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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  July 11, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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your dvr so you never miss a show and you can catch more of me at jeanine. thank you for watching, i am jeanine puerile advocating for truth, justice and the american way and i'll see you saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: into "unfiltered", i am dan bongino. this you've got to see, check this out. >> people, they don't know how many people died, many people opened it and want to be american, it's very honorable. dan: why are you so emotional? >> i don't know. [laughter]
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opportunities, man. opportunities and i've been in the country a long time probably at great cost and open the door to be for. dan: that was former major league baseball player and manager talking about the honor of becoming an american citizen, tearing up while doing it. we all know that feeling the feeling of this wonderful country we live in now and you know who knows that well? my mother-in-law, i know what he was talking about, we need more about, not less. my mother-in-law came here and she did it the right way from columbia, not a dime in her pocket. she worked in an airport, they asked her to drive a truck, she could barely drive a car but she did it for the yellow pages, she could barely see over the steering wheel but she did it because she didn't want to get fired and she wanted to make sure she can take care of her children. my wife, her brother and her
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sister, they slept on a mattress in a one bedroom apartment and the stories my mother, tells are hard to hear now, thanks slept head to foot in my mother-in-law would tell me at night that she could hear the grumbling of her kids stomachs because of the way they slept because they were hungry so they ate a lot of airplane peanuts because she is clean airplanes, she airplane peanuts home and to this day my wife's not a big fan of peanuts. my wife no space feeling ozzie had, too. why? i was there and saw it. she raised her right hand, two and became a citizen to this country of opportunity the right way. one of the proudest moments in my life. i can't recommend strong enough terms to all those american
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patriots out there that love everything this country stands for. if you ever get a moment to go to a ceremony and see these people wanted to come here and do it the right way, if you ever get to see them raise their right hand like my wife did and works there but off because of this country and pledge allegiance to our flag, i can't recommend any stronger terms you do it. it will bring a tear to your eye. this country is worth fighting for and stuff the country of opportunity and always will be. folks, this country was built on hard work and american, opportunity, it was protected by brave men and women in our military who left pieces of themselves, if not their entire lives overseas. my grandfather fought for this country and the battle, used to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes screaming. i only found out because he came to my graduation ceremony when i graduated from the secret service, we stayed in one hotel room because we didn't have a lot of money and he got up in the middle of the night and yelled and nobody responded and
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i said to my father the next day, what happened? he said grandpa does that sometimes, it was the work. don't worry about it. he's of the great men and women that he does this country down to you, i countries that other people are trying to destroy right now folks, the radical left the country right now, they can't stand opportunity and hate meritocracy the idea that other people are willing to defend this way they want to stop people from reaching their dreams. you see it right here, this article in the washington post, the american dream notion of a fair society with which hard work will bring economic and social advancement are the sub circumstances, if they define it, it's faltering. is it really? former presidential candidate on the left, john edwards, i couldn't disagree more with projects, said once there are two americans. his reasoning behind it was different than the one i'm going to put out there but he was right about that, there are two americans. here's the real america we live in, the country of opportunity the country people died to get
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through, brings tears to people eyes when they find out they are part of it in a citizen himself and then there's a country that wants you to believe exists, the country of never ending racism, irredeemable country, the country s-uppercase-letter around every corner looking to take something from you, the country that's ignorant at all times, that is not the real america. that's not america we ever lived in and not be american. this country has done a lot to clear its past. we live in the greatest place on earth, people die to get here. i want to look at this scene, to be clear, the soccer team here i'm going to show you they've given up 1000 different excuses i didn't have their hands over their hearts him the national anthem was playing despite the fact that the ark u.s. soccer team members. i don't buy it. ♪♪ ♪♪
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[cheering] dan: that is one america without their hands on their hearts claiming they didn't know what to do, looking at a flag, they didn't know what to do. a 98-year-old veteran think the national anthem. just follow what everyone else is doing, put your hand over your heart, your plan for the u.s. soccer team. it's outrageous you live in america that doesn't exist and you want people to believe it ubiquitous and everywhere around every corner. here is the real america. the america we know, the america that does exist, this video taken in walmart in texas, they knew what to do here. ♪♪ that our flag was still there ♪
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♪ zero say does the star-spangled banner ♪ ♪ yet wave ♪ ♪ over the land of the brave free ♪ ♪ in the home of the brave ♪ ♪ [cheering] dan: that is the america we know and love. the america people from around the world would like to get to to raise their hand and pledge allegiance to. i'm going to be joined by a retired navy seal to join the u.s. military and has an actually incredible american dream story, i wanted to share with you. joining me now, retired navy seal, thomas. thank you for joining us, appreciate it.
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>> thank you, i love everything you do. i appreciate the opportunity to be on your show. dan: believe me, as a greater honor for me than ever for you. i heard your story, you were a 30-year-old immigrant from communist poland who saw the devastation and totalitarianism up close and personal. you emigrated here and decided you're going to fight for this country matter what and something. you and at 30 you joined the navy seals. why? tell us about that. >> freedom isn't free. i came to america, i came for the bag of clothes and not speaking english. as a socialist -- marxist, poland is no longer socialist but i spent time succumbing here to america i was given the opportunity to be free, i was given the freedom and i
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understand freedoms are free from your forefathers, your father's so i can live free here, i could not sleep on the sidelines so when the war broke out, i volunteered to serve in military because again, i believe is this moral obligation or evidence support our country, america in any way they can but we all have to support america. for me, i think the important way was to join military and protect america, be in the hands and protect it people and children. dan: listen to your podcast,
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another american hero and your story is incredible. i went to the secret service academy in my 20s which is in the thousand difficult and i was beat up. in your 30s you become one of the most elite military units in the history of humankind, an american hero but having grown up in a communist country you seen up close and personal the devastation of this totalitarianism, what scares you having witnessed this about the direction he is him in the country in the united states? >> i think i have a different view because of communism -- actually, my family experienced two kinds of social cash want is -- and the other was national socialism so this is something that right now, i've seen our
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country taking place that is disturbing and it starts with censorship. we all know how social media are censoring free speech. you can't say anything if the left don't like it, you're going to be canceled. i think the marxist that i escaped from . dan: i only have one minute left but i could talk to you all day, you have a fascinating story. i was doing my research on you, he said something that got me, you are optimistic about the future of aggressive, i heard you say the u.s. there freedom fighters everywhere. you think the country we are going to fix this eventually? >> yes, the entire culture is
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based on freedom, personal freedom and people would not give away this freedom and i am proud resistance and how to protect america socially. dan: you have a fan in me now and i guarantee you billings month after they hear your inspirational message. thank you for your service to the country from the bottom of my heart. thank you. >> thank you, it's an honor to serve. dan: doesn't disappoint. what a man. mike pompeo reacts to joe biden's not so tough message to russia coming up next. >> i'll be in better shape to talk to you about it -- yeah. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". if you hundred u.s. companies under cyber attacks, russian hackers taking responsibly. where's the tough talk on russia? first joe biden had to grab some notes. >> with the most recent attack by the russians, would you say this means -- >> i'm not sure. i got a brief, that's why i was late getting off the plane. i got a brief and i'll be in better shape to talk you about -- [inaudible] [inaudible] i'll tell you what they said. first of all, we are not sure
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who it is for certain, number one. i directed resources of the government to assist in our response. dan: what about that new rnc hack. >> responsible for the rnc? >> fbi is working with the rnc to determine the facts, they'll know when i'm going to do tomorrow. dan: joining me now to talk about this and a lot more. mike pompeo, mr. secretary, thank you for joining me, appreciate it. >> great to be with you, thanks for having me on russia. dan: it's an honor. as someone who is head of the cia and has been in congress and secretary of state, nobody has seen this from your view. russians have figured out asymmetric warfare is cheap. all they have to do is get ransomware and look what they can do, billions of dollars in damage to our economy, do you think we should start developing
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capabilities for maybe striking back capacity to send a message to them? this will never and, they can bankrupt us doing this. >> remember this, it works both ways. not difficult for us to respond in the same way, it doesn't require mass mobilization of troops this is where we need to be prepared. i listened to president biden speak and i'm confident vladimir putin sees weakness. you can't touch leaving thousands of things potentially can, he sees these things as i can move in this direction continue to accelerate my ransomware said not his program but he knows everything these folks are doing and knows how to stop it what will have to happen if you have to make it better than the benefit, post real costs on russian leadership not just vladimir putin but all
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these operations and make sure they understand there will be real costs, it will persevere and all the things that are the hallmark of the things we did four years in the trump administration but also the hallmarks of security policies that would protect the american people and stop the russians from thinking they can get away with this. dan: is not happening behind the scenes? it seems like ever since we shut down iranian centrifuges, it happened, we all know that, you don't see these stories and russia, you see them here all the time. are we doing this or do we need to be more aggressive? like you said, respond symmetrically to what they are doing with our own attacks. >> that right, there are many tools. a couple things, i have to be careful. we certainly have the capability and the tools to respond across a broad range of responses so
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something simple to something highly complex and damaging, we have that capability and need to make sure there is a strategy and leaders prepared to execute that strategy. make clear to the russians the cost will be there and president talked to putin today even about that but in the end all the conversations and talk amounts to nothing. putin will let that go into what you and out the other. the only thing that will cause him to change his behavior. the people of russia see the pain the government in russia sees the pain, there are real costs, we have the capabilities, it's about thinking about the right strategy and executing on it with enormous figure and communicating to the russians of the reason for our response is directly the things they've done to us. dan: like yourself, i'm sure i am concerned about china, we had xi jinping recently calling china historical inevitability saying there will no longer be bullied or subjugated claiming
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they will have had bashed blight against the great wall of steel by 1.4 billion chinese people. they used to have this line, hide your power, by you time, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. i read a story this week of ground-based nuclear missile silo indicating they may be looking for first strike capability the nuclear bomb, this is clearly an area of concern and i don't think the biden demonstration is up to this. >> this is america's most serious business, the single thing that's a true threat to the u.s. and republic. not only because they are a big country with real capabilities but you see with xi jinping a real intent. what's laughable is talking about being oppressed. the lack chinese to walk all over for 30 years we've had constructive engagement it's open stuff and let them steal
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intellectual property and take billings of jobs from americans, they weren't oppressed, they were running rampant across the world dominating international organizations. we were the first administration to say enough and turned back and began to get allies and friends in japan, australia to understand the threat the united ingram and throughout europe, these were important changes that took place, facet ministration and the next whether republican or democrat has to take this challenge seriously and begin to be truly cost imposing xi jinping so the chinese people can lead them, if it doesn't lead them down this path that will ultimately lead to a about art from nonprofit america revamp it will take real american leadership. dan: i hope so, i think we made a mistake, i think without economic growth would lead to a yearning for freedom in china and it created the world's largest surveillance but i've got to run, your input is always valued. i appreciate it.
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what on police critical race theory and coronavirus roles have
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was the hottest month ever reported in the u.s. i'm ashley strohmier, back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered", violence and chaos in the streets raising concerns about coronavirus and threat of critical race theory. democrats use all three to create victims and maintain power. joining me back to discuss gender, race and identity. thank you for joining me, appreciate it. >> a great pleasure. >> i have heard you often on the network here your insight into critical race theory is incredible, you clearly done your homework and run think i was discussing on my podcast and other shows, they need fear in order to create a victim culture, you need fear of a victimizer, isn't that what critical race theory is the supply of racism is short but the demand for month the race hustling business is so high so they need to create is critical race theory? >> that's right, i said this for
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years, the supply and demand for these people have, they have a huge mass of racist i think you're missing america there is small suppliers of the critical race theory needs to present the whole of american society and places very dishonest to make up the american public most of us know experience way offkilter from away from the truth but here is the think they have done next with his pretend having set up this horrible divisive system to pretend they haven't been doing it. there's something strange going on, this week and last week, the people setting up critical race theory game embedded american growth not pretending they have not been doing it, it's not what
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the ticket is for another one on another network think a complex system, groups are not capable of understanding as if they try to lose us in euphemism you notice when they try to pin them down on it, they never have an answer. say something like okay, systemic assessment, explain to me specifically what you're talking about because you would be willing to call them right here on the air but you never notice they never do it? >> the first think they have done this weird system of thought that doesn't survive his
1:32 am
first encounter with the american public because there's a thought process you need to problem a ties whiteness. earlier this year process it means going against white people, humanizing white people. what does it mean about white children? you have to demonize them. american parents are on for this, every race in america are very unhappy about this so you have to have this encounter with the public but these people use it to another without you are well aware of, the same people saying defund police for the last year from the front of the police in a city like new york to the tune of $1 billion, a huge spike in gun crime and private entities police, they all know when we were saying defund police, he met this theoretical way you can play understand it, it doesn't quite mean was set in their baffled
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and confused and try to themselves, it these people have walked that path check this out, going door to door to keep people scared of the coronavirus program, check this out the federal government has been trimming of dollars to keep americans alive during the pandemic so it is absolutely the government's business we want to give people a sense they have the freedom to choose but we are america and try to give as much freedom and twice as possible hundred thousand americans who have died the best choice is to be vaccinated. dan: it seems like totalitarians whether it race theory or pushing door to door kat tactics, they can't seem to exist without an agenda of fear, fear seems to be there realm, the only way to get people to
1:34 am
give up civil liberties and education of our kids and right to assemble, whatever. >> you can see this across the board. it's about division and fear, not about the coronavirus, it's about the environment and other networks, burning up after, it's terrifying and i think it's a great disadvantage of the left, i think it a turnaround in some ways historically. the right is optimistic for the right trust the public. you can make your own choice about the vaccine and mass, it's the right take that and the left say you can't even trust yourself. it's massive device between those two things in america left in the end doesn't really stand
1:35 am
a chance. dan: i agree, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> a great pleasure. dan: next, hotcakes from a man who's made a career o
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to "unfiltered" hyper hotcakes might not have seen know about it. jesse watters to help us break them down, author of a new book, how the world jussie for welcome to my show for the first time when we got? >> you are humble, you're going to get to the book you inspired me, i watched you during the book round and were great so i want to play this video, good
1:40 am
enough for defund police, they want one of the ice is out. >> we must eliminate funding for ice and dhs, these agencies are inept to humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and further continue to terrorize communities located within our community. dan: i'll just let you rent on back. >> democrats all week that's no, it wasn't as defund police, it was republicans and they come out and straight up blow that away. i recall seeing border patrol agent not terrorizing migrant literally helping them across the rio grande giving them blankets and testing them for cover. i also remember a video, one of our correspondence sent me of the cartel literally carving a
1:41 am
body upholding it beating up while he tackle. she sank we are terrorizing migrants more than border patrol agents extorting people, sex trafficking? i don't think so. it's all backwards and i feel sorry for her constituents. dan: and defund police work out really well and that may oral primary for the one guy who didn't want to. i heard you say this week you are like a cultural anthropologist, nobody is left in their own. [laughter] that was a great wind. here's another, georgetown asking the students, are you proud to be an american? this is what happened. >> are you proud to be an american no, i feel embarrassed being. >> not really, not most of the time, sometimes it's a little
1:42 am
embarrassing. >> what is her to be proud about if you are white? >> i find them quite embarrassing. as i think of the mls man on the street, your thoughts on that segment? >> i would have taken the mic and bumped them on the head because i've been to georgetown and you are right, that's what you get. i asked illegal immigrant offensive term first they said it's so offensive, we should call them travelers but that's the indoctrination you get in these institutions and here is the goal -- when you sell a life at this country was founded on inequality, slavery and racism, that makes people believe the entire system is evil, corrupt and needs to be taken down. was going to do that? fixing of the system? democrats, obviously. they feel they have been successful in this great nation filled with hatred and they need to be in charge of controlling
1:43 am
and managing it and that is all they want -- power. dan: they can get their own income back they choose not to. this third video, i think this is the best one. what i love about your book how i saved the world, one of the greatest shows of humility i've seen in a title, you talk about your career at fox and how you had this eye for talent, you picked a real diamond in the rough a long time ago, check this out. >> michelle obama and food publics, you think is a good idea? >> that idea. we make the decisions, right? why is it always government in the end, does that work? is there evidence of that? can anyone show me a political system when a third-party bureaucrat make the decision for you and it worked out better for you? it doesn't work. [laughter] >> you and me nine years ago,
1:44 am
that was 2012. i remember that like it was yesterday. >> when i discovered dan bongino. dan: you picked me out of the crowd and said dan, come on over. i'll never forget because i think was running for office or something and i raced home because i wanted to see him and i thought that it was like the greatest moment of my life and still appreciate it. >> probably here is why i picked you, i talk about this in the book, how i select the guess i do interviews with and the number one thing besides purple hair or a nose ring, you are looking for characters with energy and i saw that guy bongino the minute he opened up his mouth, i knew this guy had energy and charisma and now look at him. he's on saturday night on fox so you are welcome, america. dan: one question about the book, we all love jussie given the politics may be a little different, is your mom a prominent character in the book
1:45 am
she a prominent character featured in the next you discuss this? >> she gets her own chapter, my god is upset about this but she, we do something different, i respond to each so i get the last word. dan: if you have not been is classic, plot and get the book, it is fantastic. jesse watters, how he saves the world and notice i didn't do what every other host ask you, i told sabrina our producer, i'm not asking, tell us how you save the world. we are going to pull him a surprise and show that video. >> dan bongino. dan: you did, no joke. appreciate your time. next, i'm excited about this, a story of triumph and perseverance, you may with mark coming up next. bonnie if you try coming up next.
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welcome back "unfiltered" once in a while i'm reminded of a powerful story to the pipe and it means to show as a grant of personal responsibility. this movie the fighter cross check this out. >> making it very difficult i
1:50 am
don't think he's going to get. >> business on survival mode. are you like me? wednesday night. you've got to with a title you, me, alone. we can take it. dan: fighters about the life of former pro boxer one. an important part of his life that isn't in the movie. joining me now, mickey. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. dan: i am a huge boxing band, and enormous fan of yours. love your life strike. this is a show about opportunity, positive shopper this opportunity. you work born into family with all this money and trainers, 20
1:51 am
consecutive went with the title, you are born in the tough part of town, cute glasses and got up off the mat every time i came back and became a champion herself. tell us about a rough spot i didn't get lost course and michael i went all went through and had a camping trip in fighting for over there and all paid off but i was tough going up but i had to stay course, keep my mind focused on the big picture and that was winning and nothing could deter that from me and i was very mentally strong and that's what kept me going. dan: i love the movie, my wife and whole family loves it. tell us your story, what's fascinating about the movie is
1:52 am
your life is so interesting that one of the most interesting parts of your life isn't even in the movie. you had three epic bytes, three of the greatest fight are not kidding, in the history of boxing with thunder god, all three fight were fight of liquor. muhammad ali once said fights with joe frazier which work environment, he said it was the closest thing to death he'd ever experienced. did you have that same experience in the rink with arturo? >> it was tough, not close to death but it was tough, luckily but it was tough. the funny thing is through the three fights, we became best of friends and that's what usually happened but we have mutual respect and came out, we just give it our all and that's all you do in life and in boxing. just give it your all and that's what we did and luckily both of us come out not very bad but we
1:53 am
became best of friends after that we want to god rest his soul, i know what he said about you, he said used to wonder what would happen i thought my twin, now i know. now is a secret service agent new york, he was there obviously a while ago and i'll tell you he would have been about a gentleman i always think about the tremendous respect even those who had for each other was the main thing, obviously when you are fighting we never talked much, we just know what we do and we went instead. it was like mutual respect for each other but it grew over the three fights that grew more and more and that was a great part.
1:54 am
we became very close and what happened but too bad he's not around now to enjoy at all. dan: it's a shame was taken from us too soon. i got about 30 seconds but how is your brother doing? is he doing okay? >> he's doing good hanging in there, he is doing well. dan: he is featured in the movie, too. check it out. you've been a real hero of mine for a long time. thank you for showing what it takes to be a fighter, appreciate it. >> thanks, dan. appreciate it. dan: "unfiltered", it's been around for about a month thanks for the feedback, i've been getting a lot of.
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flowers are fighters. that's why the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's is full of them. because flowers find a way to break through. just like we will. join the fight at
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dan: thanks for the positive feedback on the show, it warms my heart once in a while someone drink eight to write number one dear dan, just what we need, another trumpet during the head, i feel sorry. dan: i have a doodle, a golden doodle, call me a meathead or whatever you want but she's well taken care of. here's another one -- dear dan, i don't know who dan bongino is but if he is a weed smoking italian from give up the name so dedicated can have it i don't know i don't know anything about that in my entire life but here's another one. fear not just mother -- in the world have a poster i definitely
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have a face but you can't get enough from me an instagram and on stream dan bongino weekdays radio show is "un jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. "how i saved the world" is the subject of tonight's watters words. if you haven't heard i wrote a book, where have you been? i have been on tv more than fauci. i know i have been plugging it hard because i know you will love it. if you haven't bought a copy yet, i'm very disappointed. but for those of you who bought it. thank you. everyone is saying


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