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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 10, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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blue nose pit bull. he had never swam before. he disappeared under the water, saved his daddy but his daddy wasn't drowning. cruel prank to play on your dog. see you b b b b b b ♪ ♪ ♪ o, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilights last gleaming gleamingwhose broad stripes andt stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ for the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare
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♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er of the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ pete: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. it's not july 4th. it's july 10th. but we have revived a tradition. many of you wrote us in for quite some time when we stopped playing the national anthem on the weekends right before the
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show. we have revived that tradition fittingly so. we did it last weekend. we are going to keep doing it when you tune in at 6:00 on "fox & friends," that's the plan. rachel: still 4th of july every weekend. by the way, welcome, both of you. i love that the fox flag was flying right next to the american flag. i thought that was pretty cool, will. will: beautiful. some good shots there the statue of liberty. the new york harbor and across this great land as again we welcome you in this morning. we would also love to welcome in our friends lawrence jones who is in dallas where, he is speaking today at cpac and, lawrence, i understand the last day or so you have been talking to attendees at cpac. lawrence: yeah, guys, it's so great to be with you guys this morning. we have been talking with folks. this is really the heart and soul of the conservative movement. you know, i keep saying this is where stars are born. but, if you are a politician that's been a little squishy, they will boo you. and they will get in your face and they will tell you what you
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have been doing wrong, clean-up is what should happen in this country. anyway, guys, i had the opportunity to talk with some of those folks yesterday. let's take a look. >> what do you think the future of the conservative movement is? >> i think it's growing. >> starts with leadership and it starts with activists at a grassroots level. >> i think it's bringing back the ethical more rattle of our constitution. lawrence: you boys are in high school. why come to cpac. >> this is a big movement. we need background of all. >> who is your favorite speaker. >> i think i know who is going to be. lawrence: i mean? >> besides you my favorite speaker tonight will be you. [laughter] rachel: that's so nice. lawrence: look, i'm sure everybody is here to see the big man. donald trump is going to be speaking on sunday. i do have a speech. i'm going to be talking about crime in america. we predicted this about two and
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a half years ago on the channel when i was going across the country, talking about the liberal cities that are in crisis. of course, we had the defund the police movement. had the fact that they are allowing lawlessness and d.a.s going crazy. that will be my speech today. will: excellent. which i believe will air on fox nation. we will check in lawrence today. pete: lyon fox nation we will play clips on the show tomorrow and critique him. rachel: this is the cpac on the west coast? wasn't there one. pete: big one in d.c. couldn't do it moved to florida now doing more cpacs. makes more sense. will: ' crime is the focus of lawrence's speech today. the vice president is addressing crime as well. she is saying it's a false choice to say reimagining public safety also means defunding police departments. now, that's a little bit at odds
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with the choice that seems to have been present to the american people over the past year where it wasn't -- it wasn't coy, it wasn't shell game. it was quite literal and honest. we want to defund the police. i believe we were told it means exactly that. pete: yeah, it means reduce their budgets and also rein in what critics have said are abuses of law enforcement. well, here's -- when she was asked about it, here is what the vice president said on another network. watch. >> the administration has proposed using federal funds, the money from the american rescue plan to really fund police departments. how do you both reform the police, make policing different at the same time give money to police departments? >> yeah, well, first, i would say that we should not be offered and certainly not accept a false choice there needs to be accountability for police officers who break the rules or break the law. we need to have a ban on
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chokeholds. we need to deal with accountability in terms of legal accountability. so, all of those things need to happen. rachel: so now that the polling is showing that people don't like defund the police, kamala harris is trying to say well, that's not what reimagining means. all that talk about social workers and reimagining, and defunding, that's not what that means, it means something else. however, here's some tweets from some more honest members of the democrat party. here is cori bush. she said defunding the police isn't radical, it's real. i think we had one by -- i thought we had one with aoc she said defunding the police means defunding the police. pete: it would take too much time to show all the statements of those on the left. the real false choice there is the headline in the "new york post." 1.5 billion in nypd budget not enough to your point according
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to aoc. >> the real false choice this entire time has been the belief that you can maintain security and peace for people in the streets while handcuffing the police. that's the true false choice. the reality is it's a tough job. they have to be empowered. and they have tried to have it both ways. as a result, you mentioned the polling, people are noticing that crime is way up and there is only one side of the aisle that's been responsible for it. will: you mentioned by the way, rachel, the polling shows this has been horrendous message. here is the people who support deploying more police officers to police patrols a whopping 77%. increasing police department budgets 70%. this isn't a close call. pete: it's a huge number. rachel: absolutely huge number. it goes to show what the democrats do, and especially the progressives who have taken over the party they flip everything on their head. the criminals are now the victims and the good guys, the cops, are the bad guys. and every time the democrats
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have reimagined anything, whether it's the family or anything else, it's always ended in a spectacular failure, which is why you saw this week actually "the washington post" trying to hint to the democratic party that the "the washington post" said this is bad. you know, you can't defund the police. it isn't that they gave these pinocchios for the lie that they told about really republicans are trying -- looked like they were trying to do a fact check. they were actually, i think, trying to hint to the democrat party, listen, i know you guys are committed to this, but this is not going to go well for you guys better change course. that's why you saw kamala harris change course. pete: move it over another direction. another is school reopenings and cdc guidance. of the cdc finally issued their new guidance updated yet again on how schools and how students will return in person in the fall. take a look at some of the aspects of the new cdc guidance. in person instruction in the
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fall is a, quote, priority. next bullet, mavericks should be worn by all individuals age 2 or older. 2 or older. rachel: try getting it on a 2-year-old. pete: who are not fully vaccinated. down from 6 feet, already at 3 feet. apparently social distancing has to be maintained still in the classroom and then they want to implement layered strategies for prevention, test, better ventilation and encourages as if we have not been encouraging hand washing this entire time. rachel: hand washing is good and actually i do like that schools have become a lot cleaner. i think it should be that way forever regardless of the pandemic. but, listen, there is going to be a revolt by parents if they try masking our kids again into the fall. and the cdc is, a, not following the science but, b, they're ignoring parents who are seeing these statistics. a child who gets covid is 0.1%
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likely to be hospitalized. there is absolutely no reason to maverick a child. it's so bad for them and it's so many more germs by the way with those masks. will: the american federation of teachers have taken a break from denying the existence of critical race theory while simultaneously saying they will defend any teacher who have in trouble from teaching critical race theory. they took a break and saying we share the growing concern over the delta variant as well as the evolving science around code transmission in young people, all of which make it incumbent upon school districts to remain committed to both vaccinations and these safety protocols. rachel that reroll will begin with me this is incredibly antiscience. if schools hide behind new cdc guidelines and require our students to be masked, they will be hearing from parents. as you point out, this is unsanitary, it is unsafe. it is unscientific to suggest that a 7-year-old needs to wear mask all day at school.
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this is not appropriate. rachel: it's actually cruel. pete: hold on, they are saying that vaccination is voluntary. that's what the cdc guidance is effectively saying. they are not saying it needs to be mandated. these are all glins guidelines, schools can do whatever they want. at the same time, their guidance is if you are not vaccinated you have to wear activist that. which means they are going to be asking parents whether your kid is vaccinated or not and forcing you to wear mask, or not as a result of that. it all cascades and turns into something pointing fingers in the parent's chest did you do it or not, if not, i'm going to be following your kid like a stewardess on the delta flight right now. rachel: that's another mandate they need to get rid of. pete: 0.001% chance. rachel: dr. nicole saphier says requiring kids to wear masks is wrong. take a look. >> the cdc is really the only global entity that actually
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recommends children above the age of 2 should all consider wearing masks. they don't cite studies that masking ching children reduces the risk. here is the news that came out of recommendations. they emphasize the importance of in person learning. they gave the schools and teachers unions no way out of getting bang to in person in the fall. en wear mask despite continued distancing, surveillance testing. whether or not community transition is low or high. they just say to still do that i think this is the wrong move. rachel: most school administrators are not brave enough to go against what the cdc says. pete: that's true. rachel: they are afraid of litigation if something happens. they are just cautious like that. so when the cdc does that, you can be sure we are going to have masked kids next fall unless they have very brave teachers and administrators. will: cdc changes guidelines over three weeks or. so still prospect before school starts change once again.
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pete: the ever evolving science that we have known all along kids not affected by it evolved almost knew it couldn't happen you knew they couldn't do the common sense scientific thing. anyway, a few additional headlines as well starting with a fox news alert. a louisiana officer dies after being shot in the head. police say officer william billy collins jr. was responding to a disturbance call when the suspect opened fire and barricaded himself in his home for several hours. he was later arrested and taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries but police did not say how he was hurt. collins was a deputy in webster parish for 10 years but working as you a patrol officer when he responded to the call. god bless him. the u.s. is sending help to haiti following the assassination of the country's president. the fbi and security officials will go as soon as possible to assist in the ongoing investigation. so far 17 suspects have been detained, including two u.s.
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citizens. police say eight suspects are still on the run. haiti's interim government also asked for u.s. troops to come in and protect key infrastructure but reuters reports the u.s. turned counsel the request. an apple co-founder steve wozniak says bitcoin is better than gold. you know it he told the tech conference, quote: gold is limited and you have to look for it bitcoin is the most amazing mathematical i do not invest in it but believe in the future. bitcoin worth over $33,000. hopefully going north soon. rachel: i believe it, but i won't invest in it. will: i agree. [laughter] rachel: that doesn't inspire confidence. will: media disgraced attorney michael avenatti. >> you are all places at all times. >> looking at the 2020, one
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reason why i'm taking you seriously as a contender is because of your presence on cable news. will: now some on the media are eating their words or they should be. i don't know if they are willingly doing so but we will make them as reroll the tape next ♪ ♪ ♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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with my varilux progressive lenses i seamlessly transition from near to far. and see every detail in sharp focus. when you see no limits, there are no limits. book now at your local essilor experts to push the limits of your vision. varilux lenses by essilor. you got lucky tonight we are pack with attorney michael avenatti he is a main player? sitting beside me right now, you can't he cheat, a hint his name is michael avenatti. [laughter] >> i don't think you are in this for money. >> to me you are like the holy spirit, you are all places taughts, he is out there saving the country. rachel: the holy spirit. i hope she lives to have to listen to that over and over again. what a dumb thing to say, what an absolutely dumb thing to say.
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pete: all premised on the fact that they thought this was the guy that could take down donald trump. rachel: shows how bad their judgment. you just have to look at him and know he was shady. will: this is nothing deeper than simply a rereactionary motivation to just take down donald trump. it's not deeper. it's oh, this is the guy who can do it. so he is going to be on tv all the time. rachel: 100 times on msnbc, 122 times on cnn. it was just absolutely astounding. you are right just like with cuomo they got behind him for the same reason. pete: there was an exchange on cbs where there was an alittle bit of an acknowledgment maybe just a little bit the media failed just a little bit in its fawning coverage of avenatti. watch. >> he had some very big financial problems. he had a big win in a lawsuit that then was reversed.
3:20 am
and so, maybe needed some money and went about it the wrong way. >> wrong way, yeah. >> maybe we went about covering him the wrong way in a way. >> i wouldn't say we. >> the press. >> collectively. >> it's a big tent. >> yes, it is. rachel: no one wants to own it i thought that was hilarious. again, what a lack. will: did he say needed some money and went about getting it the wrong way? michael avenatti so you all know pleaded guilty, convicted for extorting nike. what did he get? he got two and a half years. should have getten 8 or 9. two and a half. he has two to three more cases pending which could ultimately lead to many more years of jail time. this was not just nike. this was multiple clients literally just extortion but just stealing money from his clients. rachel: yeah, stealing money from his clients. again, such a lack of judgment. do you know who had the best judgment on avenatti was tucker carlson who called him creepy porn lawyer. it was so obvious that was the
3:21 am
perfect moniker for him. pete: next soundbite a little creepy but not a porn lawyer. gutfeld takes on michael avenatti. >> talking about the media who thinks you are stupid and you are wrong about everything. spending money elevating bad guys like avenatti. fueled by narcissism they elevated him so they could look cool overlooking the obvious red flag everyone else could see. michael avenatti had more problems than a "fox & friends" cooking segment. they took pictures with them and partied with them and now they look like tools because they are tools, his tools. i wonder if brian stelter will admit his humiliation on reliable sources because, if he doesn't, how can he be considered reliable? will: cooking segment. rachel: evidence dissed on avenatti and cooking segment. will: creepy into the soundbite. pete: got me back on tape.
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rachel: up next, some terrifying moments for a california family as a homeless woman tries to break into their home. >> i'm going to kill you [bleep] rachel: the mom inside protecting her child and she tells what happens next. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild.
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rach good morning, and welcome back to "fox & friends." crews will taking down the capitol hill fencing. progress started yesterday and is expected to last three days. fencing put up to protect the capitol after the january 6th riot. and this statue of confederate general robert e. lee will also be taken down today.
3:26 am
it's in charlottesville, virginia focal point. one person died after the crowd plowed into the crowd in a car. put in storage along a statue of confederate general thomas stone well jackson, will? will: thank you, rachel. as california stwrulingsz homelessness crisis one mom dealt with it at front door. next guest cynthia home with 11-year-old son when a homeless woman threatened her life and threatened to break into her house. watch. >> i'm going to kill you [bleep] will: she joins us now on "fox & friends" with her story. cynthia, thank you for being with us. let's just go back to that moment, if you wouldn't mind. tell us more. we saw a little clip on the video. we can hear some audio. tell us more about what went down that day. >> i was home inside with my son, with my front door open but i had a security locked screen
3:27 am
door, thank goodness when i heard shouting outside. and i immediately closed my door when i saw the woman out there. she came to my front yard, shirt grabbed a big rock wrapped it up in her shirt. i closed up my windows which got my attention. that's when she ran up to my front door and was pounding on it and unfortunately my camera at my door did not video her. but she was trying to kick in my door, bang on my window saying come out, i'm going to kill you. then she went to my garage door throwing the rock -- oh, i'm sorry, she grabbed a large ceramic pot and threw that at my door and started quicking at my garage door. she jumped in the back of our truck, grabbed a 4 by 4 and started pounding at the windows and thankfully the police came right at that time. will: cynthia, what was this all about? was there any explanation for her behavior of what her motivation was? >> well, from what her reasoning
3:28 am
is, i don't know. i know she must be mentally ill and living on the street. she has been in our neighborhood before. people have seen her. what this is about, this is about a problem that has been going on in the city of riverside and all of california. we're on the verge of lawlessness here. it seems that the laws that we have only apply to certain folks. like someone like myself or my husband are working people, citizens that pay taxes, that are homeowners. if we were to be doing the same things, they would be locking us up because there is something that they can take from us. but the people on the streets that are committing the crime and i'm talking about the criminals here. i want to make something very clear. when i'm talking about homeless, i'm not talking about the people that want help and that need help. i'm all for helping them. we are talking about the criminal i have a grants here that are tasering us in our community, in our neighborhood. and now in our own home.
3:29 am
will: we hear so much about venice beach, for example. you are riverside. quickly, i don't have a top of time left it sounds as if it no surprise to you a problem in your community not just homelessness but criminality. this is a problem all over southern california. >> oh, it's all over california. our city officials. our mayors, our legislatures, our governor, they are failing us. it is unsafe in our own communities. you know, we have had murders here. a lady who was walking her dog just in april, just down the street from me, was stabbed to death by a mentally deranged woman who just three days prior had attacked another woman and then was let out the same day. they are failing us. and we have been experiencing theft, burglaries, break-ins, fires. do you know the fires out here in california, they are not all happening from the weather. it's happening because they are starting fires in these encampments. they are burning down homes.
3:30 am
businesses are shutting down because no one want to go in them. we are afraid. we are seeing in our streets people shooting up with needles. they are defecating and urinating and fornicating right in our community. will: cynthia, wow. what an issue and one that's come directly to your front door. i know you are going to a community meeting and demanding action. sorry for what you went through and thank you for sharing your story with the nation this morning on "fox & friends." thank you, cynthia. >> thank you. will: you bet. still ahead, a ride malfunctions and literally goes off the rails. how bystanders rushed in to help. and house republicans want to put an end to olympic athletes protesting against the flag. congressman lance gooden and ralph norman are part of the push and they both join us live next. ♪ ♪ at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago
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pete: welcome back. a group of house republicans calling on olympians to put an end to the flag. ing lawmakers voiced their concerns over these athletes, quote: taking advantage of the international platform to perpetuate divisive, hateful, and anti-american ideology. two of those republicans join us now. texas congressman lance gooden and south carolina congressman ralph norman.
3:35 am
gentlemen, both, thank you so much for being here. representative gooden, let me start with you. this letter is to the u.s. olympic committee saying make sure our athletes comply with rule 50 of the olympic charter which says no political protest. have you heard anything back? what do you expect? >> i expect political correctness, which is what we are so used to when it comes to issues like this. i hope they will do the right thing. i think it's despicable that any member of the u.s. olympic would do such a dishonor to themselves or this nation by disrespecting the flag. i hope it absolutely is stopped. pete: i hope you are right. we had up there briefly the portion of the olympic charter which says no kind of demonstration, political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any olympic sites, venues or other areas. that's the olympic rule. the u.s. olympic committee has allowed for some protests during trials, representative norman, when it comes to the global stage, do you expect our athletes to violate that olympic
3:36 am
rule? >> no, and it's intolerable that they're doing it you know, these olympic athletes coming up through the system from grade 1 on up through when they qualify, they use institutions that are paid for by the united states taxpayer. they have scholarships paid for by the united states taxpayer. and for them to use five minutes to grandstand and denigrate the country that sent them there is unacceptable and, like lance said, we shouldn't put up with it and it's up to the united states to enforce it before the fact, not after the fact. pete: representative norman, i will stay with you, you are saying this is more about themselves at this point. by the time they reach a podium in this process, they are not just representing what they achieved as an individual, but they are representing our nation and that comes with a responsibility. >> exactly. and to make comments like ms. wolf made to use, you know, the ceremonies, issues, if she places or wins to burn the flag or to disrespect our leaders, we
3:37 am
don't put up with it and this should be a qualification prior to them competing. and, if it's not, then that disqualifies them. the flag means something. our country means something. and we paid their way and now is the time to put some consequences which they have not had. pete: representative gooden, up ountil this point the u.s. olympic committee really has not con anything about political protest. you think those athletes that indicate they want to or will violate that olympic rule should they even be representing our nation? >> no, i don't think they should. and i think it's a real special type of vermont that would go iw americans and disrespect the flag. there are so many wonderful americans on this deem doing the right thing and love our nation. they do disservice and disgrace to themselves when they step on the flag. i think they are dishonoring their fellow team members. they are distracting from our
3:38 am
goal which is to win gold melds. and i think it's horrible. and it absolutely should be stopped and i hope we get this fixed before we really get in the heat of the olympics. pete: well, good on you for at least holding them to account at some level and making them answer for it we will see what happens there. you can also watch congressman gooden's cpac speech. we see where you are at. we see that fox logo there it will be on fox nation. when are you going to speak, congressman? >> i think tomorrow afternoon before president trump gets to town. we are having a great weekend. pete: very cool. and former president trump will be speaking tomorrow as well. catch it all on fox nation. >> we miss you ralph. [laughter] pete: they miss each other. will: that's nice. >> we really do. pete: gentlemen, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thank you. pete: you got it. will: thanks, pete. turning to headlines, a carnival ride full of people mostly sunny malfunctions. terrifying moment caught on
3:39 am
camera. carnivals are pretty scary. the magic carpet because they feel like they were put together just a few minutes ago. pete: because they were. >> magic carpet ride in full swing base appears to detach from support. people rushed in grabbing the railing keeping people from tipping over. people are awesome in moments like this. no one was hurt and the ride was shut down. president biden fires social security commissioner andrew soul he was terminated after refusing to resign. the biden administration listed a number of grievances against him. including accusations that he undermined and politicized disability benefits. sal questioned the firing interview with "the washington post." he told the interviewer he plans to be at work on monday. now, dog rescued 1600 miles from home is reunited with his family
3:40 am
after 10 years. razzle disappeared from his home in 2011. found all the way in california after an animal shelter scanned his microchip. a dog rescuer who is also a pilot, flew the pup back to arkansas where i'm sure he said who are these people? reuniting them with his family after 10 long years apart. there is no way that dog is like i'm finally home. 10 years a long time. rachel: you are the one that says dogs are so smart. they're like humans. >> time and you leave -- my dog i leave for an hour and she has a new family. [laughter] pete: that's not what i thought. in will's word it. will: is this the promise of the movie a dog's purpose? rachel: it is, actually. it's a great movie. will: is a great movie. rachel: president biden urges
3:41 am
opec to increase its oil supply while calling to restrict our own oil and gas production. our next guest says biden's policies could set us back. ya think? ♪ barracuda ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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pete: five police officers -- shows a woman convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in 173. it was painted outside pal alto city hall last june and since been removed. the officers blame the city for allowing the art, which they say constitutes harassment.
3:45 am
and photo shop fail. the national intelligence director's office editing this stock photo right here to add a woman in a wheelchair and a blind man with a seeing eye dog to the cover of it annual diversity report. it just not diverse enough that stock photo. many called out the very bad editing job after the photo went viral on line. rachel, down to you. rachel: thank you, pete. well, president biden is facing a climate contradiction as he urges opec to increase oil supply so the u.s. can lower surging gas prices. but, at the same time, is he calling to restrict the u.s.' own oil and gas production. >> if we end tax breaks for fossil fuels, make polluters pay to clean up the messes they have made, that would raise $90 billion. that's not going to do anything that is unfair. just not going to subsidize them anymore. they are doing well, thank you. and the messes they made, they should clean up.
3:46 am
rachel: bradbury is the ceo of the american explore station and production council she joins us now. ann, welcome. let's get to it how will the biden rules hurt the united states. >> first of all, what we saw for the administration asking opec to increase production we share the administration's overall goal and need for affordable and reliable energy for all americans. however, you think it's quite puzzling that they're asking foreign nations to increase production of oil while pursuing policies here at home that restrict production of oil and gas. rachel: you are right. go ahead. >> especially when we know that american oil and gas is produced at the highest standards of anywhere in the world. rachel: right, it's the cleanest production of it and also it's puzzling because these are infrastructure jobs. the biden administration is calling for infrastructure jobs and these are some of the best-paying, right? >> absolutely. we should be making energy here
3:47 am
in america. we provide millions of really high paying jobs all across the country. rachel: right. and in addition, there is some national security. i know concerns. i know that americans really wanted to be energy independent. they were under the last administration. what do you think the implications are if we become more dependent on middle east oil? >> so it's been the policy of every administration going back many decades to pursue energy security and energy independence. and we have really made great strides in achieving that over the last decade in large part because of the american shale producers. and we should be building on that progress, not walking back from it and policies like banning new oil and gas leases on federal land and pursuing punitive tax policies that target the american oil and gas producers, and producing and pursuing regulatory policies that provide a great deal of uncertainty at increased cost to
3:48 am
american oil and gas producers really set us back and make us more dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas while doing nothing to support their stated challenge of addressing climate change. rachel: so what's your advice to the biden administration? and when will you do to bring awareness to the american people? i think a lot of people would be really upset to hear that we are taking away these jobs, we're shutting down our independent oil and gas industry in a very powerful way, and at the same time, we're encouraging other countries and many of them who don't like to us increase production and become more reliant. what are you doing to let lawmakers know and the american people know about this hypocrisy? >> so, first of all, i think it's so important to remember that climate change does not start or stop at the united states border. rachel: right. >> the united states is only 11% of global emissions and falling. we are reducing our emissions more quickly than any country in the world. in the meantime, china and russia are increasing their
3:49 am
emissions. china is 27% of global emissions and rising. the united states can actually be part of the climate solution if the administration would like to pursue policies to work with the u.s. oil and gas industry to build on the discuss we have seen in reducing emissions in the united states. we can export that around the globe. rachel: we are all on the same planet. >> exactly. >> thank you so much, anne. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me rachel, good to see you. rachel: all right. well, still ahead san francisco district attorney talks tough claim nothing one is above the law. the constant rash of crime proves different. the backlash lies now online. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ ♪ pete: welcome back, in the break, we were talking about the 90's and fashion. rachel: yes, we were. pete: which we would like to talk about for the remainder of this hour but we went. rachel, you mentioned you lived in san francisco in the 90. rachel: i did live there in the 90. it wasn't a unsafe place. only a couple neighborhoods you wouldn't go. to say other than that roam the city with my friends and that was safe. definitely not the case now. will: if you have kept up with the news cycle you know san francisco has become so unsafe in some cases when it comes to shoplifting walgreen's has pulled out. target reduced hours to closing at 6:00 p.m. shoplifting is everywhere. but one crime is going punished. sphrap district attorney has tweeted out that no one is above the law. she did this after announcing tax evasion case where the city is going after, i believe it was a public official who did not
3:54 am
report $250,000 in income. here's what the district attorney tweeted. committees is a boudin today we are announcing the prosecution of a san francisco 'public works for failing to disclose a quarter of a million dollars in income. public officials must serve the public, not use their positions for their own financial gain. here is the money line, no one in san francisco is above the law. pete: we are announcing the prosecution of one person finally. rachel: by the way san francisco ♪ only place where people are going into, say, drug stores and just taking what they want and the stores are just letting them do that because the police aren't there and it's just not worth it. but twitter actually, you know, a lot of people were tweeting out after they saw that tweet and here's what they are saying. they said no one is above the law in san francisco unless you deal fentanyl. break into cars, or pretend you are living in an episode of supermarket thieves. pete: videos we keep showing time and time again. you watch the security guards or police officers outside watching people run out.
3:55 am
you sort of say why aren't they stopping them? rachel: right. pete: they know if they stop them that gentleman right there. is he going to get assaulted and altercation and ultimately the person stealing the stuff is probably going to sue the police officer. will: and won't be prosecuted. pete: won't be prosecuted and let right back out. and when you see a tweet like that from a public official, you realize how detached they are from reality so, they found some guy that was cheating on taxes for 250, good you should prosecute that, like you should prosecute everything else let society up ravel which is what happens in san francisco. rachel: if you don't arrest that guy. you will get more of that guy. will: and they have. rachel: and they have. there is overall a culture of anti-police sentiment that i this is -- it's not just that they're not arresting, it's just that the whole idea of law and order is undermined when you vilify police officers and also when you hamper them and don't let them arrest people who do such obvious things. who gets on a bike and collects
3:56 am
drugs and things from a drugstore and leaves? will: a lot of people in san francisco. a lot of people do that and set up pop up markets right down the street. this is driven out of ideology as you point out that believe you should defund the police. the police are inherently evil and also it should be pointed out this move in california not to prosecute shoplifting less than $950 it. rachel: right. will: driven out of the perception that those crimes result in racial disparity. so much of our conversation go back to race. let those crimes go so there is not racial disparity. who do you think the victims of those crimes are that will also show up in racial disparity most of this crime is located in neighborhoods that are primarily black and brown. pete: now you don't have a walgreen's and cvs. you mentioned key word ideology. one place where ideology should not be allowed it's justice. equal justice under the law is a fundamental premise of our country and that's what's eroding. rachel: amen to that pete. pete: can i get an amen.
3:57 am
the governor of south carolina is standing up against biden's door-to-door vaccine push. now the white house is accusing him of, quote, literally killing people. more on that. plus we have jesse watters, someone's husband. rachel: in person. pete: in person, tammy bruce, dr. siegel and the los angeles county sheriff all on fox. ♪ ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get
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4:01 am
bat since you don't know when. behind success a batting cage that means we will be having a batting battle on "fox & friends" for the trophy a little bit later in the show. have you been to a batting cage? you probably have pete, haven't you, with the boys? pete: i have with the boys. i gave up baseball in 8th grade because i couldn't hit a curve ball. will: i gave up in tee. rachel: my husband sean duffy is going to be joining you. is he a lumberjack. pete: he swings a lot of wood so maybe is he good at it. rachel: maybe. pete: stick with us a batting cage competition coming up on this beautiful saturday morning. we are glad you are here. will: south carolina's governor is pushing back on the biden administration's effort to go door to door to increase vaccinations. i believe this is governor henry mcmaster of south carolina, he said the following. a south carolinians decision to get vaccinated a personal one
4:02 am
for them to make and not the government's. enticing, coercing, intimidating, mandating, or pressuring anyone to take the vaccine is bad policy deteriorate the public trust and confidence in the state's vaccination efforts. rachel: that's a good point. a lot of people don't like the idea. they actually think it's creepy that, you know, somebody from the government would be coming in and asking you some really personal questions about whether you have the vaccine or not. jen psaki, the white house press secretary, was asked about the governor's criticism, here's what she had to say. >> well, let me first say that the failure to provide accurate public health information, including the efficacy of vaccines and the accessibility of them to people across the country, including south carolina, is literally killing people. so maybe they should consider that. but, i would say that what this is and what it is not, this is not federal employees going door to door. this is grassroots volunteers. this is members of the clergy. these are volunteers who believe that people across the country,
4:03 am
especially in low vaccinated areas should have accurate information. should have information about where they can get vaccinated. where they can save their own lives and their neighbor's lives and family members lives. that's exactly what this is. rachel: she said they are literally killing people and it's not going to be a government worker. it's going to be some sort of army of citizens who are loyal to the government? i don't know who these people are. pete: they are reimagining vaccinations like we repolice. the police won't be at your door a mental health worker. not a nurse that shows up to your door. it will be your pastor. your pastor will compel you with the power of the gospel that you must take this vaccine otherwise, jen psaki is telling you are literally killing people if you don't. it is the height of hyperbole from the podium. you saw the white house walk back from the idea they were going door to door initially. now as states are saying hold on a second. any time someone adds literally to the front of their statement,
4:04 am
they know they are being hyperbolic in what they are saying. is some of us in the business intentionally trying to kill people know what that looks lining. when there is an intentionality there. people have plenty of information about the vaccine. and their own health and their kids. no one is killing anybody. and that's not going to help. encourage states go door to door. will: hyperbolic policy. under the push and presumption here the vaccine is absolutely perfect and right for every single person, it's clearly. that's -- if you push back on that even the slightest, you are somehow an anti-vaxer. not taking into account some people have had covid as we talked about on numerous occasions. some people have had their own health concerns and some people have read the data and realize it isn't right for a child or whatever it may be. the entire policy and why someone should be showing up to your door is under the presumption it is right for you. it is right for everyone. rachel: well, i was just going to say what are they going to do with this? are they going to use this data?
4:05 am
let's say they go door to door and track who had a vaccine. who refused to take one or whatever, what are they doing with all of this information? and then the other thing is i really don't like, the biden administration has been trying to co-opt religion, people of faith. faith leaders, this idea that they are co-opting people of faith in these communities to then go in to the communities and use their, you know, influence to do something on behalf of the government, all of it seems really creepy to me. >> yeah. it's the new blood on your hands. remember, every argument the left uses they impugn conservatives of wanting to kill people. whether it's expansion of welfare benefits. push grandma off -- it paul ryan if you don't expand medicare. if you don't stop climate change the blood will be on your hands when people die as a result of it. you can't just have a policy agreement will how to best serve people. it has to be that the other
4:06 am
person wants you to die and here is an example of it. will: if you paid slight attention to the news you probably came across michael avenatti. he was on television all the time i believe 254 times in a single year. not just on television but almost universally applauded, off and oned over for quite some time because he was seen as the man, maybe the only man who could take down donald trump. now, michael avenatti has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for an extortion of nike. going against the wishes or the best interest of his own clients, looking to enrich himself and he is going to jail for that which exposes the character that michael avenatti was. pete: he cried. will: he did cry. rachel: it also says a lot about the media who put him on, who showed such lack of judgment. i mentioned to you -- this earlier, will. look at him and hear a few sentences out of him and you knew this guy was pretty shady, correspondent jamie wax acknowledges the media's failure
4:07 am
and its fawning coverage of avenatti. so, take a look. >> he had some very big financial problems. he had a big win in a lawsuit that then was reversed and so, maybe he needed some money and he went about getting it the wrong way. >> wrong way, yeah. >> and maybe we went about covering him the wrong way in a way. >> i wouldn't say we. >> the press. collectively. >> it's a big tent. >> yes, it is. pete: that guy just opened the door for me to wear pink shorts? rachel: you can it's summer in new york. pete: i might look into that i might get my see sucker pants turned into shorts. jesse watters. will: i will help with you that. pete: that's a minor, minor microacknowledgment that maybe they were a little obsessed. maybe this vetting that they say they do all the time which, of course, they don't they look at the ideological background of whoever is speaking and hold up michael avenatti because he had the key to taking down trump
4:08 am
ultimately successful for four years. they won't learn from this they haven't learned. they can't learn and we will talk later on in the program about an editor of the "new york times" who is acknowledging that there is bias and that's okay. will: i'm okay with that i want to talk about that story a little bit later in the show. and i want to talk about that with you. it hints as something we both talked about again, more on this later, acknowledging your bias is part of being honest, i believe, in the media. objectivity is a pursuit, not a that you live. in so, start with not lying to people really quickly. so the key the people have with the media is that they lied to you about being objective and then bury their bias in that objectivity. and then, by the way, what's happened over the last two or three years is just blatantly lies change stories and lie especially in the last 12 months. >> i think the hosts get a lot of flack for this. we have them on tape. it really is the executives at the top level. i mean, somebody had to approve 122 times for avenatti to come
4:09 am
on cnn in a very short period of time. that is a very high level executive. pete: speaking of high levels. project veritas james o'keefe released calls that happened what you said is effect forgively cnn. calls at cnn saying cover this about trump. push this about trump, do this about trump. and then this journalist there sit around and pretend like just the facts and apple is an apple. it's the cloaking of objectivity that people hate the most. not the fact -- if you are biased you are biased. that's fine. will: you have opinions. rachel: of course. rachel: michael avenatti in jail two and a half years and not just high profile people stormy daniels regular clients who he would embezzling from millions of dollars to pay for private jets. meanwhile, he is being told by the media you might run for president. rachel: he was loving it, wasn't he? pete: and he was loving it. rachel: anna navarro actually said you are like the holy spirit. what a crazy thing to say.
4:10 am
pete: the holy spirit was very offended by that. rachel: i'm sure he was. all right. well, we are going to turn now to some of our head lines. 79 people are now confirmed dead in the -- on the florida condo collapse after crews pulled 5 more victims from the rubble. 61 people are still missing. a grand jury is set to investigate the collapse. meanwhile, engineers raised safety concerns about the miami-dade county courthouse. the historic building was shut down for inspection and repairs. courthouse employees will work from home starting on monday. bill cosby is considering a lawsuit against pennsylvania. cosby's publicists say the disgraced tv star hopes to win, quote, a couple hundred grand for its wrongful incarceration. cosby was freed last month after being court vacated his 2018 sexual assault conviction ruling that prosecutors had previously agreed not to charge him.
4:11 am
jeff bezos company throws shade at richard branson virgin galactic launch set for tomorrow. this graphic contracting it with their own launch later this month. the key difference is the carmen line. internationally recognized as the boundary of space. blue origin writes their rocket was always dispinsd to surpass the line which branson's mission will not. quote, so none of our blue origin astronauts from an asterisk next to their name and so are your headlines. the battle of the billionaires, i guess, you could say. pete: does the matter on the view you get when you are above or below the line or do you still feel like you are in case? i don't think people are going to care about the asterisk. willful. will: i was only halfway listening. rachel: thanks, will. will: do you know what i'm doing? i'm being honest with you. rachel: i love that. will: coming up is this the new art of the deal. white house defending hunter biden's decision to sell artwork
4:12 am
to undisclosed buyers. jason chaffetz is on deck to react next. ♪ ♪ why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help boost performance. introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed, the only bed that effortlessly adjusts to both of you. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep.
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and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. it's time to start a new day. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at ♪ ♪ >> the white house defending a deal, of course, allowing hunter biden to sell his pricy artwork to anonymous buyers with no disclosure to the public. >> after careful consideration a system has been established to allows for hunter biden to work in his profession within reasonable safeguards. of course, he has the right to pursue an artistic career just like an child of a president has the right to pursue a career.
4:16 am
i think it would be challenging for anonymous person who we don't know and hunter biden doesn't know to have influence. pete: joining us now to react former utah g.o.p. congressman and fox news contributor jason chaffetz cpac. great to have you here this morning. >> thanks, pete. pete: as we had all know, hunter biden has had some financial issues in the past, ambiguity about where money was coming from and where it's going to. we don't have to re-litigate that. now is he going into the art world where the ultimate ambiguous world where money is sloshing in for things that have suddenly valuable because he newly picked up a profession as a painter. what could go wrong, jason? >> yeah, for jen psaki call it hunter biden's new profession is a joke. he didn't take up art and start marketing art until daddy was running for president. now that dad is president, suddenly the value has skyrocketed. the united states senate issued
4:17 am
a report last year. they said the way the russians and others will actually launder money is through the art world. and if you wanted to create something to actually move money and provide influence, it would be this. and for what the white house is doing to say they quote, unquote, negotiated with this art dealer to make sure that there is absolutely no transparency is the exact opposite of transparency. i was the chairman of the oversight committee. this is the kind of stuff that we would look at. but, when they say they are not going to disclose anything to anybody, it makes it even more suspicious. pete: that's such a great point. you could go one of two ways. you could have said all right, everything is going to be transparent. weigh know who is paying for it. we know what their name and back ground is. as a result, we can, you know, tie a to b. instead they have said our safeguard is total anonymity but don't worry, we have reasonable safeguards in place to make sure no one would ever know who bought it or their background.
4:18 am
it's just -- how do they think this stuff passes any level of scrutiny or are they counting on the fact there won't be in any? >> it's the latter. media will be compliant and bend over backwards this is fine, this is the white house, this is what they are doing. oh, they don't know. come on, we are talking about the movement of potentially millions of dollars into the biden family. and this is a guy who has had problems with russian prostitutes. taking money from the former moscow mayor's wife. he has had problems with china, ukraine, now mexico, now he is in the art world. and joe biden calls him the smartest person on the planet. what could possibly go wrong, pete? pete: well, at least i know now i can put a bid in for a piece of his art and they didn't denyy me. maybe this is good for folks like us. be on a cpac panel today livestreaming on fox nation. what are you talking about down there? >> so what we're going to talk about is what really is going on in the white house? who actually is in control?
4:19 am
look, the future for conservatives, the future for the republican party, quite frankly, is the idea that they have got to win on the merits. they have got to win on the arguments. there is all these equipe things that go back and forth on twitter and whatnot. at the end of the day, the policy prescriptions that conservatives put forward are the right formula for america. that's why cpac is so popular. that's why going on this weekend. and that's what we plan to talk about today. pete: what's the vibe down there, real quick, jason, what are you feeling about the status of the conservative movement right now? >> i think there is a deep feeling that, guess what? nancy pelosi is just a short time away from losing that gavel. that at least the house and hopefully the senate will come back to the republican way. i just hope that they take that mantel and they remember what got them there and it will be the policy prescriptions that they have got to stand true to. when they get away from the policy. guess what? they lose elections. we can't keep losing elections as conservatives.
4:20 am
pete: the left is giving us a golden opportunity to advance things that people really care about. well, jason, enjoy your time down there at cpac it seems all the cool kids got invited but not us. so, but we will be watching you. watch cpac live on fox nation this weekend along with speeches by former president trump and many others. go to fox to sign up. jason, have a great morning. thank you. all right. up next, i can hear the batting cage right now. i think will went up to warm up. rachel: he did. pete: up next, teachers unions are vowing to defend critical race theory in the classroom. but our next guest says their fight for racial essentialism is ignoring the real crisis, which is, i don't know, low test scores? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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♪ will: pentagon warns of a worsening situation as the taliban gains ground in afghanistan. greg palkot was among the first journalists in afghanistan after 9/11. he is now back in the country and joins us live from kabul with the latest as u.s. begins to pull out troops. greg? >> hey there, hi folks, the taliban offensive continues here amid some reports of a bit of a fightback. militants continue to make gains across the country. yesterday they claim they have got 85% of the country in their back pocket, but, in fact, experts say it's only like a third. but, still, that's a lot. and the territory continues to mount. over all? the afghanistan military has
4:25 am
been rolling over. but there are unconfirmed reports today of a bit of a claw back. clashes? the south, airstrikes in the west. the government claiming taliban deaths. as we found out today, the locals aren't taking any chances. take a look. >> you are looking to people who are struggling to get out of afghanistan. the taliban is making its move. all across the country. they are worried about what's going to happen in this country, so they're right here and they are trying to get their passports. >> here is [inaudible] taliban come in here. >> bombarding, severing taliban. >> yeah, everywhere. >> people want to get out of afghanistan now. >> afghanistan, yeah. >> why? >> the situation right now, it's hard to live here. >> you know, folks, we heard complaints again today about the u.s. troops leaving or the manner in which they left. ironic, i think we all know and consider how much blood and treasure has been sacrificed by the u.s. here in afghanistan for
4:26 am
the last 20 years. back to you. will: all right. nice job, greg. thank you. rachel, over to you. rachel: thank you, will. as teachers union defend teaching critical race theory in schools this week. our next guest says their fight for racial essentialism is a distraction from the real crisis, which is low test scores. don't worry the union boss says testing doesn't even help. take a listen. >> it's not for measuring individual kids, schools or teachers. standardized testing doesn't help kids learn and it doesn't help teachers teach. rachel: here to react is commentary writer for "the washington examiner" keanu lowe, welcome. she says she shouldn't worry about test scores. what say you? >> good morning. so as it gets clearer that this woman is more responsible than almost anyone for taking your children and keeping them behind a zoom screen for the past 18
4:27 am
months and so, of course, she wouldn't want to have your students tested. because the truth is, test scores do not prove how talented or gifted a child is. they prove how well a teacher has done their job. and right now using the whole antiracism excuse to eliminate test scores is very effective. if you can prove that the least privileged kids disproportionately students of color do less well on these kids because they have worse teachers, you can blame it on the test and say it's not about the quality of teaching. that is exactly what weingarten are trying to push. rachel: interesting so many parents are fighting back right now and a lot of the emphasis has been on this marxist ideology, you know, critical race theory. and its roots. but, a lot of parents are also just can't you just teach my kids math and reading and science and we are following behind these other countries. i mean, really really far behind
4:28 am
which has all kinds of implications for our country. into the future. yes, from a national security perspective. it's frightening. we spend 37% more per pupil on average yet we are on the dead average in terms of reading and science scores. and we are below average when it comes to math. i mean, for all the left loves to freak out about the idea that the russians are going to hack our elections, we are performing behind russian students when it comes to math. so what do we do then? weingarten would say have no method of accountability for the teachers. rachel: the power of the teachers unions they're calling for money by the way key onna, we spent more money than any of those other countries on education and scoring behind and focusing on critical race theory and all these other things. tiana, great op-ed, i encourage everyone to read it in the washington examiner. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. have great weekend.
4:29 am
rachel: you have got it. coming up, we are heading back out to dallas where lawrence jones and tammy bruce are live at cpac 2021. they join us live next. ♪ ♪ the tempur-pedic breeze° makes because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses.
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pete: will, always feels like we are too far away from texas, but, this morning, especially we are too far away from texas and dallas. conservatives across the country are flocking to cpac 2021 in dallas. all streams live on fox nation this weekend. will: but, while we're not there, our friends are. so, live from the cpac floor is fox news contributor tammy bruce and "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones. good morning to you both. glad we have some presence there. rachel: good morning. will: glad it's you two. tell us why it's so important. tammy first to you. >> tammy: first of all wherever pete is texas is. pete: thank you, tammy, i will take that. >> texas is so big it's encompassing "fox & friends" set. i think this is the perfect theme, obviously. and it is a statement. it's not just a statement when it comes to the organizers of an event. but, for searches to be able to
4:34 am
come to an event in the midst of this environment, to be reminded that they are not alone, that they represent the majority in this country, and the majority really the american ideal is now the conservative ideal. right? before maybe you could have some arguments that it wasn't about all americans, but it's become clear, in fact, that it is even to americans themselves. here is going to be about people finally being able to get together and talk. it's about hearing great speakers. it's about people will have disagreements certainly about certain things and president trump is here. that's going to be a blast for people. the inspiration for that is going to be important. so i'm looking forward to it the conversations, the revelations about policy. and the inspiration about moving our nation forward for everyone is very exciting. rachel: lawrence, you are always so good for getting the feel for where people are at. you are on the ground all over the country, what's the feel and attitude of the, you know, base of this party? are they still a bit demoralized? or are they pumped up for the
4:35 am
next election? >> you know, and thank you, my friend. i feel like they are excited. and they are waiting for the movement and the leaders to take their place. i said this yesterday on "fox news primetime," everyone keeps asking about that one leader, that's not what the people are saying. they want leaders that are going to step up to the plate. the reason why this is uncanceled is because although china released the virus on the world, our leaders canceled america. people were not allowed to go to work. they forced everyone to wear masks. they really -- government really took its place and took our civil liberties away. and i always wonder why cpac was in d.c. to begin with. this is why cpac went to florida and now texas because they didn't close. they opened up. they allowed their people to make decisions for themselves. and so, i think as we come out of this pandemic, we cannot forget what these government and
4:36 am
bureaucracies did for the public. they canceled us all. pete: absolutely, lawrence, well said. tammy, you also are hosting a show there. it's called cpac all access live. when can people catch the two of you coverage what's coming on on fox nation. >> this is what is great you want to watch the streaming service with the network that understands the viewer. that understand the nature of what is happening to this country and that is fox nation. and you can get us, of course, fox but all of the services that provide fox nation as well. and i think we're up noon 2 today. and then tomorrow after president trump's speech. and whenever -- whenever he wants to stop is fine with me. but that's what we're going to be here. so the place to be is fox nation for analysis. all kind of great guests. even though lawrence and i could talk forever. we are going to have lots of great guests. lawrence: it's important to note fox nation is the only place you can watch this speech. >> tammy: that's right.
4:37 am
pete: if folks want to watch the president's speech, tune in to fox nation you will get the full speech in its entirety tomorrow. get it now so you can watch it tomorrow for sure. rachel: absolutely. pete: tammy lawrence, thank you. >> see you later. pete: turning now to a few additional headlines. the u.s. is sending help to haiti following the seadges of f the country's president. the white house says the fbi and security officials will go as soon as possible to assist in the ongoing investigation. so far, 17 somebodies have been detained including two u.s. citizens. police say 8 suspects are still on the run. haiti's fledgely interim government also asked for u.s. troops to come in and protect the infrastructure but reuters reports the u.s. turned down the request. and a walmart security guard leaps into action stopping a shoplifter who is attacking a deputy. surveillance video shows the suspect stuffing items into his bag at the store in utah. a state where law and order
4:38 am
still exists. the deputy tried stopping him but the suspect pins him to the ground. that's when the store security guard has his moment. he rushes in and grabs the attacker. the man was the deputy praised the guard for saving his life a hero, courage. a 94-year-old grandmother's dream of wearing a wedding dress comes true. watch this. [laughter] >> martha may tucker was married in 1952. but at the time, black women were not allowed in bridal shops. wow. think about how far we have come. she told her granddaughters that she always wanted to put on a wedding dress so, they surprised her with a fitting. she tried on this beautiful dress and even completed the look with crown. rachel: she looks beautiful. and that's a pretty dress. pete: that is.
4:39 am
rachel: nice granddaughter. so thoughtful. let's turn now to somebody else who is very thoughtful. ricky reichmuth from our fox will weather forecast. will. will: i'm sticking with that one. rick: it's almost like you baby-sat me or something as a kid. [laughter] rick: will little bit better weather northeast than we have had. incredible rain all that moisture from tropical storm elsa impacting everybody across the southeastern seaboard and especially across the northeast. it's almost gone. in fact a much better day today. enjoy today because rain comes in tomorrow. storms fire up later on in the arch. biggest thing watch today really big storms across the central part of the country bringing a lot of severe weather overnight that shifts a little bit farther off towards the south, areas of oklahoma, part of scenes, missouri and arkansas. that's going to be bulls eye
4:40 am
today for severe weather. primarily some really strong wind. maybe a little bit of hail or a tornado or two as well. all right. guys, send it back to you. will: all right, ricky reichmuth, thank you so much. rachel: i was a babysitter in high school. i was a very good one. i always took care of the kid and always left the kitchen clean for when the parents came back. will: always do the dishes. rachel: i got a tip for that. pete: i baby-sat a lot. rachel: i did a lot it was my main job. will: i did not. the every unvaccinated student and staff older than two should wear masks indoors. dr. marc siegel says he has a problem with that new mask guidance and he joins us next. ♪ ♪ but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no.' everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to...
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4:44 am
distancing and if you haven't been vac sib nateed even if you are three years old. rachel: two years old. pete: 2 or up you should be wearing a mask. >> well, first of all, guys, i'm happy with the first part of that at least they're coming out and saying they want in person learning. with all the damage rachel will say that's been done to children by them not being in person for so long, and having to learn remotely when you are three years old. so hooray for that but in terms of masks, there's a lot of problems with that getting a 3-year-old to wear a mask. there is the issue of the socialization when you have that mask. my 16-year-old confided something in me the other day. he said taking a test with a mask on is extremely difficult
4:45 am
and it interferes with performance. i never heard that before. you know, and then there is the risk of getting dizzy and having carbon dioxide retention and also the fact that teachers are already vaccinated, most of them and the fact it's based on how much virus is in the area. we are talking about many areas where there is no vice around at all. and, most importantly, the risk of spread of covid-19 from kid to kid has been found to be less than 1%. i think mavericks play a role in that, but, again, what's the cost? and that has to be considered. and when cdc comes out with a statement like this, you know that the states and localities, especially in blue states, are going to try to follow it. rachel: right. absolutely. those schools are going to say oh the cdc said so so we need to do it. we know psychological repercussions for kids wearing masks. i mean the fear that we're instilling in them. i have seen a rise in acne. these things are dirty so your teenagers are, you know, breaking out all over, as soon
4:46 am
as the masks come off, you know, their face clears up. but just tell me, what should parents do? because i actually think there might be a parental revolt on at least in red states for sure if schools try to mandate masks again in the fall? >> you made a great point, rachel. the kid don't wear them properly. it's like worn around the chin or not secure so it's not doing anything. the revolt should be exactly that where's your evidence? where's your evidence that it's actually increasing spread we know kids are not big spreaders. we know they are not having super spreader events in school. we know that when we kept them out of schools they were more likely to spread it and, again, the psychological harm. so i think that that's the revolt. it's a big danger here to make this mandatory it should not be. i'm all for kids saying hey, i want to wear a mask. go ahead. or if a kid is immunocompromised
4:47 am
or has a chronic condition, that should be a consideration. but it's the mandate that's the problem. remember john lock, the famous physician from the 1700s who said the purpose of laws is not to restrain or abolish. it's to expand freedom. and i'm sure pete and will, and you, rachel, agree with that it's to expand and preserve freedom. will: let's pick up on mandates though. there is this underlying presumption that the vaccine is right for every single person in this society. i think that's behind the biden administration's door-to-door push. a cnn medical analyst has extended that that idea it's right for everyone and should be mandated to private companies. dr. siegel, listen to this, and we will get your reaction. >> i do think it's time to start mandating vaccines i think that private industries and organizations will do that 17 million americans have chosen not to get vaccinated. that choice has consequences. now, we can't force you to take a jab in the arm, but there are
4:48 am
many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working. will: private business as the tool of government. dr. siegel, your reaction? >> well, first of all, it's still an emergency use authorization and eric of the "new york times" hey, guys, how about licensing this vaccine the pfizer vaccine. we are reviewing it reviewing it means they are still reviewing for safety. i'm enormous proponent of this vaccine getting it mandatory i have a challenge for the government make it mandatory for your own self? what about your healthcare workers, cdc only 25% have even take the vaccine. how can you mandate it in businesses when it's an emergency use authorization and your own government people are not taking it? how hypocritical is that? rachel: dr. siegel -- i'm sorry, will, i think the worst is the mandates on the university students. we are seeing pressure on elementary and secondary schools through the unions saying that kids should be vaccinated but at universities they're literally saying you can't show up without
4:49 am
it. this is such a vials. we already know for many tell me if i am right, you are the doctor, the potential tellingive effect we have seen heart inflammation and so forth of taking the vaccine or of taking if you already had covid and you didn't know it what happened if you got covid nothing? if you are a young person and healthy, nothing will happen to you? >> rachel, i think it's rare the side effects. i will say if you have had covid, can you make antibodies that you should be able to use. the biggest problem here is targeting people and marginalizing them and demanding they come up front with some proof of vaccination that's unamerican, that's not where this should go. and we are completely discounting that natural immunity when you get over covid. completely agree with that. i'm for that group taking the vaccine but i don't think it should be in any way mandated. will: really quickly, dr. siegel, to highlight something you said i want to
4:50 am
clarify. the cdc employees right now you said 25% still are not vaccinated cdc employees? >> i'm being generous, will. i don't know the exact number. at last count it was actually 40%. i don't know -- i'm being generous with 25%. probably even more than that. will: that says something. pete: mandate it for yourself before you mandate it for others. thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. rachel: thank you, dr. siegel, really appreciate it. >> have a great day. >> straight ahead the mlb all-star game will be in full swing on fox tuesday. but businesses there are under staffed and overwhelmed after the game was moved last minute. we are going to talk to a denver business owner next. ♪ ♪ i'm going to hold my head up high ♪ i'm going to leave it all behind ♪ great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy.
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4:54 am
♪ ♪ will: garpg for crowds as thousands head to colorado for the major league baseball all-star game as business booms some are struggling to handle the storm of customers because they are still so under staffed. the next guest owns the denver milk market right downtown across the street from coors field. scott henley joins me now. scott, glad to have you with us this morning. i guess, first, congratulations, this has got to be a boon to business. something you have been looking for especially after the year we have had major league baseball game leaving atlanta but moving to denver it's got to be good for your business. >> it's great. excited to welcome everybody back to denver for the all-star game. we are getting geared up here and we love taking care of people. will: then the question becomes are you ready for it? are you ready for the onrush of
4:55 am
customers you are expecting? >> we are always ready you know, it's tight, no doubt. and getting employees back geared up, everything is geared up so quickly, and especially with the all-star game. getting moved the at the last minute. but, in the restaurant business that's what we do. we are geared up. we are ready to go and ready to take care of people. will: scott, tell me how unprecedented this moment is that you might be experiencing, 46% of small business owners are unable, reportedly, to fill openings right now. my wife and kids were in colorado for the fourth of july. they bought an adventure pass to go up on the mountain and do the summer activities. but, you know, once they got up there my kids had to leave because only half of the activities were open because the others weren't staffed. they couldn't find people to work the mountain. that's got to be something that you have experienced and it's got to be a problem headed into this weekend. >> yes, are absolutely. this is what we have been doing though since the beginning of this. just kind of bobbing and weaving and finding ways to make things
4:56 am
happen and the employees that we have are amazing. and they have really come to tank. so, you know, there have been times in the past year where we haven't been able to open everything at the denver milk market but we have gotten through it and everybody pulled together as a team and it's really awesome. will: what's the biggest trouble with getting employees back to work? >> i think it's just getting them geared back up for business. some of them took some time off and got some relaxation in but they have also, you know, got kind of lackadaisical a little bit so now they are gearing back up and getting ready for everything and finding the right people. we have had to go outside the industry and think outside the box to find the right people. will: wish you luck finding employees and help but also this weekend at the denver milk market with the all-star game heading to denver. thank you very much, scott. >> thank you very much. will: pete ricketts declares july victims of communism month. his fight for freedom in the
4:57 am
next hour. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:01 am
trouble. pete: because in my own mind, i have a swing like ken griffey jr. that's how i feel. [laughter] pete: i said in my own mind, joel. that doesn't mean that's what it looks like on tv when you swing it you want to think it's smooth. i ripped a couple. rachel: so, will, i never thought i would have any more sports experience than you but believe it or not, i was in t-ball. so, i might beat you in this game. because i have more experience than you. will: you might beat me. these won't be on a t. they will be come in not that hot. pete: some might be coming in hot. rachel: my husband sean is going to be here for that segment and he is going to be competing for with you boys. will: that's a little later on "fox & friends." for now head down to dallas where cpac is taking place and lawrence jones is there is he talking that ahmadinejad founder of black guns matter who is also speaking both of them speaking today and get back in town hell
5:02 am
to pay. anyway, we have he has been on the ground in the movement, talking with folks teenage them firearms what are the speeches going to be about today to the conservative movement. >> we have to make sure that we are recognizing that urban america, particularly black america, that does not mean excluding other americans. lawrence: right. >> this is a demographic targeted by leftist media. by the left in general to make sure that they are outside of their second amendment right. we have the highest levels of gun violence, gun violence in association with the highest levels of disrespecting the second amendment. the conservative movement has to make sure that we are informing and shifting culture as opposed to just down talking in that demographic. we are going to about some of the solutions in that way. lawrence: speech going to be about the crime issue. one of the things i have noticed is that people cannot defend themselves in these communities because of the laws that are
5:03 am
currently in place. and so joe biden' response was of course to talk about the guns fats guns are just shooting themselves. what is your solution to that? >> well, one is to expose how all gun control is racist. lawrence: yeah. >> i don't say this from this fake woke catchphrase type of thing. i mean legitimately this is a thing that was designed to stop black people from having the means to defend themselves. and by exposing that, we basically see how racist joe biden is and has been for 50 years. we have seen the pictures of him with the grand wizard from the kkk and, you know, one of the staunch proponents of the democratic, you know, angle, has been gun control. so, by exposing that in these demographics we not only expose that and remove and shift voting trends but we also create more unity and healing around something that we all fundamentally believe in the right of us all to defend our life. exposure and then solutions deal
5:04 am
with us all healing as a nation as opposed to just telling people in certain communities well, you know, you are cool with the killers because you live in a rough neighborhood. lawrence: you know, i get this question from my viewers all the time, how how is my able to go into the community and make impact. they ask you the same question how are you able to go into the communities and report on it they accept me as family. i'm talking about stories that matter to them. why do they accept my to teach them gun safety. >> for one we don't look super tactic cool. >> we have come as you are type of thing. we are not here to get the people that know everything, that's great. awesome. you know everything. we are here a that may be curious about firearms. know they live in a certain demographic that may be rough. know they want to inform themselves. you don't have to have a firearm. we want you to come as you are and learn and that. lawrence: all of that is going to be in your speech today.
5:05 am
the great send it back to you in new york. this is a tease what's going to be hang on the main stage. will: we were sitting silently listening to every word. if that's an indication of the interest out there, lawrence, that will be gadd speech. pete: if you want to watch it, again, fox nation streaming all of this, including the president's speech on sunday. you're going to get it all there. fascinating stuff. rachel: awesome stuff. pete: also as we have been covering this morning there is new guidance from the cdc to schools about students returning in person this fall. they say it's a priority. that guidance also has other aspects to it let's just jump into it real quick of what the new cdc guidance is as well. by the way, california planning to mask all students. so you are starting to get states responding to this here's the guidance, in person instruction in the fall is a priority they say. but, mavericks should be warn by all individuals age 2 and older who are not fully vaccinated. they are still social distancing which means there still might be
5:06 am
plexiglass, 3 feet of physical distance and then implemented layered prevention strategies, testing ventilation and encourages, my favorite. hand washing as if we haven't gotten that memo. rachel: that is a very good thing and there has been some levels of increased hygiene cleanliness in schools which i personally love. when my kids come home from school the first thing i say wash your hands, wash your hands because it is a petrie dish. but covid-19 does not affect children. there was now a recent study that just came out that shows that it's even less than we thought. 0.01% of kids will be if they get covid. they are not spreading it why are we torturing children with masks when we know it's not necessary. i personally think it's a way to instill conformity in kids. i think it's instilling fear. and i think it's preparing them for more, you know, government control. and i think it's time for parents to stand up and say
5:07 am
these are our kids. i think there is going to be a parental revolt from this, will. will: i think you are absolutely right in every single element you just laid out. it also adds up to something you hinted earlier it can instill mental illness in children. you can't do a proper risk reward analysis when you blatantly disregard the science on the risk presented to you. end up with children that have no concept out there when they go out into the world of what a real threat may be. if you are going to have them sit around with virtually no risk to them or anyone else that they may represent covid but they have to wear a mask, you are instilling mental illness in children. pete: you are going to create two classes of kids. if you are saying you have to wear a maverick if you are not vaccinated that's a de facto admission of who is vaccinated and who is not which creates ton of social pressure on kids and parents who want to make the best decision for their kid based on the science which probably in some cases in many indicates could be high i don't want to try experimental drug on my kids. who is this going to hurt the most? hurt the students who have
5:08 am
already been hurt the most. i have kids that go to catholic school and christian school who haven't been wearing mask for a long timement afforded the ability for whatever reason they are committed to -- committed to actually following the science. inner city schools. different schools. in blue -- blue states and blue cities we're going to follow this to the develop are going to be back in the mask, back behind plexiglass in the same umbrella environment they have been in. it just creates even more dese. interstate. rachel: i'm interested in what you said about the divisions. another group of kids are these college kids who are now -- force them to get vaccinated. but, you know, as a mom. i hear all the stories, about you know, in dorms and apartments, you know, roommates against roommates. some who believe the cdc and believe the quote, unquote, science, you know, not wanting the other roommate and her friends to come over. it's creating so much tension. and we know that this does not affect young people at a scale,
5:09 am
you know that it affects old people and we are having this one size fits all is not good. we had dr. marc siegel on earlier. here is what he had to say about the new guidelines. >> a lot of problems with that getting a 3-year-old to wear a mask is the issue of the socialization when you have that mask. the fact that teachers are already vaccinated, most of them, and the fact that it's based on how much will virus is in the area. we are talking about many areas where there is no virus around at all. most importantly, the risk of spread of covid-19 from kid to kid has been found to be less than 1%. i think masks play a role in that. but, again, what's the cost? and that has to be considered and when cdc comes out with a statement like this, you know that the states and the localities, especially in blue states are going to try to follow it. rachel: just what you said, pete. pete: to school boards, superintendents, principals, cdc issues guidelines, not gospel.
5:10 am
take it into consideration the health of your kids. make a courageous decision for once and stand up and say if you want to wear a mask, wear a maverick. no one is going to make you do so. otherwise, make parents choose by the way every single teacher out there has had access to the vaccine if they wanted at this point. they are protected. rachel: it's really important. we talk about this. parents have to organize. if did you go as one person, they are -- you are not going to win this argument. if you don't organize with other parents as a big group, i think you are going to have a better chance of saying no more. ending that mask mandate in your school. will: we turn enough to to a live look at capitol hill where crews will continue taking down fencing today this was fencing put up after january 6th. david spunt joins us live from washington. david? >> good morning, will. there were some conversations to actually remove this fence after today, delay this a little bit longer ultimately authorities thought this was the appropriate time to remove this fence today. it's been more than six months
5:11 am
since rioters stormed the u.s. capitol. that's why the defense is coming down today. crews started work late last night. it's expected to take several days before they actually finish the job. it will continue today following january 6th not only the building itself but the outer perimeter of the capitol was really essentially the fortress outer fence came down. the inner fence is coming down. acting police pittman is looking at enhanced protection boot staffing and dignitary protection. additional riot training additional surveillance. expanded services and critical incident response plan. >> many i heard a lot about the safety of the capitol. i don't think having this permanent fence is the way to do that. >> i'm so over it. i'm glad. i'm glad it's going to come counsel. >> those are some tourists that we met up with yesterday. for those members of congress and staff who were actually inside the building the day that
5:12 am
mob stormed the capitol they feel a little bit anxious about security over all as they head in and out of work each day. here is congressman bennie thompson from mississippi. >> i would hope that the people who made that decision will be able to convince members of congress that whatever danger that occurred with january 6th has subsided. >> again, that process will take about three days. the u.s. capitol is still closed to the public. it's been closed since march 2020. back to you. will: thank you so much, david. i hope you forgive me this small plug. i talked about this latest episode of the will contain broadcast. so much information. every new angle and video january 6th out there and so little knowledge. people not only declining to look for answers, they are declining to ask questions. whyy those fences up all that time? what kind of threat and intel? we still don't know the name.
5:13 am
it's out there but not being publicized who killed ashley babbitt. we do not know the answer to that we don't know whether the fbi was involved before january 6th. we don't know what happened to the pipe bomb talked about in the days after january 6th. we do not know so many things about an event that everyone is aware of. but very few are even asking questions about the details that we have been told. rachel: do you know where we can get answers from the vape videotape about refuse to release. tape from all over the capitol they are holding on though that tape and affecting transparency. by the way the fencing around, this you know, capitol because of the riot. i didn't see any fencing around many of the the federal buildings that were torched this past summer. maybe we should put a fence around the south side. a lot of things getting in there. pete: pelosi always about a characterization and narrative not about an actual threat. as a result they kept it up as long as they could that narrative is useful to them. oh by the way over 500 plus
5:14 am
americans now have been arrested or and waiting to be charged. many of which has no outside access to the outlines world whole another story. up next. we could talk about this for a long time. let freedom ring nebraska governor pete ricketts joins us live with his mission to root out communist influence in the u.s. batting cage take you there. the covid-19ed trophy is at stake. ♪ ♪ the tempur-pedic breeze° makes because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses.
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we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪ >> i was important and grew up in china. my mom was arrested when she
5:18 am
appeared to the provincial government it was the first time i experienced deep fear and helplessness and i was only 11 years old. i hope my story can give you a glimpse of the easelness of communism. rachel: that was pun speaker at a proclamation ceremony held by nebraska governor pete ricketts sharing stories of those who escaped commune youism. the state has declared the month of july victims of communism remembrance month to remind americans why we cherish our freedom and liberty. nebraska governor pete ricketts joins me now. governor, welcome. so, tell me why you thought it was so important to do this in the month of july. >> well, the chinese communist party is going to be talking about their 100th anniversary and of course trying to present what they have done in a very positive light. and i think it's important for people to remember what communism actually means. in the 20th century about 100 million people died because
5:19 am
the implementation of communism. that's more than all the deaths of world war i and world war ii combined. 65 million people in china died. 20 million in the soviet union. 2 million in north korea. 2 million in cambodia, just to name a few. and communism is the opposite, it's juxtaposed to everything we believe in as americans. i think it's important to remind americans how valuable our freedoms are and when we are talking to countries around the world, especially the ones that are controlled by communists, especially the chinese communist party. we have got to remember their value system is opposite of ours. it's diametrically opposed to it and we have got to stick up for our values. that means we have got to push back when they are trying to say what they are doing is so great when it's come at such a huge, huge costs. rachel: we have seen corporations embracing china and saying, you know, we are a for china country -- corporation. but i think what's the most
5:20 am
troubling is the polling that we see, governor young people we seem to see that communism and socialism very normalized with them. curriculum human suffering caused by china and caused by communism in particular. so what is your state doing perhaps, to inform young people in the schools about communism? >> actually, one of the things we had passed last year was a law that was talk about what sorts of civics have to be taught in our classrooms. and, again, that's one of the reasons why i'm doing to the proclamation now to remind people about this and continue to talk about it if you look at what or forced collectization did. it took away the rights of millions of people. i have teammates that work for me in our state government that, you know, one woman her uncle was discovered with short wave
5:21 am
radio in the soviet union he was shot on site. we have to remind people that's very different where we do in america protect human dignity. no country besides ours has done more to uplift people and help respect human rights and human dignity. rachel: you are absolutely right. stories are powerful. thanks for having there proclamation and for the stories that you are telling about the human suffering caused by communism around the globe still today. thank you, governor. >> great. thanks very much, rachel. rachel: you got it a former "new york times" editor who was fired for a pro-biden tweet proudly declares she is a biased journalist. that story next. ♪ feel the rain on your skin ♪ no one else can feel it for you ♪ only you can let it in ♪ no one else ♪ no one else can see the words on your lips
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5:25 am
officer dies after being shot in the head. william billy collins jr. responding to a disturbance call when the suspect opened fire and barricaded himself inside his home for several hours. he was later arrested and taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. who cares? police did not say how he was hurt. collins was a deputy in webster parish for 10 years but working as a patrol officer when he responded to the call. we think of his family and his police force today. a live look at charlottesville, virginia where a statue of confederate general robert e. lee is being taken down. crews are using a crane to lift a statue off pedestal and placed
5:26 am
in storage along with a statue of another confederate general thomas fill more jackson. you may remember the statue was the focal deadly right to unite valley. one person died after a car plowed into the crowd. lucas tomlinson will have more on the statue's removal in the next hour. kamala harris and second gentleman enjoy a post 40 of july party with her staffers comes just days after reports sur fossad about the v.p. running a, quote, abusive environment. a party always helps with the environment. it's always the solution. politico talked to 22 former and current white house staffers who described the v.p.'s office atmosphere tense with lots of infighting. leaders always try that oh the environment is bad, let's throw a party for them. they actually know when that's a distraction from an actual healthy workplace environment. >> i will mention one of the other headlines about the statue of general lee coming down. it's interesting. such a contrast to what they're
5:27 am
doing in france where macron said not one statue. this is our history, good, bad all of it. we are going to leave it i think this debate still continues in the united states. >> we have interesting. will: here is an interesting story as well. we hinted at this a little bit earlier. a "new york times" editor fired over a pro-biden tweet is now speaking out. she says i'm a biased journalist and i am okay with that here a flashback from a tweet from lauren wolf from january 1st. it says biden landing at joint base andrews now. i have chills. today the headline is i'm a biased journalist, and i'm okay with that. she said ever since i was fired from the "new york times" at the end of january, no matter what i plush or say about journalism online angry people come out of their heidi holes to yell a at me. they say i'm biased crooked. perfect scwarm why nobody can believe anything we say or see in the media. i would like to talk about this idea of bias and implied opposite objectivity in journalism. they are inextricably linked
5:28 am
transparency trump continued we are not humans with opinions and emotions like everyone else. will: i agree with that. pete: a bit of a word salad at the end of the day effectively admitting her own bias her pursuit of course is objectivity but of course she is biased. rachel: i think she is honest and journalists should put that out front. pete: if you are so biased can you truly be objective. rachel: if you say you have chills seeing joe biden you probably shouldn't cover joe biden if it makes you that excited. will: i believe our job in the end is to look the audience in the eye and tell them the truth and be honest about them the perspective we come from. what our values might be. what our biases that we individuals might hold. if we lie to the audience at the outset and say we do not have opinions, we are not biased in any way, then we have started our relationship with a lie. i think the audience can see through those lies as easily they can see the sun up in the sky in the middle of the day. the real sin that most media
5:29 am
commits is the pretension that they are not biased in some way. this journalist is admitting it at the very least. rachel: how does it manifest itself. i want you to know deny it taught. i think one of the things as important, rachel, is in the past year, audience members have noticed not just your bias, because that's the way it used to be. now it's propaganda and lies. the denial of outright truth. pete: good point. it used to be bias, which is inevitable. you could bias. it's the agenda piece. and it starts from journalism schools and what they're teaching and what they're pumping out and then they go into newsroom where left wing think is group think. what's truth becomes whatever the left believes. you don't have a responsibility to report both sides anymore because that one side is discredited. we don't really we give them a little bit of time but we overwhelmingly push our perspective. that's the corruption of the idea. and the "new york times" effectively tried to invent
5:30 am
independent journalism many, many years ago and it slid into. rachel: donald trump, i think the greatest thing that donald trump did was expose the idea that of fake news that there -- they were not objective and i think the way they treated him, actually, showcased it better than anything else. pete: correct, absolutely. will: that's just one part of a rotten system that has been exposed. rachel: absolutely. will: straight ahead jesse watters is on deck. will he hit a grand slam? he is next right here on "fox & friends." pete: and. [cheers and applause] [cheers] jesse: pretty good. ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down,
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he ♪ [shouting] >> let go. you got to let go. rachel: shot of the morning. only one way to go down. a man in hot springs, arkansas learns that lesson the hard way. pete: jaylen murphy decided to try out the 32-foot slide even though he is afraid of heights. sure panic sets in when you realize how high he is. rachel: i can relate to that. will: after encouragement he lets go and slides to the bottom where he appears to be totally relieved. all right. we're relieved as well because
5:35 am
sitting with us this morning is the host of "watters' world" and "the five." author of a new book "how i saved the world." jesse watters. what's up. >> good see you this morning literally exhaust from the batting containing. pete: all you got to do is hit the ones when you were on cameraened a you did it. jesse: that's right. you should have seen the ones i hit before the camera was on. will: before we talk about your book, we want to talk about something you have personal experience with anti-aging pill. military is working on neurodecreases inflammation. the military's goal is to improve human performance what do you know. jesse: i like what i'm hearing. who could be against this. obviously pete has been taking this looks like a little whipper snapper. anything to improve performance any type of performance we can all agree that's a good thing. especially with the military. after the vets you put fox hosts. anti-aging more than us?
5:36 am
we are on camera all the time. pete: true. currently exists only addiction to ibuprofen. anything above that is fantastic. jesse: what do you take in the morning? pete: hgh. will: is he on hgh it's clear. rachel: jesse, the times of your book is "how i saved the world" how did you save the world? >> i saved myself first. if we can save ourselves we have other people in other people's business. stay in your own business. fix your own house. stop pointing fingers. that's what everybody did. love this book. it's hilarious and also serious. these are stories from my career at fox over the last 20 years. i have seen it all. and these are juicy tidbits that have never been shared to an audience that's not paying me. i think you guys are going to love the book. we have one more day to get it right now before the "times" list comes out. if i'm not number one it's
5:37 am
rigged. if i am number one it's great list. [laughter] will: we have excerpt from the book i would appreciate you doing the honors, i think. jesse: soon after joining "the five" i was joined small group to have dinner at the white house. upon arrival the president took us to show us the lincoln bedroom. it wasn't the 90 anymore so we didn't have to donate anything. standing over the gettysburg address the president said some people say my twitter account is the modern day equivalent of the gettysburg address. i laughed. some people was definitely him. [laughter] that was a great kinner. afterwards he mentioned that lincoln wasn't good-looking enough to be president in the modern day era. so a lot of great stories. pete: egging on. jesse: some people say. pete: in your book how i saved nude beaches. jesse: yes. pete: how i saved the environment. jesse: yes. pete: book starts with a fight
5:38 am
in the subway? jesse: someone confused me with pete and said are you the guy on fox that doesn't wash his hands? i said that's not me. at the end he poured a tall boy all over my head. if you want to find out how i reacted and i reacted with violence or if i turned the other cheek. you got to read the book. it's in the introduction. so,. will: i want to know how that story ends. pete: i love your description the theme throughout is you are a student of liberals. jesse: pete, i have seen liberals in the wild in their natural habitats whether that's the swamp, college campuses, martha's vineyard and i study deed their insecurities. and i know what makes them angry and i know why they try to project these insecurities on to everybody else in order to stay relevant and control us because it's all about control with these people. i'm on to them. rachel: jesse, you say you know a lot about liberals. you have something in common with my husband is that his mother is also a liberal. your mom is, too. jesse: god bless him, yes. rachel: how much did that help
5:39 am
to you understand liberals growing up with one? jesse: i have been indoctrinated but i rebelled and now look how i turned out. so my mom obviously didn't indoctrinate me very effectively. she would drink congress tames while watching "the five" during the trump administration send me hostile text messages. one day i took the phone and showed gutfeld he said have you got to read this on air. we read it on air and it became a thing. in the book i actually respond to all my mom's texts. and i get the last word that's how i like it. how i saved the world. rachel: i can tell what kind of kid you were. will: one day to put it on the "new york times" best seller list. he would appreciate it. pete: pick it up. it's fun to read you get tidbits behind the scenes here that you otherwise would never know. on the street for years with o'reilly doing the whole man on the street fascinating stuff. jesse: you bet.
5:40 am
will: it jonathan turley. pete: see you don't. will: turn to chief meteorologist ricky reichmuth. rick: we don't have to explain never time. you have one chance on that ricky thing. all right. current maps looking like this. take a look at that in phoenix. what is it in phoenix right now. it's like 4:30 in the morning and 91 degrees. incredible heat building out across the west. going to be a big problem again, remember we saw this a few weeks ago with this record breaking heat. we are going to be pushing 1:30 in death valley over the weekend. probably close to an all-time record ever in las vegas as well. all right, also a lot of moisture going on. move forward to satellite radar picture. we had big storms obviously across much of the northeast. caused all kinds of flooding problems. move forward, there you go. incredible flooding problems all across parts of the northeast. that moisture is gone. enjoy today. tomorrow we start to see a little bit of moisture move this back in there move forward one though and you can get a look at
5:41 am
this. obviously a much nicer morning throughout parts of the northeast. we will still see a few clouds. stray shower no washout by any means. guys back to you. pete: authors seizing more than $1 billion in illegal marijuana as officials warn their county is turning into the wild west. l.a. county sheriff alexville know wava as a stark warning for cartels. he joins us next. rry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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will: back with head lones, homeless crisis making its way to one mom's front door. can you see the terrifying moment a homeless woman frantically tries to break into a home in riverside. the mother, incident is i can't, was home with her 11-year-old son at the time. she joined us earlier to discuss the state's homeless crisis. listen. >> this is about a problem that's been going on in the city of riverside. and all of california. we're on the very much of
5:45 am
lawlessness here. will: cynthia says it's gotten so bad that she fears for her son's life. governor doug ducey bans critical race theory from schools and state agencies in arizona. he signed a bill blocking state-run schools and government entities from requiring trainings for the controversial theory. the governor says arizona will, quote: continue being leaders on civics education and teach important lessons about our nation's history. and a teen is nearly struck by lightning at a texas driving range, watch. [screams] will: shocking video shows the moment tomas gomez's golf ball hit by a massive lightning bolt. gomez is nearly knocked off his feet. one of the friends happened to have phone out recording as it happens. luckily no one was hurt. it hit the ball. amazing. those are your headlines, pete. pete: surprise the range was open in the middle of lightning.
5:46 am
hey, i'm all for giving it a shot. cool. pete: los angeles county sheriff's department making a record drug bust seizing over 1e than $1 billion. the largest illegal marijuana bust in the department's history. los angeles county sheriff alex villanueva warning cartels their days are over. he joins us now. thank you so much for being here, sheriff. so why are you seeing such an increase in busts? i mean a billion dollars seizure, not something you see every day. >> no. what happened was we had, during the pandemic here, we counted 150 of those illegal grows in the high dessert but now in 2021, we did another survey that number grew to 500 of these things. so the cartels had moved in during the pandemic and basically taken over large tracks of the dessert floor and putting these greenhouses up, and we did huge operation and we try to knock out 40% of that.
5:47 am
so we have as a down payment for the big goal to eliminate the cartel operations in the entire high dessert area. this is a big effort. pete: sheriff, i believe recreational marijuana use is legal in causal. what makes something an illegal grow or a legal grow? >> to be a legal grow you have to satisfy all the regulations regulated business call it seed to sale. the whole process is regulated. these illegal grows use obviously there is no taxation involved. there is no regulation. they take over open public lands. they steal the water from the local farmers. they use all the heavy pesticides and fertilizers which goes right into the ground and actually destroys aquifer for the high dessert and for residential community. this is a major existential threat for the community, so we are doing our best to knock this thing out once and for all. pete: as you try to knock it
5:48 am
out, are you seeing it ramp up because our border open and effective cartels are running it there so it's not just human trafficking obviously drug trafficking, ramped up massively because of the biden policy? >> what we are seeing is whatever is going on in the border, we are going apply people based on human trafficking that are out there in the dessert and they're the workers out there in the middle of nowhere tending to a farm. and a guy comes by and throws some cash at them once a month and sadly that's the sad reality of this entire human trafficking a lot of these people are indentured servants to the cartels. almost as much as victims as the community. pete: cartel traffics them across, makes them work there and effectively indentured service and send money back home whatever that may be and ultimately drug is their
5:49 am
product. can you eradicate this, sheriff? >> we can eradicate what we can see in the high dessert. we are well on the way to doing that only limitation is the shear resources. this is very intensive, you know, just hands on operation. >> we have labor intensive, and we want to get all of the counties surrounding l.a. this is ventura, san bernardino county. trying to work together to get the counties to chip in so we have enough resources. pete: the feds pitching in. we have seen them pull back deportations and other immigration related stuff as it pertains to cartels. are they pitching in? >> they are pitching in. but apparently there is a rule that says that the d.e.a. can only reimburst local law enforcement, $19,000 a year in overtime. and this day obviously it dwarfs that we need to change that regulation. so we can raise the bar. pete: the tentacles of the cartel are deep in our country and sheriff you are doing something about it we appreciate your time, alexville know wraf
5:50 am
alex villanueva.tonight is the p on fox sports 1. who will take home the title. we will ask soccer legend coming up. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
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baby ninjas? i love it.
5:53 am
♪ ♪ will: brazil and argentina set to compete in the copa america championship tonight catch all the action 7:00 p.m. eastern on fs1. neither team has lost a game in this year's tournament. raising the stakes on the field and no one knows the game better than my next guest soccer super
5:54 am
star and fox sports lead sued studio analyst alexi lalas. good to talk to you again. matchup brazil, argentina. they are messy. first, what's going to happen? what's your prediction? how does this one shake out? >> look, i'm jacked up. these are two of the great teams and two of the great players in you have magic bird, lennon mccartney, pa chino or the rocking stone cold the artists height of their powers volleying back and forth. one for their teams all tournament. messy going down as arguably the greatest player to ever play the game yet to raise a trophy for argentina and then, obviously, brazil and all the history they have and all the flair and flash in messy, he wants to beat you and hum be you and beat you and embarrass you. i think that brazil are the favorites. they are playing at home when
5:55 am
messy is on the field you never know what's going to happen. will: two or three levels deep on the roster. two back to messy alexi, is he the greatest of all time. ren nald dough, metsy. he has not won a trophy for argentina that's a real ding on his resume. if he doesn't pull this off this weekend, rather, how important is this to that legacy? does he need to win a trophy with argentina to be considered the greatest of all time? >> we have been discussing it on the show. need to win it for himself or does he need to win it for himself. do we need it him to win it. it is an empathy check box. and he wants to put that check in. there is a lot of people out there that in that inevitable compare and contrast with a left footed argentine that is going to come up. until he has that moment, messi until he has that moment and trophy up coming down the music
5:56 am
is playing, i think there is a lot of people out there you can call them haters or call them whatever you want. they are going to say not so fast. i think there is a lot of match that he has provided year after year after year. he doesn't have to check that box. but, you know, i think it's about winning trophies and playing for a team like argentine that at some point you feel like he should be there. maybe it's tonight. maybe it's next year in the world cup in qatar in november and december in 2022. which by the way you can see on fox. this is his next chance. who knows if there something going to be another. will: give you're your production. england italy your prediction in that one this weekend as well. >> england is coming home. will: all right. so that is in the euro 2021 championship. however copa america coverage. thank you, alexy, starts tonight 7:00 eastern on fs1 fox sports summer of somer continues with
5:57 am
the cast gold cup. u.s. men's national team will take on haiti at 8:30 eastern time. that's also on fs1. all right. coming up. from the soccer pitch to the batting cage. who is going to swing and miss. and who is going to hit their way home to the "fox & friends" trophy? find out in our batting cage battle as rachel is getting warmed up right now. ♪ ♪ when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
5:58 am
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save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses... ...and experience your coolest sleep this summer, with our best breeze savings of the year. >> these are living-year-olds from connecticut, we've got them live this morning.
6:01 am
>> the best team i've seen in my life. they are very talented. she said she would smoke me, and -- rachel not me off my feet. >> the only sports thing i have ever done. apparently they stuck with me. >> the muscle memory is still there. >> that is the case later in the show. >> 2021, the final and forth
6:02 am
our, happy birthday but as we always love doing, dan bonngino, the fastball and curveball. >> baseball. charlie and walter where you let go with one hand and it changed my life. i was a terrible hitter before. i read his book and it changed my life, my first year in college i played in the big leagues and i gave up but my shoulders, i can't even golf anymore. >> he has that format let's go with one hand. >> that bouncey ball in the history of "fox and friends" and
6:03 am
the readings proved it. i watched the ratings, a great show. >> as painful as it was -- we are glad you are here and got to get your take because crime in america, policing in america is a huge topic, they seized on the defund the police movement even if they tell us it is republicans after talking about it for a year. vice president kamala harris was asked about the state of police reform and crime in america. here's part of her answer. >> the administration proposed using federal funds, to fund police departments.
6:04 am
how do you reform the police to make policing different, at the same time give money to police departments. >> we should not be offered or accept a false choice. there needs to be accountability for police officers who break the rules. dealing with accountability in terms of legal accountability so all those things need to happen. >> it is a false choice that you don't have to hurt the police when you defund them. >> they are full of dumb ideas, we get that. president biden canceled the keystone pipeline, they dumped a bunch of energy jobs here while simultaneously making putin richer, also want to teach discrimination by teaching kids to discriminate. having said that. triosing with some ideas was the
6:05 am
single dumbest idea they ever had, they are trying to blame republicans for it. you have to be a dunce with a dunce cap sitting in the quarter to believe this stuff. they made a mistake because going forward, they put themselves in a box, pushing a bill right now, affirmative fair housing, ripped money away from localities if you don't put section 8 in the suburb that would defund the police, pushing that hype now while claiming republicans are doing it and i confronted my guests on unfiltered, they are republicans, this will be a disaster for them in the midterms because public safety is the issue that takes you at the kitchen table. you can argue about tax rates
6:06 am
for your car gets broken into that issue becomes personal, they know they are in trouble. >> numbers back you up. the percentage of people who support the idea of deploying more police officers, 77% of people support increasing police department budgets, the 2020 election was so much about personality, about donald trump and what that covers up is the idea not just defund the police but many more ideas are incredibly unpopular, that the left has been championing, what is coming ahead. we worry about our culture and we should, it may be there is a ray of hope that the public does not want these ideas that got a significant hearing in the past couple years.
6:07 am
>> liberal versus conservative issues, they can't get lost, they go to work or the kids soccer games if tax rates go up a few points, they catch their account at the end of the year. a check they barely see is direct deposited but that's not the case with this issue. when it comes to crime it happens in front of you. that is why coronavirus is a big issue. everybody knew someone who had it. i lived through it in new york city when rudy giuliani in a major upset won the mayorship twice because crime is hitting people in their own homes, they can't run from it. >> in new york, the city is so different over the last 6 or 7 years the whole place smells like urine and pot and there's crime everywhere. it is disgusting. >> don't be sorry. >> i hate saying it.
6:08 am
>> it is the greatest city on earth. they should treat it as such. >> you talked about this issue and hit the nail on the head, a lot of people getting paid not to go to work, businesses are hurt. people can't find enough people to work at all these job openings. don't want to talk about how stupid the policy is that what is doing for the culture, the work ethic in this country? >> that matters. i opened my show last week talking about this. we laugh a lot on this when we have emotional issues but this is serious, not just that paying people not to work is not compassionate, it is outright
6:09 am
evil. the difference, someone falling on the sidewalk and don't help them up, you didn't do anything. malfeasance is when you punch them in the face as they tried to get up. there are different levels of depravity there. what does that mean in regards to this? when you rob people of the dignity of a job by incentivizing them, some people maximize. i can make war at home, you rob them of everything, the experience of socializing with other human beings as milton friedman said, the ability to manipulate your environment and learn the value of good work to produce something of value which i cleaned modeling and in a cemetery, laugh all you want, the cleanest toilet bowl you ever saw, i understood that that is what i was paid to do and
6:10 am
when you rob people of that you've stolen every part of being human, the ability to live on this planet and say it is better because i was here. it is evil. not just not compassionate and wrong. >> cannot agree with you more. >> this is why you have a show and people love it. what do you have on the program? >> you had jesse on before, performance-enhancing pills, i caught it, i watch your show and he's on tonight and i have a video that is a huge surprise. no idea it is coming talking about persistence, a navy seal,
6:11 am
immigrants insists country. the guy is going to blow your mind. >> we will be watching. now we take a live look at charlottesville, virginia where a second confederate statue will be taken down, the first was removed moments ago. >> 50 years after the civil war the statue of general robert ely was put up in charlottesville, an hour ago it was removed. >> we found the statue, one small step closer to the ball of helping charlottesville, virginia and america grapple with the sin of being willing to destroy black people for
6:12 am
economic gain. we the people are one step closer to form a more perfect union. >> 100 people were on hand to see the statue come down, the commander of confederate forces who led the army of northern virginia 1862, surrendered in 1865, the source of recent controversy. white supremacists marched on charlottesville and then the unite the right rally turned into a violent clash resulting in the death of heather hager. president biden helped him to run for office, donald trump said the blame is on both sides for the violence, the city of charlottesville voted to remove the statue after the supreme court weighed in and allowed the statute to be removed. a few blocks from here in the next few hours. >> of local authorities vote to take it down that is their
6:13 am
prerogative, nothing to do with relitigating the civil war but i don't like the statute tearing down not because of what it stands for because it is an attempt to erase our history as opposed to understand it and learn from it as opposed to canceling it out. >> that is how they are approaching and looked it up so we don't want that. we have elite universities, ivy league schools are leaving students financially hobbled for life. we will talk to a man pushing an alternative to higher education and then we are squaring up in fox square. who will take home the "fox and friends" trophy.
6:14 am
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>> the wall street journal suggests ivy league schools are bilking students for hundreds of thousands of dollars and leaving them hobbled for life. recent film graduates of columbia university took out federal student loans with the medium death of 181,$000 two years after earning their masters degrees half of those borrowers were making less than half of 31,$000 you. joining us to react, and apprenticeship program, cameron, thanks for being with us. borrow 180,$000 for a career you
6:18 am
will make 30,$000 in while getting programs with one specific ideology, how does that make sense for parents and students? >> doesn't make sense. it is frankly ridiculous. there are more options than ever to opt out of college and build a career you enjoy and love and won't have you in debt for the rest of your life. will: we talk about colleges having become this in doctor nation factory with one point of view. that is true but we haven't talked enough about what a bad investment college has been for many students depending on what they choose to major in. 43 million americans holding $1.5 trillion in student loan
6:19 am
debt. you talked about other ways to integrate yourself into the workplace, into a career that makes sense. tell me about those options. >> we run a 12 month apprenticeship program and it helped to discover what they are interested in by gaining work experience. we are sending them into growing businesses, tech startups, sales and marketing, graduates that are 2021 instead of just taking on debt, they are buying houses and making 6 figures before their peers are graduating from the school themselves. these are normal hard-working young americans just figured out a better way to build their career. will: the biggest challenge in my mind, the federal government subsidizes college and encourages people to head in this direction. the bigger hurdle is the cultural push the cultural impetus to send every kid to college, statistically you have
6:20 am
a better chance of climbing out of poverty and being a success if you attend college. it has become an instinctual act by everyone. how do you overcome that? everyone listening at home is existing on the presumption i my kid to go to college. how do you overcome that? >> when we started practicing 8 years ago, applicants being like wait a second, you don't want to go to college, and now more parents than students reaching out to us wondering what do i do for my teenagers instead of college, the trends are shifting big time especially over the last year with how ridiculously higher education handled coronavirus. we have more students who were freshman and sophomore at prestigious universities one thing to check out other programs. will: i'm fascinated by the
6:21 am
apprenticeship. the next hurdle is what you do anything-year-old doesn't know what they want to do yet, to pick and apprenticeship. we will talk about that next time. president biden is accelerating us exit from afghanistan and plans to end combat by the end of next month but can the region be safe and secure from the taliban with that group looming? we will talk to an interpreter who was on the ground in afghanistan next. stairs. when you have an irregular heartbeat, it's more. it's dignity. the freedom to go where you want, knowing your doctor can watch over your heart. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> some areas pummeled with massive hail. >> look at this hail right now. my god.
6:25 am
>> the wind downed trees and flip the plane, the storm knocked out power to thousands of homes. president biden coming after big tech in a new executive order to crack down on anti-competitive practices by allowing federal agencies to challenge corporate mergers and ban or limit noncompete agreements to restore net neutrality laws and limits what data tech companies can collect. the news sending markets soaring to record highs and those are your headlines. >> new video shows armed civilians and afghan security personnel fighting with the taliban and as president biden moves us troops out of the country insisting the time is now to go. he plans on completing the pool out by august 30 first and evacuating interpreters who aided us forces but the threat of the telegram only growing, the group claiming to control
6:26 am
80% of territory in afghanistan. here is an interpreter i worked with more than an interpreter, one of our advisors in afghanistan along with the chairman of no one left behind, committed to making sure afghan and iraqi interpreters are brought to the united states, let me start with you. we studied the taliban and insurgency in afghanistan, they may not control 85% of the terrain but a lot of the psychology of afghanistan. how many afghans view the rise of the taliban right now? >> thank you for having me on the show. i don't think that is correct. 85% claim -- the reality of what is happening in afghanistan but a war of ideas, and information
6:27 am
campaign launched by the taliban to weaken the morale of the government of afghanistan but afghans know better than this, they knew they are, the group is claiming all of this territory. they can't let fear intimidate them. the war of ideas and information campaign, they have to stay united and confident because clearly, 85% wouldn't be where the security forces are, 300,000 people. brian: interpreters or people who worked with the us government of afghanistan are saying now is the time to get up. president biden says they are doing more but are they doing enough? >> good morning, they are not.
6:28 am
we were left with more questions than answers, having been issued in the spring but only half of them by interpreters like that, that does not make sense to us. we've been asking for data that was not provided. those numbers to not reflect what secretary blinkin said a month ago. there's a lot of confusion among the veterans and we need more details for the plan. >> i was going to say as you pointed out, dysfunctional for so long, this was supposed to be in operation where to get allies
6:29 am
out of harm's way, less than a year process you and i know in 2009 i entered the united states in 2014. we know the allies are out there. they did what they could to support us forces. >> without a doubt, 10 seconds. >> the ball is in our court, the us has to respond, the us needs to bring to light the dysfunctional program and interpreters back into it. >> they are allies of ours and getting them out of the country is the most important part and you can let the dysfunctional bureaucracy catch up, the telegram, it is too late and we can't have the sustainable legacy of leaving behind the people who did so much, was for
6:30 am
us in afghanistan. thank you, keep up the fight. it is cpap weekend in dallas, lawrence jones is live. >> the case against crime, liberal cities that are in crisis, the solution that will solve that problem. ♪♪ will: sean duffy practicing. formidable, formidable. ♪♪ nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth,
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helping you sleep cool, all night long. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses... ...and experience your coolest sleep this summer, with our best breeze savings of the year. >> your shot of the morning, could be the state cheese of wisconsin, lawmakers introducing a bill that would name them the king of the badger state, the measure was produced but it was concerned the title would hurt other cheeses in the state. >> colby was named after colby, wisconsin which was created in 1885. 45 million pounds of the cheese is made in wisconsin.
6:35 am
i like cheddar best. will: we have cheese in front of us and sean duffy, former congressman, husband to rachel, sean duffy. good to see you. >> wisconsin takes all the cheeses but to make colby the official cheese of wisconsin where we live you are okay with it in my former district. >> the one with the bite in it. >> we should take them all. >> what about cheese? that should be the official -- >> i agree with that, beer batter is the official one. >> low-fat. >> thank you for bringing this on. >> we brought you here not just because i requested to have you
6:36 am
here, next time, we want to talk about the white house, they were asked about hunter biden's artwork which even obama's chief says this is supershady. for even a democrat ethics chief to say this is bad news what do you think about the fact they are trying to hide who hunter is selling his artwork to? >> hunter is a professional influence peddler in a situation where i can't really do it now by trying to be a lobbyist so they come up with another way. i will be an artist and they've got guide rails, the latest pricing on that deal. 500,$000 per piece of art, that is outrageous, this is shady.
6:37 am
if there was no foul play they would expose, people who love their art i just bought -- picasso, or hunter biden -- >> what do you think? is it worth the money? for that blog. >> i'm network critic. >> no attempt to create beauty, just a we are and more abstract you make it the cooler it is. >> make no mistake, hunter, i bought a piece of your fine art but talk politics and some interest that i have with the white house. >> of his background wasn't what it was, wouldn't be that kind of spec to schism but you can't say fully four times. >> the debate over critical race theory in the classroom is exploding across the country.
6:38 am
states are making laws and we don't want children being taught this but you are talking and next a measure of protection. >> teachers union, they have the right over our kids to educate them on calls history with critical race theory, if they are white they are racist. they are opposed to this and so we have cameras everywhere in america, school buses, any official act i am on camera, down the street, parents get a purview, they outlaw critical race. teach critical race theory, i want to know what is taught to my kids, i fund the
6:39 am
teachers, i want to make sure i know what they are being god. >> thoseclassrooms that expose a lot of parents to this, you can't watch, only the kids alone by themselves, they will hate this. >> cops, we want to make sure teachers, to show the teacher. to the teachers. >> audio and video. >> they are our children to your point, expose what could be found if we have those cameras. >> i don't think it's a coincidence you see this tidal wave of parents going i don't like this, they got to be the fly in the room and listening what is happening, what are you teaching my kids. >> the power of the union is so
6:40 am
great we allow that power to happen in our state, to the good teachers out there shouldn't have to join the union or pay union dues, i not be part of this bogus critical race theory. >> but defund the unions. >> in posting the big saturday show a little later today. in fox square. >> it found its swing. >> that is displaying that. it out the bat. >> let's turn it over to our chief meteorologist for our weather forecast. who have you got in the batting contest? >> who are you betting on? >> i am thinking sean, sorry.
6:41 am
all right, take a look at the maps, a lot of moisture northeast mid-atlantic to the southeast, the moisture from elsa is for the most part gone, scattered showers, storms across the central part of the country, as we move forward on the map we have severe weather later today, pretty significant threat of severe weather especially across parts of northeast oklahoma, missouri, kansas, arkansas, strong windss, potentially damaging wind, postal we will talk about his temperatures, the heat in parts of the west, and we have temperatures potentially breaking records in places like las vegas, a few spots all-time highs, not catching a break. back to you. >> lawrence jones one of the speakers featured on the second day of cpac 2021, he joins us live next.
6:42 am
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends," lawrence jones is there for cpac 2021 in texas and we will talk about what is going on in texas. >> i started reporting on the crime wave with sean hannity who sends me to capture these cities. back from 2019 to now, watch. >> one child less. every day. >> the district attorney, it is completely upside down. >> got to put my son in the
6:46 am
ground now. i want to to do that. >> he was on gps monitoring. >> that gun in communities are destroying it. >> when you know these things, not a headline but real lines being slaughtered on the streets of chicago. >> all the major cities, never seen anything like this in my life. people picking up needles to reuse.
6:47 am
>> all of this is in front of the school. >> this is what they will see. it is normal in seattle. >> one of the crown jewel's. >> people who are assaulted or robbed. >> is it safe for families? >> city councilman allow them not to have a rock-bottom. everything comes to them. >> it is very bad. police are not able to do their jobs. >> la has a homeless problem. >> people suffering, a lot of things i see. >> baltimore is in a crisis. >> i'm afraid to raise a family
6:48 am
and this is my home. >> the big question is what do we do about it. >> watching it back, where you've been and people you talk to and what you have seen if anybody steps forth, how to address this. thing from the great work you do with us and for us. >> i know you will give me the critique tomorrow. i look forward to it. >> i will give you the critique. you can what lawrence's cpac speech this afternoon along with speeches but donald trump, sign up cpac live through tomorrow. with lawrence and tammy bruce.
6:49 am
>> all good information. it is a moment we've been waiting for, the batting cage battle for the coveted "fox and friends" trophy is up. ♪♪ who let the dogs out ♪♪ who let the dogs out ♪♪
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> major league baseball all-star game coming up this tuesday. >> we have a battle of our own on fox square with our "fox and friends" trophy up for grabs. >> the northeast distributor for
6:53 am
in motion inflatable batting cages, this is innovative and away to make it portable and safe as well. >> not only is a portable, but flexibility, able to set it up indoors or outdoors in 15 minutes or take it down in 15 minutes and a godsend for me. to share with you guys, it is over here. >> these are the greatest tenant 11-year-old, i got to give a shout out to the baseball mom, they called last night to bring the kids out, they got the kids here and are awesome. >> thank them out if you want to do something similar. we are about to compete here. what are the basics?
6:54 am
>> if you take your hand and start from the bottom, your pinky, the way you position yourself at the plate you want to cover the entire plate, and on the balls of your feet, and bend above your shoulder towards the catcher and your head and your body, go from one shoulder to the next with your eye on the ball. >> sean duffy is up first. give the man a bat. three pictures with effectiveness here. >> pure judge. okay. all right.
6:55 am
where is rachel? no pressure. get the red one. that is off your shoulder. there we go. i'm jumping through here. let's go persons fingers. ken griffey junior takes them. to change speeds on you.
6:56 am
might be 3 hits. no pressure. not even taking his jacket off. good tactic. i am swinging for it. here we go. one more. one more. that was on the inside. thanks for the pitch, appreciate it. more "fox and friends" on the other side when we come back. can't press this on you. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
6:57 am
and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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6:59 am
>> we will reveal the champion.
7:00 am
i want to thank brian brandenberg. i played the most business in my life with brian brandenberg, he took steroids but i love them. he won fair and square. >> thank you guys. >> have a great saturday. neil: this is cavuto live. we are waiting for oppressor in florida, an update on the ongoing recovery efforts. they are no longer rescue efforts, 79 are known dead, 61 cannot be accounted for. we are also hearing there is a bit aat


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