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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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courtroom. and fair for everyone. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, i hope you have a great week ahead, good night from south carolina. life, liberty and levin is up next. ♪ ♪ love will keep us together ♪ ♪ -- ♪ ♪ mark: hello america welcome to a special editionry of "life, liberty and levin," i am mark levin, this show, and several future shows, i'll take you on a journey, the sort of thing that is not typically done on television, in a few days by
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book, "american marxism" will be released and available to you. it is the most important book that i have written, my 9th book. it is most important, we're not looking to the abyss as a nation, we're in the abyss. the question is how do we get out of it. "american marxism." the goal is to unmask what is taking place in this country, whether public schools, colleges, universities, government, and push for critical race theory in our culture. the war on capitalism, they call climate change. it say degrowth movement. "american marxism" the title will offend a lot of people, in particular the marxists, for marxists? see these books? this is probably 5% of the books
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that i i have, that i have been reading for last two years about what has been going on in our classrooms in the colleges and universities, who has been promoting it. it ise not like it is a secret. they take place, we have not been paying attention. now throughout the culture, whether newsrooms, entertainment, academia, the democrat party -- this ideology what i call "american marxism" has been spawned from marxism. it has been americanized, used to try to use our differences. our imperfecttions to exploit them and drive this ideology. for example. -- in education, by jean anyon, she is no longer with us. critical race theory.
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richard delgado. joy reef does not think that marxism is part of critical rare theory and for the phonies who say it is not being taught in elementary and secondary schools, it is. here from anyon . and is everyone really equal. they are serious books, written by so-called serious scholars, frontiers in social movement, theory. don't mind my poses. foundations of critical race theory and education. second edition. in case you missed first. history of the frank forth fran. the breaking of social contract. by cloward and herbert marcuse,
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the big daddy of american marxism. he was in germany at the time that hitler took over, he thought that the communist should have been able to take over, he was disappointed. this confounded him. he escapes nazi germany, he comes to america. he is an integrate, he is a tenured professor at 3 top universities in our country, pushing communism and the over throw of the american system. an essay of liberation, counter revolution and revolt, one dimensional, man, marcuse, he is the "big daddy" behind critical
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theory that franklin school that i was talking about. all of his writings, do you know what a concluded from it? what a complete lightweight, that is what the man was and is. the breaking of social -- what else? we have little pieces. navigating borders, critical race theory reseen occupied america. a history of chicanos, do you know who is occupying america? you are the american is the according to books like this. many others gender and sexuality, deep discusses and howte they intersect with climae change and critical race theory. and the quest for environmental justice, human rights and equality. this whole effort climate change, green new deals about
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degrowth. why do you think they want to shut down our energy system? for so-called solar power, farewell to growth, degrowth, a vocabulary for a new era. what is critical environmental justice? political theory and global climate change. climate crisis and the global green new deal. wow. journalism, a whole new school of journalism that has developed, perhaps you never heard of it what are journalists for? written by professor rosen. a great admirer of john dewey, early progressive at beginning of last century, i'll get to. public journal implement what ig public journalism, what is that?
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public journalism and public life. what is that? more on public journalism, it is journalism social activism. one of their heroes, is john dewey. he wrote a lot. one of the early progressive, progressivism is the progeny of marxism. if you read these then, you would know this, if people say the marxist stuff, no trust me, dewey's dream, dewey experience and education. this is the man who destroyed public edtationo -- education, liberalism and social action. john dewey, and the decline of american education. individualism, old and new. john dewey. i had to read all this stuff.
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10 times the aim to right -- amount to write "american marxism," i started this book 16 months ago, i finished it a month ago. i broke it down this way. it is here. what is here? critical race theory. critical theory, critical immigration theory. and what is climate change? it is the degrowth movement that was imported to united states transgenderism, all of a sudden it is appearing. but the foundation for these movements, american marxist movements is off chutes from marxism have been in place for decades, they are just now appearing in a big way. i want to read you a few things from the book. americanoo marxism that will gie you some perspective. i cannot read the whole book, it is over 300 pages.
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400 end notes, here is my hope. not self serving either. over 200 thousand people read thomas payne's book. it had a impact on a future. my hope is that "american marxism" will have the same kind of impact so we can claw our way back out of the abyss, take back our classrooms, take back our economic system, and take back our borders, regardless of your faith, back ground, race, color, if you love this country, we need to galvanize and unite and we need a movement, not sporadic
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individuals, taking on this group or that group, we node to push back -- we need to push back, nonviolent. but we need to push back. i have this book broken down in the chapters it is here. chapter 2. breeding mobs, they are being bred, chapter three, hate america inc. and chapter 4 racism, genderrism and marxism. 5 climate change. chapter 6. propaganda, then in chapter 7. what do we do about this? we choose liberty, i provide a number of ideas, as i did at the end of liberty and tyranny. the conservative manifesto, we choose liberty, push back. i am hoping when you acquire the book, you will take it one page, one chapter at a time, i think you will find it compelling and
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intriguing, you will be in a position to confront and so many different ways what is going on in this country, right now i guess for most of us it is swirling around, frustrating us, we scratch our heads, we talk to family and friends, we say what the hell is happening to our country. >> when we come back, i am demonstrate a little bit where it iss coming from, and where it is going, we'll be right back. ♪ welcome to allstate, ♪ ♪are you down, d-d-down, d-d-down, d-d-down♪ where we're driving down the cost of insurance. ♪ ♪ are you down, down♪ ♪d-down, down? are you♪ drivers who switched saved over $700. ♪ allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less.
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mark: welcome back america. so as wee continue this journey, one step at a time and i think it will be useful. and in my book, "american marxism" i start the hate america inc. chapter. >> "new york times" of all publications, education i writer barringer penned:
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>> >> way back in 1989. even a writer for the "new york times," recognized what was going on in this country. >>
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mark: the report goes on to say: >> in 1989, at the time of the article's publication, the thieves of a radical fringe ideology critical theory, by weaponizing the culture against itself began the early bloom of the american landscape with little public notice, bear en bear en.>> that is the assault n american history. institutions and city digs. or the dominant white culture if you will, including by her own
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employer, publisher, the "new york times," in scenes as 1619 project, she writes: mark: thus, folks the war on the traditional teaching of history begins its change, through out academia, we can't trust what has been written, it has been written by the biased individuals who are too pro america, and later will see they are white, so nothing can be trusted. it goes on:
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>> while barringer's expose is quite accurate and consequences of multi-- are manifested today. the so-called brash marxist still exists. their numbers are growing on campus and throughout the society, culture and government. folks, i said it would be a journey, one piece at a time. when we come back, you see what they wrote. many years ago, about what is
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going on our college campuses, it happened, now they have a theory intersectionality, the different marxist movements from marxism, intersection, become a collective, in order to take on the existing society. to take on the existing culture, to devour it.
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>> welcome to fox news live in
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washington space tourism is one spend closer, after branson's flight was successful. the crafts was launched from a plane. >> thousands of cubans march in havana to protest food shortages, high prices and the government's handling of the coronavirus, cuba is suffering through one of the worst economic periods in decades. >> and texas republicans face opposition from democrats at a special legislative session, a bill they claim will hurt communities of color. now back to "life, liberty and levin" for your headlines log on to
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mark: welcome back, accuse you can see, i am discusses education a lot. even before we get to the critical race theory -- base or a foundation was set to enable teacher unions to secrete themselves into the system to promote their agenda, this is a step by step process. we will get to what we do about it, but we have to know what has taken place to figure out how to unravel it. you heard me mention john dewey and his impact on public education. his role in alter drag additional purpose -- altering the practical purpose of education, into a social activist movement is manifested throughout education today, i
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quote him: >> >> this is the man who had the greatest influence on public education and the way he changed it. >> why sit around and wait for theic capitalist to determine wt kind of socialism we'll have,
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let us grab hold of the system, we'll determine that. he was a fan of the soviet union, and so-called educational system or massive propaganda efforts. sound familiar? he visited communist rejeum regimeunder stalin and wrote ine training will state of russia, chief significant chances to mental and moral, change that is taking place. that while in the end this trans formation is to be a means to economic and political change for the presents it is the other way, the considering is equivlen to saying that import of all institutions is educational in the broad sense. of their effects on disposition and attitude, their funk is to create havoc so persons will act
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cooperatively and collectively. in capitalistic countries where they act individualistically, we cannot have free thought. i point out. here is one founding fathers of america's progressive movement. lectures aboutgr science and region, praising the force brain washing of russian population under the brutal regime of stalin. keep in mind, dewey remains central inin so-called modern progressive movement in academia and elsewhere. he continued: >>
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>> john dewey. mr. public education in america. john dewey, one of the great heroes of the public journalism school of thought, says use these schools for indoctrination to advance the government's agenda, praising stalin, by 1928, everyone knew who stalin was, one of the founding fathers of the progressive movement. this is not academic. they have reached deep into american society, you see on television parents pushing back against critical race theory or
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transgenderism taught to 8 and 9-year-olds or the fanatics anticapitalists, dressed up as anticlimate change. marxism it is not a coincidence that one of the things that joy reed did on m-- sniece as fast as m she could. she is a bigot given her posts on social media they tried to wipe out, but, she ran to the defense of critical race theory saying, people are saying it based on marxism, ladies and gentlemen, you have to be an ignore amos or illiterate to not know it is based on marxism, the people who wroteo it were open marxists, everyone who read its
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knows it, now we get propaganda from the usual corrupt media sources. on one hand they say, push it all we're doing is teaching history, slavery and racism, on other hand we're saying we're not teaching that all we're doing is teaching american history, they are liars, it is not just racism. think of lou farrakhan, anti-white, individual, he is a separatist and nationalist, that is critical race theory dresses up as a scholarship. that is farrakhan. the ultimate goal is a marxist-oriented society, why do you think that founders of black
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lives matter are open about their marxism, antifa is a marxist organization, bernie sanders can say he say democrat socialist all he wants, he sure as hell sounds like a american marxist. all this stuff about class warfare, these are models of karlrs marx, not in every detail technical this is the americanization of it. because i am saying these, the very people who promote them, defend and celebrate them will attack me and this program. here is a warning to you. ignore them. they are the problem. these are the people we need to overcome. to claw back and take our society back, our freedom back. our unrights back, i'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, i am here with the great bob woodson, i have known, good lord, bob, 40 years, bob was in air force, bob was involved in civil right move. he founded woodson center. and he has started this organization, 1776 unite. you know, bob woodson, you spend your entire life trying to help others. and you have been in the inner-cities in communities, in the neighborhoods. you met the people, looking for solutions, you are working within the system and capitalism, you have nothing but respect for this nation's founding imperfecttions, every nation has them, some are bigger than others.
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and you are watching groups like black lives matter, you are watching the media, you are watching this administration. they are tearing the country to pieces. what is, after all these years of trying to build up the inner-cities, seeing the riots, what goes through your mind. >> all of this sacrifices that dr. king and many of the people who died in the civil rights movement, they were fighting for inclusion. this was a revolution of inclusion. and dr. king said, we must as a minority help america live up to its promise in the constitution. dr. king sought inclusion, he also said we all be judged by our character, we were looking
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for an opportunity to compete, we were successful. we as blacks, we were successful because we were following the founding a of -- foundation was based on what the foundation of the nation, faith, family, self determination. that black america was never defined by oppression or slavery for jim crow, but people today in the name of social justice for blacks, have really hijacked that rich legacy of civil are using america's birth defects of slavery as a bludgeon against the country, it is destroying the people, they say they are trying to help. so, what we are -- we believe that the answer is to put up or shut up, the question are you promoting racial grievance, critical case theory. what did you the future look
8:40 pm
like, what would it look like if youha follow this doctrine, we have examples the woodson center to rebuild low income communities that are overcome with drugs and violent, but it must be restored from the inside out. and so we believe that we got the track record, that the way you undermine those who are trying to destroy this country is to provide the means for the people to speak for themselves. columnist, bill raspberry outlined in find me a child with confidence and determination, i will find a success, find a white child without confidence and determination, i will show that you child's future, opportunities given to him will not spell success and
8:41 pm
opportunities denied to the black boy will not cause him to fail. this is the fundamental foundation that we must rebuild this country. and i believe that low income blacksow are the new patriots because everything is being done in the name of helping them. they are pushing back against those who will defund the police, the voices of black mothers united. they lost their children to violence. they are the ones who are stepping up saying we want to support the police, mark, we must really give voice to those who are suffering directly the problems of this violence and chaos, let them speak for themselves and let them expel the race mongers. let them be the cleansing agents to push back against this assault on the nation. >> are so right bob woodson, but
8:42 pm
these people of which you speaker never given a camera, or a microphone, as if they don't exist in big media and big tech and democrat party, because it does not serve their purpose, they are rejecting americanism, the so-called elites. they are rejecting the principles that make freedom and opportunity and success possible. they are preventing school choice, and economic competition in the inner-cities, they are preventing the ability of loewen force am -- law enforcement to takenf drugs -- thug, criminals off the street and killing fellow minorities in the name of what? the people who doo this democrat party, and democrat cities, and so forth, they claim that represent the very people who aree being abov -- impoverished
8:43 pm
and brutalized is that a problem. >> is the problem. but the question is what is the path forward, it will not be done by engaging in debate with the other side, we have to demonstrate by our actions going -- to institutions of school, 110-year-old black boarding school only takes in children at high-risk families, and over the years, they have mandatory chapel, mandatory work. 96%or of these kids graduate and go to college and live successful lives. there is an example of a pathway from above ter to prosperity -- poverty to prosperity, we mist t make sure that actions exemplify the american values should be most prosperous. mark: well said, we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america, bob wwoodson. >> what do you said to the groups who receive millions and
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attention, not just black lives matter and other organizations, who don't hang around after the action is over to help with schools, with h poverty and that thing. they leave the communities for most part. they reorganize and push their agenda. which has to do with over throwing the system. >> i think we say, i believe that experience always trumps an argument. that when -- if you want to prove a points, we should take. what we do there are models we have in washington d.c., over a 10 year period, a toxic troubled public housing development kennel worth parks here. 680 kids, in 10 years went to college, they drove the drug dealers out, produced job,
8:49 pm
welfarism went down, marriage increased. there have been models of moral and spiritual excellence where people in the community apply all values to -- old values to a new vision. they exemplify that but they are in isolation, we need to embrace what they have done, talk about it, do movies about it we must promote examples, people want to see a sermon, they don't want to hear more about sermons. if you want to convince people of the righteousness of the cause, of the soundness of the virtues and values of the nation, we must do as jesus did that is heal in the present of people and then say to doubters go back and report who you have seen. the woodson should center has enough models on ground of moral
8:50 pm
and spiritual excellence that exemplifies what chuck swan dell wrote about. we are in charge of our attitude, it is more important than the past, than education, than circumstances. than any other thing that people would say or do about us. in other words it is character that is st represents the principal means by which people excel and move from poverty to prosperity. it is on the foundation of america's founding values and virtues, it is that foundation that has caused people to propel, move from poverty to prosperity, we must elevate them and make them the spokesperson against the naysayers who are profiting from the death of blacks in these cities, and
8:51 pm
their despair. these are prophets of despair. mark: let me ask you question, have you been contacted by anyone in b the biden administration to share your models withh them, so they might consider promoting that kind of america. versus the kind of america they seem to be promoting? >> no, they have not. nor have they been able to answer how in-- ending institutional racism will address the challenges facing the inner-cities, we have 400 people murdered over 4th of july weekend in -- 150 people murdered and 400 shot. the question is, how dozening institutional racism address that problem. there is nothing that i think it was james baldwin said when white people learn to love other white people there will not be a black problem, means that whites door willing to accept the charge they are guilty of up
8:52 pm
institutional racism, i think that is fueling the violence. if both cases, it is destructive. but the challenge of it must come from the people in whose name people are saying they are taking this action. that is why the woodson center concentrates on empowering those whose lives exemplify the best of the virtues and principles and values of this nation. mark: are you optimistic or pessimistic about the next 5 or 10 years. >> i am optimistic, because i have to b be. we have come too far as a nation to turn back. there is snow other place in the -- there is no other place in the world like america. it civilization fails here it fails all over the world.
8:53 pm
people of color are risking their lives to get here. and i am determined to spend the rest of my life, rescuing this country from itself, i am hopeful, so many of my grassroots leaders, their thrives e. -- lives exemplify a pathway from poverty to prosperity, i am optimistic, i have to be, david fought goliath and i know who won that fight. mark: as long as people engage, i am optimistic too, that is the found, bob woodson thank you very much and bless you. >> god bless you too mark. mark: we'll be right back.
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>> for the greatest man who ever lived in america more for civil liberties and civil rights and anybody alive today. abraham lincoln, frederick douglass, ulysses s grant, martin luther king junior would be appalled to what's going on in this country today. not one of them, none of them believed in overturning this society. not one rejected the independent on - - declaration of independence they would cited over and over. why should they? one rejected the constitution of the united states they all embraced every single one. abraham lincoln lost his life, martin luther king lost his life. ulysses it as grant led the forces of the confederacy in
8:59 pm
the democratic party which insisted on slavery, segregation and separation. yet i hear the same thing over and over. separation, segregation. and the marxist left how they demean lincoln and frederick douglass. and demean martin luther king what you mean a colorblind society? all of the civil rights activist and movements and supreme court decisions. all they did was enshrined the white dominant society. it is now bleeding into our classroom supported by the teachers union in media no link in are ulysses s grant black lives matter are no martin luther king jr. or frederick douglass this is a
9:00 pm
great country it is a magnificent country. look at the border people pouring over from every corner of the world to escape their countries and culture. it's a nation worth defending that so my book american marxism about that's what the s about. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: former president trump on stage at cpac a short time ago. >> we will take back the house. we will take back the senate. and after everything that has gone wrong in such a short period of time with our borders, with our economy, crime, we will take back the glorious white house. steve: much more later. welcome to "the next revolution"


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