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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 10, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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enough from me an instagram and on stream dan bongino weekdays radio show is "un jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. "how i saved the world" is the subject of tonight's watters words. if you haven't heard i wrote a book, where have you been? i have been on tv more than fauci. i know i have been plugging it hard because i know you will love it. if you haven't bought a copy yet, i'm very disappointed. but for those of you who bought it. thank you. everyone is saying it lives up
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to the hype. by everyone i mean me. if you haven't picked it up yet, i'm going to close the steal now. there always study that's been done that's says reading my book will add years to your life. laughter makes you live longer. it's been proven. buy the book and you will live longer. the book has a serious side, too. if you read this book you will never lose an argument to a liberal. that's a guarantee. i will give you your money back if you lose an argument, maybe. my parents are liberals and sent me to survival camps growing up to build character. well done! well done! jesse: a socialist could never
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survive in the woods. we explain the psychology behind global warming in the book. after i saved the great outdoors, i got fired from four jobs. my first job was a bellhop. [bleep] [♪♪♪] jesse: it taught me a lot about capitalism and it humbled me, if you can believe it. i worked on a political campaign and got in the door at fox. i started in the basement, and now look at me. so for high school and college students, "how i saved the world" is a great way to find out how to make it. here is my first on-air appearance. i hunted down some slugs who
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aided and abetted a child rapist. jesse: come talk to me for a second. why didn't you give up jun ku to the police. >> they don't work. no one has a job, any of the three of them. no one in the town wants anything to do with them. after that i started cracking down bad guys and holding them accountable for giving soft sentences to sex offenders. you had a guy who repeatedly raped a 14-year-old girl and you gave him just 30 days in jail. >> 15 years suspended. >> 30 days in jail. what if that had been your daughter. what if that had been your daughter. judge. >> excuse me.
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jess answer the question. we explore the case of jeffrey epstein and explain how corrupt forces are corrupting the system against him them. we explain how it produces power hungry propaganda. even corporate ceos were held accountable. the ceo of general electric when i paid him a visit at a banquet. >> we would like to you about your involvement with iran. are you trading with iran when iranians are killing americans in iraq? you are not selling them airplane parts they can use for military equipment? rosie o'donnell. >> he wants to know if you
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regret saying 9/11 was an inside job. >> i didn't say that. >> that's what they want you to do. jesse: we had a lot of fun with celebrities. at the white house correspondents' dinner. the book explains the back story behind all these adventures. jesse: are you feeling the burn? >> i love bernie sanders. >> what do you make of them. high gas prices, what do you see of all that. >> we'll see. are you going to ask me political questions right here? jesse: politicians paid the
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price for their dishonesty. occasionally i have to visit our elected officials. while we have you here, what is your reaction to the fact that the arctic ice is actually increasing. why don't you support kate's law. >> tell me what that's all about. i was at the hearing. but tell me what aspects -- jesse: protecting americans from criminal illegal aliens. are you afraid of hillary clinton? maybe we can do this another time? i was unleashed on the world and sometimes it just got weird. what are you doing right now? >> i have been here about 8
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years. jesse: do you know what the internet is? i'm from key west. i'm not stupid. jesse: are you meditating? >> meditating. jesse: the book talks about whether these people were actually real. it was an educational experience for all. but who did america fight in the revolutionary war? >> the french? >> that's a good question. i don't know. >> countries, china. wow, i feel really dumb. was it the french? jesse: who did america fight? >> in the revolutionary war? ourselves. >> north versus south, the confederates versus the union. jesse: that was the civil war. >> britain? jesse: what was george washington's job. >> he was one of the presidents.
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jesse: which president. >> the second president after lincoln. he was a general or something. jesse: what is the festival? >> the study of mushrooms. jesse: what would you use mushrooms for? >> you will see sound potentially like. jesse: you can see sound? >> sometimes. jesse: can you hear smells? what is the craziest thing you have seen tripping. >> the screen savers where it swirls. >> everyone was told to bring their own candidate. -- their own cannabis. jesse: a j is a joint?
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>> a j is a joint. jesse: once in a while things got a little cheeky. >> why are you wearing a pink shirt? >> i'm trying to fit in. a lot of spending, a lot of debt. are you concerned about that. jesse: nice weather out here today. >> it's gorgeous, i love it. jesse: it sure is, i love it out here, too. why do you think the press is so in bed with president obama. >> he's charismatic more than most of the other presidents. >> i could have a good joke there. jesse: sometimes i had to go to war. i fought in the war on women on the side of women, of course.
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i am here to surrender. the war on women. have you ever been waterboard on the war in women. >> what? jesse: do you think there is a war on women going on? >> yes, there is a big war. jesse: do you guys think you get paid the same as men do? >> of course not. jesse: do you think the wnba players should make as much as the nba players? >> of course. jesse: you don't believe in supply and demand? i served in the war on christmas as well. i have studied liberals in their natural habitat, whether on the streets of san francisco, in the wild on martha's vineyard or at brown university. i know how they project their guilt on to the country for power and relevance.
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their lives lack meaning so they invent things like political correctness. the left polices humor because they fear the power of ridicule. it's easier to cancel someone evil and sub human. i landed a seat on the five. immediately my liberal mom started watching with her martini and hate mailing me. we called these mom texts. >> i cannot and will not identified myself as the mother of trump's wingman. you are on fantasy island. illegal immigration? jesse: in the book i respond for the first time to my mom's texts. i get the last word. do you see stories about fax. stuff i have never shared.
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even greg gutfeld. amazing stories about my time with donald trump are also included. >> i think you need better security. jesse: i brought you something. >> this is really important. jesse. i am proud of you. you are a big star now. jesse: you can hang it up on your world. >> i think it's great. jesse: let's do a "watters' world" quiz. chuck schumer, the president of cnn or alec baldwin, who would you want to fire. >> i think the portrayal of me is ridiculous. jesse: great stories from the white house and air force one. the book tells the true story of the 2016 election and the real story behind the 2020 election.
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that story has never been told before so it's important to read. in the end we talk about saving yourself before you start saving other people. something to think about. thank you all for buying "how i saved the world." contact me on social media and tell me what you think. here are some of the reviews of me i decide told slap on the back of the book. jesse watters is officially out of control. "the washington post." does watters have the most punchable face in america? the answer is obviously yes. keep this guy off tv. mayor bill deblasio. probably the only thing deblasio got right. go buy the book where books are sold. buy it now on amazon. it's only -- it's only $20.
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do it with your fingers if you don't want to walk into a barnes & noble. or if you don't like amazon because you think jeff bezos is a villain. no excuses. the book is timeless and as i said, it will add years to your life. the biden administration is getting pretty scary. they will be knocking on your door and harassing you to get vaxxed. >> we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and literally knock on doors to get membership to the remaining people to get protection from the virus. secretary bacerra says it's the government's business to know your vax status. >> i wonder if you can answer that question, it's none of the government's business to know if you have been vaccinated.
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>> the federal government spent trillions of dollars to protect you from the virus. it's absolutely our business. jesse: joining me, former congresswoman michele bachmann. >> i can't wait to buy a copy of your new book. jesse: door to door, they are coming. they have syringes. i don't think this will go too well. what do you think? >> i want to urge all the viewers to go out and buy "no trespassing" signs and "no solicitor" signs. put them on your front stoop and the end of the driveway.
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the business has zero business to do this and zero rights. what they are want us to do is check our bill of rights, our civil liberties at the door. all of america is based upon the fact that we have rights against the government. and they want us just as a matter of idea, give up all of our first 10 bill of rights. our civil liberties and say we'll take it from here. we are the federal government. don't let anybody suffer delusions about this. there is a data base, there will be a data base, and everybody will be in that data base. it's not just vaccine status. it will be your entire medical history connected to your finances. this is going to get bigger, bigger, bigger. so you stop it now and you don't give any information to any government questioner at your door. jesse: i got vaxxed.
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i don't open the door for girl scouts. if you show up when you are a fed, forget about it. michele bachmann, thank you so much. we enjoy having you on the show. the head of one of the largest teachers unions in the country is claiming critical race theory is not being taught in classrooms around the country, then says teachers are being bullied for teaching it and we'll defend them in court. >> critical race theory is not taught in elementary schools or middle schools or high schools. cultural warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism, or discrimination as crt to try to make it toxic. they are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching
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students accurate history. our union will defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching honest history. we have a legal defense fund ready to go, and we are preparing for litigation as we speak. jesse: joining us, the co-host of "fox and friends" weekend, will cain. you know when you drink a lot and spin around. that's them. first we don't teach it. but then it's a good thing and we'll litigate anyone who comes after the teachers. >> i don't understand your analogy. we don't teach critical race theory but we'll defend any teacher who teaches critical race theory. it's parents saying you are not going to teach my kid how to be a racist. jesse: they are losing to
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parents. will: they are losing to actual cultural warriors. parents. don't touch people's retirement plans, and don't touch their children. jesse: don't touch mad moms. if you get regular folks activated and off the sidelines there will be is nothing stopping this movement. will: what will get them off the sidelines is they know they are being taught more than just the full history of the united states. they are being taught white children are oppressors. the most damaging thing you could do to a child is say you are a born loser and a born victim. parents can see it and don't want anything to do with it. bravo to these parents.
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jesse: i may be visiting you. i think we saw reach other this morning. is tucker carlson being spied on by the biden administration? a report on that next.
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i've pricked my finger 3,000 time i've pricked my finger and my a1c was still over 9. then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my ph there's my glucose number. ye i feel like i'm calling the there's myshots,se number. not my diabetes. ye
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jesse: fox hose tucker carlson claims biden's national security agency spied object him. he alleged the n $sa read his emails, unmasked them, then leaked them to the media. eye contacted the nsa claimed to leak the contents of those emails to media outlets. the point was to point me as a disloyal american, emailing with people who know putin? of course the nsa is watching you. that's what you get. that's hardly the point. by law the nsa is required to keep secret the identities of
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americans caught up in its vast spying operation. by law i should have been identified as an american journalist. that's the law. but i was identified by name. i had a shouting makes with nsa officials. they said you are not a target of an investigation which is a term of art. and i said stop with your b.s. were you reading my emails or weren't you. why can't you tell me? we can't respond to that. they won't answer your questions, they won't tell you why they won't answer your questions. and it's hike shut and obey. jesse: jonathan swan reported that carlson reached out to a media to see if he could do an
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interview with putin. nsa spokesperson declined to comment and referred "axios" back to the agency's earlier statement which was pretty lawyerly. they are denying targeting carlson, but not denying whether his communications were read and leaked. joining me is jonathan turley, a law professor. what would the legal implications be in this situation? what is your assessment? >> it is murky. this type of intercept or surveillance could have occurred legally in a couple of ways. maybe tucker carlson was corresponding with someone who was subject to an nsa surveillance order or that person may have forwarded the
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email to another party who was subject to that type of order. that could occur without him being a target. but that doesn't answer the more serious questions. what tuck -- what tucker carlson is alleging is his email was circulated with his name displayed. that would constitute a crime. if somebody took an intercept and leaked it to the media. even though the content of the email may not be classified, the intercept is. for those of us who do national security litigation, it takes a lot even as defense counsel in a criminal case on fisa or nsa material. so the intercept can be classified. there is no legal way to leak that to the media. jesse: this would have to go to
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the top, biden's appointees at the agency would have to know what's going on. it's a huge constitutional violation of tucker's rights. avenatti sentenced to 2.5 years for the nike shakedown. you were his law professor? is that true? did you see that coming? >> when i first met michael he was working his way through law school. he was a very talented law student and he became a successful lawyer. i have spoken to him since his conviction. and it's a great fall. questions * what difficult he tell you after he was cop victed. >> he was very contrite, his life turned into a morass.
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it's true he lost control of his life before he became famous with the cable programs and the litigation involving president trump. he became massively in debt. he's accused of shifting fund to cover those debts. but he was a man in a free-fall, even when he was on these cable programs. it's a terrible waste of talent. jesse: while he was getting the fauci treatment on every show, is was at that time he was spiraling out of control. everybody could see this coming except a lot of the press. it's a shame. it didn't have to happen that way. >> it's a sad thing for his family. jesse: it's sad for the people he tried to go after. we have to keep those people in mind, too. thank you very much, turley.
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we are appreciate it as always. hard evidence of critical race theory taught in schools. we have the pamphlet here. the book says it all.
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it in place. no injuries were reported. jesse: critical race theory and
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anti-white propaganda is coming to a school near you. the picture book focuses on the notion of anti-whiteness. according to chris rufo, the book is being taught in 25 public school districts in 12 states. it tells kids whiteness is a bad deal, it always was. the devil shows up in the book with a contract binding you to whiteness getting it with stolen land, stolen riches and special favors. it teaches whiteness gets your soul and with it you get to mess endlessly with the lives of your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and all people of color. this is being read to preschoolers in washington. joining me now, chris rufo.
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tell us about this book, chris. it's unbelievable. >> this is one of critical race theories core tenets. the idea of whiteness. critical race theory tells us. they tee pick it whiteness as the devil luring children into a sense of racial identity. this is totally inappropriate. it's being taught to kids as young as 4 and 5 years old. i have had whistleblowers tell me it's being taught in 30 school districts in 15 states. jesse: because i'm born white, i'm the devil and i'm racist. and this is supposed to be good for students according to the liberals. the air force is pushing this. a professor wrote a piece in the
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"washington post" saying we are going to teach this to the people who are supposed to be defending this country. i don't think this brings us together. what do you say? >> this an instance of funding of fake ideology. government spending has gone through the roof, and they have to try to figure out things to do for their friends in academia, and bring them into the air force academy where we should be trying to figure out how to defeat china in this geopolitical conflict rather than teaching cadets how to dee construct their wraition and sexual identity. jesse: it's a financial racket. they have a attorney of taxpayer money. they hire diversity consultant, they come in, get paid $100,000.
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and the air force says we are woke, you can't mess with us. raytheon, they are going woke. the people building miss isles to kill our enemies are now woke. >> they published a manual to encourage their employees to do everything from decolonizing their bookshelves. it strikes at the heart of this question at what's happening in american life. how is this ideology, critical race theory devouring our public schools and corporations and military contractors. this is the story of the year. it will be the story for years to come. we need to shine the light on what's happening. i have faith in the american people that they will reject this ideology. we need to defund critical race
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theory and the ideologues striking at the very roots of our country. jesse: ironic that policemen of the world, raytheon, want to defund the police. are demons real until an mayor.
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>> [bleep] [bleep] jesus christ. [bleep] [bleep] jesse: that graphic scene from a movie obviously. but my next guest, catholic priest steven rizetti says he performs exorcisms each week. he says he witnessed eyes
11:45 pm
turning yellow. a man hissing at him like a snake. doors opening and closing and tvs turning on and off. they are now affecting citizens through text messages. what are demons? and how do they manifest themselves? the obvious question, how exactly do you deal with them? >> well, i start with the bible. it reminds me of the father gabriel the famous exorcist. he said there is a book i want you to read. he said the bible.
11:46 pm
then what he said was, i give this authority to you buy disciples and apostles to cast out demons. ever since then for 2,000 years we have been doing that. the power to cast out evil is from jesus. jesus lord, his death and resurrection is to save the kingdom. an exorcism is nothing but a prayer. we are asking for god to cast out the demons. jesse: the phenomenon you are observing, the eyes, the speaking in ancient tongues. describe what you are seeing when you say someone is possessed. >> i have to distinguish between a psychological illness and a demonic problem.
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sometimes it's stark. the evil presence manifests. sometimes the eyes will change. they will be spewing forth evil. we call it acult knowledge. tips they will speak in foreign languages. sometimes i speak in latin or italian just to see if a person will understand it. a young man woke up in the morning with a huge claw mark on his back. wait looked like was a beast took a claw and raked it across his back. that's exactly what happened. there is no way he could have done that to himself. a woman woke up with these burned upside down crosses on her arm. jesse: i have woken up with claws on my back but i don't think it was from a beast.
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>> not that kind of claw. if you saw the claw you would say, whoa! jesse: it's endorsed by cardinal dolan here in new york. thank you for joining us on "watters' world." a brand-new segment ahead. the most annoying thing. the most annoying. carley is here to probably just watch me get mad.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: the most annoying thing. this is a new segment on "watters' world" where we just vent or i vent. i am a very happy man, very calm and even tempered. if these things annoy you, they must anow you. i'm getting a ton of calls about my car warranty expiring. if your coverage is voided, this would make you responsible for all repairs. press 1 now if you want to reinstate your car's warranty. you can also call 833-3041447.
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carley, every day i get the call. >> the same. >> i don't know if i should answer it or not i might know the number or might not know the number. i push it. my car warranty. how do they know? i don't need a car warrant i renewal. >> credit is fine. you won a trip to disney. did you know that an average of 159 million robocalls are made per day, which is roughly 1,911 per second. how is that even possible. jesse: it's driving the american people. we cannot stand these car warranty calls any more. stop it. i am mad at traffic. sometimes it takes me three
11:54 pm
hours to go 60 miles. where is everybody going? and why are they going places when i'm going places. friday afternoon everybody starts driving to the beach and sunday night they start driving back from the beach. can we invent flying cars? are you stuck in traffic, too? >> i'm not a road rage person. but i get a little aggressive on the street. i get frustrated. >> passive aggressive. >> so walkers. jesse: i also don't like rain. soaking wet it, raining constantly. i thought it was july and it's a flood. why can't they build better drainage systems?
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>> i was talking about this video with janet dean. that's the new york city subway. you could not pay me enough to get into that water. there could be rats in there. awful disgusting stuff. >> thank you for letting me vent. i feel much better now. >> i charge $100 an hour for the psychological therapy. jesse: i can't afford it. jesse: i can't afford it. i spe i hated sticking my fingers, then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone, and there's my glucose number. wow. my a1c has dropped over 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge victory.
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jesse: i am going on a tour for "how i saved the world." i will be in tampa, then my first appearance at the nixon library in yorba linda,
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california. , "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine *. thanks for, with us tonight. the number one health issue in the united states that reached a fever pitch level is not covid, it's not global warming, it's not racism. it's out of control criminals being allowed to terrorize the


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