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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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arthel: the road to 2024 winds through dallas, texas, today. former president trump is set to take the stage this hour at the conservative political action conference. we'll take you there as soon as he hits the stage. welcome to a brand new hour of "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. cpac is also about to release the results from its latest straw poll. that'll happen in the next few minutes. thousands of attendees there have been voting all weekend on who they'd like to see run for president. among the potential names,
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desantis, nome, pompeo, pence, and the former president who called in to "sunday morning futures" ahead of his speech in a few minutes, and he says he has made up his blind about running. >> -- mind about running. >> well, i do know my answer, but i can't reveal it yet because that has to do with campaign financing and everything else. you know that. but i absolutely know my answer, and we're going to do very well, and people are going to be very happy. eric: well, he may say more about that in a few moments. casey strigl live in dallas -- steigel live in dallas, what can we expect? >> reporter: it's hard to say if he'll elaborate further on that comment here at the cpac convention, although it's unlikely at this point. eric, you did mention that straw poll. it's a 20-question survey, and registered attendees of the conference are encouraged to complete it. and it not only includes a mix of policy-based questions, but it also tries to gauge how well
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received, in fact, some people are in the conservative party. back in february at the orlando cpac convention, 68% of that crowd said, yes, they did want donald trump to run for president again in 2024. meantime, south dakota governor kristi noem, well, she has been very, very well received at this cpac conference in texas. she has spent a great deal of time discussing how she would handle the situation differently at our southern border. listen. >> i'd give the resources down there to make sure it's secure. i would insure that they have the resources to not let illegals into this country, that we would continue to enforce our laws. >> reporter: do you approve or disapprove of the job donald trump did as president, that is another question on that straw poll survey as it, as is how
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strongly people either agree or disagree that voter fraud was involved in the 2020 election. organizers say that some 4,000 people have trickled through this conference over the last few days, so that would be the number of people that are voting in this poll. the voting is done through the cpac app on your phone differently than an actual voting booth like they had in orlando. there were some authentication type things in place so that they, you know, it was a little bit more official and that no one could log on and take the survey multiple times. so we are awaiting those results any minute now. arthel, eric? eric: casey, i'll take it, and we'll get those results to our viewers as soon as we get them, so stand by, folks, for the results on the cpac poll. meanwhile, casey, there are some big names who are not attending the event this year. >> reporter: that's right.
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texas governor greg abbott is not here at this conference, either is senator ted cruz. and, you know, they are certainly big names in the gop and since it is here in their own backyard in texas, you know, some people have been talking about that. governor abbott said that he wanted to stay behind in austin because, as you well know, he called a special legislative session that got underway last thursday, and he's also been meeting with border sheriffs talking about the southern border. so he was going to elect to stay behind in austin, and he made that announcement ahead of time. as far as senator ted cruz, they say that he had a family engagement prior to this cpac being scheduled. remember, as we talked about yesterday, eric, as you well know, cpac is usually a one-time-only conference, once a year, usually in february, usually somewhere with in the beltway. so this is unusual for us to have a second cpac conference in
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one year's time. and if it was, plans were sort of made at the last minute, if you will, and senator cruz said that he had always had a standing commitment prior to this. but also vice president, former vice president mike pence is not here, other large superstars, if you will, in the gop world. but again, a pretty good showing for people here in texas considering they just had one of these conferences again in february, and this is timed perfectly for the midterms next year. eric. eric: all right, casey. we're awaiting the former president's speech. we'll bring that to you and also that poll as soon as we get it. arthel: okay, right now we're going to bring in "wall street journal" associate editor john bussey, also a fox news contributor. while we wait for the results of that poll, john, i want to ask you what -- can we expect new talking points from former president trump? >> well, if you are expecting a
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new agenda from the president, he really hasn't had one since 2016. i think what you're going to hear are some familiar talking points. one, there'll be a fair amount of personal grievance about having lost the election in 2020. he still maintains almost nine months on that he didn't lose it which is, of course, false. republican governors, republican judges, democratic judges, the supreme court, his own department of justice said that there was no fraud significant enough to change the results. so i think that you're still going to hear that drum beat because it plays well with this crowd, and he likes the applause lines. but you may also kind of hear the beginnings of a discussion around topics that appeal to those voters who do not have a college education that were pretty strong for president trump even in the last election. and those would be around culture issues, kind of culture
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wars, immigration, reform of police departments, those topic that is we've herald from the -- heard from the president before but have played well with that base. arthel: not to say they're not legitimate concerns, but are they more fear-based versus progress for those very people with whom those talking points register and resonate? >> well, see, that's an interesting point because i think at a certain point an electorate is looking for something new. what do you have for me if i vote for you. and we really didn't hear that. that was kind of a problem for the president in the 200 election. he really -- 2020 election. he really didn't have a fresh agenda, and that didn't play really well as well as some of for contentiousness that was fomented that he just wouldn't let go of. it didn't appeal specifically to suburban voters. so how is the president and republicans and cpac there going
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to regain a foothold with moderate republicans who decamped the republican party and voted democrat in 2020. you don't see a lot of fresh ideas. and the headwind for the president and for the republicans at cpac is that the economy is doing pretty well, and that is always top of mind and the top of the list for voters going into the next election. the economy looks like it's going to be surging through to the end of this year, and the midterm, tone for the midterms will be probably set during that period. arthel: still, the former president is holding out hope to return to the white house in 20 24. but you've got other prominent republicans who might jump into the race. you're talking about ron desantis who did not attend cpac in dallas as he's dealing with the tragedy in his home state of florida. mike pence, mike pompeo, nikki haley, ted cruz. of those names, john, who would you say is in the best position to become the next gop
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presidential nominee if it's not going to be trump? >> well, interestingly in the straw poll in february at cpac, desantis came in second. and he has managed to -- we have a piece on this on right now -- he's managed to do things that president trump had a harder time doing which is to appeal to some moderate republicans in his own state. so the republicans are looking to him and saying, well, maybe this is the model that we want to use in the next election. after all, we came into the 2016 election controlling the, you know, after 2016 we controlled the white house and both us houses of congress, and when the president left, we were left with none of those things. so we need to have a candidate who appeals to the middle ground as well. but that's the big issue at cpac -- arthel: it is. >> is the president going to crowd out the next generation of republican leadership. that's, that's going to be what we should be watching.
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at this meeting and in the weeks to come. arthel: well, let's get a sample because right now we're going to dip in to hear the results of the cpac straw poll which does give us an idea who's appealing to the conservative party. >> -- portion of the straw poll. thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you, naomi. we'll turn it over to our pollsters now, ryan and travis, from coefficient. fellas? >> we have some really interesting data. i'm sure you're all eagerly anticipating the results. thank you so much for participating. first slide here, we asked what are the most important issues. ryan, why don't you give them the results. >> absolutely. the top three selected by over half of you were voter id-election integrity -- [applause] constitutional right, as if those things were different, and finally, immigration and border walls, securing america. [applause]
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second slide will come as potentially no surprise to anyone in this room. this is joe biden's approval rating -- >> it was close. >> -- among these people. [cheers and applause] now, worth noting, 3% of you graciously only said they somewhat disapprove. that's right. >> they were gracious. >> we're going to work on that for our next event, folks. i want the remind everybody these next two questions, we asked it in two different ways because we don't know. what if donald trump gets into the 2024 presidential race, and what if he doesn't. so we asked it two ways. one without him on the ballot and then one with him on the ballot. first one we're going to do is without donald trump. this is the scenario where he says, no, i'm not going to run. tell us what it looks like, fellas. >> go ahead, ryan. >> ron desantis, 68%.
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[cheers and applause] secretary pompeo at 5 and donald trump jr. at 4. >> and now let's take a look at what it looks like if donald trump is in the race for 2024. >> we -- are we ready? if 70%. [cheers and applause] it was not close. 21%. go ahead. >> all right. and finally, we asked an approval question of donald trump. across the conference there was very, very little disagreement. with a 98% approval rating for donald trump. [cheers and applause] thank you all very much for participating. this was a tremendous -- arthel: okay. so there you have it, john bussey, so they're going to continue announcing results of the straw poll there, but, john
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bussey, i want to look at the questions. what -- the race, the race for the 2024 presidential election for the gop party, that is, the candidates. without donald trump on the ballot, desantis, ron desantis got 68% of the vote. with donald trump on the ballot, 70% went to him. no surprise there, right? >> yeah, no surprise the number went up from the last cpac conference, it was about 55% for donald trump if he were to win. so he can kind of claim that he's doing better -- [laughter] among cpac voters. but he's doing better, arthel, among cpac voters. this is not representative of the country, and it's not representative of the broad base that donald trump would need to appeal to to win the election. these are true believers that are at the conference. interesting also to see ron
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desantis come in second again. he had hometown or home state advantage at the last cpac meeting. but it's just interesting that among all the other possibilities, you know, pence and pompeo and others, nikki haley, that desantis is still in the number two spot. arthel: well, you know, listen, and governor desantis has been in the headlines being able to demonstrate his leadership qualities as he is tackling that horrific condo collapse in surfside, florida. how will this, how long will that resonate in desantis' favor? >> hard to say. he also was, he pushed reopening the state much more quickly than a lot of other states did with regard to the coronavirus, and now the caseload is rising in florida as it is in many other places because of the delta variant. i think that's one thing we haven't talked about, arthel, is that this is another issue that
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the republicans are going to have to contend with which is that during the trump administration, it was a pretty catastrophic method of dealing with this pandemic as it rolled out. it just got worse and worse. the president was holding major rallies, you know, during the virus spread and was kind of dissing people who wore masks. [laughter] so that's a headwind because people are still reminded of this. it's not gone away -- arthel: but, john, if i may, if i may, excuse me, jump in, we're talking about 2024. that's almost a lifetime from now. i'm not disputing anything you just said, i'm just saying that by then, hopefully, we'll be on the road to a much better road and maybe somehow those people who were afraid for whatever reason to get the vaccination will get it. maybe by then former president trump will come out and say, hey, guys, get the vaccination. we'll really be much better off as a country in terms of the virus, and maybe that'll work in
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favor of president, the former prime minister, and then maybe it's not -- the former president, and then maybe it's not an issue. i don't know. do you see where i'm going with that in. >> yes, i do, and i hope that you're right. i just fear that you may not be, that we're going to be with this for quite some time because that's not happening. you're not seeing that leadership in terms of getting people to get the vaccination. as a matter of fact, you kind of see the opposite. you're seeing, you know, lots of contention about -- including among his conservative commentators that support him about, you know, whether or not you need to get the virus -- vaccination is being forced on you. what we need is kind of collective action on in that keeps the population safe and the economy going. and, yes, 2024's a long ways off, but the midterms are not. and those are a steppingstone power wise to the 2024 presidential election. arthel: true, true. we'll watch it and keep talking. i'm vaccinated fully, or i'm good with it, so there you go.
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"wall street journal" associate editor john bus she, always a pleasure. -- john bussey, always a pleasure. >> my pleasure. arthel: eric? eric: well, he did it, and he's safely back on terra firma as a new era in space tourism dawned this morning.. richard a branson traveled more than 50 miles above the earth and experienced several minutes of weightlessness. former president trump praising the historic achievement this morning. >> i actually said to my people, let private, let the private sector do it. these guys want to come in with billions of dollars, let's lease them facilities because, you know, you need certain facilities to send up rockets, and we have, you know, we're planning on mars, to go to mars, you land on the moon and then you have your pad going to mars. you know, all of that's being worked on. eric: and jeff paul is live in
1:18 pm
new mexico. man, what a morning, what a day, jeff. >> reporter: certainly. and, eric, really not only an incredible moment when branson and his crew blasted off, but equally when they landed safely back down here on earth. and that's what makes this sort of moment an historical marker so significant that a 70-year-old man could get up this morning, get on a spacecraft, fly up into space, feel weightlessness and then land in a matter of around 90 minutes and have enough time to talk about it all in the same day. really no major issues other than a slight delay earlier this morning before takeoff. other than that, this went as smooth as possible. the aircraft kind of took off like a plane, somewhat anticlimactic, resembling the takeoff of a normal airplane. but once they reached 50,000 feet, that's where things literally took off. the ss unity blasted towards space, hitting the 50-mile mark
1:19 pm
above the new mexico desert made richard branson the first founder of a privately-run space company to reach space beating out jeff bezos who's set to launch in just nine days. >> it really wasn't a race. we're just delighted that everything went so fantastically well. we wish jeff the absolute and his, the people who are going up with him during his flight are. >> reporter: branson, obviously, overjoyed by this moment, years and years of work finally coming to a successful mission. he compared it to a childhood dream coming true. and i think for a lot of people here, it was a huge step for space tourism. and branson even saying that he hopes it's a big step for young people, and he's excited to see what's in store for them in the future. eric? eric: all right, jeff. like the jetsons at some point,
1:20 pm
zooming, you know, right over the earth much faster than we can now. that eventually could be what happens in space travel. jeff, thank you. back here on earth, violent crime, as you know, well, it keeps rising in some cities across the country. former cop eric adams just won new york city's democratic mayoral primary over progressives who supported calls to defund the police. what could that mean for democrats in the fight against crime? the jersey republican leader john jon bramnick on what cities need to do. he's next. ♪♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now?
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eric: well, cities have been under si. shootings, homicides and other violent crimes spike. just take a look at these statistics. a dozen of our nation's largest cities are reporting shocking increases in homicides this year, and concerns about crime was the number one issue in the just-completed new york city democratic primary for mayor where current brooklyn borough president eric adams defeated several democratic progressives. here he is this morning addressing gun violence. >> we can't be so idealistic that we're not realistic. cities are hurting all across america, and new york personifies that pain.
1:25 pm
the inequalities, the gun violence, the lack of really looking after everyday, blue collar workers. eric so what can cities do? republican assemblyman leader from new jersey jon bramnick joins us. thank you for coming in on sunday. you've heard the calls to defund the police and this sort of thing. some cities get rid of the police completely. but now it appears to be boomeranging against the progressives. what is your take? >> when you see eric adams win, that indicates that even the democrats understand this is serious issue. so politics will actually be in charge of this issue. in new jersey governor murphy actually signed a law that made a police officer a criminal if he told the parents that he caught their 13-year-old child using marijuana or drinking beer. that was outrageous. they actually had to change that law because of the reaction.
1:26 pm
eric adams is an indication that moderate democrats across this country are going to stand up and fight back. so i think the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction, and that's really what drives the debate, how people vote. eric: you've had a lot of experience on the local level. you've been in municipal city government. what should officials do? how do they deal with this, how do they support law enforcement? >> sure. i was in the city council for six years, i was the lone republican then. you must stop crime, and this was the old broken window theory. when you see conduct that's outrageous on the street even though it's a minor violation, you cannot allow that to occur. because that sends a message to others that all conduct is per missle. that's why you cannot -- permissible. that's why you cannot allow even
1:27 pm
minor violations. and you recall mayor giuliani actually stopped the squeegee guys when people were entering the city by charging them with very minor crime which is jaywalking. but that stopped that activity. so i believe that you cannot allow minor violations. look, you don't violate people's constitutional rights, that's wrong. but you also must enforce the law, and i think people want that. eric: do you see that happening now in your state? camden, for example, revamped its police department. newark, they're putting more cops on the street, and they reallocated some money, but they didn't cut any police at all. are they getting that message? they've got a record low in the crime now. >> anthony ambrose, who ran -- he was the director of public safety in new york, did a terrific job. and the mayor there, he actually does a really good job. they didn't have any civil disorder there. he takes this seriously, and that's why he's been successful. and i think that's a good
1:28 pm
message for people around the country. this will be a serious issue to democrats if they don't take control of crime. everyone understands in a civilized society that crime cannot be tolerated. and i really, i appreciate and salute people like eric add also who are talking about -- eric adams who are talking about that issue. and i think that's a successful issue when you run for office today. eric: and if the democrats don't get that message? >> they're going to lose. and you can see that. when democrats -- think about it. when democrats in new york select a law and order candidate in new york, how do you think that's going to play across the country? you don't think democrats across this country are going to realize that if new york democrats are selecting law and order candidate, what are you going to do? eric: new jersey assemblyman and leader of the assembly in the garden state, jon bramnick. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, eric. eric: on this very important
1:29 pm
issue. of course. arthel? arthel: okay, now to afghanistan where the american troop withdrawal is ahead of schedule. president biden now says we will be out by august 31st, not september 11th. today a fox news team went to bagram air base, once the epicenter of u.s. military activity there. it's now virtually deserted, only a few afghan soldiers remain, and they tell us that they are disappointed in our military's hasty exit last week. greg palkot live now in kabul, afghanistan, with more. greg. >> reporter: hi, arthel. yeah, we'll get to that very interesting trip we made to the deserted base in a moment, but let's first update you about this taliban event which continues across the country. experts say that two-thirds of the country is either controlled by the militants, or they're contesting the afghan troops there. over the weekend the important new information is new clashes in kandahar, that's the southern part of the country. fighters have entered the city, foreign diplomats are
1:30 pm
evacuating. the clashes are triggered in large part, it is believed, by the exit of the u.s. troops. we went to the scene of the biggest exit today. take a listen. you're looking at the most potent symbol of the american troop withdrawal from afghanistan. this is the main sprawling bagram air base 40 miles north of kabul. it used to be where all of the american military activity came from in this region. now all that's left is a skeleton afghan work force and a whole bunch of american hand-me-downs and leftovers. now off microphone the afghan soldiers confided to us that, yes, they were surprised by the quick pullout from bagram, and they were not prepared to take over the complex facility. but it's a base that we've been to many times over the last 20 years. tens of thousands of service members have passed through that
1:31 pm
place. the runways were busy as if it was the most congested airport in the united states. now literally overnight there is no activity. arthel, the afghan government over the weekend has said it's going to rededicate this base to counterterrorism efforts, but frankly, it looked like a monument to us of the united states leaving this conflict while the conflict continues. back to you. arthel: greg palkot live in kabul, thanks. well, here at home a hotel near the site of tuesday's baseball all-star game locked down after police find guns and ammunition stored there. how the actions of one hotel employee if may have saved lives. ♪ ♪ table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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♪ eric: we're awaiting former president trump to appear before the conservative political action conference, cpac, in dallas. you can see they're getting ready in that huge audience.
1:36 pm
a lot of anticipation there for his remarks. he's set to take that stage a few moments from now and, of course, when the former president starts his speech, we will bring that to you live. you can also watch it live streaming on our streaming service, fox nation, that has been covering cpac all weekend. a frightening discovery near the site of tuesday's major league baseball all-star game. weapons and ammunition stocked there. that led to arrests, car seizures and guests being told not to leave their rooms. a housekeeper tipped off the police. alex hogan live in new york city with the latest in our newsroom. man, this has all the hallmarks, it appearsing of what happened in las vegas are potentially. >> reporter: it does. it actually came from a housekeeper who made an alarming discovery inside some of the rooms. on friday night investigators
1:37 pm
executed a search warrant at the maven hotel, entering two rooms on the top floor with a balcony overlooking downtown and inside found 16 guns, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition if as well as body armor. meanwhile, other bests were told to stay inside. -- guests were told to stay inside. >> the hotel phone started ringing, i answered, and they said for everyone to stay in their rooms because there was a situation. where the incident was was 403. >> reporter: all of this just two blocks from coarse field, and -- coors field and local authorities are increasing security with extra law enforcement even on standby. however, the fba saying, quote: we have no -- fbi saying, quote: we have no reason to believe this was a threat directed at the all-star game. we are not aware of any threat directed at the game, events,
1:38 pm
players or the community at the time. still, four people are in custody, three men and one women between the ages of 42-48 years old. police also impounded two vehicles to search them for more evidence. investigators say these arrests so far were made possible through the help of the public, encouraging anyone with information to come forward. these individuals face charges of possession of weapons as well as possession of drugs with the intent to sell. eric? if. eric: well, if you see something, say something. the nation owes a debt of gratitude and thanks, it seems, to that housekeeper. alex, thank you. arthel: growing calls for president biden to retaliate against russia after the latest wave of massive ransomware attacks that hit hundreds of global companies, dozens of them right here in the u.s. white house and kremlin representatives are expected to meet this week to discuss the attacks. david spunt has the details. >> reporter: this is the second bite at the apple for president
1:39 pm
biden. he met in person with russian president vladimir putin last month in geneva, switzerland, essentially telling him in so many words to knock it off. the two had a phone call on friday. president biden speaking from the white house, he says that he pressed the russian leader to stop ransomware. >> i made it very clear to him that, that the united states expects when a ransomware operation is coming from -- though it's not, not sponsored by the state, we expect them to act. >> reporter: cyber experts in the united states say it's likely mr. putin did have awareness of the attacks prior to them happening as it involved such an intricate process to hack companies in the united states. >> just because you face a cyber attack doesn't mean that's how you necessarily respond in kind. there's a whole range of tools
1:40 pm
at the president's disposal. some of those tools reside here at the pentagon and at cyber command, and we're prepared and ready to e tee up those options whenever he might need them. >> reporter: the fbi and department of justice continue to investigate the attack. when asked if the united states should retaliate against these specific servers involved in the ransomware attack, president biden said, yes. arthel? arthel: david spunt, thank you, david. well, former secretary of state mike pom if pay owe urging -- pompeo urging iranian dissidents to, quote, keep up the fight against the country's regime during the largely virtual free iran world summit, a three-day international event organized by opposition leaders. benjamin hall has the details. >> reporter: what we have seen today is part of a three-day online show of force across the world calling for the downfall of the iranian regime organized by the iranian opposition movement, the ncri. the summit connected tens of
1:41 pm
thousands of people in 105 countries all directed from their base in albania. there were physical rallies in 17 european cities. a bipartisan group of key u.s. lawmakers, including kevin mccarthy, senators menendez, cruz, ruin joe booker, all -- rubio and booker all spoke. >> you can really see the effects of the last years in this past week's election. ever more desperate. the fraud had to be increased, and the iranian people know this. as does the ayatollah. since 1979 every election in iran has served only to give an appearance of republicanism to a corrupt, brutal theocracy. >> reporter: the recent election of the iranian hardt-liner -- hard-liner to the presidency, which most of the country boycotted, have only reinforced the view that the regime in iran has no interest in moderation. remarkably, around a thousand
1:42 pm
members of the resistance movement also joined from inside iran. there have been significant protests in the country recently as sanctions strangle the economy leading to further calls for the regime to be overthrown. this was really an overwhelming reminder to the opposition to the iranian regime both inside the country and outside and also raises questions about president biden's decision to rejoin the iran nuclear deal. arthel? arthel: benjamin hall, thank you. eric? eric: well, right now we're waiting for former president trump to speak at the conservative political action conference in dallas. you see them setting up the podium and getting ready. that should start a few moments from now. what will he say and how will he react to the straw poll that a shows 70% of the attendees there support him for president? well, you can stay tuned. we'll be back right after this, or you can watch on our streaming service, fox nation. former president trump in just a few minutes right here.
1:43 pm
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♪ >> the mission statement that i wrote inside the space suit was to turn the dream of space travel into a reality for my grandchildren who are here, for your grandchildren and for many people who are alive today, for everybody. eric: well, that's billionaire richard branson sharing his excitement after being par of today's -- part of today's space flight. a historic day. it landed safely in new mexico after he was up there in space for about roughly an hour mission. it's an amazing historic achievement for the future of space travel and tourism. former nasa astronaut jose hernandez is with us. jose, you've been up in space, but, you know, did you ever expect to see a private businessman start this? what's your reaction to the
1:48 pm
amazing thing we witnessed todaysome. >> well, i think it was an amazing thing, it's an amazing accomplishment. i think it brings us one more step closer to having access to space for the normal human being. but it is, it is kind of odd in watching, you know, the billionaires' race to space, you know? it's a version of -- i wouldn't say keeping up with the joneses, but keeping up with the jetsons -- [laughter] trying to outdo each other, and there's three of them out there trying to vie for the space tourism market that i think it's a tough market to enter in because of how expensive it's going to be. but ultimately, i think things will work out. eric: yeah. because they'll be up there joining jane, george and their dog elroy. look, it's not just tourism, $250,000. a quarter of a million to get a ticket, and 60 people have
1:49 pm
signed up -- 600 people. potentially, do you see this as the first step toward us traveling in space, for example, like an airplane but going up into space to get to japan in, like, half an hour or 40 minutes? just like we went from the wright brothers to the 747. >> well, i think you have got to look at the architectures of the three main systems that are going to space right now. for example, if you look at jeff bezos and then spacex, elon musk, the architecture is a rocket with a capsule. so they're vying for the tourism market, but they'ral -- they're also working closely with nas na to go to the moon and then eventually to mars. on the other hand, you look at the virgin galactic architecture, that's the one i think that's going to provide intercontinent aal travel where a businessman in new york can get to singapore in an hour as opposed to a 14-hour flight. eric: well, it's an exciting
1:50 pm
day, just absolutely astounding, and, jose, thank you for your service in nasa and as a person who has gone up to space on behalf of our nation. we're waiting for president trump. he'll be here any moment speaking before cpac in dallas. we'll bring you the remarks live as soon as they start. stay with us for former president trump. struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles.
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♪ arthel: now to the latest in britney spears' conservatorship case as the pop star continues to battle her father for control of her finances. her conservator is now accusing spears' father of using more than $2 million of the singer's money to defend himself in court. this ahead of another court hearing set for wednesday. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. christina. >> reporter: arthel, this allegation that britney's dad used over $2 million of the singer's own money for his legal fees is now part of the ongoing tension between the two two people who are supposed to be working together to oversee the pop star's life. britney's personal conservator, jodi montgomery, and her dad, jamie spears. the two have been fighting each other legally since the bombshell june 23rd testimony where she game blamed them both.
1:55 pm
britney's dad petitioned the court to investigate her claims. he says he stopped making decisions regarding brit newneys personal affairs in 2019. but montgomery denies mistreating britney. people magazine says montgomery's attorney asserts that britney's tad is the one who has the say in what happens to her, he's the conservator who oversees expenditures. britney's court-appointed attorney asked the court to resign last tuesday. montgomery also requested the estate pay for her to have 4-hour security -- 24-hour security due to death threats she's getting but britney's dad rejected to that request which he estimates would cost cost more than $50,000 a month. the drama continues. the next court hearing is scheduled for july 14th, this
1:56 pm
wednesday. arthel? arthel: it's gross, not right. okay, christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you very much. and we want to remind everybody that we're waiting for the former president to take the stage in cpac there in dallas. by the way, eric, yeah, the podium. the lectern, the stage ready for the former who'll take it. of course, we'll bring it to you live here. hey, eric, by the way, it is -- eric: yeah. arthel: -- his boy, elroy, daughter judy, and the dog's name is astro. eric astro, how could i get that wrong? i was trying to do the song in my head talking to astronaut jose hernandez. you know, we'll be living that way one day. i tell ya, we'll be up there, flying around. half an hour to tokyo. mark my words. arthel:re big sunday show -- woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein,
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>> hello, everyone, i'm alicia acua along with sean duffy, tammy bruce and charlie hurt. welcome to "the big sunday show." here is what's on tap tonight. sean? >> yeah, alicia, a big winner in the billionaire space race as richard branson makes an historic flight. what the billionaire said as he was flying to space and then after he landed. >> tammy? >> well, kamala harris says she doesn't say no enough to joe biden. we discuss. >> and charlie. >> shocking video of a little boy ri


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