: okay. and then as far as when you talked about cancel culture, i thought it was interesting because everyone pretty much calls it cancel culture. you'll hear it 1,000 times a day if you turn the tv on but you said it was standing up against satan. can you elaborate on that for us. >> the bible teaches us that the wrath of man is unrighteous according to god. man doesn't have the authority to bring wrath on other men, only god has that authority. i think what cancel culture is doing and what leftist policies do, it replaces god with man and a it starts to really go against what scripture has taught us an i wanted to make that really loud and clear because the bible teaches us that satan still kills and destroys and if you want to cancel someone, you want
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to destroy them. and so i think there is a satanic spirit to the cancel culture that we as americans have to call out because it's really what's hurting our land right now. it's dividing us. if you look at what's going on in our nation, we've never been so divided at a time when we should be unified. going into the olympic games, usually a country is unified about the flag and the country but we have to hear about critical race theory and worry about sending our kids to school where they will be taught because of the color of their skin, they're either a victim or an owe proser. if -- on presser. on -- oppressor. i just try to make that very clear yesterday at cpac. todd: quickly on the final topic, thousands of cubans taking to the streets to demand an end to the dictatorship there. gop leaders warning america could be the next failed
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socialist experiment. why would any american look at the conditions in cuba and say, hey, let's copy that. 30 seconds to you, sir. >> they don't understand. my it guy at my company, a friend of mine, they can't buy groceries, he doesn't know what to do, he's in the tears every day. you look at cuba, you look at haiti and see the political turmoil they're in, i mean, americans have to realize that we are so lucky to be in this great land and it's the reason why people from all over the world are flocking to be here. i pray for the cuban people and i hope that this nation continues to pray for them. todd: jack brewer, as always, great to have you on the program. looking to seeing you a lot more especially as football season approaches and our giants are potentially somewhat good this year. jack, as always a, thanks. ashley: thanks, jack. >> go blue. ashley: time now is 20 after 4:00 on the east coast. coming up, the gop voting laws in techses passed another major
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>> it made me realize that we do in fact have a real crisis and americans know that i think intuitively but to see it is alarming. todd: tennessee governor bill lee discussing his eye opening trip to the border. he met with the tennessee national guard who are assisting with border security. there's been a surge in attempted and apprehended crossings as well as a rise in crime. he is asking for an increase in priority of border enforcement.
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ashley: gop led house and senate committees in texas advanced them toward full chamber vote, the measure bans drive-through and 24 hour voting options and restricts voting applications to request mail-in ballots. democrats blocked similar legislation in may when they walked out in protest during the regular legislative session. texas attorney general ken paxton will join us in the next hour to discuss these voting security laws. trey gowdy is calling out democrats for their sout outrage over -- their outrage over voter id laws. take a listen. >> if government is willing to provide you with an identification card free of charge and all you have to do is he show that identification so we can make sure you are who you purport to be, how can that possibly be motivated by racial
1:26 am
annums and what a difference a month makes. now some of those same voices on the left claim they never really opposed voter id. some of those same democrats don't have any problem showing an id to vote. turns out it wasn't racist after all a. turns out it's only racist when we suggest it but not when they suggest it. you probably haven't gotten your apology yet. ashley: vice president kamala harris is facing backlash for suggesting voter id laws wouldn't work for rural voters. coming up this hour, two voters from a rural texas county join us live to respond. todd: dozens of billionaires fly their carbon emitting private jets to an annual idaho summit to discuss climate change. sources say the air space was so congested the faa temporarily banned planes on the west coast
1:27 am
from taking off. key attendees included jeff bezos, mark zuckerberg and bill gates. critics calling the billionaires hypocrites. ashley: i can see that. wildlife officials go to great heights to restock rural lakes. todd: airplanes dump thousands of fish from the air into the lake. ashley: the utah division of wildlife say because of the small size they fluter down -- flutter down slowly into the water. i want to know who came up with this idea for that to work. i would think they would -- todd: they flutter. coming up, are they ignoring the science, california schools breaking from cdc guidance requiring masks for students and staff even if the they've been
1:28 am
vaccinated. ashley: two california parents who are taking a stand against the policies join us next. ♪
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ashley: porch sending senior officials to haiti after its president is assassinated, the team includes members of the national security council and departments of state justice and homeland security. the pentagon spokesman, john kirby, says the u.s. wants to avoid a potential power struggle. take a listen. >> i don't know that we're at a point now where we can say definitively that our national security is being put at risk by what's happening there but clearly we value our haitian partners, we value stability and security in that country and that's why we want to send a team down there today to help them get their arms around exactly what happened and what's the best way forward. ashley: it comes as police accuse the haitian born florida
1:32 am
doctor of being a key figure behind the assassination. and 90 people now confirmed dead as the collapse -- that condo collapse in surfside florida. officials say the latest victims include three small children. 31 people are still missing. cleanup at the site is going faster than expected and could be done in a matter of weeks. more than 14 million pounds of he debris has been cleared. meanwhile, miami-dade fire rescue holding a water sendoff for the crew that helped with recovery efforts. a small ceremony was held, thanking the israeli team for working 12 hour shifts for nearly two weeks. todd: ignoring the science, california schools will require students and staff to wear masks this fall, breaking with new cdc guidance that says vaccinated individuals do not need them. joining me now to react, the three who started the reopen california schools facebook
1:33 am
page, jonathan and sharon. thank you for being here. jonathan, first question to you. why does california think it needs harsher mask rules than the other 49 states? >> you know, it's a very good question. just when you thought that california couldn't be more cruel to its kids in k-12 education, here we are. we do believe that teachers unions do play a part in this. we know they have made comments praising these rules but the science isn't there. we have california medical experts saying that with current vaccination rates, current hospitalizations and natural immunity, that our kids do not need to be masked. and so it begs the question about why is our health department prescribing the same solution to all kids, regardless of the circumstances. todd: sharon, one of your sons actually stopped going to school because of the requirement to wear masks for him and for his classmates and teachers.
1:34 am
what is forced mask wearing doing to our kids, not just in california, but nationwide? >> well, it's not a miner inconvenience, it's a harmful imposition that as a parent and educator, i can tell you it's hurting their mental, physical, academic and social health and let them breathe actually agrees with cdph on one thing. we do think all children should be treated the same and no one should be singled out based on their vaccination status. we don't feel good about the cdc's recommendation. however, we really don't feel good about what cdph is doing as far as their implementation. the best way for all children to be treated equally is for all of them to be able to make that choice, to unmask if they want to, share their smiles and engage in their education without that impediment of a face covering. todd: it's all about choice, all about parental freedom and choice. let's take a look at the new cdc school guidance that we're referencing, masks should be
1:35 am
worn by all individuals age 2 and older who are not fully vaccinated, three feet of physical distance between students, implement better ventilation, encourage hand washing etiquette, et cetera. jonathan, if you were drafting california's mask policies, what would they be? >> what we would do is what sharon said. i think you would have mask choice. those that feel comfortable wearing a mask should be able to wear a mask and those that don't feel comfortable should not. so that's key there. you could still have basic mitigations, keeping the spacing that most schools can in california. you can encourage hand washing, stay home if you're sick, not feeling well. basic mitigation strategies that don't impede on education and don't require masking. todd: sharon, we have focused on the nuts and bolts of this issue, this controversy thus far in this segment. i want to get to the
1:36 am
emotionalling being a parent. how tough it is to watch your kids and other kids, quite frankly, have to go through this? >> it's awful. it's absolutely heart-breaking and to hear such flippant things being put forward, like saying that masking is simple and effective and doesn't interfere with an in-person education, we know that simply is not true and that's why i founded let them breathe and so many parents have joined so quickly. we have over 10,000 members involved and it's just growing every single day which just shows you how many parents are just heart-broken over what they're seeing with their students, their academic learning, their social skills, their mental health and that's why we've been advocating tirelessly. here's an example of how kids feel about it. we have boxes -- i'm sorry, go ahead. todd: we can see it. >> you can? i didn't know if it was in the camera. great. we have boxes of smiley face
1:37 am
petitioning that students are putting their names on and we've just been trying to do everything that we can to get it across the cdph, the kids need to be able to unmask. todd: jonathan and sharon, keep us posted on your fight, obviously all eyes continue to be on california and their rules and regulations. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. todd: ashley. ashley: thanks, todd. the world anti-doping agent skiy responds to aoc after she calls the decision to suspend carry richardson racist. in a letter, the agency says while we sympathize with the circumstances of this case and applaud ms. richardson's accountability for accepting that the rules are in place for athletes worldwide. the organization plays a coordinating role in the development and publication of the prohibited list. and england fails to bring soccer home against italy in the european cup final.
1:38 am
it was after scoring in the second minute. england sat back and let italy equalize and take the moment in penalties. >> he's going to score here to keep this alive. and he does it! and italy are champions of europe! ashley: the italians win the shoot-out 3-2 for the first title since 1968 and they did it in front of thousands of heart-broken brits, live in london. including 7-year-old prince george who was excited for englanded opening goal but in the end he need todd be consoled by william and kate. no matter who you are, if you're 7 and you're that excited, even if you are prince george, which need to be consoled too. todd: i think we'll need to console stuart varney today. he won't be very happy. novak djokovic making history wimbledon.
1:39 am
>> he has done it. major title number 20. todd: djokovic won his 20th grand slam title. very good at tennis. ashley: time right now, 4:39 on the east coast. pro freedom protests in cuba are gaining support from some u.s. lawmakers but self proclaimed socialist democrat senator bernie sanders isn't one of them. plus -- >> it doesn't matter what the name is, i take everybody very seriously. so i want to have the resources and the backing of a lot of people across the state of texas. todd: this is getting real. texas governor greg abbott addressing reports that matthew mcconaughey wants to take his job. carley shimkuss has the trending stories next. there's matty and there's
1:40 am
shimki. ♪ because i want to be a cowboy, baby. ♪ cowboy, baby
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ashley: welcome back. as thousands of cuban protesters take to the street and demand an end to the country's communist dictatorship, u.s. lawmakers are speaking out in solidarity with their demonstrations. todd: senator person ben who previously defendedded some policies of fidel castro is noticeably silent. carley shimkus is here with more. hey, carley. carley: good morning, guys. thousands of protesters in cuba joined in over the weekend, demanding a change to the system in the communist country. many lawmakers here in the u.s. speaking out in solidarity with demonstrators but vermont senator bernie sanders has yet to issue a statement, this after he defended fidel castro during the presidential election.
1:44 am
take a look. >> we're very opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba. fidel castro has a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing? carley: a spokesperson for sanders did not immediately return fox news' request for comment on the current situation in cuba. ashley: and then texas governor greg abbott is addressing the potential challenge from matthew mcconaughey. carley: he that's right. he certainly did. he says he will treat potential challenger matthew mcconaughey just like any other political rifle. take a -- rival. take a look. todd: that's not matthew. .carley: luckily, i do have wht
1:45 am
governor abbott said. he said this on fox news sunday. he said it doesn't matter what the name is, i take everybody very seriously, and this after matthew mcconaughey is just one point behind governor abbott in a recent poll. so kind of neck and neck in texas on that front, guys. .todd: and meantime, the left s the reason we can't have nice things. carley: talking about richard branson, he became the first billionaire in space. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i was a child with a dream, looking up to the stars. you now i'm an adult in a space ship. carley: they experienced zero gravity, the whole thing. he spent the morning with fellow billionaire elon musk. jeff bezos wished him well on twitter. you're looking at a tweet from
1:46 am
bernie sanders right now. not everybody on the left is on-board with this billionaire in space thing. bernie sanders wrote here on earth in the richest country on the planet half our people live paycheck to paycheck, people are struggling to feed themselves, struggling to see a doctor but, hey, the richest guys in the world are out in outer space, yes, it's time to tax the billionaires. todd: he didn't return our request for comment but keep in mind, the stuff that we're learning through these missions is going to help the entire planet because we're learning more and more about space with each one of these journeys so that's an ignorant comment by mr. sanders. that's all i have to say. do you have anything? ashley: i'm going to let it breathe. todd: wrap it up, shim cuss. thank you very much -- shimkus. thank you very much. kamala harris facing backlash after saying voter id laws would not work for rural voters. >> people who live in rural communities, there's no kinkos
1:47 am
or office max near them. todd: when's the last time you went to a kinkos or office max. now rural communities are speaking up. ashley: we're talking to two texas ranchers about the impact the vice president's words have, stick around for that. ♪ don't speak i know just what you're saying. ♪ so please stop explaining. ♪ don't tell me because it hurts. ♪ don't speak. ♪ hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? “buickenvision2021.” oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. [all together] me too. - hey. - you really outdid yourself. yes, we did. the all-new buick envision. an suv built around you...
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customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ashley: critics are blasting vice president kamala harris for these remarks on rural voters. take a listen. >> so you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your id to send it in to prove you are who
1:51 am
you are. well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people in rural communities, there's no kinkos, there's no office max near them. of course, people have to prove who they are but not in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to prove who they are. ashley: joining me now to discuss are two texas rancher owners. jill let and robert smith. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. ashley: you heard vp harris talk about how people who live in rural areas, they don't have kinkos or any place to go and make copies of anything. can you guys explain a little bit of where you live and what's around you? >> yes. we live in east texas in jefferson. we have certain things around us, eating places, those type things, that's what we have
1:52 am
around. ashley: go ahead. >> we live in rural texas. ashley: rural texas. were these remarks that the vice president made, were they offensive to you at all, living in rural texas? >> yes, because we're out here doing business every day as ranchers, we go biochemicals, we -- buy chemicals, we make bank deposits, everything we do has to have id. so it's nothing unusual for us to have original photo ids. >> and that is -- ashley: go on. >> that is no problem to have an original id. anything you do in today's world you must have an original id. write a check, cash a check, go to walmart. people that are on food stamps and welfare, to go apply for a
1:53 am
job, you have to have an id to rent a house,. ashley: you guys are with us this morning on national television. i've want to t get to ted cruz's tweet. it says because you know country folks don't have electricity, much less access to smartphones, they're too busy running moon shine and sliding on the hood of their cars. what's your reaction to the tweet in response to vp harris. >> that's great. we had a storm last night and we lost -- we are on the standby generator talking to you guys right now in new york city. that's kind of crazy. ashley: of course it was a joke tweet, obviously there was sarcasm in that. you mentioned also that you have to have an id to do everyday things that you guys do, even living on a ranch and owning a
1:54 am
ranch. do you think that it is appropriate for anyone to say that there's no need for voter id because, i mean, you have to have one, why shouldn't everyone else. >> that that is correct. everyone has to have an original copy of an id. that is a crazy, absurd statement that she made and i guarantee you, she has to have an original copy of an id for anything she does. to biochemicals for the ranch, you must have an original id. ashley: i have one final question for you. do you think this is showing how out-of-touch the the democrats are with rural americans and fly overstates. >> the democrats are so out-of-touch with everybody in america, it's ridiculous. ashley: do you want to leave it there? >> they think farmers and
1:55 am
ranchers in rural areas are -- >> that think we're all stupid, i guess. i don't know. >> farmer are very smart, very wise and work very hard and always have to have original ids. if someone doesn't have -- ashley: my dad was a farmer. thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. appreciate it. todd: i love the no excuses, getting the generator up so they could get on tv. meantime, we have a jam packed 5:00 hour, joe concha and ken paxton join us live when "fox & friends first" on a monday morning returns after the break. ♪
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ashley: it is monday, july 1st. president biden will meet with community and law enforcement leaders to address america's crime crisis. guns remain a central focus but what about the criminals using them or the calls to defund america's police departments. we're live in d.c. todd: protesters fill the streets of cuba, demanding an end to the country's dictatorship and with the democrats policies skewing further to threat, comerica -- further to the left, could america become the next failed experiment. ashley: richard branson is back on earth after his trip, the first leap towards space travel. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ everybody get up. ♪ we've got a real thing going now.
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